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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  April 23, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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with a report of a skateboarder struck on seventh street between howard and mission. officers responded to the scene and a victim was badly damaged it injured. investigators are not releasing the name of the man on the skateboard at this time. there are reports he was holding on to the back of one truck and was run over by the dump truck. >> we are speaking with witnesses and scouring the area for surveillance video to confirm the accounts. hicles, c pedestrians, and we are working to try to confirm the identity of the man with the skateboard who was on the skateboard, we are hearing that he may have been from out of town. again we are working to confirm the identity but for now we are live here in sam's disco, fishing captain, ktvu fox news. >> any word on the driver of the dump truck? the person must be devastated even though it seems like the person was not at fault. >> yes, so that truck did stop
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and i'm sure you can see that. the vehicle did stop which is exactly what you are supposed to do but if in fact it is shown that this individual was holding on or sketching or holding onto the back of another vehicle, the vehicle may not have known they were aware so that person kept going, they might not have known they left somebody behind and the dump truck completely run over them so a tragic story all around. >> christien kafton live in the city, thank you. sentences board of supervisors voted today to put a temporary halt on additional funding for new light rail cars. the nta had asked the board for $62 million to buy more cars. today, the vote comes after woman's hand was caught in the door of a moving train as she was dragged along the tracks earlier this month. san francisco community said this day, the rear doors will not remain closed at all times to keep passengers safe . >> arise priority is safety.
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that is what guides me in the request to ask the board to perform this item and will continue to guide how we approach this overall. >> muni is also looking into reports of problems with a coupler that connects new train cars as well as brakes wearing out more quickly than expected. >> the fbi was in the oakland hills this morning searching the home of a bank robbery suspect. the third the search happen in the quiet piedmont pines neighborhood in shepherd canyon road. we were first on the scene this morning as new information about the suspect arrested at a local hospital last night. >> fbi agents and oakland police converged on this home on scott ridge drive in the oakland hills around 6:00 this morning. they searched the home of an accused bank robber, a man well known to neighbors and law enforcement. >> were conducting a court authorized search warrant. >> i learned that police
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arrested 49-year-old man for bank robbery. investigators came to search his home tuesday morning when agents came across a suspicious device and called in the alameda county sheriff bomb squad. the object was a fake bomb made to look real. >> there is no threat to public safety at this time. >> reporter: neighbors say they kept their distance from the suspect because of his behavior. >> yelling at his kids, his wife, the wife screaming, calling the cops and middle of the night. >> reporter: the ban was convicted of robbing several banks in the 1990s. neighbors say they had problems ever since he, his wife and daughter move back in with his parents last year . >> he was very loud and abrupt. he didn't give anybody a chance to approach him or anything
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like that. >> reporter: sources say he is accused again of robbing many banks. >> we knew something was up at we did not know what but i'm hoping this is the resolution . >> it is very expensive to live up here so it is weird to think that a bank robber would live up here. >> we saw a resident walking on the street but had no comment about the rest. critical fire prevention work is about to begin in the east bay, specifically in the oakland and berkeley hills. governor gavin newsom says it is the result of a wildfire emergency order he declared last month that the goal is to fast track projects related to wildfire prevention in an effort to stop any large fires from breaking out. katie views christina run down tells us what the public can expect in the coming weeks. >> devastating and deadly, 2017 saw numerous fires, 2018 the
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campfire in paradise, now governor newsom is prioritizing fire prevention. >> alameda county, custer county , butte county, as vulnerable as counties up north. >> newsom says areas like this are especially at risk. >> 560,000 people live in those communities. we are prioritizing it with a sense of urgency. >> work will begin next week on an area about 1500 acres stretching across this area. it is one of 35 high-priority projects across this date were cal fire will remove dead visitation in anticipation of fire season. newsom signed an emergency declaration last month to fast- track the project and has proposed 415.1 million in his fire prevention efforts. >> they will be at assessing
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where the boundaries of the project are and flagging areas that need to be protected. >> utilizing shaded fuel break which is the removal of fuel, utilizing chainsaws, chippers. >> he will also prescribed burns in the future as the project is not expected to be complete until the end of the year. you may notice smoke in the air as crews worked to create the fuel break. >> this is going to help firefighters make an attack on fires and keep them as small as we possibly can. >> we cannot do it alone. we need your help. >> the request? create defensible space around your home. >> in the past, we had done vegetation management, fuels reduction, forest fire prevention but not necessarily as deliberately as we are doing today. >> in berkeley, cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. we also asked governor newsom about his thoughts on pg in he asking state regulators
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yesterday for another increase in rates . >> they are not going to get a because i don't believe they deserve it and i don't think the right time to ask what it is too much to ask for. to increase returns on wall street investment, at a time when you haven't even settled the victim's claims? it is not only tone deaf. it is jaw-dropping we don't. stupid. the governor says he is focused on protecting taxpayers, ratepayers and victims of the 2017 and 2018 wildfires. pg&e filed for bankruptcy in january. arguments got underway today at the u.s. supreme court were justices will decide if a question about citizenship will appear on the 2020 census. it appears the justices are split along party lines. the trumpet ministration wants to add this question to the upcoming survey. is the person a citizen of the united states.
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4 of the left-leaning justices asked the government attorney why the question needs to be on the census. they are concerned many people would not want to answer which would cause an undercount of an estimated 6.5 million people. 4 of the right-leaning justices along with chief justice john roberts challenged the undercount scenario. >> he wants to know who is in this country and i think as a sovereign nation, we have that right. it has been a question on the census for decades. >> it is not about a line on a form. it is about whether or not everyone in america counts. >> a ruling is expected by the end of june, well ahead of the senses would which begins in april of next year. lane confusion on it easy east bay freeway. plus a multimillion dollar deal that helps alameda county pay off their debt. all of the changes that were made to get the raiders to move
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back from l.a. details about the sale involving the oakland coliseum site. we're live in san jose, the sharks are fired up. we will talk to a guy who knows a thing or two or about game 7 in the nfl playoff . >> a pretty warm-up out there, in the 90s today for the warmest spot. it will be toast again tomorrow. we will see you back here so i'm looking for someone to make my chicken bigger,
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try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. alright,yeah!excited? waaahoo... well... that was fun, right? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. sharks fans cannot see that go in up. i shorthanded goal in double overtime to force a game 7
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between the sharks on the las vegas. it does not get any better than this in hockey. game 7, win a you go to the second round. lose and -- >> pregame facilities are in full swing. scott? >> reporter: we have the rally going on of course and as soon as five days ago i'm we talked about the sharks chances of coming back from a 3-1 series deficit to win and i don't think the fan base was doubling over with optimism, yet here they are. they got it done in game five, won the incredible double overtime games 6. and gave 7, there is nothing like it in all of hockey but in all of sports. it is win or go home. the emotion, the adrenaline is going to be absolutely awesome inside this arena tonight. i spoke with sharks analyst, bret hedican who played in more than a few of these games during his 18 year nhl career
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and i asked him what the experience is like. >> every kid playing street hockey back in the day, they say this is game 7 and the puck is on my stick and i shoot and i score, right? that is what every kid imagines. here you are. you have an opportunity both of these teams have played terrific during the regular season. they were 2-2 in the regular season, they are equally matched. the one thing is they have not found their a game yet. this is one year they have left to really find and hopefully they have been saving it for game seven. >> we have seen the full gamut of outcomes and really, style of play during the course of the series. what to the sharks have to do to get over the hump? >> when you look at martin jones and what he found in his last two games, only giving up 2 goals in the last 2, tamar is red-hot, he has been the guy, the offensive player, if you will and finally,
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>> tell us about the emotion of being on the ice in a game like this. if i take myself back and remember the moments i was in game sevens, if i could slow my breathing down, i knew the adrenaline would be the there. i knew that is rocket fuel in game seven, the adrenaline but the key is making plays under pressure and that all comes down to slowing your breathing down, being in that moment and allowing you to enjoy playing in a game seven. if they can do that with the sharks, i like the skill level of the sharks over the vegas golden knights. >> patty can actually on a stanley cup in 1996 with north carolina but the series has had all kinds of twists and turns. the sharks won and looked good doing it and everything went from good to disastrous, losing games 2, 3 and 4, they come back to win 5 and 6 and you don't know what to expect in game seven. it probably would depend on which martin jones goalie we
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received today. he was absolutely tremendous in the last game, saving 58 shots. >> i'm going to embarrass julie for second. we were watching bret hedican and she says, he is way too pretty to be a hockey player. >> he has cleaned up a lot. >> and of course, his wife, for people who don't know -- >> as i was saying, the sharks haven't even really gotten there a game yet so if they haven't gotten their a game, look out if they find the a game. that is what they need to do. >> that is a great point. there hasn't been a game, even the one where the sharks have won in the series were you have said they have played as well as they can on all facets. they played well in game one, well in game 5, they stole game 6 but it stands to reason if they play well toni think they have a good chance . >> martin jones shows up and
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for people who don't know, had against wife is pretty kristy yamaguchi. scott reiss, outside, thanks, scott. a major step forward today for redevelopment of the oakland coliseum. the alameda county would've supervisors voted unanimously this afternoon to negotiate the sale of a half share of the property to the oakland a's for $85 million. the city of oakland owns the other half share. the mayor told the board that any agreement should include community benefits such as housing, jobs and environmental standards. is very simple. if you sell this land, do not sell out east oakland. you must include community benefits with any sale agreement. >> supervisor wilma chan said the sale would be the fastest way to pay off the debt the
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county incurred bringing the raiders back to oakland and she says the move shows the oakland a's the community wants to see the teams stay in oakland. >> new figures on student debt in the bay area. these figures are astounding. more than 700,000 people in the bay area oh $25 billion in student loans. that is as of march of last year. when you factor in inflation, total student loan debt in the 9 county bay area has gone up 243% over the last 15 years. that is according to a report that was released today, looking at student loan borrowing and repayment in the bay area. in san francisco, especially, young people are settled with tens of thousands of dollars in student debt while paying some of the highest rents in the country and that has led to more than 15% of borrowers in san francisco but defaulting on their loans between 2003 and 2018.
5:18 pm
>> what is the true cost of student debt to a city's economy, labor market and wealth? in the thousands or even hundreds of thousands of its citizens behind on student loans and facing roadblocks to access housing, credit or even employment. >> frogman spoke of the bay area debt summit in san francisco where the debt report was presented. the summit brought together government and financial leaders as well as researchers and policymakers to discuss the problems and possible solutions. you will recall the presidential candidate, elizabeth warren has proposed a one-time amnesty plan that would spend $640 billion to wipe out much of the student debt across the country. what a day to be out on the bay. especially if you are racing catamarans. look at this next guy fox captured team britain racing across the water this afternoon. they are practicing for the
5:19 pm
sale gp championship. the race begins early next month. the worldwide event starting at all for australia earlier this year, continued in san francisco in may and races are scheduled in new york, england and france. >> i always wanted to see what it is like to be on one of those. when the wind is up, man, >> have you seen one in person? >> they are big. >> when you see one, were talking about the catamarans with the foils, they are racing in, but the whole but they're going 35 to 50 miles per hour and when you see it it is like a spaceship because of the wind power but it is going as fast as a freeway car. >> that is amazing . >> it really is. >> would you like to take a ride on one of those? >> i would. frank says they are giant when you see them in real life. they are giant and fast. >> will show you what we have outside. a beautiful day, temperatures today in the 90s. concord was 91 degrees today. 71 degrees is where they should
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be but they were up if you, right and san francisco, 84 today. it should be around 63, well above average and we have one more shot for your. the air quality is good and some cisco and in the bay. one more shot in north san francisco, no fog at the coast yet but we will get fog coming to the coast pretty soon as the winds have shifted around. there is oakland, 86, today, 67 is the normal, concord, 91, just a big bump up, above average today. tomorrow is right there except right along the coast where i suspect we are going to see more of an onshore flow. with that, if you can make it up, you can see the dull gray there and i will pointed out to you right in here. it is hard to see but there is a little bit of fog that will be back. by tomorrow night, i expect the fog will be pinching through the gate. showing you the live camera, you are looking at fog. the cooldown will start on
5:21 pm
thursday but tomorrow and wednesday, almost as warm as today except right along the coast. the winds have been tracking fairly well offshore but those winds are going to start, they will be more onshore tomorrow night at this time. as you look outside at the coast, you can see there is no fog, certainly. the sunset district in golden gate park, by the lake, by the city, plenty of sunshine. that is not the plan tomorrow night so enjoy the sunset tonight, my friends on the avenues because you might be back in the fog tomorrow night. right now, 90 in concord, 89 in fairfield. these are right now, 87 in livermore. are they warmer than yesterday? yes, 10 degrees warmer in oakland, 2 degrees warmer in fairfield. tomorrow, again, the warmest week of the season when it is all said and and done. another hot day tomorrow, when
5:22 pm
i get back we will focus on the cooling trend in the forecast. >> a fight that pitted neighbor against neighbor should be resolved tonight. the border san francisco is meeting right now before voting to approve a homeless navigation center on the embarcadero. we will go live to the meeting coming up. >> coming up on ktvu news at 6:00, a massive homeless camp in santa cruz order to close. we will tell you when the city says they can open backup. >> we are hearing from a woman accusing former golden state warriors assistant of sexual assault. at redfin, we charge you a 1% listing fee.
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where now about 2 1/2 hours into the port of san francisco board of commissioners meeting. they are set to vote today on a plan that would essentially allow the city to build a homeless shelter right along the embarcadero. >> the issue is bringing out strong voices on both sides. residents say it is the wrong location but homeless advocates say the location is as good as any other. andre senior is live at the ferry building where the meeting is still going on. andre? >> the meeting started around 3 pm and continues to go at this hour because there are so many people here. a want their voesr on today. >> >> -- >> reporter: this was before the meeting at the outside entrance of the ferry building around 230 this afternoon. a large group of homeless and
5:26 pm
homeless advocates are rallying at the port for the center to be built on the embarcadero. there were also opponents of the group saying it is not good for visitors, not good for residents. they are hoping that the board will delay the vote for one particular reason . >> i certainly hope so that is why you hear. if they don't, the group is really backed into a corner and we are considering legal action because the city grew so fast here. >> people should slow down and look at the positive side. they help me get my id. they helped me get back my income going. they helped me reunite with my family. >> a woman told me she was homeless on and off for about 13 years and navigation centers help get her back on her feet. public comment continues into the evening and i can tell you
5:27 pm
it appears more opponents are beginning to show up. with the board will decide on whether or not they will enter into a lease agreement with the city of ocean oakland, to build a shelter, i will have more commute confusion in the east bay. up next tonight, the problem caltrans is experiencing on 880 in oakland. >> plus . >> accusations of rampant sexual abuse in the boy scouts. we will have that story coming up. a small explosion during elevator maintenance sent two workers to the hospital. details about what caused the explosion that forced a building to be evacuated. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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construction work that just wrapped of interstate 80, 880 in oakland has caused a lot of confusion for drivers for the last couple of nights. any complain the new lanes in the area are hard to see. tom baker is in the newsroom to explain where this is happening and when the problem will likely be fixed. tom? >> unfortunately, it won't be
5:31 pm
soon. when drivers -- tend to slow down. especially in rush-hour traffic . >> >> reporter: on sky fox on northbound 880 and 23rd avenue is flowing along over badly faded lane markers unlike the newly lined 880 on the left which was also a problem before restriping. the northbound lanes speak when he became a real and confusing problems during rush hour causing drivers to complain . >> we had temporary striping, just finished construction. that was temporary striping out there. >> northbound drivers were generally genuinely confused. much of cal spent caltrans relief comes within hours. >> we did striping last night on two of the northbound lanes and will finish that tonight. >> caltrans is trying to catch
5:32 pm
up. that comes is a lot more work crews will be on the road now and all spring and summer long. one solution? caltrans mobile quick app that you can load onto your smart phone. >> it interacts with chp's log so it has real-time traffic information. if you are using ways to get where you need to be, it will automatically detour you around construction, incidents going on. >> the bottom line, expect more repairs, more rehabilitation, more restriping as caltrans plays catch up with the $.12 a gallon gas tax for a highway system long neglected for many, many years. tom baker, ktvu fox 2 news . >> it was hard to see in the pictures from the aerials of sky fox. they started restriping last night and should be finished by tomorrow? >> exactly. the southbound lanes are
5:33 pm
completely done and that was a fairly easy trip. the other lanes, it really is confusing because you are not sure where the lanes go. that should be finished tomorrow night. >> tom vacar in the newsroom tonight. thank you. today in oakland, caltrans honored employees who have been killed on the states roads while doing their job. the agency held its annual fallen workers memorial ceremony. since 1929, 189 caltrans workers have been killed on the job mostly by distracted or drunk drivers. caltrans says the day is not just honor those who have been killed but also to remind all of us of the dangers caltrans workers face every day . >> i want to make sure you are able to continue playing with your children, spending time with your friends and family, able to do the things you enjoy. i want to in make sure your name is never added to the
5:34 pm
memorial plaque in the lobby of our building. >> caltrans is planning to hold a similar ceremony to honor fallen workers in sacramento tomorrow. the boy scouts of america is facing two major losses alleging decades of sexual abuse. brian yunus tells us that the lawsuit claims thousands of former leaders abused young scouts. a pair of law firms revealed widespread abuse by former boy scout leaders going back to the 1940s. attorneys held news conferences tuesday in new york city and newark, new jersey to release the names of the accused. almost 200 people in those two states and more than 7000 nationwide. the alleged victims total more than 20,000 . >> from we got this information, we had to sound the alarm. >> misconduct is reportedly part of the organization's so- called perversion files. it is a nearly 15,000 page list created by the scouts around 4 decades ago.
5:35 pm
this detailing the alleged abuse within the ranks on the far-reaching efforts to cover it up . >> they have removed thousands of offenders of childhood sexual abuse over the years and they have kept that in files secretly. >> this allows these people to then go on and coach, go on and be teachers. >> since much of the alleged abuse happened more than 40 years ago, attorneys admit they don't know how many of the accused are still alive, where they might live now and how many were actually involved with children's activities after leaving the scouts. the boy scouts of america has released a statement saying they "care deeply about all victims of sexual abuse and at no time have we knowingly allowed a sexual predator to work with youth. " the firms are planning to file suit against the scouts and ask victims to come forward. in new york, brian yunus, fox news. the two brothers who claim jussie smollett paid them to saveteam.
5:36 pm
they appear today at a news conference in chicago. the two claimed the attorneys continually attacked the brothers and claimed they were wearing white face during the attack. >> we want to end these malicious attacks. >> they know the extent of their false and vicious remarks >> the case against mama was abruptly dropped, triggering protests and accusations of prosecutor misconduct it announcement seems to be finalized for one last big name to jump it to the 2020 presidential election. when joe biden is expected to make his announcement. also ahead, new evidence that isis was behind the deadly sunday church bombings in sri lanka. what the terror group claimed today. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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and set up recurring payments to his neighbor. for cat sitting. (meow) whoa. you've groomed her, too. (cell phone vibrating) and now she's ready for the catwalk. life, lived jason's way. chase. make more of what's yours. a best funeral service was held today at three longer at
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the saint sebastian church. at the site, more than 100 people were killed in a suicide bombing on easter sunday. security was tight on this national day of mourning. light flags hung over the city is a message of peace and solidarity. islamic militants are claiming responsibility for the series of coordinated terror attacks targeting christian churches and luxury hotels. the death toll has gone up to 321. this includes at least 4 americans. benjamin hall tells us authorities want to know why advanced warnings about the attacks were not shared with the prime minister. >> reporter: more than 300 killed, hundreds injured. now we are learning more about the motive behind the easter sunday terror attacks in sri lanka. on tuesday, isis made two separate claims of responsibility. they also identified the attackers. officials say it is more evidence that the local militant group behind the attack which is thought to be inspired by isis had help from
5:41 pm
abroad. >> there were 6 bombs within 30 minutes. the coordination, quite frankly of this attack and the sophistication, the sri lankan government believes that there is international help. >> reporter: sri lankan officials say the bombings were retaliation for last month must attack in christchurch, new zealand but offered no evidence to support the claim. meanwhile, lawmakers are urging a swift crackdown on extremist groups across the country. >> we should take swiss -- swift measures to bring these to justice. >> reporter: after being given emergency powers following the attack a militant groups have arrested more than 40 people. for the most part, sri lankan teams have been supporting the community, many they fear more attacks could be coming. >> they are also now afraid to
5:42 pm
go to church. >> reporter: the government is also considering a major security shakeup after officials failed to heed warnings of an imminent attack. in london, cinnamon hall, fox news. north korean leader, kim jong-un and russian president, vladimir putin plan to meet on thursday in eastern russia near the pacific ocean. location is about 300 miles from the border between russia and north korea. talks are expected just focus on the future of north korea's nuclear weapons program. this will be the first one on one meeting between the two leaders. also on thursday, former viceoe biden is expected to announce he is running for president. sources say biden is expected to make the announcement in a video and make his first public appearance as a candidate next monday in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. this would mean the 76-year-old
5:43 pm
be the 75th six euros third run for the white house. he would enter as a frontrunner on the democratic side. they're already 19 other democrats running for president. a friday morning on the peninsula. an explosion and fire in just two workers and sends others eat out into this street. how work being done in an elevator cause the explosion. it is supposed to keep bad guys up at some say no the nest cameras are allowing hackers in. we had 90s again today. a-11 out there. it is going to be warm to hot tomorrow and then the fog returns the picture by tomorrow night. so with xfinity mobile i can customize each line for each family member? yup. and since it comes with your internet, you can switch wireless carriers, and save hundreds of dollars a year. are you pullin' my leg? nope. you sure you're not pullin' my leg? i think it's your dog. oh it's him. good call.
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an explosion injured two workers at an apartment complex in the south bay today. tonight, they are in the hospital with burn injuries. our south bay reporter, jesse gary has the story. >> reporter: palo alto firefighters responded to a scene around 1030 10:30 am monday morning. this is say an explosion and fire blocked the development which sits at the corner. >> the fire was in an elevator shaft where they are doing on work on the vick vapor guard. elevator maintenance workers started early in the morning on one of the lifts in the property is home to 82 apartments and 6 commercial suites. some business owners complained there have been problems and ongoing repair work on the elevators. managers say monday's work was to add a protective layer to
5:47 pm
them metal components. >> we were doing retro coding, it is a resin coating you do, a vapor guard, basically so that if you have any kind of water or anything because this is subterranean, right? so. >> it is unprotected? >> yes. >> reporter: the blast and fire escalated fire alarms and sprinklers and force people onto surrounding sidewalks. the building was evacuated of all residents and businesses. the 200 workers -- two injured workers were rushed to valley medical center but their injuries are not considered life-threatening. the fire scene was secure about 90 minutes after the first alarm. the fire marshal is investigating what sparked the coating material that caused it to ignite into flames. in palo alto, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. it took several hours to contain a big fire at a lumberyard in stockton this morning. the fire started just after 3 am on west scott avenue not far from i-5. the flames spread
5:48 pm
quickly through wooden pallets and other lumbar. firefighters also had to cut power to high-voltage lines in the area leaving thousands without power. crews were finally able to contain the fire around 8 am this morning. >> a challenging fire. we have acres and avery doubles acres of stacked wood, lumber, pallets and we are trying to get around it with enough water and enough bodies to control it. >> this is the second major fire in stockton in the past 24 hours. yesterday, firefighters battled a three alarm fire at a recycling plant in stockton. the nest cameras the people installing the homes are meant to keep families safe but it appears sometimes they have the opposite effect. report at the washington post today claims the cameras are easy to hack and any companies including nest use nestaring po and racial slurs through their cameras. one user said the hacker even
5:49 pm
took control of the thermostat of the house and raised the temperature to 90 degrees. earlier today, take ktvu spoke with the reporter from the washington post who wrote the story . >> actually, it is so easy that some people wouldn't even call it hacking it all. the underlying problem is people , almost all people on the internet, reuse their passwords from one side to the next. the problem of hacking has gotten so bad that if all of our passwords are out there, somewhere along the line, some website that you signed up for has been hacked and your password has been posted on the internet. >> nest says it wants to protect its users from being hacked but it also says it doesn't want to inconvenience customers with cumbersome security measures that may alienate them. nest says effected customers should reset their passwords and do it often. the woman police say dumped
5:50 pm
7 newborn puppies into a dumpster has been found and charged. the woman was seen on video pulling up to a dumpster in coachella and tossing a bag filled with the 3 day-old puppies into the trash before taking off in a jeep wrangler last week. she was arrested yesterday. the riverside county district attorney's office says they have charged 54-year-old deborah caldwell with felony misdemeanor and abused charges. if convicted, she could face 7 years behind bars. the puppies are being cared for at a rescue organization. looking at the weather out there, another warm day. the second in a row and it is going to be a warm 3 days. with highs yesterday, a couple of low 90s. today, 93 in santa rosa, a warm spot, 92 in antioch. that is right off 95 in santa rosa, that is hot. redwood city made 90 degrees today. tomorrow's temperatures are going to be similar in land but along the coastal sections
5:51 pm
where the marine layer will start to mature, we see an onshore flow and a little bit of fog tomorrow night and temperature should be down a little bit. this big ridge of high pressure then you get the idea of how big and brought it is. that is a dominant weather pattern that is hard to move on. they don't translate quickly. the warm pattern is going to stick around for at least the drive pattern. the winds will turn offshore tomorrow and the beginning of a cool down. temperatures will be noticeably cooler because we are in the 90s today, 90 three -- 93 in santa rosa. along the coast, some fog, around santa cruz and monterey. current temperatures will come out, the current wind speeds, all going to be pointing west, northwest and that tells you a lot. earlier in the 4:00, this time of year, watch the wind
5:52 pm
direction. this was before the internet, we would look at the flag on top of the buildings in san francisco. we would watch some flags to see which way they were blowing to indicate what the surf was doing in terms of wind conditions. if you had high pressure or low pressure in the area. overnight lows tonight in the 50s, then the forecast highs tomorrow, yellows 70 right to the coast again. orange is 80s and reds are 90s. not a bad looking day tomorrow. 90 degrees, maybe a couple of 93 degree readings as well again tomorrow, too. that is wednesday. thursday, the high pressure s w via the fog and the onshore flow begin to cool thursday and friday. you will see that in the 5 day forecast four bunch of cities, many, 92 in brentwood, 90 in morgan hill, 91 in gilmore, ebony along the coast tomorrow. that is going to be short-lived
5:53 pm
when the wind switches and their you see the cool down starting in sunday. back into the mid-80s, upper 70s which is not cool but cooler . we will see you back here at 6:00. and excited exciting competition in the east bay and it is not just about winning . >> it is about trying your best. >> how did you do today? >> i did really great. >> good for her. 300 special ed students gathered in lafayette to learn how to have a good time. coming up at six, the former sports reporter who says luke walton sexually assaulted her is now speaking up. plus a homeless camp forced to close. when and how it can be reopened.
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today was a special day for hundreds of special-education students in contra costa county. they all competed in the special olympics. ktvu's rob roth talk with some of the young athletes and their parents about what the program nick means to them. >> it was a competition >> -- >> where everyone seemed to win here at the contra costa county special olympics. >> more than 300 special- education students from 55 different classes gathered on the high school track in lafayette to run, throw, succeed. >> >> they wanted to be me. >> but you beat them. >> yeah. >> olivia makowski has down
5:57 pm
syndrome. her mother says her face lights up when she is out here with other kids whether they are special ed or anyone else. >> this event really just means we can all be part of the community and i think it is really great for her typical peers to see she is able to do things like this and she has fun doing things like this. mac the bleachers were packed with proud parents. >> everybody has an opportunity to shine. special olympics believes -- creates that for people like him. >> students the local school walked over to cheer on olympians. was last month when a proposed cut was suggested. after social media backlash, federal budget was put back by president trump . >> we think it is so important not only for special-education students but for general education students. they get to meet their special education peers, learn about
5:58 pm
them and it is a great inclusionary environment. >> >> this was a day for those with special needs to stand up. people with autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy and impaired intellectual development. >> it is about trying your best . >> how did you do today? >> i did really great . >> in lafayette, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. california could become one of the first states in the nation to ban racial discrimination because of hairstyles like braids and dreadlocks. state senator holly mitchell celebrated her bill passing with a video on twitter. california senate voted 37-0 yesterday to approve a bill updating the state antidiscrimination law two includes styles typically associated with race . >> if we wear our hair in
5:59 pm
natural form, we won't be discriminated against at school or in the work leisa we are proud of this bill and we are well on the way to making history. >> federal and state laws been discriminations based on hairstyles and head coverings but the protections have not been asked banded to racial here by us. the bill now moves to the assembly. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 . >> we did know something was going on but we didn't know what . >> people in a quiet neighborhood speaking out after police end up the eye agents converged on the home of a specific to bank robber this morning. evening. i'm frank somerville . >> i'm julie haener. authorities raided a home on south which drive. henry lee was first on the scene an tells us the suspect was arrested at a hospital as his wife was giving birth to their second child. >> fbi agents and oakland police converged on this home on stockbridge drive in the
6:00 pm
oakland hills at about 6 am. they searched the home of an accused bank robber, a man who is well known to neighbors and law enforcement. we were conducting a court authorized search warrant . >> olinda police arrested 49- year-old blaine michaela for a bank robbery monday night at a hospital as his wife gave birth to their second child. investigators came to search his home tuesday morning. that is when agents came across a suspicious device and called in the bomb squad. the object was a fake bomb made to look real and no bombs were evacuated . >> we are clearing the scene now. there is no threat to public safety at this time. >> neighbor say they kept their distance from the suspect because of behavior. >> yelling at his kids, his wife, the wife screaming, you e the middle of the night . >> tequila was sentenced to more than eight years in federal prison for robbing 8 banks in the 1990s. neighbors say


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