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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 12, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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ask strong reaction from bay area leaguered as president trump to send immigrant to sanctuary cities. >> oakland mayor and others call it outrageous. good evening.
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the trump administration floated the thought months ago now he's doubling down. down. . good evening, today at the white house president trump brought forward many of his proposals like changing asylum laws and building a new wall. and that proposal that was shut down. >> they want more people in their sanctuary cities. we can give them more. >> the president is reconsidering sending illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities. he asked if it's possible to
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bus immigrants. >> it is illegal. >> we're having people after a 20 day period, you're not allowed to hold them for more than that. >> nancy pelosi rebukes the idea. >> just another notion that is unworth eave the presidency of the united states and disrespect the challenges we face. >> when he aannounced seconding troops to the border. >> he will send more props to the border. there's 5,000 assisting dhs. the pentagon not received the official request. >> given the deterioration at the border you expect we would provide more support.
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>> fox news is told relocating imlands has restrictions. there's laws and guidelines that governor their retention and release. libby shaft who has clashed with president trump speak out. >> she called the proposal an out ragous abuse of power. >> this idea that this administration would use human beings, women, children, families as instruments of political payback is outrageous, it's not mavericks. >> oakland is proud to be a sanctuary city. >> we welcome any family to the city of san jose who has endured hard hips and
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endeavorerred to make a better life and want to be part of our country. >> he said in his view the proposal is political rhetoric and would like the president to focus on solution us. >> on us. >> . >> california northern u.s. district judge ruled the practice of returning aseal um seek certifies in mexico to await their court is unlawful. the governor slamd pg&e for its
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role in major wildfires and detailed how the state can better protect themselves. it came from a report. the state should use clean energy technology to compact climate change and recommends spreading the cost of wildfires to damage and recommends stronger regulation. all requires cooperation from utilities. >> they have to be part of the solution, if not, all options with pregnant are on the -- pgare on the table. that could be a public takeover. 25 million-acres, 1 out of every 4-acres in california is classified high or extreme fire risk. growing frustration from a car
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lot. just this week thieves stole a truck. what's less is the response from police. >> the car dealership opener is angry. police have been slow to respond. he showed videos of the theft. >> surveillance video shows a pickup truck being driven through a fence as it lees mission pay auto sales. the owner said the thief broke into the lot on wednesday at 4:00 a.m. >> he laid down. >> the owner is upset by the theft, what's worse is the response from 911 dispatch telling him to file a police report online. >> it won't help me make a report. he's concerned the thief may use the car-to-carry
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out the crime, he called 911 several more times and oakland police directly. officers did not respond for 15 hours. >> i pay taxes. >> the owner next door said his business was burglarized that same night. the man can be seen stealing items from the office and using the stolen truck to get away. >> i see my door broken, everything on the floor, so i call the police. >> he too is frustrated by the delayed response. he called around 9:00 a.m. and officers did not arrive until after midnight. >> we reached out to oakland police.
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. >> we need help in oakland. >> wednesday's theft is the third time his business has been targeted since thanksgiving. he showed us surveillance video from that incident. >> it's not fair, why i'm going to be here, i work so hard. >> both business owners are concerned that thieves will target him again. >> a small business owner that needs the help from police. san francisco officers are for the thief that purchaser sprayed a woman and stole her items. the vehicle suffered minor injuries. a suspect in the deadly beating of a home also
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man is behind bars tonight. henry lee says the homeless man was bludgeoned to death. >> larry lawson a 58-year-old homeless man was acted to death with an axe. >> this was a violent crime and it was against a defenseless homeless person. even though he was homeless our detectives worked the case. >> the victim used this wheelchair as a cart to move his things around. someone hit him in we were able to see the and wa the time to attack with the axe. >> it was bart police officer who recognized the man on the surveillance video. that same officer went to the richmond bart station and arrested michael
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hill. >> i was i've seen before and we can get this person off the streets. >> police found surveillance video showing hill feeling the axe two hours before the killing. >> the suspect had stolen the murder weapon at home depot in richmond. we whether able to track his actions. >> he hit the axe in a drainage pipe. debts don't know why lawson was killed. >> we don't know if there's a relationship between the victim and the suspects. >> the suspect has been charged with murder and lying in wait. if convicted he could face life in prison or the death penalty, which is on hold. the family of the woman killed on a bart
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platform is suing the agency. the family filed a wrongful death. he had not paid a fair and bart did not keep him and other criminals out of the bart system. coming up, the working homeless, a san francisco city worker who says he can't afford rent in the bay area. >> and in weather, lots of sunshine, temperatures, a nice warm up, we'll let you know if it will continue in the weekend forecast. a field of dreams in the north bay, the organizations that getting ready to create a ball field for people with special needs.
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tism chp responded 2 crashes tonight. the crashes happened around 8:20 west of treasure island. 11 people were treated at the seen a scene for minor injuries. a personal tale of
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homelessness. a san francisco man who one struggling to stay off the streets despite having a full-time job with the city of san francisco. >> this man says by day he works for the city at one of their facilities. tonight he's sleeping in his truck, he can't afford market rate rents and makes too much to qualify for low income housing. >> i work for the city and count eave fran. >> john harris loves his job. reporting to the human service agency. >> fleet management, i work in the garage. i go to work at suck:30 in the morning and get off at five p.m. >> i've been living in the truck for two years now. >> this native of san francisco
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said before his city job he had been in corporate security. >> i took care of my mom for eight, nine years, she passed away. i applied for social security. they said you have to apply when you're 62. you're fine. >> when two city workers hired him he was grateful. >> i'm doing good. i have a good job. a good position, i don't have a place to live. that's my problem. >> harris has been living in homeless shelters, rotating through long waiting list. >> i'm on a list. >> he tried low income sro housing. >> i applied for one and i make $100 too much. i can't move in. if i try to get help they say
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you don't have a criminal record, you're not disabled. you're not a drug addict. after his city job ends he goes to a church volunteering to mop the floors and helping out in the food pantry. using his chinese to help those who come for food and they let him sheep in the truck in the parking lot and use the restroom. a daily struggle for a native son. >> i thought if i worked in the city, county i woofer a place to live. >> harris figures he could probably afford $1,300 a month but no luck finding anything been within that price range and he's trying to hold on until the city figures out how tosser
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the housing crisis. >> he's one of a thousand or more people in the city facing the same issue. i hope he gets help. the 40,000 daily riders who depend on the municipally line will need to allow for extra time. the western end of the rain line will close. busewill take people the rest of the way. >> it adds time. i'm not stuck going during commute hours. >> the transfer is not that long. rail is phaser than bus. they plan to have it running before the end of the month. another rail line marked the
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100th an versusry. on this day in 1919 when the taraval began service. today it runs to sunset and park side business and to the zoo. a drunk driver will spend the rest of his life in prison. 49-year-old fred lowe was sentenced to 1 into thriver years in prison for the crash that killed two fathers and their sons. lowe fled the scene but was found and arrested. he was convicted of four counts of murder. >> i lost my brother, my husband, my nephew. i'm great full to the state.
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i appreciate the way the judge ruledment it's the only sentence that could be given and it's important to make a statement. this was 100% avoidable. >> lowe had five pryor drugger driving convictions. you have to feel it for people in the upper midwest, they are digging out from a storm that dumped snow, ice on that region. they are working fast put the weather is not making it easy of this is the second so-called bomb cyclone in the last month. the governor of minnesota declared an emergency in 62 counties. hopefully they get relief soon. >> it has been the active weather pattern with the system developing rapidly. we feel guilty.
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60s and 70s out there. fight degrees in santa rosa. san francisco 64. san jose 70 degrees. with the warming temperatures and the dry conditions and the breezy conditions the pollen has been going up. that will be the case on saturday. temperatures could be warmer than today. here's the 159 light, clear skies up and down a portion of the coastline. we're watching fog near portions of the coast line. there's a chance we could have patchy coastal fog. we'll check in on the current numbers. liver more 55. most areas showing you lots of 50s. holding on to 62 in concord. we have mostly clear skies. a nice friday. tomorrow will be 70 degrees. as far as
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and 50s be here we are in san francisco 52 degrees. could be flirting with 70 by three, fourk. a school start, but a nice recovery. the greens linkup to the 60s, we'll have a lot of 70s in the forecast. coming up a look at the forecast highs in your neighborhood. and rain chances in the five day. a scabbis scare in the south bay. the sharks look to take th game two. they battled back and forth all night. we'll have the conclusion later in sports. a final good-bye for nipsey
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hussle. his father shares the devastation of losing his son. [ loud traffic sounds ] [ distant traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ]
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i'm an east bay regional parks is home from the hospital. this was on 880 at about 3: 15. the motorcycle officer suffered facial injuries in a collision. all lanes were closed for a
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short time but it reopened before 4:00 p.m. san francisco city leaders are asking drivers to slow down. they held a news conference. the city has had 10 traffic fatalities this year. they gathered at 37th and fulton street where an elderly woman was injured. the main causes of deadly accidents are few and prevent able. >> speeding, running stop signs, running red lights, failure unsafe lane changes, they cause the most fatalities. >> but the devices down, there's time to get to that text when you get to your destination. >> police are beefing up traffic controls. police are asking for help
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to identify four robbery suspects. four women assaulted an employee and stole sun glasses. it was yesterday after at the shopping center. the women left in a rental car. anyone with information should contact police. the nfl announced it is finding reuben foster 2 game checks. the league's investigation into the linebacker started in november when foster was on a road trip to tampa. he was arrested on ic battery. the investigation did not support to finding. there's a warning tonight for parents coming up, the popular infant slooper
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that fisher-price is recalling. eric swayl we'll is kicking off his campaign. his campaign. batter up has new meaning. a field that will get disabled kids off the bench and into the game. ♪
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. a ball field is opening in the north bay and it truly is a ball field of dreams. 2 1/2 malden ables special need million dollars enables special need children to play. you don't have to have a disability but for children who do it's a league of their own. >> all right andrew, take it home. >> baseball and wheelchairs go together on this special turf. disabled kids get their at- bats. >> getting their contact information. >> registrations are open. the stage is going in for opening day of the miracle league.
10:31 pm
a national project removing barriers. >> are you ready to play baseball. >> he has his opportunity to get out and play. we've been waiting for that. >> no longer just watching his brother play. this adaptive field is part of the community. >> it shows those kids that these kids can play and they can do everything they can do. this field is here for a reason and these kids belong. >> your fold no a lot. this is a chance for children to say yes and have fun and feel like your part of a team. >> liam led this off. the feel, dugout bigger than usual. snack shack and restrooms are accessible. >> liam said hi want to play pal. there weren't a lot of
10:32 pm
opportunities. >> first up a plea ground playground. >> we got people from all dirt areas. >> 50,000 special need kids live within 40 miles. those who join the league will play in special games. >> it's about the community being together. >> there's no disability here. playing ball can mean anything. bailey is here with his teacher. >> he e doesn't speak. he feels comfortable. >> this is a win for ds, the donors volunteers and builders who made it happen. >> i think we'll make the other fields jealous. >> opening day for the miracle
10:33 pm
league is this sunday noon the three. everyone is welcome including adults with disabilities. it's all about the joy of baseball, it will be a party. we have more details at if anyone would like to come. >> it looks like a great time for them. up east bay congressman eric swalwell will have the formal kickoff of his campaign. they held a sign making party. swalwell is a graduate of that school. he will launch his campaign sunday. >> i feel he brings a special force that other candidates don't have. he seems with people on both sides of the aisle.
10:34 pm
he's very committed. >> he addressed the group briefly thanks them for their work. lawmakers are eyeing his seat. she is in the running, a former community organizers who was just elected to the city council last november. swalwell won't run for reelection if he's still in the running. buses have pulled infected with scabbiest. there'risk of infection to the riding public. >> annex terminator has been hired. this is an frameasure of me caution. >> a scabbis infection is
10:35 pm
treated with a topical antibiotic. a man who died after falling off the edge of the grand canyon is a 67-year- old from santa rosa. he was traveling alone and slipped off the rim near the geology museum. he's one of three people to die at the park in a two week span. a 50-year-old man from hong kong who died when he slipped nipsey hussle was burie today at a cemetery. family and friends were outside forest lawn hollywood hills.
10:36 pm
the support has happened him. >> i wish my son was here with me, also he's not died in vain, people recognize what he was trying to do and what he has completed. >> today the l.a. city council voted to name the intersection of crenshaw boulevard and swanson after the rapper. i'm a change in facebook. the first african-american woman serving to company's board. in weather, a nice warm up. get ready for more 70s. that's for tomorrow. we'll talk about showers in the five day. . making oakland proud, the celebration for two high school basketball games
10:37 pm
who brought home a state championship. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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. a former florida prep school administer has
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pleaded guilty in rigging entrance scores. prosecutors say he took exams on behalf of students and corrected wrong answers. he was paid $10,000 for each exam he altered. facebook is making checks to the board of directors. pay pal executive has been nominated to join the board. she would be the first african- american woman to serve on the board. the company said it was parting ways with netflix ceo and former white house chief of staff. disney has unveiled details about the new streaming service. it will cost 6.99 a month. that's cheap compared to
10:41 pm
netflix. disney is expected to focus on children's programming and tv shows. disney owns a 60% stake in hulu, there could be a package deal for both services in the future. wall street rallied on a strong earning report. the dow was up 269 pounds. and the s&p gained 19 points. fisher-price is recalling the rock and play sleeper. investigators say it's most of the deaths the babies rolled from the backs on their stomachs be sides and suffocated. anyone who has juan has been warned to stop using it immediately. the build your own mack and
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cheese has closed. it was the flagship restaurant. the restaurant's co-owner said the landlord wanted a long-term lease that was out of their price point. a celebration in oakland. >> it's fun to have everyone be brought of us. >> how the city came together to honor two winning women's high school basketball teams. >> clear skies the weekend forecast. we'll leave you with this gorgeous shot. to score the latest styles forg the whole family...ething for y. oh yeah. that's yes for less. you heard me - 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! at the ross spring shoe event. on now!
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. two high school girls basketball teams from the same city had never won the in the same season until now. you can see they are excited. to accomplishment is about more than basketball. >> there were cheers for the state champions. and near tears from proud
10:46 pm
parents. >> pride was on full display in oakland as two state champion state teams rode in cable cars. oakland technical, and oakland high. i never did this. i played for the sport or the fun of it. >> oakland state won in division four. oakland high a smaller school won the division iii championship. it's girl teams won championships from the same city. >> it's fun to have everyone support us. >> the parade consisting of two cable cars and an escort rode by the elementary cool and junior high. >> seeing the girls and them
10:47 pm
winning championships. it and courages me. >> many have had to overcome hardship. >> show oakland we accomplished something. >> we're winners in oakland. it says a lot about who we are. >> the two teams will travel to sacramento where they will be honored by states lawmakers at the capital. three bay area cities are on the list of the best places to live in the u.s. san josanta rosa number 74. austin was number 1, denver and colorado springs. you live in one of the best places. >> we like the weather here.
10:48 pm
>> thed wither tomorrow should be wonderful. lots of sunshine. patches of fog to start out the day. most areas will be a touch warmer than today. a few degrees warmer compared to the friday weather. what's interesting here, up here to our north and west. we have energy, the rainy season is not over. we could be talking about more rain on monday. in the short-term we've a dry weather pattern and patches of fog near the coastline. lots of 50s light now. oakland 54, san jose 56 and mountain view in the mid-50s. here's a live camera. looking out to the coast. maybe a few patches of fog trying to regroup. as far as overnight lows, low
10:49 pm
40s to low 50s. a nice recovery into the afternoon. maybe approaching the upper 70s for tomorrow. day baseball for tomorrow at oracle park. lots of sunshine, temperatures 65 degrees and maybe 67. here's the area of high pressure offshore. this will be responsible for the warmup. saturday is warmest day of the weekend. sunday temperatures, clouds and gusty winds. tomorrow is the best day to be outside. thtest beefing up the chances of rainfall but the amounts. tomorrow morning we could have patchy coastal fog, lots of sunshine in the afternoon hours, on sunday the winds will pick up and high clouds increasing from the north, this is sunday night. monday, this is nine april,
10:50 pm
watching out for that on monday with increasing rain chances, highs tomorrow, lots of 70s, vacaville, out to concord, oakland 71. san jose 75 degrees and the coast in the 60s. look ahead the five-day forecast. cooler on sunday. thursday and friday we could be introducing mid-80's to the bay area forecast. it will field strange, the warmest pattern. >> tomorrow is just right. coming up on the 11:00 news, president trump controversial tran gender military ban goes into effect today. >> y battle to the end in game
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♪ ♪ ♪ new wok fired shrimp, another american chinese creation from panda express.
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. we've been talking about the sharks. they were impressive on the ice. they came back from a 3-0 deficit. you flat-out cannot give up two
10:54 pm
shorthanded goals to a team, i'm going to make up a word, pucknatious. >> they were down 3-0 in the first. in two minutes and nine seconds san jose scores three. the sharks are in it. hurdle make it 3-2. and then the sharks tie it. dylan with thornton scoring it. jumbo making it 3-3. 4-3 vegas in the 3rd. this is a game turner. smith to carlson, perfectly done. that's the shorthanded goal. you can't have that happen. watch this. in the late going the
10:55 pm
frustration comes out. looks like they were picking on cane. the bottom line the sharks loose, the series is 1-1. they're photog vegas sunday going to vegas sunday. >> you can't give up two shorthanded goals and win in the postseason. showed character bouncing back. at the same time we had our opportunities and we didn't capitalize. >> the series is even 1-1. down 6-1 no problem when you're the oakland a's. that's what they pulled on the rangers tonight. that's mark teixeira. like i said, rangers up in the 6th . here comes oakland.
10:56 pm
matt chapman gets it going. it's not looking so bad. 6-3. 7th inning 6-5. liriano, he has a bat. ticket to ride. we're tied at 6-6. crush davis, gone again to center field. that's his 10th of the year already. crush davis led the majors in homers. he's on his way. 8-6 the final. the giants are tying one on. literally against the rockies. 2-2 in extra innings. this is a great play by brandon belt but the umpire called a balk and the rockies take a 2-0 lead. the giants tie it and arenado
10:57 pm
mr. universe on defense. look at this play. they are in the bottom of the 11th. one of the greatest franchises in chaos. they were one of the great franchises. the lakers fired luke walton. probably saying thank you very much. "magic" johnson resigned as president of the team and after three seasons, luke is out of it was clear lebron didn't approve of wall son. he gets him out of his way. tyronn lue will join lebron. >> they are losing one of the best human beings in the nba. they that
10:58 pm
knows the games as well as anyone i've met. someone who players want to play for. i feel fortunate to have a set of circumstances here where we have wonderful people stablizing our organization. >> they will be stabilized tomorrow at oracle. it is theres. five-way tie for the lead. it all about tiger. shooting out of trouble. watch the overzealous security guard come are freaking out. he pulled himself together. birdied that hole and at 15 another birdie. he's -6. one stroke off the pace and the fist pump is back. here's one of the leaders,
10:59 pm
jason day. he shot a five underscore. at seven under adam scott. beautiful approach. he will wind up with an eagle and tied at seven under for the lead francisco molinari. it will be a great weekend of golf at the masters. we'll update the sharks deal and a final on the giants on the 11:00 news. it is 11:00. next at 11, we need help in oakland. i need my service. >> an oakland business targeted by thieves.
11:00 pm
the owner of a used car dealership says he's getting ripped off and needs help from the police. >> he's been burglarized three times in recent months. thanks for joining us. the owner says the thefts are brazen and the police have been slow to respond. amber lee is here with what the business owner and police had to say. >> the dealership owner said oakland city leaders have to hip the citizen. he understands the police have but taking hours to respond is unacceptable. >> video shows a pickup truck the owner of the


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