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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  April 18, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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the 448 page report detailed 10 episodes where robert mueller examined for possible obstruction of justice by the president. they included mr. trump's firing of fbi director, james comey, the director to is white house counsel to five it rort m pres christina don't with a deeper look into the report . >> this report, as you mentioned, more than 400 pages long and crew includes more than 800 reductions and the council, robin lost two year investigation. a redacted version of special counsel robert mueller's report is made public with presidents trump speaking thursday morning before it was released . >> no collusion. no obstruction. this should never happen to another president again. barr says trump's lawyer saw the report and events but had no influence over what was redacted. >> we now know that the russian
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operatives who perpetrated these schemes did not have the cooperation of president trump or the trump campaign. >> democrats are blasting barr for not addressing other parts of the report. among the findings, it revealed mueller looked at roughly 10 episodes by the president that were investigated as potential ask of obstruction of justice. "these actions range from efforts to remove the special counsel and to reverse the effect of the attorney general's recusal to the attempted use of it official power to limit the spoke scope of the investigation." the report later said, "the president clearly did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so stay. " >> those actions of obstruction of justice, criminal or not, are deeply alarming and the president of the united states. >> the report says trump told miller douglas mueller he had no recollection of the probe including a meeting between top aides and a russian lawyer.
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trump declined a sitdown interview with mueller but provided written answers to questions. the mueller team did not submit a subpoena the president for an end of you. the report also visors it was presidency." >> i request that special counsel mueller testified before the house committee as soon as possible. the request made clear he did not exonerate the president and the responsibility now falls to congress to hold the president accountable for his actions. >> even though the mueller investigation is over, it has spawned 14 spinoff investigations that could lead to other funds. attorney general barr says the version with fewer reductions will be made available to top ranking house and lawmakers from both parties. the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell defended attorney general barr against claims by democrats that he was
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preemptively spinning the report and slanting the conclusions. >> the thought that bill barr is, age 69, would do anything to tarnish his own image or reputation is completely ridiculous. >> no collusion -- >> reporter: on the democratic side, lawmakers accused barr of protecting the president . >> a discrepancy between the sunshine spin that we saw from the attorney general this morning and the detailed description of wrongdoing in this report. what is demonstrated in powerful and compelling detail in this report is nothing less then a national scandal. >> attorney general barr has already offered to testify before congress on may 1 and
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may 2. joining us is david levine with the uc hastings college of law. david, your thoughts on today and the biggest take away? >> there are so many, julie. number one is the amount of detail about what the russians tried to do to us and succeeded in many ways and i really hope that congress is going to spend a lot of time figuring out how well the administration is doing and making sure that does not happen again and seeing whether further legal tools are needed to be passed and whether further money needs to go into that. i think that is the big headline. the other details about what the president may have done or why mr. miller decided not to indict are very, very important but in the long run, stopping foreigners from influencing our elections in these ways is really, really key to the democracy. >> let's talk about the president for a second, taking all politics, all spin aside, what does the report say to you and what happ was that mr. mueller was laying out breadcrumbs for others to going.
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congress being on and also he is very explicit that the president could be indicted when he leaves office and so the part of what mr. mueller saw himself doing was preserving evidence, having people testify under oath while the memories were still fresh, as he said, collecting evidence so it would be available for further use, congress, number one but other prosecutors in these many investigation still going, maybe others, for example, from the state of new york but certainly if and when the president leaves office so i would say to say it is an indication is utterly false . >> can the democratic- controlled house use the evidence to move forward with articles of impeachment? >> the evidence in the report would be used if they wanted to so what you would do is you would follow the clues and information that is in the report. you wouldn't simply take the report and stamp it and say okay, now we are going to impeach the president but what you would do is bring in these
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people who have testified to the 10 events that they report, specifying where the president, over and over again, perhaps tried to obstruct justice. one major reason why mr. miller said he should not be prosecuted for that is that people like don again, the white house counsel and others, the director of the national security agency stopped the president, ignored him, said they would resign instead of carrying out the president's directives. >> there was a lot of dirt that came out on the president. cannot rise, no matter if it is negative information, can arise to the level even though a crime was not committing, cannot rise to the level of bringing charges and moving forward with impeachment? >> absolutely because the standard for impeachment technically assess high crimes and misdemeanors, but what it amounts to if if the house of representatives majority thinks there is enough to -- whether the president is fit to stay in
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office, then they would have to decide whether or not he could be convicted. whether or not that happens is to be decided but the information, a lot of information, a real roadmap and for members of congress wanted to go down that road . >> the bottom line here is, what are we looking at? are we looking at an investigation in congress continuing during the rest of the presidents term? >> potentially if you had committees that wanted to push for impeachment but don't forget the oversight. that issue, to me, is really important. what sort of legislation do we need to put in place? -- >> right, there should be oversight hearings bringing in the appropriate agencies like homeland security, security agencies and say, what are you doing . >> what are you doing to make sure this doesn't happen again and if the answer is, we
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haven't done anything because the president has not told us to, we need to know that as well. >> we will leave it there. david, thank you . >> thank you for having me. if you would like to read the a doctorate the most the redacted report, it is posted on our website at a heartbreaking story out of milpitas. and grandmother arrested accused of killing her 3-year- old grandson. henry lee joins us live it milpitas police department with more on what happened. henry? >> julie, the grandmother was the caretaker for this little boy, now she is in jail charged with murder for allegedly strangling him. this is the mug shot of 70-year- old foos abdi hashi, now in jail for allegedly killing her 3-year-old grandson. >> this has been a tragic , tragic incident. it has nolan is not only shocked our timidity but our personnel. >> it happened on luz del sol loop. 3-year-old boy was purple .
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>> officers attempted to revive him. fire officials and paramedics arrived, transported to the hospital and he died of his injuries. >> the boy died of strangulation after being choked. the d.a. charge the grandmother with murder and child abuse. milpitas police gathered evidence over the past few days. police would not say what led to the boy's death other than to say it was the grandmother who watched him. >> she was at the same residents as the child, the caretaker at the time. again, for the integrity of our investigation, i can't really get into the exact details of what happened. >> reporter: police arrested the grandmother in san jose wednesday night. the boys and who is the suspects daughter was his guardian. the boy's parents live out of state. >> losing a 3-year-old child is not easy for anybody. as a father, i cannot imagine what they are going to. >> reporter: the grandmother will be arraigned tomorrow in san jose. she is being held without bail.
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julie? >> henry lee, live in milpitas, thank you. hundreds of people marched through the streets of oakland this afternoon in a solemn tribute to the child and mother killed in a hit and run accident. the march an visible vigil and did a foothill boulevard where the six-year-old and his 30- year-old mother were killed last saturday my night. community leaders are demanding safety measures. police have identified the suspected driver in the crash but so far there have been no arrests. a suspect is in custody after he walked into the emergency road at good samaritan hospital, armed with a pellet gun. the incident was reported about 9:30 am and led to widespread panic inside the hospital located on samaritan drive. police say the armed man burst into the emergency room and reportedly demanded immediate mental cool the best medical
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care. he was tackled by a hospital employee. police arrested him and booked him into the santa clara county jail on charges of having a replica gun. two bay area tech companies made their debut on wall street today and shares of both companies stored on the same day of trading. ceo of san francisco bay pinterest was on hand during the opening bell at the new york stock exchange. shares of the photo up 28% from its initial offering price of $19. also zoom debut today with an even bigger search which shares up 72% above its ipo price of $36. that is the best first day surge since twitter debuted. pinterest and zoom are just the latest in a series of ipos that
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will create an influx of millionaires in the bay area economy. >> over the next 5 years i expect rent prices and home prices to appreciate at least 50%. 100% is also plausible. we are looking at a much more expensive city. levi's and lyft also recently on public and we are expecting uber, airbnb and slack to go public soon. those big ipos from pinterest and zoom along with healthy corporate earnings reports sent stocks moderately higher. the dow jones up 110 points, nasdaq up to mac point and the s&p gained 4.5 points. the most successful ballpark in america are built in downtown urban areas. >> opposition in their own hometown. a new fight for the oakland a's as i try to finalize a stadium on the oakland estuary. there is a time for everything and a time for it to end but i was not ready and i'm still not ready. >> they have brought their satirical look at the world to the stage for 45 years. soon, beach blanket babylon will performance final show.
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why the producer said the longest running show in u.s. history is closing for good. >> it was warm out there today. temperatures got into the low 80s, even mid-80s. what is happening tomorrow? i will let you know. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the hearts, characters and laughs for 45 years, people have come to watch beach blanket babylon in san francisco. i've seen it twice. the show grew so big over the years the performers took to the national stage that events like the baseball playoffs but unfortunately, on your new year's eve, beach blanket babylon will hold the last show
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ever. rob roth talked with this joes producer and a cast member today. >> reporter: the box office is open for beach blanket babylon. the show starts at 8:00. this cultural treasure will be closing at the end of the year. >> ♪ san francisco >> reporter: for the fast past 45 years, the ever-changing musical with its many hats has been part of the san francisco cultural landscape but beach blanket babylon, the longest running musical review in the world is closing for good this new year's eve. cast member say the shock is still setting in . >> it is sad. it is a life we all created here. it is a world of, you know, really a world of joy. for so many of us. >> reporter: kirk branam has been performing the show for 25 years. among his characters are king louis the 14th and bree sanders
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. >> i don't have much of a bernie invitation imitation. >> reporter: the owner says the show is as popular as ever . >> the time was right after 45 incredible years. i just felt the show should go out on top. that is where we are right now. >> joe shuman silver took over the show 20 years ago after her husband, steve silver who created beach blanket babylon in 1984. charlotte shoots his tree tree chief protocol. >> there is a time for everything and a time for it to end but i was not ready and i'm still not ready. >> reporter: this 373 c club has a special address, located on boulevard w beach blanket babylon boulevard in north beach. the show is expected to last only a few weeks but caught on
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with tourists around the world including the queen of england. >> it is perfect for san francisco, just on the edge and steve silver had a way of just going to that point and not going too far. >> ♪ san francisco >> reporter: the final curtain call will not be easy . >> we will all cry and the audience will be with us and we will still do the lines and we will still do it exactly the way we are supposed to do it. >> reporter: the producer says there is so much interest, she is considering adding a second show on closing night but one 2019 comes to an end, a part of san francisco will be leaving with it. >> it is so hard to imagine because it is such a unique show for san francisco but as you say, new year's eve, that is the last performance. rob roth in san francisco tonight, thank you. looking at the weather, what a nice day we had today. the fog came back. temperatures when the were in the upper 60s. that is an infection fog.
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you are looking at the north tower to the right, south to the right. the inversion is pretty shallow. foggy at the coast, foggy at the sunset district. not so inside the bay. tonight there will be frog creeping in but out toward east bay, at mount diablo, well off in the distance, we are looking at temperatures in the east bay easily into the mid-80s and some of the warmest spots. this is the story this week. not this week but the last few days but coming up, the temperature trends and these are for this dip on saturday. it will cool little tomorrow, still low 80s. just a little cooler. obviously, at the coast because of the fog. saturday, it really drops off and that is down in the 60s and 70s, the big drop. the winds will be breezy and it will be a cool day but nice. sunday and monday, back into the 80s. some of the numbers from today, impressive, winds double is more numbers, stanford and 82
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and one of the warmest days this season. that will continue as high pressure sends everything up and over the top. that is the jet stream right there. everything just keeps going. you can see there are clouds of your but they are missing us. there is fog along the coast. you can see it there. it is pretty shallow. that is what i was pointing out the towers for. the rain layer is not that there. it will get into the gate, through the low-lying sea level gaps. it will slip and appear as well. it should not be a big inland push with the fog because of the inversion. it is top for the fog when it is down to 700 feet to get through. with that said, it will stay warm inland tomorrow, low 80s. these are the right now temperatures, 81 fairfield, 81 concord, 81 san jose, 11
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degrees warmer in napa and oakland, 10 degrees warmer in oakland today. spring is here and the weather looks good. we still had good air quality as well. you are looking across toward the berkeley campus right there. a stunning day. even though saturday will cool, the weekend will be pretty nice. let's look at this map that shows where the fog will be. it does not go far away but it does show the marine layer. a little bit of onshore flow. the cool area around the avenues, golden gate park will be in the 50s and 60s. it makes sense, then you push a little inland and you will find 70s and 80s. that is it for tomorrow. it will cool off a little on friday and on saturday. water officials say the drinking water and fire budget in the fire ravaged town of paradise is contaminated with the cancer-causing chemical, benzene. fixing the problem could cost $300 million and take up to two years. water tests show benzene was
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found in about a third of the pipelines tested. about 1500 residents are living in homes that were not leveled at the november wildfire. water officials have warned them not to drink, cook, bathing or even brush their teeth with tapwater. residents were also advised to only take quick showers with warm water. water officials are giving cases of free bottled water to residents daily. coming up, new clues about the fire at notre dame in paris. what investigators are saying may have led to the devastating ladies. coming up on ktvu news at 6:00, preparations underway at san francisco's hippie hill in anticipation of the gathering of marijuana smokers this saturday on 4/20. city leaders layout their safety plan. struggling to afford basic necessities, the food pantry now available.
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investigators in paris now believe an electrical short circuit caused monday's disastrous fire at the notre dame cathedral however, they will not make a final determination until they can safely inspect the charred interior of the 850-year-old cathedral. fox news greg palkot tells us the news came today as friends formally played tribute to the firefighters who saved the landmark. >> reporter: the massive fire at notre dame earlier this week severely damaged the inside of the cathedral what would have been much worse if not for the
5:26 pm
efforts of the paris fire brigade. today, france is paying tribute to the men who risk their lives to save a cultural icon. the firefighters were awarded a special gold medal by french president mccrone. those singled out for recognition are insisting it was a group effort. >> the paris fire brigade unit is one that is humble, discrete. it is the collective of the fire soldiers who came through. >> reporter: the day of tribute comes as engineers work to stabilize the structure but it will not be easy and not around is expected to notre dame is expected to be closed for up to 6 years. local merchants say they worry about their future but they are enjoying it and i'm in the affected an unexpected uptake in foot traffic. >> i have never worked as much since it caught on fire. we had to wait for something big to happen before people realized we exist. >> reporter: meanwhile, money is pouring in, more than $1 billion pledged for the rebuilding effort leading to
5:27 pm
his criticism from some human rights goods and french lawmakers that the money could be better spent elsewhere . >> why such an amount of money from notre dame and so little for the poor? why is there suddenly this national spirit but these people don't want to contribute more in taxes? >> reporter: notre dame director says he would like to build a temporary church outside of the cathedral so parishioners were not have to find another parish. police in new york city say a college professor is in custody after a frightening incident at another world- famous cathedral park officers say they arrested 37-year-old marc lamparello last night shortly after he walked into saint patrick's cathedral carrying gas, light if you would lighter fluid and lighters. the suspect taught philosophy at seton hall university in new jersey and several other colleges in the area. in a fight against the
5:28 pm
oakland a's stadium plans at the port of oakland. coming up next tonight, the powerful group gathering together to push for a new stadium to be built where the old stadium is now. plus a bus filled with inmates on the way to court involved in a crash on 880 this morning. that story coming up. it is kind of a known thing to tell your kids, you need to watch out for needles on the beach which is really sad. >> this mother says she has the evidence to prove just how much the problem has grown. what she is asking the county to do now.
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in oakland today, a coalition of the major tenants of the port of oakland presented a united to oppose the oakland a's plans for a new ballpark on the estuary. the plan calls for a stadium to be built next to jaclyn and square but there is a new push for the team to build at the side of the coliseum where it stands now. tom baker has been following
5:32 pm
the story. he is in oakland tonight. tom, where do things stand tonight? >> reporter: this group is politically powerful, active and well healed. they are united because that is odd because they are usually fighting with one another. the port of oakland is a 24/7 operation with thousands of trucks, trains and fleets of ships running through it. howard tournament, though too shallow for big container ships is a major container shipping site as well as a trainer in center for new onshore men. >> there are 300,000 truck movements per year that go in and out up howard turn them also if we don't have that they will end up back on city streets. get the truck pollutio cleaned up. >> it will have a negative impact on congestion, -- the port says all acreages valuable and must stay industrial. who want to make sure
5:33 pm
everything we have invested in and built up over decades is protected and embraced and able to grow. >> want to make sure we have a plan that is robust, that fits everyone's needs, that we make sure that not only the oakland a's get a break new ballpark at the waterfront but also it supports continued maritime operation of the port. >> reporter: east oakland or say the ballpark should be built on the vast land where the current park resides. >> the spaces adequate to rebuild another stadium to keep jobs in the community, to keep the vibrancy of the community together. the oakland a's promised to redevelop the arena and build lots of housing there . >> we are the ones want to back up plan with the help of the city council and the county and we have an offer to purchase the site and partner with the city and county and it is really in their hands to move forward . >> when you talk about building
5:34 pm
affordable housing, the real question is, who is it affordable for? >> the port remains the oakland a's preferred location . >> the most successful ballparks in america are built in downtown urban areas. >> if these things can be worked out than okay but we have not seen any commitment to that. >> we are going to hear them, we are going to address them through a long and thorough process but we believe at the end of the day, we can have both. >> but one must realize, this is the wisest and certainly most well healed and greatest opposition ballparks have faced in oakland since they talked about replacing it. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. tom, thank you. a fiery crash on interstate 880 involving an inmate bus with nearly 3 dozen inmates on board. it happen this morning and closed part of the freeway. jesse gary has more. >> -- >> reporter: the morning rush hour commute came to a
5:35 pm
standstill. on the southbound 80 freeway in san jose, this after a 5 vehicle accident with cars crashing into each other and into a santa clara county jail inmate transport bus . >> anytime inmates have court at the whole of justice, they get transferred either in the bus or van. over here to the main jail and eventually they get into court. >> reporter: deputies and officers arrived on scene quickly and unloaded the bus. a previous was changing lanes and hit a rough for. that started a chain reaction which eventually crashed into the inmate transport bus . >> during the collision, the previous caught fire and burned to the ground and there were some injuries on the transport bus. >> reporter: several inmates were taken to the hospital complaining of neck and back playing pain. deputiestreated and
5:36 pm
released. a passenger one of the vehicles involved also complained of pain but did was not taken to a hospital. chp officials say all southbound lanes of 880 near 101 were closed for 90 minutes as investigators cleared damaged vehicles. the scene proved a distraction for northbound drivers who slow down to take a look. deputies loaded their remaining inmates into another transport bus which took them for their court appearance with only a minor delay . >> our number one priority was public safety to make sure none of the inmates were hurt and none of them were able to exit the bus. >> reporter: chp officials say this is a normal traffic commute collision and no drivers are facing citations or charges. in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. and australian dj pleaded not guilty in court today to kidnapping and child endangerment cards. 34-year-old roscoe holyoake is
5:37 pm
accused of snatching a 2 your own from his mother's arms in the castro district in san francisco last friday. witnesses said the woman screamed and after a struggle, the man in and took off running. that is on two bystanders chased him and held him until police alive. today, his attorney offered a possible x explanation for his clients actions . >> i think he had a break. just a break. no evil intent. it makes no sense for the man i have gotten to know over two days. >> people are kept for two reasons, one is public safety risk and the second is a flight risk. at this juncture, we feel that based on what we know, it is totally appropriate. >> he is being held without bail and is due back in court next month. the sharks will play to extend their season tonight. shark fins fans are rallying behind the team. we will hear from what the players say they need to do.
5:38 pm
on the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake, we will tell you how san francisco is preparing for the next great quake. >> thank you for watching ktvu fox 2. >> where the power of 2 comes from you.
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sharks fans certainly did not expect this. we thought the sharks would get past the vegas golden knights but here we are game 5 and it is a must win . >> a los would send the biggest nights to the next round. we are outside the arena with
5:41 pm
more. >> reporter: a couple of things i have noticed at the pregame street valley. one, there seems to be a lot more biggest fans than there were for the first couple of home games and 2, the mood among sharks fans has transformed from unbridled optimism before games one and two to trepidation and really, desperation as the sharks have obviously painted themselves into quite a corner, down 3 on 1 in the series. it has been on the defensive end of the ice and a lot of that goes to goalie martin jones who has allowed an astounding 13 goals in the series. when you consider he has been pulled from 2 of the 4 games, he has allowed 13 goals in about 2 1/2 hockey games. that is unacceptable. those having given up in the opening minutes. it is incredible how often one has been put in the back of the net before fans are even in their seats eating hot dogs and
5:42 pm
nachos. everybody in the sharks dressing room understands playing from behind is not the key to success. >> we have chased the game from the first minute of the game, all three games. game when we did not and had some success so i think when you are chasing the game like that early, you can get exposed and i think the stats show it and we know that so it is lot easier playing from up front than it is from behind . >> everybody has to be on their toes when the puck drops. there are no excuses. you have to show up and give it your best. >> one number that really puts it into perspective, over the last 3 copy games, 180 minutes worth of action, the sharks have trailed for 175 1/2 minutes. that is nearly impossible. it is like running in quicksand trying to play from behind. they have to get off to a good start. frank, how are you feeling, down 3-1. do you still have an optimistic stricken you streak
5:43 pm
in you? >> i am. it is curious, martin jones has not played well during the playoffs. are you surprised they are not going with their backup? i don't want to get too much inside hockey but are you surprised they're not going into their backup? >> jones has been pulled as i mentioned 2 of the 4 games. he was clothing game 2 and most recently in game 4. had had he kept the knights of the board or given up 1 goal and those 3 periods, he probably would have started tonight but because he came in and gave up 3 more it is the question of the lesser of 2 evils. we are not going to stanley cup with a backup goalie, maybe martin jones will find reform that led him and his team to the stanley cup finals a few years back. it is somewhere deep inside him so i think that is the coaches
5:44 pm
thinking that they have a shot to go the distance if jones can flip the switch. that is the only thing i can come up with. >> we find out at 7:30 pm. scott outside the arena. go sharks. it would be a good night to have two tvs because the warriors tip off game 3 of their playoff series about 30 minutes after the sharks game starts. the warriors are coming off of a bad loss and gain 2 where they blew a 31 point lead in the second half. will also be the teams first playoff game without demarcus cousins. cousin tore his quad muscle during the last game and is likely out for the rest of the playoffs. >> today is the anniversary of the great quake in san francisco. coming up on the anniversary, changes for this fire station in san francisco to make the city more prepared for when the next earthquake hits the bay area. plus. >> it should not be normal to find syringes on local beaches. >> for some, it is becoming just that, normal. the nasty problems in santa cruz. >> we have temperatures to look at pick we have found to feel m
5:45 pm
like summer with the coastal flog. i will give you the numbers when i return.
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5:47 pm
state tax officials are reviewing thousands of tax refunds that may have been erroneously issue. refunds were sent to more than 23,000 people without verifying wage information. officials blame a system error for the problem. letters will be sent next week
5:48 pm
notifying anyone who has been affected. most people will not see a change but if an adjustment is needed, they will get a bill in the mail or a refund for the amount they are owed. centers a based netflix has its sights on new york city. governor andrew cuomo says the streaming service is set to build 6 soundstages and brooklyn. that state offered netflix up to $4 million in tax credits over neck -- 10 years. a mother from santa cruz says her hometown has an ongoing problem with dirty needles on beaches and waterways and she wants more done to stop it. ktvu's maureen naylor with more about a petition that was launched to stop the expansion of needle exchanges in santa cruz county. >> >> reporter: melissa loves the santa cruz beach community . >> i take my daughter down to the beach. >> she is also a server and registered nurse and will no longer let her daughter play at
5:49 pm
this beach near the boardwalk . >> this is all i have collected personally. >> after finding all of these needles on that same beach since january -- >> i found over 20 syringes, some in various stages. some have blood in the chamber, some have blood in the needle. >> reporter: on the same area where on this day, families frolic. >> it is terrifying. as a mom, out here with my kids, >> she thinks the county needs to re-examine the needle exchange program. last year, the county distributed not more than 60,000 needles. >> it is hi. >> jennifer herrera oversees the county needle exchange program. she says while the number of
5:50 pm
needles distributed is high, they collected even more, 92,000 last month, well above the amount the county gave up. >> is an evidence-based program to reduce disease in the community. >> santa cruz county wants to expand the needle exchange program. the organizer says more programs are the answer, not the problem. >> this is camp ross in the heart of santa cruz where homeless people live. she says one positive outcome in the last few months has been the addition of this needle collection basin. however, she is worried about more needles coming here. she wants to see the county run only 1 program and run it better. >> it is a known thing to tell your kids to watch out for needles on the beach. is really sad. >> in santa cruz, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. >> lets look at the mother, today was nice. temperatures about the 80s. there is the coastal fog behind
5:51 pm
me. with that said, it will be a nice day tomorrow but a little bit cooler. these are the highs for today. this was the high in santa rosa. that is almost 10 degrees. san francisco is 10 degrees cooler which makes sense with the fog. conquered trucks down and san jose drops down. we will see low 80s and upper 70s. these were the actual highs from today. they are quite nice. there up a good 5 to 6 degrees from yesterday. high pressure ridge sets us up with nice weather as we go into the next couple of days. it is a little cooler tomorrow which begins the cooling on saturday, further cooling and warms back up early in the week. this is subtle stuff. it is not like saturday will be a bad day, just not as warm. it will be in the 60s instead of the 70s and 80s. there is the fog along the coast. that is back. it will get mixed out on saturday but i suspect you will see it again tomorrow.
5:52 pm
these are current temperatures, 81 in fairfield, lots of 80s out there right now. you see the green. that is the sea breeze kicking up. there is the product of the sea breeze. we had all of that wind and we have the upwelling and cooler sea surface temperatures and that is some of the mechanisms for this formation of fog. we have cold sea surface temperatures. they dropped a few degrees with all of the wind. high pressure stays put. we get this little tweak that goes through on saturday. that will cool us off a little bit further and that is this system. that will be the big cooldown with a little bit of wind. it is saturday so still a nice day. don't get me wrong. just not for today. tomorrow will be pretty nice. saturday will be cooler. sunday, easter, a sunny day back in the 70s. microclimates intact as you go through, you will see mid-80s, low 80s in the warmest spot. vacaville will be about 83. here is the 7-day forecast, quite the weekend ahead, cooler on saturday.
5:53 pm
very nice, bill, thank you. 113 years ago today, the bay area was devastated by the great quake. today, san francisco took time to remember and look forward and an effort to get people ready for the next big one. coming up on ktvu fox 2 news at six, a massive turnout at golden gate park during 4/20 this weekend. what officials plan to do to accommodate crowds. >> plus a bay area beach where tourists gather to watch a young elephant seal soak up the sun. >> this portion of ktvu sponsored by visit santa cruz county. go to
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today marks the 113th anniversary of the 100 -- 1906
5:56 pm
earthquake and fire in san francisco. city and local officials on of the more than 3000 lives lost, firefighters who battled the flames and survivors who rebuilt the city. the day of remembrance started at one of the few structures in the downtown area of the city that survived the earthquake and the fire. it became a meeting spot where people who were separated in the aftermath of the quake were reunited. >> we talked about commemoration. we commemorate those that suffered great losses and injury. including the fire chief, dennis sullivan in 1906. >> after laying a wreath in honor of survivors and those who helped rebuild the city, the group went to the golden fire hydrant at 20th and charge. every year, hundred gets a new coat of gold paint. it is nicknamed the little giant because it was one of the only working fire hydrants during the fire and helped firefighters save the mission district.
5:57 pm
if you grew up here in the bay area, you know that at some point, unfortunately, the next big earthquake is going to happen. >> san francisco's first responders took the anniversary of the 1906 quake as an opportunity to prepare. christien kafton tells us making sure lines of communication remain open as a top priority. >> reporter: from the city of san francisco, angel april 18 is a day to remember the 1906 earthquake but the city is also preparing for the next big one. conducting a test of the alert sf system, pushing a text message to mobile phones registered with the service . >> being able to get information following an earthquake is crucial. >> at the same time, the city hosted a regional concrete conference to show the latest in communication technology. first responders said the exchange of information from all areas impacted will be critical . >> how to my community the last can indicate with neighboring counties, to see what resources they need and what resources they can give to us . >> san francisco's fire apartment also backed plans to improve hire house fire houses,
5:58 pm
the boat docks where the san francisco bay conservation and conservation voted unanimously to allow a new station and replace the aging, creating room for a additional boat and jet skis to be housed. with water on 3 sides of the city, fire boats are critical to responding to the next great quake, just as they did in 1989 when first report from the water helped save the city's marina district. >> the boat is going to be able to divide a complete water source if needed. in 1989, if we did not have that firebug pumping water from the bay, i don't want to speculate but we have all seen what occurred. >> just a moment ago, we showed you the alert. that is a system you can opt into by texting 888-7777. you can alert from everything to quakes and tsunamis.
5:59 pm
the city is making sure the people who live and work here already. if you live here, make sure you have your earthquake kit already and you are ready to be on your own for 72 hours. christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00. >> the mullah report finally made public with hundreds of pages of new details but tonight, the fundamental positions of the president and democrats are unchanged. >> the mullah report at once, disturbing evidence that president trump engaged in obstruction of justice and other misconduct. >> no collusion, no obstruction. this should never have happened for another president again. >> the mullah report is out. it shows no collusion between any american and the russian to plotted to interfere in the
6:00 pm
2016 election. it evening. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. no collusion but the report is not clear president trump, either. it shows the president did try to interfere in the justice department's russia probe but it leaves the next step to congress. christina wynn don't is here to get us started with our coverage. >> president trump supporters are claiming vindication spec democrats say the findings of far more nuanced than how the attorney general is describing them. special counsel robert mueller's report is made public with president trump speaking thursday morning before it's release . >> no collusion. no obstruction. this should never happen to another president again.s lawyer so that report was redac >> we now know that the russian operatives who perpetrated these schemes did not have the cooperation of president trump or the trump campaign. >> reporter: democrats are blasting barr for not addressing the other parts of
6:01 pm
the report.


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