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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  April 2, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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angry? let it flow. >> we are preparing. the troubled spillway at the oroville dam is back to work after $1 billion in repairs. >> we spent the last two years restoring full functionality in the spillway. groundbreaking technology. a research team from uc berkeley joins us live to talk about of the device that helps people with limited mobility waukegan. from ktvu news, this is the four. attempted murder charges filed against this berkeley chemical engineer after prosecutors say he tried to kill a colleague. the suspect allegedly caught on security camera, putting a toxic metal into his coworkers lunch and water bottle. welcome, everyone to the four. the man accused in the poison plot was in court today. henry lee was there and tells us the dangerous behavior have been going on for a while. >> reporter: it was going on for more than a year and the engineer has 3 degree from cal
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and also stop a top student there. now he is a criminal defendant accused of using cadmium to second a colleague and her family. family members of david xu had nothing to say after his for court appearance. the 33-year-old has been charged of attempted murder of a female colleague by using a toxic metal.'s attorney says nothing has been proven . >> mac these are only allegations. >> reporter: he was an engineer at bear on gilman street in berkeley. according to court documents, the coworker noticed a strange taste and smell from water and food left unattended in her office. she said it happened many times during the span of your. the victim said she had to go to hospitals for emergency care. the suspect has been charged with poisoning two of her relatives after they got sick from bringing the water bottle and drinking from it. surveillance video shows the
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suspect adding a substance to her bottle. testing of the water reveals the presidents presence of cadmium. his attorney says the public should keep an open mind . >> charges have been filed and all of you and the public knows that when charges have been brought, an individual, per our constitutional system is presumed innocent. that is how i intend to proceed with this case. >> reporter: is there any attempt to do wrong? >> again, he is presumed innocent. >> reporter: david xu earned 3 degrees at uc berkeley including a phd. he lives with his wife and daughter in lafayette. they have been waiting for years. >> reporter: the mark neighbor, martin says he was confused . >> they must've been in the house for 6 seven hours. they were searching the garage for good hours. 100 did his coworker do to make him that angry? and what, what a terrible thing to do. just a terrible thing to do.
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>> reporter: the accused engineer was ordered by the judge today not to contact any of the alleged victims. he is being held without bail. henry lee, turn on fox 2 news. henry, thank you for that live report. it was the first day of the trial. it got underway in the warehouse fire play case. the judge review requests including one to prevent someone from testifying. the most recent was wanting prosecutors not to use the words "scapegoat" and "cover-up. " they claim that the defendants are skate goats for the city. the city will allow that as an argument but not in opening statements. opening statements are supposed to start with a seated jury on april 30. officials in oakland have
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red tagged a building supply warehouse that have had been supported destroyed by fire yesterday. american emperor had a fire that was believed to have started in a pile of debris and spread through a window. police are looking at cell phone videos to try to determine how it started. the damages estimated to be in the millions of dollars. electricity and cable have been restored to residents in the area. president trump says he is taking a wait and see approach when it comes to possibly closing the southern border. the president threatened to close the border as soon as this week as mexico if they did not stop illegal immigration. today, the white house says there is no specific timeline. the president says he is pleased with efforts by mexico to curb illegal immigration at its own southern border. republican allies are warning the president that a full shutdown could cause economic chaos. >> security is more important to me than trade. so we are going to have a strong border. we are going to
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have a closed border . >> we certainly have a crisis of the border. the president is right about that. closing the border would have potentially catastrophic economic impact on our country. and i would hope you would not be doing that sort of thing. >> the department of homeland security says it may be assigned as many as 2000 customs and border protection officers from vehicle checkpoints to handle the increase in migrants seeking asylum. president trump is set to visit the border in california on friday. for more on how closing the border could affect the break this bay area, i'm joined by the senior director at the bay council extra to the institute. >> california's trade with mexico is enormous. something over $73 billion in goods every year crossing into the state california/mexico
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border. that is an enormous amount of economic activity for both mexico and for california . >> talk a little bit about the types of goods and services that are coming across the border. >> it is all kinds of things. agriculture, a lot of fruit, vegetables grown in northern mexico including baja, california that cross the border. the big trade is really a lot of electronic parts and components. there is a lot of high-tech companies here in the bay area and elsewhere in california that manufacture and acquire components for their products that are made on the mexican side of the border. just like we have with canada, those components move back and forth and back and forth as products are assembled. if you cut off the border, you are cutting off the movement of those products and affecting the companies that are on both sides of the border. >> so i would like for you to expand on that sentiment a little bit. what would be the economic impact on our region? >> it depends on how long it goes on for.
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if you go on for a day, that is one thing but if, as the president suggested, he closed the border for a long time, that would be catastrophic. companies these days don't give a lot of inventory it is just- in-time manufacturing. the supplies are pretty small because they are moving things and products moment by moment, hour by hour so you could run out of inventory really fast. if you had access to your components, you can move them to the next stage of assembly or finishing within a few days or certainly a week, you would run into a lot of difficulty or almost any company that has binational production and including a lot of our high- tech and medical companies. >> i was going to ask what businesses are most venerable vulnerable and you answer the question. how many companies are potentially going to cope with this? >> we don't know, it is pretty new. we don't know what the president will do.
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he has threatened but has not put a timeline on it so you have got to think they are making contingency plans or other ways to move the goods back and forth but it is not that easy to put something on a ship and move it much greater distances. some stuff comes by plane, of course but it is really a very, very hard thing to manage. the other thing that is, of course, more of an issue for san diego then for us as a california issue a lot of executives and managers live in san diego north of the border and go across every day to manage facilities in mexico. there is a lot of mexicans who work in southern california and who come north of the border to shop, a lot so there is another big impact in terms of the ability of workers and executives to move back and forth and an effect on retail especially in southern california. for us, it is around technology. those of our companies that are
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doing, especially across the border, that is the industry that would be most heavily impacted immediately. thank you for taking the time to talk with us. we will be following president trump's next move. thank you. another story we have been following. a new information in the shooting death of nipsey hustle. they have arrested 29-year-old eric hold -- holder who knew hustle. the shooting appears to be the result of a personal dispute. police spewed surveillance video and social media to track down the suspect. our reporter has more on the investigation and how it is unfolding in los angeles. >> reporter: los angeles police say they know who killed 33- year-old rapper, nipsey hustle. the grammy nominated artist whose real name was air mass astrodome was shot sunday outside his clothing store. >> we have identified the person we believe responsible for the devastating crime. he is 29-year-old eric holder. >> police say holder was seen repeatedly walking up to hustle and speaking to him before returning with a gun and opening fire.
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>> reporter: two other people were injured. officials believe a personal dispute is the motive for the shooting. the scene of the crime became a gathering site for mourners monday night but the somber vigil took a turn when a gun was spotted. people rushed to get away, causing a stampede. it ended in nearly 20 people being taken to the hospital. >> absolutely chaotic, mass panic. it was literally people scattered in all directions. >> reporter: no one was seriously injured. still, police don't want a repeat. according to some of his fans, hustle himself would also want peace. the rapper was an outspoken critic of issues like violence and gang culture. >> he said he would be -- there should be no violence. it should be celebrated. no violence. no violence. >> reporter: hustle was killed the day before he was expected
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to meet with los angeles police about the relationship between the department and inner-city. authorities are also looking for a woman who drove holder from the area. in los angeles, anita logo, fox news. two years and $1 billion later, the rebuild of the aura bill spillway is back to work today. how the price tag is affecting the state. plus a winter storm could cause california's snowpack to swell. it means -- there will be a downside. a surveyor who studies the snowpack returns to explain. you may have been dodging a few showers for today. april will continue to deliver more storms. the timing of the heaviest rain expected in the for -- in the 5 day forecast.
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two years in the billion dollars after the oroville dam crisis, the spillway is being used again today. it is a huge milestone to get operations back to normal here after the extensive damage in 2017. that is when the spillway on the huge dam threatened to fill, leaving the fears of massive flooding in the county and evacuations. we were there today on when the gates reopened. >> reporter: more than two years after the main and emergency spillway fillers at oroville dam, the nation's tallest dam, the $1.1 billion replacement spillway got its first test it just before 11:00's tuesdays morning. dwr, the california department of
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water resources, opened the spillway to just a fraction of its new design capabilities. >> we may increase flow to the feather river up up to 40,000 to 60,000 cubic feet per second later this week to manage increased inflows from the storms. >> reporter: the spillway will likely be used through the spring at far greater volumes is the massive sierra snowpack melts. the fact is, for the new spillway, this is just a road test. you have to remember that this year, we had far more rain and continue to get it and a much, much larger snowpack than the situation that existed two years ago when the old spillway failed. the bigger tests are still to come. >> we built the aura bill spillway using the best available technology and with modern design. >> reporter: that includes the emergency spillway at the very top of the dam. water that went over the top badly eroded the dam's face. that forced operators to send
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more water down the already damaged spillway, damaging it more. stunned by the spillway's failure, the dwr says it is looking at all of its dams and flood control facilities to invest in modernizing them against failures. >> we are prepared to use the spillway, using it based on inflows from rain and storms as well as snowpack. we are proceeding as with normal operations and the spillway has been reconstructed to modern designs we are ready for this storm and future weather that mother nature may have in store for us . >> instructed details and, it is so much better than the original design so the concrete is many times thicker, tons of more rebar, well engineered. i'm 100% confident in it. >> reporter: as to the raw dollars, fema, the federal emergency management agency has paid only $330 million, leaving a deficit of $767 million. that money will have to be paid
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by customers of the state water project including some water agencies in alameda, napa and santa clara counties plus many in southern california. tom vacar, ktvo fox news. the department of water resources surveyors headed back into the sierra today to measure the snowpack. resort in tahoe have reported record snowfall thanks to a string of snowstorms that moved over the area. the sierras snowpack is 162% of average that is great for water supply in california especially since the 2015 drop but how much is too much? we are joined by chris aurochs, spokesperson for the department of water resources. thank you for joining us. in february, the smoke snowpack swelled. give us your perspective on the results . >> california is experiencing atmospheric rivers this year. we usually only get 5 or 6 but we got 6 alone in february so that was a very large precipitation month. it was warm, heavily water laden atmospheric river is the
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main cold air coming down from the gulf of alaska and that increase our snowpack so even though we got less water than in 2017, we have a higher snowpack than we had that year. >> let's talk a little about the history here. let's talk about 2018, as a matter fact. how do the new numbers compared to 2018, 2017, 2016? >> reporter: 2018 was a below average year. this year, like today, in the snow survey you are seeing on the screen, that is it phillips station. we have been surveying there since 1941. this was the fifth most historic snow survey for april with 51 inches of snow water content meaning if all of that snow you are seeing in the field had melted, there would have been 51 inches of water left. the fifth most in history is a great sign that our snowpack is healthy this year and is ready for those dry, warm summer months when we don't typically see rain. that snow will melt and replenish the reservoirs
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that we have used for other purposes. >> so this will be my next question, how long can this last for california? >> we don't know. climate change has brought very extreme variability to california. we went from the five-year historic drought to the wettest year on record in 2016/17 to a below average year to this year being above-average. our reservoirs are doing really well this year, at or above the historic average. groundwater is starting to recover and we have a very healthy snowpack so it all of those together and we are getting good for this year and next year but there is no guarantee for snow next year . >> while the orbital dam was rebuilt today. since it reopened, it collapsed back in 2017, when the snow begins to melt, how will the increased water levels we have a because that could be a problem? >> every reservoir is menaced by the u.s. army corps of
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engineer flight operations manual. the manual was created and it says if you are at a certain level and you are expecting certain inflow from snowmelt or from precipitation, you have to let x amount of. orville is operating on a interim manual due to construction but the other ones continue to operate on their manual. we will continue to manage it, watch the forecasts, watch the snow as it begins to melt so we can properly make sure that we have outflows to meet the demand of the inflows that are coming in. >> a good problem for right now considering what happened a few years ago in california. chris orrick with the department of water resources. take you for your time. >> any time. as you know, the rainfall season is just tremendous over the past few months. it looks like we will continue to add to those impressive amounts. look at the snow survey, up and down the sierra, the main concern with water supply, look at those numbers. everybody well up above average
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from today and the snow water equivalent appearing to melt all of that snow, measurements like this, 39 inches in the southern sierra up to 48 inches as you work your way north. in the northern sierra we have more snow headed towards the mountains this week. in the bay area, rain all fall has not made a comeback but you can see some of the told totals, napa just over 1/10 inch, symphysis upon w san francisco, -- you can see the activity off shore with the storm pattern still setting up in the pacific. today we just had leftover moisture. developing to the east, thunderstorms north of fresno, around the fresno area, it looks like some lightning strikes here. for in us in the bay area, lingering clouds and a few leftover sprinkles are light showers for tuesday afternoon. card numbers out there as we check in on those, most areas
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in the 50s and 60s. santa rosa, 60 degrees, mountain view, 63, san jose, 65, walnut creek, 61 degrees. here is a live camera, san francisco bay with solid cloud cover. you may judge a few raindrops today. nothing too major but we are, in fact, talking about a strong storm developing offshore that could impact the bay area weather forecast later today, thursday and into friday. as far as overnight lows, 40s and 50s with a chance of scattered showers throughout the day. nothing too extreme in the wednesday forecast. we had to put that chance and a lot of moisture headed our way over the next couple of days. wednesday 8 pm, mid 50s in san francisco and on track to reach the lower 60s. it feels mild out there as the moisture is a warmer set up, warmer weather pattern set up with the storm systems. mostly cloudy tomorrow. here's the forecast models. we will put this in motion. solid cloud cover up and down the state especially northern half and a little bit of green so the possibility of a few sprinkles or light showers. that is wednesday. maybe a little more of a better
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bet on thursday, and look what happens later in the day on thursday. this is 3:00 p.m. and thursday night and into friday. this is the strongest in the series of systems that will affect our weather patterns. we will talk more about this and also i have your 5 day forecast coming up in a little bit. more than two dozen people got securities clearances at the white house. next, the two members of the trump administration or family rather who are being subpoenaed because of it. be sure to tune in tonight for an exciting and adorable episode of masters to master chef junior 8:00 followed by week 3 of rob low's mental samurai. then tune in for the 10:00 and 11:00 news right here on ktvu.
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house democrats are issuing subpoenas following allegations that president trump ignored intelligence officials and gave security clearances for unqualified personnel including in the presence family.
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according to white house whistleblower, but 3 are among 25 people received clearances despite getting rejected by security officials. individuals can be disqualified for a number of reasons including conflict of interest or being subject to compromise. republicans downplayed the issue. >> i did not get the report that they wanted from the mueller report, the all come was not there so they are trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. >> the judiciary committee could issue more subpoenas tomorrow when it meets again. a second woman is saying that former vice president, joe biden touched her inappropriately. >> he walked up to me and wrapped his hands around my face like that and pulled me in and started rubbing noses with me. it wasn't, you know, like an
4:27 pm
eskimo kiss and then stop, it was for like a good 15 seconds and i remember thinking, is he going to kiss me? >> amy la poste said it happened at a congressional fundraiser in connecticut in 2009. house speaker, nancy pelosi says the behavior does not disqualify him from running from president but she did suggest that times have changed . >> i think it is important for the vice president and others to understand this. it is important that you know it is not what you intended but how it was received . >> -- i am a member of the street on straight arm club. >> that is the advice from the house speaker. the woman came forward after another woman accused biden of making her uncomfortable by kissing her on the back of the head 5 years ago. biden says he does not believe he has acted inappropriate but said he believes it is important to listen to women's
4:28 pm
experiences. only 6 regular seasons games left for the words but to tonight might be the most important. coming up in live report. a judge issues a ruling seen as a win for those who advocate for the homeless. what cities can no longer do to people forced to live on the streets. >> ktvu 's fox 2. >> where the power of 2 comes from you. seresto, seresto, seresto. jake... seresto, seresto, seresto. whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar.
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>> how do you think the new ruling will affect bay area cities? >> i hope it will spur them to provide proper housing, more navigation centers, shelters but also to allow people who are living outside and have no alternatives to do so without the threat of police coming in and making their lives worse by issuing citations. allowing those encampments to exist, supporting them, making them better but providing services, that is the direction this court is leading the cities to do and it implies that this is a direct relationship.
4:32 pm
>> do you think local governments will do some of those things you just mentioned? >> i certainly hope so. the alternative is no real alternative at all. when you have people who are homeless because they have no choice, and what you do is simply analyze them, for that, that does not stop them from being outside. if you push them away from one place, by threatening them with criminal sanctions, that is just sort of the leased positive approach to homelessness. they just go somewhere else. that makes no sense. this opinion makes clear that not only does it make no sense but it is also unconstitutional . >> what about those who say, we are offering services to some segment of the homeless population and they refused to take us up on it? >> well, the fact is that
4:33 pm
services could mean many things but if services don't mean housing and they usually don't, then that is not going to get people out of homelessness. i have not met any homeless people who if they were offered housing would not accept it. they want to be inside. they just do not have simply enough to places for them. it is like musical chairs. there are not enough chairs for everybody. some people are going to be left out. the homeless people are being left out. we now have a place to sit inside but you can't criminalize them. you can't come on top of everything else, make them criminals . >> we are seeing here in the bay area some cities make efforts to build new navigation centers or homeless shelters and some of the neighborhoods where these are going up are afraid of what might happen. they are pushing back against the navigation centers, against shelters. what do you say to those people who have legitimate concerns about those things going up in their neighborhood? >> i'm not sure how legitimate the concerns are. i think the concerns that i can field as legitimate are the
4:34 pm
human right to have housing. what you can say to them now and what the court has given the city's the possibility of doing is saying, look, the court is telling us we have to do this. this is what we need to do in order to abide by the constitution. we cannot turn these people into criminals jail is not an alternative. they should say that to them and they could. in my experience, when you talk to neighbors, they get over that fear and people realize homeless people are human beings . >> we will have to wait and see exactly how bay area cities respond to the ruling. ocean newman, thank you so much for coming in. we appreciate it. >> thank you. new information about a beating attack at a denny's restaurant in fremont. this happened over the weekend. police have released surveillance pictures of the suspect. initially, the victim said he
4:35 pm
thought his attacker was a deliveryman for door now, investigators say he does not work for door the victim, fred, was trying to intervene between an argument between the suspect and a restaurant employee. the man suffered several facial injuries during the flight fight, the suspect fled the scene. now to sports, a big, big game for the golden state warriors tonight. >> the denver nuggets are in town and the two teams are battling for the top of the western conference. joe is live at the oracle with the final push to the play. >> reporter: it is kind of hard to call a regular-season game crucial when you have known since november that you are going to be in the playoffs but that is the story for the warriors tonight. the reason you mentioned is exactly the reason that is the case. the warriors are up over the nuggets by 1 game with 6 to play in the battle for the best record in the west and the number 1 spot in the playoffs. the two teams have played 3 times this year. they met in january, i gained that the warriors won very
4:36 pm
easily, largely due to the efforts of klay thompson. he had 39 points and i came, 27 of them in the first half and 9 of those 3 pointers accounting for the points that he had in that game. if you think back to a game in denver, it was on the back end of a back to back, the warriors, everyone thought it would be a tough game to win, they would lose to the nuggets, in january, they lost to them in denver, the third game of the season so the warriors have 1 douglas won two, lost against them once. that makes today a big day . >> obviously it is on the back of everybody's mind, whoever winds this is guaranteed the first seed. we want to keep playing and see if we can take it into the playoffs. we will see. >> reporter: all right, so let's do the numbers for your one more time, the warriors, if they win tonight would be up 2 games over denver with 5 to play in the tiebreaker so in
4:37 pm
effect, it would be a 3 game league -- lead. if they lose it, they would be 2 and 2. then the nuggets would go to the best western and ahead of them by 2 games with 5 the play so a very crucial game as far as the regular-season is concerned. the warriors hope to be the number one team in the west. we should tell you about something else going on here today and tonight. a few minutes ago we shot some of the reversals of a group called the hardwood classics. don't confuse the word classics with age. this is one of the warriors 4 dance teams. it is people, really one of the most popular teams they have because they are people closer to my age than the age of the people out here normally dancing. they perform about once a month . this is one of the times they are going to do it and we get a little feature story coming up with them a little bit later as we get close to playoff time. as always, we will watch what
4:38 pm
is happening pregame, during the game, between the plays and a very big game tonight against the denver nuggets. we will be back at 5:00 but until then, back to you and the studio . >> the men and women have some moves so we are looking forward to that story. the san francisco giants have a new outfielder. the toronto blue jays traded kevin phalon are in return for infielder alan hansen and pictures derek law and juan depaul up. pilar was known for his season in the blue jays. the 30-year-old has a .260 batting average with 35 homeruns and law has a $5.8 million salary and can become a free agent after 2020. helping those with limited mobility walk again with a new device. coming up, members of a research team at uc berkeley are here in studio to talk about their breaking work.
4:39 pm
february is wet in the bay area. march is wet and look at april. we still have raindrops to talk about in our camera lens looking at san francisco bay. some scattered showers in the short-term but a stronger storm headed our way. we will talk about timing coming up.
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4:41 pm
a group at uc berkeley is taking part in something cutting-edge. canyon cutting-edge research,
4:42 pm
trying to help people with paralysis to the lower part of their body walk again. they have also won some money to further develop the device they created a note doing another grant to give research a major leap forward. joining me now, we have pierluigi and monte rodriguez. thank you for joining us. this is a prototype and called the eagle walk. tell us what it does? >> this is a sleeve report around the users like. we use it for dealing with multiple sclerosis, stroke, als, dls, loss of mobility in the lower part of the leg. >> you mean past the kneecap? >> yes, and it activates the right muscles at the right time to help them walk. >> so this has not been done before, this type of way to help people walk? >> yes, the way we are using the device, one of our big goals is to make it affordable and help with rehabilitation so the simulation itself actually
4:43 pm
activates muscles to help with the rehabilitation process for people. a lot of people have to default to mechanical devices that don't activate the muscle when you walk so -- >> so you have figured out how to hit the right muscles of the person when they walk, knows when to walk better? >> yes. >> there was video we were showing of a man walking but that man is a relative of yours? tell us about that . >> that is actually my father, my dad. he has multiple sclerosis and he developed a walking impairment. actually, it is pretty common for people to get walking impairments. he got on specifically called foot drop from multiple sclerosis. what it does is you can kind of see that his right foot is dragging a bit in that slow- motion video right there. so our device is helping his walking form and activating his muscles to lift his foot so he can walk straight with more speed and confidence. >> is that what you got into doing the research and developing this piece of equipment?
4:44 pm
>> yes. actually juan and i have personal connections to this. you don't realize how many people have walking impairments but my dad developed multiple sclerosis when i was in high school and he started getting this walking problem and slowly losing the walking ability so . >> my dad had parkinson's and toward the later part of his life, could not walk as well. could this help them as well? i know you mentioned some of the illnesses it could help. could parkinson's be part of that? >> yes, parkinson people also lose connection in the nerves. we haven't tested it on parkinson's people but we are hoping to help them as well . >> let's talk about that. you guys are going through the research process right now. you have won $500,000 from toyota mobility foundation and you want to win more money, hopefully another $1 million grant. talk to us about what needs to
4:45 pm
happen so you can get the grant money and get the research going? >> the toyota mobility foundation has helped us a lot with the initial grant. this will help us develop our technology, do more research and test subjects. that is one of the main goals we have right now. we are doing a lot of testing at the lab in berkeley as you can see. >> this is the video you gave us . >> this is the lab in downtown berkeley and we are bringing people to collect data and test the device to make sure it works properly . >> this could have a lot of people going forward. you have to see the real possibilities with this. >> yes, pretty sure. it is one of the big things about the whole challenges it inspired us just working with these awesome teams with the toyota mobility foundation that has shown us there is a huge problem out there for an underserved community that really need this and we think we can help a big portion of them. >> it is nice that they are putting money forward for folks like you to get involved in the research. we hope for you that you are able to get the next grant to get people this device to walk again. it is fantastic here to see this happening. thank you for sharing your personal story about this as well. luigi and juan, thank you so
4:46 pm
much. is there anything that we can do to help? >> yes, so as one friend mentioned, we are actively trying to get people to come in that have walking impairment so we can improve our device. if anyone in the bay area wants to come by and try our device, we are more than happy. >> we will put the information on our website with this interview . >> you can also email if you are interested. >> gentlemen thank you so much . >> it really is amazing what those two gentlemen have been able to come with come up with, we wish them a lot of luck. let's take a look at live picture of san jose with clouds and blue sky, mark . >> that is right, in fact we will continue to track cloud cover over the next few days, maybe a few scattered showers. there is another system headed our way. the storm is season is not over yet. that will be adding on to the healthy rainfall totals since october. santa rosa has picked up over
4:47 pm
42 inches, san francisco, 23, oakland, about 18 1/2 inches and san jose, approaching 15 inches of rainfall. here's the satellite showing you this. this is an active on a pattern out in the pacific. as we coming closer, this is the radar loop. noticed the lightning strikes to the east of the bay area. it looks like thunderstorms closer to the fresno area this afternoon. right now we have cloud cover and still a few left over sprinkles, a few light showers out there for tuesday afternoon. card numbers on the mild side, 50s to the 60s, san francisco, 57, oakland, 60, san jose, 65 degrees. here's the live camera and you can see the cloud cover. mostly cloudy skies, brakes and the cloud cover in parts of the south bay. still clouds to set out today and tomorrow morning and still a chance for a sprinkle or light shower. 40s to lower 50s to start the day. in terms of rainfall forecasts, these numbers would not be
4:48 pm
excessive but still be going up a little bit especially as we head toward friday. look at the big leap in the numbers later today friday. by friday 10:00 p.m., we could be stopping about -- talking about some neighborhoods picking up 1/2 to 1 inch and maybe more than that for the coastal hills of because of the system developing. between this system and as we have lots of cloud cover heading our way. nothing really organized. we still have to hold onto the chance of a few scattered showers. especially into thursday forecast but still not a major deal and the next system coming on board for friday, the next cold front that moves in and rainfall could be about 1/42 over 1 inch. it does look like rainfall will be developing during the afternoon hours. things could change but that's how it looks right now. tomorrow morning, 10:00, clouds, maybe sprinkles or light shower. mostly cloudy throughout the afternoon. thursday, not much change, we are not completely covered with blues or grains. later in the day thursday, that is a different story. by 3:00 and into the evening
4:49 pm
hours, and this is friday, 12:00 and the rainfall could be steadily coming on board throughout the afternoon hours. as far as highs tomorrow, in the 60s with a chance of a shower and maybe some breaks in the cloud cover. that is for wednesday. here's a look ahead, the 5 day forecast, coming up, showers likely into thursday, rain and wind pick up into friday. i have already heard quite a few questions about the giant home opener. we will see what could happen without. that is something we will watch closely. the chance for charmaine fadeaway, just in the morning hours of saturday so we will keep an eye on that. this point, the weekend appears to be okay but the biggest rain clouds appear to be headed our way on friday. julie joins us with a look at some of the stories we are working on for ktvu fox 2 news a 5:00. a desperate attempt to help a dog has tragic consequences. >> heather, a sad story emerge and out of dixon tonight. two teenagers trying to save a dog fell into a canal and are electrocuted. more on how it happened and plus we will hear from one of the devastated
4:50 pm
mothers who lost a son. >> that is a sad story there. also helping solve a problem for college students. if you are having trouble trying to find a place to park around san jose state, there is an app to help you out. the creator describes it as an airbnb for parking. comes up tonight at 5:00, how it works and why not everyone is happy about its success. more coming up at the top of the hour at 5:00. next on the four, march madness maybe slowing down in the workplace but boosting other parts of the economy . details on the assists occurring. call or visit
4:51 pm
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the cherry blossom trees in washington, dc hit the peak bloom this week. visitors had to the annual cherry blossom bloom around the national mall. it is so pretty. it is difficult to predict exactly when the trees will bloom. some people get lucky, arriving just at the right time. >> we came here for spring break and the planets aligned, i guess you could say and it is beautiful pick it is amazing. >> the trees are only in full bloom for about a week. the trees were a gift from just japan back in 1912. we are reaching the point in march madness the people have been waiting for. the final four teams are set but it is not just the teams excited foxes napolitano with the money of march madness. >> reporter: whether it is major upset, buzzer beater's are absolute blowouts, the ncaa
4:54 pm
basketball tournament is a surefire attention grabber, powerful enough that openings game lure many away from the office for the afternoon. achord to outplacement term, challenger gray and christmas, 75 million americans will spend about 6 hours of the day focused on the big dance rather than say, the big account. the time focused on the bracket converse to about $13.3 billion in productivity during this year's tournament. the estimate for 2019 are steep in part because of the low unemployment rate and the rise in hourly wages. they still in encourage some companies to embrace march madness well boosting personnel. restaurants and bars cherished this time of year. national chains like buffalo wild wings saw extensive marketing translate into huge profits. the same for domino's pizza which sold 2 million pies during last year's final four and championship game alone. as for regional chains and local bars nationwide, the attorney delivers an average sales pop of 2.4% according to business software company,
4:55 pm
wobbly. it rises another 10% of local teams are in the bracket. then of course there is betting on teams. this is the first year that the ncaa men's basketball tournament is taking place after a ruling that it -- sports books for legal. several states joined in on sports betting since then. another 20 to active legislation to make wagering available in the state. the american gaming association estimates 47 million americans will bet nearly $4.8 billion on the ncaa tournaments. a "don't bet on it" campaign claims that betting undermines called sports . >> 75 million americans
4:56 pm
spending 6 hours a day watching this . >> we are not one of them. >> there is something going on in the newsroom and i'm sure it's just for fun and everyone is focused . >> everyone here is nothing but focus. >> ktvu fox 2 news is next it and we will see you at 7:00. >> my bracket is busted. this portion of ktvu news is sponsored by let's crews .com. --
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ktvu fox 2 news it 5:00
4:59 pm
starts right now. >> a tragic turn of events as two friends jump into a water canal to save a dog when they tried to climb out, they were electrocuted. friends and first responders tried to help but it was too late. good evening. i am julie haener . >> i am frank somerville. 4 teenagers and a dog walking along and irrigation district canal in solano county of of dixon avenue west of i-80. the dog ended up in the canal and two of those teenagers went in after it. ktvo's rob roth went to dixon today where one of the victims mother's explain what happened. >> reporter: it happened it and irrigation canal just outside dixon monday afternoon. was the first day of spring break for friends hanging out. >> they were out at the canal, goofing off as boys do, a whole group of them. >> reporter: candy is the mother of 17-year-old jacob moses, one of the boys who died . >> he would have given the
5:00 pm
shirt off his back. >> reporter: authorities say jacob and 17-year-old friend, jacob schneider were walking all along a metal bridge on a dog with them either fell or jumped into the canal. the boys went in after it. >> jake saw his friend in trouble so jake went in the water after him. and somehow, there was a live current, electrical current either on the crossing bridge or on the gate, i'm not sure yet. and when they grabbed the bridge, or the pipe, they were electrocuted. >> reporter: the two teens died . the dog suffered minor injuries and is back home. a third boy who jumped in to help his friends was not injured. authorities are investigating the accident, particularly why an electrical current was flowing through the bridge. the area belongs to the solano irrigation district. it issued a statement it statement


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