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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  April 22, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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northerly breeze for others. santa rosa will jump up. san jose from 71 to 79 degrees. this is where you can just see the airflow out to the north. this is what we are dealing with. we had a big cooldown on saturday. it is turning into eastern nevada. first, the high pressure is building in for a couple of days . 40s and 50s and the temperatures. 60 out in tracy. the east bay temperatures are mid 40s for some. 58 in pittsburgh. 50s for some, 40s for others. here's a little easterly breeze. sfo has a little bit in the west. we are looking for a lot of sunshine today and temperatures
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bumping up, special if you get the north wind. santa rosa is 85. 60s and 70s in lane. it will be warm and hot if you don't like anything over 75. >> the time is 4:30. new developments in sri lanka. van parked next to a church it was bombed has been exploded. there is no word on injuries. the police were inspecting the van when they were told that they was parked there since yesterday. they were trying to defuse the bombs but they went off. a series of longings killed over 290 people. 24 suspects were in custody. house speaker nancy pelosi has scheduled a conference call today with fellow democrats to discuss how to move forward following the re washington, d.c., democrats are divided about whether to push for impeachment of president trump. >> this is a tough strategy question for democrats. whether to try to impeach the
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president and remove him from office are focus on defeating him in 2020. >> reporter: trumka returning to washington after spending the easter weekend in florida. almost immediately, he took to twitter. how do you impeach a republican president for a crime that was committed by democrats? >> open the question of obstruction of justice. today, they will discuss whether to move forward with impeachment. >> i think it is a difficult decision and we're going to have a caucus about this over the next couple of weeks to figure out what the best course is. >> reporter: this will be a lengthy process. democrats want to hear from mueller and get unredacted copy of the final report. for the question of impeachment, is not easy for them to answer. >> you think this is impeachable? >> i do.
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>> reporter: given the numbers in congress, removing the president from congressman would require a big buy-in from republicans which seems unlikely. >> he is staying in the white house for five and half more years. why? because they found no crime. there was no conspiracy. that was the central premise. >> this will become a big issue on the campaign trail. at least one democratic candidate for president, elizabeth warren, is calling for impeachment. some central american migrants trying to make their way through milk sicko mexico through the southern border. >> the mexican government provided event hearing aid to a previous caravan of migrants in october. some people say that they believe the government is trying to discourage them from coming. >> we have been here for a long
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time. they will not check on this. >> the truth is that there are lots of migrants. it is good that now they are starting to help them. the time is 4:34. the supreme court with arguments on the trump administration plan to add a question to the 2020 census about the center. three federal courts have ruled against the trump administration and blocked in searching the question. the critics call the question a republican effort to scare immigrant households and latinos from taking part in the senses, which could possibly lead to an undercounter parts of the country that lean towards democrats. supporters say, it will help in enforcing voting rights. >> it is, we have to be ready
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for the latino organizations, the infrastructures, for people on the ground to have trust with the people filling out the census. we are getting the clinics and libraries as nonprofit infrastructures to be able to get the question out that the >> a ruling is expected by the end of june. 20 years ago, the shocking news that two teenagers killed 13 people, most of them fellow students, and columbine high school in colorado. that was april 20, 1999, to changed schools in america forever. mandatory lockdowns and drills are part of school district policies nationwide. we see how schools across the country now prepare for potential attacks. >> reporter: lockdown or active shooter drills are and teacher for an attack. while some are more realistic than others, most american schools will hold simulation
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throughout the year, but they're t she is working with the syracuse city school district to develop improved un the schools. >> to give all schools the same recipe. there collecting data on effectiveness. >> when it comes to all these different emergency response programs, in many cases the schools do not know what works. >> there's very little research on lockdown drills. the trump administration assembled a commission on school safety. it is to talk about mitigation issues. >> it was school, when the
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students killedclassmates and a teacher. >> he was on campus last week when they said that there was a credible threat by florida teen who had traveled to colorado and purchased a weapon. >> the differences all the things we have in place. before, the only drills we did were fire drills. >> reporter: colorado children began drills learning the term locks, lights, out of sight. the drills are now commonplace in schools around the country. some parents and teachers say creates unnecessary fear and trauma in kids. she plans to present her work in the fall. >> we were able to get everybody on the same page by the end and show meas differences and more importantly, improvement in how schools were locking down in our community. >> the head of security for jefferson county schools,
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emphasizes the need for prepared is. a student who does not feel safe is not a well attack. the woman who worked at the for 17 years was attacked by the tiger in the outdoor habitat saturday morning. it is it was open at the time. visitors who saw the attack called for help. >> the keeper found herself in the same area as the tiger, which is not something that we do. we always the work with our dangerous animals with a protective contact and area. >> they say that the tigerget w happened out there. they will have to wait to talk to the injured worker. happening today, the annual white house easter egg roll. the president and first lady will welcome thousands of children to the south lawn of the white house. it is one of the oldest white house traditions and dates back to 1878.
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>> this is one of the largest events that the white house conducts every year. you will have the first lady's office involved, you will have the white house military office involved. secret service. just a clean, it is a major undertaking every year. >> these are the wooden exit wi they grow is scheduled to start about three and half hours from now. we will give you live coverage this morning. the people affected by the devastating camp fire were not forgot on easter sunday. nonprofit grou has been helping the people from the community for several months, giving them food and clothing. yesterday's easter holiday, they provided a special easter picnic. take a look. they were given treats for the kids and a special memento to take home. >> one of the main things we will do is to take family
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photos. this will be their first portrait after the fire. the first portrait for their new life. >> that group has been delivering ready-to-eat meals and fresh produce to people in need. they deliver about 400 meals every week. >> it was a double celebration for queen elizabeth. she attended easter services at st. george's chapel yesterday. she was a company by prince william as well as prince harry. this year, easter falls on the queen's birthday. she turns 93 years old. she looks amazing. or official birthday celebration will be her traditi >> she is always impeccable. the time is 4:40. the earth day events continue through the bay area. we will tell you what governor
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newsom and the san francisco governor have plan to do. keeping an look at the san mateo bridge. it is already a little bit crowded. it is moving along. >> 80 was 3:30 in the morning, for crying out loud. new vaseline clinical care...
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...heals extremely dry skin in just 5 days. ♪ it's amazing what healed skin can do. the healing power of vaseline. welcome back to mornings on 2. millions of people around
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the world are celebrating earth day. governor newsom is hosting a educational event today at the governor's mansion. also today, san francisco mayor london breed is exnew plan. pos& e owned infrastructure. the news conference is scheduled for new noon. >> the oakland a's are hosting the texas rangers tonight. they wrapped up a series against the toronto blue jays which included an amazing play by one of my favorite players, ramon oriana. >> he is going back. he is near the wall. he caught it. he caught it. >> are you kidding? >> he threw a rock to
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place, but the blue jays runner try to run it on the overthrow. >> look at this. how do you do that? >> his head was almost over the wall when he caught it. look at the reaction from the color commentator from that. the end up rallying late in the game, but they still lost 5-4. tonight's game starts at 7:07. >> the blue jays are back home to play the san francisco giants tomorrow in toronto. they wrapped up their series against the pittsburgh pirates yesterday. the giants were down early after the pitcher allowed a 2 run homer. they had a chance to get the first lead of the day. >> it is hard to center field. he's sprinting back and looking up. it is gone! >> sorry! >> he hit a three run homer.
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that is all the giants needed. they won 3-2. that is the first buster posey homer since last year. >> they will start the next series of 4:07. we are having some nice baseball weather. let's check in with steve. >> yes, we are. maybe throughout most of the week. today, temperatures will bump up. the gas prices and temperatures are both going up. 82. san jose from 71 to 79. the airflow is coming down from the north. fog will not last long. there is not as much of the satellite image showing. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. a 60 out and tracy. brentwood is 51 degrees. same for gilroy at 44. gasia cupertino is in the 40s.
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there is not much there. we are expecting it to be up there in oakland. there is a little bit of south wind at the airport. the east wind is at half moon bay. the trend is going to be more north to northeast. 51 in monterey. ukiah is 48 degrees. looks like a day along the coast where there will be some resistance. the storm track stays north for now. the key is that we are expecting something to come in underneath to the south. that will not be until later in the week. sunday was nice, recovering from saturday. the trend will go up. is not to tuesday, probably into wednesday. inland temperatures in the 80s. it looks like sunny for all. a little breezy. we will lose the breeze tomorrow. mild to warm. water temperatures are cold and will not take much to get the call fog going.
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>> what about ere. >> the trees. oak is high and grasses are high. >> thank you. >> it is not football season yet, but the hyper on the nfl is about to start picking up. we will see you at down with jj arcega. just days before the nfl draft. we will talk about why his stock is rising. >> we're going to talk about the commute. this is in the emeryville area. look at the carsen the road right now. it is moving, but it does have a. we will talk about the traffic throughout the morning. sal is off today.
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the time is 4:51. the nfl draft to start thursday night.e stanford wide receiver hopes to hear a power forward in a wide receiver's body. >> rebounding is 80% technique and 20% is just want to. >> if you do not want the ball, you will not get it. >> he is a go-getter. it is his ball. >> pass interference doesn't
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bother him. he is big and strong. why he doesn't get double teamed every single day, i don't know. >> into an a half seasons on the field at stanford, he sounding . the second most in school history. >> looking back at it, if i acc i don't, then i need to get better just keep working. >> he is always willing to go the extra inch. seeing the progress he has made, this is just the tip of the iceberg. i know how much more you have to give him. >> soon enough, we will find out what he has to offer at the nfl level. suffice it to say, he is pretty excited about that. >> thinking, when is the draft coming? that is something that i knew i wanted to be part of. i watched it every year and told my parents, that is what i want to be one day.
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>> he is also proving to the football world that he is more than just a one trick pony. >> people see my film and say jump ball and a physical receiver. i think i bring something interesting that a lot of other receivers do not bring guys you can make game-winning plays when >> he has a lot of attributes of people at our level love. i think it will translate really well. i think there will be a lot of love for him and rightly so. he has earned it. >> reporter: when the long- awaited moment finally arrives, he will hear his name on draft day, how will he react? >> i have no idea. mike wright. i might be excited. i don't know. the reducing is a you don't know where you're going to go. you don't have much of a choice, but for me, i want to go wherever i am wanted and in
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position to help the team win. i will probably react however my mom or my dad does. we will see. the time is 4:54. gas prices keep rising over the country. the highest gas prices are right here in the bay area. the latest survey shows the average price of gas in the u.s. jumped more than $.13 in the past two weeks. the national average is $2.91. nationally, gas prices have jumped $.60 in the past 14 weeks because of a rise in crude oil prices. bay area drivers now pay about $4. that is the highest of any region in the country. the cheapest gas in the country is in baton rouge, louisiana. they pay $2.45 per gallon. tickets for the concert celebrating the 50th anniversary of woodstock.
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they were scheduled to go on sa saying the only tickets will be available soon with no specific date. the postponement is leaving the rumors that they could be financial problems with the concert scheduled for august in new york. the promoters are denying the reports and saying that they signed big-name acts. >> the new movie the curse of la llorona is taking the world by storm. two 26 1/2 million dollars. the movie knocks shazam out of the top spot. breakthrough was number 3 with
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just over $11 million. rounding out the top five, captain marvel and little. it is 4:56. >> world leaders denouncing the bombing violence in sri lanka. what the president said about the deadly bombings. >> two kayakers tip over, leaving them stranded for hours. how they were able until first the rescue. we rebounded a little bit yesterday.
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police on sideshows. what they are doing to anyone involved in the illegal activity. the death toll continues to climb. what we need to know about the coordinated attack. from ktvu fox 2, this is mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. it is earth the day. i am pam cook.
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>> and i am dave clark. >> it is time to put on the short shorts and flip-flops. >> i love flip-flops. i wear them all year round. >> that is the performance of hamilton and there was a guy wearing flip-flops. >> i wouldn't. >> he is flip-flops. >> anyway, if you like to wear flip-flops, that is fine. it will be pretty nice here for many. we can see the airflow coming down out of the north. the fog is not as extensive as that. there is a little bit of offshore breeze. brentwood is in the upper 50s. as low as tracy. i know that not far away, you
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will get that. >> we are held up on some of the temperatures except for sfo, there is a slight offshore component.


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