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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 8, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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eric swalwell is a former prosecutor in alameda county turned congressman. now he's running for president. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the announcement from swalwell did not come as a surprise. he's made about 20 trips to iowa after the last election, but tonight he clarified how he hopes to stand out in a crowded field of fellow democrats. ktvu's jana katsuyama is here now with what's expected to be the focus of swalwell's campaign. >> julie and frank, eric swalwell is a father of two and he's reaching out to young people, planning a big town hall in florida tomorrow to address gun violence. ess gun violence. that's something he's making a big part of his campaign. that appeal to young people along with his launch tonight on stephen colbert's show. >> i'm ready to solve these problems, i'm running for president of the united states. >> reporter: east bay congressman eric swalwell
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rolling out his presidential announcement on late night tv monday. >> i've already done a lot, but i can do more. i've been in congress for six year. >> reporter: at his campaign office in dublin, the congressional signs have been taken down to prepare for the presidential race. online his website went live.. in a campaign video he introduced himself and his background to the nation. >> raise them all the same and one turns out to be a democrat. >> reporter: swalwell has been in the national spotlight on news shows speaking about homeland security and fighting for gun control. >> it distinguishes him, no question because he's talking about a topic that a lot of people decided they wouldn't even touch. >> reporter: henry brady is dean of the uc berkeley school of public policy and says swalwell appears to be focusing on young voters, holding a town hall in parkland, florida on tuesday, but he must go beyond gun violence. >> early on he's got to be
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somebody that can capture people's imagination with some vision, and i think that takes something that goes behind gun violence. >> reporter: constituents in his district had mixed reactions. >> i don't think it's a good idea, but we'll see how many votes he gets. >> it will be tough for him to get through the pool of democratic nominations. i'm probably going to be a biden person. >> i actually went to high school with swalwell. i don't really know too much about him, but i remember he was always amicable and seemed like a nice guy, so i'd vote for him. for him. >> and i remember when swalwell first ran for and won against the established incumbent democrat pete stark, so clearly swalwell is not afraid of being the underdog. reporting live, jana katsuyama, ktvu fox # news. 2 news. in sacramento protesters gathered for a rally the and march at the state capitol today a day before lawmakers
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take up a controversial new bill. the rally was in support of legislation restricting the use of deadly force by law enforcement officers in california. it comes in response to the deadly police shooting of stephon clark last year. under this law police would only be able to use deadly force as a last resort. >> our laws on police encounters with members of the public should be centered on the goal of resolving situations in a way that preserves life and provides an opportunity for accountability when an officer acts outside of these bounds. >> state law enforcement groups strongly oppose the bill saying it would only add to the dangers facing police officers and also create a safety threat for the general public. bart says it's taking steps to address passenger concerns about safety by adding more police patrols on overtime and station employees have started wearing neon
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vests to they stand out. ktvu's amber lee is live at the west oakland bart station with the detail. >> reporter: the new plan started this morning and passengers say they welcome the stepped up patrols but question whether it will be enough. e enough. soon after we arrived at the west oakland bart station monday evening, we saw a man going through the fare gate without a ticket. not long after, two more fare cheats. passengers say that's not all. >> one time i experienced a fist fight on the bart train, and i think they could stand to beefing response to passenger concern. starting monday, many bart employees are now vests to show their presence. bart says police officers and fare inspectors are working extra hours and an additional day during their work week.
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>> we know mandatory overtime is not sustainable, so the idea is to, um, deploy them, keep it going for a bit and the then pull it back. >> reporter: she would not say how long the increased patrols will last. a source tells me it will be for a month. bart officials said they'd look at the week to week results to see what works and what doesn't and make changes accordingly. >> i think they need more patrols, more community meetings to get input from the riders. >> we need to get to having dedicated officers at the station and also just to ride trains. the staffing level now, we don't have enough. >> reporter: she says are currentl years. still some passengers say they don't feel safe on bart. >> they need to be consistent, and if we know that they're not consistent, you're going to have those folks who will slip in and create havoc for a lot of people. lot of people.
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>> reporter: bart says a new study recommended they hire 19 new officers each year for five years. they say they have the funds to hire the first group of new officers when the fiscal year starts in july. >> amber lee live at the west oakland bart station tonight, thank you. thank you. new at 11:00, police in alameda are looking for a woman seen on surveillance video tearing down a flag that symbolizes support for police. you'll see it here. the video shows the woman in the yellow coat walking down the street on march 26th. you can see her jump up and pull down a thin blue line flag hanging on ore front and then tosses it away. if you have information the ala in san mateo, a driver is in the hospital after crashing his car into an apartment building tonight. police say he was trying to evade officers. he was about 6:30 tonight,
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but he refused to stop. the car ended up crashing into an apartment building. the apartment was vacant and the driver was the only person hurt. tonight he's said to be in stable condition. stable condition. now to daly city where a 30-year-old man is in the hospital with critical injuries after being attacked by a dog. as paul chambers tells us, police shot the dog as it attacked the man in his own backyard this morniing. >> reporter: the family of the victim showed where the bloody attack happened. the man was bitten by a rotweiler. 911 received calls that a man was being attacked by a dog. >> at first i thought they were playing, but then you look and see the dog on the side and blood down his arm, so i called 911. >> he was screaming around 7:00 a.m., and we tried to help him. we threw him a knife because
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he asked for a knife. >> reporter: neighbors told the victim's father his son was attacked in the yard, although they're unsure what he was doing prior to the dog crashing through the hole in the fence. police are unclear why the dog attacked the man, but neighbors who witnessed the mauling say it was scary and bloody as the victim was bitten in his upper and lower torso. >> from what i could hear when they were, you know, like tending to him, he got bitten in the back, his arms. >> i saw his leg. >> reporter: witnesses we spoke with believe the dog's owner lives on the other side of the fencing. they say they never had any interaction with the animal, however felt police made the right decision by shooting and killing the dog because they feared for the victim's safety. came, and they had to shoot the dog because of he would have killed him. >> when i was on the phone with the dispatcher, i heard
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gunshot. >> luckily no one else was injured. >> reporter: we were here when the family rushed to the hospital. at last check the man was listed in critical condition. the owner of the dog. taken into custody for question. paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. potential jurors in the case of ghost ship warehouse fire took up every available seat in a courtroom in oakland today. two pools of 80 people each are spending today and tomorrow filling out questionnaires. the actual jury election interviews won't happen until next week. the judge says it will take about two weeks to select the 12 jurors and 6 alternates who will decide the fate of the two men. the warehouse fire in december of 2016 killed 36 people. each man is now facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. the judge is anticipating opening statements on april 30th. a chp officer killed in the line of duty was honored during a memorial ceremony in west sacramento today. acramento today.
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>> end of watch, april 6th, 2019. >> the bell ringing at the chp academy was in honor of sergeant steve licon. the veteran motorcycle officer was killed saturday when he was struck by a suspected drunk driver who veered onto the shoulder of interstate 15 in river side county. he'd been an officer for 27 years and is survived by his wife and two daughters. the pentagon says four americans were killed in a suicide bombing in afghanistan today. three u.s. service members and a contractor were all killed in the road side near air base kabul. three other u.s. soldiers were wounded in the attack. the taliban has claimed responsibility. responsibility. in sudan, thousands of people are taking part in a
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sit in demanding the resignation of the president. protesters have been gathering since the weekend in the capital city. there are reports that at least seven protesters were killed in clashes with security. they were initially upset about a hike in the cost of living that then grew into calls for president bashir to step down. he's been in power since 1989. a self-proclaimed playboy model accused of killing a well known doctor made her first appearance in a california courtroom today. details coming up. >> also an uber driver arrested. police say he dropped some passengers at the airport, then doubled back to burglarize their home in san mateo. an mateo. >> rain drops still falling out there.
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new at 11:00, a former playboy model appeared in a stockton courtroom today accused of killing a psychiatrist. the body was found last month in the trunk of a car outside las vegas. investigators say he was blugeoned to death. today a judge agreed to extradite turner to las vegas for a murder charge. a murder charge. an uber driver is under arrest accused of particularizing a home not far from where he picked up two suspects. jackie wilson picked up two people on saturday and then returned to their home in san mateo with the intention of burglarizing it. but when he tried to break in, an alarm went off. then he burglarized another home nearby and made off with
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valuables and precious family heirlooms. >> stuff is just stuff and i'm happy we're safe, but there's family heirlooms i'm really hoping i can get back. they're from my grandmother and go back to the holocaust. >> both homes have ring security cameras, and the footage helped police track down wilson. the driver no longer works for uber. parents and students packed a los altos school board meeting tonight, upset with a tentative agreement to relocation hundreds of junior high school students to make room for a charter school. >> and let others front of the school to move their neighborhood junior high school elsewhere so a charter school can move i don't all. i don't understand how you can just come in and take over
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someone's school. >> reporter: they protested at egan high. the new agreement calls for the egan campus to become solely bullis charter school. currently they share the space with the junior high. the junior high would then be moved to another new campus in mountain view at a shopping center. amber mcdonald started a petition against the move that's garnered more than 5,000 signatures. >> if they make this decision pretty immediately or in a few years, we would make decisions as families to move our kids out of the district. >> reporter: district officials say under california's proposition 39, the district is required to provide bullis charter school with facilities. the agreement is sparking debate over the expansion of charter schools in the state. >> there are certain aspects of charter school law as it's written right now that really binds district and doesn't give them a range of choices. >> reporter: at the bullis
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meeting monday night, a less sizable group voiced support for the agreement. >> it's truly a compromise. there's not a miracle solution. if there was we would have had it many years ago. >> reporter: the los altos school board is expected to make a decision on april 29th with the junior high students possibly moving into the new campus in the fall of 2023. the bomb squad was called to a in alameda today after construction crews dug up a suspicious looking object. it happened shortly after noon. construction crews who dug up the item say it looked a lot like a crushed soda can. crews called for help police an firefighters responded and closed the intersection. the bomb squad arrived soon after and determined the object was actually an old battery. no one was hurt and the intersection was reopened. on was reopened.
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looking at the rain drops out there. the radar is spinning. we have some light showers, but it's real light stuff and nothing really in terms of accumulation, except for the north bay. there was about .2 inches in marin county. most of the day was partly sunny to mostly cloudy to mostly sunny. highs today as i showed you earlier in the 60s to low 70s. looking out on san jose right now, good light. i guess the clouds, the light from the city is reflecting off the bottom of the clouds. unusual visibility for this late. but the clouds clear by tomorrow morning. when you get going tomorrow morning it's cleared up pretty quick. you can see it here tomorrow morning. you're looking at basically mostly clear skies in the morning. and then in the afternoon looking pretty darn nice as well. a few stray showers lingering in the lake tahoe area. as the front goes through though, the winds build up behind it. high pressure jumps in, winds
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go more out of the north, northwest. then we have a breezy day tomorrow. in the afternoon, especially along the great highway, some blowing sand. it's more of a spring wind. we haven't seen one like this for awhile consistent at low levels and shouldn't cause any problems other than the blowing sand on the highway. wednesday morning, wednesday afternoon. thursday you see some clouds. a little switch in the pattern there. thursday we might see partly cloudy conditions, but thursday night back to it with the weekend looking pretty darn nice. with that all said looking at san francisco and san jose, mild, mostly sunny to partly sunny. a beautiful day tomorrow with more sunshine than we've certainly the last couple of days. temperaturesgenerally not much warmer because of the weekend. instead of mid-70s the winds brisk out of the north-northwest, and that will be enough to keep temperatures out of the mid-70s.
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we'll see plenty of upper 60s and low 70s, but not a lot of them. and then there's the five-day forecast. so breezy and a little breezy on wednesday too. not a wind advisory, no wind warnings. just breezy, classic spring pattern. and then saturday and sunday you see what we have there. some clouds come back in on sunday. so a good looking week ahead. and with the winds, the tree pollens will start firing off soon. the winds won't help you at all if you're a sufferer. the next couple of days you may need the allergy medications. a great sign of recovery tonight in the north bay after a restaurant in sebastopol reopened for the first time since the devastating floods back in february. the barrio fresco cantina is the first restaurant in the barlow to open since the extensive flooding there. the walls, tiles, and appliances all had to be replaced. around the corner a small
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butchery just reopened. >> it's tough, it's still tough. it will be tough for six months, a year. i don't know how long it will take to fully recover. >> many of the other restaurants and businesses at the barlow are still working to make repairs and hope to reopen soon. the mens college basketball championship game tonight goes down to the wire with virginia and texas tech trading the lead back and forth. mark has the overtime ending to march madness next in sports. >> and a live look outside at a foggy san francisco international airport. you're watching the 11:00 news here on ktvu. here on ktvu. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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okay, i have to admit. me and julie didn't realize the game was on tonight. it seemed like there wasn't much buzz about the championship game. >> i have to agree with you. i haven't looked yet, but i would suspect this might be one of the lowest, at least in ca championship games. not exactly creating a huge buzz. if there wasn't betting on these things, i don't know where it would stand. last year virginia eliminatedded by a 16 seed. they made up for it against
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texas tech tonight. 35 seconds left. the red raiders leading by 1. that's pat mahomes, the kansas city chiefs quarterback. loving life at that point. he wouldn't soon after. 12.5 seconds left when hunter in regulation hits the clutch shot to tie it. the game went to overtime. to overtime. and again, the cavaliers of virginia find themselves down 1. hunter again, almost an instant replay of that shot, has them up for good. and there you go. he had 27 points, leading virginia to the first championship in school history. history. not even ralph sampson, remember him? he couldn't do it. meantime san francisco giants, when they score 5 runs in a game they have to win. you put madison bumgarner on the mound and it multiplies that. kevin pilar, their new acquisition. first grand slam of his career in a five-run 4th inning,
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and the giants look like they'll use to victim. didn't happen. here's one of the hottest prospects in all of baseball. giants have to deal with him in a padres uniform for years. two-run shot gets them back up. in bumgarner gave up five runs in six innings. reyes on and hangs it up t there. on and fair. there goes mad bum. 6-5, not a happy camper. giants lose. meantime in baltimore, brandon hyde now the manager of the orioles, hails from santa rosa. and the a's are 0 for the road this year. they haven't won away from oakland yet. here's a shot done the right field line. two runs score. the a's got to be better on defense than that. the error allows another run
11:27 pm
to come in. the bull pen folds. they lose 12-4. in case you missed it or when he can this out. either one. mike trout is the highest paid player in the galaxy proving one of the reasons why. a pretty good catch to rob the mvp of the national league last year. mutual respect right there. he does that to a lot of guys. in case you missed it, this is pretty good. look mom, no hands. he gets a base hit. watch this. he actually let go of the bat. he's not even touching the bat. >> it went that far? >> got the rbi single. >> without even touching it. >> whole new style. >> he might start a trend. that's the sporting life for now. >> good night. [ pleasant orchestral music ] [ commentatora 1-iron from the 17th tee.
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[ club thwacking ] it's coming right at the flag stick. [ crowd cheering ] what a shot! [ pleasant orchestral music ] jack nicklaus has now won his third united states open.
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