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authorities say the shootings began in oakland and continued in san francisco and ended in berkeley.>> police say it's the same man behind all three killings. stefan jefferson was arrested friday, we have more details in the case.>> reporter: one of the victims was pretty well- known around people's park which many know as a haven for homeless. it's not clear why he was killed friends told me he knew his alleged killer pretty well. >> reporter: a rally against the plan to build dorms around the park was held sunday afternoon.>> it was a shock i felt like i had a heart attack.>> reporter: anthony thomas and others gathered nearby to remember a friend killed here friday by stefan jefferson, known to those here as stone.>> i guess he was talking to him and shot him.
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>> reporter: they say he was born and raised in berkeley, loved his son and often attended his games. it was here he engaged in a favorite past time they say.>> he loved it he was one of my favorite opponents.>> i really liked playing him he really likes playing me.>> reporter: he often played chess with jefferson, a man described as a regular here often doing good deeds.>> it's crazy, he was one of us. he would do positive stuff. >> reporter: now accused of heinous crimes, police say he killed marcus jackson in oakland on 41st and market street at 10:15 friday morning, then drove to the bayview
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district of san francisco and killed davis, at 2:40 p.m. it was when cal was shot and killed at people's park. later that night jefferson turned up in south lake tahoe where sheriff deputies exchanged gunfire with him, a sergeant was hit in the head before jefferson finally gave up.>> he shot at us and we shot at him and that's about as pleasant gets.>> is reason for committing these murders will remain a mystery at this point, some tell me they suspect he was on drugs and was dealing with mental issues at the time. we are working to learn if jefferson will face charges and douglas county for shooting a deputy before being sent back to the bay area to be charged with the three homicides. emergency crews in half moon bay recover the body of a man who was seen floating in the ocean. deputies say they got the call at around 11:20 this morning.
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the sheriff department says the body was not readily identifiable, they plan to release his name after his family has been notified. the body was spotted near the ritz carlton hotel, deputies say a couple of people have been swept out to sea in that area over the past few weeks. a senior at hayward high school drowned while preboarding at poplar state beach on april 18. his body has not been found. last thursday a car was seen driving off a cliff on highway one, about 11 miles north, the driver of that car has not been found either. a driver has been arrested after he allegedly struck and killed a woman and her dog while they were crossing the street. friends have now identified the victim as carolyn allen. it happened at around 10:00 last night at woodside drive. we spoke with people who knew the victim.>> she was a buddy
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of ours. her dogs were buddies our dogs, we would walk with her and meet at the field.>> reporter: those who knew carolyn described her as a youthful spirit, now retired the minnesota native was a wizard of finance, a bookkeeper and accountant her dogs were her children.>> she was a friend. you don't want to lose a friend. >> she loved her dogs.>> wonderful neighbors. really the best.>> reporter: allen on a routine nightly walk with her two dogs saturday night around 10 in the evening was crossing coletta street right in front of her home, neighbors say she was in the crosswalk when a car heading northbound did not see her or her dogs and crashed into them. police markings show the extent of the trash, what you don't see our break marks. alan and one of her dogs died at the scene, another dog rushed to a pet hospital with a broken leg in stable condition.
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police arrested james boswell, they say he had been driving under the influence , neighbors say he tried to hide.>> he was not drunk enough to realize the implication of what he had done and to try to hide in the neighbors yard, he really was reprehensible beyond even being drunk.>> reporter: the posted speed limit is 25 miles per hour, yet many drivers go well beyond that. neighbors put up signs alerting drivers to slow down. some would like to see flashing lights or speed bones.>> people drive way too fast in this neighborhood. we have children that get dropped off at this corner.>> it is awful. it is too dark they need to put some lights and make it a bit safer and people need to slow down.>> reporter: allen lived here with her longtime partner, her caretaker. her partner came outside and saw what happened and collapsed. he was rushed to the hospital.
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james boswell is in jail facing the regular manslaughter and dui charges. his bail is currently set at $500,000. police officers who were just recently trained in administering the opioid reversal medication and how to use it twice in the past couple days, first on friday officers say they saved a shoplifting suspect who had become unresponsive. his symptoms improved and he was taken to the hospital. the second incident happened on saturday, a man collapsed on a street and stopped breathing. the officers administered the overdose drug and he has well was saved. lawmakers and gun- control supporters gathered to discuss gun safety with community members. a couple hundred people gathered at dominican university this afternoon to hear from congressman jared huffman and mike thompson.
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the lawmakers talked about what is being done in washington to make schools and public places safer for everyone. thompson has offered a bill that so far has been passed by the house that would require federal criminal background checks on all gun sales. a congressman says he hopes if that will becomes law that it will help ease some of the anxiety around gun safety.>> we know for a fact that students at all levels are worried, they are anxious about the possibility of a shooting at a school, we know parents and family members are and anything we can do to address these issues is important.>> the chairman of the gun violence prevention task force joined the town hall meeting by groups including moms demand action, the brady campaign and sandy
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hook promise. now to baltimore where a man is dead and seven other people wounded after a gunman opened fire during an evening cookout. authorities say a man walked up to the crowd this evening and began shooting. the police commissioner said the shooting appears to be targeted. shell casings were found in two different locations in the area, indicating there might have been a second gunman or possibly someone firing back at the shooter. the conditions of the victims have not been released, no arrests have been made. the search for answers continues to not following the deadly shooting at a synagogue in southern california.>> no matter how dark the world is we need to think of light.>> john ernest a san diego resident and student at cal state university surrendered yesterday following the shooting at a synagogue outside of san diego. a 60-year-old woman was killed, three others including a rabbi were injured. authorities now say the suspect is also under investigation for a fire at a mosque last month,
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not far from the synagogue.>> were working with the police department and the fbi to determine the possible involvement in the arson at the mosque about one month ago. >> the suspect has been booked on one count of murder, three counts of attempted murder. the rabbi injured in the shooting says he received a call from president donald trump who shared his condolences on behalf of the american. . cleanup continued as authorities try to figure out what caused a crane to collapse, to workers inside the crane and two people in separate cars were killed. today we are learning more about those victims. a young woman from southern california. >> reporter: a tragedy affecting an entire city. one is especially difficult for a small community. >> from this tragedy we look
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for hope and inspiration.>> reporter: saturday evening the campus slowly began to realize one of their own had been killed.>> there are a lot of folks impacted by it. >> reporter: officials say sarah wong was a freshman at the school. she made seattle her home for a few months while she attended the university. school officials say she wanted to help people and planned on majoring in nursing. those plans came to a short and on saturday when a crane crashed into a car killing her.>> there is so much less in life for her to go through and get to experience.>> reporter: a freshman at seattle pacific university tells me the loss of her classmate will impact the entire school. this heartbreaking tragedy has changed the way she looks at life.>> don't take anything for granted and tell the people
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that you love that you love them as much as you can because you never know. >> authorities plan to release the names of the other victims tomorrow. all five men trapped inside a cave in southwest virginia have not been rescued. authorities say the men entered the cave yesterday to camp but started suffering mild hypothermia and exhaustion. crews began rescue operations after getting a 911 call from one of the men who was able to get out. they say that heavy rain and recent months created muddy conditions inside the cave. >> all the water going underground causes things to be slippery and muddy, so getting muddy and wet, all those good things contribute to the hypothermia. >> authorities say the group was not prepared for the conditions in the cave and did not have enough food or water.
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the men are being treated at the hospital for hypothermia and fatigue. a presidential candidate makes a visit to the bay area, what's beto o'rourke told hundreds of supporters today in san francisco . drone video that shows a family of five killer whales attacking a young gray well. what marine biologists are saying about this incredible video. it's cool out there, the last couple days very different than last week, i will plan out this week's forecast for you.
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now to the ghost ship warehouse fire trial in oakland, statements are set for tuesday, testimony is expected to take about three months before the case goes to the jury. the men are charged with three dozen counts of involuntary manslaughter, both men are responsible for the 36 lives lost when the warehouse caught fire in december 2016. we will have complete coverage of the trial, our team will have in-depth reports involving the fallout from the tragedy. it all begins this tuesday. another democratic presidential candidate visiting the bay area, this time beto o'rourke the former texas congressman held a town hall style rally in san francisco this afternoon.
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>> ladies and gentlemen the next president of the united states beto o'rourke. >> reporter: beto o'rourke gained national notoriety when he ran for the texas senate seat against ted cruz. he lost but the close race had many hoping he'd run for president. >> i work for him in texas at a senate campaign and the number of times during that senate campaign people would mutter to me or say to him while you're not running for president, he would say because i'm running for sender. it caught on so much during the texas campaign that it was not a surprise that's the question was something he was going to think about.>> reporter: on sunday several hundred came out in san francisco to hear him speak on the issues they care about. such as a plan to achieve universal healthcare.>> it's called medicare for america, it says the tens of millions of
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our fellow americans who have no care at all right now, and roll them in medicare immediately. secondly if you have an substantial care, cannot afford your premiums, your co-pays, the size of your deductible you can elect to move over to medicare and we will make sure you can do that if you have employer-sponsored insurance that you like, if you are a member of a union i just talked to the culinary workers and you like that employer-sponsored plan and choose to keep that because it works for you and your family, you are able to do that.>> reporter: and bringing change to our current political structure. >> lets not only gets big money out of politics, prohibit members of congress taking political action and bar lobbyists being able to contribute to the campaign of those that they will be before arguing for policy.>> reporter: or work himself not taking any political action committee money.>> he supports auto voter
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registration and also that another focus should be on a belt clean drinking water, he says it's not just flint michigan but other parts of america such as south carolina, people don't have access to clean drinking water. a new poll found that joe biden is leading among the democratic presidential candidates. a washington post poll found that 13% would choose biden if the vote was held today. senator bernie sanders came in second with 9%, south bend indiana mayor received 5%, harris and warren received 4% and beto o'rourke had 3%. nvidia tonight showing a pod of killer whales killing a gray well. the video might be disturbing to some people, a marine
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biologist captures the four hour attack with a drone. it happened yesterday in an area of the bay called the monterey submarine canyon. the gray well calf and his mother were on the migration from mexico to alaska when they ran into the pot of killer whales. the mother struggled to protect her babies and the calf fought hard but it did not have a chance against those five killer whales. fog outside right now, that's going to push and lends tonight as it did today. that sets us up with a pattern that will give us basically temperatures in the 70s all week. shower activity to the south, this is an area that could bring a few raindrops but for
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the most part the layer will be deeper, another system later on will make the marine layer deeper again so this whole week will be marked by extensive marine layer most likely even if it's not fog and low clouds it's going to be cooler because of the ocean air pushing inland. highs today in the 60s and 70s, highs wednesday in the 60s and upper 70s, thursday and friday closer into the low 80s but it's not about 90s. it's going to be a mild cool week and especially right along the coast next couple days it's all about this. last week we had record heat, this inversion was real shallow. when you don't have record heat you get these big deep conversions. that's the mechanism for the
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cooling, that's the plan anyway overnight lows as you expect in the 50s, forecast highs tomorrow yellows will be in the 70s, don't know if you'll see any orange so that's tomorrow's forecast map. you can roll that right it's tuesday and wednesday for the most part. here is the five day forecast, what i will do is pop in the weekend. right now you can see subtle changes. there comes the weekend and it cools off a little bit. but nothing dramatic. box office debut fit for a superhero. the film of vendors endgame made an estimated $1.2 billion around the world this weekend. it shattered the previous record set by avengers infinity war which made $640 million for its opening last year.
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endgame also broke the opening record in north america bringing in an estimated $350 million this weekend. captain marvel was a distant second with just over $8 million in ticket sales. just in case you did not know, 90% of the movie tickets sold in the u.s. this weekend were for avengers endgame. taylor swift also saturday record. her new video broke the record for most views on in vivo in a 24-hour period with more than 65 million views. the video took the number one spot from ariana ground day who had 59 million views for her music video called thank you, next taylor swift now holds three of the top five veevo 24 hour records.
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it was not freddy but the warriors takes game one against houston, we will hear why harden and the rockets are crying foul on a controversial no call late in the game.>> about 35 miles south the sharks get off to a fast start against the avalanche endgame to mike but end up letting home ice advantage slip away as the series now ships to colorado. a woman from northern california fighting leukemia, coming up the extra hurdle she's facing while trying to find a bone marrow donor.
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a woman from northern california is fighting for her life tonight, she's in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant and time is running out to find a match.>> reporter: 34-year-old estella was on top of the world, her dreams of adopting a little boy just came true. then a recent emergency room visit for some shoulder pain and fatigue changed everything.>> my white blood cell counts were 200, which is like five times the normal amount.>> reporter: doctors told her she might have cancer. >> i was still in denial at that point i kept asking them was the best case? >> reporter: 24 hours later a
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bone marrow biopsy confirmed her worst fears.>> the oncologist said this is leukemia and so that's when the reality set in. >> reporter: doctors told her not to worry they were hopeful to find a match.>> when the search came back he said it had been one of the most miserable searches he had ever done and that there were zero matches. so we are still awaiting the international database through korea.>> reporter: the matching donor must also be korean or of asian descent. there are very few minorities on the bone marrow registry. >> it's actually quite an easy process. it's an easy process just to see if you are a match.>> reporter: today stopping by the syrian church to see if they
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are a match.>> it's amazing how much family and friends have surrounded us in prayer.>> reporter: as estella prepares for her third round of chemotherapy, the community support and her husbands unconditional love and her precious son are keeping her strong. >> i hope she finds a match. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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