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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 15, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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hey good knight. where are you going? ♪ ♪ climbing up on solsbury hill ♪ grab your things, salutations. coffee that is a cup above is always worth the quest. nespresso. tis all i desire. did thou bring enough for the whole kingdom? george: nespresso, what else? this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox news. flames engulf the notre dame cathedral in paris, one of the great treasures of france. es of france. >> you have to realize that notre dame is the very heart of paris and very heart of france. >> that was the french consul general in san francisco telling us he is heartened by
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the out pouring of support. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. one of the great treasures in the world was badly damaged today, but fortunately it wasn't destroyed. a picture taken inside the cathedral of notre dame shows us that the stone walls are still standing, but the roof is gone, and so are the timbers that held it up. some artwork was spared, but the heat of the fair apparently damaged many of the priceless stained glass windows. >> it's now 7:00 tuesday morning in paris. this is a live look at that historic cathedral, and while large portions of it now lie in ruins, the leaders of france are vowing to rebuild. vowing to rebuild. with more now on the fire, we are joined by ktvu's jana katsuyama. what's the latest on how the fire may have started? >> well julie and frank, there are no sessions of arson at this time or that the fire was anything but an accident. investigators say renovation work was being done at the cathedral, and they're examining if that construction work might have sparked the fire. >> reporter: the terrible glow
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in the city of lights stopped people in their tracks. in their tracks. hearts, hurting to see the notre dame cathedral, one of frances oldest and most revered structures in flames. into the night as nearly 500 firefighters tried to save the cathedral, paris prayed. [ singing ] [ singing ] >> reporter: hundreds of spectator spectators sang hail mary from across a bridge. fire officials say the fire started in an attic about 650 monday evening after the doors closed for the night. the cathedral is a shining example of gothic architecture and light. >> it's a unique treasure in terms of world civilization. >> reporter: professor bernard, a medieval expert at berkeley says the rose windows
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and artwork were ground breaking. it gained world wide fame through the book the hunchback of notre dame and has been at the center of history. >> napoleon crowned himself there. when charles degalle died, there was a mass there. it's equally as important to the secular life of france as the religious part. >> reporter: french president macron rushed to the scene. >> notre dame is our history, , where we have lived our great moments. our wars, our liberations. it's the epicenterof our life. >> reporter: work had already begun on the renovation, so some of the historic artifacts has been removed. a blessing. but photos inside after the fire was put out show
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significant damage. a gaping hole in the ceiling, the altar surrounded by ash, and likely damage to artwork. notre dame is the center from which they measure distance. >> it's without a doubt part of the french legacy that we will carry out in the coming years. >> 16 copper statues were removed before the fire for renovation, and they were able to save other artworks. and it's amazing, there were no deaths during the fire but one firefighter was seriously injured. >> thank you. >> catholic leaders from around the world have reacted with sorrow. in a statement from the vatican, officials saof the terrible fire that has devastated the cathedral of notre dame, symbol of christianity in france and in the world. n the world. >> tonight san francisco city hall is illuminated in the colors of the french flag,
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blue, white, and red. paris and san francisco are sister city and thousands of french expats live in san francisco. many say notre dame is not just a religious building, it's part of their national identity. >> reporter: when flames began to gut the notre dame cathedral in paris, the pain was felt hundreds of miles away here in the bay area. it's a hub for the french-american community, and inside cafe bastille, they streamed images the raging fire that ravaged the cathedral. the owner's eyes were blued to the screen. the screen. >> i'm not going to be very polite,. >> reporter: he says it's the cathedral that truly serves as a symbol that live in the country, and even those that moved away.
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>> paris lives around that. everything, all the distances in paris or in france start in notre dame. >> reporter: just down the street at grace cathedral, a popular destination in san francisco that some call the mini notre dame. >> that's exactly what notre dame looks like. >> reporter: dean malcolm young said he was heart broken to watch notre dame burn and know that priceless pieces of history were destroyed. >> this place means so much to me. i've been to notre dame many times. >> reporter: not far away at the french consulate office. >> it suffered heavy damage. >> reporter: they've been keeping a close eye on word coming out of pari was made of wood from the 17th century, all this is now ashes. >> reporter: but from the ashes they say there's little doubt notre dame will be rebuild again. rebuild again. >> it's not only a religious building, and it's a very sad
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day for the french catholic community, but it's also part of our national identity. >> reporter: the french general consulate says he's comforted by the number of messages he's received from americans after this tragedy as they begin to examine the damage done to the hundred of years old facility. >> san francisco mayor london breed shared her thoughts on twitter today writing as we watch the devastation of notre dame cathedral, san francisco's thoughts are with the people of paris, our sister city, and those who continue to battle the flames. battle the flames. president trump also responded sending out this street saying quote god bless the people of france. say with ktvu for continuing coverage as the damage is assessed. we'll brdepartment announced today it will release a redacted version of special counsel robert mueller's report on the russia investigation this thursday
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morning. the 400-page record has been the subject of speculation for almost two years and sparked a heated political debate last month when u.s. attorney general william barr released a 4-page summary writing the mueller report found no evidence of conspiracy to interfere in the 2016 election but was inconclusive on the possibility that president trump had committed obstruction of justice. president trump proclaimed his innocence on twitter today claiming here mueller and the ag based upon mueller's findings and great intelligence have already ruled no collusion, no obstruction. these are crimes committed by crooked hillary clinton, the dnc, dirty cops, and others. investigate the investigators. e investigators. new at 10:00, police in berkeley are asking for the public's help to find a and run a felony arrest warrant was issued for 45-year-old lacisha
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atkins. they say she hit a cyclist, and the man died a month later at his home. the official cause of death was ruled as a heart attack. and now to san francisco where several good samaritans chased down a would be kidnapper and detained him until police arrived. officers say the suspect snatched a 2-year-old boy near friday near market and castro street. debora villalon is now live after talking to the man that chased him down. >> reporter: julie, a bold crime in such a busy spot. uch a busy spot. >> we passed the woman with her children. >> reporter: this couple had just passed the mom with an instant in a front pack and a toddler by the hand when they heard a struggle and looked back. >> she's screaming you know please, please, someone help me, and we noticed a man quickly walking with a child in his arms just like
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this. >> reporter: adam and sabrina are parents themselves to 4-year-old leo, and they were alarmed just like many sitting nearby. and then just as swiftly as he grabbed the boy, the 34 australian turned him loose. >> the man let go of the boy, gave it back to the mom. he turned and smiled at us and took off running down the street. >> reporter: running down the middle of 17th street. with adam walker and another witness chasing him and calling for others to help. half a block down with several people on his tail, he gave it up. >> he put his hands up and said i'm done. he obeyed my commands telling him to walk over to the sidewalk police arrived. >> honestly we were catching our breath, so there wasn't a lot of talking anyways. >> you just can't imagine it happening to you. >> reporter: sabrina stayed with the distraught mom, and after adam made his way back, he was able to talk to her
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too. she thanked him. >> if no one got him and got away with it, it could have been anyone else's child the next time. >> i think it's great they decided to help, but it's dangerous. >> reporter: they're looking to the suspect whose facebook page shows he's a dj. no word yet on his background or time in the u.s., but he is jailed on a half million dollars bail for attempted kidnapping. >> we don't know what started this, why he decided to grab the child, so we're trying to figure out the details now. >> reporter: adam walker is a dentist in san francisco. no law enforcement background, but the right instincts. >> when you have a child of your own and you see something like that happen, you know, something else just kind of keand not your brain, so just fortunate everything worked out and no one got hurt. one got hurt. >> reporter: we should learn more about roscoe holyoak in the coming days. he was carrying a backpack,
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but police haven't said what was in it. adam said when he caught up with the suspect and saw his fists clenched he wondered what would happen, but like he said, he gave up no struggle. >> and fortunately no one got hurt like he said. thank you. mayor breed today proposed a scaled down version of her new homeless navigation center at bryant street. it's met with stern opposition from residents and community groups. the mayor's updated plan addresses some of the concerns. the number of people served would be reduced to 130 instead of 200 at the beginning, but an additional 70 beds would be added over a six-month period. it also calls for a police presence seven days a week. they're scheduled to vote on it next week. it next week. chaos on the streets of oakland. tonight authorities are vowing to crackdown on side shows after a bus fire and looting.
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>> we have a few scattered showers out there still lingering. we'll talk about how much rain fell and how much is going to fall tonight and what's ahead for the rest of the week. see you back here. >> reporter: a lot of excitement here at oracle arena tonight. game two, round one of the nba playoffs. hear from warriors fans.
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thousands of people packed oracle arena tonight as the golden state warriors try to take a two games to none lead over the clippers in the first round of the nba players, and amber lee is outside oracle, and fans told you they're not taking anything for granted here, even though the warriors had such a great season. >> reporter: absolutely not. they say every single game counts. the level of excitement definitely goes up during the playoffs, but they're sitting on the edge of their seats inside right now. side right now. the atmosphere is electric, and for some fans a novelty because game two of round one is their first time attending a warriors playoff game. >> this is fantastic. i'm glad to be here. the whole experience. >> reporter: the whole experience includes snapping shots with larger than life photos of the players and seeing the oracle just for the playoffs.
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>> we just love the warriors. i watch every game and follow every time, so you know, the yeah. he yeah. >> reporter: three-peat is the goal, but not a given. coach kerr says victory in game one didn't come easy. >> this is going to be tough, and you warn them, and then you hope for the best. >> it's not about repeating, it's about winning. about winning. >> reporter: one fan traveled from hong kong just to watch his first warriors game at oracle and see his favorite player steph curry in action. have you ever been to the bay area before? >> no, this is my first come tr >> reporter: one fan says he's been following the warriors since he was a boy and they played at cal palace. now he says five decades later the team is an important part of bay area. >> it brings us all together from east bay, south bay, west bay, north bay. i really like that sense of
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community at the games. y at the games. >> reporter: game three will be on the road in la on thursday, but for now fans are still waiting to see how game two will turn out. frank? >> all right, so while amber is outside, jason appelbaum is inside. we'll hear from him coming up later in sports. amber, thank you, enjoy the rest of the game. now to san francisco where city and state officials are pushing a bill to allow them to establish a toll and reservation system for drivers on the crooked part of lombard street. in summer months an estimated 6,000 people of day visit the street. lines of cars and crowds of pedestrians they say have become a nuisance, but to charge people a fee to drive down the street, the state would have to grant special permission, and that's what the bill would do. >> time has come to really implement a reservation system so tourists is amazing landmark, but also get
10:18 pm
their lives back. >> it's a great way to make money, but not friendly for tourists. >> reporter: would you pay a toll to go down the street? >> >> reporter: would you had turn around? >> oh, yeah. >> if approved the city would approve pricing. one suggestion is $5 on weekdays up to $10 on weekend. new at 10:00 tonight, san francisco is receiving $22 million in state transportation funding to repave its streets. the money was made available through the road repair and accountability act of 2017. it will fund the repaving of nearly 150 blocks and the construction of more than 300 curb ramps. san francisco mayor london breed says city streets will be safer and more accessible for everyone as a result. oakland police say they're planning to crack down following a huge side show last night where there was fires, looting, and gunshots. police say there were more than a thousand people at the
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side show at 42nd and international and they say a big rig. was car jacked and looted and an ac transit bus was set on fire. they also threw bottles at police and there are a number of gunshots. they say it's clear side shows have gone way beyond people watching people spin donuts in the street. >> the criminality and boldness that's gone on the last couple of years has gotten way worse. >> international and 42nd is out of control. it's been out of control, and the only action we can do is great the barriers for the side show. >> one sheriffs deputy suffered a ey could make any arrests. ke any arrests. all right, we're tracking the weather out there. we ng out there. we had anywhere from .5 inches of rain to a tenth of an inch
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to just trace amounts of rain under .01. so just enough to wet the afternoon commute. might have slowed you down a little bit. there are some lingers showers out there now, kind of securing the dropping of the pollen from the trees. you know it will be a lesser day tomorrow morning because of the rain in terms of hay fever sufferers. brentwood with light scattered showers, fairfield, and scattered showers towards berkeley and oakland right now. real light, not a big deal. overnight lows chilly. not a lot of wind. skies clear around 3:00 in the morning, and overnight lows are going to drop down into the 40s in some places. some of the cooler temperatures we've seen. not cold, not freezing, but chilly. so sending the kids to work, be that. tomorrow afternoon we'll talk about what to expect, and as we get toward the end of the governor gavin newsom's first
10:21 pm
100 days in office. what he's accomplished so far, and what he's planning moving forward. >> and jason appelbaum is live at oracle with an injury update. >> also up first, information about a hit and run suspect who police say killed a mother and her son and left another family member critically injured. to score the latest styles forg the whole family... ...and something for you. oh yeah. that's yes for less. you heard me - 20 to 60 percent off department storeri at the ross spring shoe event. on now!
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and you find the same style you knoyou saw there... ross that's yes for less. yes! say yes to those spring trends you love, at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. we have new information tonight in a deadly hit and
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run in oakland over the weekend. weekend. police have identified a suspect in the accident that killed a woman and her 6-year-old son and critically injured the boy's uncle. it happened saturday night at 26th and foothill. the three victims were in a marked crosswalk when they were hit. police say they found the car abandoned and have now identified the suspect as 27-year-old rashad allen. >> we are asking mr. allen to turn himself in. we're encouraging anyone in our community who may know where mr. allen's whereabouts is so our investigators can locate him. we would like our investigators, our investigators would like to speak with mr. allen. >> a $25,000 reward is now being offered for information leading to an arrest. and people living near that intersection say they have been complaining about it for years. >> the area of 26th and foothill has a mix of housing and small businesses, but there are no stop signs or
10:25 pm
traffic signals to slow down drivers. ktvu's rob roth tells us neighbors are pleading with the city to do something to make that area safer. hat area safer. >> reporter: a sidewalk shrine continues to go at foothill and 26th avenue. family and neighbors are devastating and angry over the deaths of 6-year-old angel garcia and his mother, 30-year-old alma vasquez. the father is heartbroken. >> i need justice for my family. >> reporter: the mother and son were crossing in the marked crosswalk on the way to the laundromat sunday evening when they were struck and killed by a black mercedes that just kept going. >> i'm really sad about my family, my wife, my kids. i still have two kids. i feel alone and need a lot of help for my kids. >> reporter: but neighbors are turning their grief into action. they're signing petitions and pushing oakland city officials
10:26 pm
to finally do what they say they've long been asking for, install a traffic signal at the intersection. there's a 5 block stretch that often turns a 25 miles per hour zone into a speedway. >> they drive fast all the time and do not respect the people walking. >> reporter: the principal of the school where angel garcia was a kindergartener at the international community school. >> we've had multiple car accidents in the crosswalk in front of the laundromat. families of ours know people hit by cars but not killed by now. >> reporter: the community met monday with their city councilman and with traffic officials. >> this particular location did not have the crash history that had it in our queue for improvement. >> reporter: the city says they'll now study whether area needs a traffic light and says they will install a like this a crosswalk. >> the reality is we have to enforce the speed laws.
10:27 pm
>> it's really unfortunate it takes a tragedy to bring attention to an issue that it sounds like families and neighbors have been pushing for years. >> reporter: the city says if it ultimately decides on a traffic signal, getting it up and running could take about a year. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. , ktvu fox 2 news. a disturbing discovery in a san francisco park. the swastikas scrawled there, and how you might be able to help police. >> and gavin newsom's 100th day as governor. the top issues on his agenda he tried iotons.
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democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders released ten years of tax returns today and had a town hall. he said he favors higher taxes for the wealthy, and he talked about his own income. his tax returns show that he >> i cameit came from a book i wrote, a pretty good book. best seller, sold all over the world, and it made money.
10:31 pm
so if anyone thinks i should apologize for writing a best selling book, i'm sorry, i'm not going to do it. >> in all sanders leased ten years after his tax returns and called on president trump to do the same. to do the same. tomorrow marks 100 days since gavin newsom was sworn in as california's 40th governor. >> he says he's addressed some of the most important issues facing california in his first hundred days. christina rendon has more. >> reporter: the governor's first 100 days in office, signing executive orders and bills, traveling the state, declaring flood and wildfire emergencies, and getting into the occasional spat on twitter with president trump. all of it beginning on inauguration day with big promises. big promises. , education, and the housing and homeless crisi launching a plan
10:32 pm
affordable housing and left up the fight of homelessness from a local matter to a statewide mission. >> reporter: he hosted a round table in san jose his second week in office, signing a bill for affordable housing on state lands. cities that don't comply with housing goals may have gas tax dollars withheld for road repairs though. he's also met with the mayors of california's biggest cities after proposing 500 million to help local governments with emergency shelters and navigation centers. >> 500 million sounds like a lot, but it really isn't. >> reporter: the executive director of the coalition on homelessness in san francisco says that money wouldn't solve the city's crisis alone and more funding for the homeless is needed. s is needed.
10:33 pm
the governor wants to allocate 2 billion in funding for extended childhood education and support including universal preschool for all kids and quality child care. >> what's exciting from our point of view but that proposal, and the governor saying that's the begunking. >> reporter: the president of children now says their statewide advocacy group has been sought out by the governor's administration for advice. the governor also wants to spend 80.8 billion for k
10:34 pm
through 12 schools. >> he's saying we need to make sure all our kids are getting the support. we're very optimistic, but it's going to take his continued leadership to be sure we get there. >> reporter: just last week teachers and parents rallied in san francisco saying his budget does not address a number of issues in the education system including pay raises for teachers. but one of his biggest campaign goals may still be his biggest challenge. >> we'll never waver in the pursuit of guaranteed health care for all in california. >> reporter: universal health care is far from reality. the governor is proposing a series of changes to get there including providing coverage to young, undocumented assaults. a professor at uc berkeley's school of public health gives the governor high marks for universal health care though the details of his proposal are unknown.
10:35 pm
he says it would cost roughly 6 to $7 billion, but could be provided by imposing a 1 percent tax on providers and health insurers or a program where employers pay into a fund to provide coverage. the legislature has until june 15th to pass a budget for the upcoming fiscal year. >> no matter what comes at us, i will have your back. >> reporter: he's also ended the death penalty under his administration, created a dmv task force to improve service, created a strategy to prevent another deadly wildfire season. it's only been 100 days, but the governor has his work cut out for him as he tries to close the gaps between the rich and poor and create a california for all. christina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. today is april 15th, and the deadline to file your 2018 taxes is now less than 90
10:36 pm
minutes away. you have until midnight to avoid being charged a late filing penalty. the irs is telling the millions of last minute taxpayers to look at the irs tax website for help. you can file for a six month extension. on wall street the dow dropped 27 points, the nasdaq dropped 8. and there's word tonight that california's largest cattle raising operation is being sold. the company is reportedly being sold to the central valley meat company that's based in the city of hanford. sky high housing costs and incomes that don't stretch as far as they once did.
10:37 pm
at 10:45, how living in the bay area has left even people making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year feeling the pinch. g the pinch. >> some scattered showers out there continue. we'll let you know how long that lasts and what to expect in the next couple of days. >> up first, the coast guard pulls a stranded hiker to safety. the item she lost that left her disoriented and spending the night on the san mateo county coast. >> it's getting nice outside later this week which means get together the grilling with family and friends, but the fun can become a problem. >> we'll discuss alcohol awareness tomorrow morning. "curiouser and curiouser,"
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we have new video of a rescue near half moon bay. a rescue crew from the san mateo sheriffs office hoisted a hiker to safety early this morning. investigators say the 68-year-old woman became disoriented after losing her glasses yesterday evening and wandered off a remote hiking trail. she tried to call for help, but her cell phone battery died. she suffered minor cuts and bruises. dozens of protesters gathered in san francisco this evening to demand action on climate change. some of the demonstrators created a huge mural in the intersection of 7th and mission with the words sound the alarm. the rally blocked traffic in the area between 5:00 and 6:00 height of rush hour. the demonstrators say time is running out to deal with the growing problems in the directly tied to climate
10:41 pm
change. dozens of swastikas were found this morning around buena vista park in san francisco. they were painted in the brick inlays around much of the park. they quickly covered them up, and police are looking for those responsible. for some seeing them is a painful reminder of the evil in the world, and comes just days before the jewish holiday of passover that's set to begin friday. >> it's truly the ultimate symbol of evil, so for somebody to take, you know, destroy a public park really with that symbol is, it just has no place here, especially in this neighborhood. >> there are viance cameras in neighborhood. san francisco police are asking people living near the park to check and see if they have any video that could help investigators. investigators in oakland are trying to determine the cause of an early morning fire that forced 16 people out of
10:42 pm
their homes, half are children. no one was hurt, but firefighters say the flames caused major damage to the apartment building. early evidence indicates the fire started in a kitchen where one was cooking and left the stove unattended. another overnight fire burned a commercial building in nevado. it started shortly after midnight. two people were inside, but made it out safely. it took crews about two hours to get the two alarm fire in novato under control. it houses a number of different enterprises including a restaurant and blind shop. and the warriors blow a huge lead and end up losing to the clippers. we'll take you back to oracle live in sports. >> up first, electric rental bikes pulled off the streets. the safety issue being addressed. >> and bill martin is back with tonight's rain and when we'll see a warm up. a warm up. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
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lyft is taking your electric go bikes out of circulation in san francisco and other cities because of a braking problem. riders have complained the front wheel of the go bikes would sometimes have a stronger than expected braking force and could cause riders to flip over the handle bars. lyft reportedly asked an engineering firm to look into
10:46 pm
the issue. in the meantime the company has removed about 3,000 bikes from the streets of new york, san francisco, and washington. it is no secret the bay area is an expensive place to live, but the amount of money it takes to achieve a middle class life style may be soaring out of reach. >> reporter: in silicon valley and around the bay area, even high wage earners are feeling the pinch. what used to be considered a sizable salary is now barely middle class, and that's becoming a catalyst for change. >> we're looking at a very high cost of living, and if you have that, um, then you know, you end up probably making what other people would consider to be a significant amount of base income, but then trying to make that base income stretch. >> reporter: dr. chen is a san jose state university tax expert showing graphical evidence that spans the 50 states. the bay area's cost of living is so sky high, she says, even
10:47 pm
worse than new york, it takes a $60 an hour salary to afford a basic bedroom apartment. that equaled a household income of about $125,000 a year before taxes to achieve what's now become middle class a household income would need to grow to around 400k. the primary driver of rising costs? the rising cost of housing. >> we have a very limited amount of housing, and with that limited amount of housing of course with the number of people that we have in the bay area that need and want housing, then you need to pay more and more for the housing. >> reporter: the demand for housing is leading to another trend. people commuting not just from outside the bay area, but from outside the state all together. there's a financial broker that lives in las vegas full time and commutes in about three or four days a week. hairdressers and tattoo artists all doing the same thing to avoid the high cost of living in the bay area. the long commute in the sky may not make sense to some,
10:48 pm
but chen says it can make financial sense. ticket costs and housing here during the week can be written off as business expenses. >> eventually there will be a correction, but we don't know when eventually is. >> reporter: she says the correction could be two-fold. housing coming back down to earth due to another crisis or a major shake up in the tech sector sending workers scurrying out of state so those that stay pay less. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news. all right, some light scattered showers out there. lingering, kind of winding down as we head towards the evening and morning hours so we'll have a much nicer day tomorrow with temperatures generally back into the 60s, and even low 70s, but mostly 60s. today was much cooler and the clouds and rain, scattered showers. the tune of about .06, .10.
10:49 pm
tenth of an inch. just trace amounts. fairfield has some scattered showers. generally in the 50s outside, but overnight lows get chilly because the skies clear tonight. rainy looking on the bay bridge right now. and with that said more scattered showers the next hour or so, and after midnight things start to die down and clear out. and as it clears out, that's when things get kind of cool. so bay area tuesday will be warmer, but not 70s or 80, but 60s. warmer than today. and overnight lows, as you get started on your day will be chilly. not freezing, not even in the 30s, but chillier than they have been. the forecast for tomorrow a few clouds in the morning. clears to partly cloudy in the afternoon and mostly sunny and clear late in the day. and that begins this pattern of spring weather that takes us into the weekend with
10:50 pm
temperatures thursday and friday perhaps into the low 80s. so nice warm day as we go into the end of the week, or a couple of nice warm days. tomorrow highs in the 60s, mid-60s, maybe a low 70 just north and east by antioch it looks like. forecast highs tomorrow, not too bad. couple of 70s and then again air quality good. hay fever sufferers getting a little break with the rain, but by wednesday and thursday when the heat is on, it's really coming out again. tree pollens are big time right now, and you probably noticed that. when you look at the car, not so much tonight because of the rain, but you're probably seeing a lot of yellow and pollen and dust. there's a lot of pollen flying around, especially with the wind we've seen. that's going to get and thursday. the five-day forecast, pop sunday in there. little cooler over the weekend, but not a bad looking five-day. a would be kidnapper caught by witnesses.
10:51 pm
coming up on the 11:00 news, how a father chased down a man that tried to a toddler. >> up first in sports though, the warriors blow a huge lead and instead of being up two games to none on the la clippers, their playoff series is now tied at a game apiece. we'll go live to oracle coming up.
10:52 pm
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mark is here. good grief, what happened? i mean seriously, they were up by what, 31? >> the odd and mysterious vibe of this entire season for the warriors just continues, and i bet there are a few other teams in the nba tonight looking at this game and going we can beat these guys. they lose their tension, and that seems to be the biggest challenge. keeping the warriors interested. it happened again tonight. 31 point blown lead. do not light that victory cigar quite yet sir. and it gets worse. add to it demarcus cousins. watch him go down. a significant left quad injury. have an mri. he left the game early, did not return. you can see he's very agitated there as he leaves the court. but after that the warriors kind of exploded offensively. watch this, beautiful up top for kd, and they begin the
10:55 pm
build the double digit lead. curry was feeling, popping from way out, and doc rivers is like what do i have to do to stop that guy? it continues. after a missed free throw, the lead did escalate to 31 points. and then they feel asleep. unbelievable. lou williams in particular off the clippers bench with 36 points. hits the jumper here, and they're all tied with a 1 and 10 left, 128 all. but calming things down, it's steph, works for his three. all right, you're thinking okay, 29 points for him, back up 3 with 58 seconds left. however it didn't work out like that. again, they can't get a defensive stop. landry this time, 16.5 seconds left. and the clippers go up by 2, wind up winning. look at palmer, the clippers
10:56 pm
owner right there, and conversely joe is like can you believe that? so the clippers score 85 points in the second half and the series is even one apiece going back to la on thursday. meanwhile we have jason appelbaum out at the oracle. jason, if you would have taken a snapshot of me, i would have had my jaw completely dropped down on my chest. it was incredible. what was the reaction out there, and also can you give us a little more insight with regard to the cousins injury? just the atmosphere out there had to be weird. had to be weird. >> reporter: well, mark, quite frankly you could hear a pin drop in here after the clippers were coming back to take the lead. the fans were really trying to implore this team to victory, but it didn't happen, and i'm paid to talk for a living, but quite honestly i am speechless! i mean honestly, i don't know what's more improbable. tiger winning the masters or the warriors blowing a 31 point second half lead to the
10:57 pm
clippers. and to add insult to injury, you mentioned earlier cousins, you know tenth season in the league, he goes down on a noncontact injury suffering a left quad, probably a severe injury. he'd just battled back from an achilles tear playing in his second career playoff game, so it's a really sad story, and looking at the image of his quad, it looks even worse. after the game steve kerr did not sound optimistic on cousins. >> there's a pretty significant quad injury, so, um, we'll get an mri tomorrow, but he's going to be out for, i'll just say awhile because i think it's unclear right now how long be out. but, um, yeah, it's significant. significant. >> reporter: so what does that mean? well looney get will a lot more playing did
10:58 pm
deliver tonight. he was a perfect 6 for 6 scoring 18 in the ball game, and he's been a role player for the team. they don't need a lot of offense from him, but he's been a big part of the team this year. so the warriors are in good shape. they have depth at the center position with him and andrew bogat, but what a blow to the warriors. just the air fell out of the building with the injury and then later on blowing the big lead. not what we expected mark as they head back to la tied at one now. >> yes, historically a blown lead, jason, we'll talk to you a little later. meanwhile the other bay area team in the playoff situation. it's not good for the sharks and certainly didn't get better today as they find out they'll have to get game four without joe thornton. suspended for a game for
10:59 pm
hitting the vegas forward in the head. thornton will be suspended for game four which is coming up tomorrow night in las vegas. in the meantime, in case you missed it, here's a youngster giving pop the big leaguer a lesson in how to hit a ball. a ball. >> all right watch this. >> oh, yeah, i probably need to put on a helmet. >> oh. >> watch this, pretty funny. >> get ready, try and get it past me. oh! >> that's brock holt of the boston red sox, and i think his son is off to a pretty good start as a hitter. wild night tonight in sports, but that's the sporting life. for now it's 11:00 and time for more news. for more news. i think fatherly instinct just
11:00 pm
kicked in. a quick thinking dad chases down a kidnapping suspect in san francisco. in san francisco. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. 2 . star it was a frightening situation on a busy street in san francisco after a stranger tried to grab a 2-year-old boy from his mom. hello again, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. just as quickly as the man grabbed the child, he let him go and then took off. that's when a group of good samaritans chased down that suspect and held him until police arrived. police arrived. police say the brazen attempt happened friday afternoon near the busy corner of market and castro streets. ktvu's debora villalon is live now in the city after talking to one of the men that chased down the suspect. >> reporter: well, julie, it was really a bold crime. such a busy spot, in the daylight, and so many people around, and friday about noon everyone in the vicinity heard the mother's screams. ms. >> right at this point we passed the woman with her children. >> reporter: this couple


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