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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 4, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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freezer. (mom) freezer's full. (vo) only frigidaire's custom flex temp drawer can switch from fridge to freezer. (son) nice save! (vo) that's using your frigidaire. ♪ new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express. protest rallies in the bay area and around the nation tonight. the people demanding the u.s. just department release the mueller report. >> this is our country too. this is our democracy, and we have to fight for it. >> it will be two weeks tomorrow since the mueller team delivered its report.
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>> there's been plenty of speculation. little is r known. tonight there were protests calling for the release of the mueller report without further delay. people took to the streets across the bay area, including in oakland. democrats are especially energized after hearing that some who worked on the report disagree with how it's beening portrayed. in san rafael, a rally drew a few hundred people tonight. >> reporter: activists went on standby after tuesday's deadline came and went. that was when house democrats wanted the report in-hand. attorney general barr is predicting mid-month. and demonstrators are putting the pressure on. this protest running through san rafael's downtown, demanding immediate release of hundreds of papers of
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findings. like many americans, they are skeptical that the mueller report is as benign as the attorney general and president trump maintain. >> thousands and thousands of people around the country today showing up to express their outrage. >> reporter: at one point, the crowd, phones in-hand called the justice department en masse to leave a message. >> i just said release the report now. >> reporter: on twitter today, president trump reverted to calling the mueller probe a witch hunt, hoke, and coll dilution, after praising the report when it first dropped. >> there was no obstruction and none whatsoever. and it was a complete and total exoneration.
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>> my sense is that it is starting to unravel within the mueller team. >> reporter: it seems likely the nation has been misled on how damaging the report is. >> i think more and more of mule are's team are going to step forward, and i hope so. what i really want to see is mueller testify before congress. >> reporter: the continued focus in partisan politics. >> they lost on the collusion battle. now they're looking for any and everything they can to continue to attack the president. ck the president. >> reporter: for thousands of protests tonight, the message couldn't be more clear. >> what's important is knowing the truth. what happened in 2016. what's going on in our country. so we can raise as americans and defend our democracy. >> reporter: another battle looms over the redactions made to the report. house democrats
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want to unfiltered and will likely go to court i couples they get are edited too heavily. d too heavily. >> deborah, thank you. president trump is backing off of his threat to close the us/mexico border any time soon. instead he's giving mexico one year to stop illegal immigration and the flow of illegal drugs into the united states. the president also says that if his demands aren't met, he will impose new tariffs on cars from mexico. last friday, the president threatened to immediately close the border but he later revised himself after he was pressured to consider the economic consequences. >> if the drugs don't stop, we're gonna put tariffs on. you know i will do it. i don't know play games. i'll do it. and if that doesn't working we're gonna close the number. and i think that'll work. >> nancy pelosi today said
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congress is going to sue the administration to block the transfer of military funds to build the president's border wall. you may recall the president declared a national emergency after congress refused to fund that wall. tomorrow, the president is scheduled to travel to the border in california. order in california. congressman eric stalwell is considering a run. >> he says he won't back down from his proposals even after he contained a death threat. >> it was quite a threat. congressman says he got it on one of his congressional calling lines. he posted it on his twitter feed sayingit an example of how he feels the nation needs stronger gun laws. >> reporter: the death threat was called into the congressman's office according to staff. he posted the call on
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twitter. >> eric stalwell, pop, pop, pop. 30 round clip, you're all gonna get it. >> reporter: the caller continues with expletives and references to the constitution for another 30 seconds. the congressman tweeted his response saying "i'm not afraid. not of this caller, not of the nra." that message could pave the way as he's expected to announce a presidential run. >> it allows them to say i'm tough, i'm here, i'm not going to back down. and that's the kind of person you're going to get if you're to elect me to higher office. >> reporter: he's been a visible and vocal advocate for stopping gun violence. he cosponsored three gun control bills this year for expanded background checks. thursday he's planning to move his town hall to end gun violence to a larger venue in
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florida. elizabeth moore is with the group gun sense in america. she says they're xrieing to fight against extremists like the caller. >> they're trying to just have a civil conversation, find common ground. somebody like that is just pushing. >> as a father of two kids under two, paying off my students debt, i'm for you. i'm generationally optimistic about our future. out our future. >> he's got charisma. he is articulate. and i think he gets on well with people. >> reporter: democrats see opportunity this year with a wide-open field of candidates. >> at the end of the day, he may
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fade fairly quickly because there are a lot of other personalities in the race who have a more national name. >> swalwell plans to announce his candidacy next tuesday during the late show with stephen colbert. we reached identity today. he replied with a text message "no fuse from us." om us." >> thank you. >> thank you. ohio congressman, tim ryan, joined the race today. he says he's a moderate democrat and will emphasize education and healthcare during his campaign. at least 15 other democrats are currently in the race for president. with a decision from joe biden expected this month. police in alameda are investigating the body that was found at the scene of a brush fire today in veterans memorial
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park near the bridge. firefighters spotted the body when they put out a small fire in the park tuesday afternoon. it is unclear if the death involved foul play. investigators are still trying to determine the name of the person who died and the cause of death. police are looking for the public's help to find a hit and run driver. an older model mercedes benz hit a man in the parking lot of a shopping center late last month and left the scene. the 29-year-old victim was seriously injured. investigators would like to speak to the two people who were here. the driver and the victim got into some kind of an argument before the suspect intentionally hit the victim with his car. the injury happened just before midnight on the lawrence expressway. ence expressway. to oakland where for the
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first time the landlords of the ghost ship warehouse appeared in court today. they took the stand and took the fifth, invoking their rights against self-incrimination. >> reporter: avoiding cameras, two of the landlords of the ghost ship warehouse made their first court appearance thursday, more than two years after the deadly fire. >> reporter: the two owned the oakland warehouse that now stand as a memorial site for the people killed in 2016. couples show they appeared to know more about the conditions than they admit. eva signed her name in the lease agreement. letters
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show kyle was notified of electrical issues months before the blaze. a creative director remains behind bars charged with 36 counts ever involuntary manslaughter. they've never spoken publicly. >> reporter: inside the courtroom, attorneys peppered them with questions, their knowledge of people living inside the warehouse, and if they themselves were in any way responsible for the deaths. they refused to testify, continuously citing the fifth amendment right against self-incrimination. when prosecutors asked if they were going to answer every question the same way, both said yes.
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leaving the courtroom quickly after with a black suv waiting outside. waiting outside. >> reporter: the defense wants prosecutors to give them immunity that would allow the landlords to testify in trial and not have their testimony be used against them. prosecutors say they're not ready for that because they still may charge them. charge them. this week alameda county judge, trina thompson, is hearing testimony. it will take about two weeks to seat a secure before testimony can begin. the current estimate for opening statements is that they could take place on april 30th o 1. a bay area lawmaker behind a
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new bill that provides community colleges a safe place for kids to sleep in their cars. >> some rain in xraft. rain in xraft. >> boeing's ceo, also the family of one of the victims who just filed a wrongful death suit. [ loud traffic sounds ] [ distant traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ]
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new details tonight about the deaths of eight family members from a car that plunged into the ocean last year. an inquest determined that the deaths were a murder/suicide. it concluded that jennifer deliberately drove her family's suv off the cliff and into the ocean from a dirt parking area off highway 1. she killed herself, her wife, and their six children. it happened just days after authorities began investigating allegations of child neglect. toxicology reports indicate that the children from 12 to 19 were given high doses of benadryl before the car was driven off the cliff. an apology from boeing's ceo
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for its role in the ethiopian plane crash. >> reporter: in a day packed with boeing news, boeing's ceo tweeted this genuinely surprising admission and apology. >> it's apparent that in both flight, the maneuvering characteristics augmentation system activated in response to erroneous angle of attack information. >> reporter: a few hours before the apology, the family of 24 24-year-old woman killed in the crash filed a wrongful death lawsuit against several defendant, including boeing, the airline, and the claim against the federal aviation administration. >> we are one of 337 families with huge holes because this aircraft didn't function. the >> the potential of my sister and 156 others driven straight
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into the ground because of boeing's greed. >> reporter: attorneys say boeing put larger engines on the max-8, which significantly changed how it operate, especially when climbing. the lawyers say in a move to reduce pilot training cost, boeing put in an automatic system to keep the plane from climbing too steeply. >> that would all be done automatically, without the knowledge of the pilot. >> reporter: an apparent defect in the system caused the plane to dive severely, causing loss of control. something also reported by other pilots months earlier. >> if we don't get this right, if we don't end the cozy relationship between the faa and will taxi agency and the boeing
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company, 5,000 of these fatally flawed planes will be in the air all over the world. >> reporter: without settlement, this could go on for years. now to berkeley where police want the public to take a close look at surveillance pictures of three men who are wanted in a series of robberies in an apple store. they have hit the same store four times in just the past week. no one's been hurt. the thieves got away with iphones and laptops worth $30,000. h $30,000. >> four times in a week, it's sort of odd. obviously they have a market. >> apple stores have been the target of thieves across the bay area. last fall there was a wave of thoughts targeting stores in walnut creek.
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walnut creek. a new poll finds that a majority of san franciscans favor a takeover of ping peing's infrastructure within pg&e's infrastructure within the city's limits. pg&e announced plans to file for bankruptcy. 56% of those polled said they would favor the city's purchase of the power lines and other equipment with the goal of becoming an energy-independent city. 22% said they opposed the idea. 22% were unsure. were unsure. it's possible that giants fans may have to wait a little bit before the first pitch at oracle park. rain is in the forecast. and it may stick around for first time. the giants are playing the rays. and the team says they'll do everything possible to get the game in. >> they'll get the game in for sure. and they're pretty
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optimistic for an almost on-time start. the frontal passage should occur around 1:that, something like. and that would athem to keep going. originally this looked bad. we were looking at rain real heavy in the early mid-afternoon. which would have been the ball game. in this case, showers at 1:35. then it rapidly breaks down. we'll be out there tomorrow covering the game. hopefully it stops pretty close to game time. the early part of morning though, it's going to be wet on your morning commute, up to about noontime. a little bit of wind, breezy conditions. you've seen it all this winter. looks like the game is gonna go off without too much of a delay. we'll specifically about the weekend. there'sitis chance of showers on saturday. on saturday.
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coming up, the new development in oakland that aims to help low-income families find housing. >> the warriors put on a show tonight. >> a boy missing for eight years turns out to be an ex-con.
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a young man found on a kentucky street corn ther week told authorities he was a child who had been missing since 2011. >> dna proves the man is not the person who he claims to be. the family is devastated. >> we know that you are out there somewhere, tim. and we will never stop looking for you. praying for you, and loving you. >> a heartbreaking day for the family of timothy pitzen. the man is actually 2003-year-old, exconvict from ohio, brian leany. >> i feel terrible for the grandmother and the aunt and the father. as a parent myself, i feel for them. >> reporter: on wednesday, he was found wandering in neighborhood kentucky. when police were called, he told them
10:25 pm
he was them thee pitzen and said he just escaped from his captors. but the fbi says that was all a hoax. >> our investigation has returned to what it has been seven years ago, a missing youth. >> reporter: in 2011, timothy pitzen's mother checked him out of his kindergarten class in aurora. she killed herself in a rockford, illinois, motel. leave behind a chilling note saying her son was okay but never would be seen again. >> he's a wonderful little boy. erful little boy. >> reporter: if there's eye silver lining in this story, it's that it puts the case back in the spotlight, perhaps helping investigators. lping investigators. prosecutors in los angeles today formally charged the man
10:26 pm
accused in the shooting of nipsey hussle. eric holder was ordered held on $5 million bail. holder's attorney did not dispute the bail amount. which the prosecution requested. at the same time civil rights activists are calling for the arrest of the woman who drove holder away from the scene. >> we know in the community that this so-called driver and accomplice, we believe, is also culpable in the murder of nipsey hussle. ey hussle. >> holder is accused of killing the 33-year-old rapper outside a south l.a. clothing store that hussle owned. hussle owned. why the ntsb wants you to stop using your phone even if
10:27 pm
you have a hands-free device. >> the new policy adopted about same-sex couples at the mormon church. >> and a proposed law could provide safe parking for homeless students at community colleges. ty colleges.
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the high cost of housing in the bay area is forcing more college students to live in their cars. an assemblyman wants to make it a law to allow community colleges to allow homeless students to sleep overnight in parking lots. >> reporter: i met a college student who used to be homeless. he parked his car right here behind the gym so he'd have access to a bathroom. and he tells me that this new law is greatly needed. several times police would tell him to leave. the new law would change that. for two years, this is what college student matthew considered home. >> especially during the winter when it was really cold. my windows don't really seal. my heater didn't work. >> reporter: after falling out
10:31 pm
with his family, the 21-year-old could not afford his own place. so instead he slept and lived out of his 2000 ford mustang. >> i tried staying in school. and while i was sleeping in my car, people would mess with it. >> reporter: he tried parking in residential neighborhoods but was ticketed. he is one of 4,000 students who experienced home littleness in the last year. >> shocked. absolutely shocked. we knew it was big but that's massive. one in five. going into a classroom at a community college and look around. one in five students experienced homelessness over 12 months. >> reporter: the assemb authored the bill that would allow students to stay in their
10:32 pm
cars. this requires community colleges to provide showers and security for homeless students. >> we want to work out the details with the community colleges first. it's been challenging so far. >> reporter: the bill has been met with some resistance. in a statement, the district says there is quite a big liability issue, serves, personnel, children, pet, food, cooking and so on. "we do not believe this is a compassionate, digified or humane way to address this issue." >> it's not solving the problem of homelessness. the more we ignore it, the worse it's going to get. >> reporter: matthew rents a home for $900 and shares the
10:33 pm
home with 12 other people. all while maintaining a good gpa and being vice president in student government. as for the bill, if it is approved, it could go into effect next january. t january. stereo 12 people in the house? >> reporter: yes, 12 people, and apparently there's only two bathrooms. >> okay. thank you. thank you. south bay renters gathered at san jose city hall tonight to speak out against politics that enable property owners to kick out tenants. members of the silicon valley renters rights coalition voiced their concerns about the mayor's new plan. they say the city's new ellis act ordinance will allow for more demolitions and further development of older ren-controlled buildings. carter maintains that rent control diminishes developers and slows
10:34 pm
progress. oakland celebrated the grand opening of a housing project near the coliseum today. the coliseum connection, formally known as the coliseum transit village, is located on 71st avenue next to the coliseum part station. half of the 110 units are considered affordable housing and will ren for about $1,300 a month to applicants who qualify. the other half of the units have been designated market rent. this is mixed-use housing. this is what we can do in the future. we can combine private and public. ivate and public. >> the project cost about $57 million. it was funded with a combination of public and private funds. to san francisco where people are asking for help in finding a large dog that bit two middle school students. it happened wednesday afternoon at joe dimaggio playground in north beach. both were treated at the
10:35 pm
hospital for injuries to their legs. investigators describe the big dog as white with black and gray-colored spots. the owner was a woman in her 30s wearing a black shirt and a purple investment. the mormon church is reversing course on a controversial policy involving couples, same-sex marriages and their children. the church said it would no longer classify same-sex couples as apostates but maintains its stance against gay marriage. it also stance it would allow children of gay and lesbian parents to be baptized. under the previous policy, minors had to turn 18, move out of their home, and disavow same-sex relationships before receiving the blessing of the mormon church. the city of chicago plans to file a simple lawsuit against actor, jussie smollett. the empire actor has refused to pay $130,000 in investigation costs. today was the deadline that the mayor gave to smollett who is
10:36 pm
accused of faking a hate crime against himself and wasting police resources. cook county state attorney dismissed all charges last week. today chicago's fraternal order of police issued a vote of no confidence in her. >> recent actions regarding the dropping of all charges against mr. smollett are particularly worrisome. due to a complete lack of communication and failure to follow established procedures by the office of kim fox. >> smollett's defense team says he doesn't owe the city anything. in fact th saying the city's mayor and police chief owe smollett an apology. we know you can't text and drive. now the federal government wants to ban using your phone while driving all together. >> a few sprinkles showing up tomorrow as we get into your friday. the welcome looks a little damp as well. >> and a new study says california is in the middle of
10:37 pm
an earthquake drought. does that mean we're due for the big one? what the experts are saying. ♪ ♪
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♪ new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express.
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officers say a driver was killed and a teenager critically injured when their
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car went off a cliff on ridgecrest boulevard just after 5:00 pm. there was heavy fog on the mountain at the time of the accident. no word yet on the name of the victims. of the victims. a new call for california to ban hands-free cellphone use while driving. the national transportation safety board is urging all 50 states to take steps to ban what the agency says is a risky practice. it is illegal to hold a phone and drive in california. but an official told us by phone that restriction doesn't go far enough. >> you can't do both. multitasking is a myth. they also say hands-free is not risk-free. >> the ntsb told us no states so far have banned hands-free use
10:41 pm
while driving. the battle centers on whether musk violated the terms of a settlement that he reached with the s.e.c. with a controversial tweet about the demand for teas tesla cars. he is required to get approval from a tesla attorney before posting any market-sensitive information. the judge says she'll resolve the conflict herself if the two sides fail to reach an agreement. shares of tesla fell 8% today after tesla reported a big drop in sales during the first quarter of 2019. tesla delivered 63,000 cars. that's 31% fewer than the previous quarter. tesla says a tax credit for electric cars was cut in half, making its cars a tougher sell. shares in snap are up. snapchat added almost nine million users, beating expectations. the stock has
10:42 pm
doubled in value since the beginning of the year. on wall street the dow gained 166 points today, extending its winning streak for a sixth straight day. the nasdaq was down three points and the s&p climbed 6. an earthquake drought against california. >> san andreas, hayward and san jacinto falls should be developing three or four earthquakes per century. and we got zero. >> what could be causing fewer earthquakes and why it could mean a shaky future. >> rain is on the way. bill martin has your forecast for the weekend. he weekend. for comfort food at a comfortable price, try my sourdough patty melt combo
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[ distant traffic sounds ] [ loud traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ] the new galaxy s10 on xfinity mobile. the phone and network designed to do more. get $250 back on a new galaxy when you switch and save today. say "get a galaxy" to learn more. a suspect is behind bars tonight after leading officers on a high-speed chase across los angeles county in a stolen truck. investigators say the driver weaved through rush hour traffic across several cities, narrowly hitting several vehicles while making sharp
10:46 pm
turns and squeezing in between cars. the driver was finally taken into custody after he slammed into an suv in pasadena. seriously injuring the driver. california appears to be experiencing an earthquake drought. seismologists went back 1,000 years and found there have been fewer major quakes in the past 100 years than ever before. reporter: it's been almost five years since the 5.0 earthquake shook napa. seismologists say even that one was rare. according to a new study by the u.s. geological survey, california has been in somewhat of an earthquake drought the past 100 years compared to 100 year averages going back 1,000 years. one of the authors of the study spoke with us by skype.
10:47 pm
>> san andreas, hayward, and san jacinto falls should be developing three or four earthquakes per century at these sites. and we got zero. >> reporter: that main bode well for our seismic future. >> to make up the average, it would be six or more in the coming century. which is obviously way more busy than it has been. >> reporter: a seismologist says it's hard to predict whether california is entering a new normal of fewer quakes. >> either the last 1,000 years is a good representative of what every 100 years should be like. or perhaps the previous 900 years were different than any other time period in history. >> reporter: seismologists have a theory. it may have something to do with the 1906 quake and two others in the 1800's. >> something about that let out all of the energy for earthquakes for some people of time. >> reporter: the quake of 1989 wasn't counted because it wasn't on one of the three fault lines.
10:48 pm
promota prieda is only one of three that struck. in the years prior to that, there were 14 major quakes. the message to the public is not to become complacent, and be prepared. >> there will be another large earthquake at some point. we can't tell you where or when. >> seismologists say we should expect another major earthquake sometime within the next 30 years. and they have been saying that for more than 30 years now. >> checking in on some rain out there. there's a few sprinkles showing up in the bay area. that's tomorrow's weather system. it starts off kinda wet. and the mornings seem to be a little damp. drizzle out there in the santa cruz mountains. all that other green, that's just bad reflectivity by san jose.
10:49 pm
the stuff in the hills, san mateo county coastline, might be a little drizzle showing up. showers tomorrow in the morning, tapering off rapidly by the afternoon. and the afternoon commute for the most part should be dry. let's take a look at the current forecast model. there we go tomorrow morning. that's sort of the wetness on the morning commute. it's not a big storm by any means. and then we got a little bit of a frontal passage around 11:00 or noon. midmorning commute, kinda damp. then we get this slide-through. and it slides through pretty quick. the giants game, i think they'll be fine, pull the tarp at 1:30, 2:00 and get the game going. there might be a stray sprinkle after that but it's not much of anything. so i can't imagine they would have to put the tarps back on. 7:00 am saturday morning, maybe a sprinkle or a shower as well. and then saturday afternoon, like that. saturday is not bad at all. sunday looks like the best day on the weekend at this
10:50 pm
point. tomorrow is the wet day in the morning. there you go. forecast for saturday looks good. sunday looks even better. there's the next weather system. friday morning we got some showers. maybe a chance of a pm shower. really it's all about the morning and early afternoon. and saturday morning, maybe a sprinkle on the day saturday. but really it's gonna be mostly that yellow thing. 60 in napa. don't change your plans too much based on a few raindrops. you've seen how it's been all week. raindrops almost every day this week. hasn't changed your plans that much. 65 in livermore, 64 in antioch. and the morning commute looks to be a little wet. take it slow. it's friday. enjoy yourself. go giants. the game should be relatively close to on-time. to on-time.
10:51 pm
a vicious attack caught on the security camera. we talk to the elderly victim who was carjacked by a 14-year-old boy. >> the warriors went to hollywood and laid out shorthanded lakers tonight. the real story was where lebron, what were lebron james and kevin durant talking about? about?
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
>> sports director is back with more on the warriors/lakers game. it wasn't as exciting as many hoped. some of the star players on the lakers team weren't playing. >> yeah, back in the day when the lakers would play, the warriors. >> right. >> you're thinking, it's a long night. however, things have changed. as you well know. a simple mission statement right now for the golden state warriors. stay healthy, get to the playoffs. what were they talking about that they had to cover their mouths? forget about it. dozen points for draymond green tonight. warriors took off
10:55 pm
and never let go. that is luscious right there. beautiful to kd. they start leading 34-8 over the lakers with no lebron and many others. drives to the bucket, 18 points. jack lo healthy. here's kd from green. and only seven shots tonight for kd. 15 points. cousins, 21 points, 10 rebounds. lakers getting a kick out of that. the a's, last night they were leading the red sox 3-0. sox caught them, beat them.
10:56 pm
same thing today, the other way around. a's were trailing 3-0. following the bouncing ball. pretty decent weather. here come the a's. boston up 3-0 in the third. piscotty, a slow start so far. nobody worried. here a three-run shot. she was very good and very fortunate to get a double here. piscotty with a fly out to center field. mookie betts and jackie bradley jr., you got it, i'll take it, whatever. manager can't believe it. ramon lariano, again, the incredible throw. watch this. coming up fiery. no hesitation. that is a goner at third base. the replay bears that out.
10:57 pm
seems like every day. sharks north of the border tonight. their short-term mission statement, get healthy, build back the confidence, and it wouldn't hurt to win a little bit. and that they did. out on the road. with sharks fans in canada. doing r down in the first. joe thornton, pass from sorensen, brokes out of a scoring slump from, as you call him, jumbo thornton. 1-1. 2-2 in the third. burns with a blast. >> beautiful. >> redirected by nyquist. 3-2. that's what it makes it. that's what it held up. one regular season game. >> come on. he's ready. football was the big sport
10:58 pm
at stanford today. yeah, it was their pro day. and lots of coaches, players, luminaries showing up. kyle shanahan on the right. john lynch on-hand. and christian mccaffrey, stormer stanford star. many there to see this guy. jj whiteside. stands for josi joaquin, by the way. 14 touchdown passes this season. ties the stanford record. he could go in the second round. and he was ready to show his wares today. >> people see my film. a physical respecter. but i want to prove that i can run too. i can run deep, shorter routes. so i think knowing what i bring to the table, not only being a
10:59 pm
complete receiver but also having that skill set. ving that skill set. >> like a gazelle. looked pretty good in a niners uniform. raiders got plenty of receivers. time to check this out. you know about ramon lariano with the a's and his arm. angels have a guy who's got one too. that would be mike trout. bam, you're done. the angels are getting worked. joel embiid against eric bledsoe. they're playing a little game within a game. bledsoe was ejected. milwaukee did window up winning the ball game. all worth checking out. time for more news. >> thanks so much. next at 11:00. >> as a father of two kids under two, paying off my student debt, i'm for you.
11:00 pm
i'm generational optimistic about our future. >> east bay congressman, swalwell lays the groundwork. swalwell will join an already-crowded field of democrats looking to unseat president trump in 2020. >> the young prosecutor turned lawmaker is making gun control his key issue. and he's making it personal, exposing a death threat he received from a gun rights supporter. how the congressman responded. >> reporter: congressman swalwell posted the death threat call on his twitter page with ndgunviolence. the death threat was called into the


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