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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  April 8, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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last night in the ladies championship, can came down to the final seconds with baylor up by 2 with seconds left on the clock. they went on to win the second championship in 7 years. an early morning fire tears through an oakland home, details on the response from firefighters and the person found dead inside the house. homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen abruptly resigns amid tensions at the border. the surprise announcement and what happens next. a southern california woman rescued after being kidnapped in east africa. details on the operation and the unanswered questions. welcome to the 9, good morning to you. probably a little hazy and foggy. it's a monday, april 8, start of a new work week. if you are feeling stressed out,
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there is a new yoga to tell you about that combines beer and cursing. >> never heard of this. it is called rage yoga. it combines conventional poses with unconventional behavior. >> swearing, alcohol all meant to help people relieve frustration. there are three locations in houston, calgaer, and edminuteten. none in the bay area so far. >> sounds like a workout to me. >> i think it would increase my stress. >> well, working in this business and also having kids have had to kind of you know, hold myself in a little. >> oh, shoot. i know that letting it out sometimes help you feel better but as adults, i don't know that
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we should do this. make sure the children are not around for rage yoga. let's get you to the news starting in oakland. firefighters in west oakland are at the scene of a deadly house fire that killed an elderly man asleep in a bedroom. >> alyssa herringten is live with more on the story. >> reporter: firefighters are on the roof and in the attic with their chain saws and axes. they are digging into the walls and ceilings to check for any hot spots to make sure the fire is entirely out. we have seen them dumping large pieces of debris out the windows. it is a very difficult scene for friends and family to see this morning. we saw a lot of them showing up shortly after the fire broke out to see what is going on and to check on the family that lived here. family and friends were on the street, hugging and crying. one man who grew up on the street said the same man lived here for decades.
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he said the elderly couple was here for about 60 years and their adult children were with them. the fire started around 2:45 this morning at a victorian home on 16th street in oakland. 6 people were inside. only 5 managed to get out. an elderly man was found dead in a bedroom where they believe the fire started. the cause remains under investigation. when emergency crews arrived, flames were shooting out of the windows. they had to call for a second alarm. the agent said the construction of the house said the fire was difficult. having trees on both sides definitely constituted an extra alarm to make sure the fire didn't spread. >> reporter: firefighters were able to knock down the flames pretty quickly. the fire does appear to be out. they are checking the upper floors to make sure that there is nothing else i need to worry about. you can see from the front that this is a very large house.
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if we got a view from the side, this is an extremely large house. they say there are multiual bedrooms, bathrooms, an old two story victorian. it was very challenging for them especially with the large trees. they wanted to make sure it did not spread to the neighboring homes. one neighbor told me that she woke up because she saw flickering. she looked out the window and it was just flames several feet high. scary moments for people on the street. again, one elderly man was killed. his name has not been released. alyssa herringten, ktvu. the ghost ship warehouse trial is set to continue in oakland. the first group of prospective jurors will fill out a questionnaire at the alameda courthouse. it takes longer to select a jury in high profile cases but the
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judge hopes to have opening statements by the end of the months. the defendants are charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. the resignation of homeland security secretary kirstjen nielsen is sparking comments at the nation. >> reporter: the homeland security secretary who clashed with the president on immigration says she will stay on through wednesday to help with a transition. >> the president is seeking to have people on his team to carry out his agenda and he has the right to do that. >> reporter: there is mixed reaction in washington to her departure. her resignation letter came after last week's focus on central american families crossing into the u.s. and the president threatening to seal the border. chuck schumer said in a statement, when the most radical
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voices in the administration are not caderal enough for president trump, you know he has completely lost touch with the american people. >> i think it is unfortunate for secretary nielson. she was caught between a president who wants action and a bunch of democratic leadership in the house who wants 20/20 talking points. >> reporter: the president thanked nielson for her surface on twieter and then stated that kevin mcaleenan will serve as acting secretary. >> he knows the decision. >> reporter: it is not clear if mcaleenan will be the permanent replacement. there are four members of the cabinet who were in acting roles who have now been confirmed. so it is possible that he could do the same for dhs for as long as he can. the trump administration says it needs more time to reunite families that were superated at the southern border. the white house wants two years
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to locate potentially thousands of migrant children and get them back to their parents. the administration says it will update the progress to the american civil liberties union. the group filed a lawsuit over the separation policy. the group says that two years is two long and the government needs to make this a high priority. happening today, governor gavin newsom is continuing his visit to el salvador. he hopes to show people in el salvador that president trump's views do not reflect those of the entire country. he is on a four day visit to the nation. he says he wants to figure out what california can do to tackle the root causes of people leaving el salvador to come to the united states such as poverty and gang violence. an american tourist is freed after being kidnapped in the uganda national park. she is expected to be turned over to the u.s. ambassador today. kimberley endicott was driven to
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the headquarters in the uganda capitol. >> reporter: kim endicott and her safari driver who were kidnapped have been rescued. the good news was confirmed by uganda police in a tweet saying that the security agencies had rescued kimberley sue with her driver. the duo are in good health and in the safe hands of the joint security team. these are the first photos of endicott taken after her release. officials are being tight lipped about the details of the operation. the pair were rescued by a security force in the democratic republic of the congo which borders the park in uganda. president trump tweeted on
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sunday in part, god bless them and their families. kimberley endicott and her guide were abducted by gun minute two men in between elizabeth national park on sunday. the man used a phone to demand a ransom. it is unconfirmed if the ransom was paid. uganda wildlife authority is saying this is an isolated incident and the park is open and safe for tourists. however officials say the kidnappers escaped. the investigation into their where abouts is ongoing. >> i think a lot of people are wondering when will the rain be over for the year? it is springtime now. >> so not yet, right? >> you're right. spring showers. we usually get spring showers and that's what is in line for the bay area monday. outside at this hour, mostly
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cloudy, shower activity expected late in the day into the evening hours. we can't rule out a little drizzle. giving you a view at sfo, we had a little bit on the lenses earlier. santa rosa is reporting 56. upper 50s to low 60s. livermore is at 59 and san jose at 61. a lot of cloud cover out there. some are dealing with fog. visibility has improved over the napa valley and santa rosa is reporting 2 miles visibility. where we are seeing the dark shade of gray, still along the coast, patchy dense fog if you have a drive to take you that direction. here is a look at the cloud cover in place. no rain just yet. as we get into the afternoon, 66 for san francisco, upper 60s in oakland, low 70s in antioch, concord. for the south bay, mild and
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muggy. partly to mostly cloudy in the south bay. 59 at game time with winds at 15 miles per hour from the southwest and isolated showers in the forecast. i will have a timeline of the shower activity and what you can expect for the rest of the week coming up in a bit. coming up on mornings on 2, singer r. kelly makes a brief appearance over the weekend. details on his performance and what he said to the crowd there. and sesame street releases a special episode for autism awareness month, how it tackles a difficult issue for parents of children on the spectrum. (dad) this ice cream cake needs a freezer.
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with flights, hotels, activities and more for your florida vacation, expedia has everything you need to go. [ commentatora 1-iron [ pleafrom the 17th tee.sic ] [ club thwacking ] it's coming right at the flag stick. [ crowd cheering ] what a shot! [ pleasant orchestral music ] jack nicklaus has now won his third united states open. we have video of a bus driver who went the extra mile. vicki foster was driving a route in a snowstorm in january when she noticed a woman holding a
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baby. she asked what was wrong and she learned the woman was looking for her baby's shoes she had lost. moments later, foster found the shoes. >> i saw something on the ground and i said, i know these can't be the shoes. but i stopped the bus and got out and there were the shoes. unbelievable. >> while she went on through the storm gave the shoes back to the mother and invited the mother on to the bus to warm up a bit. students and parents are protesting outside of a middle school in opposition to a plan to relocate their school so a nearby charter school can move in. >> reporter: you can see the parents and supporters lined up in front of egan junior high
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school in the los altos school district. many of the parents have children in the elementary school district. they say the plan to move the school will affect their kids when they enter middle school in the coming years. parents are upset about a plan to move the junior high, its 500 students and teachers to a shopping center about a mile away from here so a nearby charter school can move in and take over the campus. parents here want the public middle school to stay in the location at west portola avenue. bullis charter school already occupies several classrooms on the east campus. but the charter school's enrollment is expected to grow by 1,000 students next year. under california law, the los altos school district is required to give it to them. bullis charter wanted to take over the entire egan junior high campus. after years of back and forth
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negotiations, the los altos school district agreed to give it to bullis provided they cap the enrollment at $1,000. >> under law, they need facilities, i'm not here to say they are not. that's the law but i don't think they should take over one of our schools. >> reporter: the plans for the school are not finalized just yet. the charter and public school boards plan to have separate meetings. they will take public comment on the idea in the coming meetings. police in oakland and the chp are working to crack down people responsible for side shows including this one that happened in two parts of oakland over the weekend. this is video from 42nd avenue and international boulevard yesterday before the start of the warriors final game in oracle arena for the regular season.
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large crowds gathered to watch drivers spin their cars. later last night, more than 50 cars and 200 people shut down westbound interstate 580 in east oakland between 106th avenue and keller. the c had hp says that in that case, people in the crowd threw bottles at patrol officers. the crowd disbursed in about 25 minutes. no word on injuries or arrests. happening today in oakland, two lawmakers are holding a news conference to talk about a proposal to generate billion for public schools and community colleges. nancy skinner and buffy wicks are set to make the announcement at the state building on clay street in oakland. stanford university expelled a student in connection with a college admissions scandal. fals information was on the student's application.
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any credits the student earned have been vacated. this comes days after the sailing coach was fired for taking bribes. the controversy over president trump's tax returns is set to play out on capitol hill. richard neal, chairman of the house ways and means committee asked tr six years of president trump's personal and business tax returns by wednesday. republican senator john kennedy criticized democrats and accused them of trying to weaponize the irs. >> chairman neal says that he needs to see the president's tax returns for policy. he says it is not politics. he says he needs to see trump's tax returns so we can evaluate how well the irs is conducting audits. >> he says if chairman neal thinks the american people will
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believe that then he is dumber than a rock. people took r. kelly took the stage and supg for a short time and then spent time signing autographs. he says he needed to make money for his legal troubles. he faces ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. in honor of autism awareness month, sesame street is featuring a new episode with julia. she is 4 years old with bright red hair. her family is now being introduced. they are launching new resources for those impacted by autism. in today's episode, julia gets a hair cut. this was chosen because many parents say it is be a very
9:20 am
difficult task for children with autism. the warriors will have to win at oracle to continue in the playoffs. and can you believe that the airline industry is better than it was in the early 90s? the latest on the airline quality report and the companies at the top of the list.
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happening now, two astronauts are floating outside of the space station for nasa's third space walk in three weeks. astronauts are trying to replace a faulty solar ray boughtry that was installed during the first space walk. another lawsuit has been filed against boeing following the two deadly crashes involving the max 737 aircraft. >> as more evidence has come to light, boeing has been forced to admit through the ceo that they
9:23 am
know that the software contributed not only to the ethiopian crash but the lion air crash. >> the lawsuit says that boeing put their profits over safety. a family member of one of the victims says they want answers on what is boeing is planning to do. a report says that u.s. airlines are better than they have ever been in the last 29 years. the annual rankings were released today, the most comprehensive study in the country. delta was ranked the best followed by jet blue. southwest, alaska and hawaiian rounded out the top five. frontier was ranked as the worst. there were fewer customer complaints last year than at any point in the last 29 years. the nba western conference
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playoffs will roll through oracle arena. the warriors clinched the top seed last night by blowing out the clippers 131-104. draymond green was getting it done on beth sides of the floor. he had 10 points, 10 rebounds, and 9 assists last night just shy of a triple-double. the warriors are in new orleans tomorrow. the playoffs begin on saturday. >> nice jersey they wore too. it was a bitter sweet night at oracle arena. >> it was the last regular season game at the arena. here's a look inside the game. >> reporter: good times came to an end last night as the final
9:25 am
game of oracle arena. this fan flew in from atlanta. >> i love the warriors and this is the last home game. that's why. don't make me cry. >> reporter: fans waited in line to snap a finale picture. this fan crocheted a quilt out of t-shirts. this fan remembered the team way back when. >> we would come when there was maybe 6,000 people here. >> reporter: oracle arena is rich with history and memories. they played the first game here in 1967. the fans are emotional over the move to san francisco. >> it is not going to be the same in san francisco. it is all corporate and not the same. it is not the true fans. >> i think it's sad for oakland. they lose the raiders and the
9:26 am
warriors. >> reporter: dan has been going to the games for 35 years. he says he is now being charged a seat licensing fee for two court seats, $450,000 a piece. >> goodbye. i'm sure people can do it. it's a very rich area we live in, but i'm tight with the price of the seat right now. >> reporter: then there is cert s jones, a security guard. he is uncertain if he will join the team in san francisco. >> it is disappointing but rewarding. i have had so many great opportunities. i have met so many great people. >> reporter: at the end of the game coach steve kerr thanked the fans and said the energy at the arena was like no other. the banner to sim bolies the season was raised. fans are hoping for another
9:27 am
championship here in oakland. >> i think the warriors will win the title. you have to to say goodbye to oracle. >> i believe in the team. >> i don't think there is a team that i think can beat them 4 out of 7. >> i think there are a couple in the eastern. >> really? >> they don't have home court advantage. >> all right. we can debate. >> we will. coming up, we will have more from sam liccardo who was one on one with us, what he had to say about the city of san jose's housing crisis. and we sit down with joe thorton as the sharks begin their quest for the cup. like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones.
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new this morning, firefighters in west oakland are looking into the cause of a deadly house fire that killed an elderly man asleep in a bedroom at the time. it happened near 16th and linden street. five other people were able to make it out sifly. >> firefighters believe the fire started in the bedroom where the man was sleeping. they have not identified the official cause as of yet. this fire was challenging to fight because of the age and construction of the home and the fact that it was surrounded by a bunch of trees. let's check in with dave clark in the newsroom for more. >> a bart train hit and killed a person at the el cerrito del north station. it is still not clear how the person wound up on the tracks. as bart investigates, the el cerrito del norte richmond station are closed. they will not stop at the del
9:31 am
norte station . trains will single track between the richmond and el cerrito bart stations. on the peninsula earlier this morning, a police response to a dog attack. firefighters confirmed that one person was badly injured. it happened around 7:00 a.m. on soren street. we have a ktvu crew in the neighborhood now and we will get more details and bring them to you today at noon. the governor's office ordered flags to be flown at half staff today at the state capital in memory of a chp officer killed in the line of duty. sergeant steve licon was conducting a traffic stop on saturday when had a driver veered into the right shoulder hitting the sergeant and with the car he pulled over. 36-year-old michael callahan was arrested and booked on suspicion of murder and driving under the
9:32 am
influence. sergeant licon leaves behind his wife and two daughters. that's a brief look at some of the top stories we are working on. an officer in southern california is recovering after a gun fight with a shooter. this happened at a busy shopping center in manhattan beach. witnesses told police they saw a man with an assault rifle chasing a woman at a hotel. swat teams descended on the scene as people ran for safety. >> we were freaking out because they started saying there were two people. we don't know what was going on at all. investigators say the suspect shot at two officers hitting one in the leg. the officer is a 15 year veteran of the hawthorne police department. police shot the suspect who surrendered and was taken to the hospital. the hawthorn police station is also investigating a shooting outside of their police department. a mother was killed during the
9:33 am
custody exchange of a toddler. her ex-husband shot and killed her. she was later arrested. the child was not hurt. the trump administration has designated iran's revolutionary group as a terrorist threat. it could have widespread implications. >> for 40 years, the revolutionary guard corps has engaged in terrorism and created, supported, other terrorist groups. >> iran's revolutionary guard is the most elite force targeted by sanctions. it is being designated as a foreign terror organization. iran responded angrily. the foreign minister is blaming pressure from israel saying that
9:34 am
president trump should know better than to be conned into another u.s. disaster. the move comes as tensions between the u.s. and iran are escalating especially over the role of u.s. forces in iraq. iran's leader is calling on baghdad to expel u.s. forces. >> you must make sure the u.s. withdraws the troop as soon as possible because expelling them is difficult. >> there will be freezing of any u.s. assets the revolutionary guard still has and a bn on americans doing business with them. critics say it will have little impact on the group's funding. but the president still insists his strategy on iran is having a big impact. we have the toughest sanks on the iranian dictatorship and it is not the same country it was when i took power. >> if there are no objections, it will take effect. a funeral mass for a
9:35 am
catholic priest is scheduled for tonight. there was a memorial yesterday. james matthews died last weekend after a heart attack after spending 30 years in the oakland diocese. he was the first black ordained priest in northern california when he joined the priesthood in 1974. the mass is scheduled for tonight at the cathedral of christ's light. mary copasio is expected to release a new plan as president for the university of san jose. the dress will start at noon and is expected to last an hour. the student homeless alliance is demanding more resources for homeless students. the fwrup wants emergency grants for students to remain in housing if they cannot afford rent. they also want safe parking spaces where homeless students
9:36 am
can sleep overnight. they are hoping the mayor will address the issue today in her speech. silicon valley is struggling to keep up with the housing crisis. some are concerned that sam liccardo will reverse recently enacted protections for rend controlled apartments. mayor liccardo told us earlier that certain protections will be preserved. >> i think it is important to know that we will preserve the ellis act protections for rent controlled apartments. the way we have imposed the mandates over the past years, it's clear that folks that have been looking to build more units where there may be a duplex today and they could build a 30 unit complex, our rules could be constraining those who want to move forward. >> the mayor also said if there
9:37 am
was more development of the units, more rent restricted units would be built and they would carry affordability protections with them. the sun is trying to break through. i can look around. >> it is kind of gray behind us. >> do you think we will get some sun today? >> partly cloudy is expected but maybe some sun breaks. pretty much the entire state is covered in clouds and rain. this is a view across the bay. the high and mid level clouds are with us today. it has improved along the coast, highway 1, a little patchy fog. outside of that, visibility is looking good for the north bay valley locations. today, partly sunny, mostly cloudy day with a chance of showers increasing as we get into the afternoon. the plume of moisture is coming our way. let's take a look from the north
9:38 am
all the way into l.a. cloud cover stretches to the sierra as it crosses into the nevada border. checking all morning long, it will work its way to the bay area. for lunchtime or so, into sonoma county, light showers. it begins to move into the south bay which means that as you go to see the giants game, be prepared for spotty showers overhead. there is the lunch hour, we are approaching the sonoma coastline. for the 6:00 hour, scattered showers over the bay area. it doesn't look like a lot but it could be enough to slick up the roads and that's all we need to slow things down. 8:00, into the evening, scattered showers continue. snow for the sierras. it is expected to drop below
9:39 am
pass area. i-80 and 50, if you are travelling there for the next hours, keep an eye on that. no advisory yet but that could change. here is a look at what is going on for the rainfall amounts. temperatures outside under mostly cloudy and dry weather. 60s in the forecast for most f us today and low 70s for inner east bay and south bay. the extended forecast, scatterered sthourz today, behind the system, turning breezy. look at the weekend, partly cloudy, low 70s on saturday, upper 60s on sunday. back to you. coming up on mornings on 2, hockey returns to the south bay. when we come back jim thorton talks about the quest for the stnly cup. and we will be back with another edition of that kids got game.
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the nhl playoffs begin this week with the sharks taking on the las vegas golden knights in the first round. >> no one appreciates the chance to win the stanley cup more than joe thortten. >> jumbo joe thornton still imposing his will as age 39. >> i have aged gratefully. >> he is the heart beat of this team and has been for over a decade. >> i have never taken anything for granted. i live day to day. that's what allowed me to lay 20 plus years. >> reporter: all the while dazzling was as one of the best passers. >> he makes it happen with a great pass. >> i've been here to see the
9:43 am
evolution of jumbo, the evolution of what he has done. now i'm so used to him after 13 years. >> reporter: another thing we are getting used to, the milestones coming fast and furious. >> score 100 for joe thornton. >> tonight he plays his 1,000th game as a san jose shark. >> he has passed stevizerman on the all time assist list. >> a little tired this year. every game is a milestone. >> i know the gordie howen one hit home the most. >> personally, i don't like to look at that stuff when it comes across the jumbo tron. probably when i'm done i will look at that and say wow, i'm up there with all of these guys but that will take care of itself when i look back with the kids and grand kids. right now, i just have to stay in the moment but it is pretty
9:44 am
cool. >> reporter: of course just having jumbo for the playoffs is a big deal which hasn't been the case in the last two seasons with serious knee injuries keeping him off of the ice when the sharks need him most. >> it is brutal. something i wouldn't wish on anyone. the playoffs are the time of year you want to play and to not be out there is frustrating. >> it is not easy what he did th the rehab and coming back to be 100%. >> incredible. i don't think i expected him to get back to the level he is. i think i was doubtful n. he has defied all of the odds. >> to come back and you miss a ton of games. lately he has been playing great. >> reporter: playing great and feeling great, the heart beat of the sharks is beating louder
9:45 am
than ever, skating along side goiz that are 10 to 15 years his junior. >> it is strange. i feel like i'm 15 years younger when i'm around them. >> i don't see an end in sight with how he is playing and how he is feeling and how he takes care of himself. he has a few more miles in the tank. >> reporter: ideally, enough miles to have the goal that has eluded him. >> it has always been the goal to win the cup. that has never changed. as a kid, i dream of hoisting which cup. so i still believe we will win the cup this year and we are working towards that. >> joe thornton with a 3 assist game. >> reporter: scott reese, ktvu fox sports. >> all right. the sharks first game against las vegas is at home wednesday night at 7:30. you may remember that vegas knocked the sharks out of the playoffs last year. time for revenge. game 2 is in san jose before the
9:46 am
team heads to las vegas on sunday. there is a new concert to tell you about at the chase center. the newest artist to join the lineup is sarah verellis. [ music ]. >> she will perform on saturday on october 26 as part of the amidst the chaos tour. she is the latest singer to join the list of artists at the new home of the warriors. fans of singer solongmay be disappointed. in a tweet, she sends her apology for not performing at coachella. her sister beyonce headlined the show last year. the stars took over the academy of country music awards
9:47 am
yesterday. >> reporter: it started with plenty of honors and surprises at the 54th academy of country music awards. a ticket to one big awesome concert, aldean, florida, georgia line, dan and shay, miranda, george to name a few. hollywood's had some the leading laiddies. keith urban won entertainer of the year after being nominated 9 times. reba mcentire hosted the show, and did not miss a beat pointing out the lack of females in that category. >> it was so cold it froze us women out of entertainer of the year. >> reporter: dan and shay took duo of the year, song, and
9:48 am
single of the year. adding to grammy and cma wins, kacey musgraves brought home the win for golden hour. she was also named female artist of the year. >> this award goes out to any woman, girl, anyone, stay at it. it will work out. >> reporter: thomas prat won best male artist. jason aldean was awarded artist of the decade. songs to keep singing and moments to keep talking about at this year's awards. every week we like to highlight the athletic abilities of kids in a segment called that kid's got gain. we are introducing you to kree osmun. >> he is mostly known for his frenzy trick shots. each shot comes with its own difficulty depending on what he is trying to do.
9:49 am
the toughest thing of all he says is making sure he actually records the shot effectively. >> look at that. >> no look. >> he's got the touch. submit your video and a brief description of the young athlete in your life on the ktvu facebook page or twitter page with the hashtag that kid's got game. >> i will pull out my frisbee. i will take him on my fridzby game any day. don't laugh. running around after the frisbee is a workout. coming up on mornings on 2, has your little one ever tried to unlock your phone or tablet only to lock you out with failed attempts? how this 3-year-old locks his dad out of his ipad, basically forever.
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it is mug monday. now is your chance to win a ktvu fox 3 mug. go to the facebook page and click on the contest link. >> we will accept the entries until 1:00 this afternoon. these are the mugs we are talking about. i painted my nails everyone. >> so when you don't paint them, you don't turn the mug? >> then it is your turn. thanks so much for entering. we would love if you take a
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picture of the mug you win and we will pop it up here. a new tlc documentary about prince harry and meghan markle says a royal biography says meghan markle's father will never see his grand child. >> thomas markle reportedly has not spoken to meghan since before the wedding. someone interviewed for the documentary says the likelihood of the two reuniting after the birth of the baby is low. there is an e. coli outbreak that has effected dozens of people. it has spread to 72 people in ohio, virginia, kentucky, tennessee, and georgia. the median age of the patients is 17. some health officials think it may have started at convenience stores or fast food stores because they are popular with teenagers. no deaths have been reported but health officials expect the number of patients will likely grow.
9:54 am
a hospital in modesto has a great way to make surgery less scary for children. they are allowing children to drive a toy car to the operating room instead of having them wheeled in on a gurney. doctors say that distracting the children right before surgery helps reduce their anxiety and stress. a lot of people are talking about the movie avengers, end games. some are are shelling out thousands to see it on opening night. >> so many people headed to the amc and fandango websites to get tickets, the sites crashed. in new jersey, two tickets sold for $15,000. >> people are obsessed. people are crazy about this particular marvel universe. the guy who paid $15,000, that's just insane. but i guess he really wants to see the movie and he has a lot of money. >> okay. if you think spending $15,000 on ticket is a lot, how about
9:55 am
spending 59 hours, 7 minutes watching all marvel movies back to back? in san francisco, there will be a marvel marathon on april 23rd leading up to the premier of avengers end games on the 26th. fans paid $125 a ticket. yes, it is already sold out. too much movie time for me there. a new york man is worried he will not be able to get back into his locked ipad. >> his 3-year-old son repeatedly keyed in the wrong password. his i-phone now shows the message, ipad is disabled try again in nearly 26 million minutes. that is about 49 years. so if and when hoe gets back in, his infers may not be there. apple says that entering the wrong pasword does disable the information. hopefully they have a fix. i think it will obsolete in 49
9:56 am
years. see you back here at noon. and smile, when they see the sun. not that one. this one. it makes knowing when to take your prescriptions clear as day. up to fifty percent of people don't take them properly. so at cvs pharmacy we got up early and built a system that helps calculate each person's ideal schedule. it's great for doctors. and caregivers. at cvs pharmacy, we're just trying to help more people have more mornings.
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