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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  April 16, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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you said. >> well, my car was in the garage. i don't leave it out. >> lucky you! >> we have rain. most of it was less than a quarter. a few came in line with half an inch of rain. mt. tam was one of the areas. take a look at these totals, including mill valley... valley... not bad. the system is pretty much done. if it hasn't it will be soon. temperatures will bump up after a very cool monday. we are looking for warmer temperatures. this time of year it doesn't take long. tomorrow more so than today. a little rain left on the southern end of the santa clara valley and maybe toward santa cruz. 40s for some, 50s for others in the sierra nevada. still snow until the noon hour
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and then they be done, as well. it is out of our picture with high pressure beginning to move toward us. we will bump the highs up to 60s. 6:01. sal is here to tell you about what? a truck accident at eastbound dumbarton bridge from menlo park to newark right now, a bad time to do it on the dumbarton bridge because of this crash. a jackknifed big rig in the counter commute direction this way. a lot of people may be slowing because they will be looking at it, coming this way in the commute direction. we will see what impact it has on the morning commute. you will see that also if you want to get over to the east bay, the dumbarton bridge looks pretty good right now. eastbound getting over, certainly an option or 237 to milpitas. illinois avoid the dumbarton bridge eastbound. there is no problems on the
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richmond bridge but it is getting a little busy because of the plates on the span. back to the desk. overnight firefighters in paris were finally able to put out the massive fire that destroyed part of the notre dame cathedral that caused extensive damage, but the cathedral stone walls are still standing. >> pam, now the big question is how did this happen? sara zendehnam here in the studio with us with the latest on all this. good morning, sara. >> good morning. that is the biggest question, of course. there are 50 investigators working to figure out the cause of this fire. they don't have any answers yet but many suggested it could be linked to renovation work being done on the cathedral's roof. there were five different companies hired to work on the $6.8 million project. the paris prosecutor says part of the investigation is to interview all the workers. one company responded. a representative said all security measures were respected and workers are participating in the investigation. the company had 12 workers involved in the construction,
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but none were on site at the time of the fire. at this point the fire is believed to be an accident and there is no evidence of arson. notre dame is referred to as one of the most important iconic structures in western civilization, a staple for religious and secular life for the french and also the entire world. the french president emmanuel macron says rebuilding will be a worldwide project. >> it will be launch beyond our borders. we will call upon the best talents in the world so that we can rebuild, we are rebuild notre dame, because this is what the french people are expecting. this is what our history merits. this is where our history deserves. this is our profound destiny.
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a french culture heritage expert says the cathedral's roof can't be build exactly as before because france doesn't have trees big enough anymore but they will still work with painstaking detail to rebuild the roof. well, belldon alley in the financial district is lined with cafes and a place in san francisco for people to gather. people there say notre dame is more than a landmark but the heart of paris. is. we spoke with the french consul general that says he is being comforted with messages of support he is receiving from people around the bay area. >> you have to realize notre dame is at the very heart of paris and the very heart of
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france. it is not only a religious building, a very sad day for the french-catholic community, but it is also part of our nation's identity. >> those offering support include the vatican. officials say pope francis quote has seen with shock and sadness the news of the terrible fire that has devastated the notre dame cathedral, the symbol of christianity and france and around the world. we have live coverage all morning here on ktvu. at 6:30 we will take you live to paris. ray bogan is there and he will have an update for us. back here at home later today the dixie elementary school district in san rafael will vote on whether to change its name. 15 proposed names have already been rejected by the school district. many argue the name should be changed because it refers to the civil war and slavery, but others say the name reflects the school district's history. if the bored approves a new
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name it would take effect this summer and cost about $40,000. the special meeting tonight is set for 6:00. also happening today the cow palace board of directors will vote on whether to ban gun shows at the cow palace in daly city. the sponsors of the gun show, cross roads of the west, say the cow palace would lose more than $700,000 in yearly revenue if gun shows are banned. an incredible story in san francisco. police are crediting good samaritans with chasing down an attempted kidnapping suspect and detaining him until officers arrived. police say the suspect grabbed a 2-year-old boy from his mother friday afternoon at the corner of market and castro streets. the mother began screaming for help. several people noticed it away. adam walker and another man ran after the suspect and that is when police say the 34-year-old roscoe bradley holyoake
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released the little boy. >> the man let go of the boy, gave it back to the mom, turned around and smiled at us and took off running down the street. >> when you have a child of your own and see something like this happen, something else takes over and you kind of act from your heart, not necessarily from your brain. >> the men continued to chase holyoake and after several blocks he stopped running. walker insisted the man get on his knees and stay until police arrived. officers arrested holyoake. he is being held in jail now and police do not have a motive for the attempted kidnapping yet. a $50,000 award is being offered in berkeley about a kill that happened almost two years ago. 22-year-old alex goodwin was an aspiring rapper shot and killed on august 18, 2016. police were called to his home on mabel street near burnett that night. it is believed the killer
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directly knew goodwin and that the people know about this case. police are hoping someone will come forward with anything that could provide information needed to solve the crime. a color coded health inspection placard system will include food trucks. community health officials say over the next few weeks they will be conducting regular health inspections of mobile food facilities. they will post green, yellow, white or red placards on the vehicles to signify the results of the inspection. red indicates closure due to major 48 hours violations. yellow means the business owner was able to fix major health violations. green means no problems or minimal problems were found. santa rosa fire officials say an alert garbage truck driver likely saved the life of a man that climbed inside a dumpster. the driver picked up trash at an in-n-out burger which he dropped from the dumpster into the back of his truck.
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when the driver made his next stop he heard someone shouting and found the injured man in the loaded dumpster. officials say the man was not badly injured and was not taken to the hospital. the time is 6:09. still ahead, dozens of swastikas found at a park in san francisco. >> it is truly like the ultimate symbol of evil. >> we will tell you about the investigation under way right now to find who did this. the lack of focus, lack of effort. >> the first round for the warriors tied after a tough loss last night at oracle arena. good. . you can see traffic is going to be doing okay at the commute at the macarthur maze. we see slow traffic coming around the corner to the bay bridge.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. happening today the oakland city council will vote on resolutions to pay for important programs. latinos month $22 million was cut from its budget so today several council members will announce a new resolution to raise money for the schools and bring back funding to the restorative justice program, the foster youth case management program and also funding for libraries which were all deeply hit by the budget cuts. and in union city teachers in the new haven unified school district are voting on whether
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to authorize a strike. today teachers will rally for fair contracts as they say the district wants to cut student services and also increase class sizes. the voting on authorizing a strike will end tomorrow. well, the warriors have today off after blowing the largest lead in nba play-off history. last night the warriors lost a 31 point lead against the los angeles clippers. they were cruising early, held a 31 point lead midway try the 3rd quarter then the clipper's offense caught fire. l.a. scored 85 points in the second half to stun the warriors 135- 131. >> once you lose momentum in tagame against a really good team, it is hard to get it back. and so we really lost this game mid 3rd quarter when we stopped playing. >> they did better than we did. it is tough considering how well we were playing up to that
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point. >> and another possible problem for the team moving forward, the warriors center demarcus cousins will undergo an mri today after he left last night's game early with what appeared to be a quad injury. coach steve kerr called it a significant injury. well, a really interesting day for head coach dock rivers that said he dropped $2,000 out of his pocket and a stranger gave it back. >> the guy tapped me on the back and said, you know, that is your money. i don't know a lot of places that would happen, but it happened today. so, whoever that was, you can have free tickets if you hadn't have ran away. anyway, thank you, guys. >> it happened in the bay area. doc rivers says he thinks he dropped the money after pulling out his cell phone from his pocket. the bay area's other team in the play-offs, the san jose sharks are looking to evening
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up the series against the golden knights. and san jose will be without one of its stars during game 4 in las vegas. joe thornton was suspended one game for that hit during game 3. the league officials say the hit was avoidable. the sharks trail the golden knights two games to one in the best of seven series. the watch party tonight is at 6:00. bravo to the oakland as, they will unveil a new century room at the oakland coliseum, a quiet place, special place, catering to fans of all ages for those with autism, post- traumatic stress disorder, down syndrome and dementia. it will feature noise canceling headphones and other tools to help visitors stay calm. the sensory tools will be available at every game and the
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as will host its annual autism awareness day this saturday. >> back to the warriors. an expensive suite at the san francisco new chase center is already sold out for the games next season. 30 offer the 32 luxury suites have been snapped up already. according to the chronicle some tv suites go for $2 million. that is about $50,000 a game. but, listen, they include court side seat, private dining, your own wine is he lar, other and box suites and mid level seats are going from $350,000 to the $1 million level per year. wow! we have a bunch of people that need to go in on that. there are a few left, sal, whatever you want to throw in. >> you know, pam, i would do it, of course, but those
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games are too late on my schedule. >> you have a point there. >> all right. exactly! i want to mention eastbound 84 coming out to the dunbar don bridge, there a truck accident. traffic will be slow. w. you can use the san mateyo or 237. here is the bay bridge westbound. a 10 to 15 minute wait, maybe a little longer before you make it onto the bridge. the richmond bridge more and more crowded, part of it because of the plates on the span. it has been a slow commute. 6:17. steve? sal, i was all ready to get one of those suites but
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there is no easy way for me to get there, so i said no. >> right. >> where am i going to park? no vip parking for us. let's get to it. we have a system moving out with a little fog and low clouds around. the rain is about done. not bad. i mean, there were okay totals, and this one came right in line with what we thought. a lot of people keep asking me is this or last rain? i don't think so. i don't think so. some of the climate models actually have rain all the way out to the middle of may. we will see. mt. tam half an inch of rain there, including... ere, including... there goes our system held together, did exactly what we
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thought, now kicking out after really early morning shower activity. it is about done here. temperatures were really cool yesterday, 56 for santa rosa. 66 today. only san jose really was close. we just bumped them up 1 degree. everyone else will bump up 5 to 10. bad images coming in. they seem to come in at this time. what in the world is going on with the weather images? that is the last of the system toward gilroy. 50s. lakeport is 42. clearing to the north. 41 in kelseyville. 45 in sonoma. novato is 46. cloverdale is 46. cool readings to the north and still snow about the noon hour up in the mountains but our system is flying out of the picture. high pressure to the left by 619 is heading the next system to the north and the temps will be going up more so tomorrow
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than today. we will bump up today but you will notice it more tomorrow and thursday, for sure, pam with low 80s inland, by friday, then cooler for the weekend. >> to stay up-to-date, download our free ktvu weather app. it has the interactive radar, hourly updates and the seven- day forecasts. you can upload your own weather photos and video, as well. well, international and 42nd is out of control, it has been out of control. >> the action city leaders in oakland want to take to crack down on illegal car shows. and presidential hopefuls continue to campaign across the country. an update on the race for the white house including a new republican challenger. who doesn't love a deal?
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a republican candidate has come forward to challenge president trump in the 2020 presidential race. former massachusetts governor bill wells says he will seek the republican nomination. he says the gop needs to return to lincoln's values of equality and dignity. it is extremely rare for an incumbent president to face a challenger from his own party
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democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders will be campaigning. sanders talks about issues ranging from health care to border security. he also said he favors higher taxes for the wealthy and talked about his own income. the tax returns show he made more than a million dollars in both 2016 and 2017. 2017. >> it came from a book that i wrote, a pretty good book. you might want to read it. it is a best seller, sold all over the world and we made money. if anyone thinks i should apologize for writing a best selling book, i am sorry, i am not going to do it. >> bernie sanders released ten years of his tax returns and called on president trump to do the same. the president has renewed his propal to send detained immigrants exclusively to sanctuary cities. white house staff tried to
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play down the idea over the weekend and there will likely be legal challenges in the trump administration moves forward with the plan. a house committee launched an investigation into the proposal. leaders in sanctuary cities including san francisco and san jose are discussing how they may handle an influx of people. >> it is no secret we have a housing crisis today. obviously we would have to work harder to insure that we could house everyone, but this is not ultimately our decision. >> we are giving very strong consideration to having people after a 20 day period, because, again, you are not allowed legally to hold them for more than that, move them into sanctuary cities. >> earlier this month the president also threatened to completely shut down the us- mexico border but his administration backed away from this idea after harsh criticism. the justice department says it will release a redacted version of the police report thursday morning. the report that -- police report thursday morning.
6:26 am
it has been in explanation for almost two years now. the u.s. attorney general william barr released a 400 page summary last month. it is said to be inconclusive on the possibility that president trump obstructed justice. . well, there are potential rule changes for facebook to follow when it comes to younger users in the u.k. u.k.. the information commissioner's office wants facebook to turn off its "like" button and
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snapchap streak which encourages people to stay engaged on the site. officials also want young users to have turn on location tracking every time they want to use it. it is not clear how officials will enforce the recommendation. it is 6:27. the fire now out at notre dame cathedral in paris but the investigation is just beginning. we will have a live traffic report paris with the latest when we come back also, a new proposal for a homeless navigation center along the embarcadero. the changes the mayor's office is considering in order to get it approved.
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good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2. i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. >> and we had rain overnight that did about what we thought, about a quarter inch to half inch for most. mt. tam had a half inch of rain, and the oakland hills had a third inch of rain. mill valley was right in there with mt. tam with .52. .52.
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clearing out and 60s on your high today. sal? dumbarton bridge has problems. you cannot use it from menlo park, east palo alto to newark because of a jackknifed truck in the eastbound direction. it is also causing some slowing westbound because people are looking at it. but, eastbound you can't get through it. they are stopping you right here. you can't go any further. the best thing to do would be to use either 237 or use the san mateyo bridge. the non-commute directions look fine and traffic is all right. southbound 880 is slow from hayward to union city but it is not that terrible to the fremont right now. the richmond bridge has a bigger back up than normal because of the construction plates. and 80 westbound from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze is okay. when you get to the bay bridge a there is stop and go traffic. 6:32. back to the desk. we are taking a look live
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now at pictures outside the notre dame cathedral in paris. live you can see the workers there are getting a close look. the huge fire yesterday swept across the top of that architect really landmark, collapsing the spire of the notre dame cathedral. they are up there close. overnight firefighters announced they finally fully put out the flames after 12 hours on the scene. now the experts are assessing the damage to the 856-year-old cathedral. they consider the fire an accident, possibly the result of restoration work. the two iconic bell towers are still intact, but the cathedral's spire and roof are gun. the french president emmanuel macron vowed to repair and rebuild the notre dame cathedral and has been asking for help pledge $300 million
6:34 am
for a rebuilding fund. and here a picture from the san francisco international airport, live video now this morning, lit up in the french flag colors blue, red and white. the san francisco mayor london breed proposing a scaled downpour version of a homeless navigation center along the embarcadero. ktvu fox 2 news' allie rasmus is in that part of the city this morning to explain how this is different and why the mayor decided to update her original plans. ? >> reporter: it will be a smaller navigation center, at least initially. this is where it will go behind us, this parking lot on bryant and embarcadero. you can see a bunch of cars there but you can see around it a lot of home, condos and high- rises around the area. when the san francisco mayor met with the leaders about the
6:35 am
proposed navigation site earlier in month many residents were upset about the plan. . after the heated community meeting the mayor london breed just last night announced changes to the proposed navigation center. it would have 130 beds now instead of 200 and an additional 70 bed kos be added over a six month partly sunny. it also calls for a police presence and a place where people can get services and resources for help and stay temporarily. the idea behind it is that it is a slightly less formal site than a traditional center. there are other navigation centers already in existence throughout the city in the video we are showing of them right now. but the land where the navigation center would go is actually owned by the port of san francisco so they would have to agree to lease the land with the owner that would build the proposed navigation site. the port is scheduled to vote
6:36 am
on the topic at their meeting next week s are has, ktvu fox 2 news. the time is 6:00 35. san francisco police are busy searching for whoever painted several swastikas along the park sidewalk there. police don't know of threats but people that saw the swastika say seeing the nazi symbol is a painful reminder of all the evil in the world, especially coming just before the start of passover on friday. >> it is truly the ultimate symbol of evil. for somebody to take, destroy a public park, really, with that symbol is -- it has no place here, especially in this neighborhood. >> investigators say there are many surveillance cameras on buildings in that neighborhood so they are asking people that live near the park, check your video, see if you recorded
6:37 am
anyone painting the sidewalks or even just carrying a can of paint oakland police are still searching for a driver who hit and killed a woman and her 6- year-old son and seriously injured the little boy's uncle. it happened on 26th street and foothill boulevard saturday night. the three were in a marked crosswalk when they were hit. the suspect is identified as 27- year-old rashad allen. a $25 reward is being offered for investigation leading to his arrest. people living near the intersection say they have been complaining about it for years but the city says the area is not on its list of dangerous intersections. >> this particular intersection, no, was not on the list. unfortunately we have enough crashes throughout the city of oakland that this particular location did not have the crash history that had it in our queue for improvement. we have lots of improvements coming -- >> the city says if it decided to put a traffic light at that intersection it could take one year to get it up and running.
6:38 am
oakland police plan to crack down on side shows after this past weekend's side show that involved fires, looting and gunfires. police say more than a thousand people gathered at 42nd and international sunday night. a big rig was carjacked and looted and an ac transit bus was set on fire. police in the crowd say police were throwing rocks and bottles at them. veteran law enforcement offers say it is clear that side shows have gone well beyond people just watching cars spin donuts in the streets. >> we have been dealing with side shows for decades but the criminality and boldness in the last couple of years has gotten way worse. >> international and 42nd is out of control. it has been out of control. the only action we can do is create the barriers for the side show. >> one sheriff deputy suffered a minor injure. police say they were outnumbered. the crowd broke up before any
6:39 am
arrests could be made. well, harris ranch has been sold. we will tell you what is next for the cattle company. and more drivers are making the switch from gas to electric, how california is hoping to make a trend toward driving electric vehicles. (dad) this ice cream cake needs a freezer.
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sacramento is the only city that has an agreement with the driverless car company. >> we know this automation may not be perfect, but i am metro detroit confident through the test of time it will be an improvement over the current course of events and the number of individuals that are hurt and injured and lives taken in sacramento, california and throughout our nation.
6:43 am
>> the company is testing the 4g cell signal connection between the car and operator. also they plan to offer rides around the sacramento state campus today. well, the number of measles cases is still on the rise here in california and across the country. the centers for disease control and prevention released new numbers yesterday saying 555 measles cases have been confirmed so far this year in the united states. that is an increase of 110 cases from a week ago. there are 21 cases in california, including nine due to the outbreak in butte county. the cdc recommends all children get two doses of measles vaccine which the agency says is 97% effective. fda has approved a new prediction weight loss drug. it has been cleared for overweight adults with a body mass index of at least 25. up until now most prescription weight loss treatments have only been available to patients with a b mi of 30 or above.
6:44 am
it is company says it helps people feel full and keep them, encourage them to eat less. >> why are you looking at me while do you that story? >> i am not! [ laughing ] amazon is opening its first go store in san francisco with ready to eat breakfasts, lunches and dinners and amazon meal kits you can easily cook at home. the store is on montgomery street near the bart station. there are two other stores on california and post streets. california's biggest cattle raising operation is being sold. the harris ranch beef holding company has an 800-acre feed lot that can hold up to 650,000 cattle. it is being sold to the central valley meat company based in hannaford. no word yes yet on the price of the deal. the pizza chain called escape from new york pizza is
6:45 am
closing two restaurants in san francisco. the pizzerias on polk street and 22nd street in the mission will close this weekend because of high rents and rising food prices. the original 33-year-old pizza parlor will stay open, so will the pizza parlors on harrison street and bush streets. well, new numbers show the season premier of "game of thrones" was one for the record books. 17.4 million people watched the season 8 premier on tv or hbo streaming services, the most watched streaming event in hbo history. streaming viewers also doubled from the previous season and the most watched show on all tv networks this year. the six episode season will wrap up next month. more california drivers are buying electric cars. new numbers find that more than 200,000 electric cars were registered in 2018, more than double the previous year. california leads the way with
6:46 am
95,000 new vehicles and the numbers are only expected to rise as more manufacturers switch from gas do electric. the best selling electric car is the tesla model 3. the time is 6:46. we all know it is really expensive to live here in the bay area, but now we have more on what it costs to live a middle class lifestyle may now be out of reach. >> reporter: in silicon valley and around the bay area, even high wage earners are feeling the pinch. what used to be considered a sizable salary is barely middle class and becoming a cat list for change. >> we are looking at a very high cost of living. if you have that you end up probably making what other people would consider to be is august amount of base income, but then trying to make that base income stretch.
6:47 am
a basic two bedroom apartment equals a household income of $125,000 a year before taxes to achieve what has now become middle class, a house income would have to have grown to around 400k. the rising costs and higher costs of housing the culprit. >> we have limited amounts of housing. with the number of people that we have had in the bay area who need housing and want housing, then you need to pay more and more for the housing. >> reporter: and the demand for housing is leading to another trend, people commuting not just from outside bay area but outside the state of california all together. fox 2 learned of a financial broker who lives in las vegas full-time and commutes in about three or four days a week. hairdressers and tattoo artists all doing the same thing,
6:48 am
trying to avoid the high cost of living in the bay area. the long commute in the sky may not make sense to some, but it can make financial sense. tickets costs and housing here during the week can all be written off as business expenses. >> eventually there will be a correction. we just don't know when eventually is. >> reporter: the correction could be two-fold ing coming -- housal coming back down to earth due to another crisis. those who stay could pay less. ktvu fox 2 news. >> an on going conversation for sure. >> yes. 6:48 is the time. let's check back in with sal for traffic this morning. >> it will be slow and jessie's story is directly related to why people drive so far to their jobs. we see it on 24, 680, all the major freeways coming in. right now it will be crowded.
6:49 am
this week will be different. good friday the markets are closed. that may effect some of the traffic. dumbarton bridge eastbound you cannot get from east palo alto to newark because of a jackknifed truck. but westbound is open. i would recommend using 237 or the san mateyo bridge, instead, easy then getting to that side of the bay at this hour. westbound the san rafael bridge construction is backed up because of the construction plates on the span. 80 westbound between the carquinez bridge and the maze is okay, the bay bridge toll plaza is slow. the san mateyo westbound bridge is slow. the south bay commute, in fact, i can drag the map to the silicon valley commute, some commute like 85 northbound are beginning to take shape. at 6:49, let's bring steve in. our system gave totals of about a tenth inch to over half
6:50 am
for some. we are seeing clearing taking place and a mostly sunny day. temperatures will bump up. i agree with you 100%. i am a rain year fan. that starts july 1st. that is the way we used to do it and goes to june 30. i still think you will get 30 before that, chris, but the idea of adding a total to this season next september does not make sense to me, dave, so there you go. chris and i are on the same page. thank you, chris. i agree. i prefer the rain year. we don't get much rain in july, august or september. that is one of the reasons why. mt. tam half an inch of rain. by the way our observer raymond
6:51 am
has 80.5 inches of rain for his seasonal total. oakland hills not bad, a third of an inch. forty-one in lakeport to 51 in san jose, mill valley 44. santa rosa 46. upper 40s and mid 40s,
6:52 am
clearing and the temperatures drop. 50 for you in fremont and pacifica is 49. snow showers in the mountains that will linger until 11:00 then i think they will be done. then they are still getting some snow. the system for us is east and south, bringing a big cooling trend to the desert and the ridge to the four corners. 60s on the temps. tomorrow we will have sunshine and warmer temps. the warmest will be on thursday, dave, with 80s inland. it looks cooler going into the easter weekend. >> some 80s. the time is 6:52. voting for a school district name change. what is expected tonight at the board meeting of the dixie unified school district. hool district. good morning, dave. coming up in our next hour we will take you back live to paris, france, with the latest developments after the massive fire at the notre dame
6:53 am
cathedral. and a frightening scene in san francisco after a man tried to kidnap a child from his mother, but strangers saw it happen. we will show you what they did to help. and the chase center is getting ready to open. the tickets will cost you, but if you really want to go big, how about a $2 million seat. yes, it gets you courtside, but for that price it also comes with extra perks. we will have more on those, but we will give you a hint. there is a butler involved. stay with us. we will be right back. at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee.
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welcome back. it is 6:56. a hiker is safe after being rescued at half moon bay. the sheriff's office hoisted this lady to safety. she is 68 years old. she became disoriented after losing her glasses sunday night and wandered off a remote hiking trail. she tried to call for help but her cell phone died. she was treated for minor cuts and bruises. we are finding out more about a toll so you can drive down san francisco's lom bard street. the state of california would need to grant the city permission in order to charge a
6:57 am
toll on the street. >> tourists can enjoy the landmark but the residents can also get some of their lives back. >> it is a way to get money but not very tourist friendly. >> would you pay a toll? . >> i'd walk down. >> the city would determine the price and whether a reservation system should be used. one idea is $5 on week days and $10 on weekends. san francisco is receiving $22 million in state transportation funds to repave streets. it will pay for almost 150 blocks. the money was made available for the road repairs and accountability act of 2017. >> the california public utility commission is reviewing efforts to improve the management and safety culture at pg&e. they hosted a public forum in san francisco talking about what has changed since the san bruno
6:58 am
pipe line explosion in 2012. the review found that pg&e workers are reporting more safety incidents than they did before. >> there was an increase in safety reporting which led to the incidents as employees are now feeling more comfortable. >> a second public forum is set for friday, april 26th. the spring storm that brought us rain in the bay area is hitting the sierra with snow. we are out there live, just to show you. live pictures. the storm is forecast to bring up to a foot of snow. we are at home wood mountain resorts where the season will end this sunday. there are chain restrictions in place on interstate 80 now. i couldn't believe it. we could not believe what we
6:59 am
were seeing. >> france is already promising to rebuild after a devastating fire damages one of the world's most famous landmarks. how the faithful here in the bay area are paying tribute to notre dame. and a possible ban on guns at the calpalace. we have an update from dale city. >> this is mornings on two. good morning to you. >> it is good to see steve who has interesting things to say about the weather. the rain is done and it will improve. >> i will tell you when i walked in my house and still raining, i said, steve paulson said monday rain. and now it's tuesday. >> i said overnight. >> steve, you are giving her dry
7:00 am
weather. >> anyways. the system is done rain wise and it will be sunny today. we have okay rain. we have clearing skies and a bit warmer this morning at 50 degrees. rain was 0.22. it was very cool yesterday, upper 50s and mid-50s for santa rosa at 56. san jose hit 67 yesterday. tomorrow is the day we really start to warm up into thursday. mill valley and mount tam had a half an inch of rain. mount hamilton had a third. and mountain view had 0.08. the system has moved out. it is now leaving some partly cloudy skies. i think that is about it. 40s and 50s with clearing to the north. upper 40s, 49 for morgan hill. same for socal,


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