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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  April 16, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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good morning and welcome to mornings on 2 here on this tuesday, april 16th. i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. what are we seeing with in weather department? >> we are getting clearing, a lot of upper 40s to 50s to
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the north. ooh mostly sunny, breezy day. a winter weather advisory until 11:00 a.m. in the mountains, still some snow there. but on the drier side as the system kicks out. higher pressure is nosing in more tomorrow. today looking mostly sunny, skies clear, mostly sunny and nice. steve, how are the commute conditions? well, it is mostly cloudy quiet at this time of the morning. just a little slow traffic coming up at the tracy freeway where the two freeways meet. once you get to livermore it looks good. the bay bridge is light. a little damp out there from the earlier rain but no traffic
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obstructions. 4:01. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we want to take you to paris. we are looking at a e, giving updated on the fire in france, the notre dame cathedral, the massive fire severely damaged the icon overnight. firefighters announced the fire is completely out. that is what they are talking about right now. the fire caused extensive damage but the stone walls of the cathedral are still standing. while parts of the notre dame lie in ruins, the leaders plan to rebuilt. >> they believe the fire was started by the construction. >> reporter: the terrible glow in the city of lights stopped people in their tracks, hearts hurting to the notre oldest and most revered structures in flames.
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hundreds of spectators say hail mary from across the bridge. the fire sorted in elissa hainthe doors closed for the night. it is world reknowned as a gothic example of structure and art. >> napoleon crowned himself there. when charles de gaulle died in 1970, there was a requiem mass there. it is a unique treasure in terms of world civilization. >> reporter: this professor, a medieval expert at the pacific school of religion in berkeley say the window and artwork were ground breaking. gasps as the mine spire collapsed, 500 tons of wood and 250 tons of lead falling in the flames. french president emmanuel macron rushed to the scene. >> notre dame is our history,
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the place where we have lived all of our great moments. it is the epicenter of our life. >> reporter: work had begun on the reasonvasions so some of the historic hart facts had been removed, -- artifacts had been removed, a blessing, but still, significant damage, a gaping hole in the arched ceiling and likely damage to painting and sculptures that date back to the 8th century. >> we will rebuild this cathedral all together. it is part of the french destiny, a project we will carry out in the coming years. >> thank you, jana. the city of franz showing its solidarity with the people of france, with san francisco city hall lit up in blue, white and red, the colors of the french fred.
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as the fire was still burning, san francisco mayor london breed wrote... breed wrote... we will have live team coverage on ktvu from paris here on mornings on 2 as new information comes in from the site of the fire. we will have updates on the recovery efforts. and we will report live from notre dame later right here on mornings on 2. 2. time is 4:05. new details from san francisco
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about an attempted kidnapping and the good samaritans that captured the would-be kidnapper. a woman heard the screams of the victim's mother when the child was grabbed last friday near is busy intersection of market and castro. >> right at this point we passed the woman with her children. >> reporter: the couple had just passed the mom with an infinity in a front pack and a toddler by the hand when they heard a struggle and looked back. >> she screamed please, please, someone help me. we noticed a margin quickly walking by us with a child in his arms like this. >> reporter: adam and sabrina are parents to 4-year-old liam. they were alarmed, as were others sitting by. just as swiftly as he grabbed the boy, the 34-year-old australian turned him loose. >> the man let go of the boy, gave him back to the mom, turned and smiled at us and took off running down the street. >> reporter: running down the
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middle of 17th street with adam walker chasing him and calling for others to help. half a block down with several people on his tail he gave it up. >> he put his hands up and said all right, i am done. he obeyed my commands. i told him to walk over to the sidewalk, put his hands on the wall and get on his knees. >> reporter: nothing was said before the police arrived in we were all out of breath. >> reporter: sabrina stayed with the distraught mom. after adam made his way back he was able to talk with her, too, thankful that he was in custody. >> if in one got him and he got away with it, it could be anyone else's child next time. >> reporter: nvestigators are looking into the suspect whose facebook page showed he worked as a deejay known as deejay rskkey. he is jailed il for
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attempted temperatures. >> we don't know why he attempted to grab the child. we are trying to figure out the details now. >> reporter: adam walker is a dentist in san francisco. no law enforcement background but the right instincts. >> when you have a child of your own and you see something like that happen, your instincts take over. you act from your heart, not from your brain. fortunately everything worked out and no one got hurt >> reporter: oakland police are planning to crack down on side shows after a fiery side show scene over the weekend. sunday night a big rig was carjacked, looted and an ac transit bus was set on fire. crime reporter henry lee tell us how first responders had to dodge bullets at 42nd and international while they cleared the way for firefighters to battle the flames. es.
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>> reporter: ac transit bus goes up in flames, there is gu officers battled rocks, even boldness the last couple years has gotten way worse. >> reporter: it happened during a side show at 42nd and international in oakland. more than a thousand people converged on the intersection, drivers and spectators. at one point people confiscated the driver of a big rig at gunpoint. >> once he was removed from the vehicle his truck was set on fire. inside the contents of the truck were paper goods. >> reporter: the truck's cab was destroyed. flames spread to the 18-foot transit bus, also destroyed >> we are talking a crowd of a thousand-plus people. there weren't enough officers to even begin to deal with something like this.
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>> reporter: but authorities say that will change. local law enforcement are working together to treat future side shows like large scale protests. >> we will be deploying our mobile skilled force unit and vans likely when we see mass demonstrations. you can see air support. >> reporter: but the damage has already been done. this is what 42nd and international looked like a day after the incident. we found these women cleaning up. >> this is our neighborhood. this is our help out whenever possible. we decided to posse up together over instagram. >> reporter: there was a side show the same spot the weekend before with drivers doing donuts and crowds cheering them on. oakland city council member says he wants to put up planter boxes to discourage side shows 42nd and international is out of control. it has been out of control. we can at least create the barriers for the side show. >> reporter: this weekend
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officers will be out there in full force. if cared are towed they will be impounded for 30 days and it could cost $1,300 at least to get them out. hena doba, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you, henry. president trump turning up the heat to send migrants exclusively to sanctuary cities. the reaction in bay area cities bracing for the president's policy that could effect them. plus, it has now been 100 days since governor gavin newsom has become governor. the solution he is proposing for solving the state's problems. good morning. we see traffic is off to a nice start for the most part if you are driving on the bridges. this is a look at the san mateyo bridge. it looks good. rain is moving out or winding down in most locations. improving conditions today. we will look at the forecast highs, which will be a little warmer, coming up.
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. welcome back to mornings on
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2. governor gavin newsom's 100 days in office has him addressing some of the important issues facing californians. now more on what he has done so far. >> reporter: governor gavin newsom's first 100 days in office, signing executive orders and bills, traveling the state, declaring flood and wildfire emergencies and the occasional set up with president trump on twitter, all beginning on inauguration day with big promises, including priorities like health care, education and a housing and homelessness crisis. >> we are committed to launching a marshal plan for affordable housing and we will commit the fight against homelessness from a state-wide matter to a national mission >> reporter: he is proposing
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$750 million for road repairs and met with the mayors of california's biggest cities after proposing $500 million to help local government build emergency shelters and navigation centers. >> reporter: $500 millio n for cities across the state sounds like a lot but it really isn't. >> reporter: the executive director of homelessness in san francisco says that money would not address the city crisis alone and more housing for the homeless is needed. >> we have to tax the rich to help the poor, otherwise we are taxing poor people who are already struggling to get by. that is really what he has to do. that is when you know they are serious. >> reporter: after meeting with the mayors newsom said the change would come when it comes to addressing the homeless but didn't elaborate. long term early childhood advocate, the secretary of
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early childhood development and newsom billion in funding for early childhood funding and child support, including low income child care. >> not t is governor is talking abou but this is the beginning. >> reporter: the president of children now say their state- wide advocacy group has been sought out by the governor's administration for guidance. he says it is a good sign >> he is saying cradle the career. i am not just going to focus on one age or one piece. we really need to make sure all our kids are getting the support. we are optimistic but it will take his continued leadership to get there. >> reporter: just last week in san francisco says his budget does not educate certain issues in the education system
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including pay one of his biggest campaign goals may soon be his biggest care for all californians. >> reporter: university health care is far from reality. the governor is proposing a series of changes and investments to get there, including providing coverage to young undocumented adults. the governor is given high marks for universal health care though had details of his proposing is unsearch. research as uc berkeley suggests it would cost roughly $6 billion to $7 billion but it can be done by imposing a 1% tax on providers and health insurers or expanding the that provides coverage. revised released in may and the legislature has until midnight on june 15 to provide a budgetf
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>> no matter what ms at dmv task force service, made another strategy to prevent another deadly high fire season. it has only be 100 days but the governor is working to close the gap between the rich and poor and create a california for all. back to you. 4:19 is the time. let's check in with sal. i know from personal experience they are still doing some work on the richmond-san raphneal bridge. >> they are. we are creeping a watch on that drive in you will see traffic continues to look pretty good with no major issues getting into san jose so far.
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it is damp. you will need a little extra time out there. steve? we will take a look, not a lot but a few locations had over a third inch of rain. so far .38. vallejo not bad. after that it tailed off. oakland .14. san jose .04. we may add a little bit to these as the last little piece of energy kind of slides through. there is a little but not much left as most of this clears through the area. we are not done yet because
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there is still rain to the south near morgan hill and gilroy. 50s on the temps. maybe a little cooling to the north as we get clearing. 50s on the temps to the east. low 50s for some. the breeze is still there but not that bad. it will maybe pick up later but nothing crazy. in the mountains the weather advisory goes until 11:00. some snow in the morning but it also looks like it is on its way out in the next couple of hours os our system goes down to southern california. it is weakening but holding together bringing rain there. high pressure is getting ready to nose in. 60s on the temps as we rebound from cool conditions yesterday. warmer weather will take us into wednesday. we will peak it out thursday, still okay friday but the cloudier conditions come back in for the weekend. what happened last night to the warriors? i mean, they blew a 31 point t gained 2 at the play-offs.
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we will hear from coach the los will do before thursday's game. plus, new driverless cars will be on the streets of sacramento today. the new company hoping to improve on the technology.
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police believe 27-year-old rashad allen is the driver who killed a mother and her 6-year-
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old son. a short time later the police found the car abandoned. the time is 4:25. happening today, the and city council will be debating a new resolution to pay for critical programs in public schools. last month the oakland unified school district cut almost $22 million from its budget. so today several council members will announce a new resolution to raise money for the schools and bring back funding to the restored justice program. the foster youth case management program, and also funding for libraries which were all deeply hit by cuts. and in union city teachers in the new haven unified school district are voting on whether to authorize a strike. the teachers will rally today for quote fair contracts as the proposing cuts to student services and also increasing class sizes. the strike authorization vote will wrap today. today the dixie elementary school district in morin county
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is voting on a name change. the district has rejected 15 different names so far. now, many people have argued that the names should be changed because it is a reference to the civil war era of slavery. opponents say the name has tied to the native americans in the district's history. if the bored approve as new name it would take effect this summer and cost about $40,000. a special meeting is set for 6:00 tonight. the time is 4:26. today self-driving cars are hitting the streets of sacramento, a weeklong program, part of a partnership with phantom auto for testing on streets. the cars are operated by remote drivers at a facility almost a hundred miles away from the capital. the cars will be navigated through a route through sacramento. sacramento is is the only city so far to work out a agreement
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with the company. >> we know the automation may not be perfect but it will be an improvement over the current course of events and the number of individuals hurt and injured and lives taken in sacramento, california and throughout our nation >> the company is working to test the 4g cell signal connection between the cars and the operator and they plan to offer rides around the sacramento state campus today. san francisco neighbors are upset after swastikas with are found painted on sidewalks. the area effected and the actions police are taking to find whoever is responsible. and there is more reaction this morning to the heartbreaking damage to the notre dame cathedral in paris. people in one of the sister cities of paris, san francisco, are responding.
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good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is tuesday, april 16th. i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. if you are wondering if the rain is gone -- >> almost. it is down to the south. >> not enough to wash my car, just make it dirtier, really. >> it depends on where you were. were. to a third to half an inch. that is exactly what happened. vallejo picked up a third


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