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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  April 5, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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friday, april 5th and it will be a day at the ballpark >> you have to get the nachos at the bag park. >> i like the good old- fashioned peanuts. >> and the bratwurst with sower and onions. >> oh, wow! >> we will get to that. hopefully everyone around you is eating it, too! [ laughing ] well, a little more rain the last half hour. our system is getting very close, producing light rain and drizzle ahead of it. it will make an impact early. i think it will go through quick enough by the afternoon it should be on the backside but rain develops taking us to at least the noon hour, 1:00 hour. the timeline shows the increasing opportunity for light to moderate rain. it will pick up until noon. after 1:00 or 2:00 it should tail off. there is a back edge to the
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system. light rain in parts of morin county, sonoma, lake county and napa, as well. things are beginning to develop. the system you can see will give us cloud cover and rain, but once it moves through we will get clearing. 50s on the temps here. well above average on the lows, the breeze picking up out of the south. oakland 16 miles per hour right now. 20s in the mountains. the winter weather advisory starts at 5:00 p.m. today in the mountains but the snow levels will be pretty high. if you are traveling to the mountains, this looks like mainly the passes or above lake level with highs today in the 60s. 6:01. sal is here on a friday. have you figured out the traffic jams yet? ♪ >> nice try, ken! ♪ n! ♪ all right. we will do baseball songs. not only will we do baseball songs, but songs from your
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favorite artist, as, giants, whoever. maybe you happen to be a fan of another team. the walk-up song before they walk up and take their at-bat, they have a song they walk up to. tell me which player and what song. let's go to the bay bridge. it is backed up for a 10 to 15 minute delay. lighter than usual today. even though you can see it is a crowd, it just got crowded 10 or 15 minutes ago. it will probably be clouded later because of the home opener in san francisco. the as have left for houston. there will not be a cam game at the coliseum, that is good. here is the drive from livermore to dublin. that traffic is moving along okay. southbound traffic is looking a lilling lighter than usual. back to you at the desk. 140 people in santa rosa are being helped by the red cross after flames raced through their apartment
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complex. it started last night before 7:00 at the nueva vista apartments on west steel lane. no one was hurt by people were rescued from balconies and the roof. santa rosa firefighters tweeted this video. 64 apartment were evacuated. and at the finley community center on west college avenue the red cross set up a shelter for the evacuees. it took about 40 minutes to get the fire under control and the building according to the democrat does not have a sprinkler system. we will have more with a live report at the bottom of the hour. the time is 6:03. in napa several fire engines are out of service because of a fire at a fire station. it happened at cal fire station 26 at highway 29 late last night. several fire trucks burned will the garage caught fire but the main fire station was not damaged. the firefighters had to work fast to save the fire station.
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>> the first arriving fire companies wick cannily recognized they -- companies quickly recognized they could do the most good by getting up to the building as quickly as they could. they saved up to seven peeks from heavy damage or being destroyed. later today will will be a vigil in san francisco for a man shot and killed in the department of corrections office in the mission district. the 19-year-old taiepisi gutu was taken off of life support two days after being shot. police later arrested the suspect, 20-year-old hakeem owe dem in southern california, be -- hakim oden in southern california, and now he is being held without bail. a man accused of fatally stabbing a young woman at oakland's macarthur bart station will be back in court.
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john lee cowell is accused of kiming his sister. two court order doctors borrow assigned to evaluate him. one said et mentally incompetent and the other doctor could not reach a conclusion. happening today president trump is visiting california to tour a section of the border fencing that was recently fortified. the president says he won't try to shut down the border in the next few days like he had previously threatened, butnette is threatening to slap tariffs on cars coming to the u.s. from mexico unless mexico does more to stop the flow of migrants trying to enter the u.s. >> was he hear from business leaders saying this would be an economic disaster? i mean why the change? >> he doesn't want to hurt the economy or close the border, but this may be his only option if democrats won't come to table. >> this will be president trump's first visit to california since november. 245 when he toured the wildfire damage.
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we will be live from the southern border during the 7:00 hour this morning. the president's visit will also be the focus of our weekly political show the issue is. that airs tomorrow morning at 6:30 followed by mornings on 2 from 7:00 to 10:00. our time is 6:06. new this morning conflicting news right now about the founder of wikileaks julian assange. the word is there is reportedly no decision being made about forcing him to leave the embassy in london. these are live pictures. that is it the embassy. there is a tweet from wikileaks saying a high level sources says julian assange will be expelled within hours to days. he has been holed up in the ecuador yann embassy since 2012, facing extradition to the u.s. if he ever steps out.
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he is accused of publishing thousands of stolen fbi documents. and in brynn attain, prime minister theresa may is requesting an extension of the brexit in the eu, moving it from the april 12 date to june 30th. there are reports they could get an extension of up to a year as they work out details of the brexit this is the epitome of what we want to see as we develop housing, this is mixed use
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housing. this is what we can do in the future. we can combine private and public housing and come up with something spectacular as this >> this project was funded with a combination of public and private money for about $57 million. the time is 6:08. the san francisco giants home opener game is set for 1:35 this afternoon against the tampa bay rays. ktvu's alex savage is -- allie rasmus is already there as oracle park but there are concerns about whether rain will come in and delay the game. good morning, alley! >> reporter: we haven't felt a drop of rain so far so that is a good sign. officials say they will get the game in one way or the other. we are hoping the rain won't cause issues. one of the things that fans see as soon as they walk in, not just is new oracle park signs,
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but a massive new scoreboard you guys have out here? >> why are excited about the new board. it is three times the size of the one we had before. we are thrilled about unveiling the new board today. it is a 4k board and the clarity is unbelievable. it is the centerpiece of the ballpark. i think with all the stats the fans are looking for, we will be able to do so much more with this board. we are excited about showing it off today. >> reporter: some people may be nostalgic for the original one and the clock that used to be up here, as well. why go bigger? >> with technology, our options, we have so many more options now and the experience in the ballpark is a big part of what we do and fans are expecting so much more. we can still be nostalgic with the bigger board. but we can also have more baseball stats and the clarity is like something we have never seen before. we are excited about it and it is part of what this ballpark is all about. >> reporter: let's talk about
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the weather. you are constantly watching the forecast. there has been a lot of talk. will with home opener be rained out? >> we don't think so. opening day is like no other day. we have so many festivities planned, plus it is friday. tampa bay, a w opponent for us on opening day, they don't come back to fran san francisco. we have to get the game in. it may be delayed a little bit but it sounds like the storm will come in and go quickly. we will still open the gates at 11:00. we encourage fans to come out, enjoy the ballpark. we have a great ceremony planned. we have tributes and a surprise for the first pitch. also, keep in mind this is bruce bochy's last day. it is opening day, the start of the season, and we are ready to go. >> mario elliott, the vice president of operations here for the san francisco giants. you heard it. they plan on getting the game in no matter what, even if it impacted by the weather.
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everyone is closely watching the forecast so the hope is if there is a delay it will not lead to a cancellation of the game all together. too much going on here for opening day festivities. live at oracle park, allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. >> that is for sure. thank you. republican lawmakers at the state capitol tried and failed to divert funding away from california's high speed rail project. the bill would have redirected a portion of the dollars from the high speed project to cal fire. some argue the money would be better spent fighting fires which have become more destructive across the state >> i think helping air quality, giving the money to cal fire to prevent forest fires is where we think it should be. nothing against high speed rail. the mystery grows over a missing boy from ohio.
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shocking new information we are learning about the case after the fbi confirmed the family's latest hope he is okay turned out to be a hoax. plus, it happened more than 180 million-miles from earth. the reason nasa set off a space explosion this morning on an asteroid.
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a man accused in the deadly shooting of rapper nipsey hussle is being held on $5 million bail. 29-year-old eric holder pled not guilty to murder and attempted murder, accused of killing the 33-year-old rapper on sunday outside a los angeles clothing store that nipsey hussle owned. he is expected back in court on may 10. there will be a candlelight vigil today in downtown oakland in memory of nipsey hussle near 17th and broadway at 6:00 this evening. dna tests show that a young man found on a kentucky street this week is not the missing boy he claims to be. authorities say the man who claimed to be timmothy pitzen is actually a 23-year-old exconvict from ohio.
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now, he be told police he was timmothy and just escaped his captors that had been holding him for seven years but now investigators know this is all a hoax and timmothy pitzen's family is devastated. >> we know you are out there, tim. we will never stop playing for you, looking for you and loving you >> his mother picked him up from his kindergarten class in aurora, illinois. she spent a few days with him, then killed herself in a hotel room leaving behind a note saying her son was okay but would never be seen again. new this morning the japan space agency dropped an explosive on to an asteroid looking for clues as to how the solar system began. the japanese spacecraft released a small copper explosive onto the asteroid,
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180 million-miles from earth. the goal is to make a crater on the surface and then collect underground samples to find clues about the origin of the solar system. scientists completed the really difficult mission. the spacecraft was able to quickly fly away and dodge flying shards from the explosion. by the way, you may see meteor streaks across the skies in the self-esteem east. american -- in the southeast this morning. the meteor society said it was across florida and alabama. the show becomes active in the next few weeks. 6:17 is the time. sal, traffic jams, walk-up songs for baseball. >> either walk-up songs, pam, or a song about baseball. i got a question for a song about baseball that you will probably recognize. >> right.
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i was looking. brandon belt is the source of mine, correct? he has one of the best walk-up songs in my opinion, you spin me around. >> by the group dead or alive from the 1980s. >> yes. dead or alive >> great. and florie da, maybe? >> yes. this is the beginning of the baseball season. by mid-season i will know what they are, at least for the teams i follow. follow.
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well, the as are on the road so you don't have to worry about their game. but there is a giants home opener that will effect traffic in san francisco all day long. 6:19. steve? thank you, sal. let's get to it here. decent rain in the last 24 hours, mainly morin county north. other locations, bodega bay a quarter inch. santa rosa .11. not far away you can find more than this. the system is getting very close, producing rain in advance of it already. the giants home opener they will play. allie is there and she says no rain yet. but in the next hour or two it will develop. the good news is there is a backside, it goes through around the noon hour, maybe 1:00 or 2:00, then a decrease in the rain rapidly with understand we get to the early afternoon hours. they will play. they said so a couple days ago and they will, but it looks
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like the system is a little weaker. the winds will gust 35 miles per hour. not as much intensity on the rain although there have been pretty good amounts already to the north. some of that is beginning to increase and getting very close for others, as well. san francisco, the san mateyo coast, maybe another hour to the santa cruz mountains. 50s on the temps, well above average for this time of year. the breeze is already 18 out of the south at half moon bay. the winter weather advisory picks up at 5:00 p.m. today in the sierra. snow levels pretty high with that, mainly above lake level. a couple of systems will impact us today and late tonight and saturday morning. sunday looks better. rainfall amounts have been kaled way back, but they are still there. we will break tonight, then more rain saturday morning. sunday looks better. won't be sunny and warm.
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there when clouds around but it will be dry and warmer. 60s on the temps. we should be at 68, 69 degrees. not there today. won't be there saturday but sunday looks a little better. >> thank you, steve. the east bay congressman eric swalwell could soon announce he is running for the white house but right now his gun laws controversy plus, one apple store in berkeley has opinion robbed four times. the search now under way for the suspect.
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. berkeley police are looking
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for three men wanted in a recent series of robberies at an apple store. investigators say these men have hit the apple store on 4th street four times in the past week. so far no one has been hurt but the thieves got away with iphones and laptops estimated $30,000. >> it is happening all over the bay. here four times in a week is sort of odd. obviously there is a market. everybody needs to be a bit more aware i would imagine. >> apple stores have been the target of thieves across the bay area. last fall there was a wave of thefts. thefts. your alexa device internet connection could soon come directly from amazon. they confirmed plans for putting 3,000 satellites in orbit with the goal of provides internet around the world. amazon is not the first major company to explore space interpret. spacex detailed its plans in 2016 for a satellite internet service, as well. other companies including facebook are working on their
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own satellite internet plans also. a federal judge in manhattan is giving tesla ceo elon musk two weeks to resolve the dispute with his company. the battle centers on whether musk violated the terms of a settlement he reached with the fcc with a controversy tweet about the tesla cars. the judge says she will come up with a judgment herself if the two sides fail to reach a agreement. tesla reported a big drop of sales in the 1st quarter of 2019. shed about 8% of its value yesterday. tesla delivered 63,000 cars, 31% fewer than the previous quarter. tesla says a tax credit for electric cars was cut in half, making the cars a tougher sell. we continue to follow the late nest the ghost ship warehouse trial. for the first time the landlord
6:27 am
of the building appeared in court. we will tell you what happened in court when questioned by the judge. and live in santa rosa where an apartment fire has displaced 140 people. you can see behind me the damage. a ladder leading up to a window. people had to jump off their balconies to escape. more on that coming up. itreat them all as if, they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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pg&e wants you to plan ahead by mapping out escape routes and preparing a go kit, in case you need to get out quickly. for more information on how to be prepared and keep your family safe, visit
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welcome back. looks like the rain will come through at giants game time at 1:35, but the rain should quickly move out and eventually they will play. well, look at these rainfall
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totals. got a little rain going on. generally less than a tenth inch but the system is moving closer and the warm sector band is making its push into mendocino county, and in napa county and areas. the system will sweep across giving us rain in the morning hour, maybe early afternoon, then it will scoot through. rain develops but improving conditions later today. on the timeline that highlights that, as well. we see the rain increasing. the moderate category. the wind will pick up by early afternoon. it will tail off rapidly after that. in the mountains a winter weather advisory kicks in at 5:00 p.m. but the system is making its move on the mendocino coast, sonoma and morin. 50s on the temps. the breeze is picking up. half moon bay has gusts up to 18 miles per hour, gusts up to 35 possible. rain this morning tapering off this afternoon, then another system early saturday, saturday night to sunday seeing improving conditions but the
6:32 am
amounts have been cut back a lot compared to a couple days ago. we will still get rain this morning and 60s on the temps. 6:32. sal is here to give you advice on navigating the traffic here this morning. the giants have the home stand saturday, sunday, tuesday, wednesday, and will most of the games be effected by weather? >> saturday morning. saturday afternoon looks fine. sunday and monday fine. >> great, thank you, steve. >> it is nice to have my own personal weather man. wait, not weather man, meteorologist! let's get that straight! well, on the bridge traffic is looking okay. not as long as the back up normally is but there is a back up. the east shore freeway, right now a 20 minute drive between vallejo and the macarthur maze. not bad. then you add another 10 to 15 minute wait before you get on the bridge. the home opener at oracle park for the giants that will effect
6:33 am
traffic in and out of san francisco all day. oakland after a very successful opening home stand, i do say, are on the road to houston. the warriors do play tonight at oracle arena. that mean there is will be traffic associated with that. san mateyo bridge, dumbarton bridge traffic looking good and contra costa traffic is nice so far. 6:33. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. this morning 140 people in santa rosa are out of their homes after a big fire in an apartment complex. many of them had to be rescued. ktvu's elissa harrington is there at the apartment building this morning with more on the story. good morning, elissa. >> reporter: good morning! behind me i want to show you some of the damage. you can see where the fire burned several of the units. windows are broken there, a couch is on the ground, books thrown out the window and a ladder leading up to one of the windows. we know that some of the occupants were calling for help from their rooftops and balconies and firefighters had
6:34 am
to make a lot of rescues. this started last night just before 7:00. the fire started on the second floor of the nueva vista apartments and spread to a apartment directly above it. thick black smoke raced through the hallways trapping residents that could not see their way out. this is an older building with no sprinkler system. firefighters were able to knock down the flames in less than an hour but the building still suffered major smoke damage leaving 140 people displaced. about 300 people live at the complex. there are two buildings that make up the complex. about half of them can't go back but a lot of the people are displaced because utilities had to be shot off. the american red cross set up a shelter at the finley community center. a feel people were medically evaluated at the scene but there are no major injuries to report. elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. the time is 6:34. a fatal stabbing in san jose is
6:35 am
under investigation right now. it was san jose's 11th homicide of the year. it happened last night on north capital avenue. the man stabbed died at the hospital. there is no word of any arrests. and in alameda police are investigating after a body was found at the scene of a brush fire. fire crews found the body yesterday afternoon in veterans memorialize park on bay farm island near the bridge. the firefighters spotted the body when they put out a small vegetation fire. right now we still don't know if this was foul play. investigators are still trying to determine who the person was and the cause of death. the man accused in a sword attack outside a san francisco roller rink is behind bar this is morning and faces charges of attempted murder. 30-year-old leore burghland is accused of slashing another man with a sword, injuring the witness' left hand. the attacker was wearing anti-
6:36 am
gay remarks and wearing a make america great again hat. this happened on march 29 at oakland and fillmore. east bay congressman eric swalwell is not letting a death threat stop him from fighting for what he believes in.... .... someone left that exme sieve- filled rant at swalwell's office in castro valley. he posted the threat online and replied i am not afraid. not of this caller or the nra. he has pushed for making for safer schools to making colleges more affordable. >> i am a father of two paying off my student's educational debt. i am for you and solving problems. >> we asked if he will announce
6:37 am
a presidential run. that is expected next tuesday on the late show with stephen colbert. he would not confirm or deny that but he is planning a town hall about gun violence next week near the site of the parkland, florida, school shooting. well, it is already a full field for the democratic nomination. tim ryan is the most recent entrant. joe biden is expected to declare this month. speaking of biden this morning, he is speaking publicly for the first time this morning since several women said he touched them in ways that made them uncomfortable. he is due to speak at a labor union in washington, d.c.. political analysts don't expect him to spend a lot of tile in that speech addressing the allegations. in the post biden said he would be more mindful and respectful and he does have his supporters. >> i have known joe biden for
6:38 am
over 30 years. he has never been inappropriate with me. i think he is an honorable and decent human being. >> biden supporters say the allegations against him have not derailed any plans for a 2020 campaign well, critics of the trump administration are getting impatient, waiting for the attorney general william barr to release the full mueller report on russia influence on the elections. last night demonstrators held marchs in san rafael and oakland. it was part of a nation-wide protest calling for the release of the full mueller report, not just a four page summary by the attorney general. >> the fact that they are withholding it so much, clearly it shows there is something in there that they don't want us to see. >> an indictment isn't as important as knowing the truth, what happened in 2016 was going on in our country so that we can rise as americans and defend our democracy
6:39 am
>> at one buoyant demonstrators phoned the justice department and demanded the release of the mueller report. president trump insist there is no collusion or obstruction of justice and the democrats are trying to keep alive this issue because they don't have ideas on improving the country. a man charged in the deadly new zealand mosque shootings has been ordered to undergo two mental health evaluations to determine if he is fit to stand trial. the judge insists the decision is normal in a case like this and the evaluations could take two to three months to complete. the 28-year-old man has been charged with 50 counts of murder and 39 counts of attempted murder in last months' shootings. in a manifesto he described himself as whiffers motivated by hate. prince harry versus fortnite. the popular royal wants to ban the popular multiplayer survival game saying it was quote created to addict and keep young people in front of a computer for as long as possible and calls the game
6:40 am
irresponsible and adds that social media is more addictive than alcohol and drugs. fortnite has 200 million registered players worldwide. and you are shooting at each other. a lot of people have objections about the violence in the game. >> all right then. the time is 6:40. when you talk about drought you don't often think about a earthquake but california is in the middle of an earthquake drought. how this century compared to the last 900 years and what that may mean for quakes in the future. future. plus, new information about the deaths of the hart family after their suv drove off a cliff. the reason the investigators say it was intentional and what toxicology reports are revealing about the children. ildren. at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 6:43. new details on the deaths of the eight members of the hart family that died last year when the suv drove off the california cliff into the ocean. a two-decor nor's inquest determined this was a murder- suicide case and concluded jennifer hart deliberately drove her family's suv into the ocean off of highway 1 from a dirt parking area, killing herself, her wife and their six children. the tragedy happened days after authorities in the family's home state of washington started investigating allegations of child neglect. toxicology reports indicate the children ranging in age from 12 to 19 were given high doses of benadryl before that car was driven off the cliff. for the first time the landlords of the ghostship warehouse appeared in court as part of the legal case in oakland over the fire there that killed 36 people.
6:45 am
eva ang arrived first and her brother, kia showed up second. the warehouse now stands as a memorial site for the 36 people that died in the fire in 2016. the angs have never been charged in the case. derick almena and max harris are still in jail, charges with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. ktvu fox 2 news tried to talk with the angs outside of court yesterday but they made no comment. comment. inside the courtroom lawyers asked them about their relationship with almena, the knowledge of the people heaving in the warehouse and if they themselves are in any way responsible for the deaths. the two refused to testify, continuously citing the 5th amendment right against self
6:46 am
incrimination. jury selection in the trial is due to begin april 16 against derick almena and max harris. a suspect involved in a dramatic high speed chase is behind bars after leading officers across los angeles county in a stolen truck, weaving across rush hour traffic across several cities, narrowly missing vehicles. police say the driver was finally taken into custody after slamming into an suv in pasadena, seriously injuring the driver. an elderly san jose man is recovering after he was tightened just outside his front door. it was all captured on his home surveillance camera. take a look. the 72-year-old man was unloading groceries wednesday morning when he was jumped by a teenager that stole his car. you see the man trying to get his keys back when the suspect starts punching him. >> he jumped into the car. i reached in there and grabbed him and tried to pull him back
6:47 am
but he punched me and broke my glasses >> now, ultimately the man's car was stolen. ten minutes later police say the car crashed after running a red light. police arrested the driver who is 14 years old. our time is 6:47. a teenaged passenger is in the hospital this morning after a crash in a state park where the driver was killed. police say the car plunged off a cliff on ridge crest boulevard yesterday afternoon. there was heavy fog on mt. tam at the time of the accident. at this point we don't know the name of the victims. a new poll finds a majority of people in san francisco favor a takeover of pg&e's electrical infrastructure within city limits. the city's public utilities commission has expressed interest in the idea since pg&e announced plans to file for bankruptcy. the california-based research firm found that 56% of those polled favored the city of the pg&e power lines purchase and
6:48 am
other equipment with the goal of becoming an energy- independent city. 22% oppose the idea and 22% you are sure. the time is 6:48. this is for steve paulson. a brand new study seems to confirm what many cat owners already know. cats know their own name. researchers at the you're of japan found evidence that cats can distinguish between different words. they say there is no evidence the cats know what the words mean, but they say cats seem to respond to their names because they of get rewards like food or special attention when they hear that name. >> i didn't know there was a question about that. doings can have a very big vocabulary. i would think cats could, as well. sal, you have cats? >> my cats and doing know their names. they know their names probably because they know they will get food. >> yes. and treat, walk, that sort of
6:49 am
stuff. >> yes! let's take a look at the commute. if you are driving into san francisco there will be a wait a the bay bridge toll plaza. i will go back for a second here and look at the toll plaza and the east shore freeway, taking 23 minutes to get mere from vallejo to the macarthur maze and another 20 minutes at the toll plaza. 80 north and south in oakland looks good and so does 580. traffic will be okay as you can see. and traffic is already on the san mateyo or dumbarton bridge. we have had a decent commute. a little bit of slowing at the ridge monday bridge. 580 and 205 is okay. 205 has an accident after i-5 for people coming into the central valley but as you look around you don't see a lot going on here. it is lighter for a friday. at 6:49, let's bring steve in. >> thank you, sal. let's get right to it. all-important giants home opener today. the rain has begun.
6:50 am
allie tweeted out light rain has begun, but it will go through, okay? the system will be late morning, early afternoon, then it should be out of the picture. there has been decent rain in the russian river. nothing new there. the theme is entire winter. steve, nervous about the giants home opener but as spongebob square pants would say, make the most out of a situation! [ laughing ] he would! i think the system will go through. if not, maybe around the noon hour, just in the afternoon, early afternoon. by later this afternoon it will go -- there is a back edge to that that i will show new a second. rain is inching closer. it has been really, i mean almost hard to believe, but not really, take a look at these totals. these totals.
6:51 am
moving in on the mendocino coast rain in advance making its move to the sonoma coast, maybe another inch-and-a-half possible for areas in the russian river. our system will give us morning rain for everybody. 50s on the temps. it is weaker for a few of us. a lot of 50s. the breeze is picking up. 21 half moon bay south- southeast. the front direction. we get the rain this morning and another system is coming in for saturday. they don't have a lot of cold air with them. that is why there is some of this rainfall amounts scaled back a little. we will still get rain here in santa rosa, about half an inch of rain to an inch, inch-and-a- half. the rule of thumb is you double it in the russian river. 60s on the temps today. rain tapering off in the afternoon. then it picks up again overnight to saturday morning. saturday night and sunday. a break and a little warmer on sunday. dave? >> thank you, steve. it is not your typical drought. there is a new study that says
6:52 am
california is an earthquake drought. when we come back the reason researchers say this may mean more major quakes in our future. first, let's check in with gasia to see what is coming up on mornings on 2. in minutes we told you about a plan to explore using hovercraft across the bay to get commuters where they need to go quickly. now the plan may have to be dramatically scaled back. what is putting hovercraft on hold. and also, you may have blamed your commute for being late to work, but when you are warriors star stephen curry, you can't get the bridge stand in your way. the move they are considering now that his offense is no longer in the east bay. we will be right back. (dad) this ice cream cake needs a freezer. (mom) freezer's full. (vo) only frigidaire's custom flex temp drawer can switch from fridge to freezer. (son) nice save! (vo) that's using your frigidaire.
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this is a song that brian wilson used to use as his walk- up song when he came in from the bullpen to close out the game back in the day. that was 10 years ago.
6:56 am
thank you for requesting that. if you want to hear a walk up song from your favorite player hit me up on social media. boeing ceo is apologizing for the crashes of at 737 max airplane where more than 300 people were killed. >> it is apparent the maneuvering characteristics augmentation system activated in response to erroneous angle of attack information. >> the family of a 24-year old woman who was killed in a crash filed a wrongful death lawsuit against boeing, the airline is my the faa. lawyers a defect in the max 8 caused the airplane to dive
6:57 am
severely, causing a loss of control, without a repot -- other pilots reported months earlier. >> we are one of 337 families with such huge home ats because this aircraft did not function. passengers should not have died. >> according to the crash report the anti- stall system on the airplane pushed its nose down four times during that flight, after manually pulling the plane up, three times, the part of this could not regain control. the anti- stall system is also suspected to have contributed to the crash of the lion airflight in indonesia in october. the city of chicago will file a civil lawsuit against jussie smollett. he is refusing to pay $130,000 in investigation costs. yesterday was the deadline that the mayor gave him, he was accused of faking a hate crime
6:58 am
against himself in not wasting police resources. cook county u.s.'s attorney kim foxx dismissed all charges last week. now the fraternal order of police is issuing a vote of no- confidence in her. >> recent actions regarding the charges against jussie smollett are worrisome. due to the complete lack of communication and failure to follow procedures by kim foxx. >> the defense lawyer says millette does not own the city of chicago anything in matty mayer and police chief actually owe him an apology. going concern for the safety of tourists at the grand canyon. three people died there in the last two weeks. a 67-year old man fell over a ledge in the canyon on wednesday. last week the bodies of two visitors were found in the park. one of them a 50-year old from hong kong stumbled over the edge while trying to take a picture.
6:59 am
a group that supports national parks says that the parks are seeing growing number of visitors with fewer employees to keep them safe. seismologists say california is going through an earthquake drought. a new study found fewer major earthquakes in california in the last century then the hundred year average going back 1000 years. the magnitude napper earthquake in 2014 was the last time an earthquake that size or bigger hit california. scientist say the hayward, san andreas, falls should have 3-4 big quakes per century. >> to make up the average it would be six or more in the coming century, which is way more busy than it has been. >> the theory is the energy released from the 1906 earthquake along with two others may explain the drought we are having now.
7:00 am
seismologists as it is hard to predict if california is entering a new normal of fewer earthquakes. scientist say we should expect a major earthquake over the next 30 years. new this morning more than 100 people are displaced from an apartment complex. the urgent rescue made by firefighters to save people from the flames. it is opening-day at oracle park in san francisco. the giant organization watching the weather to see if the home opener may face a weather delay. we will have more on that and also some of the new attractions for fans. the tarp is on the field at the park, san francisco preparing for rain today. good morning i am dave clark, let's talk more about the weather. they will play.


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