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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  April 2, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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details. >> reporter: frank and julie, you might remember with your kids, there is a certain energy and excitement coming back to school after the long, anticipated spring break. that happiness turned to sadness and disappointment when students and teachers came back here to manzanita elementary and found the mess left behind by vandals. this is not art. it is vandalism. paint splattered on walls and windows, large cabinets emptied , the binders and papers inside, now strewn about the courtyard. >> why would they do this? >> the destructwhat students and teachers were greeted with tuesday morning at manzanita elementary school on east 27th street following spring break . >> they broke glass and the girls bathroom was messed up. >> reporter: there is more. dozens of children's books thrown on the floor like trash.
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even a laptop, snapped in half. >> they pulled computers out of a storage case. they broke three valve those. >> reporter: a gut punch for the schools hard-working educators who will have to clean it all up. >> we in the oakland school district have limited resources and now we are going to have to spend those resources trying to fix up this place. >> reporter: how much it will cost is still being determined. parents say the school is like a second home for kids in the community . >> a serious setback and demoralizing. >> who did this and how they got in is also unknown but one fifth-grader has a message for the people responsible. >> whoever did it should come and like help out, i guess. >> or turn themselves in? >> yes. >> t found this morning was still wet which leads officials to believe the incident happened recently. we are told an alarm at the school was stripped on saturday but they are not sure if it was connected to the case of vandalism. the district is hoping that someone in the community know something or saw something and
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will come forward to help them with their investigation. reporting live in oakland, alyana gomez. >> it is hard to understand why what the somebody will want to do that and what the point is. lease in san francisco are on the scene of a shooting in the richmond district. the gunfire was reported on 4:00 this afternoon on 28th avenue. guy fox flew over the scene to see our short time ago. early reports indicate the shooting took place inside a house. one person was wounded and two people are now in custody no word yet on the condition of the victim. in los angeles, police arrested a man suspected of shooting and killing grammy nominated rapper nipsey hustle.
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investigators say 29-year-old eric holder was taken into custody in the l.a. suburb of bellflower. they say holder knew the victim and that the shooting appears to be the result of a personal dispute. fans essay hustle spoke out against violence and worked to improve the relationship between residents of his inner- city neighborhood and the police. >> pretty sure he wouldn't want this . >> there would be no violence. >> no violence. >> no violence. >> reporter: police say they are still looking for a woman who still double as they say was the getaway driver after the shooting. california's attorney general is expressing concerns about high capacity magazines flowing into the state after being banned for almost 20 years. this after a federal court in southern california tossed out california's ban last friday. the u.s. district court judge this glared the declared the state law that bans possessing, buying or selling magazines holding more than 10 bullets unconstitutional. state attorney general javier desir says he will appeal the decision. california has prohibited selling high capacity magazine since 2000. a federal judge in san francisco says he plans to closely supersize pg&e's
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wildfire prevention efforts. he says he plans to monitor tree trimming as part of the court ordered program. the judge's order does not include the strict condition originally proposed that requires pg&e to inspect its entire power grid. the judge also barred pg&e from paying out dividends to shareholders, saying the money needs to go toward wildfire prevention. in berkeley, an engineer accused of trying to poison a coworkers food and drink with a toxic metal made his first court appearance today. our crime reporter, henry lee portable court documents and has a report tonight. >> reporter: family members of david xu have nothing to say after his first court appearance in oakland. the 34-year-old david xu has been charged with murder of a female colleague by using a toxic metal called cadmium.'s attorney says nothing has been proven. >> these are only elevations. >> reporter: xu and his alleged victim or both engineers at they are on gilman street.
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the coworker noticed a strange taste or smell from water and food left unattended in her office. she said it happened many times during the span of a year. the victim said she had to go to the hospital for emergency care. the suspect has also been charged with poisoning two overwhelmed relatives after they got sick from drinking the water bottle she took home from work. police say surveillance video from the victim's office shows the suspect adding a substance to her bottle. testing of the bottle and all three victims review revealed the presence of cadmium. the man's attorney says the public should keep an open mind . >> charges are filed and i think all of you in the public know that once charges are brought, an individual per the constitution is presumed innocent and that is exactly how i intend to proceed. >> reporter: is there anything to it being wrong? >> you're missing the point that he is presumed innocent which all of you would like if you were accused of crimes. >> xu earned 3 degrees from uc berkeley. he lives with his wife and young daughter in lafayette . >> surprising because we have
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been waving for years, and -- >> reporter: neighbor martin silvey says he was confused when he saw police converging on the home. >> they must've been there for good 7 hours and searching the garage for an hour. >> reporter: he is wondering about a motive . >> what on earth did his coworker do to make him that angry? a terrible thing to do. a terrible thing to do. >> reporter: the accused engineer was ordered by the judge not to contact any of the alleged victims. he is being held without bail. henry lee, ktvo, fox 2 news. bartz chief of police is stepping down. carlos rojas announced he is retiring in may after two years on the job in the bay area. a 27 year career in southern california. ktvo's andre senior joins us now. the past two years have been turbulent at times . >> today, bart's general manager credited him with improving operations, morale and performance of the
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department. this comes at a time when burke continues to grapple with a rise in violent crime. >> reporter: carlos rojas came here from santa ana to a department under pressure to improve rider safety. he was sworn in a month after dozens of juveniles jumped their gate at the coliseum station in april 2017, robbing and assaulting passengers. the chief work to step up the hiring of officers and stepped up a robbery enforcement team to create more of a police presence on the trains and improve the use of surveillance cameras. those efforts were credited with a 50% increase in arrests. police also addressed a surgeon blatant drug use it bart stations like civic center in san francisco. public confidence in berkeley eroded after the stabbing death of 18-year-old mia wilson. her family has sued bart saying the deadly attack was foreseeable and preventable. >> in a statement today, bart general manager praised rojas saying, he led an regressive
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aggressive recruitment ef. he brought on a new 4 your labor contract with bart police officers increasing salaries to improve retention and recruitment. chief rojas declined an interview today. bart says it will appoint an active it being police chief and launch a nationwide search for new chief of police for bart. coming up on ktvu news at 6:30 pm, a slot tragedy in solano county. two high school students remembered after being electrocuted while trying to rescue >> jacob saw his friend in trouble so he went in the water after him. >> reporter: also had, one of the most robust snow surveys in state history. the result of today's all- important april survey. more to come as we head
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into the rest of the week and friday will be wet. today is #equalpayday. after the break, soccer star brandi chastain will join us live to talk about the efforts to close the gender pay gap. checking the tuesday evening commute right now, this is 880 in oakland, not far from where dual events are taking place with the oakland a's hosting the red sox and an hour at 7:07 pm and the warriors hosting the deborah knapp x denver nuggets at 7:30 pm. here's a look at interstate 80. that is a quantic park on the right. the university of across to the top of the screen, very slow as it always is in the commute dinner direction. fe... like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today.
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yep, this guy knows what i'm talking about. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo. today is #equalpayday, the day symbolizes how many additional months women have to work to make the same amount as a man would make over the previous year. >> senator dianne feinstein tweeted, "it is deeply disappointing that in 2019 women are still paid an average of $.80 for every dollar a white man makes. for women of color, the gap is even water, august must pass the paycheck fairness act and an sure women get equal pay for equal work. >> joining us now is a bay area athlete was been at the forefront of the gender pay gap discussion, world cup champion and olympic old medalist, brandi chastain. in the wake of the me too
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movement and the fact it is now 2019, is it frustrating for you that we are still having this conversation? >> i am exhausted. i'm exhausted. i'm exhausted about this because there is nothing about it that makes sense to me. my mother was a woman in business when i was growing up. she went to work wearing a suit and just to think i am now 50 years old and we are still having this conversation just is exhausting and frustrating but i am glad we are having it. the girls behind me, i talked to them about, on the field they have to be brave, take risks, challenge themselves, fall down, be resilient and, you know, i want them to be able to have the skills but they should not have to have ua it should just be standard. >> i couldn't agree with you more. i have two daughters and the idea that they might make less than men doing the exact same job is just so disappointing. what advice would you give to young women who are just
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getting into the workforce and excited about pursuing a career even though they might not get paid as much as men? >> well, the good thing is that i think things are getting better and brave women, women who participate in sports, who are not afraid to lean in and have their voices heard, will be accounted for. so i told my girls before, standing here with you, they have to take risks. they have to be bold, they have to be confident, they have to know they are and know what their value is and when they do that, people will listen. they will believe them and so don't settle, stand tall. you know, we believe in teams and teams of women can do great things and that is why we are marching forward. >> brenda, before we what you go, what would you say to california companies. there is a new push by the california's first lady to have company audits. do think that will help change things to make equal pay for
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the same jobs that women and men do? >> i think audits are good all- around. make sure we are doing the right thing, going in the right direction and it is good to have self-regulation. i hate to think we always have to have a big microscope over everybody but if we can monitor ourselves and be honest about what we are doing than everybody winds in the end. wins in the end. ultimately, we have to band together, remember that there is a daughter, mother, sister out there working really hard and she deserves what she is worth. make it really is such an important topic. before you'd let you go, i'm wondering, do you still have fun going out on the soccer field? >> every day. i love it every day and this summer, we have the world cup to look forward to and one of our players from santa fe ur es and hopefully they will bring back the beautiful world cup trophy . >> that is exciting. i am looking forward to watching the, too. so good to talk with you.
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thank you so much. >> thank you so much. it looks like all i stay with brandi. that is kind of the way the day has been, cloudy in some places like behind me and kind of nice in places down in the south bay and the north bay, the sun comes out and goes away, sprinkles show up, they go away, that is how it is again tomorrow. specifically, in the morning. we have a is the radar spinning, you see the breaks in the clouds. here is the live radar and satellite where the tornado warning was in effect. the storm so is dry dying down slowly and that is typical as the sun angle changes later in the day but the storms typically die down but we also have storms done in vice elia and up by hanford. in the mountains, up on the high passes, they are still getting snow in the higher elevations and temperatures outside are in the 50s and low 60s. there is a live camera shot. that is the snapshot for
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tomorrow. that is how tomorrow goes, partly sunny to partly cloudy's and a good chance in the morning during the morning commute for a little bit of a sprinkle, not to similar for what we saw today. all of this, most of it, well, all of it is a nuisance stuff, not doing a thing for the reservoirs but as we get into friday, it will. it is going to keep up the water count and we will see rain on thursday night, friday and both commutes on friday should be wet. we will cover that when i see you next. when it comes to the sierra snowpack, the survey says things are looking good. the department of water resources conducted an april survey today and found the snowpack is 162% of apps. the snowpack is a key factor for water supply across northern california. the survey shows water content is 200% above normal for this time of year. >> that is the fourth best snow water content we have had historically at this location for this time of year. our april survey is significant because this is typically when
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we see the deepest snowpack with the most water content. >> the sierra snowpack provide about 30% of california's freshwater supplies. >> the spillway at the oral dam is in use today for the first time in more than two years. engineers sent water gushing down the spillway at the nation's tallest dam following a $1.1 billion construction project to replace the previous spillway which was badly damaged during winter storms in february 2017. interviews tom baker was there today as millions of gallons of water was released. >> more than two years after the main and emergency spillway failures, at oral dam, the nation's tallest dam, the $1.1 billion replacement spillway got its first test it just before 11:00 tuesday morning. dwr, the department of
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california water resources opened the spillway to just a fraction of its new design capabilities. >> we may increase flow to the feather river about up to 40,000 to 60,000 cubic feet per second. later this week, we will manage increases in flows from storms. >> reporter: the spillway will likely be used through the string the spraying as volumes from the massive sierra snowpack melts. the new still double the spillway's just a road test. this year, we have far more rain and continue to get it and a much, much larger snowpack than the situation that existed two years ago when the old spillway failed. the bigger tests are still to come. >> we rebuilt the spillway's using the best available technology, with modern design. >> reporter: that includes the emergency spillway at the top of the dam. water that went over the top badly eroded the dam's face. that forced operators to send more water down the already damaged spillway, damaging it
6:20 pm
more. stunned by the spillway's failure, the dwr says it is looking at all of its dams and flood control facilities to invest in modernizing them against failures. >> we are prepared to use the spillway, using it based on inflows from rain and storms as well as snowpack. we are proceeding as with normal operations and the spillway has been reconstructed to modern design so we are ready for the storm and future weather that mother nature may have in store for us. >> construction details is so much better than the original design. the concrete is many times thicker, tons of more rebar, well engineered, i am 100% confident in it. >> reporter: as to the dollars, fema has paid over only $333 million, leaving a deficit of a whopping $767 million. that money will have to be paid by the customers of the state water project including some water agencies in alameda, napa
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and santa clara counties plus many in southern california. tom baker, k to view fox 2 news. the white house weighs in on president trump start to shut down the southern border. coming up after the break, the new approach to dealing with illegal immigration. >> also had, speaker of the house nancy pelosi weighs in on the allegations that former vice president joe biden gets a little too close for comfort. and san francisco gi by mak a trade for improving outfielders. he tells us what the trade brings us for a lineup later in sports.
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during business hours. president trump says he is now taking a wait and see approach when it comes to possibly closing the southern border. the president threatened to close the border as soon as this week if mexico does not take steps to deal with illegal immigration. today, the white house said there is no specific timeline. the president also said that he is pleased with efforts by mexico to try to curb migrants crossing at mexico's own southern border. republican allies are warning the president that a full shutdown could potentially cause economic chaos. >> security is more important to me than trade so we are going to have a strong border or we are going to have a closed border. >> we certainly have a crisis at the border. the president is right. closing the border would have potentially catastrophic economic impact on our country and i would hope we would not be doing that sort of thing.
6:25 pm
>> the white house says they are looking at keeping truck lanes open to limit the impact on trade if the president does decide to close the border. president trump is set to make a visit to the border on friday at calexico in southern california's imperial valley. nancy pelosi said today that accusations of inappropriate touching are not disqualifying for a presidential bid by former vice president joe biden but she suggested biden should join what she called the straight arm club and keep other people at arms length. two women have claimed biden made them uncomfortable with overly familiar touching though they did not accuse him of sexual harassment. actress alyssa milano is among those coming to the support of the former vice president. in a series of tweets, she said, "i believe joe biden's intent has never been to make anyone uncomfortable and that his kind and empathetic leadership is what our country needs. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 pm
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is up next with a strategy with a tragic story out of dixon. the good deed two boys were trying to do when they were electrocuted. also had, an effort to better protect first responders. how a hockey game will help firefighters in the battle against cancer.
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>> thank you to all of our fox 2 fans.
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because after all, the power of 2 comes from your. now to our top stories, oakland police are searching for vandals sponsor for causing major damage to the mancini elementary school. students and administrators return to discover computers broken or stolen. oakland schools have limited resources and the vandals makes it easier that is even more difficult. for mccullers rojas is retiring after two years on the
6:30 pm
job. barth says the chief has worked tirelessly to improve operations, morale and performance of the bart police department. the agency has been under pressure to address an increase in violent crime on the system following the stabbing death of 18-year-old mia wilson who was killed on the platform at the mcarthur station last july. barth credited rojas with recruiting and hiring more officers, stepping up patrols and boosting surveillance. los angeles police arrested a man today suspected of fatally shooting grammy nominated nipsey hustle. 29-year-old eric holder was taken into custody in bellflower. they say holder knew the victim and the shooting appears to be the result of a personal dispute. police are still looking for the woman who was driving the getaway car following the shooting. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 pm. a tragedy to tell you about tonight in a solano county harming town of dixon. two teenage boys there were electrocuted while they were trying to rescue a dog from
6:31 pm
here and irrigation canal. >> the two boys killed and two other teams were out for a walk along the canal when their dog somehow went into the water and that is when things went terribly wrong. >> reporter: it happened in an irrigation canal just outside dixon monday afternoon. it was the first day of spring break for friends hanging out. >> they were out of the canal, goofing off as boys do, a group of them. >> reporter: candy carrillo is the mother of jacob or moses, one of the boys who died. >> he would've given the shirk shirt off his back. >> reporter: she says jacob and his friend jacob schneider were walking along a bridge when the dog either fell or jumped into a canal. the boys went in after a. >> jake seen his friend in trouble so he went into the water after him and somehow, there was a live current, electrical current either on the crossing bridge or on the
6:32 pm
gate, i'm not sure yet. when they grabbed the bridge or the pipe, they were electrocuted. >> reporter: the two teens died, the dog suffering minor injuries and is back home. a third boy who jumped in to help friends was not injured. authorities are investigating the accident, particularly why an electrical current was flowing through the bridge. the era belongs to the celano irrigation district. it issued a told us by phone the ing with bridge is not designed to be electrically charged. >> there is no posting, no signage that says live electrical, stay out, private property. there is nothing there. >> reporter: the boys attended dixon high school which is closed for spring break that grief counselors were available at the school district headquarters. >> we tried they tried to do something decent for a pop and
6:33 pm
lost their lives in the midst of it. just come of that is what makes no sense, right? no rhyme or reason. >> reporter: the school district says grief counselors will be here at dixon high school when classes resume on monday. indexing, rob roth, interview fox news. not to oakland where a judge heard motions today as the ghost ship warehouse case gets underway. the judge expects jury selection to begin april 16 and to take about two weeks. opening statements are anticipated by the end of this month or in early may. the two suspects are each facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter from 36 people who died in a fire in december, 2016. the judge also heard a motion to exclude oakland mayor libby schaaf from testifying. defense attorneys havethe mayor says is relevant to the case. we are talking about firefighters on ice in this
6:34 pm
areas bay area people. in 2005, a group of oakland firefighters got together for a hockey game that raised $10,000 for charity . >> the money but designed equipment for children. more than 10 years later, the firefighters are still playing. this year, they have a new cause and a new goal. >> reporter: there is nothing like it. the sound of the stick hitting the puck, it sliding across the ice. hockey is a game all its own but on this ice, this game really is about the people. every player on this ice is a firefighter. >> san jose, oakland, alameda county, contra costa, richmond, southern marin, santa rosa, these are the good guys, our friends of about 20 years. >> reporter: almost every year for the past decade, they have come from across the bay area to play and raise money for a cause they care about.
6:35 pm
this year, they will play the game in oakland. >> the oakland ice center was the original location for the first charity game that the oakland firefighters organized and we are thrilled to have it back again. >> reporter: this time, they are focusing on the cancer that each and every one of them is in danger of getting . >> every day, firefighters are exposed to dangerous cancer- causing toxins whether they be a structure fire, car fire or hazmat incident. >> reporter: dance loan is one of the founders of the oakland firefighter cancer prevention foundation that was started your go with a mission to help educate and screen and protect and support other department in creating their own foundations. >> we want to be support for open firefighters and firefighters throughout the whole entire bay area. >> reporter: it is not an easy thing to talk about. >> people always struggle with mortality. that is human nature.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: while they say none of it will stop them from running toward danger to save lives, they also say more needs to be done. many of oakland firehouses are decades-old. >> reporter: how we clean our equipment, where we store our equipment and hopefully changing some of the infrastructure in the firehouses to reduce the contamination because our job is not going to change when somebody calls 9-1-1. it is the after portion of reducing our exposure. >> reporter: that means getting the financial support to get it all done. >> we have to attack it had on. this goes back to, you know, we don't want to bring the stuff home to our families so it is all about the preventative actions. >> reporter: so they play to raise money and awareness. >> the fire department is a very small community. the firefighters that play hockey is even smaller. >> reporter: these guys don't just love the job. why did you want to be a firefighter? >> i want to help people.
6:37 pm
>> reporter: they also love the game. >> that game is going to be held this saturday at the oakland ice center on 18th street around the corner from the fox theatre. they have a goal of raising $30,000. tickets are $15, children under 12 are free. it was nice that they invited me to come and play with them . >> and you love hockey . >> looking at some of those guys, i'm not looking forward to playing against them. >> it will be a great time, having fun in the process. still ahead, the creator calls this the airbnb of parking. the app that capitalizes on driveway parking spot and aims to solve two problems at once. >> these homeowners can share a valuable resource with students and staff coming into san jose and we could solve the whole problem. mornings with ktvu means marked power to you. >> more power. >> more power. back to you.
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little chunk . >> while the new parking app has a positive impact on some people's bank accounts and is gaining attention, what is also catching people's eyes and garnering ire is what in the
6:42 pm
neighborhood says is an influx of vehicles and outsiders. natalie park goal is to make po
6:43 pm
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6:45 pm
6:46 pm
safer for pedestrians and bike riders. officials say there have been an average of 1 accident every month along polk street which runs almost 2 miles from city hall to aquatic park. the long list of safety improvements includes upgrades to traffic signals and protected bike lanes. with a gray day around the bay area, more on what to expect next with chief meteorologist, bill martin, kind of drizzly i think he called it. a yaak -- yucky day. >> the pattern is not really delivering heavy rainfall for many of us. it is delivering a little bit of snow.
6:47 pm
it is nuisance weather as we go through the next couple of days. friday won't be, friday will be legit with rain on the commute and umbrellas most likely needed but in the meantime, we have most of the activity in the central valley and the foothills which is what you would expect the stuff comes in and does not have a lot of dynamics are left with it so the only on what way it unloads is when it hits the siena sierra nevada and cascades. than the clouds get pushed up and you get rain and thunderstorms. there is rain and there was a tornado warning in effect for a bit of time. that was a radar indicated tornado. we will see in the next few hours and probably get some report from there. you do see heavy rain showing up in the southern central valley out by by sale and for us, rosalia. despite the cloud cover and showers and all that, it is still pretty mild and that is because this is coming from the lower latitudes and that is the sun setting and that over there is supposed to be san francisco somewhere but you can see the low clouds and
6:48 pm
fog settling in. clouds around tonight, sprinkles around tonight, sprinkles tomorrow morning, too. look at this, this is the idea for tomorrow morning. it is light but a few sprinkles for tomorrow morning. not dissimilar from a we saw this morning. here we go. just like today and yesterday, these days are running together in terms of not seeing anything tangible in terms of dynamics, just coming in, there is a front, a south wind, there is the rain, here comes the sun. it is just kind of an onslaught of mid-latitude moisture coming up along the coast and moving over the top of us. mostly cloudy tomorrow and mile. fridays dynamics change. the jet stream of low pressure, a center, a front, something to is the main event and that is the main weather headline. wednesday and thursday, just more of that. when i say a chance of showers, i mean, don't change your plans, just know that it was like today, you could get everything you need to get done.
6:49 pm
so there is friday, maybe 1/4 or 1/2 or 1 1/2 inches. most places will see about 1/4 inch like san francisco and oakland. this is where the frustration lies, 9 am and 7 pm tomorrow. right? lucky you. thursday night, something rosen and you will see friday key up out here that that is more robust. with that said, it would be nice if it is going to rain, rain but if it is not going to rain, domain, let's just have springtime already. here is the 5 day forecast. i think the weekend will be fine, don't change your plans on the weekend. i'm concerned about opening day for the giants on friday so that , we will see how that goes, there is still time for the model to change. >> all right, bill. i know you will keep us posted. the giants address the need to upgrade the outfield and trade
6:50 pm
for a proven veteran today. mark will >> we will find out what he will bring to the lineup. that is next in sports. a my a reminder, tune in for an episode of masterchef followed by mental summary and after that stick around for the 10:00 and 11:00 news, all right here on ktvu.
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ktvu fox 2 gives more power to you. the power to left. the power to listen. the power to play. the power to know. >> sky fox giving us life pictures. >> the power of 2 starts with you. ktvu fox 2 the power of 2 . the power of 2 continues to work for you. the four -- fox 2 news at
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seven coming up next on ktvu plus. here's where to works watch ktvu plus. an important game today . >> while you are enjoying the friday off, there was a lot of excitement. the warriors do a lot of could complaining about officiating but last friday, they got job in minnesota. it seemed like the officials headed out for them. the warriors had plenty to say afterwards. actually, and during and today, it took the nba a while but finally 3 warriors, for the verbal barrage they let loose with after minnesota, refined $35,000, who did a little talking on social media, stephon curry, $25,000 and kb, $15,000 for statements that impugned the integrity of nba officiating. i hope i don't get find but they definitely deserved to have their officiating impugned
6:54 pm
. there were terrible calls but the 75 grand total was liabout >> that is nothing to those guys. in the meantime, it was going to be a big night for the warriors. they lead the western conference by 1 game over the team that is at oracle. huge consequences. jon foss he has been out -- joe fonzi has been out there all afternoon. >> reporter: tonight they are playing the most important regular-season game. win tonight and they clinched the tiebreaker in the battle for best in the western conference and home-court throughout the playoffs. this is the third time the two teams had met. they played in march in oakland, a game the warriors won convincingly, in which klay thompson scored 39 points and had 9 3 pointers. kevin durant on the importance of tonight's game. obviously, it is in the back of everybody's mind to win to
6:55 pm
guarantee the first seed but i think it is a group that is good as well and we want to keep playing to see if we can take it into the playoffs. >> reporter: if the warriors win tonight, they would have a 2 game and overdubbed with 5 to play. with the tiebreaker, if they lose, they are even in the regular-season series so this is an important one here today. in oakland, joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2. in meantime, giant fans, all they want is for the team to look like they are trying to improve and they do make a move today. you have to see the highlights of the guy they will bring into play right and centerfield. his name is kevin pillar. he is a human highlight reel out there , some of the greatest catches you will see. he is 30 years old and will probably play more right field for the giants to get them from the blue jays they gave up alen paula. he is a decent picture that gives 12 to 15 homeruns of the
6:56 pm
year. the sharks going at it tonight as well. they are locked into the number 2 spot in the western conference and it could be the last go around for joe thornton. 39 years old or as frank likes to call him, jumbo joe. he really has some goals in mind that he would like to achieve. he is playing with his young kids there. that is pretty cool. he may, after this year, get more time to do that but he has 1 goal in mind and here it is . >> it has always been number one in my hockey goals is to wind win the cup. that is never change. i have always dreamed about hoisting the cup and i believe it is going to happen. we are going to win the cup this year and i strongly believe that and we are working towards that. meanwhile, a little time to check this out.
6:57 pm
on a tuesday, look at this. it is sometimes better to be lucky than good. atlanta shortstop boots the ball and he will get the out. wouldn't you know? you are living right right there. watch it again, he completely boots it and it goes to donaldson who was hustling. he gets his man at first base. we go to the uk, frank, minor-league hockey. this is the no move. you have to watch it closely on the replay. he is known for doing this. the puck does not hit his stick, he let it roll in front of him and scores. watch it closely again. he never touches it. effects it. you are the one who taught him to do that? right? check this out, kevin doherty for some reason felt the need to shoot that out of the water with no shirt on. i don't know what good that was going to do but -- >> it worked. >> it did. >> good night. >> see you later.
6:58 pm
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