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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 21, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2. a show of force by police in oakland tonight trying to prevent a repeat of last sunday's violent and chaotic side show. >> it's not even side show as we used to know it. it's just absolute unlawful activity. >> after an officer was injured and a bus set on fire, police are taking new measures. i'm maureen naylor, julie has
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the night off. >> and i'ms from. monte francis is in oakland tonight with what police are doing to take action tonight. e action tonight. >> reporter: well, at least 50 oakland police officers are out patrolling on motorcycle tonight looking for any potential side show activity. helicopters are also looking for trouble from the air. ble from the air. officers left the eastmont substation with one mission in mind, to avoid a repeat of last sunday when over a now people gathered at international boulevard for an illegal side show. >> they have a large group of people coming from outside the city of oakland, from sacramento, stockton, and other cities that come here specifically to have essentially illegal activity. >> reporter: part of that challenge, police say, is that side shows aren't just side shows anymore. they've devolved into all
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sorts of illegal activity like last week when they set fire to a transit bus and looted a big rig. >> it cripples the neighborhood from being able to community, leave, or do anything. kids can't play outside, people can't drive their cars or access even their front yards. the gunshots are extremely dangerous. >> reporter: police say part of their strategy this weekend is having more officers on the streets and have tow trucks ready to go if cars start to block an intersection. there's a measure in the legislature that would slap large fines on side participants, impound their cars for a month, and make even watching a side show a crime. the district where it happened last sunday supports the more aggressive approach to stopping side shows. >> this is though the about criminalizing anyone. it's not about racial profiling, it's about protecting each other. for anyone that wants to comb to oakland to do a side show,
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be aware because your car will be towed. it will be confiscated, and you will will cited. >> reporter: that measure is still making its way through the state legislature. councilman gallo is expected to testify been a committee tuesday to voice his support for the measure. tonight no reports of illegal side shows happening in oakland. >> it's great police are showing a show of force tonight, but what about next weekend? weekend? >> reporter: well all we've heard about is this weekend. they made a show of force tonight, they were out tonight. we expect it will happen next week, but they're not really showing their cards for next weekend yet. >> monte francis in oakland tonight, thank you. new at 10:00, a hang glider pilot died this afternoon after falling into the pacific ocean near devil's side around 4:00 this afternoon. a helicopter crew pulled him
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out of the water. they attempted to revive him, but he was pronounced dead at the scene. authorities say he was in his 40s. the san mateo sheriffs department is investigating. and city leaders any they won't be giving the transition agency money for more buses after there are reports the doors lock on items. a woman is recovering after being locked in the door and thrown onto the tracks. they say it's irresponsible to approve for money for muni buses as they investigate the faulty doors. and a police officer in san francisco is recovering tonight and three men are behind bars after the men were caught breaking into a tech company. >> reporter: south san francisco police say when they
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arrived at 1 tower place, three suspects were activity trying to force their way into the stage area that contained valuable construction equipment. uction equipment. after spotting the officers, the suspects allegedly tried to flee in a dodge ram pickup truck. police say the driver intentionally rammed two marked patrol cars and one officer was struck by the truck. the truck. police then opened fire on the suspects. two passengers jumped out and attempted to run but were caught by officers. but the suspect driver sped off and led officers on a pursuit to brisbane. when the driver stopped and tried to run away, he was apprehended by police. all three suspects were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. the injured south san francisco police officer was also treated at a hospital and has since been released. arrested were 23-year-old ryan griffin and 25-year-old kevin lewis and 28-year-old paul mac,
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mack both from san francisco. leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. and police are investigating an overnight shooting near oak grove high school in san jose. police say officers found a man suffering from a gunshot wound on blossom hill boulevard. he was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead a short time later. no suspects have been identified. now to the terrorist attacks in sri lanka that targeted those celebrating easter sunday. and at least 290 people were killed and 450 people were injured after a series of coordinated explosions. the state department confirms several americans were among those killed. there's been no immediate claim of responsibility, but the country's defense minister is blaming religious extremists. >> we will take all necessary
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action against any extremist group that's operating in our country. >> 13 people have been arrested so far. this is the worst violent the country has seen since the end of its civil war in 2009. world and religious leaders expressed condolences and offered support following today's bombings. here's that part of the story. >> reporter: these horrific easter morning attacks have really unified the global community. religious and political leaders from dozens of countries and various states are condemning the bombings, including the pope. sri lanka is home to about 1.6 million catholics, and many are catholic. the pope expressed his sorrow over the easter morning attacks this morning at the vatican. >> i want to express my loving closeness to the christian community targeted while they are gathered in prayer and all
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the victims of such cruel violence. i entrust to the lord those tragically killed and pray for the injured and those suffering as a result of this dramatic event. >> reporter: at least 27 foreigners were killed in the attacks, including several americans. the u.s. ambassador tweeted deeply saddened by the senseless attacks in sri lanka today. our thoughts are with the victims and families. the foreign ministry says at least five british citizens are among the dead as well. prime minister teresa may tweeted the acts of violence in sri lanka are truly appalling, and my deepest sympathies go out to all affected. we must stand together to make sure no one should ever have to practice their faith in fear. at least one dutch citizen was killed as well. the dutch government tweeted horrified by the attacks in
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sri lanka this easter sunday. we pass heartfelt condolences to the people of sri lanka. dozens of world leaders including president trump say they'll help any way they can in the wake of the horrific attacks. in washington, fox news. hington, fox news. >> authorities in sri lanka say they're temporarily blocking social media sites to ease tension and keep false information from spreading. facebook, youtube, what's app and instagram are among the services blocked. it was an especially emotional easter in paris today. notre dame cathedral will be closed for years because of the massive fire last week. today people who hoped to celebrate easter sunday there had to fly to other places to attend services. during mass at another church along the river, firefighters who fought the notre dame cathedral fire were honored. the arch bishop and worshipers also prayed for a fast restoration of notre dame. and tonight there was a storage fire that sent up
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black smoke seen for miles. there are no immediate reports of injuries. oakland firefighters were called to the report about 6:20 for a report of an explosion and fire. more than a dozen firefighters responded within minutes and were able to control it. the police and chp are asking for your help to find a man at risk. terry allen was last seen last night and suffers from a medical condition that could make him disoriented. he has an amputated leg and is missing two front teeth. he weighs about 130 pounds. a woman who harassed a 74-year-old man for wearing a make america great again hat is still missing tonight. rebecca parker mankey never returned from a trip. she made national headlines for screaming at a man in a starbucks for wearing a maga
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hat. she ended up losing her job because of the incident. authorities believe she may be in washington state. she was driving a 2010 honda accord. if you have information call the police. >> i went way above and beyond over anyone else, over what anyone else would do for the company, you know, for lyft, and i feel why not them go above and beyond for me. he's been with lyft from the beginning. why the man name as hip hop lyft won't be receiving any bonuses after the company went public. >> temperatures on the increase around here. it warmed up today, and it will be significantly warmer in the coming days. i'll let you know how it works after after the break. >> and it was a great night for bay area sports fans. joe fonzi will tell us about the warriors and the sharks huge wins tonight.
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tonight authorities crediting life jackets for saving the lives of two kayakers stranded in the bay after they tipped over. they were about two and a half miles from where their kayak capsized, and they called 911. authorities used b boats, helicopters and an infrared camera to find them. they were finally located by a chp chopper. and it was a huge night
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for bay area sports. the warriors took a 3-1 lead against the clippers, and the sharks forced another game tuesday night. >> joe fonzi is here, let's start with the warriors. >> yes, a full day of bay area playoff sports. the day of double playoff activity began early this afternoon when many folks around the bay area were probably enjoying easter brunch. the beauty of the warriors is that as talented as they are, they're equally deep. klay thompson carrieded much of the team today. thompson knocked down one of his six three pointers. they had to battle back, durant and iguodala, 10 points off the bench. the clippers trail by 8, they needed the stop, but instead the warriors whip the ball
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around, and durant has a dagger three. he had 33 points, thompson had 32, and curry just 12. the warriors can wrap it up wednesday night at home, and that's just what thompson wants to do. >> we don't want to extend the series any longer because we know how grueling the playoffs can be. so tonight we came in with the mind set to put our foot on the throttle and not let go because we let go in game two, and we won't do that again the rest of the playoffs, i believe that. and tonight in las vegas, the sharks facing their second straight elimination game. they went to double overtime, tied at 1. the golden knights on a power play. one on one chance, and hurdle knocks it home. the sharks live to see another day and they'll play the most exciting game in sports, a seventh and final game to determine a winner tuesday night in san jose. ght in san jose. enough going on for you today,
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we've got a lot more coming up on sports wrap and later in sports. >> i know there were a lot of people calling for the sharks coach to start the back up goalie instead of martin davis. he stepped to big time tonight. he had 58 shots? >> 58 saves. >> 58 saves, yes, martin jones, excuse me. >> and it was a career playoff high for him all time. and they talk about in playoff hockey you go as far as your goalie takes you and he took them there tonight. >> can't wait for tuesday. back at home. >> you bet. >> joe, thank you. all right, we're checking out the weather. as we go into the rest of this week we have a pattern i think you'll like. the high pressure is going to hang out. all this activity to the north is going to hang up there and we'll get into a very spring-like pattern into the first week of spring. you have clouds along the coast, some coastal fog, but also a little bit of an offshore flow notched out here. see the outline of the fog?
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that's the winds kind of blowing essentially a little north and northeast. now when that wind shifts tomorrow or beyond, the fog will come back to the coast. but not tomorrow. i think we'll have patches of fog. tomorrow another warm day along the coast and around the bay. right now it's in the 50s. temperatures are running a little ahead of where they were last night at this time. you can see that there. concord 4 degrees warmer. outside, overnight lows tonight upper 40s, low 50s. not warm, not mild, you know, upper 40s, kind of chilly for this time of year. i think everybody gets back to school tomorrow. it's been a long spring break. started a month ago. and i think most of the kids are back now, so kids are going to school and jackets will be required. especially in the morning, especially in the north bay like santa rosa at 49, antioch at 49. overnight lows, daytime highs tomorrow come up. tomorrow mid to upper 70s, and then we get into the 80s. actually we'll see 80s tomorrow. and then the 90s into
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wednesday. so tomorrow partly cloudy, mostly sunny. call it what you want. but san francisco downtown tomorrow, 72 degrees. pretty darn warm. 72 in san francisco, 80 plus in the inland valleys. when i come back we'll get specific with the forecast. the city of oakland is rolling out a new program tomorrow to address chronic illegal dumping in east oakland. tomorrow the county supervisor and volunteers will pick up trash around 90th avenue and g street. they'll be out there for about two hours. the idea is showing how much garbage is piling up on city streets. the pilot program will also include talking to residents about how to report illegal dumping and increase trash removal in east oakland. if it seems like you're paying more at the pump, you're right. the average price of gas in the u.s. has gone up more than 13 cents in the past two weeks bringing the national average up to $2.91. one of the reasons for the spike is an increase in oil
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cost. fuel prices have jumped a quarter in the past month, and 60 cents in the past 14 weeks. the highest average price is right here in the bay area. $4.04 a gallon. you'll find the cheapest gas in the nation in baton rouge, louisiana. chaos and fear at a night club in the central valley. witnesses describe the moment a man walked into a bar and opened fire. >> plus from the martin music to a warm meal, we'll take you to a large easter celebration in the bay area today. glad you're back how you feeling? ♪ ♪ (both) exhausted. but finally being able to make that volunteer trip happen was... awesome. awesome.
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beyond traditional tv. to tv on any device. beyond low-res surveillance video. to crystal clear hd video monitoring from anywhere. gig-fueled apps that exceed expectations. comcast business. beyond fast. a large easter celebration was held at glide memorial church in san francisco today. people from all different backgrounds were welcomed for the easter service and warm meal. nd warm meal. [ singing ] >> reporter: songs from the glide ensemble and change band
10:22 pm
echoed through the sanctuary of glide memorial church. the uplifting and inspirational sounds, a huge part of this easter sunday celebration. music could be heard all the way out on the street in san francisco's tenderloin, moving some to come in and join. >> you can hear it outside on the street, and that matters as well because we believe this is a movement, it's more than just a monument. so it's important for that music to be heard outside of the walls of sanctuary. >> reporter: kay foster, the chair of the board of trustees says everyone is invited through glide's doors. they've been serving the community more than 50 years, offering a place of solace for many in marginalized communities, including the homeless. >> we want to create and continue to provide a place of hope, a place of radical inclusion and unconditional love. >> reporter: organizers expected about 2,000 people to come through this east. jones brought his 4-year-old
10:23 pm
daughter. >> you know, it's god's spirit you feel inside, and you come as you are whether you have a lot of money or no money at all. >> reporter: holiday events included a sunrise service and easter brunch. the main course, fried chicken. chicken. these easter center pieces on each table are a special addition this year. a member of the community made these herself and surprised glide by dropping them off yesterday afternoon. erday afternoon. >> reporter: in san francisco, ktvu fox 2 news. also in san francisco, many people started their easter sunday with a long standing tradition. anding tradition. ♪[ music ] >> this morning people headed top mount davidson with the largest cross in california. it's 103 feet tall and been the center piece of a nondenomination easter service
10:24 pm
for decades. the san francisco fire chief's wife says it's an early morning tradition she'd never want to miss. >> this is just one of the many things i love about san francisco and being a native of san francisco. you have a multitude of people. it's a nondenominational service. what a great way to start easter morning. >> the sunrise service draws thousands of bay area residents as well as tourists. today was the 97th annual sunrise service on mount dav davidson. and a unique tradition today where the sisters of perpetual servants hosted their own event. the extravagant easter celebration drew thousands of the park including an easter bunny contest and live entertain. one organizer says it's about giving people the opportunity to express themselves in flame buoyant way
10:25 pm
flamboyant ways. and there was an egg hunt for the kids, and because it included a lot of candy they offered free dental exams for the children meeting the requirement for the pre-kindergarten dental exam. great britain's queen elizabeth marked easter by attending service with other members of the family. she was accompanied by prince william and kate as well as prince harry. they celebrated on the grounds of windsor castle. today easter falls on the queen's actual birthday. she turned 93 years old, but the official birthday celebration will be in june which is the queen's tradition. a decision could be coming soon about whether to add a question about citizenship to the u.s. census. coming up, the action the supreme court is taking this week. >> also he's a well known lyft driver with his own youtube channel and been with the company since the beginning. why he won't be sharing in lyft's wealth now that they've
10:26 pm
gone public. >> a little bit extra money would have been nice and having shares of the company of course would have been nice. ♪ ♪ star wars galaxy's edge opening may 31st at the disneyland resort
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people wake. and smile, when they see the sun. not that one. this one. it makes knowing when to take your prescriptions clear as day. up to fifty percent of people don't take them properly. so at cvs pharmacy we got up early and built a system that helps calculate each person's ideal schedule. it's great for doctors. and caregivers. at cvs pharmacy, we're just trying to help more people have more mornings.
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lyft is facing lawsuits from investors just weeks after going public. lyft stock has dropped sharply
10:29 pm
since march 28th, and it's now trading at $58.36 a share. among the issues, the lawsuits claim lyft exaggerated claims of holding39 percent of the ride share market in the united states. >> even still, the shares would have meant a bonus for some drivers, but not all, including one that's been with the company since the beginning. >> when this man started with the company, few people knew what lyft was or what it meant or meant to be. lyft came before uber, as the company became more well known, so did one of the drivers in san francisco, and when the company went public, he expected to be part of huge milestone. >> when people get in my car, they ask me like wow, they say this is an awesome car, man. >> reporter: and that's the reaction lyft driver deco carter likes to get from customers. >> i like to give them a chance to play a game and win a cool prize in the process.
10:30 pm
>> reporter: armed with a long play list and what he says is a huge knowledge of hip hop history, his popularity grew. he launched youtube, instagram, and facebook pages going round and round with lyft since 2016. >> i'm expecting a big building, but it was a little building just like my garage and they had a curtain, i swear to you guys it was a curtain dividing the middle. they were sharing with another start up. >> reporter: but he thought the idea was interesting and would allow the full time father to work on his own schedule, so he signed up and they gave him. >> a huge pink mustache and basically a phone mount and charger. >> reporter: prompted by lyft to be different, he created hip hop lyft, becoming a hit with riders. >> we end up doing a karaoke session in the car, and i have
10:31 pm
awesome experiences like that night after night with passengers. >> reporter: and because of it he surmised he would share in the wealth. >> i thought the same thing everybody else is thinking, especially people that know and love me and know how much i've actually put into lyft. >> reporter: three weeks earlier, lyft had outlined a bonus and share purchase program for drivers. those that completed 20,000 rides would get $10,000, and carter was 2,000 rides short. >> yeah, i was kind of, i was a little bummed. i was bummed about it. >> reporter: but thought the enthusiasm he expressed all over social media would bridge the gap, however it did not. >> i went way above and beyond what anyone else would do for the company, you know, for lyft, and i feel why not them go above and beyond for me. >> reporter: you might think there would be sour grapes
10:32 pm
over coming up short with the company he stuck with since the beginning. >> i have a wonderful life. i'm blessed in so many ways other than money. >> reporter: but you would be wrong. >> a little extra money would be nice and having shares of the company of course would have been nice, but i have to be honest, the company lyft, they're good people. ey're good people. >> still has a great attitude about it. we do not know how many drivers got the lyft bonus. henry campbell who runs a blog called the ride share guy says a full time driver would have to do 100 rides a week for a year to rich 10,000 rides. >> his attitude is great. >> i agree, fantastic. and he still only drives for lyft. many also drive for uber.
10:33 pm
>> i'm not surprised he has his own channels and everything. thanks. police say five teenagers were detained at the mcarthur bart station for punching a passenger in the face while trying to rob his cell phone. the victim was bloody, but not seriously injured. the teens were caught before getting out of the station. after the attack, trains did not stop at the station for about 30 minutes causing slight delays. slight delays. chaos erupted at a modesto night club early this morning during a 4/20 music celebration and hip hop show. as christy gross reports, three people were shot when gun fire broke out. >> at first it didn't seem like shot, it sounded like things dropping on the floor, so everybody looked back to see what was going on. >> reporter: that's when gun fire erupted inside a packed modesto night club early easter morning. three people were shot at the
10:34 pm
jilted turtle bar and grill. two of the victims are critical. the third has a nonlife threatening gunshot wound. >> everything happened really fast. >> reporter: a woman who says she was inside the club, but didn't want to show her face on camera says everyone was celebrating 4/20 and having a good time. >> everybody was really there for the concert. >> reporter: she says she and her friends dropped to the ground when they realized what was happening. >> i think he ran in and out, he wasn't a part of the crowd. there was no incident, there was no fight prior to the shooting, everybody was having a good time. the shooter came in and started to shoot and left. >> reporter: people tried to take cover and run away from danger. >> everybody was shocked. nobody expected it. >> reporter: a pair of high heels remained on the ground outside the club hours later. detectives say they're still in the early stages of the investigation, and so far no arrests have been made. as three people remain hospitalized, some club goers say their thoughts are with
10:35 pm
the victims. >> keeping them in my prayers, you know. i know we all come here to have a good time. we've never had any problems. i'm new in the area, but have been coming to this bar for the past three or four months, and i've never seen any incidents likes this. no fights outside, nothing at all. very sad. >> reporter: in modesto, christy gross, fox news. oss, fox news. in southern california,seven puppies with being nursed to health after being dumped next to a trash bin. security video from last thursday shows this woman getting out of her jeep with a plastic bag and tossing it next to a dumpster behind a store in coachella. inside the bag were the seven puppies about three days old. the puppies were dehydrated and malnourished. the department of animal services is hoping someone will recognize this woman and turn her in. turn her in. it's been 20 years since the columbine shooter. later tonight we look at how the massacre changed school lockdown policies nationwide. >> and temperatures did increase today, but they're
10:36 pm
really going to come up. we'll see 90s in the five-day forecast. >> also taking the next steps after the release of the mueller report. coming up, why some top democrats say they don't know if they'll work to impeach president trump. a business owner always goes beyond what people expect. that's why we built the nation's largest gig-speed network along with complete reliability. then went beyond. beyond clumsy dials-in's and pins.
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to one-touch conference calls. beyond traditional tv. to tv on any device. beyond low-res surveillance video. to crystal clear hd video monitoring from anywhere. gig-fueled apps that exceed expectations. comcast business. beyond fast.
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house democrats plan to discuss their next move
10:39 pm
following last week's release of the mueller report. >> ellison barber tells us, democrats want to take a closer look at the unresolved issue of obstruction of justice. justice. >> reporter: democrats do not believe the mueller report cleared president trump of wrong doing, instead they say the special counsel's own words made it clear that congress has more work to do. on monday, democrats are set to hold a conference call to discuss the report and plan their next steps. in a letter to her democratic colleagues, house speaker nancy pelosi wrote as we continue to review this document, we will have more to report and will update you on the next steps that must be taken. the caucus is scheduling a conference call for monday to discuss this grave matter which is as soon as our analysis and this holy season's religious traditions allow. she went on to quote the special counsel's report and added congress will not be silent. in the past, speaker pelosi has said she's not for impeachment, but now that the mueller report is hot, some are calling for it.
10:40 pm
congresswoman talib renewed her calls to begin impeachment proceedings immediately, and alexandria ocasio-cortez says she'll sign her impeachment resolution. adam schiff says impeachment is not an easy decision. >> i think it's a very difficult decision, and we'll have a caucus about this to determine the best course not for the party, but what's the best course for the country. i think certainly it's the case that impeachment would be unsuccessful if the republican party continues to place party above country and back the president no matter how unethical or dishonest he might be. >> reporter: right now they say more information is needed. they want to hear from special counsel robert mueller and attorney general bill barr next month and get access to the unredacted report and all underlying documents. the chair of the house
10:41 pm
judiciary committee jerry nadler filed a subpoena friday to get the justice department to hand over the full report by may 1st. the department of justice called the subpoena premature and unnecessary. the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments this week about the trump administration's move to add a question about citizenship to the 2020 census. three federal courts blocked the use of the question ruling against the administration. opponents called it a republican effort to frighten immigrant households and latin latinos from participating in the census. rights enforcement. uld hope vi the ceo of the latino community foundation spoke about how that organization is responding. >> if it does we have to get ready for that, the infrastructures, the people on the ground who have trust with the people who need to fill out the census. so we're getting our
10:42 pm
organizations, our clinics, our libraries, our nonprofit infrastructure to get the word out the census needs to be filled out no matter what. >> a ruling is due by the end of june. stillto come, making sure students feel safe at school. we look at the research being done to improve lockdown drills. >> and a warm up is on the way. bill martin will have the complete forecast. mplete forecast. you wanted to save on prescriptions... so, you went online and got so confused that your brain went offline. next time, ask your helpful cvs pharmacist. we created a proprietary search tool that analyzes ways
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to help lower your prescription costs. just drop in... before you conk out. see what you might save at cvs pharmacy.
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it was 20 years ago today the world watched as two students murdered 13 people, most of them students and wounded 24 others before killing themselves. at the time massacre at columbine high school, excuse me it was yesterday, 20 years ago, april 20th, 1999, and it changed schools and america forever. mandatory lockdown and lock out drills are part of school district policies across the country. here's the report. re's the report. >> reporter: lockdown or active shooter drills are designed to prepare students and teachers for an attack. while some are more realistic than others, most american schools hold simulations throughout the year, but they're not all the same. >> we had 30 buildings doing 30 different things.
10:46 pm
>> reporter: this doctor with state university of new york is working with the syracuse city school district to develop, improve, and bring uniformity to school security. school security. her team runs unannounced drills and training giving all schools the same recipe. they're also collecting data from the effectiveness. >> when it comes to the different emergency response programs, the reality is in many cases schools don't know what works. >> reporter: there's very little research on lockdown drills. after the shooting at stoneman douglas high school, the trump administration came up with school safety processes. the report states there can be no one size fits all approach for an issue this complex. >> it was like clockwork, and i was there through the entire time and the kids knew exactly what to do. >> reporter: frank was the principal of columbine high
10:47 pm
school when in 1999 two students killed 12 of their classmates and a teacher before taking their own lives. he was there last week when they went on a lockdown after there was a credible threat from a teen that traveled to colorado and bought a weapon. >> the one thing so different from this time opposed to 20 years ago is all the things we have in place. prior to that all we did was fire drills. >> reporter: they learned the terms locks, lights, out of sight. the drills are now common place throughout the country. some parents and leaders say it creates unnecessary fear in kids. >> we were able to get everybody on the same page by the end and show really measurable differences and a marked improvement in how schools were locking down in our community. >> reporter: the head of community for jefferson county
10:48 pm
schools emphasizes the need for preparedness saying a student that doesn't feel safe is an uneducated student. and we'll be warmer each day, that's the trend this week. we'll see 90s this week. little fog at the coast. in and out. it's clear at the coast essentially right now. there's a little patchy fog showing up. that's the story the next few days. patchy fog, it burns back, you get a little sun. towards the end of the week the fog comes back earnest. tomorrow mid-70s to low 80s, and tuesday and wednesday mid-80s, and low 90s likely on thursday. temperatures generally you'll see the numbers coming up. generally in the 50s right now. warmer than last night. winds died down.
10:49 pm
it's been windy the last several days. big thunderstorms yesterday on the west slope of the sierra nevada. tonight chilly overnight lows. not cold or freezing, but 49. it's chilly out there already. down to 46 in some places. getting going tomorrow morning, no frost or valley fog, just chilly. the forecast for san francisco, in oakland, and redwood city and san jose looks something like this. mostly to partly sunny all day. high temperatures, pardon me, generally in san francisco in the low 70s, so inland values are easily in the mid-80s. forecast highs for tomorrow, oranges are 80s, yellows are 70s. either way it's warming up, and you can see the warmth coming to the coast. even the coastal sections 60s to 70s. and then as you get into thursday and friday you'll see the fog return and a general
10:50 pm
cool down. forecast highs tomorrow, 70s around the bay, low 80s inland. temperatures in the south bay with really good air quality. 80 in morgan hill. tomorrow's warmer, you'll notice it. but by tuesday and wednesday you'll be clicking on the air conditioner in the car as you go to work or home from work. it's going to be warm. warmer on tuesday. really warm on wednesday. 09 degrees potentially. fog returns in earnest after that. fog comes back thursday and friday. nice looking forecast throughout the five-day period. plenty of sunshine. pop in weekend in because i can do that, and you'll see a nice looking pattern that takes us into the weekend, but the fog comes back and it's starting to act more like spring. but wednesday low 90s. >> it's amazing how fast you forget about the rain. >> i know, we had rain last week and a little rain
10:51 pm
yesterday. >> you're right. >> people have really short memories about weather, thankfully for me. >> and you go so quickly from using the heater to the air-conditioning. >> exactly right. warm week ahead, wednesday the warmest day. the new movie the curse of larona took the top spot at the box office. >> she's already here. >> the horror film is now the most popular film with movie goers bringing in $26.5 million in. shazam came in second, and breakthrough third. captain marvel was fourth, and little rounded out the top five. op five. up next in sports, hear more on the sharks double overtime win in las vegas. joe fonzi with highlights of another playoff thriller, and now it all comes down to a game seven in san jose.
10:52 pm
>> they want on the 11:00 news, frustrations growing among central american migrants at the u.s. border. why some say even though they feel stranded, they can't turn back.
10:53 pm
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10:55 pm
it was a pivotal game for the clippers. the warriors took a commanding lead and now can wrap up the first round series with a win at home wednesday night. klay thompson carried much of the scoring load in today's game four. thompson had it going from beyond the arc early. the durant miss, but thompson gets it. the warrior warriors took an 8 point lead to the locker room. but the clippers came back and were up 75-73. 87 all now. curry with his only three of the entire game. a poor shooting game for curry. 1 of 9 from three point range, but that's the beauty of a deep team. the warriors run the floor after the miss.
10:56 pm
long pass to andre who was in his usual playoff mode with 10 points off the bench. inside 2 minutes to go, the clippers trail by 8 and need the stop. the warriors whip the ball around and durant had 33 points to go with thompson's 32. the warriors take a 3-1 lead in the series with a 113-105 win and a chance to give the home fans are the oracle arena chapter on wednesday. the sharks tonight facing their second straight elimination game, and in a grueling night they were up to the challenge. charged up crowd in las vegas to try and see their team wrap things up with rapper lil john and chef gordon ramsey among those in attendance. san jose kept their lead through 1, but in the second period the knights got even. the rebound goal, it was 1-1. martin jones would be challenged many more times but
10:57 pm
did not falter. jones turns back smith in the third period. jones would make a playoff career 58 saves. his efforts kept the sharks in the game through double overtime and then the knights on the power play, hurdle broke through and beat fluery. the sharks stay alive for a deciding game seven tuesday night in san jose. well the giants still aren't exactly lighting up the scoreboard, but sometimes one very timely hit can make the difference in winning or losing. the holiday sunday noted by a sparse crowd. another overcast day in pittsburgh. giants found themselveses in a familiar position in the 4th inning. josh bell gets the rodriguez pitch, almost into the river. the pirates ahead 2-0. but buster posey had fire in his bat. he rides the chris archer pitch to deep center. the giants had a 3-2 lead and
10:58 pm
ends the longest home run drought of posey's career. hadn't hit one since last june. not exactly how they drew this up. reynolds into the right field corner. the giants get the ball to posey at the plate where the runner is tagged out. the giants hang on for a 3-2 win ending the pittsburgh winning streak at 5 and their own losing streak at 4. and harvey the rabbit for the a's and blue jays. moriano takes a run away from oscar hernandez. nails the throw, back to the infield, but nick hundley throws to 2nd to get the strangest double play you've seen in awhile. the jays took the lead to the
10:59 pm
7th and then put it away. the two-run homer gives the 5-1 win. they get their first three-game road sweep in four years with the 5-4 win. we'll see you at 11:30 for sports wrap. a lot more on the warriors and sharks. >> i can't wait for tuesday night. there's nothing like game seven. >> you'll be hard to be around on tuesday. you'll be all nerves. >> i'll be at my desk watching. and the warriors, almost seems like a foregone conclusion they'll get past the clippers, who would they face in the second round? >> they'll face the houston rockets in all likelihood. the rockets and jazz series in houston with a commanding lead. so people really looking forward to that season that could potentially be on the horizon. but the warriors i think also learned in game two you can't take anything for granted. they want to wrap things up wednesday and then the drama there, and then think about who they play next. >> fun to watch. >> best time of year if you're
11:00 pm
into that thing. you're already on pins and needles. >> i just can't wait! game seven, love it. joe, thank you. next at 11:00. >> for anyone that wants to come to oakland to do a side show, you've got to be aware because your car will be towed. it will be confiscated, and you will be cited. >> a strong message tonight in oakland as police are out in full force to keep side shows out of the city. out of the city. tonight's crackdown designed to prevent another chaotic night like last weekend. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm maureen naylor. julie is off tonight. monte francis is live in oakland tonight with more on what police are doing now to prevent a repeat. >> reporter: so far no problems tonight with s side shows so report in oakland,


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