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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  April 10, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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compost by using 14 huge high- strength steel plates. they will be bolted on all of the cracked girder beans beams above and below and to be sure, more reinforcement plates will be installed on another set of identical girder beams that did not crack . >> i would call this a reinforcement and this is a dislocation. at first street, the girder was not cracked and it is just an enhancement. >> reporter: this kind of superstrong sandwich will make beams as strong or stronger than the originals. the bolting will take about two weeks and then a final series of independent inspections which have been going on every step of the way will approve the building for reoccupation. hew when this is almost over. when the shoring system is finally removed from fremont street and it returns to normal, the building will have been repaired. but what about other potential defects?
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>> we have continued to work throughout and look at all different areas. structural steel to concrete to bolts and today we have found nothing else. >> reporter: a june opening is not out of the question but no date has been set. who pays for the repairs are all of the losses incurred from the closure of the massive building? the transmedia authority says the responsible parties, whomever they turn out to be, will pay even if the court has to order it. tom baker, ktvu fox2 news. workers at the university of california walked off the job today campuses up and down the state, to protest what they say are unfair labor practices . >> -- >> a number of people walked a picket line at uc berkeley today for the 1 day strike. in addition to stalled contract talks, workers also say the university has shown a pattern
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of illegal intimidation toward workers. this ranging from rats to police citations to effectively condoning the violent physical assault of striking workers on the picket line. >> having a strike for unfair labor practices because they present threatening and intimidation that management tells workers when they try to be active with the union and try to fight what is fair for the funeral families. >> reporter: the university says they are focused on negotiating with the union and have offered a number of proposals which have all been rejected. the bay area is pushing toward 30,000 homeless people according to a new report. the report also found the bay area homeless population is among the highest in the country and will take billions of dollars to build enough housing for all of those who need one. ktvu's rob roth joins us in oakland after talking with the homeless and community leaders . >> reporter: julie, the report recommends that bay area cities
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band together and treat homelessness as a regional issue much like transportation and the report found the homelessness in the gray area is far greater than many people realize. this man says he has been sleeping in this tent encampment in west oakland for the past 6 months after he lost his job on top of a family crisis. >> it is easy to get your feet into the gutter but it is hard to get them out. >> reporter: he said he is just across the street from st. vincent de paul were community leaders met to discuss a report detailing how big a problem homelessness is in the bay area. among the sightings, the bay area has 20,000 people who have nowhere to live. that is the third-largest homeless population in the u.s. behind only new york and you -- los angeles . >> this is not just a problem for social service agencies, for government, a problem for every sector of our society and that includes the private sector. >> reporter: the report was
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written by the bay area council of business think tanks. it found two thirds of people living in cars or on the streets doubles the natural -- national average. the report also found it is such a massive homeless problem each city can no longer tackle it on its own. and recommends a shared approach for those seeking help and also recommends focusing on preventing homelessness . >> most at risk for becoming homeless, for eviction are the people we need to help with either prevention services, different types of housing vouchers or housing dedicated to that income bracket. >> reporter: the report says the main solution is to build more low income housing . >> we have failed at every level to build enough housing and the lack of attending to that over the course of decades has created a problem. it takes everyone to be concerned and have that knowledge. >> even you, too bein
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that situation. >> reporter: now for the price tag, the report says the cost to build enough housing for the current bay area homeless population is $12.7 billion. the office the authors of the study say that is a lot of money but it is doable. >> it is one big problem. rob roth in oakland. thank you. new developments today in the case of the golden state killer. prosecutors said today that they are going to seek the death penalty against suspect, joseph d'angelo. he is 73 years old and is accused of committing 13 murders as well as and burglaries across california in the 1970s and 1980s. d'angelo was identified through a dna match and arrested last april. prosecutors say they want to seek the death penalty . it comes just a month after governor newsom suspended all executions in california.
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this as long as he is the governor. the army corps of engineers announced they have awarded contracts totaling almost $1 billion to companies that will replace barriers of the southern border. the work will happen along a 46 mile stretch in new mexico and an 11 mile stretch in arizona. involves replacing waste tiberius with fencing about 30 feet high. on environmental group says the taller fencing will cut off migration pathways for a wide range of animals and they say that will have a negative impact on the ecosystems in the region. governor gavin newsom is returning to california after his trip to el salvador. in a video, the governor said he went to the country to learn more about the poverty and violence that is driving peopto states. governor newsom sharply criticized president trump for cutting aid to el salvador and he pledged to provide help for migrants in california including reunification services and legal representation for asylum seekers. california is home to the
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largest population of salvadorans outside of el salvador, about 680,000 people in all. recent breaking news to show you in oakland. sky foxes over the scene of a hydrant a water hydrant. the water was gushing into the air moments ago. it looks like authorities have turned off the water to the hydrant. this is happening at seventh and alice and it appeared an suv had crashed into the hydrant. we have not had word of any injuries here but probably a good idea to avoid the area. it looks like authorities on the scene but the water turned off just moments ago. it was gushing. we are working to get more information as to what happened and we will bring it to you when we do. democrats are dependent -- demanding evidence activase say they believe attorney william barr says he spied on the campaign. he made that statement on capitol hill. fox news ray bogan has more on the developments. >> reporter: today's hearing
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with attorney general barr was supposed to be about the justice department's budget. instead, lawmakers turned to asking about the mueller report and barr's concerns about the investigations oregon the origins . >> i think spying on a political campaign is a big deal. >> reporter: attorney general william barr dropped a bombshell during his second day of testimony on capitol hill . >> you're not suggesting, though that spying occurred? >> i think that spying did occur, yes, i think it did occur grip -- but the question is whether it was predicated. >> reporter: barr says he is looking into the fbi to investigate investigations into the trump campaign before the election and whether it was justified . >> there is a basis for my concern but i am not going to discuss it. >> reporter: >> you want to rephrase what you are doing because i think the word "spying" could cause everybody in the cable news ecosystem to freak out.
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>> unauthorized surveillance. >> reporter: barr's remarks came hours after the president blasted the mullah probe calling it a attempted coup against his presidency . >> there were dirty cops. these were bad people. >> reporter: in a statement, house democratic chairman, adam schiff blasted bars barr's suggestion of spying saying "this type of partisan part talking point may please donald trump who rails against a deep state coup but also strikes another destructive blow to our democratic institutions." >> i will be interesting to see how the attorney general carries this board. >> reporter: toward the end of the interview, barr testified he did not know if the current -- he is on track to have ersio released next gton, rebuilding, news . >> also in washington, the treasury department says it will not providof president tru tax returns by today's deadline. democrats want access to the
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returns as part of congressional investigations into the presidents business dealings and his campaign. president trump has said that, as he has in the past, because his taxes are under audit, he will not release them. treasury secretary, steven mnuching told congress yesterday his department intends to "follow the law. spoke >> as i previously sick said, i want to acknowledge we have received the request and we will follow the law. we are reviewing it with our internal legal department and i would leave it at that. >> the treasury department says it could not complete its review in time for tonight's deadline. the request by congress seems likely to end up in court, unlike many other presidents, mr. trump has never released his taxes. a bill aimed at limiting what police in california can use as deadly force, closer to
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reality. coming up at 5:30 pm, people on both sides of the issue discussed the measure that would change the deadly force tendered from reasonable to necessary. the warriors new billion- dollar arena is ready for primetime events but where are you going to park? coming up next, why the team and the san francisco transit agency are asking people to leave their cars at home. spring? what spring? that is what millions are saying across the midwest today as a new storm could bring up to 1 foot of snow over the next few days. we had plenty of sunshine today. you can see it behind me. a few clouds but still a little breezy. especially along the coast. we will have your thursday in focus when i see you next. the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today.
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uber stock may be listed on the new york stock exchange by as early as next month. the ridesharing company is expected to make its ipo paperwork available tomorrow. reports say the company plans to sell around $10 billion worth of stock when it goes public. the stock price will likely be valued at $40-$55 per share. that would value the company between 90 and $100 billion. stocks close higher today as the financial markets made up ground following yesterday's losing session. the dow rose 6.5 points, nasdaq jumped 54 and the s&p was up 10. warriors fans will have to make big changes next year. the warriors will be moving to the new chase center in san francisco and parking is going to be very limited. >> reporter: when it opens, the chase center will hold 18,000 warriors fans but have only 950 parking spaces, leaving some who live nearby apprehensive.
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>> it might be the perfect storm. >> reporter: but don't worry, they have a plan . >> we are comfortable we have a good plan but it is not focused on parking, on the message that the best way to get the that chase center is to take mass transit. >> reporter: the warriors are finding express bus service, extra service on the t line and parking control officers it over 20 intersections . >> we will be able to load 4 two car t trains. >> >> reporter: officials announced parking restrictions . >> the current goals, will be to set up and support local business and residents which means residents will have one or two hour limits on the commercial streets. a similar plan worked well for giants games but with the
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chase center so close by, residents cannot help but brace for the impact. it will get worse especially when there is that overlap between the giants and the warriors playing. >> reporter: the warriors have been working hard to make sure fans can get to games easily. there have been discussions about packaging public transit and ticket purchases together. they say they have faith the fans will adapt . >> just because they love the warriors out here. oh, yeah. >> reporter: the first test of the plan will come soon enough. the chase center is set to open september 6. in san francisco, ann rubin, ktvu fox2 news. we have breaking news tonight. guy fox is in oakland right now where there are a lot of police outside of what appears to be a white warehouse there on 85th and blame street. sours the officers were closing in on a wanted ng surrounded. all of this is
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happening east of the oakland coliseum. we have calls into oakland police. we are working to get more information. when we do, we will bring it to you. also, in the east bay, police have recovered a van stolen from a day care center over the weekend. the 10 passenger van from the trenton daycare in concord was found at the walmart in martinez around midnight. the daycare director sent us these photos that show the vehicle stripped of most of the seats plus all of the child safety seats inside. the license plate was removed and there was damage to the ignition. the same van was stolen last summer but recover 3 weeks later in bay pointe. winter is officially over but the rest of this week could be blizzard conditions for people across the midwest. a historic blizzard to drop up to 2 feet of snow across the midwest and cause potentially life-threatening conditions. this is video for minnesota near minneapolis. that area got most of the heavy snow while other parts got a mix of sleet and freezing rain. there were also wind gusts of up to 35 miles per hour, making a mess on the roads and there could be even more snow there tonight.
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>> i will tell you what, my knuckles hard. white knuckles gripping the steering wheel. it is pretty slippery out here. i would slow her down, that is for sure. >> he ended up getting back on the road but a lot of drivers were going too fast for conditions ended up on the side of the roads. for people who miss out on the snow, there could be severe thunderstorms in warmer areas across the midwest. flooding in several oregon communities has forced officials to shut down highways, roads and close schools. about 500,000 people were evacuated from their homes after record-breaking rain. the evacuations followed moderate flooding sunday and monday night along the willamette river and flow rivers alum eugene. it broke the record for the wettest april day in oregon history. floodwaters are supposed to be receding tomorrow. when you look at the
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pictures for oregon and the midwest, you appreciate living here in the bay area . >> we are in the middle of april and they are just getting a massive snowstorm in the midwest. >> and blizzard warnings. as a matter fact, it will have flight implications if you are traveling around the country. chicago will have an impact. 2 as we go into the next few hours or so, here is, or here we are tonight, this is a model depicting the blizzard as it moves into thursday or late tonight. even coming out of denver, blizzard warnings are no small matter this time of year. you will see definite issues. chicago gets hit with a bit of severe weather and you see things winding down but big time, the dakotas, southbound towards kansas and areas into the rockies and the plains. it is a messy situation. for us, we have this thing that is called an inside slider. you can see it? i can barely see it. it is right here. it is right there it is, do you see this guy? it is going to come down like this and it will be a little
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bit of snow to lake tahoe and bring us a chance for a slight chance for showers. stop me if you heard that before because it seems like it has been that way the last few weeks. a slight chance. a week ago every day was a slight chance and very little materializes. that is how tomorrow goes. this system is a cooler system that drops down but has the main impacts on the west side where the dynamics are the weakest. here is the low. it will go right down here. everything down here with a hand is, the dynamics are week. everything over here with that hand is, are strong. i tried. the wind has been blowing along the coast. the great highway has sand blowing. not as windy as yesterday. it was really windy yesterday. gusts were up to 49 miles per hour in marin county, 45 miles per hour in mount diablo. today much less and still breezy. good air quality, good visibility, clouds moving in tomorrow. a slight chance but listen, i
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would not change my plans based on that tomorrow. i think tomorrow will be more about a milder day, cooler day, breezy again with a few clouds. 74 in fairfield, 71 in concord, warmer than yesterday by 6 degrees, 3 degrees warmer in livermore and 4 degrees warmer in san jose. let's look at the when. yesterday when i pulled this up, we were showing you 35, 38 mile-per-hour winds at sfo. we still have a west wind at sfo at 25 miles per hour. how does tomorrow? a few clouds move in, not too bad, maybe a sprinkle shows up but not a great opportunity and look at the went. look at what the wind does. look out we are that is me it is not often you see it that clean. also, as i move on, the bay is brown because when you get the winds growing, it stirs up the sediment around the edge of the bay. it is very brown on the bay, not the blue that would love. we look closely when i come back at the forecast model and
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beyond. nd. it is officially playoff season in san jose. we have a street rally going on. i will give you the sites of the fence center and why the sharks biggest night matchup is so darn compelling. coming up on ktvu news at 6:00, a busy day for a k-9 officer in the east bay. the dog helped track down two pounds of hidden meth, coke and marijuana. newly released documents show a late community leader in chinatown and san francisco was the focus of an sei fraud investigation.
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i'm so excited. one of the most grueling playoff races in all of sports begins tonight. we are talking about the stanley cup playoffs . >> the san jose sharks play game 1 against the vegas golden knights. scott reese joins us now live from outside the shark tank where excitement is building. got? >> no doubt about it. >> reporter: the vibe is outstanding. you know how passionate hockey fans are and not just frank somerville. a street rally before every home playoff game for the sharks. face painting, food, beverage, a live dj and all kinds of games and giveaways. the fans are psyched. game 1 againsttalk about the se itself, let's say this is a familiar full with emphasis on the word foe. these two teams met in the second round of last year's
5:26 pm
playoffs. it was a hard-fought six game series won byvegas. this year they have escalated the rivalry. the teams that played twice in the last month and you look at the video and understand exactly how they feel about each other. no love lost whatsoever. in fact, a lot of fights, penalty minutes, blood spills, hard feelings just in these two march meetings so you can imagine what we are heading into in a best of 7 playoff series between the sharks and nights. i will tell you what, the players know they're going to have to strap on the big boy pads for this series. >> obviously, they are two teams that we will not invite each other over for sunday night dinner. we know they don't like us and i just want to be on the best behavior for my hometown. >> reporter: these are two of the highest powered offenses in hockey so we could have a
5:27 pm
really exciting brand of playoff hockey, a lot of shootouts, goals scored. the sharks one of the best teams in the league. the good news is everybody is healthy for the first time in a couple of months that we have been able to say that. that includes meyer who scored 30 goals last year. he was next up but he is good to go. frank and julie, all hands on deck tonight for the sharks and the golden knights and the fans can't wait . >> i can't wait. i'm going to the game friday night. the golden knights have their starting goalie as mark? >> they do, he was out for several weeks with what they are calling a lower body injury which of course is hockey talk for what we are not going to tell you the injury was. he came back and gave up 9 goals and those two games. i don't know if you was rusty, not 100%. we will start to find out tonight but that is a good point because you don't have to be a nhl analyst to understood how important goaltending is in the playoffs. marc-andre fleury was the
5:28 pm
difference. he has to be better going forward than he has been for much of the regular-season . >> everybody is healthy. that is a good thing. scott, thank you. coming up, a bill to change the deadly force standard for police in california. up next, what the new law would mean for officers. also a public health emergency declared but the measles outbreak continues to grow. details about the third a break in unvaccinated kids in new york. a first time that a black hole. the image looks like a grow the less glowing eye. coming up, experts talk about the discovery.
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a bill that would limit when police officers in california can use deadly force is one step closer to reality. some police unions are against it but those who have lost loved ones to police shootings say it is a needed change. crime reporter henry lee joins
5:32 pm
us from the newsroom . >> this bill would change the deadly force standard from reasonable to necessary meaning officers were not be able to shoot unless it was the last resort. >> i'm going to shoot you if you don't stop! >> it has happened over and over in california. police opened fire, killing someone. officers say they fear for their lives. relatives say the shooting was unnecessary . >> they knew my son had mental illness. this kid did not have a police record evening speeding ticket. >> reporter: on tuesday, a bill known as the california act to save lives past the safety committee. under assembly bill 392, officers would be able to use deadly force only when there are no alternatives to prevent death or serious injuries. >> it will save lives. >> reporter: those in support include cephas johnson whose nephew was shot and killed by police. he says the bill would encourage officers to use time and distance, much when officers deal with the mentally a. >> we are saying slow the
5:33 pm
process down. take the necessary steps in order to preserve life. the preservation of life is critical. >> reporter: critics include police units and relatives of officers killed in the line of duty. >> this bill will cause more harm to officers in the future. >> reporter: assemblyman tom lackey was even more blunt saying, "california cops will die if this bill becomes law. no question." michael raines, an attorney who represents police officer says he does not believe the use of force standard would change a lot but he says the bill's language in two key parts is confusion . >> the changes made makes it cumbersome for officers to see what they can and cannot do. that is the problem i. >> the bill was overseen by an oakland civil rights attorney . >> my view is just because you can kill somebody does not mean you should pick this statute says to you that you have to
5:34 pm
have more than an objective standard, you have it to be a necessary standard. port >> many are focusing on sb 230 which focuses on training and de-escalation nation techniques and not force as a standard. prosecutors in riverside county formerly formality charged a drunk driver for second-degree murder for the death of a chp motorcycle officer last week. stars and sergeant steve mccomb was killed when a driver veered onto the interstate. 36-year-old michael callahan pleaded not healthy to second- degree murder charges during his arraignment this afternoon. he faces a possible sentence of 15 years to life in prison if convicted. >> today is the annual walk to work day in san francisco, designed to get cars off the roads and people exercising. semper cisco mayor london breed was among those walking this
5:35 pm
morning. there were several hubs where walkers could get coffee and goodie bags including one at city hall. mayor breed met up with walkers during a rally on the steps of city hall where she made a call for safe streets for pedestrians. >> we have to continue to remember all the lives that we lost because we have not moved fast enough. the 7 people we lost in our streets this year alone is 7 people too many. >> this was the seventh annual walk to work day in san francisco. in another county in new york is trying to contain a measles outbreak. westchester county confirms new cases of the virus. this comes one after day after the mayor declared a public health emergency. >> reporter: another surge of measles cases in the new york city area. this in addition to rockland county in addition. westchester county confirmed they have cases of the virus. 8 children all unvaccinated
5:36 pm
minors ranging from 6 months to 14 years old. two of the children had to be hospitalized. none of the infected kids attend public schools or childcare programs but officials are still working to identify any locations where the children may have exposed others. westchester county is ready to take emergency steps if the situation escalates. >> we want to err on the side of the freedom of movement but we also have to err on the side of public health. >> all 8 is reportedly contracted the virus during visits to rockland county in brooklyn. it has prompted new york city's mayor to declare a public health emergency. and also order residents in that zip code to get vaccinated. some locals are defiant in their opposition . >> my creator created perfect children. >> reporter: leaders say anyone can become compliant.
5:37 pm
>> the need to protect not only their children but they have a responsibility to the community and to society. >> reporter: anyone who ignores the mayor's vaccination order could face a $1000 fine. the city plans to enforce the directive. in new york, brian yunus, fox news. facebook is launching another crackdown on false information. last month, it took action to stop the spread of anti-vaccine misinformation. now the company says it is expecting it's checking program to cover videos. it will focus on websites that flourish on facebook but do poorly outside the network. that is often a sign that the site is spreading misinformation. more breaking news in the case from san mateo the hillsdale caltrain station where trains are stopped in both directions as poliks. emer
5:38 pm
the scene. we don't know if this was a suicide, if someone fell on the tracks or someone happened to be walking on the tracks and did not hear the train. we are working to get more information. as soon as we do, we will bring it to you. still ahead, alameda voters okay a controversial project. last night election pushes the plan forward but even with a vote, it is not a done deal yet just yet. there was a big boom that shook the whole building. >> a massive explosion that rocks a building in north carolina, killing 1 person and injuring more than a dozen others. what caused the explosion and fire, coming up. here is where to watch the local newscast on ktvo plus. introducing, the fox2 weather app. it is like having the power of the weather team in the palm of your hand.
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the voters in alameda have approved a new housing and wellness center for the homeless. they did so during a special election yesterday. measure a will allow vacant buildings on mckay avenue to be converted into a $40 million center. measure a was approved by a vote of 53% to 47%. the center will provide 90 units of housing for qualified homeless seniors as well as rehabilitation, healthcare and a resource center. we can be a beacon for other communities. mayor libby schaaf has been over to visit me and i was telling her about the project. she was so excited and said she wanted to come when it opens and she wants to do something like that in oakland.
5:42 pm
>> the goal is to have the center up and running in 3 years. the center will be near crowne memorial beach and opponents say they will continue to fight it in court. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu appears to be reelected for a fifth term in option in office after a very close race. there are still votes be counted but officials don't believe it will change the results. a fifth turn would make him the longest serving leader in the country's history. >> i was very moved that the nation of israel once again entrusted me for the fifth time. >> netanyahu's apparent victory comes with corruption charges. the two main parties are virtually tied for seats in the parliament. that means not in yahoo's party will have alition government. at least one person was killed and more than 15 other people were hurt in a natural
5:43 pm
gas explosion in downtown durham, north carolina. officials say a contractor hit eight 2 inch gas line this morning, setting off the explosion. the gilding building where the explosion happened collapsed and caught fire. 17 people were taken to the hospital including a firefighter. six victims are in critical condition. police say the explosion shattered windows that were blocks away. >> there was a big boom that shook the whole building. the lights went out momentarily. we decided to evacuate because we did not know what was going on. >> the buildings in the surrounding area have been evacuated including a local day care and the durham school of the arts. it may seem like a far- fetched idea but one man says it is possible. up next, we will talk with the founder and ceo of a company that plans to build floating cities like this that c has he says can withstand natural disasters. also, looking into a black hole. a scientist tells us what it means to see something that even the smartest people in the world was not possible.
5:44 pm
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mornings with ktvu means more power to you. >> the power to know before you get up and go . >> more power. >> more power. >> more power to you. >> morning sun 2 on fox 2 someday people may live in
5:47 pm
floating cities. the company called oceanix is working to build these so- called cities of the future that would be able to withstand any natural disaster associated with climate change including floods, tsunamis and category five hurricanes. the founder and ceo of oceanix was our guest last hour on ktvu's the four. >> people living on the ocean have been around for thousands of years. think of southeast asia, china and not far from where you are in sausalito, people living on houseboats. so humans have been living on the ocean for thousand years. that is nothing new. what is new is the idea that you can do it in a sustainable and scalable way. >> buildings and the floating city would be anchored to the ocean floor but will be designed so they could be towed to a safer location in the event of a national natural disaster. a science picture-perfect view of one of the oldest mysteries. a black hole. jesse gary shows us the images that are 50 million years in the making.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: in the deep darkness of space, one of the deepest and darkest mysteries facing the universe, bright orange on the edges, the real center of this picture is black. >> this is the strongest evidence we have today. >> reporter: once believed impossible to see, wednesday, an international team of scientists announced the first picture of a black hole. >> one of the reasons astronomers do what we do is because we get to explore new worlds and seek new ventures. >> reporter: the questions and power surrounding a black hole have long been major plot points in met in motion pictures. star trek first aired the idea in the 1960s. by the end of the 70s, a blackhole was the feature of a film. they have fueled debate while waiting to see see the real thing . >> i was amazed. i did not think i could ever see it. >> that we would ever get a picture on? >> yes. >> reporter: the telescope picture confirmed what einstein theorized a century ago.
5:49 pm
a blackhole, a dimple of the fabric of space and time, is so dense, not even light can escape its gravity. >> we are seeing light going in orbits around the black hole. you see the bright ring and a dark spot in the middle where there is no light. >> san jose state astro physicist romanow ski says this is similar to scientists letting the abdomen splitting the atom more than 100 years go. he believes this could impact everyone's life on earth through advancements in energy, travel and technology. >> black holes could be portals to another part of the galaxy for example. we could punch a quarter into space time and have a tunnel to another part of space. >> one can wish. sign me up, that's what i say. i will be the first one to go. >> reporter: far off from people or probes to be able to withstand the gravity inside a blackhole, for now, scientists hope to add more telescopes to
5:50 pm
the group that produced the picture and hopes to get better quality and learn more. in the san jose studio, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. we are taking a look at some of the current temperatures from today and some places did warm up a little or stayed about the same. 76 today in the santa rosa area. we had 70 or 65 down toward san mateo. breezy conditions showing up in much of the bay area. let's take a close up of this. you can see 74 and -- in morgan hill, 64 in pacifica with breezy conditions coast side. it is still pretty breezy even though yesterday was a big wind event. as we head to the next few days, a big warmup, temperatures saturday into the mid-70s. tomorrow, not much of a warm- up, might be a bit of a cool down because of the cloud cover. in this area, there is the blizzard warning we were
5:51 pm
looking at earlier. if you are traveling from denver to chicago, be ready for something there because it is definitely inclement weather. look at how far north this is. it is pretty classic late spring, early summer pattern as the jetstream begins to reseed toward the polar regions. no fog at the coast, clear skies . we have a nice-looking night ahead. it was cold last night. overnight lows in the 40s and tonight will not be much different. it will be kind of chilly with a few more clouds but chilly. temperatures running ahead of where they were yesterday at this time by 1 to 6 degrees. the winds have really died down, really died down. i think 25 at sfo which is not unusual for spring, coming out of the west. i did mention the bay, when you get wind likget the upwelling offshore which cools the sea ation. we will talk about that some other time but we do see the bay gets blow when you get
5:52 pm
sentiment around the and silver bay. you notice a brown chocolatey color. be on the runoff you see coming out of the delta. the next system does this. this is an inside slider. this is right down the pike and that is the wrong side of us. in the sierra nevada, we will get clouds and snow flurries and we will see gusty winds and temperatures a little cooler. the forecast model does something like that tomorrow morning and there is tomorrow afternoon. is that a chance of rain? maybe but barely. there is the forecast high and let's pop the 5 day forecast in here for you. you can see it is near perfect. that is why it costs so much to live here because we don't have blizzard warning sent tornado warnings a just great weather. this week will be nice and a
5:53 pm
little cooler tomorrow. >> looking good. a bay area music legend is not done expanding his empire. now e 40 is taking on the business world. coming up next, we will talk with him about his humble bay area roots and what he is working on next. coming up on ktvu news at six call, we learned that more than 300 jurors filled out questionnaires for the trial of the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire . >> a new discovery of of what scientists say is the long-lost cousin of modern people. the species researchers say they have just encountered.
5:54 pm
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people wake. and smile, when they see the sun. not that one. this one. it makes knowing when to take your prescriptions clear as day. up to fifty percent of people don't take them properly. so at cvs pharmacy we got up early and built a system that helps calculate each person's ideal schedule. it's great for doctors. and caregivers. at cvs pharmacy, we're just trying to help more people have more mornings. in today's bay area people, we are introducing you to someone you may be familiar with. earl stevens, better known as e 40. >> the rapper has created top charting music and is expanding his empire by becoming a businessman. don castaneda sat down with e
5:56 pm
40 two talk about the journey that led to his success. >> ♪ >> reporter: he is a rapper and an entrepreneur . >> i started off with a vinyl line and now i am doing tequila, cognac, vodka. >> reporter: the success of earl stevens, also known as e 40 did not come overnight . >> i had paper routes when i was young, and had to work hard. >> reporter: he grew up with both his parents until he was 8 years old. on my mom and dad split, my daddy moved to one part of valley hope. things got hard for us and she had to get 2 jobs and i was the oldest. >> reporter: he says a lot of his drive and energy comes from watching his mother work so hard to support him and his 3
5:57 pm
siblings. he left the bay area in the mid- 1980s to attend gremlin state university in louisiana and that is where he decided to get into the rap game. >> that is my brother g shot, that is me, e 40 and my cousin, b legit. we wanted to get labels because we thought that was the only way to do it. we did not get there. we had to go do it ourselves. >> he moved back to the bay and started his own record label. >> reporter: stick with it records and the click was released . >> the 90s was just, we started to enjoy the fruits of our labor. >> reporter: e 40 released his first solo record in 1993. since then, he has put out nearly 2 dozen more albums and collaborated with big names like littlejohn and snoop dogg. . now e 40 is expanding with his own line of adult beverages being sold in national chains.
5:58 pm
he recently stopped by our ktvu studios to talk about becoming a businessman . >> one lane is cool but one lane also is not just a lane that you need to stay in. >> reporter: he says his enterprise is based on self- preservation and taking advantage of opportunities . >> ain't nobody going to give you anything. history repeats itself. opportunity still. i have a platform so you use that platform to bring other things in. >> you can hear more of e 40s story in our new "bay area people close quote podcast will be putting interviews of bay area people who call the bay area home. on your podcast player, and find it in the bay area people section of this is fox2 news at six .
5:59 pm
>> i'm frank somerville . >> chase sanders opening in 5 months with one of the biggest concerns being traffic and parking . >> ann rubin tells us driving to a concert or warriors game is being discovered. >> reporter: when it opens, the chase center will hold 18,000 warriors fans but have only 950 parking spaces. this leaves some who live and work nearby apprehensive's. >> there might be a perfect storm when it comes to traffic. >> reporter: don't worry, they have a plan . >> our plan is not focused on parking. it is focused on the message that the best way to get to the center is to take mass transit. >> reporter: the worries are funding express bus service, extra service on the t lines and parking control over 20 intersections . >> we will be able to fill t trains outside the platform after every event . >>
6:00 pm
>> reporter: after a meeting on tuesday, officials announced parking restrictions meant to deter driving . >> the curve rules, parking meters in the neighborhood will be set up to support local businesses and residents which means read it is the is resident on residential streets and 1 are 2 our limits on commercial street. >> reporter: with the chase centric so close by, residents cannot help but brace for the impact. >> it will get worse when there is an overlap between the journey's -- giants and warriors playing. >> reporter: the warriors have been making ways for fans to get to the games easily. they are even thinking about patching packaging transportation and ticket sales together. the first test of the parking plan will come soon enough. the chase center opens september 6. in san francisco, ann rubin, ktvu fox2 news. the dg


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