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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  April 3, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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park. the long list improvements includes added safety lanes. new information in two separate boeing 737 max jet crashes, what officials are revealing in the ethiopian airlines crash and the connection to lion air crash and the u.s. and a local lawfirm is going after disney, the new complaint alleging gender discrimination and pay disparity. a baby at the office, how state lawmakers are having a say on whether or not parents can bring their little ones to work. it is not raining. in case you are getting ready to hit the road. i know we have been talking about this all morning. k.d. was ejected last night because he was a little loose lipped. can you read lips?
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zach sorba was a little quick in my opinion, the ref. he wasn't even looking at dur ant. >> dozens was standing between them. the warriors and referees have a little tussle going on. the warriors have spent $75,000 in fines. after this technical -- look at the owner of the warriors not liking it at all. he is getting his two cents in. >> is this good? five games left, dialling in on the playoffs here, getting focused. >> should it be best behavior time, is that what you are saying? >> yeah. >> i think they will adjust this. steve cer will get this in check. they had to win the game last night. if they didn't, it would be bad. so they were playing playoff mentality. >> i don't mind the intensity. >> if i were to say anything about my boss, i would be fined
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too. >> is it what he said or how he said it? >> both. let's talk about the weather. it is not going to rain but it is still cloudy. steve? >> i'm going to keep it clean. how about boogie? >> great game. >> let's take a look at the rain totals. i know we are tired of the rain. santa cruz mountains were way in front of everyone except for chico where there was torential rain. .5 to 0.75. there is more tomorrow. bay area rainfall, let's take a look. santa rosa is past the annual average on the water year starting october 1. they are at 42.5. normal is 36. san jose and san francisco, by tomorrow or friday, it looks like they will go over their annual average. san jose is right there. san francisco is les than a
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quarter of an inch away. oakland could happen on friday or saturday. compare that to the drought year of 2013-2014, san francisco had 12.5. santa rosa which now has 42 plus only had 14.5. a lot has changed. we have partly cloudy skies on the mix today because there are a lot of low clouds around. rain develops on thursday, friday, and not surprised if it carries into saturday. some of the drizzle lifts with low clouds in place. already 57 for some. the 58 at the airport, lows are way above average this morning. by tomorrow, we cloud up. rain develops and another system on friday. then another system carries us into saturday. the rainfall while not excessive or heavy will push san francisco and san jose over the annual average. we may get a break on sunday and monday but there are hints of more coming in. rain develops tomorrow and that will be with us for the next few
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days. >> thank you, steve. there is a push for changes to make stran streets safer for pedestrians in san francisco. >> this comes after the municipal transportation agency said that 12 pedestrians have died so far this year. >> a person was hit by a car just last night. >> reporter: it happened last night at 37th avenue and fulton. the person that was hit was taken to the hospital are life-threatening injuries. the driver stayed on scene and the police are investigating. the transportation agency wants to make the streets safer and end all traffic deaths in the city. at a meeting, the director tom mcgwire introduced a quick bill strategy. it gets the work done faster than capital projects and it is not permanent.
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it lets officials see what wurts and doesn't work. one woman says she walks a lot and she is happy to hear of the improvement. >> i think all precautions are good. i think that san francisco knows that everyone takes public transportation. everyone is on the street. not a lot of the residents are in cars. i think the city can always do a better job of protecting the pedestrians. the quick bill project includes adding posts and paint on bike lanes, and adjusting walk signals. during a meeting, residents spoke during a public comment period and said they were concerned that the project does not do enough to address the walkers. the mta says they address every form of transportation including walking and driving, taking a bike. the director says the hope is to complete tone projects by the end of the year and have all of
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the high priority streets fixed by 2024. state senator jerry hill of san mateo is holding a news conference to push two bills aimed against drunk driving. one would lowing the amount of alcohol a person is allowed to have legally in their system. the bill is named for the son of a man killed by a drunk driver in 2016. he is expected to be at the news conference as well as other families directly impacted by drunk driving. it will happen at 10:00 this morning at the state capital. a catholic priest in fremont is being charged with 30 counts of lewd acts with a child. reverend hector vela accused o between in 2016 and 2017 according to police. he admitted to touching the boy
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inappropriately. vela had served as a priest in alameda county in 2013 at st. john's church and at corpus christi church in free mont. now the district attorney's office wants other potential victims to come forward. they have set up a confidential hot line. the number is at the bottom of your screen. it is also posted on our website. now to new information on the case of a 4-year-old oakland boy who remains in a coma this morning after accidently shooting himself in the head. police say the gun was stolen in 2016 in strans law county. he found the gun hidden under a pillow at the home of terrence wilson, his mother's boyfriend. wilson is now facing charges. he bought the gun off the streets two weeks before the boy was shot.
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hundreds of people gathered last night to remember jake horms and jake snyder. they were electrocuted while trying to rescue a dog from a canal. the area belongs to the solano irrigation district. they with working to investigate the circumstances of the incident. >> there is no postage or signage that says live electrical, stay out, private property, nothing there. jake seen his friend in trouble and he went in the water after him. and somehow there was a live current, either on the bridge or the gate, and when they grabbed the bridge or the pipe, they were electrocuted. >> the dog suffered minor injuries and is back home. a third boy who jumped in to help his friends was not injured. the school district says grief counselors will be at dixon high
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school when classes resume on monday. now to new information we are learning about the lion air boeing 737 max crash. new reports out today show the sensor believed to be at the heart of the investigation was reportedly repaired at a work shop in florida before the crash. the plane crashed in october. according to new documents, investigators in indonesia are now looking into extra aerospace facilities in myanmar, mror. it does not link it to the ethiopians jet. new details in that crash suggest that the pilots followed the right set of instructions as they tried to save the plane. the wall street journal reports had the pilots board the 737 max jet followed boeing's procedure. the report says they tried to stabilize the plane by disengaging the automatic control system. they restarted the anti-stall system again when the plane still wasn't stabilizing. a preliminary report in the crash is expected in the coming
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days. the house judiciary committee authorized a subpoena for the full report of robert mueller. they gave william barr a deadline of yesterday to turn over the full report. he did not meet the deadline. he has said he would provide a redacted version of the report in mid april. president trump is no longer threatening to close all ports of entry of new mexico. >> here is the latest from el paso, texas. >> reporter: president trump says that mexico is now doing more to help stem the flow of illegal immigrants across the border so he is pulling back from the threat to close down the border but he says regardless of the economic damage, he will do what he feels is necessary to keep america safe. >> trade, commerce, making money for our country is all very
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important. but to me, the most important job i have is the security of our country. >> reporter: the white house says that fwres must act on immigration reform to keep the border open. in el paso, business owners are already seeing an impact. there is a surge of border personnel, causing big backups at ports of entry. those crossing legally are reporting extensive wait times. >> he has no idea truly how many people he will afeath. >> reporter: on the mexican side of the border, thousands of workers who cross every day are gearing up for longer wait times and the inability to work altogether. they say the president needs to work on solving the problem. >> if we are not able to restore this very soon, this will
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economically cost both countries. >> reporter: the president is headed to the border in california on friday to get an up close look at the situation him self. that is the latest from el paso, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up on mornings on 2, who does something like this? some oakland students return to school after spring break to find this, destruction, vandalism, on their campus, what the district says will be tough about repairing all of the damage. also former vice president joe biden accused of inappropriate contact with two women. an expert explains how the definition of what is appropriate has shifted. get details on this state program. call or visit
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100 points. some investors are saying they hope the u.s. and china are close to reaching a trade deal. netflix stock is up 1% and that could be because netflix subscribers are about to get a bigger monthly bill. there is a price increase that starts in the next billing cycle. the company has been rolling out the increases over the last few months. the price for a basic plan will go from $8 to $9. standard plan with hd streaming will go from $1 to $1. and the premium plan is now $16. they are hoping to add more shows and movies. the battle between movies that open in theaters and the original movies made be streamers such as netflix is getting more intense. especially after the movie roma won oscars. there is a campaign to block netflix from eligibility. the justice department is sending a warning to the academy
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of motion pictures arts and sciences saying that if any new rules make movies by netflix is other services in elable for the oscars it could violate competition laws. tatgonia is being more selective about which company they sell their clothing to. they sell through their corporate clothing project. they are now shifting the client lift to focus on companies that prioritize the environment and are mission driven. companies that are already in the program will still be able to order more branded clothing. a state lawmaker in pally alto is responding to the number of cloej students without a permanent place to live. mark bermen has introduced a bill that would allow the campus to allow the students to sleep inside their cars in parking
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lots. college students are experiencing homelessness. >> 8302 is not a solution to the homeless crisis, building more housing is. but that will take years. in the meantime, there are hundreds of thousands of community college students experiencing homelessness right now. >> a law requires colleges to give unhoused students access to campus shower facilities. a software developer has come up with what he is calling the airbnb of parking. he created an app called park stash. it allows home owners to rent out their private driveways. they can use the app to find open parking spaces near their destination. he says he got the idea after encountering a difficult parking situation near san jose campus every day. >> i was spending 30 minutes just to find a place to park. it was really stressful as a
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student. >> many residents in the neighborhoods of san jose have listed their spaces. other neighbors don't like what they believe is an influx of traffic. he plans to expand the app to areas around malls and entertainment venues. boston train operators are upset between a link of low pay, distance totrive to work and a lack of sleep. >> muni operators are increasingly sleeping in their cars or city garages. they find themselves tired and feeling unsafe behind the wheel heading home. they live in other bay area cities that are an hour away. >> the union says the drivers would live close to san francisco if there was a pay raise or the city could provide a place for them to sleep if they are too tired to drive home. >> you would think they would have one. >> you done want those people on
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the road. >> if you have worked extra time, there are a couple of rooms to put your head down. >> certainly it is not just muny drivers that are using this tactic. i think of a lot of people who work in mountain view. >> first responders, doctors, nurses. >> the bottom line is sleepy drivers are just as dangerous as drunk drivers so you don't want them on the road. and an inaugural season abruptly ending, what could have led to the down fall. record snow in the sierra and we will talk about where the numbers for the snow survey stack up historically.
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seresto, seresto, seresto. whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. seresto, seresto, seresto. ohh no, jake. seresto. 8-month. seresto, seresto, seresto. state water foilss conducted the sierra snow pack survey and found three times the amount of snow compared to last year.
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it was conducted at echo summit. the snow pack is 162% of average. the water content of the snow is 200% of average. that's the fourth best water content we have had historically at this location for this time of year. the april survey is very significant because this is typically when we see the deepest snow pack with the most water content t. >> ronoff from the melting snow pack provides about 30% of california's fresh water supply. the snow survey is a huge improvement compared to 4 years ago. look at the right there. back then, governor brown stood on dry grass. we were worried about this. now 4 years later, it is one of the best snow packs on record. a judge in san francisco says he will closely monitor the efforts of pg&e. he wants results on tree trimming as part of a court ordered program.
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there is not a condition that was originally considered requiring them to inspect the entire power grid. pg&e was barred from paying out dividends to share holders saying that the money needs to go to wildfire prevention. peemgny workers are currently inspecting poles in the county. some people have been calling the sheriff's office reporting people coming onto their property looking at poles. the usda will end the experiment that led to the death of thouzonds f cats. they have been used to research parasites in undercooked meat. scientists gave contaminated meet to the cats. no cats have been infected or euthanized since last year. and the remaining cats uninfected will be adopted. diane feinstein is calling for horse racing to be suspended
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until investigators can determine the cause of 23 horse deaths in the past several months. a horse was euthanized three days after the track was shut down for three weeks. the dirt track has been tested. the california racing board still does not know what caused the death of so many races. senator feinstein wrote that the death of a single horse is a tragedy. as a life long lover of horses, i am appalled that almost two dozen horses have decide in just four months. the senator is asking the board to keep her updated on the investigation and to advise or on measures that need to be taken to prevent horse deaths. some students returned to find their school vandalized after spring break. >> paint was on the walls, furniture was broken. >> the students is all are heart broken. >> reporter: this is not art.
9:25 am
it is vandalism. paint splattered on walls and windows, large cabinets empty, binders across the court yard. this destruction is what teachers were greeted with at man suneta elementary school. >> there is more. >> reporter: dozens of children's books were thrown on the floor like trash. a laptop was snapped in half. >> they pulled computers out of a storage case. broke three of them. there are three missing. >> reporter: a gut punch for the hard-working educators who are left to clean it up. >> we have such limited resources is now we will have to spend them trying to fix this place up again. >> parents say this is like a second home for the kids in the area. >> it is a serious setback and
9:26 am
it is demoralizing. >> who did it and how they got in is also unknown. >> reporter: one fifth grader has a message for whoever is responsible. >> whoever did it should help out. 9:26. coming up, the next step in the college admissions scandal as two prominent actresses are due to appear in court today. and plans to demolish an apartment complex in mountain view is moving forward, how the resdants are trying to figure out where to go next. here you go little guy.
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a cockroach can survive submerged underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah, wow. not getting in today. not on my watch. pests never stop trying to get in. we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. our top story this morning, new information about a developing story in berkeley. one pedestrian is in critical condition right now after being hit by a car near the
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intersection of martin luther king, jr. way and adln street. this was the seen when the crash happened. the driver is cooperating with the investigators. police were on the scene for hours last night and they cleared the scene at 6:00 this morning. new information is expected to come out about a crash in mendocino county that killed a family of 8. an inquest is being held into the deaths of the hart family. in march of 2018. two woman and their six children were killed when their suv crashed off a cliff. investigators say that jennifer hart was intoxicated and deliberately drove the suv over the cliff. we will have an update for you at noon. the judge overseeing the trial of the ghostship fire in oakland says that opening statements could begin next month. max harris and derick almena face 36 counts of involuntary
9:30 am
manslaughter for the deaths of the 36 people in the fire. >> i'm ready to get this over with and to see people heal. it is day one of finally seeing the nightmare end. >> the judge heard an argument to keep the mayor from testifying. the prosecutors argue she could not offer anything relevant to the case. earlier this morning mayor libby schaaf joined us to talk about the oakland city monitor. she criticized the police chief and her investigation into the shooting of a homeless man by four of or officers. >> we are committed to be an a constantly improving organization. there are so many complaints about policing in general. i do want to work with this chief to be responsive about the clear community concerns.
9:31 am
>> the court appointed monitor called police chief ann kirkpatrick's oversight into the shooting disappointing and mayaic. four officers shot and killed a homeless man found unconscious with a gun between two homes in oakland. the monitor said that the video of the incident did not support the officers account of the shooting. dozens of longtime mountain view residents are wondering where they will live next. >> there is a controversial decision that could affect them. >> reporter: the residents who live in the 59 apartment units here at 2310 rock street now have to find a new place to live. they have about four months or 120 days to do that. take a look at the apartment building behind us. it was built in the 1970s. it is pretty modestbut very
9:32 am
affordable. the average renter pays between $1,000 and $3,000 to live here. the owner of the property wants to demolish the apartments and put up town homes that would sell for an average of $1.5 million. the city council voted to approve the plan last night. it was a heartbreaking decision for many of the residents of the apartments. they are faced with the reality of having to move out of their homes or possibly out of state to find a new affordable place to live. we spoke to one woman who has lived here for ten years. >> it is unheard of to get a two bedroom for $2300 in mountain view. i think it is almost starting to be crisis mode. the city is changing. the entire city is going to continue to happen. >> i do believe that property owners have to right to go out
9:33 am
of the rental housing business. >> reporter: we spoke with the director of a housing advocacy group who oppose this town home project. the executive director says the city's hands were tied in trying to stop the development because the developer met all of the zoner requirements. >> there is no policy that gives them an opportunity to say no. i don't think that this is for any financial reason. >> in the course of the next few months, we hope to williamsburg with the city to develop a policy that makes this harder to do or puts protection in for the tenants and ensures that we are replacing the lost homes. >> there may be some future protections possibly at the city level. for the immediate future, it does not help the people in the 59 apartment units that have to find a new place to stay.
9:34 am
they have about 4 months to do that. we will be getting a relocation assistance from the developer, averaging about a couple months market rate rent. for others who are elderly or have small kids at home, they will get more in the relocation assistance. >> thank you. actress lori loughlin and felicity huffman are about to face a judge in a bribery scheme to get their children into elite universities. >> we are live in boston right now with molly. when are the actresses expected to arrive? >> reporter: good afternoon. one of the actresses has already arrived. felicity huffman arrived after 11 a.m. this morning. if you look over my shoulder, that big scrum of cameras are still awaiting had the arrival
9:35 am
of lori loughlin. they are the most recognizable faces in the scandal. a dozen other parents are facing the same accusations that they paid bribes to william singer with the aim of getting their sons and daughters into the elite colleges of their choice. as i mentioned, felicity huffman is already inside. she is accused along with her husband of paying $15,000 to singer to his fake foundation to participate in a college entrance cheating exam, the test taking side of the scandal on behalf of their eldest daughter. they decided not to take advantage of the scheme to aid their other daughter later on. loughlin is accused of paying hundreds of thousands to have her daughter recruited to the crew team. she submitted a picture of her
9:36 am
daughter on an indoor rowing boat but neither of her daughters had actually done crew. a little later on in the afternoon, a couple called the coleburns, the first to be indicted by a grand jury in the case will be facing a judge. they are accused of taking advantage of the test taking side of this case. a rarity among the parents, they have released a statement. the attorney says the coleburns have done nothing wrong and they are shocked by the accusations out of boston. they are seeking a speedy trial to clear their names. interesting that route they are taking. some may plead and some may go
9:37 am
to trial. we will see if any end of facing time in prison. >> it is interesting. i was just about to ask you about the defense and what legal routes some of the parents are going to take. it appears that one of the parents is wanting a speedy trial and maybe some of the other parents are taking a different path. do you know anything about that? >> reporter: it will be all righting to watch the coleburns case. they are some of the first. today's appearances won't give us too much insight. essentially the parents just appear and they don't necessarily plead. something to watch after the parents are charged with a complaint, the prosecutors have 30 days, a grand jury would be working to indict the parents inthat is going to happen. that deadline is slated to run out by the end of next week. so next week could be an interesting week ahead as far as
9:38 am
potential indictments and where that could potentially lead down the road. >> thank you. as the fallout from the cheating scandal continues, two top administrators from the university of southern california are stepping down. michael quick and carol mouch amir were closely involved in the school's scandal. amir over saw usc's legal response to various scandals including the sexual misconduct case against a former campus gynecologist. they say this gives the president a clear path to carry out changes. lori lightfoot has been elected as mayor in chicago in a historic election. >> we can make chicago thriving,
9:39 am
better, fairer for everyone. >> lori lightfoot has never held public office. she ran on a platform of ending city hall croneyism, improving safety and helping those left behind. she is the first black woman and first lgbt person elected mayor. she is married with a daughter. house speaker nancy pelosi is defending joe biden after two women have accused him of getting too close. she says she needs to understand how his actions are perceived. >> some are saying this could delay or derail his announcement to run for president. >> we spoke with an expert about whether or not the behavior is enough to expel him as a candidate. >> reporter: the two women are not accusing joe biden of sexual harassment. >> i felt invaded. >> reporter: lucy flores and a
9:40 am
kentucky democrat, amy lappos say he did cross boundary. >> it didn't feel sexual, it just felt like a total invasion of my space. >> reporter: inappropriate behavior that the democratic party should not dismisas just friendly old school campaign contact. that was echoed by biden's friends and nancy pelosi who said this is a different era. >> i think it is important for the vice president to understand that it isn't what you intended but how you were perceived. >> just because it was done in the past doesn't mean it was okay then. >> this professor of gender studies says that past notions of acceptable conduct have shifted. >> i think the standards now are very explicit like they weren't
9:41 am
t before. women's movements didn't have the kind of voice that we have now. >> the professor notes that acceptable contact depends on many factors. >> what's the relationship between the two people, what's the power difference between the two people, what are the racial and class dynamices between the people. >> reporter: stephanie carter, the former wife of ash carter gave a statement of a video of biden holding her shoulders in 2015. she said the joe biden in my picture is a close friend helping someone get through a big day to whom i will always be grateful. >> this is a political moment we are living in with different tests of male conduct in politics. >> reporter: this political science professor james hailer says that all candidates in the 2020 election should be
9:42 am
vigilant. whether this could sink biden's presidential run? >> i think they are trying to buy time as it plays out as the heads of the democratic party assess the viability of the campaign in relation to the issues. they will tell him up front he has a campaign or you don't. >> the professor said that moving forward in the upcoming campaign, anyone in a position of power, let's just say everyone needs to be sure they are respecting people's personal space. coming up on mornings on 2, would you bring your beby to work? now california lawmakers are weighing in on a proposal that has some thinking they could save on child care. and we are taking you inside a hospital that is home to a big baby boom.
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police chief carlos rojas plans to retire next month after two years at the chief. he says he has worked tirelessly to improve operations and morale of the police department. they have been under pressure to address an increase of violent crime following the stabbing death ofnia wilson last summer. rojas says it was the worst situation had to deal with on the job. >> it was so harsh, unprovoked. it was an outright homicide of a beautiful young lady. >> rojas was credited with hiring more officers and boosting patrols. there will be a nationwide search for his replacement. a san francisco lawfirm is
9:46 am
accusing walt disney of underpaying its female workers. the lawsuit was filed on behalf of two longtime disney workers. one woman is a financial analyst who raised the issue with human resources in 2017. her base salary was $110,000. she said that six men with the same job responsibilities earned between $16,000 and $40,000 more a year. disney denies the allegations. anders anderson has filed similar suits against other corporations including farmers insurance. a new study shows that women outnumber men in the obgyn field but men earn more in the field. a university of colorado study found that there was a greater difference in pay in specialists. the survey suggests that male obgyn may be more comfortable in asking for pay raises. there is a baby boom at
9:47 am
sutter medical center . 14 nurses are new moms or set to deliver in months. they say having their coworkers by their side going through the same thing is the best support system. many of them will be nurses in the labor and delivery units when their coworkers give bert. >> when you work in labor and deliverly, you love babies and you see a lot of babies. >> the 14th nurse is due in september but she says she has a feeling she will not be the last to be a mom this year. california state lawmakers will decide to fate of a bill that would allow mothers to bring their newborns to work. >> here's how the program would work for state employees. >> reporter: at first glance, you may not even notice. cheryl smith is working with her baby. the branch supervisor for the
9:48 am
financial credit union bought baby zoey on board which was a surprise to some customers. she is right there with her mom opening new bank accounts and loans. as part of the program established 20 years ago. >> you can never make up for having them right there with you. to be able to look over and they are babbling for the first time. >> young parents can't afford child care. >> reporter: it is program this assemblyman wants for all state workers. >> it was so effective in the private sector. >> reporter: critics shot down previous legislation because they were concerned about cost. but he says that is not a concern which is why he established an age requirement. >> 6 weeks to 6 months. >> reporter: some parents are worried about productivity. >> i think it is a distraction. >> if the baby was a problem, that's it, done. >> reporter: cheryl says she had
9:49 am
the same concerns. but just like her job, she established a routine. >> it is difficult. it has rough moments. we have a melt down that happens here and there and i come back and say i'm sorry that happened. and they are like no problem. i think they are happy to see a mother taking care of their child. >> what do you think? >> i don't think i could do it. however, i feel like i have the choice. if you don't have the choice, then bring your baby to work and put the food on the table and pay the bills. it's a luxury for many of us who can afford child care or have a spouse to stay home. >> right. i remember when my first baby was just little and you could just take her in the car carrier and she would just sleep.
9:50 am
>> i would just feel bad that i'm not giving the child 100% attention or the work 100% attention. but if that's your only choice. >> and your employer allows you. >> also key. coming up at 9o0, an airbnb giving away a night at the museum, how you can win a stay at the famous louvre in france. and how excited do you get when there is an empty seat on a plane? imagine having the plane all to yourself. what this guy did in a once in a lifetime experience. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
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the alliance of american football is abruptly ending the season. the league's owner says most employees will be terminated as of today. no reason was given but poor tv ratings and financial troubles are expected to be blamed. there are reports that the league needed $20 million to finish the season and they were just 8 games into the season. the league had teams in orlando, atlanta, san diego, phoenix, salt lake city, san antonio, birmingham, and memphis. the golden state warriors have all but clinched the home court advantage for the western conference playoffs after beating the denver nuggets last night. antonio brown was taking in a little basketball last night.
9:54 am
steph curry was 5 for 10 from three-point range. kevin durant had 21 points and 6 assists until this. >> he's gone. he got ejected. >> we talked about it at the top, a quick ejection there. dur ant was ejected after yelling at the ref. he thought he was fouled on a three-point shot. the warriors did not need him as they coasted to victory. demarcus cousins had a pretty good game with 23 points. warriors first round playoff tickets go on sale starting today. season ticket holders get the first crack at 2:00 this afternoon. people on the priority list are next and then the insider club members get a chance with the remaining tickets for the general public on sale at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. we have a link for you to the ticket sales on our website, a popular beyonce and jay
9:55 am
zee video hasviated a lot of interest in one of the biggest tourist sights in france. they shot a video in the louvre. they said more than 10 million people visited the museum in 2018, up 25% from the year before. if you want to live like the carters, that's jay zee and beyonce, you can live it for real. airbnb is holding a contest where the winner gets a night in the louvre and a chance to drink wine in front of the mona lisa. there will also be a private concert before you retire for the night inside a mini pyramid built for the occasion. contestants needs to answer the question, would you be the perfect guest of the mona lisa? they will select the most original response as the winner. can i answer?
9:56 am
>> of course you can. getting through airport security could get easier. the tsa is bringing in new 3d scanners nationwide. the technology was tested in 2017. now there will be new systems around the country. you may not have to take laptops and liquids outside of your bag. the 3d technology would allow tsa agents to rotate the image digitaly so they can examine a suspicious item without unpacking your bag. it will be rolled out this summer but it is unclear which airports will get them first. getting through the airport faster is one way to improve your trip. another plus is boarding the plane and finding out you have an empty seat next to you. how about this, a man from lithuania had an entire jet to himself on a recent flight to italy. two hours just him with five
9:57 am
crew members, 188 empty seats. he spent the flight taking selfies and enjoyed the experience. >> like having a private jet. >> he didn't have to wait long for a diet coke. >> up and down the aisles, changing seats. >> a little jealous. >> thankful you joined us this morning. have a great day. we will be back with more news at noon. >> i do get butterflies when people sit right next to you after having an empty seat. and smile, when they see the sun. not that one. this one. it makes knowing when to take your prescriptions clear as day. up to fifty percent of people don't take them properly. so at cvs pharmacy we got up early and built a system that helps calculate each person's ideal schedule. it's great for doctors. and caregivers. at cvs pharmacy, we're just trying to help more people have more mornings.
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we're just trying to help more people >> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." ♪ now, here's wendy! ♪ [cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause] >> wendy: woo!


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