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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  April 2, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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shirt off his back. >> reporter: authorities say jacob and 17-year-old friend, jacob schneider were walking all along a metal bridge on a dog with them either fell or jumped into the canal. the boys went in after it. >> jake saw his friend in trouble so jake went in the water after him. and somehow, there was a live current, electrical current either on the crossing bridge or on the gate, i'm not sure yet. and when they grabbed the bridge, or the pipe, they were electrocuted. >> reporter: the two teens died . the dog suffered minor injuries and is back home. a third boy who jumped in to help his friends was not injured. authorities are investigating the accident, particularly why an electrical current was flowing through the bridge. the area belongs to the solano irrigation district. it issued a statement it statement saying it was working
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with the solano county sheriffs department to investigate circumstances of the incident. the general manager, carrie keaton told us by home the bridge was not designed to be electrically charged. >> there is no posting, no signage that says live electrical, stay out, private property. there is nothing there. >> reporter: the boys attended dixon high school which is closed for spring break this week. grief counselors were available at the school district headquarters . >> try to do something decent for a puppy and lose their life in the midst of it. just, that is what makes no sense, right? yeah, no rhyme or reason. >> reporter: the school district says grief counselors will be here at dixon high school when classes resume on monday. indexing, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. a berkeley engineer is accused of trying to poison a coworker with a toxic metal and it was apparently all caught on security cameras. the toxic metal he is accused of putting into his coworkers water is cadmium . >> it made his as he made his
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first quarter >> reporter: today. henry lee was there today. henry, this has been going on for a while? >> >> reporter: it has been going on for more than a year. the engineer has 3 degrees from cal and is a criminal defendant of accused of using cadmium to sicken a coworker and her family. >> reporter: family members of david xu had nothing to say . has been charged with using cadmium to poison a coworker. >> these are allegations, only allegations. >> reporter: david xu select alleged victim or both engineers at bear where both were engineers. according to court documents, the coworker noticed a strange taste and smell from her water and food left unattended in her office. she said it happened many times during the span of a year. the victim said she had to go to the hospital for emergency care. the suspect has been charged with poisoning two of her relatives after they got sick
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from drinking water bottles she took home from work. soleil balance the surveillance video shows the suspect adding a substance to water bottles in her office. the man's attorney says the public should keep an open mind . >> charges have been filed in the public knows once charges are brought, an individual, per our constitution is presumed innocent and that is exactly how i intend to proceed with this case. >> reporter: is there any dispensed to him being wrong? >> you're missing the point that he is presumed innocent which all of you would like if you were accused of crimes. >> reporter: david xu earned 3 degrees from uc berkeley including a phd. he lives with his wife and daughter in lafayette. >> i'm really surprised because we have been waving for years. >> reporter: neighbor, martin selby says he was confused when he saw police converging on the home. >> they must've been in the house for good 6 to 7 hours. >> reporter: he, too is
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wondering about a motive. >> what on earth did his coworker do to make them not angry? and what? what a terrible thing to do. a terrible thing to do. >> reporter: the accused engineer was ordered by the judge today not to contact any of the alleged victims. he is being held without bail. >> such a strange story. >> yeah, we just don't know the motive and police are not saying whether this could be a triangle or if the victim accused him of doing something wrong at work. we just don't know . >> when you say he was targeting the family, was he targeting the family or was it that the family could also have had some of the water? >> he has been charged with poisoning two of the relatives because the coworker took the same water bottle home and the relatives drank of it so it is almost a secondary poisoning . >> how are they doing? are they okay?
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>> they are doing okay. they did show elevated levels of cadmium but are expected to be okay. >> henry, thank you. barred police chief, collis rojas is retiring after two years on the job. bard says the chief has worked tirelessly to improve the operations and performance of the department. the agency has been under pressure to address crime on bart following the stabbing death of wilson in oakland last july. park credited rojas with recruiting and hiring more officers, stepping up patrols and boosting surveillance. bart says it will conduct a nationwide search for his replacement. in oakland, authorities say red tagged a building supply warehouse after it was destroyed by a fire yesterday. american emperor house electrical, plumbing and other supplies that added fuel to the flames. the fire is believed to have started in a debris pile outside of the building and spread through an open window. investigators are interviewing people in looking at cell phone and surveillance video determine how this fire started. insurance adjusters at the scene today said the damages
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estimated in the millions of dollars. power and cable have been restored now to residents in the area. the trial in the open go ship wire ghost ship warehouse fire got underway today. the jury will not be. for a couple of weeks but the judge heard motion bumble both sides. each of the suspects taste -- taste of 36 pounds. the high-profile case is expected to take several months for the judge believes the jury will be selected in a couple weeks. a judge began decided what witnesses and evidence would be allowed at the trial . >> today we learned a firefighter, investigator and oakland mayor are on the witness list and for the first time since their arrest, we saw the two defendants not in their gel clothes but both wearing shirts, ties and suits. judge thompson heard several
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motions including one to exclude open mayor oakland mayor libby schaaf from testifying. prosecutors claim nothing she says is relevant to showing guilt or innocence in the case. that will be decided upon next week. prosecutors also want to do. prevent the defense from using the words "scapegoat close quote or "cover-up" during trial. the defense attorneys argue the cities building owners were negligent. the judge decided they would not be allowed, during opening statements only. >> i am ready to get this started, ready to get this over with and ready to see people healed. like i said, it is day one of finally seeing this nightmare end. >> it is a terrible situation all the way around. it is wrong that max is in jail. i think it is wrong that this tragedy happened. i think it is terrible that all of these families have to deal with this every day with knowing, just deal with their
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lot. >> the judge said she expect motions to run high. she also wants to make sure the sideshow does not become the show. she wants the focus to be on the two defendants. so from here fourth a 4 panels of nearly 100 jurors will fill out questionnaires and a 12 member jury with 6 alternates should be in place in a couple of weeks. opening statements are set to start the last day of april. live in the studio, buster rose, ktvo fox 2 news. police say they have their man details on the arrest of the person accused of killing killing l.a. rapper, nipsey hustle. >> we rebuilt using the best available technology and with modern design. just like that, the billion- dollar orrville spillway is back in use. coming up next, how local nonresidents are feeling about the spillway two years after the old one failed. that spillway may be in use
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for a while. massive snow totals in the sierra. details about the latest measurements and a hand, it is way above average. there are a few sprinkles out there right now. we will take a look at that rainfall this year, how we are doing so far, how much we have seen and how much more we can get. i will be back here. ♪ new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express.
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a billion-dollar rebuild is officially back in use. for the first time in two years, the orrville spillway was back in use today. water came rushing down that spillway this morning. this is a huge milestone for the orrville dam. massive water flows destroyed the old spillway in 2017, forcing message
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evacuations in butte county. more from tom vacar would who was there for the opening. >> >> reporter: more than two years after the main and emergency spillway failures, it orrville dam, the nation's tallest dam, the 1.1 billion- dollar replacement spillway got its first test it just before 11:00 tuesday morning. dwr, the california department of water resources opened the spillway to just a fraction of its new design capabilities. >> we may increase flow to the feather river up to 40,000 to 60,000 cubic feet per second. later this week, to manage increased inflows from the storms. >> reporter: the spillway would likely be used through the string spring as the massive sierra snowpack melts. the fact is for the new spring way this is a road test. you have to remember that this year, we had far more rain and continue to get chlarger snowpa situation that existed two years ago when the old spillway failed.
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the bigger tests are still to come. >> we rebuilt the orrville spillway's using the best available technology with modern design. >> reporter: that includes the emergency spillway at the very top of the dam. water that went over the top badly eroded the dam's face. that forced operators to send more water down the already damaged spillway, damaging it more. stunned by the spillway's failure, the dwr says it is looking at all of its dams and flood control facilities to invest in modernizing them against failures . >> we are prepared to use the spillway, using it based on inflows from rain and storms as well as snowpack. we are proceeding as with normal operations and the spillway has been reconstructed to modern designs we are ready for this storm and future weather. >> instruction details is so much better than the original design. the concrete is many times thicker, tons more rebar, well engineered. i'm 100% confident
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in it. as to the dollars, fema, the federal emergency management agency has paid only $333 million, leaving a deficit of a whopping $767 million. that money will help and have to be paid by customers of the state water project including water agencies in alameda, napa and santa clara counties plus many in southern california. tom vacar, ktvo fox 2 news. more heavy snow fell in the lake tahoe area today and forecasters expect the snow to continue falling in the mountains all this week. right now, and right on through the weekend, that means the first week of april will be another busy one for tahoe ski resort. this has been the third snowiest season on record. right now, chains are required on interstate 80 in the sierra but the chain requirements have just been lifted on highway 50
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which is the other main freeway to the tahoe area. state water officials just conducted their monthly sierra snowpack survey. it shows the snowpack is well above normal. katie hughes cristina rendon on joins us with a look at results . >> it has been called a california water supply dream. in fact, a crew this morning was having a hard time measuring the snow because there is just so much of it. statewide, the sierra nevada snowpack is 152% of average. >> when it comes to the sierra nevada snowpack, the survey says things look good. >> reporter: the department of water resources says the snow depth of 106.5 feet and a snow water content of 51 inches. the survey was taken at phillips station just off highway 15 near sierra it tahoe. >> that is the fourth best snow water content we have had historically at this location for this time of year. our april survey is significant because this is typically when we see the deepest snowpack with the most water content.
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>> reporter: the snowpack is 162% of sser the state. that is because there has been several storms in the first 3 months of the year and it is still raining and snowing in northern california. the director for the department of water resources says with full reservoirs and a dense snowpack, this year is practically a california water supply dream. the sierra snowpack provides about 30% of california's freshwater supply. officials also warned that it could be dangerous river conditions and potential flooding as snow melts . >> water managers are analyzing the data and having conversations about how best to manage and operate reservoirs. >> take a look at this comparison of the same survey location from 2015 and today. on the right was from today and excuse me, on the right is 2015 from one governor brown was there and there was no snow on the ground whatsoever. on the left is from today. that is four years later. the snowpack, again, 162% of
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average, a huge jump even compared to last year when it was 53% of average. estate plans on taking one more survey next month. that is a look at what things look like in the sierra. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. we have had a number of dry years around here. really, for the last 10 years, we have had on and off dry years. this rainfall season has been incredible in the mountains and around the bay area. we have mark outside right now. mark, we did a deep dive into some of the rain numbers. what it means for california and how much we actually got. >> reporter: yes, bill, the rainfall and snowfall have been adding up. january, february, march so productive. we show you the can't cloud cover toward san francisco. they have been dodging some sprinkles and light showers. april has an it had a pretty active start as well. let's look at the graphic going back to five years ago. this was one of the drought years. the entire year, santa rosa only a 14 inches of rain, san
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francisco, 12 inches, san jose, just over 6 inches and guess where we are right now? look at these huge numbers for everybody well above average, especially up towards santa rosa, 42 inches of rainfall plus, san francisco, over 23 and santa rosa has exceeded its annual average in terms of rainfall and a few other areas are within striking distance. coming up for you right now, as you can see, with normal rainfall totals, for a few cities coming up in san francisco, oakland and san jose, look how close we are. we are making a run and there is a chance we could be close to average after this week and into early next week. we are very close to the normal average annual rainfall. i will say that this is probably the biggest indicator, the precipitation index for the sierra. they are lumping all of the rainfall and snowfall together for these 8 stations at they take a look at this graph coming up.
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you can see what a dry year and a what year and as long as we are above the blue curve, we are above average and right now, we are well above average. this shows you how active february has been, how much water and snowfall we picked up here in northern california and in the bay area. i know you are talking about more rain in the forecast, bill so it has already been an amazing year and is not over yet . >> and you mentioned that 8 station index. that is the deal because that is where the big surface reservoirs r, shasta and orville. one of the biggest water pieces in the state other than the snowpack, groundwater in the central valley. -- >> reporter: -- >> i interrupted mark, sorry about that. as regards i, light showers as mark mentioned, scattered showers will last, really, on and off for the next, i don't know, four days or so. we will have real rain on friday. as you look outside, you can see that you have radar spinning and lightning pops around reading and down around fresno. you say can see them down here.
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this is red bluff, south of reading as the system meanders through. that is the word, meanders. these things are week. rainfall indications have been in the 100th but enough at times to give you grief during the morning commute. you will know that if you are out on the road. there are still a few sprinkles out there. tomorrow, guess what? more of the same wishes low grade showers, maybe son the some sunshine, a lot of clouds, more sunshine and maybe a sprinkle. that is house that is how wednesday will go. that is the whole week until friday. we get to friday and we are looking at pretty much a bona fide weather system that will come in thursday night into friday. friday mornings commute will be wet and we might see over 1
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inch of rain. that is friday but in the meantime, we are going to get more of this, more of this being partly cloudy, mostly cloudy, and maybe a sprinkle like we are seeing over here north by i guess that would be mission peak. so the overnight low forecast with a chance of a shower, again, don't change your plans based on the forecast in terms of rain because this is not the classic rain we have been seeing this winter. this is like you saw today, not enough to shut you down but enough to kind of to run for cover for a few minutes anyway. the overnight low is on the mild side. these are mid-latitude storms. snow levels are high even though they are getting snow at the higher elevations at the passes. we have the next system. this is the system that we are watching most closely because it has pretty good pop. it gets in here on friday, thursday night into friday. it will load up pretty nicely and hopefully, maybe it will be our last hurrah for spring and winter months. we never want to say that too soon but maybe it will be. in the meantime, just get used to what we have had. it will continue. friday, it ramps up, the weekend looks better.
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the white house under increasing fire from democrats over national security background checks. i am doug mckelway in washington and i have details coming up. coming up on ktvu news at 6:00 the walls smeared with paint, broken computers and shattered windows. the discovery as the students and staff returned to an elementary school in the east bay after a week of spring break. >> we in the school district have such limited resources and now we are going to have to spend those resources trying to fix this place up again. and topped with tartar sauce. plus, hot and salty fries and a drink. for just $4.99! the $4.99 fish sandwich combo.
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we are now one year for the start of the 2020 census. santa clara county officials gathered today to discuss outwards plans over the next year. they are getting ready to take the population pound count. debbie campus is the white house plans to ask a question about citizenship on the census. they claim that will displayed people dissuade people from answering and getting an accurate count. >> the word of the white house is to do things that make the people that are usually part of the hardest to count community even more fearful. -- to some participate in the census. >> for the first time in history, the census in the county will be conducted primarily online instead of through the mail. we will have 4 methods to respond, the internet, their phone, a paper form or in
5:26 pm
person. the government whistleblower is claiming the president trump ignored advice from his national security staff and gave security clearances to 25 unqualified personnel including members of the president's own family . >> the democrats are now issuing subpoenas to learn more but as fox news and mcelory tells us, the white house is accusing democrats of looking for pay back. >> reporter: new allegations from a white house whistleblower accusing the trump demonstration of fast tracking security clearances after red flags were raised by background checks. democrats a the president overstepped his boundaries but this is not about him. >> mr. green said that we should not be investigating the president. but we should be investigating the process. well, mr. green, that is what we are doing. >> reporter: staffers like jared kushner, john bolton and even the presidents daughter, ivanka among those allegedly granted clearances despite concerns. individuals can be disqualified
5:27 pm
for reasons including conflict of interest or being subject to compromise. republicans say they are not buying democrats were concerned, linking the new abdul allegations of the release of the mall really report. they did not get what they want to. the outcome was not fair so they are trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill . >> meanwhile the white house says it wants to protect the privacy of federal workers and will not release confidential information without a good reason. we are not going to put the 3 million people who are full- time employees of the federal government that hold security clearances personal information at risk because democrats want to pretend and play games instead of do their job. >> reporter: in washington, doug mckelway, fox news. a well-known wrapper shot and killed outside of his clothing store. details about the arrest made this afternoon. plus nancy pelosi talking about allegations against joe biden. she says while it does not disqualify him, he may want to change his behavior. >> also had, bay area college
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students are known for innovation and may just have struck again. they saw a problem and created a nap to deal with it. coming up, details on what is being called the airbnb a parking. each morning, people wake. and smile, when they see the sun. not that one. this one. it makes knowing when to take your prescriptions clear as day. up to fifty percent of people don't take them properly. so at cvs pharmacy we got up early and built a system that helps calculate each person's ideal schedule. it's great for doctors. and caregivers. at cvs pharmacy, we're just trying to help more people have more mornings.
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ktvu fox 2 gives more power to you . the power to double as -- >> find someplace say. >> sky fox giving us live picture. >> ktvu the four news, the power of 2
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los angeles police say they have arrested a man for fatally shooting wrapper, nipsey hustle . this is cell phone video of the rest. investigators say 29-year-old eric holder knew the victim and said the shooting appears to be the result of a personal dispute. police say they used social media and surveillance video to track down older. fox news anita vogel has more now on the investigation from los angeles. >> reporter: los angeles police say they know who killed 33- year-old rapper, nipsey hustle. the grammy nominated artist whose real name was ara manis ask a dome was shot sunday outside his clothing store. >> we have identified the person responsible for this devastating crime. he is 29-year-old eric holder..
5:32 pm
>> reporter: police say they saw hustle walking up to -- police believe the personal dispute is the motive for a shooting. the scene of the crime became a gathering site for mourners monday night but the somber vigil to to turn when a gun was spotted. people rushed to get away, causing a stampede. it ended in nearly 20 people being taken to the hospital . >> absolutely chaotic, mass panic. it was literally people scattered in all directions. >> reporter: no one was seriously injured. still, police don't want a repeat. according to some of his fans, hustle himself would also want peace. the rapper was an outspoken critic of issues like violence and gang culture. >> ready sure he would be. >> there should be no violence. he should be celebrated.
5:33 pm
>> no violence. >> reporter: hustle was killed the day before he was expected to meet with los angeles police about the relationship between the put department and the inner-city. authorities are also looking for a woman who drove holder from the area. in los angeles, anita vogel, fox news. california police agencies have to release misconduct records under a new law, even from incidents that happened before the new law took effect. as the ruling from california's first district court of appeal in sacramento. several unions try to block the release of all records saying the law should not be applied retroactively but the court said the release of records does not change the consequences for officers involved. the ruling by a panel of 3 justices is likely to stand unless another court steps in. the community market has reopened at stores five weeks after massive flooding swamp the city's entire barlow shopping center. the profitable nonprofit grocery store is very popular
5:34 pm
for its selection of beers and wines. is one of the biggest businesses in the area and cleaning of the 220,000 square- foot complex after the massive flood was no easy task. >> scrubbing, cleaning, getting things in shape while the barlow got the contractors and the sanitizer is to clean, replace, put their quitman back, test electrical, plumbing. it has been a big deal. >> this week's reopening at the community market is viewed as a promising step toward getting all of the remaining shops in the barlow shopping center up and running again. this was just one of many communities hit hard by recent flooding in the russian river area. president donald trump says he is taking a wait and see approach when it comes to possibly closing the southern border with mexico. the president threatened a shutdown as early as this week
5:35 pm
if mexico did not stop illegal immigration. fox news lauren blanchard tells us there is growing concern now about the potential economic impact here at home. >> president trump has yet to follow through on his threat to close the border but the white house says it is looking at all options when it comes to stopping the flow of illegal immigration. >> our system is absolutely maxed out. >> reporter: the trump administration ramping up efforts to secure the southern border. the department of homeland security is implementing a surge to deal with the flow of migrants looking to illegally enter the u.s. hundreds of customs and border protection officers are being reassigned to the border to help this includes areas where migrants are unlawfully crossing into the country. >> security is more important to me than trade. we are going to have a strong border or we are going to have a closed border. >> reporter: well the border remains open, the impact is already being felt. dhs reports wait times at crossings have dramatically increased due to the redeployment of officers. >> what is coming out now is
5:36 pm
the cost to our country if he closes the border to a country that happens to be the third largest trade partner. it is pretty crazy. >> reporter: still, president trump is standing firm in his criticism of mexico as well as 3 central american countries now cut off from usaid. >> we take hundreds of millions of dollars to honduras and guatemala and el salvador. is a combination. and what do they do? they don't do anything for us. >> reporter: president trump is set to visit the border in california on friday. he will see part of a newly built fence and take part in a roundtable with local law enforcement. in washington, lauren blanchard , fox news. a second woman is speaking out about claims that former vice president joe biden touched her inappropriately. mckee walked up to me and wrapped his hands around my face like that and pulled me in
5:37 pm
and started rubbing noses with me and it wasn't, you know, like an eskimo kiss or and then stop . it was like for a good 15 seconds and i remember thinking, is he going to kiss me? >> amy la poste says it happened at a congressional fundraiser in connecticut in 2009. house speaker nancy pelosi said the behavior does not disqualify him from running for president but she thinks that times have changed. >> i think that it is important for the vice president and others to understand this. it is not what you intended. it is how it was received. i'm a member of the straight arm club. straight armor. i use pretend, you have a cold and i have a cold. >> the woman says she came forward after a former nevada
5:38 pm
assemblywoman accused biden of making her uncomfortable by kissing the back of her neck or her head, rather at a net rallied 5 years ago. biden has said he does not believe he has acted inappropriately during his career. still to come, it seems like there may be something in the water at a hospital in northern california. they are calling it a baby quake because there are so many nurses there who are pregnant. they all work in a very fitting department at that hospital. also had, new information and video of an attack over the weekend at a bay area restaurant the police now are saying the witnesses had it all wrong.
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♪ ♪ ♪ new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express.
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police have released new surveillance video of an attack at a denny's restaurant in fremont over the weekend. initially, the victim and witnesses said the attacker was a deliveryman four-door now, investigators say the suspect does not work four-door the victim, fred i boney was attempting to intervene and that argument between the suspect and the restaurant employee when he says the suspect sucker punched him. police are hoping someone might recognize the suspect from this surveillance video. i boney suffered several injuries to his face including losing 3 teeth. nasa says debris from an indian and i satellite weapons test could pose a threat to an international space station and its astronauts. nasa says india sent hundreds
5:42 pm
of pieces of debris into orbit, some too small to track. india's ministry of external affairs claims the test was performed faithfully thing the debris will dissolve over the next few weeks. nasa says it will continue to monitor carefully space debris near the international space station over the next several weeks. right the last a fire at a chemical plant killed one person and critically injured two others. a tank holding a flammable chemical used in production of gasoline caught fire at about 11:00 this morning. the fire sent six -- thick plumes of black smoke into the sky. the fire was controlled about 5 hours after a company at the c a lawsuit in the marketing of a powerful painkiller, oxycontin, called the suit false and misleading. the family owned purdue pharma is being sued by the massachusetts attorney general for allegedly pushing to keep patients on the drug longer,
5:43 pm
despite evidence that it was contributing to the opioid crisis. produces the state cherry picked quotes from documents to create a false impression. the massachusetts lawsuit is among several against purdue pharma over the marketing of oxycontin. coming up, they say necessity is the muncher double as mother of invention . >> i was spending 30 minutes to find a place to park. it was really stressful for me as a student. >> two former students invented an app they describe as the airbnb of parking. how it works and why not everybody is happy with parkstash. probably the most important regular-season game for the golden state warriors tonight. i will tell you in a live report why, coming up. light showers and severe weather in the valley. a tornado warning. we will show you that and what it means and what you can expect with more rain in the forecast.
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5:47 pm
the worries are playing today, the denver nuggets, 1 came behind them in the battle for the best record in the western conference. that is at home card throughout the western conference players. the two teams had that 3 times, last meeting in march in oakland , the warriors dominating that one of the klay thompson with 39 points with 9 pointers, 27 of those points in the first half. the warriors on the size of list went on to win decisively. they did the same thing again in january, the warriors won and lost to the nuggets earlier in the season, the third game of the year in denver. this one is all about who is going to hold the tiebreaker if the two teams should end up with the same record. kevin durant, earlier today on the importance of tonight's game. >> everybody's mind. i think everybody is in a good groove as well. we want to keep playing and see if we can take it into the playoffs and figure out what
5:48 pm
their bodies are telling them. so we will see. >> reporter: something that was announced today, that game on friday with all the suspicious things that happened at the end that the warriors lost in minneapolis in overtime, claims came out today and were pretty big fines. kevin durant was fine for $50 million for the is $50,000 and two other fines were made. that was official at the end and they let it be known and they work find accordingly today. the warriors are up 1 game to the nuggets. if they win that would make them up 2 with 5 to play and hold the tiebreaker so that would just about clench things on the west for the warriors. if they lose, they then go to the best record in the conference and that, the nuggets have a 2 game lead over the world -- warriors so this is an important game for them to win if they want to hold the
5:49 pm
conference over the playoffs . >> we have to talk about the dance team, the over 55 dance team performing tonight, right, joe? >> reporter: that is right, they performed about once a month. the warriors to have 4 dance teams and this year, they started on, they call them the hardwood classics. we got some shots of them rehearsing earlier today. we are going to do a feature story on them later but they are very good and you are right, you have to be 55 years or older. we got to talk to some of the dancers and it was a lot of fun because most of them have death history but it is kind of like, i made the parallel, you know, when you are my age, you can always go play old men basketball if you want to but you don't do it before 19,000 people so these are people that used it to dance, still have the bug and get to come out here before 19,000 people and to do it again and they are performing tonight. we do have a feature on them a little later. >> they've got the moves and might as well do them.
5:50 pm
>> that's right. fans head into the warriors and the a's game tonight are urged to leave early and take mass transit if possible. the a's are hosting the boston red sox at the coliseum four- game 2 of the series and the a's game begins at 7:05 pm and just 25 minutes before the tipoff for tonight warriors game, right next door at oracle arena. needless to say, the parking lot is expected to fill up quickly . >> speaking of parking, the parking nightmare confronting many drivers in san jose they have an innovative solution. reporter jesse gary has more on a new app and how it eases the search for a space while adding dollars to the wallets of some residents. >> reporter: even on campus is closed for spring break, finding parking near san jose state is a haystack needle proposition, even worse when classes are in session . >> i was spending 30 minutes just to find a place to park. it was really stressful for me as a student. >> reporter: that led former engineering rad student, sameer saran to apply himself to make
5:51 pm
a solution. is 2016 idea created a parking app linking motorists with open spaces vicki submitted the proposal to the silicon valley business planning competition. hooman bolandi was a judge. matches original idea had some flaws in it it is much better to have a platform that you connect people. >> reporter: three years later, the connection nine made through parkstash, the so-called airbnb of parking apps. driver son of, enter a location and see a list of spaces homeowners are willing to rent by the day, hour, week or month. on couple rents their driveway while they are at work during the week as a way to supplement income . >> it ends up being a little $1 it is not a lot of money but every little bit is a nice little chunk. >> reporter: well the new parking app has a positive impact on some people's bank account and is gaining attention, what is also catching people's eyes and garnering fire is what some
5:52 pm
majors here in the medley park section of san jose say is an influx of vehicles and outsiders. negley park is within walking distance of the college campus. many of the spaces listed are in this neighborhood . >> we are providing the driving information to you so it is not a stranger. you have everything you need to know who is coming to park in the driveway. >> currently, parkãthe parkstash is centering on the college community but areas around balls and sporting venues, as spaces become green again in the negley park section, i'm jesse gary, ktvo fox news. we're tracking if you raindrops around here, we had sprinkles this morning messing with the morning commute. we got a little bit this afternoon but not as much so we are seeing a lot of what on the roadway this afternoon but we are seeing severe weather in the central valley. there are thunderstorms earlier in the south and central bay,
5:53 pm
pardon me, the south central valley and north central valley and as you go towards our area, you see the clouds in the green a little bit here and there, a little rain. up in chico, outside of chico, and i grew up in paradise, as you know. we used to get a lot of funnel clouds appear. it has to do with the way the valley is shaped and it is a lens. in this case, they did drop the tornado warning at 5:45 pm. it is 5:53 pm now. the storm will fall apart as he gets into the canyon up there and fall apart when he gets into the hills. just an indication of the weather that is out there. the current temperatures are mild, more of the same. this whole week is this. the whole week is this. until we get the friday. when i say this, i mean today, yesterday, we had this morning, what we are seeing outside now, a couple of sprinkles, a little blue, unsettled weather.
5:54 pm
low grade stuff for the most part. a mild weather system tonight, maybe a chance of a sprinkle and again, you cannot really cancel your golf game over the step. i think you go. on friday, cancel the golf game. i don't golf, by the way but i know how important it is to some folks and friday is not a golf day. the system comes in and it is a start to finish kind of day, an umbrella day. thursday, more showers in the evening as well but overall, tomorrow is a lot like today. friday, i will call that a storm, 1/42 1 inch -- 1/2 inch to 1 inch. there is tomorrow afternoon, there is thursday afternoon. behind that you see that is friday. that is the real deal. boom! then you will get your forecast coming up here, julie and you will see that it is just a little bit of the same until we get to friday when it rains. i think the weekend looks good. don't sweat it. just get ready for friday mornings commute. thank you, bill. we all work together as they all work together delivering babies every day and now they are all pregnant together. details about the baby boom it on california hospital. watch masterchef junior and mental samurai on ktvu fox 2 news --
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
something is in the water at
5:57 pm
fetter medical center in sacramento. that is the joke following a wave of pregnancies among nurses at the hospital. reporter ty fields shows us the moms to be all work together in the labor and delivery unit. >> 123, birth quake. >> center medical center in sacramento is having a baby boom. this time, the patient's other nurses . >> all 10 of us are pregnant together. >> reporter: 10 rns in the labor and delivery unit are pregnant right now and 3 nurses gave birth in the last few months so i had to ask. >> people say, what is in the water and i'm like, well my baby talk like 4 years to get this baby and thousands of dollars. nothing in the water for me. i wish there was something in the water. >> reporter: fantastic timing. >> it is hard to believe it is a cosmic coincidence. >> reporter: especially when you hear this . >> when we initially found out, one after another that we had
5:58 pm
the same due date, it was pretty neat . >> i don't know, june 4, we will see. >> reporter: the exact same due date for 3 of the 10, not to mention another 3 women who work on the floor are also pregnant right now. what are you going to do with this many nurses gone it once in the labor and delivery unit? how are you going to fill all of those gaps? >> oh, my gosh, good thing we are staffed with quite a bit of staff but the management has been good with figuring out what we are going to do and the latest just say we will keep rolling, guys, whatever you need to do is fine, don't worry about us, we will be all right. >> reporter: a delivery domino effect that could start anytime. megan gordon is already did overdue by a day . >> they are hoping my water breaks while you are here. >> >> reporter: that would be exciting. >> reporter: she plans to deliver her third baby right here at sutter. >> i have delivered all my kids on the unit. people often say, you want to deliver where you were and i say, absolutely. i trust this team with all my heart. >> reporter: so will the rest,
5:59 pm
jeff in a -- jennifer genovese expecting her second girl would not have it any other way. >> i have coworkers i can call and help with breast-feeding and colicky babies and we are altogether and doing this together and none of us are alone and it is pretty neat that we deliver babies and then we help raise each of this babies. >> reporter: not a baby battle of the baby bonds but a sisterhood of support. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 10:00. , 6:00. a malicious crime at an elementary school in oakland. students and staff return from spring break to find their school trash. >> to have someone come in for no reason at all and just destroy things, it is very, very frustrating. >> and upsetting case of vandalism under investigation. good evening, everyone. i am frank somerville . >> i am julie haener. school supplies destroyed and a quitman stolen, a setback for students and staff. on the other gomez joins us live from this elementary school in oakland with the
6:00 pm
details. >> reporter: frank and julie, you might remember with your kids, there is a certain energy and excitement coming back to school after the long, anticipated spring break. that happiness turned to sadness and disappointment when students and teachers came back here to manzanita elementary and found the mess left behind by vandals. this is not art. it is vandalism. paint splattered on walls and windows, large cabinets emptied , the binders and papers inside, now strewn about the courtyard. >> why would they do this? >> the destructwhat students and teachers were greeted with tuesday morning at manzanita elementary school on east 27th street following spring break . >> they broke glass and the girls bathroom was messed up. >> reporter: there is more. dozens of children's books


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