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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  April 12, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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people. and they want more people in we can give them an unlimited supply. and let's see if they are so happy. they say we have open arms. let's see if they have open arms. the president spoke hours after the white house said the idea had been dismissed since homeland security officials said it will be too expensive and possibly illegal. immigrants accused the president of using migrants as political pawns. just another notion that is unworthy of the presidency of the united states and disrespectful of the challenges we face as a country as a people to address who we are a nation of immigrants.>> one proposal would have taken people already in detention and move them to sanctuary cities. another would have taken immigrants were migrants from the border directly to san francisco. new york chicago and other cities.
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it did not take long for leaders in san francisco oakland and san jose to weigh in. we are live outside san jose's city hall with >> repoer immigrants themselves.e mayor o message to immigrant detainees. and to the president. we welcome any families the city of san jose. who have endured such incredible hardships and have endeavored to make a better life for themselves and families. and want to be a part of our great country.>> reporter: president trump confirmed his interest in transporting immigrants of the border and releasing them in sanctuary cities like those in the bay area. apparently as a way to punish political foals. oakland's mayor libby schaaf calls this an outrageous abuse of power using human beings to settle political scores. san francisco mayor london breed added her thoughts saying this
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is just another in a long line of scare tactics and half-baked ideas that are just about chasing headlines and distracting people from real issues. san francisco supervisor sandra set her own family came to the u.s. seeking a better life. i will tell the president that is. if they come to our city we will treat them like humans. we will not separate their mothers and fathers from their children. we will educate them and we will cloak them in a blanket of security. they can live among us. >> reporter: leaders agreed they would rather talk about immigration reform or expedited asylum than this. between 99.9% and 100% is political rhetoric. i would like to see a president more focused on solutions than on silliness. >> reporter: about 40% of san jose's residents come from foreign countries. adding they help to make the city great. a federal appeals court has to poorly drop
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lockton ordered by the white house from returning asylum- seekers to mexico. the trump administration sought a request to drop block the ruling. richard c bork of california ruled the practice of returning asylum-seekers to mexico to await their chordates unfairly puts the lives of those immigrants at risk. the ninth court circuit court of appeals issued a temporary stay setting a deadline of next wednesday for the white house to submit arguments on why the policy should remain in place. el cerrito and the story of a homeless person legend to death. with an ax. the man suspected of attacking him is behind bars facing murder charges. henry is lot of the el cerrito police department with how a bart officer was able to track him down.>> reporter: a two foot long camping acts has been recovered by police. investigators say the suspect laid in wait for the victim holding off until the right moment to strike.
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larry lawson a 58-year-old homeless man was found hacked to death with an ax on busy san pablo avenue near potrero. this was a violent crime. it was against basically a defenseless homeless person. even though this person was homeless our detectives work the case as if it was anybody else. >> reporter: the victim wasn't disabled but use a wheelchair to move his things around. on the night of march 30 someone hit him in the chest and face with an ax. police found video showing a man accosting the. we were able to see the suspect approach close to the victim. he waited until we get he could find the opportune time to attack with the acts.>> reporter: art police officer jonathan smith recognized the man on the video. the same officer once of the richmond bart station and arrested the suspect michael hill. i was happy and just knowing this is someone i have seen before. that we can possibly get this person off the streets. we can make this a better and
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safer community. >> reporter: police found video showing him stilling the acts less than two hours before the killing. the suspect has stolen the murder weapon at home depot in richmond. we were able to track the suspects movements from home depot to the area where the murder occurred.>> reporter: the suspect hit the acts and a drainage pipe under the bar tracks. detectives don't know whether why he was killed. the motive is unclear. we have a substantiated whether there is a relationship between the victim and the suspect.>> reporter: the suspect has been charged with murder and a special circumstance of lying in wait which made him eligible for life in prison or the death penalty. if convicted. the death penalty now on hold. today convicted drunk driver was sentenced to 135 years in prison for causing a crash that killed for family
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members and san pablo. it happened in november 2017 on interstate 80 and san pablo road. two fathers and their sons were killed. fred lowell of sacrament so fled the scene but was found and arrested. he was convicted of four counts of murder. he had five prior drunk driving convictions. his driver's license had been suspended and revoked. the victim's family said they are grateful he is being punished. i lost my brother and my best friend my husband by son and my nephew. i'm grateful to the state. i appreciate the way the judge ruled. it is the only sentence that could be given issued. i think it is important to start making a statement this is 100% avoidable. his blood alcohol level was point one for several hours after the crash. the prosecutor said it was likely higher at the time of the crash. in san francisco people riding munis muni rail
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line will need to transfer to buses starting tomorrow if they are heading to the west side of the city. paul chambers is live in san francisco. people riding the line want to add extra time to the trip.>> reporter: that is correct. the real service of course is longer. it can accommodate more people and it goes faster. there is construction along irving street. there is something behind me. that is why they won't put real service in here the next two weeks. one of muni most popular line. the carries more than 40,000 riders daily. starting saturday morning some of those who use the line would need to add extra time to their commute. because muni will use buses instead of the real service on the western end. there will be a bus substitution between ocean beach and carl in coal. at carl and hill way it will be regular train service.>> reporter: carl in coal will be the end of the line.
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those of you going west of carl street and hill way avenue shuttle buses will await you. as amended by these columns to continue the trip. than i can still catch it at the stop. expect many questions like that which is why the transit agency dispatched ambassadors to help writers navigate the ray the way around the disruption. they plan to have the service back up and running before the end of the month. it as a little bit of time. i am not stuck during commute hours. rail is much faster than bus. it holds more people. crews can finish paving work on parts of irving street. the construction and the area is part of it enters sunset improvement project. once complete will add infrastructure improvements. water improvements. the sewer work. we will install transit bolds and make up the updates of the
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traffic signals. the bus service will start tomorrow morning at 4 am. the service expected to be resumed in two weeks. a dozen buses and quarantine after 4 bus drivers are infected with scabies. how the transit agency is making sure it doesn't impact riders. the government releases the recommendations of his wildfire task force. some of the highlights of the plan to help prevent more disasters. in weather a beautiful sunny day across the bay area. after the stormy past few months. a live camera looking out to san francisco. warming temperatures in your saturday forecast. we will have more on that coming up. while shopping at sears,
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the governor released a 60 page report today that details how california can better protect itself from disasters wildfires and a huge financial liability. the recommendations comes from his strike force. tom baker joins is in the newsroom with the key points the governor made.>> reporter: last year as he ran for governor gavin newsom from to be more aggressive than jerry brown and lessening the impact of wildfires. he is facing reality. the first fire season on his watch. we are in a very precarious state. literally and figuratively. >> reporter: the government introduced a template from which he hopes a comprehensive legislation solution to fight wildfires will emerge. and fast. let's get something big done before recess.
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recess for us is july 12. >> reporter: the document centers around a complex plan that breaks down into five major categories. first wildfire response and prevention. that includes more aircraft more ground equipment communications alert systems agitation clearing and height technologies. jan that fully embrace clean energy technologies which combat climate change and lesson fires. third craft a fair cost distribution to pay for the damages without wiping out the utilities. fourth strength in utility regulation by reinventing the california public utilities commission. finally says 10% of wildfires are utility caused hold pg&e accountable. pg&e must cooperate. >> they have to be part of the solution. if not you will see report all options with pg&e are on the table. a radical but possible ake over.
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cholesterol. the urgency 25 million acres. one out of every four acres in california is classified high or extreme fire risk. we have 11 million people in the state that are at risk. 25% of the population. in the state of california are in these what we call wildland urban interfaces. 4.5 million homes. in and around these areas. the good old days. now the new normal. the jaw-dropping cost. you can see the graph $25 billion a year.>> reporter: with pg&e and bankruptcy is that the states other to invest in old utilities to one re away from junk bond status. it is not just about turning on your lights. it is not just about paying your electric bills. it is about the economy of the
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state. >> reporter: the governor brought up an issue of modifying or ending construction in these high-risk areas. his strike force recommends prioritizing building in areas less fire prone. he talks about building and less fire prone areas what are some of those locations? >> in the flatlands where there is lot is not a lot of trees and hills. the flatlands will be good. anything near transit. it is because transit tends to be on more level surfaces. that would help obviously keep cars off the road. finally agricultural lands. that goes to the issue of high- speed rail into the valley. there is plenty of foam in california. the desirable stuff has always been in that nice cozy wooded area which turns out to be extremely dangerous. some good advice. some great information. we go to the south bay were
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san jose police made an arrest in a hit and run crash. delilah. he got out of her car after the collision on neiman boulevard and approached the into person who was still alive at the time. officers say the 65-year-old suspect returned to her car and drove off without calling for help. police say it appeared the victim was hit by other vehicles. great was found parked on a nearby street and taken to jail on suspicion of felony hit and run. the chp reminding parents child car seats save lives. they are using this rollover accident to drive home the point. they say the three-year-old and six-year-old were in this vehicle you see here when it crashed yesterday near rodeo. both were able to walk away unharmed. they were properly restrained in their car seats. parents can call the chp for an appointment to get car seats properly installed. san francisco is using the
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month of april to raise awareness about distracted driving. the city is stepping up efforts to crack down on distracted drivers to make the streets safer for pedestrians.>> reporter: the month of april has been deemed distracted drivers awareness month. san francisco police along with a number of safety agencies have teamed up to sound the horn to not only slow it down but keep your ice on the road. they held a news conference today at the intersection of 37th and fulton. the same spot where an elderly woman was struck by a car and critically injured 10 days ago. the chief said it is time to slow down and take note. speeding. running stop signs. running red lights. failure to yield to pedestrians. and unsafe lane changes. those five calls the most fatalities. that is where our focus is. >> reporter: san francisco has had 10 traffic fatalities since unit.
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they are doing it at troubled spots throughout the city like 37th and fulton are they issued any citations in the last two days. one of the biggest problems cell phones. you are more than 20 times as likely to crash screeched to a halt or engage in unsafe driving behavior if you are distracted by a cell phone. the message i want to amplify. put the devices down. there is time to get to the text when you get to your destination. distracted driving is not safe on our streets in san francisco.>> reporter: they are beefing up the traffic patrols immediately. the chief could not say it enough during the news conference. slow down. backdrop just beautiful lots of clear skies over san francisco bay. we will continue with the sunny and warm forecast for saturday.
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get the combination of the dry conditions the warm conditions and the gusty winds. the pollen levels have been going up especially for the trees. showing up for you here. the trees are peeking in the short term. the grasses will eventually be going up. that time of year in the bay area heading into the springtime months. showing you the clear skies over north northern california down to southern california. we have mostly clear conditions right now from ukiah to san francisco approaching monterey bay. we check in on the current numbers. some 70s. 76 fairfield. santa rosa 74. oakland 69. mountain view 71 degrees. our live camera looking to the golden gate bridge. look at the green hills of marine county. a nice day. to be on this boat. a beautiful evening as we headed toward friday evening. the warming pattern will continue in your saturday forecast. overnight lows 40s and some 50s
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to start out saturday morning. in san francisco 8 am 52. lots of sunshine into the afternoon hours. forecast high could be flirting with 70. it might feel like 70. we go 69 for now. 4 pm tomorrow afternoon. a nice recovery. into the afternoon hours. the eventually temperature range from 66 to 76. all because of this area of high pressure developing offshore. it will be a dry weekend. the warmest day of the weekend will be saturday that will lead to lots of 70s. sunday extra clouds. some cooler temperatures. look what happens monday. we are talking about shower chances especially in the north bay. that is for your monday forecast. tomorrow we are enjoying the sunshine for saturday. into sunday a few extra clouds. cooling things off back to the 60s. that green shows up. especially up to the north coast. that could be appr bay area. the chance best chance on monday will be focused in the
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north bay. enjoy the warm temperatures tomorrow. upper 60s to lots of 70s santa rosa san jose out to antioch concorde and fairfield. 76. your five day weekend not too bad. it will be dry. there is the shower chance into monday. we will warm things back up on wednesday. beyond wednesday temperatures going back up. we could be talking about 83 to 85 degrees by thursday. the warmest pattern we have seen in 2019. the weekend it outside and enjoy the nice conditions. oakland celebrates is champions. two high schools and to state basketball titles. one victory parade. up next the moment that nearly brought proud parents to tears. coming up at 6 pm another step closer to driverless deliveries. what the dmv did to bring a once far-fetched idea posted to reality. the punishment for former
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great minds shop alike? yes. that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes ,yes, yes... yes. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. two high school girls basketball teams from the same city had never won the state championship in the same season until last month. that is when two teams from oakland did that. the city gave the girls a victory parade. the accomplishment meant more than just basketball.>>
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reporter: there were cheers for the state champions. and some new some near tears from proud parents. pride was on the full display in oakland is to state champion girl basketball teams from two different public high schools road in cable cars to the city of celebration. oakland technical in oakland high. i've never done this before. i just played basketball for the sport and the fun of it. oakland tech won the state trophy last month by defeating a school from southern california. oakland high a smaller school won the championship by winning over a school from kern county. the first time 2 girls teams won championships from the same city. the parade consisting
5:26 pm
of two cable cars and a police escort road past the elementary school. and the middle school that the high schools. a tribute to those schools and perhaps an inspiration to younger students. seeing all these girls and them winning championships. it is encouraging. >> reporter: many of them have to overcome hardship growing up in oakland. look where they are now. >> showing oakland we have accomplished something. we are winners in oakland. it says a lot about who we are his people. >> reporter: the two teams are set to travel to sacramento later this month where they will be honored by state lawmakers at the capitol. that is a great accomplishment. that is very cool. a dozen buses put into quarantine. the of hired an exterminator to conduct the cleaning of the bus routes. how they are trying to keep
5:27 pm
scabies infestation to a minimum. after 4 drivers are infected. transgender military ban goes into effect today. what is allowed and what is restricted. a dominant performance in a game victory. can the sharks do it again tonight? we go live to the street party outside the sap center is the sharks in golden knights get set to hit the ice. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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a scabies outbreak on buses in the south bay. scabies are a small might their burrows under the skin causing a rash. 4 transportation drivers got infected. jesse tells us how the transit agency is addressing the problem.>> reporter: vta workers move a dozen buses into quarantine friday at the authorities north yard in mountain view. it comes after 4 bus drivers became infected with scabies starting last weekend. we have hired an exterminator to conduct the extra cleaning of
5:31 pm
the buses. this is an added measure of propulsion to make sure our employees and public have no reason to worry.>> reporter: a small bug might their burrows into the skin. once they are it causes a rash spreading from the fingers. some passengers are fuel fro now that equipment used in their only method of transportation is under quarantine. it is scary. i have no option. >> reporter: and infection is generally treated with a topical antibiotic. officials with the santa clara county vector control said infection comes from close personal contact. not from writing or touching a best. it is unlikely to get it from shaking hands. or a hug or something like that. sitting unlikely as well.>> reporter: officials say they will clean their entire 130 buses there north yard of the weekend.
5:32 pm
they will backing the seats and wipe down those hard surfaces with bleach. we do take the maintenance and cleanliness of our buses seriously.>> reporter: they operate on for lines. the 22 and 522 from san jose to palo alto. the 55 and 88 which operate in the northern part of the county. one driver who did not want to show his face said he is concerned. or workers could show symptoms in the coming days. i was kind of worried about it. >> reporter: officials say they have distributed information and protocols to approximately 1600 bus drivers. as they were to determine how 4 became infected with scabies. work to determine. still no arrests in connection with a shooting in eastern contra costa county distant two men to the hospital. officers rushed to the scene on fifth street off of main street in oakley last night. one man was shot in the chest and another shot in the leg.
5:33 pm
both were taken to the medical center. their injuries are not life- threatening. police have not released information on the suspect or motive. the trump demonstration transgender military ban goes into effect today. requires individuals serving in the and illustrator military to go with their birth gender unless they have transition initiate the process or have a gender dysmorphia diagnosis. it prevents members and recruits from beginning the process of transitioning. for the first time one of our national institutions will be turning back the clocks. on equality. shutting its doors to people who have already proven their ability to do the job. president trump claims the new policy will cut back on the military's medical cost while ensuring the terry readiness. the courts are allowing the new rules to remain in place. legal challenges are pending. u.s. troops in afghanistan
5:34 pm
on alert after the taliban announced the start of the spring offensive. the offensive comes despite peace talks.>> reporter: an annual tradition on friday announcing the start of their spring offensive. a seasoned that brings an uptick in violence against u.s. and allied forces and high civilian casualties. the announcement comes amid peace talks between taliban leaders in the u.s. the insurgents say the fighting will continue as long as foreign troops are in afghanistan. the trump administration claiming they are getting closer to a full withdrawal. we are talking about a future settlement that will ensure afghanistan is never again used by terrorists. to launch an attack against the united states.>> reporter: taliban fighters to launch operations while avoiding civilian casualties. it comes days before the face to face talks between taliban leaders and afghan government officials. world powers have high hopes the meeting will translate into more formal negotiations. this can open the way for
5:35 pm
negotiations that can lead to peace in afghanistan without the electoral process nor the achievements and afghan laois and has managed to reach.>> reporter: the depths of 3 u.s. marines earlier this week in a taliban attack. despite the uptick in violence some afghans are hopeful to talk to bring an end to the war. i want to see peace and stability in afghanistan. the killing of children must be stopped.>> reporter: the taliban banter red cross in the world health organization from operating territory under its control. band. the chinese woman arrested at president trump's club is charged with unlawful entry. and making false statements. the indictment against her was filed in federal court today. secret service agents arrested the 32-year-old two weeks ago after they say she gained admission falsely claiming to be a member. rescue to say she was carrying
5:36 pm
computer malware electronic device that detects hidden cameras. the busy summer travel season might get more crowded on u.s. airlines. why southwest airlines announced it is canceling 160 flights a day into august. a child pushed or thrown from a third floor at the mall of america. up next how mall security to the suspect. new the suspect. for comfort food at a comfortable price, try my sourdough patty melt combo with fries and a drink for just $4.99. it's the perfect remedy for the uncomfortable things in life... like flying, the dentist ...and guys named ronald. i have my reasons. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo today.
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a scene of terror at minnesota's mall of america today after a stranger grab a child and either through or pushed him from a balcony. police responded to reports of a woman screaming. her five-year-old son had been tossed over a balcony on the third floor. falling two stories and landing on the first floor below. police arrested a suspect emmanuelle a rhonda. investing is that there is no apparent relationship between the man and the boy's family. police say the suspect has a history of causing trouble at the mall. including throwing objects off the balcony. our initial information indicated a child had either fallen from the third level and had landed on the first level floor. additional information from witnesses indicated the child might have been either pushed or thrown from level iii. police say the boy suffered
5:40 pm
life-threatening injuries and he is in the hospital receiving treatment. a former florida prep school demonstrator pleaded into the rigging students entrance exam scores in the college admissions bribery scandal. pleaded guilty to a pair of mail fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering. he took exams on behalf of students and in some cases corrected wrong answers. documents say she he was paid $10,000 for each exam he altered. he faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000. southwest airlines said it is grounding its fleets of rolling 737 max 8 planes into early august. southwest will likely cancel 160 flights a day for much of the peak summer travel season. southwest has more jets than any other u.s. carrier. the faa ground the planes in march after two fatal crashes overseas. boeing said it's working on a
5:41 pm
fix but it is not clear when the planes will be approved supply again. on sunday american airlines announced it would remove the max 8 for its schedule through june 5. stocks rallied on a strong earnings report from j.p. morgan chase. dow jones was up 259. nasdaq was up 36. s&p gained 19. shares of disney also surged to an all-time high after it announced plans for its streaming video service. the internet is buzzing about the trailer for the ninth and final film in the star wars skywalker saga. lucasfilm debuted the trailer for star wars the rise of skywalk. take a look. the trailer featured the next generation of lead characters as well as billy dee williams. there is also an appearance by the late carrie fisher is
5:42 pm
princess leia. they decided to use on air to film from the 2 previous installments after her death in 2016. star wars in theaters december. we got another party going on in san jose. game two round one the stanley cup playoffs. fans are outside taking their shots. it will be the sharks inside taking their shots tonight. we will set the same. and whether a warmer day. a few spots inching closer to the middle 70s. get ready for a warm forecast for saturday. eventually rain chances again. eventually rain chances again. will breakdow ♪ [ crying ] you protect them at home.
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the san jose sharks and golden knights are back on the ice for game two of their series. the sharks won game 1. they hope it leads to a victory tonight as well. live outside asap since her with much more. a lot of fun behind you right now.>> reporter: entered the shark head at your own peril. this is the place to be. the official pregame shark street rally. they do this before playoff game. a lot going on. a lot of these folks that out of work early on friday so they can play some games and get some adult beverages.
5:46 pm
get ready for game 2 of brown 1 the stanley cup playoffs. the first game highly successful for me shark standpoint as they beat the golden knights 5-2. the signature moment from that game without question joe scoring the first goal of the game off his face. if there is any question as to how top hockey players are we to put that to bed. off of brent burns who has one of the hardest shots in the game. off of his mouth into the goal. he did not go down to the ice. he did not need help. he recoiled and skated back to the bench and stayed in the game. he played the rest of the game. he was wearing a face mask. at practice today he was without a facemask. he might have it back ight. he was asked after morning skate whether burns apologized for hitting him in the grill. he did not really apologize. he kind of told me -- it wasn't his fault. it is something i think you do
5:47 pm
is hockey players. we have seen guys do it before. you have seen guys on your team do it. it is an exciting time to be playing. you try to help your team. >> reporter: absolutely incredible. he is a human being who gets knocked in the face uses a couple teeth. a couple stitches. skates right back on and place the rest of the game. he was a bloody mess after the game. he downplayed it. things happen and whatnot. and again you cannot overestimate the toughness of these hockey players. joe pavelski is as tough as they come. vegas is going to come out firing down 1-0. they talk about playoff hockey. the team that loses comes out more desperate the next day. no doubt hockey players are tough. what is the importance of the
5:48 pm
sharks taking a two-game lead at this int?>> reporter: they did everything well pretty much in game one. the offense was on point. the defense was good. martin jones who has not had a good season by his standards played well. it all came together. for me to look at the mental. they came out and they were the aggressors. they were great in the face-off circle. they did the little things to take that lead. to build on that lead they elevated their game on the moment dictated. vegas did not. the key tonight when vegas cams out like gangbusters and you know they're going to. the sharks are going to have to match that intensity. playoff hockey is like nothing else in sports. you cannot lay back and bask in your lead. it i think the key tonight is going to be mental for this sharks to be ready to match the intensity of the golden knights. that is what we hope to see. as the game takes place later on. parts of the upper
5:49 pm
midwest and plains states are digging out from an april storm that dumped snow ice and rain in the region. thousands are without power. in the dakotas and minnesota utility crews are overloaded. they are working as fast as they can. the wicked weather isn't making it easy. you get all of this went high winds and heavy rain. that impacts trees and vegetation. and then you have galloping wires. the second so-called bomb cyclone to hit the region in the last month. the governor of minnesota declared an emergency and 62 counties allowing the national guard to come in to assist people without power. i feel bad for those folks. i hope they have an extra long summer when it finally gets here. they are dealing with a big mess right now. our temperatures are just going up. i feel guilty with that 70.
5:50 pm
i was going for a walk today. this is just beautiful. >> we dealt with enough rain. we don't need to feel guilty. we don't get snow here. hold onto the message into the weekend. some more 70s expected for saturday. the highs this afternoon santa rosa the number leaping off the map. 78 degrees earlier today. flirting with 80. near the coastline keeping a cooler. upper 50s pacifica. some 60s and 70s across the bay area. tomorrow could be cooler in a few spots. other areas could be warmer. another warm forecast for saturday. he was the satellite. we will show you the old system scooting out. the storm system that front heading to the eastern seaboard. he would go with our local weather picture. clear skies. the cloudy area to the west. the remains of the picture tonight and into saturday. current numbers right now we have 70s santa rosa.
5:51 pm
livermore 70. sensor-based 69. san francisco 54. beautiful camera looking to the bay with our live camera. mostly clear and breezy for this evening. tomorrow we have a warmer forecast. monday clouds return. a chance of a few showers. we are not completely done with the rainy season. overnight lows 40s and some lower 50s. san francisco partly cloudy skies and 52. lots of sunshine. into the afternoon hours at 3 pm temperatures upper 60s. could be flirting with 70 degrees in downtown san francisco tomorrow afternoon. after the cool start a nice recovery. more yellow linking to the 70s for saturday afternoon. all because this area of high pressure. this is a front we traced out here. this moves in on monday. this area of high pressure builds in tomorrow. it will be a dry weekend. no rain threat for saturday and sunday. saturday will be the nicest day of the weekend. lots of sunshine and some 70s.
5:52 pm
into monday with a chance of showers into early next week. if you are heading to lake tahoe the winter storm warnings in the winter weather advisories. not the case this weekend. we have mostly clear skies. current conditions. and lots of sunshine for saturday. parties cited sunny into saturday. temperatures south lake tahoe approaching lower 50s the weekend days. he was our forecast model showing clear skies for saturday. into sunday extra clouds. he was the rain chance heading toward monday. especially monday afternoon and into monday evening. take a look at the highs for tomorrow. take a look at the 70s walnut creek oakland 71. san jose 70s. 75 san francisco. 69. teaches upper 60s as your five day a little bit cooler here sunday with a few extra clouds. the chance for showers into monday. the rainy season is not over. i will say into next week maybe
5:53 pm
by thursday we could be talking about 83 or 84. that is still a ways out. the spring could be variable. if you saw black smoke in the east bay this afternoon it was likely part of a firefighter training drill. recruits taking part in live fire training at the alameda county fire department training area in san leandro. they had recruits working to extinguish burning cars. format cars were being set on fire. the training ground is near the intersection of davis street and alvarado. the smoke would have been visible from bart and interstate 880. the city of los angeles said it is in good shape as far as the water supply. that is because the eastern sierra snowpack which feeds was measured this month at 171% of normal. city officials said water from the snowpack which supplies
5:54 pm
about 70% of la's water it needs over the next year. equal to about 119 billion gallons of water. studying identical twins has led to some interesting scientific research. what happens when one spends a year on earth and the other a year in space? housecat and mark kelly. coming up the death of a sacramento state student under investigation. after he was killed by a pellet gun. we are continuing to follow trump's threat to send migrants from the border to sanctuary cities. coming up will hear from oakland mayor libby schaaf live here in our studios.
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lot about humans think the twins. some personality traits are generic. others a result of the environment. we are now learning how the bodies affected outside the earth's atmosphere thanks to the special set of twins.>> reporter: looking for clues about the evolution of mars. a trip to mars has been decades in the making. there are many pieces to the puzzle. like the long trip just to get there. mars is a nine-month one-way trip. once more finding out how the body will react to living in space. doctors and scientists have been studying this area for decades. they hit the jackpot with these identical twins came on board. astronauts scott and mark kelly. the are retired but the last project for nasa involved a year-long study of their bodies. scott from his 340 day stay on the space station. and mark 250 miles below in houston. it gave doctors a chance to see
5:58 pm
how taxing space can be on the body. they compared dna gut bacteria and even how a flu shot functions. scott got drastic changes. he was two inches taller than his brother when he returned. they look at the carotid artery. scott had an increased thickening and that artery. on earth we know what that means. in space we have no idea what that means. >> reporter: everything returned to normal. that was the biggest take away for the sciences. the human body is resilient. it is reassuring for a mission to mars. even with this new information nasa said it is still more than a decade away from being able to put humans astronauts on the red planet. president trump formally announce efforts to deploy a nationwide 5g network to service 100 times faster than 4g. the chairman and the president said they want to remove regulatory barriers to speed up the building of networks.
5:59 pm
the plan to auction off the airwaves to ask to generate millions of dollars. 5g access should benefit people in rural areas underserved by broadband. president trump registered punish cities with sanctuary policies by sending migrants who have been detained at the border. california is always saying we want our people. they want more people and they are sanctuary cities. we will give them more people. we will give them a lot. >> reporter:'s words triggered a response from leaders across the area. that evening to you. the president said on twitter we are indeed as reported getting strong considerations to placing illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities. the president added the radical left always seems to have an open borders open arms policy. this should make them happy. we can give them an unlimited supply. let's see if they are so happy.
6:00 pm
they say we have open arms. let's see if they have open arms. the president spoke hours after the white house said the idea had been dismissed. it would be too expensive and possibly illegal. democrats accused the president of using migrants as political pawns. just another notion that is unworthy of the presidency of the united states. and disrespectful of the challenges we face as a country as a people to address who we are a nation of immigrants. one proposal would have taken people already in detention and move them to sanctuary cities. another would have taken migrants from the border directly to san francisco new york to chicago and other cities. san jose mayor responded to president trump's threats. we welcome any families the city of san jose. who have endured such incredible hardships.
6:01 pm
and have endeavored to make a better life for themselves and their families.


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