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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 30, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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border. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 . good evening. dozens of young people gathered in the south bay for rally against gun violence. the organization march for our lives san jose say gun violence is an issue the next generation of voters will continue to make a priority. lee martinez has more from san jose.>> reporter: last week a 17-year-old was hiding in his classroom as part of an active
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shooter drill. >> as i was sitting in the classroom, i was thinking about parkland because that's exactly the position they were in except they were in fear, they were in utter fear. >> reporter: today, they were at a rally for change mobilizing youth to speak out against gun violence and effort since the parkland, florida school shooting that killed 17 people.>> last year when the parkland shooting took place, it shook me. i did not expect anything like that to happen. i think this is a time we need to get up and speak for what we believe in and what we want our future to look like. it's important to show we are out here to support each other. took the house of representatives passed a bill requiring universal background checks before firearms sale online or a gun shows.>> reporter: the senate has not voted yet. >> the young people have taken the country to a higher level
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of morality because their lives have been taken.>> reporter: on friday, a federal judge ruled california's ban on height capacity magazines was unconstitutional. >> the separation of powers but the notion in the state of california that anyone would need these high-capacity magazines and ammunitions is ridiculous. we need to take further action to protect people>> reporter: young people say they realize can be effective change agents without the right to vote they say that is something they are working to change. >> we can show the adults that we are capable of voting and advocate for lowering the voting age.>> people are making a difference and i think they should be able to vote at a younger age, 17, 16 years old. >> reporter: in san jose lee
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martinez ktvu fox 2 news. >> a federal judge in southern california struck down a gun control law that bans high- capacity magazines holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition. governor newsom once championed this bill voters approved the law in 2016 though it's never been enforced because of legal challenges. the judge called the law unconstitutional. in a statement to the sacramento bee the governor criticize the ruling calling it indefensible and dangerous. california's attorney general is reviewing whether or not the state wants to appeal.>> reporter: the family of a 4- year-old boy who accidentally shot himself is asking governor newsom to allow the child's father to be released from prison to be at his sons bedside. investigators say he was at his mother's boyfriend's house wednesday and he found the gun under a bed and shot showing no signs of brain activity and is on life-support
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the father nathan jackson has been in prison most of the child's life. he's incarcerated at salinas valley state prison. we have new information tonight on a deadly crash on highway 4 in brentwood. investigators say a woman was found dead in a solo vehicle crash just after 1:30 am. her body was found lying in the roadway. the sheriff's office has not released her name but we did line she was a 45-year-old woman from pleasant hills. that highway on-ramp was closed for hours as the scene was processed. it reopened at 4:45 am. conducting was killed in concorde. the man was walking in the area of arnold industrial way near laura before 7:00 when he was hit and killed by a vehicle pick the driver is a 71-year-old at the scene and cooperating. police say they do not think alcohol or drugs played a role
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in this crash. the identity of the victim has not been released. a man is under arrest accused of beating another man at a gas station. police say jose martinez was getting gas in redwood city when they say he got into an argument with another customer the incident escalated when police say jose adolfo castromartinez attacked the victim by punching him. the victim was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. jose adolfo castromartinez was booked into jail on suspicion of assault and battery. the state department announced the guatemala, honduras and el salvador this comes a day after president donald trump promised to shut down the u.s. border with mexico to stem what he calls unprecedented illegal immigration pick allison barber reports the plan is facing significant criticism from members of the party.>> reporter: the chamber of commerce said it would be in on
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mitigated debacle of the mexico border were to shut down the president said he will do it as early as next week if mexico fails to stop the migrants illegally crossing the border. >> we will keep a close for a long time. i'm not playing games. mexico has to stop. they have people coming right through mexico. it's a long, dangerous journey. >> reporter: earlier this week the commissioner of customs and border protection to the u.s. immigration system is at a breaking point in the month of march is on track to have the highest apprehensions and encounters with migrants in more than a decade. some critics agree the situation is dire but say closing the border will do more harm than good. >> shutting down the border with our third-largest trading partner would have a massive impact not just an actual trade but the psychological damage it will do. >> reporter: the u.s. chamber of commerce is closing our doors to the $1.7 billion in daily good straight would inflect lasting damage and
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economic growth. democrats say it's bad policy and morally bankrupt new mexico or senator pleaded the president who is not addicted who can close the border like this but this offensive truck shows how out of touch president donald trump is with the border communities. our brought border is a bright spot of trade and cultural vibrancy. president donald trump said mexico needs to do more and so does congress. >> congress has to fix our broken immigration laws we are the laughing stock of the world. joke the president threatened to shut down the southern border in the past but it's the first time he's given a deadline. kicked off his campaign today in his hometown of el paso.>> for more than 100 years this community has welcomed generations of immigrants from across the rio grande, some having traveled hundreds of miles, some having traveled
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dozens of miles trying to escape brutality, violence and poverty to find a better life in this country for themselves and their kids.>> several thousand supporters rallied downtown is the former congressman addressed the crowd outlining the key issues of his campaign. he spoke at length about immigration and the need for comprehensive immigration reform and he promised he would serve as the president who unifies people of all backgrounds no matter their faith, sexual preference or political beliefs. former nevada lawmaker has accused joe biden of inappropriate behavior. lucy flores a he was at a rally to support her campaign for lieutenant governor in 2014. she said he grabbed her from behind and kissed her head. joe biden released a statement saying what he does not recall what she is describing he believes she has the right to share her recollections of events. police are asking for the
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public's help finding a missing elderly woman from san rafael the woman goes by kathleen and she has dementia and is considered at risk. police say she disappeared from her home in the west end of san rafael wearing a dark brown jacket with a fur collar, tan pants and a gray knit cap anyone with information is asked to call police. the aclu is marking a major milestone the organization is celebrating its 100th anniversary with an exhibition at oaklands jack london square it's called the aclu 100 experience and it's part of a nationwide tour. the american civil liberties union is hosting pop-ups with vendors, live music, civil rights activists and discussions. organizers hope to educate people about their rights and freedoms that visitors can participate and walk through experiences that focus on three of their biggest issues mass incarceration, keeping immigrant families together and
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voting rights.>> we want to increase access to the ballot for those who are denied voting rights and then today we are excited to host a panel on use of force and ensuring adequate standards are in place so that members of the public are not being killed by police.>> this is a free event and it continues tomorrow at 10 am. the east bay regional park district is celebrating its 85th anniversary with three concerts and other events through the end of the year. park entry and other fees will be waived every friday from april through december including fees for day use parking, swimming, boat launching and fishing permits. the park district encompasses 73 parks with more than 122,000 acres in alameda and contra costa. in san francisco firefighters hosted a family health and safety resource fair more than 200 people attended the event at fire station 43. free smoke learns were given to
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those who needed and people good sign up and schedule appointments for a volunteer install the device.>> it's important that people learn about fire safety and awareness so they can be prepared in their homes and prevent fires and save lives.>> the event was free and fun for kids and adults who were able to see what it's like to be a firefighter for the day. coming up, we have an update on deadly clashes in the mideast along the border and the rolling stones make a change in their upcoming tour including a stop right here in the bay area. what has prompted them to cancel their appearances. in weather, it's a great day to be outside there's a lot of sunshine and warming temperatures. and they will warm up for sunday more 70s is coming up with your full update.
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clashes in the mideast are deadly on the gaza strip as protesters mark a full year of protests along the border. we have the latest from gaza city. >> reporter: the calm after the storm is underway in gaza after tens of thousands of people demonstrated today along the israel gaza border. gunfire rings out in gaza city as a funeral gets underway. early this morning a palestinian was shot in the head at a location where gazans were throwing ied's towards troops. he was the first of four fatalities. hundreds are marching through the streets of gaza city with the body of mohammed syed who was shot by a sniper along the border today and killed. they are taking him right now and you can see the gunfire
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inside gaza city as thousands prepare for demonstrations along the israel-gaza border. those who attended the 40,000 person protest saturday did indeed prepare pick some brought explosives and rocks that were thrown at israeli troops who they view as an executive arm of the israeli government who are responsible for the blockade on gaza. despite the clashes at the border, leadership work to contain the demonstrations to allow for ongoing egyptian cease-fire negotiations and like the israelis my sought today's events of the borders to be a step towards bringing calm to the area. >> this huge number of the soul people from all over affiliations, we are here peacefully to send a strong message to the israelis that we are only calling for dignity and we are not interested in escalation. >> reporter: without agreement
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intentions high there is not yet a solution for that conflict between israel and gaza officials say the border marches will continue for a second year the region now waits to see if the tear gas and like ammunition will be to a larger conflict both sides working towards permanent cease- fire. a rally against islam a phobia set for tomorrow in san francisco in the wake of the new zealand mosque shooting its organizer is the islamic council and is described as a unity rally organizers want to raise awareness of islamophobia and prevent acts new zealand tr police say gunmen opened fire two mosques in christ's church leaving 50 dead and several injured the rally is set for 11 am at embarcadero plaza. we are now learning president donald trump exceeded
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his authority when he reversed bans on offshore drilling in parts of the arctic ocean and dozens of canyons in the atlantic ocean. that was the finding by a judge in alaska yesterday. the ruling restores restrictions first put in place by president obama. the decision throws out president trump's executive order that overturned bands that are a key part of obama's environmental legacy. governor gavin newsom wants to spend more than $200 million to streamline the long lines at the dmv the governor's author requested $208 million be allocated in the budget to improve the dmv computer system and hire almost 200 more employees. the proposal comes after a department finance audit found the dmv failed to plan properly for the rollout of new federally required license updates known as real id. the poor planning resulted in hours long lines and weights of several months just to get an appointment. the lights will be turned off around the world for earth hour from 8:30 pm until 9:30 pm
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many major landmarks will go dark including the golden gate bridge. earth hour started 12 years ago in sydney, australia. organizers say it's a way to think about how much energy we use and how the world can cut back. the rolling stones announced today they are postponing their upcoming summer tour. that's disappointing for fans, the band was scheduled to launch their tour in april with a stop at levi stadium on may 18. in the statement the band 7th daggers doctors advised he cannot go on tour. no other details on his medical condition have been release. the publicist however says the 75-year-old is expected to make a eased the statement on instagram apologizing for the postponement and saying in part, i will work very hard to be back on stage as soon as i
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can. the tour promoters hope to reschedule the show so fans are encouraged to hold onto their tickets. it's on to the bay area whether, live look at mount bay in the east bay and that's gorgeous with mostly sunny around much of the bay area with springlike temperatures. mark tamayo is here with a look . temperatures are zooming up with a lot of 70s starting to make a comeback, very nice day for any outdoor activity. you can see temperatures this afternoon in the 60s and 70s, santa rosa 72, san francisco 64, san jose 68 degrees in fairfield one of the warmest spots checking in at 74 degrees. the satellite shows the main cloud area in the pacific and some of this cloud cover will move in for tomorrow, especially by this time tomorrow so we think late sunday afternoon into sunday night but for right now the radar sweeps keep us dry with clear to partly cloudy skies. current numbers are mild for
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the 6:00 hour, right now a lot of 60s toward san jose, fremont, walnut creek in santa rosa is 68 in san francisco in the upper 50s. speaking of san francisco, it's a beautiful evening with mostly clear conditions and we start the day with mostly clear skies for tomorrow morning maybe some patchy fog but for the most part we are thinking partly cloudy skies even mostly clear skies to begin the day. tomorrow morning, 40s and 50s and then into the afternoon hours a nice recovery 60s all the way to the mid-70s in fact this yellow color starting to show up on this matt moore so tomorrow we expect more 70s across the bay area. for baseball weather, here we are expecting sunny skies tomorrow afternoon for your sunday with temperatures on the mild side in the upper 60s maybe approaching the 70 degree mark. this area of high pressure has been in charge for our weather for the past couple of days so tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week that means the warmest locations approaching
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the mid-70s, 73, 75, 76 degrees and then early next week it's not a major storm but it will be a change in the weather pattern bring in the chance of showers monday, primarily in the north bay and a chance for sprinkles elsewhere tuesday but more clouds and cooler temperatures. here is your sunday looks good with a few clouds by 5 pm. monday the chance of a north bay sprinkle or light shower favoring mendocino county up towards sonoma county and then into monday night, tuesday we could have sprinkles and light showers. once again this is all on the light side most areas picking up under .10 inch of rainfall and let's watch rain chances after that point. the forecast tomorrow has 60s and 70s, a lot of mid-70s toward pleasanton, livermore, san jose 72 and in your 5-day forecast we bring in more clouds and showers for tuesday, maybe into thursday. it's not a big deal but the one
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day that stands out that is tomorrow. >> sunday looks great. >> it will be one of the best weekend days we've had in quite some time. >> that will be nice. thank you. the number one gonzaga bulldogs fall in their elite eight-game today. stanford women how to date with cinderella and their sweet 16 matchup. to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay?
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this was the scene last night at the giants game in san diego against the padres. the characters you might recognize from anchorman. the legend of ron burgundy came to life, lord have mercy they unveiled the race involving four carries from the movie franchise that ran along the warning track and it was a race to the finish. in the end you see that the winner was anchorman ron burgundy who of course kept it classy san diego. mark referenced frank somerville we were laughing. >> it's only a matter of time. >> awesome. let's talk sports and obviously the women are doing well.>> the
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one local hope we have remaining here in college basketball. sometimes the brackets just sort of open up. stanford a 2 seed wound up playing 11 seed missouri state but the cardinals did not exactly run their opponent out of the gym but the mantra of the tournament is simply, survive and advance. in chicago, there is russell wilson and his wife sierra on hand to watch his sister anna wilson who had a nice game for the cardinals, that's a backdoor cut and stanford up by 9. russell loved that and he would like this as well in the 3rd quarter check the crossover. it's three, she had 11 off the bench. the cardinals by 6 and later it shannon coffee with a triple. stanford was three of 29 from beyond the arc but it was good enough to win 55-46. onto the elite eight and a number one seed notre dame monday. the men's action texas
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tech, she couldn't even watch. josh perkins hits a three it's tied at 58. the next possession match mooney with this to flee and for the transfer with 17. the red raiders are up a 2 trying to knock off the top seed it's my ready and this is a dagger. red raiders win 75-69 and they are in the final four for the first time in the programs history. it's safe to say lebron's first season an alley did not go as planned. the lakers will out of the playoff picture and now james will call it a season. the lakers announced today they are shutting down their superstar was battled a persistent groin injury. he played just 55 games this year the lowest total of his career. the lakers said 34-42 is good enough for 11 place in the western conference. this is not how we do it up.
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>> better luck next tha coming up on the 10:00 news, the family of the 4-year- old boy who police say shot himself and opened earlier this week gives us an update on his condition and more on the rally held outside the jail where the boys father is currently serving out a jail sentence. we will have the latest at 10:00. thank you for joining us here at 6:00. we hope you have a great evening.
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