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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  April 2, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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thank you for waking up with us here on mornings on 2, tuesday morning, april 2. i am pam cook. >> and good morning. i am dave clark. steve paulson will tell us if we need an umbrella this morning. steve in. >> i haven't had one since january. >> i know. i just keep it in my car year
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round. you never know. >> there is some around the altamonte pass. a mild 55 degrees in lg with light rain. let's take a look -- there is the light rain through san jose, willow glen, also toward saratoga, cupertino, to highway 85. there is light rain. not a lot there but some of that continues to move through. most of it continues to favor areas to the south of san francisco and oakland so far. more toward eastern contra costa county, the altamonte pass. not a lot. we have a little rain. 50s on the temps. it will probably be held in check due to the cloud cover. rain to the north, as well. nothing too heavy. pretty quiet to be honest with you but a day of mostly cloudy sky, off and on rain. a break tomorrow and another
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system thursday and the strongest system will be friday and 60s on the temps. 5:01. somebody's phone ringing? i phone ringing >> who is it? >> it is not you, sal. >> there is no phone ringing out here. must be in the newsroom. >> hello, is your mother home? >> i think it is my ipad. what is happening? >> exactly. you guys settle that! don't try and blame stuff on the newsroom. we are good boys and girls in here! here! tracy to the livermore area doesn't look bad. a little slower than normal. but once you get to livermore a nice drive to dublin. here is a little blip at the dublin interchange. here is i-880 in oakland where the traffic is moving well and the bay bridge is getting more
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crowded. it is 5:02. back to the desk. topping the news this morning, the thriving oakland business destroyed after a fire ripped through that building. witnesses now blaming the fire on a homeless camp. ktvu's sarah french is live in oakland with an update on the story. good morning, sarah. >> reporter: good morning, pam. you can see the pg&e crews are still out here after the fires sparked at 8:30 yesterday morning, still working on the lines. they should be out here the next couple of hours. let's take you through video to walk through what happened here yesterday morning. you can see in the video flames and a thick black plume of smoke can be seen from 880 monday morning. the fire quicklyer to through american emperor electrical, destroying the business. about 20 employees and customers were inside but thankfully everyone got out
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safely. the fire likely spread from a debris pile on solano way behind the building according to the fire department. witnesses blame the nearby homeless encampment. >> i don't think people at this point think they purposely set off the fire. i don't think so. but they live behind the building. they are cooking, doing all kinds of stuff right there, of course things will happen. it is not safe. it is not safe for the people on the streets. >> reporter: is oakland fire department has yet to say exactly what sparked the fire. is extensive fire and smoke da it could be completely torn down. now the red cross is helping about a dozen people, many who live around here have been displaced, not because the fire effected the homes around this area, but just because of how unstable this building is. in oakland this morning, back to you. .
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hour time is 5:04. happening today the two men charged in oakland's deadly ghost ship warehouse fire will go back to court. derrick alameda and harris are being charged counts for each of the 16 people that died in the fire. the critical evidence is claimed to have been mishandled or destroyed but the judge through out the motion. later this morning police in los angeles will give us an update into the investigation of the killing of rapper nipsey hussle. it comes hours after 19 people were hurt in a sam pediatric
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last night. it happened during -- stampede last night. it happened during a memorial. the crowd started running after hearing a loud noise. at least one person may have been hit by a car and at least two other people were seriously hurt. nipsey hussle was a 33-year-old grammy nominee shot and killed sunday outside of his clothing store >> we walked up and heard everybody was running. people came down by the cars and were scared. they said people got trampled over. they don't know what happened. >> the suspect in the shooting is 29-year-old eric holder of los angeles, last seen driving away in a white 2016 chevy cruze. two other men standing hussle w but they survived. morgan hill police are looking for a woman that rob a at gunpoint at the starbucks on cochran road.
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the woman pulled up to the drive-thru window, pulled out a handgun and demanded money. the cashier was able to quickly back up from the window and the woman drove off. she was in a silver or gold stuff, and had a double piercing above her left eye and a mold or tattoo under her right eye. police in san francisco arrested two 17-year-old boys for three separate robberies that happened near the ucsf campus. at least two of the womens are ucsf employees. the teens jumped out of the suv with a shotgun and threatened to shoot if the victims didn't hand over their property. investigators say they found the suspects in oakland after locating the suv. we are hearing from the a 4 in prison, visit his hospital. the 4-year-old navon jackson is still in critical condition at children's hospital but the family members are at the state capitol pleading for the governor to give prison inmate nathan jackson permission to
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see his son in the hospital. >> today i am asking you, governor gavin newsom, in the capacity of governor, to please have compassion and grant him mercy and have him transported to his son's bedside. >> the little boy was shot while he was with his mother visiting a man named terrance wilson, accused of leaving a gun out where the child could find it. wilson is facing charges of child endangerment. three people are recovering from injuries after their hot air balloon hit power lines in napa county. energy crews rushed to the scene on the highway 29 just after 8:00 yesterday morning. 20 people were in the hot air balloon trying to land. >> as they descended, according to the pilot, may not have been able to see the power lines or did not pick them up, and ended up passing
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between two power poles, taking down the lines as they passed through >> one injured person was air lifted to uc davis burn center in sacramento. two other people were treated for minor electrical burns. both the faa and ntsb are investigating. the time is 5:09. in a health check this morning cases of the measles nation- wide have reached the highest levels in five years. the cdc says 387 cases of the measles have been reported through march. that is more than all of last year. california is among several states with measles outbreaks, including here in the bay area. health officials say people that haven't been vaccinated get it the most, often travelers that picked up measles in other countries have spread the measles here in the u.s. . an engineer in berkeley who is accused of trying to poison a co-worker will be arraigned today. 34-year-old david su of lafayette is accused of adding
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a toxic me tall called cadmium to the food and water of a female colleague at the berkeley college of engineering and research. surveillance video shows su adding a substance to the woman's water bottle. she says she experienced virginia health problems. cadmium can cause organ failure and even be death, by the way. the time is 5:10. bay area little leaguers were victimized by thieves. coming up, the theft disappoints hundreds of kids just as their season gets under way. plus, why a software fix for boeing's grounded 737 max jets doesn't appear to be ready just yet and approaching e macarthur maze so far looks good. if you are driving on 80 westbound coming around the turn to the bay bridge toll plaza. our three contestants are all at the big ikea table. who's going to be tonight's winning chef? contestant #impressive knife skills.
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. a little league in concord plans to install security cameras after someone stole $1,500 worth of items set aside for a fundraiser. the concord american little league with was planning to auction off the items but two weeks ago the league treasure you are walked into the storage unit and saw the items were gone. the thieves walked away with gave gift baskets made by the families for auction. >> one was a date night basket with a really nice bottle of champagne in it. that was gone >> we try to take care of the
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team of volunteers. they work tirelessly almost everyday making it so the kid cans play. >> there was no sign of forced entry and no security cameras in the area. so far no arrests have been made. the time is 5:15. with more rain in the forecast, advocates for the homeless want st. clair county to keep the shelters open a little longer. they voted to keep the winter shelter in sunnyvale open year round and a trial run last year prove the need is there. >> they make these contracts and don't think of the client's needs. close the rain in the next ten weather shelters. >> the status of the gilroy shelter is up in the air. it won't be able to open next
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winter where it is now about to be demolished. well, bore number one in the eastbound direction of the tunnel will be closed from 9:30 tonight to 4:30 tomorrow morning. caltrans says crews will be working on the fire protection system and other repairs. it is 5:16. let's get you out the door. sal will take care of you. he is watching the view. he even has his headphones on. >> i listen so i don't disturb other people in the newsroom. >> it is a busy place out there. >> but the newsroom is fun. anyway, i am looking at the gill away commute for you. this is where we have the gill away super commute and northbound 101 gilroy to san jose doesn't look bad. there are a couple of specks of slow traffic but i would not suggest you not go. i would suggest you go now before it gets busy out there. traffic looks like it is not all that bad. it looks like -- maybe my computer may know
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why all of enmy computer froze. let's throw some cameras up there, ken lawrence, if you can. thank you very much. the san mateo bridge, the traffic here is moving okay. no major problems heading out to the highrise. also, if you are driving out to i-880 it is looking good. no problems here up to the bay bridge toll plaza. and here is 280 in san jose. look at that. is that wet weather i see on the roads? and here is highway 24. that 280 camera leads me right to steve where -- and here is the white house. traffic there is good on pennsylvania avenue heading up here. at 5:17 -- [ laughing ] , that was kind of random. why not have access to everything i there is light rain in san jose, sal. >> yes. and before we get to our rain look at the sierra
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snowpack. by the time we get to april we are winding things down but the incredible amount of snow we had from about january 4. there wasn't much in december, but from that point on it has been a heck of a show. 164% of normal! anywhere right up there with 2016-2017, 48 inches of snow- water equivalent for the northern sierra, central sierra and even southern sierra. melts down to a lot of water that has to melt. a little rain moving through. not a lot, but some maybe toward the peninsula and the south bay. a little maybe to the east bay. not much left over the altamonte pass but the sun has been going around milpitas, pretty light, nothing too heavy but it is there, picking up in intensity on 17. 50s in the temps for most. a few 40s but a lot of 50s.
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some of the rain is lifting northward to the men see know lake. quiet there. mostly clear and off and on rain. nothing too heavy, about a 10th of an inch to cover the spread. wednesday and thursday the next system rolls in and friday looks like the main rain day. that is the one that will stay a while. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy wednesday, light rain thursday, rain friday, then on saturday there will be another system clipping us. maybe north of the golden gate bridge, and some rain in there through saturday night. pam? >> thank you, steve. the san francisco sheriff is reflecting on her decision to step aside. >> i think it is just time for >> up career, how she had to prove herself in the department, and the reason she is retiring now. plus, a look at the curre
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. we are learning more about lego's plans to establish a presence here in the applicatio discovery center at the great mall in milpitas, including ride, a 40 seat cinema and other lego creations of the
5:23 am
proposed location is currently a sears outlet. some that live in the south bay say they would love to have legoland in the bay area. >> we don't have the money to drive to san francisco, so it this is nice that we could come here to medical pitas. >> the application needs approval but the mayor says he wants to approve it as soon as possible. possible. so far 13 companies have signed on including apple, airbnb and square, pledging to review company-wide hiring policies to potential gender bias >> join us, share our campaign, and help us reach pay equity in california.
5:24 am
because together we can uplift california women and insure a more equitable future for all >> information on the gender pay gap including how to file a claim with the state is available from the california commission on the status of women. we have a link on our website at we are hearing from san francisco sheriff vicki hennessy for the first time she is stepping down after 40 years in the department. she will leave the office next year and she said the decision not to run for re-election is not easy but it comes after a difficult year of health problems and the loss of her husband. she says health and family now take priority. >> i have been in 40 years. i figure that was a pretty good run. i thought about it, and i think it is just time if me to change my life and my work sexual and probably be a lot healthier -- schedule and
5:25 am
probably be a lot healthier. >> i am a grandmother, i have grandchildren and i want to see more of them ity advisory board, expand the body cameras program and support a jail that will replace the hall of justice community. she will announce an endorsement for a successor in the next few weeks. and there have been avalanches along highway 50 and the highway patrol is urging drivers to slow down and be aware of hazards. a woman born in the u.s. who left the country to fight for idea is begging to come
5:26 am
back home. why she joined the terrorist organization in the first place and why she wants out. and unfolding drama in the case against singer r. kelly good morning, as we are getting ready to get into the prime of the commute here, westbound 92 looks pretty good heading out to the highrise and peninsula. ninsula.
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well good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2, tuesday morning, april 2. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. thank you for joining us this morning. we are talking about rain. we will get it off and on and heavy stuff on friday? >> looks like it. friday is very important. it is home opener. >> right. the giants home opener. clear that up, would you? list we have rain, not a lot. some rain in april is okay as long as may is dry. you know, there is an old rule of thumb that says when it is a rain year it is a rain year. i mean, let's face it, we don't get much rain in may but i would not be surprised if we
5:30 am
got some. we also are getting snow over donner's summit. the beat goes on up there. the higher elevations are now, more so than lower elevations but still, if you are driving up there there will be more snow today and more so into friday. the systems are warmer. they are not cold. we are getting some rain going through. there is a little toward the altamonte pass, eastern contra costa county on highway 4, rain around san jose continues to filter through and the santa clara valley, as well and the santa cruz mountains appears to be the main focus there, right there over 17. maybe sal sees that on the traffic icons. 50s on one system today, mostly cloudy. we will get a break wednesday but then another system is coming in thursday and a system friday to the north has not much going on, but still, there is a lot of rain in the forecast for april going all the way into the weekend.
5:31 am
the biggest system is by far on friday. this time of year you can rebound fast but this week temperatures in the 60s with a lot of clouds and off and on rain. 5:31 is usually when things get busy. >> things are getting busier, steve. you called it. as we go to the fairfield, vallejo and solano county commutes you can is he there is slowing west from vallejo to sonoma county and morin. some people make that drive. so far not a bad commute driving through and traffic continues to look good. no problems on 80 westbound between pinole and richmond. you still have a opportunity to get out there before it gets super heavy. 680 in concord creek looking be good. carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze an 18 minute drive, and at the bay bridge we have the metering lights turned on and a 10 to 15 minute wait before you make it onto
5:32 am
the span. 5:32. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. here is a look at the top stories we are following for you this morning. an oakland business was destroyed after a fire ripped through the building on east 12th street. witnesses are blaming the fire on a homeless camp. about 20 employees and customers were inside yesterday morning but everyone got out safely. the family of a 4-year-old oakland boy that accidentally shot himself in the head is pleading with governor gavin newsom to let the child's father who is in prison visit his son in the hospital. 4-year-old navon jackson is still in critiques condition at children's the little by was sh visiting with his mother and a man accused of leaving his gun out where the child could find it. well, today is the deadline for william barr to turn over the full robert mueller report. barr has said he would release a redacted version of the
5:33 am
report by mid-april. the house judiciary committee is scheduled to vote tomorrow to authorize subpoenas for the report if it is not delivered today. the time is 5:33. the trump administration says as many as 2,000 inspectors may be pulled from border crossings to handle the surge of central americans that want asylum here in the u.s. the temporary reassignment of inspectors will likely slow down border crossings for trucks delivering merchandise and for people that cross the border everyday for work and school. and president trump still threatens to close the border entirely if mexico doesn't do something to stop the central americans from traveling through mexico to the u.s. border >> i advise you we have to keep the legitimate travel and i will legitimate travel from happens at the ports of entry. >> the president suggest we should shut down the ports of entry is moronic >> the u.s. chamber or commerce
5:34 am
says almost $1.7 billion in goods and services flow across the border everyday along with a half million legal workers and tourists. and a major avocado producer says the u.s. would run out of avocados in just three weeks if imports are stopped at the border. the ceo of mission produce says mexico supplies basically 100% of the avocados in the u.s. right now. imports from mexico account for 40% of all u.s. fruit and 50% of vegetables. president trump held an event at the white house to celebrate the bi-partisan criminal justice reform bill passed by congress. the first step act gives prisoners that exhibit good behavior a chance to shorten their sentence, particularly for non-violent drug offenses and expands prison reaction programs. the president said since he signed the first step act more than 16,000 inmates have
5:35 am
enrolled in drug treatment programs. >> non-violent prisoners will have the opportunity to participate the vocational training, education and drug treatment programs. when they get out of prison they will be ready to get a job instead of turning back to a life of crime >> the president also said there will be a second step act that will focus on successful reentry and reduced unemployment for americans with past criminal records. our time is 5:35. a whistle blower working inside the white house came forward telling congress the trump administration gave security clearances to at least 25 people whose applications were at first turned down. trisha newbold, a manager in the white house personnel security office told the house committee those 25 people include at least two senior administration officials whose backgrounds were deemed disqualifying by intelligence officials. she said the concerns included foreign influence, drug use
5:36 am
and criminal conduct. a woman born in the u.s. who left to fight for isis in syria is asking to be allowed to return. they is living in a refugee camp in syria. she wants to return to the u.s., but the state department says she is not a u.s. citizen because her father was a diplomat from yemen at the time she was born. she lived in hoover, alabama, and said she was radicalized online. in 2014 at 19 years old she left the u.s. to join the terror group, married an isis fighter and had a child. ild. >> i want my son to see my family >> the state department points to tweets that she posted like this one back in 2015 encouraging the killing of americans. she says isis took over her twitter account. a lawyer for singer r. kelly now claiming controversy lawyer michael avenatti pressured prosecutors to bring charges against his client.
5:37 am
steven greenburg wants prosecutors to save copies of communications between cook county prosecutors and michael avenatti that claims to have given cook county state attorney kim fox a video where r. kelly is engaged in sexual activity with a minor. >> there is no tape. there is no new tape. avenatti is full of it when he said there was a new tape. >> michael avenatti represents two of r. kelly accusers but has his own new problems facing charges in new york for extorting nike for $25 million and accused of bank and wild fraud in california. one year before the 2020 census bay area counties are launching their own efforts to make sure everyone is counted. san mateo county sponsored a forum in redwood city. speakers addressed concerns about how the count will happen and what is at stake in terms
5:38 am
of federal funding. >> it is especially exciting for us because it means the difference between less and more federal funding. we have so many programs in the county. for instance, our county hospital, that received funding. if our population drops our funding drops. >> the federal government is required to count every person in the u.s. every ten years. the population numbers effect political representation and federal funding for a wide range of programs. the time is 5:38. happening today the sonoma county board of supervises will consider whether to temporarily ban the redaction of hemp, saying cross pollination between hemp and marijuana plants could be a disaster for the legalized marijuana industry. hemp and marijuana are related, but hemp does not contain the psycho active component of thc. also it is used to make a oils paper to body figure
5:39 am
out how to effectively regulate the production of hemp. we are getting new details on why the rolling stones had to postpone their latest u.s. tour. the new york post is reporting that 75-year-old mick jagger will undergo heart surgery this week. doctors in new york are reportedly placing a accident in his heart. the tour included a stop in levi's stadium on may 18. people with tickets should hold on to them because they will be good for future make-updates. the winery in ed its line u perform, including hammer time, the beach boys, george clinton, steely dan, earth, tickets go on sale one week >> they are br> a new court fil
5:40 am
the pg&e debt cap growing after the utility filed for a bankruptcy that led to the recent northern california wildfires. according to a bay area news group at the end of february pg&e estimated its liabilities were just over $68.5 billion, up about $1.7 billion from a month earlier at which time company spokeswoman says the total liabilities is a much larger value as it includes liabilities related to the wildfires, as well as all other pg&e liabilities. r pg&e liabilities. 5:40 is the time right now. amazon prime members about to get some cheaper prices. coming up, when you can expect the prices to drop. so you can say yes to the biggest selection of the season. event is here-finally! yes! seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices!
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welcome back to mornings on 2. on the 2020 campaign trail one democrat takes her message to teachers in nevada and a second is accuse of one candidate of inappropriate behavior. >> yes. a former congressional aide came forward to accuse former president joe biden of crossing the line and invading her personal space. >> he walked up to me and wrapped his hands around my face like that and pulled me in and started rubbing noses with me. and it wasn't, you know like an eskimo kiss and stop. it was for like a good 15 seconds and i remember thinking is he going to kiss me. >> she say this is happened about ten years ago but felt compelled to speak public aabout it now after another woman this weekend accused
5:44 am
biden of unprofessional behavior. she accused biden of kissing the back of her head at a campaign rally years ago. he said in response i have offered countless hand shakes, hugs and other gestures. never once did i believe i acted inappropriately. there is a lot of competition of candidates in the race. they are releasing quartering fundraising numbers. kamala harris will be here to talk about her plans to increase teacher's salaries. her campaign announced it raised $12 million in the past court from 218,000 individual donors. all the capitals have until april 15 to release their numbers well, an $86,0 settlement has been reached
5:45 am
with tesla over hazardous waste violations at the company's electric car plant in fremont. as part of the settlement tesla will pay for a fine and pay for a drone with hazardous waste sensors to be used by the premont fire department. tesla said all gaps identified in the inspection have been resolved. off time is 5:45. federal regulators will launch two investigations into fires involving hyundai and kia vehicles. the national transportation safety board will look into why almost 3 million cars from the korean care makers have caught fire. it will focus on certain select years of the hyundai sonata and santa fe, as well as the kia optima, sorento and soul. amazon says it is cutting prices on hundreds of items at whole foods this week, some by as much as 20%. the cuts take effect tomorrow
5:46 am
including peak season fresh produce and will double the number of prime member deals in response to customers in criticism that amazon has done little to reduce food prices since it acquired whole foods two years ago. well, burger king is now offering impossible foods plant-based patty at 59 locations in and around st. louis. the burger king corporation is calling it the impossible whopper. customers say it tastes just like meat. there is no word on when or if burger king will introduce the impossible whopper here in california. >> have you tried it? >> i have not, pam. >> sal, have you? >> i haven't. >> it is really good. i have to say it is really good. i have had meat-loving friends take a bite and say that is pretty good. >> okay. and we thought it was impossible! >> and dave and pam are trngove >> it is a good breakfast burger. >> i will take it! thank you very much.
5:47 am
good morning, everyone. if you are grabbing whatever you consume in the morning, maybe just to get a cup of coffee, you may want to get on the road soon on 580 and 205. we have slowing on 580 and 205 with minor things going on. i want to let you know 205 is especially slow this morning coming out of tracy this morning as you drive through this area. so, it is a good morning to get on the road as early as you can. you can see the traffic is moving along okay once you get past the altamonte pass, but we had a couple of things going on there on 580 that has slowed things down. once you get to livermore it looks all right. 6801 showing slow traffic out of pleasanton on the way to kno the as play the red sox and the warriors play the denver nuggets. nuggets.
5:48 am
i think all that rain degree temperatures and the flowers rocket up. santa rosa has gone over the annual average now at huge mont san francisco is getting close. i think they will get there by friday to get to 111% of
5:49 am
normal. oakland and san jose, as well, needing to get to 15.82. everyone is doing very well. light rain in san jose and the santa cruz mountains. that seems to be the main focus along with snow on the go. up in donner summit they are getting snow. these are warm system so is the snow levels are going up, although there are hints, if you must know, the ten day european is very cold with the system so that is why i think we will see wild swings here. the snow pack is all a bow nut from here on out. 16 that down, 9 to 48 inches of water. that is a lot of snow that has to melt. let's hope is a slow process. one of the chp officers says we are getting snow melt already. once april comes that happens. we had some rain in eastern
5:50 am
contra costa county pushing out to the valley. livermore area, the altamonte pass, but the main focus is san jose and the santa cruz mountains along 17 there. 50s on the temps. probably not going to change much. mostly cloudy today. you get sun breaks and you can pop up some thunderstorm activity, i would think in favor of the valley. mostly cloudy, off and on rain. thursday, the next system light rain. friday will be the main system that comes in. it will probably be the best of the bunch over the next week or so. i don't see how you can get anything other than, oh probably an inch of rain from any location. the precipitation, rain forecast impressive for april. if san francisco gets that they average of 1.46 so that tells us is next couple of systems will give us rain. 62 to 68 is the average high.
5:51 am
today 62 to 68 -- very close. we were above for the weekend and we have come right back down. 60s on the highs, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy wednesday. light rain thursday, then the main system comes in friday. some of that will linger into saturday and it should improve by sunday. the time is 5:51. steph curry hits the red carpet. after the break we will take you to the premier of gnaw docuseries that features the warriors superstar.
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. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 5:54. the oakland as host the red sox again tonight after shutting them down at the oakland coliseum. coliseum. wow! ramon liriano, and the call stands. that call was incredible. in the bottom of the 7th chris davis hit his fifth of the year, right there, and liriano added to the lead in the 3rd >> liriano, first pitch, driving one to center, pat and score! >> oh, yes. the oakland as won 7-0.
5:55 am
tonight's game will start at 7:07. the giants hope to see more big hits from brandon bell tonight after a very exciting win tonight in los angeles. >> brandon bell leads off against it. ball hit well, deep center, still going, way back there >> brandon bell led the way last night with a home run to 6th, then pap pablo sandoval tied the game in the 7th with the grounder up the middle. and brandon bell again, drives in two runs with a double. the giants beat the dodgers 4- 2. tonight's game there start at 7:10. a tough break for the stanford women's basketball team, back in palo alto after losing to the cardinal champs. notre dame rallied from behind. jackie young scored 19 of the game high 29 points in the second half and the ivories won
5:56 am
84-68. notre dame is heading back to final four and will play yukon on friday. tonight the warriors host the denver nuggets and a lot is on the line. they could clinch the tie breaker with five games left on the regular season. and andre iguodala missed a practice yesterday with a minor injury and may not play tonight. the game starts at 7:30 a new docuseries featuring the warriors star steph curry premiers online next month. it is called stephen versus the came. it premiered at the old 16th street southern train station. it features last year's championship run and a lot of behind the scenes time with the curry family. >> we play basketball. we love it. it is what we do.
5:57 am
but there is so many interesting on and me but every nba player. really we are battleground stating the highlights of the people i deal -- really we are celebrating the highlights of the people i deal with on a day- to-day basis the time is 5:57. today marks a national effort to close the gender wage gap. ahead, how governor newsom's wife is getting california companies to commit the same to women as men. and more on the fire that destroyed a big warehouse in oakland yesterday and how the fire is raising new questions about fire inspection and safety. try my sourdough patty melt combo with fries and a drink for just $4.99. it's the perfect remedy for the uncomfortable things in life... like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today.
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. good morning and thank you for waking up with us, tuesday morning, april 2. . i am pam cook. >> and good morning! i am dave clark. pam, can you find more rain? >> a lot! i found some on my way in. >> and pam was just complaining about the price of concert tickets. >> yes, i was! they are fun but they are like a hundred bucks on up! we have some rain and snow. what? it is april for crying out loud, but hey, it is still going to last. we have a week of unsettled weather after a weekenofand war they are all gone now. we still have snow in the mountains. look atummit has some snow. snow levels have go


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