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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 5, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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caltrans has a new explanation tonight about a chunk of concrete that fell onto the lower desk of the richmond-san rafael bridge this morning. >> what are you gonna do? there's nothing you can do. they have to fix it. >> new troubles on the richmond san rafael bridge tonight as concrete falls from the upper
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deck to the lower deck. >> this has become a recurring problem for the last two months now. fortunately no one was hit this time. but the chunk, about the size of a football, certainly could have done some damage. we have live coverage tonight. >> reporter: this time caltrans is blaming its contractor. crews are out here every night replacing aging expansion joints in the road. and last night, their cleanup wasn't complete. the traffic backup stretching for miles on the east bay. a piece of concrete a driver saw fall from the upper deck. he called 9-1-1 and chp came out and closed all but one lane. resulting in gridlock for several hours. some homebound commuters lingered on the marin
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side. >> you just kinda deal with it. there's no other option. you go up north and go to vallejo to get around, that take just as long. >> reporter: a few months ago, it was even worse. vefrl sizeable pieces of concrete fell into traffic from above, that time hitting a car. it was determined a failed expansion joint in the roadbed was the cause. a few weeks ago, caltrans showed how they were replacing not only that steel hinge but all 30 on the upper deck to be cautious. but demolition on one hinge thursday night appears to have gotten a little sloppy. >> it should have been completely cleaned up. >> reporter: the caltrans director says pieces of demolished concrete are supposed to fall onto a barrier and be carted away at shift's end. at least one heavy chunk was behind. >> with the vibration of traffic
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this morning, that piece of concrete vibrated itself off the barrier onto the shoulder. >> reporter: that has caltrans rethinking the design. >> we're looking at the barrier system to see if we can make any modification to it to avoid any of these types of situations in the future. >> yeah, it's not very reassuring. >> reporter: the new incident, so similar to the first, has people talking. >> i would imagine they'd be able to see problems ahead of time. maybe more inspecks or something, just to make sure that everything's sound. >> i'm not afraid, but what are you gonna do? there's nothingly nothing you can do. they have to fix it. ave to fix it. >> reporter: how many pieces of concrete were left precariously on that barrier? unknown. but the caltrans director apologizes for today's traffic healthcare and insists the bridge is safe.
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if it wasn't, he said, he'd shut it down. >> still a scary thought when you're driving across the bridge. frightening. >> you have to wonder now if the regular commuters are keeping their eyes up a little bit. keeping their eyes open for this. >> i certainly would be. deb, thank you. deb, thank you. and we're following news on the benicia bridge tonight where all southbound lanes are currently closed. the highway patrol says a man got out of his truck on the bridge threatening to jump. he's now been detained. authorities are concerned about a package he had. they the bomb squad to check it out before reopening the bridge. here's a look at traffic in the area. you can see the purple over the bridge where it's currently shut down. and traffic is backed up on southbound 680 in solano county. a serious accident in
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oakland this afternoon injured five people, including at least three children who were in the vehicle. skyfox was above the scene around 4:45 when crews could be see treating the children outside of the crushed cars. the sedan was sideways in the middle of the road. and it appears to have struck a large concrete pillar that supports bart's airport connector service. president trump came to california today to bolster his assertion about a crisis along the us/mexico board. the president said there is no room here for more migrants. he called asylum a hoax and criticized california's elected leaders. >> reporter: president trump visits the border wall in calexico with a message for california's leaders. >> california is always the first one to complain. and i don't mean the people of california. i'm talking about the politicians in california. they complain.
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>> reporter: earlier the president holding a roundtable with local officials expressing his frustration at some asylum seekers. >> it's a scam, okay? it's a scam. a hoax. i know about hoaxes. i just went through a hoax. >> reporter: right now it is legal for migrants to approach a u.s. point of entry and ask for asylum in america, claiming a hardship in their country. >> can't take anymore, sorry folks. can't take anymore. asylum, i look at some of these asylum people, they're gang members. they're not afraid of anything. they have lawyers greeting them. that's a very dangerous world he's living in. and if he keeps living there, lots of problems for the people of california. >> reporter: the border patrol presenting the president with a piece of the recently built wall. >> the border patrol agents, a border wall system is what works. >> reporter: a congressional delegation from california is here. as is republican assembly
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woman melissa melendez from lake elsinore. >> democrats want to take our boarder and change it from a border into a crosswalk. >> reporter: supporters of the president line the streets. >> we wanted to show that there are supporters in california for the president. >> he's keeping the promises that he made. and he's definitely making america great again and putting us first. >> reporter: opponents put up an inflatable baby trump, protesting his immigration view. >> i think he needs to get educateded. and that's what we've been trying to do. if you want to learn, you can learn from us. >> they're just trying to get a better life. they're nothing bad, trust me. they're good people. >> reporter: the president says the whole immigration system is broken. >> which is the dumbest? is it chain migration or visa lottery? >> reporter: from here the president headed to beverly hill s for afundraiser. spend the night in los angeles
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las vegas. the american civil liberties union is taking legal action against the president's declaration of an emergency at the border. the civil rights group asked a judge in california to block the president's action on behalf of communities along the border and the sierra club. the achusays president trump is overstepping his powers. ng his powers. governor newsom is planning to travel to el salvador tomorrow to see why thousands are leaving that country to asylum in the u.s. be joined by an aide whose father made the same journey 40 years ago during a violent civil war. the state of california filed a lawsuit today against two federal agents saying they're breaking the law. california's attorney general says california's request for data on a proposed roll-back of
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vehicle emission standards were ignored. >> reporter: california has among the nation's strictest vehicle emission standards. and today the attorney general said if the federal government wants to change that, they need to show the science behind the decision. because people's health is at stake. >> vithree kids and they run around outside. >> reporter: she citizen her concern for their health includes the air they breathe. >> i do have one son who was an asthmatic. >> reporter: on friday, california's attorney general, javier becerra, filed a lawsuit against the u.s. epa. under proposals of the trump administration to roll back
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restrictions on vehicle emigs puts the health of communities and children at risk. >> nobody really knows how they got those numbers. it's a model that's very different than what economist have seen before with numbers that are kind of out of the normal range. >> reporter: since the 1 california's vehicle emission standards to prevent smog and unhealthy air have been tougher than many other states. >> they're trying to take away california's power to set standards to deal with conditions in california. the result of rolling back the fuel efficiency standards would be that the smog will be worse. the car companies ask for some delay and some flexibility. but they never ask to have rollbacks.
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>> reporter: in oakland, clean air activists are worried. >> the health of people in communities like west oakland is at stake. >> reporter: brian is codirector of the west oakland environmental indicators project, fighting for two decades to improve air quality in we oakland. >> tens of thousands of cars coming and going. too and from san francisco and around the region, passing by every day. and vehicle emissions are the primary source of pollution in this neighborhood. now we have million dollar condos in oakland right up next to the freeway. and those folks need to be aware of this as well. >> reporter: the state of new york has also filed requests for data. that could effectively delay any rollbacks by the epa as all of this is worked out in the courts. n the courts. just a week after lifting a
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ban on high-capacity ammunition in california, a federal judge today reinstated the ban. that means as of today, it's illegal to buy or sell magazines with more than ten bullets. u.s. district judge roger benitez said he was giving state officials time to appeal his original order and time for the ninth circuit court to weigh in. it has been illegal on buy or sell high-capacity ammunition in california since the year 2000. former vice president, joe biden, giving some mixed messages about claims from several women about unwanted touching. >> i just want you to know, i had permission to hug lonnie. >> it was an apparent reference to the four women who accused him of invading their space and inappropriate contact. after the comment, he spoke more but
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stopped short of a full apology. >> i'm sorry i didn't understand that. i'm not sorry for any of my intentions. i've never been disrespectful intentionally. to a man or a woman. >> after the speech, before union workers in washington dc today, biden wouldn't comment on whether he intends to run for president. every day delay after that point is one more day of frustration for motorists and tax payers. d tax payers. >> bart to the south bay. transit officials provide an update about when it might be up and running. >> lots of clouds today. even some rain showers, especially for this morning. coming up, i'll let you know if we could be dropping a few more raindrops into the weekend forecast. >> dinner, dancing and even a photo booth. we'll go to prom night at children's hospital. [ loud traffic sounds ]
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[ distant traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ] the new galaxy s10 on xfinity mobile. the phone and network designed to do more. get $250 back on a new galaxy when you switch and save today. say "get a galaxy" to learn more. a fiery big rig crash backed up traffic for most of the day. southern marin fire released this video of the burning big rig. the driver of the 53-foot
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goodwiltruck lost control in the rain and went off the road. authorities told the marin ij that the driver had to break a window to escape from the flames. bart to the south bay. it's been a long time coming. and officials promised no more delays. but there's still some details to work out. >> reporter: a year ago, they will open as replan a year ago, late this year. >> my expectation is that by the end of the year, we will see operations. >> reporter: the high-tech industry says this will not only be a huge enhancement to commerce. it will help calm the frazzled nerves of south bay commuters. >> it's going to open $140 million underbudget. yes, you heard that right. a government
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project coming in $140 million under budget. >> reporter: what remains to be finalized silent complexion agreement of the station that bart will operate. it's a complex agreement but most of those negotiations are already finalized. >> bart is watching us very closely to make sure we're making appropriate progress in. that context, we've got that mike sure that everything is gonna work and mesh seamlessly on the physical side of it as well as the really important networking and computer communications side. >> reporter: both sides upon the stations to open. the only other hang-up is that bart and the santa clara valley transportation authority have not quite yet worked out how to fund the line once an oning a of a cent sal tax expires in 201042, more than two decades from now. plenty of time to find sources. >> it should have been delivered on time a yearago.
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every day delay after that point is one more day of frustration for motorists and tax payers. >> reporter: the simple fact is both bart and b, it a have put a lot of money into this project. and the last thing either side wants is any more delays. ore delays. now to moraga and concerns that the same storm drain that caused flooding three years ago could be leaking again. why the ground has dropped 18 inches in the median on centre street next to the green valley shopping center. it led to a sinkhole that was 15 feet deep in 2015. it took a year and almost $three million to fix it. >> at that time, we did not have any money to deal with it. so fortunately, we were able to receive emergency funds to take care it was and remove and replace that existing pipe.
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>> reporter: the section of pipe in question is 60 years old. and it's on private property. city engineers are expected to notify the property owner next week about what th find d possible solutions. >> we haditis bit of a break tonight. it was a nice break from the rain. >> today we started out with some rain. a few scattered showers into the afternoon hours. the rainfall totals, nothing too extreme here. we had a pretty good downpour this morning. santa rosa, 6.8. here's the satellite and radar showing you what moved through the bay area. that was earlier today. a big batch of clouds just offshore. right now we have mostly cloudy skies. a few sprinkles. this is our next
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system. so you have another round of some rain headed to our coastline. here's a live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. we do have the cloud cover bay area wide. scattered showers tomorrow morning. and temperatures in the 50s. here's the deal in san francisco. 8:00, skycast showing the showers. maybe a chance of 12:00 we'll scale back some of the chances into the afternoon hours. still some lingering cloud cover. here we are at 7:00. here we are at 9:00. and look what happens into the afternoon hours. some cloud cover between 3:00 and 4:00. so the bulk of the shower activity tomorrow will be for the mo hours. changes for the sunday forecast, we'll have that coming up in a little bit. in santa rosa, more than 30 people returned home tonight after a fire forced them to leave. the fire broke out last night at the buena vista apartments. residents said they couldn't escape down smoky hallways and got out by moving onto balconies and jumping onto
10:21 pm
the roof of a carport. >> the fire department got us down by ladder on the roof over here. we couldn't go down the hall. too smoky. we had to climb over the railing, get on the roof here. roof here. >> authorities say the fire started in a second-floor apartment. that unit and the apartment above it were badly damaged. fortunately, there were only a few minor injuries. honoring the late rapper, nipsey hussle. a candlelight vigil held in oakland tonight. n oakland tonight. >> the warriors want to clinch the no. 1 spot in the west. and they're getting really close. later in sports, the magic number. magic number. >> legislation to protect thousands of acres of prime estate from being developed. for comfort food at a comfortable price,
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try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo. a basketball coach in the south bay under arrest for sexual assault of a minor. police say 53-year-old david kaiser is suspected of assaulting a 12-year-old girl on several occasions over the course of the past year. he was taken into custody at his home on sunday and booked into santa clara county jail. there was a candlelight vigil tonight in oakland in honor of grammy-nominated
10:25 pm
rapper, nipsey hussle, gunned down in los angeles. people who attended the vigil posted photos and video on social media showing flowers, signs and tributes to the late rapper. in l.a., nipsey hussle's family is searching for a venue for his memorial service. so far the family has not been able to find a location large enough. they're apparently looking for a venue that could accommodate upwards of 15,000 people. >> there are few people who have touched a chord, especially in los angeles, but really all over the country, in world, as nipsey hussle has. he was a beloved, beloved person. not just for his music but for all of community work he did. >> family members say they want anyone who was touched by nipsey hussle's life and work to be able to attend his memorial service. possible venues include the staples center or the forum in engelwood. od.
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police in phoenix arrested a man linked to a possible road rage incident that killed a 10-year-old girl. joshua gonzalez was arrested last night after police found a truck at his home that matched the description of the suspect's vehicle. police think that the suspect followed the family's car to their house and then opened fire on them in a possible fit of extreme road rage. ten-year-old summer brown was killed in the gunfire. >> it is a tragic loss. summer was only 10 years old. our heart goes out to her family. her father, her mother and her sister. i know that the community will continue to come together to support the family in their time of need. >> summer's father was also shot but she expected to recover. the girl's mother and 12-year-old sister were also in the car but they were not hurt. dozens of fish turn up dead in a berkeley creek. wildlife officials are looking into how foam used by firefighters could be to blame. >> up first, a night to remember
10:27 pm
for teens at children's hospital. prom night for about a hundred pediatric patients. >> it's nice. it makes us feel important. it makes us feel special. [ loud traffic sounds ] [ distant traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ] the new galaxy s10 on xfinity mobile. the phone and network designed to do more. get $250 back on a new galaxy when you switch and save today. say "get a galaxy" to learn more.
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sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. a night to remember for nearly a hundred teenagers in the east bay.
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the staff at ucfs children's hospital in oakland put on a prom for their patients. paul chambers tells us it was a chance for those teenagers to live life just like everyone else. >> reporter: lauren's smile and laughter is contagious. the 17-year-old is preparing for a major milestone, attending her first prom. her makeup is applied by a professional. >> anything that's edgy, punk, i'm here for it. glitter. do it. >> reporter: behind her laught serpain. her hospital stay is up to a week. twice a month at the hospital in oakland. hospital officials decided to throat children a prom. >> the turning point into adulthood. and for children who are hospitalized, i think having access to these kinds of events are even more important because of that situation. >> when you're in the hospital, you're just focused on your
10:31 pm
paint or your sickness or whatever. so it's good to get away from that for a minute. >> reporter: it took volunteers several hours to transform the cafeteria into a place for the children's prom. the children were given the star treatment for free. from hair and makeup to dresses and suits. the young men and ladies were treated to an amazing night that they will likely never forget. >> we've tried to do all we can to cater to our communities and show them that they can experience something special. >> it means turnovering see our kids be able to come out and participate in a supportive environment. >> reporter: from food and dj's to a photo booth, the experience is top-notch.
10:32 pm
>> everyone who donated, dresses, jewelry, makeup, i think is very sweet and generous. >> reporter: this is the first year that children have put on a prom for their pediatric patients. it's the first time it's being held in the hospital. those who have a longer stay are able to enjoy experiences like everyone else. new at 10:00, after almost four decade, a well-known san francisco restaurant is closing its doors. the chronicle reports the elite cafe will close on april 21st. the cafe which serves louisiana-inspired cuisine opened for business in 1981. the owner told the chronicle high operating costs in the city were a factor in his decision. a recent poll of tech workers found that many of them wouldn't have a problem leaving the bay area. the san francisco office of oouk-based brunswick group polled 300 bay area tech
10:33 pm
workers and found younger workers were the most likely to relocate. 41% said they would leave. that dropped to just 7% of tech workers ages 45 and up said they would consider leaving the bay area. a lawmaker in south bay introduced legislation today to keep a prime piece of real estate out of the hands of developers. we're talking about coyote valley. a large plot of land located in the southern most part of san jose. the legislation would create. he says the protections would benefit generations to come. >> i've lived here for over 40 years. and i've seen this valley become paved over and silicon valley rise up before my eyes. this is one of the few spaces
10:34 pm
left that has remained open. >> the bill is currently in committee and has to be passed by the assembly and the senate and signed by the governor. new developments in an officer-involved shooting in san jose that killed a 24-year-old woman on christmas morning. authorities released body camera footage of the incident today as the santa clara pa says the shooting was justified. >> i'm gonna shoot you if you don't stop. >> the video shows aelths more than one minute. we're showing you a clip of the encounter between police and jenn vaskwez. vafk quez. >> four officers opened fire and she was killed. they were looking for a suspect in ray double shooting when they spotted her. she led them on a nine-mile high-speed chase in a stolen car. it was later
10:35 pm
determined she was not involved in the shooting. but they found burglary tools and she was under the influence of methamphetamine. a 30-year-old man accused of attacking another man with a sword in san francisco made his first appearance this afternoon. leor bergland faces charges of attempted murder. he is accused of slashing the victim's left hand with a sword outside of a roller rink last friday. witnesses said the attack happened after the victim knocked bergland's "make america great again" hat off of his head. bergland has a prior criminal record in portland and was arrested in the tenderloin on wednesday. >> no one has a right to strike someone with a sword because their hat was knocked off their head. those are the allegations in this case. and those things will be figured out in court with evidence that's admissible. >> bergland is being held on $250,000 bail and due back in court next tuesday to enter a
10:36 pm
plea. a hearing is set for later this month for the man accused of stabbing and killing a young man at the mcarthur bart station in oakland. john lee cowell is charged with the murder of wilson and her sister. two court-appointed doctors were appointed. in the hearing set for april 19th, prosecutors are expected to ask the judge to appoint a third psychiatrist to examine cowell. examine cowell. ten infants die after using a popular baby sleepwear. r baby sleepwear. >> after the rainfall this morning, a bit of a break for us tonight. things will be changing first thing saturday morning. turday morning. >> 60 goats escape after a south
10:37 pm
bay man rented them to clear vegetation on his property. [ loud traffic sounds ]
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the largest donation ever made to a university in cryptocurrency. an alumnus and
10:40 pm
tech founder, chris larson, and his wife, lena lamb, give the school 56 million tokens which amounts to about $25 million in real money. in exchange the university is renaming their business school the lamb family college of business. the labor department reported today a better than expected surge in jobs for march. the u.s. added 196,000 jobs last month, up from just 33,000 in february. workers got a $0.04 hourly pay raise in march, down from $0.10 a month earlier. that rosy jobs report helped wall street with gains. the s&p was up for a seventh straight day. boeing says they're cutting production of the 737 max jet as they work to fix the antistall
10:41 pm
system. deliveries of the plane are still grounded in the united states and around the world. a prielementnary report shows the plane's anti-stall system played a role in two deadly crashes. one in ethiopia, the other off indonesia. 346 people were killed in all. boeing says they should have the new software and training manuals ready by the end of this month. a warning tonight about a well-known baby sleeper. fisher price and the consumer product safety commission are asking parents to stop using the rock-and-play sleeper if their children are able to roll over. ten infants have died since 2015, rolling from their back to their stomach or side while unrestrained. fisher-price already tells parents to stop using the straps once your baby can roll over. but many parents are still using the sleeper past the rollover age.
10:42 pm
firefighters quickly put out a truck fire in berkeley. >> it's obviously very sad to see the impact it had on the creek. and that's foying that we would want either. >> up next, how a tool used in the fire fight may have killed some fish in a nearby creek. >> it looks like a little more rain is headed our way. mark is ahead with your full weekend forecast. nd forecast.
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the state department of fish and wildlife is investigating the death of dozen was fish in a berkeley creek. >> the discovery was made just hours after the fire department used foam to put out a truck fire. >> reporter: water samples and dozens of dead fish have been collected from the creek in berkeley by the california department of fish and wild the nonprofit is conducting its own investigation. >> i would say with a high level of confidence that it's the foam. there was still some foam in the storm drains there. and the same foam was in the creeks, all along the creek. >> reporter: hours befor fish were discovered, this garbage truck caught fire i
10:46 pm
middle of a residential neighborhood. >> a piece of cardboard went up and slid and went in and caught on fire. >> reporter: berkeley firefighters first used water but flames were getting close to two propane tanks and they feared an explosion. they made the quick decision to use foam to put out the fire. >> they used a firefighting foam which is really a type of soap that's injected into the water to create a foam to depress the fire. >> reporter: the foam naturally flowed downhill and eventually made its way to storm drains like this one. it's believed the foam drained out to the bay and the fish suf katded. the city sent out trucks to vacuum as much foam as possible. they dispatched four city departments and notified state agencies. san francisco bay keeper hopes lessons are learned from this. the department of fish and wildlife says they collected 63 steelhead trout which were in
10:47 pm
danger. >> this is an urban creek that a lot of people spent a lot of time restoring. >> it's very sad to see the impact it had on the creek. and that's nothing that we would want either. >> at the same time you have a truck with flames coming out in a field, right in the middle. a residential area. i thought the truck might explode. santa clara county sheriff's deputies were called out to corral a herd of goats that went on the lamb. about 60 rented goateds were being used to eat weeds in los altos hills. they managed to escape and got into a neighbor's property about a half-mile away. officers brought in a sheep dog and a bucket of feed. that did it. that did it. >> our deputies do a lot of different things out there on patrol.
10:48 pm
>> the property owner say solved the mystery. the goats were able to pop the latch on the gate. the gate. >> safe and sound for us tonight. so the headline will be the best chance of rainfall first thing tomorrow morning. then things really tapering off kinda like today into the afternoon hours. probably just some clouds saturday afternoon. look at all those clouds racing toward our coastline, moving in from the pacific. we're gonna hold onto the cloud cover. we had that frontal passage move in earlier today. especially about between 10:00 and 1:00 this afternoon. and right now we just have the clouds in place from santa rosa to san francisco.
10:49 pm
pleasanton, san jose, and the santa cruz area. current numbers actually not too cold. lots of 50s currently. santa rosa, 54. oakland 52. and san jose in the upper 50s. recording 57. here's our live camera toward san francisco bay. and some cloud cover tonight. experiencing that break and the rainfall for a good portion of the day. into tomorrow, game 2 of this series with the giants and the braves. we're expecting mostly cloudy skies. a southerly wind at 15 miles an hour. and the best chance of some rainfall will be before the game. maybe a slight chance before 12:00 or 1:00. we're expecting some cloud cover tomorrow out toward the ball park. here's the next system approaching our coastline. saturday morning showers and mostly cloudy skies by the afternoon hours. into sunday, this ridge tries to build in.
10:50 pm
lake tahoe, we have fair skies, partly cloudy skies. temperatures right now in the 30s. as far as tomorrow, we could have some scattered showers. snow levels relatively high. up above 7,000 feet or so. and sunday, partly sunny skies. afternoon highs around 50 degrees. here's the forecast model. 7:00 tomorrow morning. here's that rainfall i'm talking about. and then into the 8:00 hour. notice what happens by 4:00. just some clouds in play through saturday. and then sunday, we can see some clouds. maybe some more sunny breaks in the south bay. and we could have a few sprinkles showing up in portions of the north bay as we head through sunday. the weekend is actually not too bad. forecast highs for tomorrow will be in the upper 50s. the 60s. sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend. still a few clouds out there. and there's that chance of a sprinkle
10:51 pm
monday, tuesday. thankfully, we're not talking about any major storms. coming up on the 11:00 news, a car slams into an apartment in the north bay, trapping the driver inside. >> the warriors are back at home looking to clinch the western conference with a win over cleveland. but the upstart cavaliers made it a game until the final moment. final moment. [ loud traffic sounds ]
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new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express. >> scott is joining us now in sports. starting off with the warriors taking on the kavens. not like it used to be taking on the cavs. >> no doubt. but it's an exciting time for the warriors. playoffs starting next week. and some things to play for still. in theory, of course, they cemented the top seed in the west by beating the nuggets on tuesday. in practice, there was still work to be done. a win tonight coupled with a denver loss would officially wrap up the no. 1 seed. dubs hosting cleveland. nick young getting his championship ring, 301 days after he helped win the championship. >> better late than never. >> i hope it was worth waiting for. and draymond green, shoot the three.
10:55 pm
wouldn't you know, he hits another. back-to-back triples for draymond to start the game. the dubs just lighting it up from beyond the a. warriors up 19 at the half. one splash bro to the other. from curry to klay thompson who had 11. warriors shoot 54% from deep. they're rolling until a 14-2 cavalier run. cleveland gets within three. this was a ball game. but steph to the rescue. 40 points. moved into third on the warriors all-time scoring list. would the nuggets cooperate? loss to the blazers would mean golden state is the no. 1 seed in the west. final seconds, jokic, kicks it out to a
10:56 pm
wide-open tory craig. nuggets win 119-110. so the dubs can cinch the top seed in the oracle finale against the clippers on sunday. the giants' home opener always a bastion of pump and circumstance. bruce bochy beginning his final season as the skipper in san francisco. >> the starting lineups for the giants. first the manager. no. 15, bruce bochy. >> bruce and the adoring fans at oracle park in san francisco. wouldn't you know it, he followed that up with another throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. bochy was a catcher by trade. he got it. close enough. wide strike zone. as for the ball game, didn't quite go
10:57 pm
so swimmingly. 1st inning, already 1-0 tampa. diaz out in a hurry. 2-run shot. his second of the year. rodriguez great in his first outing. so-so today. the giants were down 5-0. sandoval, opposite field. they have life. it's a double. scoring the new guy. kevin polaur. and another two-bagger. that'll play pablo. we got a 5-2 game. we're in this thing. in the 8th, giants, a real chance with bases loaded. one out. polar. rays win 5-2. bochy bummed about the loss but appreciative of the fans. >> it's overwhelming what happened there. and something i'll never forget.
10:58 pm
so i thank them. and i got a lot of family here. and they blew me away beyond. it was really overwhelming. >> that moment, for what he's meant for this organization and the city. just an incredible man. it was a great day. the a's aren't exactly wading into the shallow end of the 2019 schedule. they are diving in. just completed four games against the defending world champs. up next, three games against the previous world champs. we're in houston. and we know we're in houston because the hats are really, really big. bottom three, alex bregman, base hit up the middle. that'll score tony kemp. astros take a 1-0 lead. ramon loriano, three tremendous outfield assists already. a couple of home runs.
10:59 pm
kendrys morales ties the game at one. first of the year for the astros shortstop. they beat the a's in the opener of this three-game series 3-2. more evidence of a changing of the guard in women's college basketball. uconn won four straight titles. since then the huskies did not even reach the championship game. the fallaway. notre dame by one. she had 23. final minute, collier, shot blocked by turner. irish win 81-76. they will play baylor in the championship game. tlal be for a busy friday night in sports. >> scott, thank you. coming up next at 11:00, a late update from the chp on tonight's complete closure of the southbound side of the benicia bridge.
11:00 pm
we just talked with the chp. they say the southbound side of the benicia bridge is still closed because of a suspicious package. it's been more than three hours now since a man got out of his truck on the bridge. it began around 7:35. at first the chp thought the man was threatening to jump. then it became clear he was saying he had a threatening package inside his truck. >> police detained the man about 9:15 tonight. the bomb squad just arrived on the scene. officials want them to check out that package before ing traffic on the bridge. you can see the purple over the bridge where it's been shut down. and traffic is backed up on southbound 680 in solano county. there is no firm estimate. there are new troubles on the r


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