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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  April 4, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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facing felony charges. as for the great-grandfather, he told us today he would defend himself just like he did all over again. maureen naylor is an san jose. >> reporter: i am in front of juvenile hall. his name is not released because of his age. police called the surveillance video brutal. it starts in the middle of a carjacking on coldwater drive in east san jose. you see the owner of the car trying to get his keys back when the hooded criminal with a backpack gets out and starts punching the great gun father . >> he jumped in the car and i reached in and grabbed him and tried to pull him back but he punched me and broke my glasses. and that's how i got all of these cuts right here. that i couldn't, i started bleeding so i could not see him. >> reporter: hector estrada was unloading his groceries when the teenager approached him
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about 10:00 wednesday. the boy he says was not deterred by their surveillance camera just installed one week prior. >> he started coming up to me and i said, you are on camera and i pointed. he said, i don't care. he said i have a gun and i said i don't care. >> reporter: he put put up a fight with the boy took off the stolen nissan. 10 minutes later, the teenager crashed the car on story road at mcginnis drive after running a red light and again flashing his gun to a witness. >> not only the carjacking but they hit and run where we know the other vehicle, the driver and passenger were injured, fortunately not life- threatening but very bold act of violence. >> reporter: police in the 14- year-old was arrested at his home in east san jose wednesday night. >> was crazy. to crazy. >> i felt angered. i felt angered. >> reporter: after four decades in the statement, estrada and his neighbors are considering adding safety measures. they say times have changed. >> i mean, there are neighbors,
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we help each other. >> reporter: as for estrada, he is bruise and scratched but otherwise okay. >> at the same thing were to happen i would probably do exactly the same thing. >> reporter: me while the 14- year-old faces multiple felony charges including carjacking, assault with a deadly weapon and elder abuse. >> maureen naylor in the south bay. thank you. today there were 3 big development installing the ethiopian airlines crash that killed 157 people. first, ethiopian investigators released a report that said the pilots did everything they could the for the crash, even following boeings emergency steps. families of the victims filed lawsuits against boeing, the maker of the 737 max 8 jet that crashed. in a video statement, boeing ceo apologized for the lives
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lost and acknowledge the role of the companies flight control system. k2 views tom vacar has been following the developments and joins us live in the newsroom with more. tom? >> a short, straightforward statement, boeing ceo apologized to victims and their loved ones. in a day packed with boeing news, boeing ceo tweeted this genuinely surprising admission and apology. >> it is apparent that in both flights, the maneuvering characteristics augmentation system known as mcas activated in response to erroneous angle and attack information. >> reporter: a few hours before the apology, the family of 24- year-old woman killed in the ethiopians airline crash filed a wrongful death lawsuit against several including boeing, the airline and the faa. >> we are what one of 137 families with huge holes because the aircraft did not function. she and her fellow passengers should not have died.
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>> then we learned we could not bring home her body or even fragments of her body. >> the potential of my sister and 156 others driven straight into the ground because of boeings greed. >> reporter: attorney say boeing put larger engines on the max eight which significantly changed how it operates especially when climbing. the lawyers say in a move to reduce pilot training costs, boeing put in an automated system to keep the plane from climbing to steeply. back that will be done automatically without the knowledge of the pilots. >> reporter: and apparent defect in the system caused the plane to dive severely, causing loss of control, something also reported months earlier. but the woman's great uncle, consumer advocate ralph nader said the max 8 should never be allowed to fly because he believes they are not fixable . >> if we don't get this right, if we don't end the causative relationship between the faa and
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the agency which had been documented for years, and the boeing company, 5000 of these heavily flawed paint planes will be in the air all over the world. >> reporter: in a statement, ethiopian airlines praised the crew in trying to save the 157 passengers and crew on board. despite their hard work and full compliance with the emergency procedures, "it was very unfortunate that they could not recover the airplane from the persistence of nosediving. was quote >> the crew performed all the procedures explicitly provided by the manufacturer but was not able to control the crash. >> now with settled settlements for lawsuits and claims this could go on for years. today we learned the two pilots of the ethiopian airlines plane had just 159 hours of flying time combined
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on the boeing mashed jet the max debt while the captain had more than 1000 years of flying just finishing the academy, he had more than douglas the copilot had only 56 hours on max jets. the copilot had loved just 361 flight hours which would not be enough to be hired as a pilot at a u.s. airline. a federal judge in manhattan today gave tesla ceo, er elon musk and the securities exchange commission two weeks to resolve their dispute. the battle centers on weather must violated the terms of a settlement he reached with the sec with a controversial tweet he posted in february about the potential demand for tesla cars. must did not specifically address the dispute as reporters confronted him outside the port douglas courthouse in new york city . >> i have great respect for the judges and the justice system and i think the judge and
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american system are outstanding . >> what about the sec findings? >> the sec contends the were the settlement required must to get advice from an attorney before posting possibly market sensitive information. the judge made it clear she would resolve the conflict herself if the two sides failed to reach an agreement. tesla is reporting a large drop in car sales the first quarter of this year. new figures show only 63,000 tesla cars were delivered to customers in the first 3 months of this year. as of -- that is a 31% drop compared to the prior quarter. tesla blames the sales drop on a production problem and other factors. four times in one week, the apple store in berkeley has been hit by the same group of thieves. ktvu's crime reporter, henry lee tells us they stole phones and laptops worth about $30,000.
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>> reporter: berkeley police say these 3 men stole from the apple store on fourth street but it is not just one and grab. for the past week we have had 4 different thefts at the apple store so we are hoping the pictures, somebody will recognize the suspects in the photographs and let us know about it. >> one of the men came in last thursday at 10:30 am. >> a young man at the store looked at the displays and once you selected the one he wanted, he snatched it off the cable and walked out of the store. he ran out of the store. >> reporter: that one phone was worth $1200. the same group returned hours later and still 3 laptops. >> what is unusual is they came back twice. they came that morning and later that afternoon. >> reporter: the surveillance photos were taken from this camera on a pole outside the store. this man is wearing a distinctive blue shark outfit. the man in orange stripes appears to be looking right at the camera as he runs from the store. this man had on a blue jacket with a white stripe. their mo is similar to these and grabs caught on video at
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other apple stores. suspects were arrested in those cases but other thieves have avoided capture. shoppers are concerned . >> it happens all over the bay and here 4 times a week it is odd. obviously there is a market because everyone needs to be a bit more aware i would imagine. >> it is disappointing because i moved from new york to san francisco about 7 years ago and it is a different place, it is less safe and it feels like people are doing things you never associated with san francisco. >> reporter: given these guys were so bold that they pulled it off in broad daylight, police say it is unclear if they will come back or move on to other stores. either way, police are telling the public to stay vigilant. in berkeley, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. prosecutors in los angeles formally charge the man accused in the shooting of rapper nipsey hustle. 29-year-old eric holder remains behind bars on some million dollars bail. he is accused of killing the 33- year-old rap star outside the
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marathon, a clothing store in south l.a. that also owns. police believed the deadly shooting stemmed from a personal dispute. civil rights activists in l.a. are calling for the immediate arrest of a woman believed to have driven holder away from the scene of the shooting. >> we know and the community that this so-called driver and accomplice, we believe is also culpable in the murder of nipsey hustle. >> the fans continue to honor the rap star, placing flowers outside the clothing store where he was killed on sunday. it is a case of "not in my backyard. " emotions running high in san francisco over a planned homeless navigation center. a new study says california is in the middle of what scientists call an earthquake drought. does that mean we are do? we will hear from experts. plus it is the first in a trial all in the ghost ship warehouse fire. two of the owners appeared in
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court but did not say much. we will have the story coming up next. it is opening day for the giants tomorrow and they are having rain in the forecast. a bit of hope is that the rain looks like it might not be as strong as originally forecasted. i will have the details next.
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for the first time, the the elusive landlords of the ghost ship warehouse appeared in court today. the defense wants to prove that the owners are responsible for that deadly fire and force them to testify. >> 2 investigates was the only reporter outside the courthouse today. >> eva and kai ng refuse to say
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anything on the witness stand today, even questioning the relationship between them and harris and derek are met up. >> reporter: avoiding cameras, two of the landlords of the ghost ship warehouse made their first court appearance thursday, more than two years after the deadly fire. eva ng arrived first, her brother, kai ng showed up minutes later. >> how do you feel this morning. >> reporter: the two along with their mother, chor ng on the warehouse that stands as a memorial site for 36 people killed in 2016. documents obtained by 2 investigates showed the earrings appeared to know more about the ghost ship than they admit. eva ng sign the lease agreement with tenant derick almena and later, documents show that kai ng were notified about issues
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with the building before the blaze. the two men remained behind bars. 2 investigates have been the only newsagency to question the landlords. they have never answered questions. inside the courtroom, attorneys peppered eva and kai ng with questions about their knowledge of people living in the warehouse and if they themselves were in any way responsible for the death. eva and kai ng refused to testify, continuously citing the fifth amendment right against self-incrimination. when prosecutors asked if they would answer every question the same way, both said yes. an insurance claim first obtained by 2 investigates shows the family may have received a $3 million payout from the fire but when defense attorney tony sarah asked eva if eva if her family corrected
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collected, she quickly refused to answer. she left in a blackie suv waiting outside. >> defense attorneys want prosecutors to offer youth immunity. prosecutors say they don't want to offer it yet because they have still been investigating and don't want to rule out the charges against the family. >> there has to be a way to force owners to testify. >> there is a way but right now there is a standup between defense and prosecutors. prosecutors offer the family immunity, they can get them to talk but it does not look like it is going that direction right now because prosecutors say it is not in their best interest to give immunity because the family is not in the clear and they want the opportunity to press charges.
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>> so we have seen in the past, their mother, where was she today? >> attorneys tell us she is out of the country. all 3 of them are owners. it seems that chor ng was the honor -- owner well eva ng was the lessor. he is accused of spiking a code coworkers water with cadmium. today the engineer pleaded not guilty. david xu has been charged with attempted murder of a female colleague by allegedly putting cadmium in her water. he and the victim were both engineers at behr research on gilman street in berkeley. a coworker not noticed a strange taste or smell in her water in her office. she and two of her relatives got sick after drinking from the same water bottle. tests of the bottle and all 3 victims revealed the presence of cadmium which can cause cancer and organ failure. a judge today said the man's bail it to you -- $2 million if
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he makes it he must be house arrest and wear an ankle monitor. the d.a. asked for a $5 million bill saying he is extremely dangerous. >> the judge determined there were conditions that would permit his release, he is not a danger and he will be fighting these charges. >> the defendant will return to court next month.'s attorney said he no longer works at the berkeley engineering firm. taking a look at the weather, a big day tomorrow, friday, the weekend around the corner with the giants home opener. we have been talking a lot about the chance of showers on this and they are still there but they have gotten better, more optimistic in terms of game time and getting the game in without having to have much of a delay. chance of showers tomorrow. i will break it down hour by hour. this is the story, mainly in the morning before yesterday, and the day before, the models were suggesting afternoon rain but now it has moved more
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toward the morning, mid morning and early afternoon which would bode well for the giants. as we time it out, we see 11 am it is raining but 1 pm there is a chance of showers and somewhere between 1 pm and 3 pm it breaks out. the next model will come out in a few hours and hopefully, that will speed things up even more so that 1:00, 1:30 pm start time is more doable. at this time, there might be delays but not as it looked yesterday. yesterday look like it would rain high between 3:00 and 4:00 so we watch it and the latest model comes out in a few hours and we will have that up for you as well. as you go outside, not a bad day, partly sunny, partly cloudy, little bit of everything. even some sprinkles. you can see the clouds have been streaming off the pacific and here comes friday. that is friday back in here with this spinner. that is the system that looks like it will be the most rain or the most rainiest, rainiest? more rain like than the last one for the last week.
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it has rained a little but it has been drizzling or what have you. with that said, frank, i thought you would jump in and help me with that? >> i was busy. >> i had nowhere to go and i could not figure out the word and rainiest and -- showers right now, showing up, this is how it goes tonight and tomorrow the way the model plays it is showers really starts portion. that is the current situation. current temperatures generally in the 60s, mid 60s, 65 concord, 65 fairfield despite cloud cover. here is how tomorrow morning goes. rain and wind. the morning commute is a little wet. this is real rain, umbrella way not like what we have been seeing this week. that is tomorrow morning and the sky kind of, around the time the giants get ready to pull the tarp, i think they may get the game on to start right on time. that is a frontal passage so there should not be much behind it as evidenced by the last panel. all the way to 4:00, you see
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partly sunny, partly cloudy and breezy conditions. wait for the morning commute, lunchtime, transition and by 130 p.m., 2:00, things is gone. for just a few hours, a father to his son missing for a bank years they have been found in another state. the story ended up falling apart this afternoon. details on the startling twist in the timmothy pitzen pace the this case. coming up on ktvu news at 6:00, a freak accident. a keller a helicopter crash killed a father driving in a pickup with his son when a crash landed. an ongoing situation with a barricaded man and a 16-year- old hostage and tonight, two people police officers are in the hospital with serious injuries. [phone ringing]
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breaking news now, a special jury has ruled the death of a family of 8 that plunged off a cliff in mendocino county last year, that it was in fact a murder suicide. jennifer hart dover families suv right off of highway 1 in march of last year, killing herself, her wife and their 6 children. it happened just days after authorities in the couple's home state of washington began investigating allegations of child neglect. with this finding, the mendocino county sheriff now says this is "the largest mass murder we have ever had in
5:25 pm
mendocino county. federal investigator said today a man claiming to be a missing teenager is not who he claims to be. the fbi said the dna evidence shows the man is not timmothy pitzen. he is a boy who went missing in 2011. >> it has been awful. we have been on tender hooks. we have been hopeful, alternatively helpful and frightened, and it is just at exhausting. >> that is timmothy pitzen's grandmother describing what it has been like for the family over the last 24 hours. timmothy pitzen is a boy who went missing in aurora, illinois eight years ago.'s mother apparently picked him up from school before committing suicide in a motel room. timothy was never seen again. the family was recently filled with hope when a young man found on the street corner in kentucky claimed he was timothy. those hopes were dashed late today when the fbi said the person is not 14 which is the
5:26 pm
age timothy would be. instead, he is a 23-year-old man from ohio with a criminal record. >> unfortunately, this child is not our beloved timothy. we know that you are out there somewhere, tim. and we will never stop looking for you. praying for you and loving you. >> timmothy pitzen's aunt said of all the sightings over the years, this was the most promising one but it turned out to be the most devastating one. authorities said the man claiming to be timothy is in fact, brian michael from madonna ohio. his motive for lying tonight is unclear. authorities are searching for a u.s. citizen and her safari guide allegedly kidnapped in uganda tuesday. the pair were abducted during an airbrush by 4 gunman in queen elizabeth national park.
5:27 pm
the associated press is reporting they have identified the american tourist as 35-year- old kimberly sue endicott. she and her safari guide were allegedly taken off a group tour by armed kidnappers dressed as military guards. they reportedly took the hostages and safari vehicle and drove away, leaving others in the door behind . >> the security teams have cut off all exit areas in uganda and the drc. inserts for the victim, especially because it is at the border. >> investigators say that the numbers use her phone to demand a ransom of $5000 plus $500,000. those left behind were not harmed. queen elizabeth national park is a popular safari destination for tourists worldwide. stuck to come, the fight is on along the embarcadero in san
5:28 pm
francisco as neighbors tried to build -- block a navigation center. president trump gives mexico a new set of demands and a new timeline for securing the border. >> reporter: i'm ray bogan in washington with details coming up. >> the fault should be developing 3 or 4 earthquakes per century at these sites and we have 0. >> and earthquake drug across california. there has been far fewer major quakes in the past 100 years than ever before but does that mean more quakes in the future? a study we will look into up next.
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mayor breed is finding it difficult to find support for her latest safe navigation center. the building will be a state-of- the-art one to help the homeless but she is finding it a tough sell for residents. we are live at the latest
5:32 pm
proposed site. >> reporter: good evening. behind me, for many residents in the embarcadero, the prevailing attitude seems to be, "not in my backyard." we talk to residents concerned they would see increased crime and falling property values. >> -- >> reporter: the idea of a navigation center coming near embarcadero raised temperatures with some residents as a met with the mayor . >> i'm disappointed in the way that people have responded, very negative and i think that people with means that can live here should support the homeless population. >> reporter: some of her neighbors disagree . >> we walk by here every day and there is quite a homeless population already and not a lot of police coverage so maybe if they could guarantee the citizens in this area that they will build a more secure area, people would be more amenable.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: since san francisco first opened a navigation center in 2015, the homeless have found refuge from the outdoors . >> every time we open a shelter, there is a lot of opposition. actually, every time. >> reporter: on a any given nine, 7500 san francisco ones find shelter in the screen street, and finding answers is never easy . >> we need to solve the homeless problem. i don't think this is it. >> reporter: this out-of-the- way navigation center hidden between beneath the expressway -- >> it brings a lot of problems to the neighborhood. >> you want me to talk or do you want to yell? >> reporter: it seems no one wanted in their neighborhood as mayor breed found that she addressed the crowd in the embarcadero . >> people have fears and stereotypes and assumptions about poor people and some of that is racism and some of it is based on class. basically, through the process,
5:34 pm
usually, they start coming around. >> reporter: these renderings for the latest proposal would put this 175 to 225 bed facility on city property by 2017 -- 2019. it is startling for support. >> there is a lot of traffic, tourism and it drives away tourism. maybe it is not the best place for it but like i said, i don't know where the best place would be. >> reporter: back here live, the city currently operates 6 navigation centers. we reached out to the mayor's office and have not heard back by the time we went to on air. back to you. rob malcolm live at the embarcadero. >> south bay residents gathered at san jose city hall to speak out against being displaced. members of the silicon valley renters rights coalition were joined by other residents in the south bay to voice their concerns about mayor locarno's new plan. they say the new ellis act
5:35 pm
ordinance will allow for more demolitions and further redevelopment of existing older rent-controlled buildings. mayor locarno has said rent- controlled policies could cause developers to turn away from building in san jose. the city council is set to vote on the issue next tuesday. san francisco police announced interest in the case of a sword attack outside a roller rink. 30-year-old leor bergland is accused of hitting another man with a sword, injuring the victims left hand. witnesses say the attacker was make a make america great again hat which was swatted off his head prior to the attack on march 29. police say the identified berglund as a suspect and arrested him last night in the tenderloin. he faces attempted murder charges. president trump has backed away from his back to shut down the border with mexico. the president is now considering tariffs on cars made in mexico and shipped to the united states as a way to
5:36 pm
try to pressure mexico into stopping the flow of migrants across the border. ray bogan is in washington tonight with our report. >> reporter: president trump has not rolled out shutting the border in the future but today's announcement gives relief to borders states concerns about the economy. >> that their drugs don't stop, i will put tariffs on them. you know i will do it. i don't play games. i will do it. >> reporter: president trump is giving mexico a new ultimatum..drugs and migrants coming across the border in a year or the administration will tariffs cars coming into the u.s. >> if that does not work, we will close the border. i think that will work. that is massive numbers of dollars. >> reporter: president trump said mexico has noticeably improved their immigration enforcement over the last 3 days. dhs secretary nielsen was in arizona thursday to see the situation for herself. a resolution was introduced wednesday condemning the presidents right to oppose double disc close the border, cutting off aid to central american companies which funds problems addressing the root
5:37 pm
problems of mass migration . >> the president should use the tools at his disposal to address the humanitarian needs at the border and stop engaging in activities that are harmful. >> reporter: president trump heads to the border himself on friday. he will tour newly completed section of border wall in california with secretary nielsen. in washington, ray bogan, fox news. today the u.s. house voted to end american involvement in the war in human. thousands have been killed and millions on the brink of starvation because of the war in its fifth year. it is the first time congress has invoked the decades-old war powers let resolution to try to stop a foreign war. both the house and senate passed the resolution with votes from both parties. president trump is expected to veto it. police chief is fighting back after charges were dropped against jussie smollett.
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smollett case continues in chicago. the fraternal order of police held a rally this week calling for a federal investigation into what they say is a pattern of anti-police rulings from the cook county states attorney. last week, kim fox dropped all charges against the empire actor who had been accused of faking a hate crime against himself. officers today issued a vote of no-confidence in fox and called for her to step down as state attorney. >> recent actions regarding the dropping of all charges against mr. smollett are particularly worrisome. due to the complete lack of communication and failure to follow established procedures by officer the office of kim fox. today was the deadline for chicago mayor emmanuel to give jesse's smollett -- to get him to pay for his alleged hate crime. he has refused and the mayor has billed him $130,000 for police overtime. now the city of chicago is filing a lawsuit against smollett. a woman in court involving
5:42 pm
couples and same-sex marriages and children. it would no longer qualify same- sex marriages as apostate put would now allow children ofand lesbian parents to be baptized. under the previous policy, minors of or lesbian parents had to turn 18, move out of their home and disavow same-sex relationships before receiving the blessing of the church. jeff bezos has finalized his divorce. his former wife mackenzie will get a stake in the online shopping giant worth more than $35 billion. the couple announced they were divorcing in january just before the national enquirer published a story saying that jeff bezos was having an affair with former television host. with the divorce complete, mackenzie bezos will have a 4% stake in amazon. before their separation, jeff bezos had a 16% stake in amazon
5:43 pm
worth more than $140 billion making him one of the world's richest people. facebook had been under fire again. a mountain view cyber security firm says it found more than 540 million facebook records expose on amazon cloud service. the records include facebook users comments, account names, email addresses and likes. they were all available for the public to download. facebook says it is working with amazon now to remove the databases once they learned about that issue. the winning streak for the dow jones industrial average continued for 6 straight trading days. the dow was up 166, the nasdaq was down 3, the s&p 500 climbed nearly 6 back points. a new study recommends the best bay areas to live in and commute from if you were in san
5:44 pm
francisco. we were show you a map of our pre-sharp showing what it has found are the top 10 cities to live in if you commute to san francisco. factors in traffic time, median home prices, school quality and crime rates. south san francisco top the list followed by san bruno, san rafael and san mateo. the study only considered cities with the population of at least 30,000 that were located within 20 miles of san francisco. still to come, an earthquake drop in the state of california . >> this dunmor dareus the these faults should be developing 3 of 4 earthquakes per century at the sites and we got 0. >> does that mean a shaky future ahead? in a moment, the study that found a relative lack of earthquakes over the last 100 years and how that is not normal. we have rain back in the forecast for your friday. maybe part of the we can, too. we will look into that when i see you next.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. california appears to be experiencing an earthquake drop. seismologist for the u.s. geological survey went back 1000 years and found there have been far fewer earthquakes in the past 100 years than before but could that mean more major earthquakes in the future? rob roth spoke with one of the authors of the study. >> reporter: it is been almost 5 years since this bone rattling magnitude 6.0 earthquake shook napa. that was
5:48 pm
the last time california has seen a quake with that great a magnitude or higher and seismologists say that one was rare. according to a new study by the u.s. geological survey, california has been in somewhat of an earthquake drop the past 100 years compared to 100 year averages going back 1000 years. one of the authors of the study spoke with us by skype. >> the san andreas, hayward and faults should be developing 3 are 4 earthquakes per century. and we have 0. >> reporter: that may not bode well for our seismic future. >> to make up the average, it would be 6 or more in the coming century which is obviously meant way more busy than it has been. >> a seismologist at uc berkeley says it is hard to predict whether california is entering a new normal of fewer
5:49 pm
cakes . >> either the last 1000 years is a good representative of what everyone hundred year should be like or perhaps the previous 900 years were different than any other there time period in history. >> reporter: seismologists say it might have something to do with the 1906 quake and two others . >> something about that rang out all the energy for earthquakes over a period of time. >> reporter: the earthquake in 1989 was not part of the study but in looking at the quick drop in the bay area, this is one of only 3 major straight shakers that struck since 1906 in the 75 years prior to that there were 14 major?. the message to the public is not to become complacent and be prepared . >> we can tell you there will be another large earthquake at some point. we cannot tell you where or one. >> reporter: seismologists say we can expect a major air? sometime within the next 30 years and they have been saying that for more than 30 years now. at uc berkeley, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. the 2019 hurricane season
5:50 pm
is expected to be quieter than normal with 13 named storms predicted. scientists at colorado state university say just two of those storms are expected to become major hurricanes. the next hurricane cycle does not actually begin until june but again, meteorologists are already offering predictions of activity that will be slightly below normal. hurricane season officially gets underway june 1 and runs through november. the forecast was released today by the colorado state tropical meteorology project. the first 5 names of storms and 2019 are andrea, barry, chantel, dorian and erin. september is historically the most active month when it comes to hurricanes. giants fans may have to wait a few hours before the first pitch for tomorrow's
5:51 pm
opening day at oracle park. rain is in the forecast for tomorrow morning and that what weather may continue at the scheduled time of the game against the race which is set to begin at 1:35 pm. giants executive, mario alioto was our guest last hour on ktvu at 4:00 and he says the giants are determined to play ball tomorrow despite the rainy weather. >> we know there is some weather issues but we are confident that we will get the game in. there may be delays for a bit but the gates will open at 11:00 and we are inviting fans to come out. if we need to delay for an hour or two, we will that we have every intention to play the game. the giants plan to update weather conditions and any plans to adjust events on their twitter account every hour starting tomorrow. that starts at 6:30 am. let's talk about the weather conditions right now. bill martin, what do you think, will the game deep be delayed? >> maybe at the beginning, may not start until 2:00 but it is a much better forecast than it was yesterday at this time. >> yes . >> yesterday we had the whole day pretty wet especially in
5:52 pm
the afternoon. my guess is the game may start a little late based on what the models are showing but the new model runs are going to come out in the next few hours and we will show you those. it would not do much to speed this thing up. with hopefully, the little inconvenience as possible, there is the beautiful golden gate bridge. frank, is it the number one tourist -- there is a number on this thing, right? but i think the empire state building would be . >> there is something about people walking across it, the number one tourist destination in the world that people walk on. >> have you ever walked all the way across? >> 1000 times. i used to run across it back in the day. it was a beautiful way to start today. there it is. frank and i never get tired of looking at this bridge . >> i have been across once but it was gorgeous . >> it is stunning. >> it really is. >> driving or walking? >> driving a bunch of times but walking once. >> and the trails back there, last year me and the kids went
5:53 pm
out and just sat and watched whales. >> no kidding! >> they come under the bridge and it is really cool. it's a great place to well watch from. you may want to consider that there are whales. you can kind of see the blows. let's get to the weather. here is the next system sliding in. that brings rain tomorrow and everybody wants to know about the timing of the rain because of the giants game. and your life in general, right? the morning commute looks to be a little wet. pictures outside relatively mild. here is friday's system, the next system gets in here, rain starts friday morning, tapers off quickly in the afternoon which could be good news for the debt the giants. there is a slight chance for a shower on saturday but just go about your business. saturday and sunday will be nice but not like last weekend. you will be able to get your 18 holes in and get your baseball game in and what have you. 7 am tomorrow, that is the
5:54 pm
commute. noon time, the giants are, they have a tarp on the field and by -- right after 1:00 or 2:00 it clears out so they will have the tarp on in the morning and probably get to pull it just about game time is what we are hoping. there could be some scattered sprinkles here but let's hope not and let's hope they get the game in. there is the 5 day forecast coming up right there. when i see you next, we will have the latest. there is a new model that comes up pretty soon so we will take a look at that for the giants. possible measles exposure inside of a northern california emergency room. coming up next, the warning being sent to about 200 patients that may be at risk. coming up on ktvu fox 2 news it 6:00, it has been speculated for a while now but the talk is heating up about when east bay congressman , eric swalwell is expected to announce he is running for president. plus the lineup for san francisco's free music festival is out and we will tell you the acts that you can expect to see the summer. [ loud traffic sounds ]
5:55 pm
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the uc davis medical center in sacramento is warning patients who may have been exposed to the measles during a recent trip to their emergency room. reporter, emily mar tells us health officials say about 200 people may potentially be at risk. >> i would not take any chances with getting measles. >> reporter: dr. dean blumberg is the chief of pediatric infectious diseases at uc davis children's hospital. he says on march 17, st. patrick's day, an unvaccinated child came into the er. >> at that time, we did not suspect they had measles. >> reporter: two days later, doctors learned the child did have measles, contracted during a recent trip overseas
5:58 pm
according to the calaveras county health department . >> during that time, there were patients and staff that were potentially exposed to measles. >> reporter: including a boy named jackson. doctors say jackson was taken into the same exam room is the child infected with measles. the child with measles was not in the room but doctors say the risk was still there. >> reporter: measles is so infectious, transmitted by the airborne route and so it can hang out in the air in the room for up to two hours. >> that is after the patient leaves. >> reporter: dr. say jackson hasn't shown any measles symptoms but is still at risk. meantime, you see davis medical center send letters like this to about 200 people who visited the er around that time. >> we want to make sure everybody is aware of that and aware they make it measles. >> reporter: blumberg says nationally there are more reported measles cases so far this year than for all of last year. he said the rising cases is due
5:59 pm
in part to more people traveling to countries where measles is present and more parents opting not to vaccinate. >> that is a wake-up call for everybody to ensure they are up- to-date with vaccines including the measles vaccine. 4 this is ktvu fox 2 news it 6:00. the landlords of oaklands ghost ship warehouse appeared in court today for the first time since 36 people were killed in a horrible fire more than two years ago. the landlords, a brother and sister took the stand but repeatedly cited their fifth amendment right against self- incrimination. good evening. i'm frank somerville . >> i'm alyana gomez in for julie tonight. the court has begun procedural motions in the ghost ship case before jury selection. our 2 investigates team has been in court all week. candace when is here with what happened today. >> with eva ng and kai ng on
6:00 pm
the stand today, they did not respond. we caught up with them outside court. >> reporter: avoiding cameras, two of the landlords of the ghost ship lynn the list warehouse made their way to court today more than two years after the fire. eva ng a lot arrive first and kai ng arrived later. >> reporter: how do you feel this morning? the two along with their mother, chor ng owned the warehouse that now stands as a memorial site for the 36 people killed in 2016. past documents obtained by 2 investigates show the family appeared to know more about the conditions the ghost ship than they admit. eva ng signed her name as the landlord in the 2013 lease agreement with tenant derick almena and emails later showed chor ng was notified of issues months before the blaze. the family has never been charged and mac -- max harris and derick


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