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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  April 29, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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hour period with over 65 million views. it took the number one spot from ari undergone, and she holds three of the top five records. a fire arrives outside of her uber office in daly city. details on what happened of what police are saying about the suspect. thousands of people going hungry in the bay areas. details of missed meals in the plan to seize them. the golden state warriors wind game one against the rockets. what both teams have to say about controversy surrounding the game. good morning. it is april 29 and were looking at a beautiful picture of san francisco skyline one of our cameras. fans of the game of thrones could not wait for last night's
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anticipated efforts for a major storyline for the rest of the series. if you haven't watched it yet or you're planning on it, we won't spoil anything. >> a lot of fans are complaining because the battle of winter full was on dark. they could not see what was going on. some people thought their tvs were broken. almost the entire episode happens at night. some people turned up the brightness which did not help. with older televisions people struggle through the entire episode. >> katie tweeted a shout out to everyone else learning their tv is trash in real time. and then another said the lighting budget for this episode was a candles. but on the bright side, i fell my tvs brightness setting. >> i talked to a friend of mine and i asked him and he said it's all for the mood.
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just turn off the lights in the room and watch the show. he did not mind it at all. >> they knew what they were doing. apparently, there was a really high viewership. >> good to have you back, by the way. a fire at a uber frame office is being investigated. the fire was deliberately set. we report on the arrest of one man and the damage done. >> reporter: the suspects name is casey long and the police department says he is accused of doing this. you can see the damage left behind from the fire behind me. the officers arrested him after he found them behind the building. when officers got to the building before 11:00 they saw a small fire near the front door. the fire was put out quickly and there wasn't much damage.
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he was spotted and arrested for arson. there is nothing that suggests the uber building was a target . we spoke to a witness who wants to stay anonymous but explained what he saw. >> i saw him put something down and run away and a few seconds later flames went up into the air and got bigger and bigger and i called 911. >> this is a uber greenlight hub where drivers can get their car inspected and activate their account. there is the state farm insurance office inside the building. this is being investigated as an arson and a man was arrested in connection to this fire. in daly city, ktvu fox2 news. the sheriff is expected to release the name of a man whose body was found floating in the ocean near half moon bay yesterday morning. it was spotted at the ritz
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carlton hotel. deputies are waiting to notify his family before releasing his name. a few people have been swept out to sea over the last few weeks. a senior in high school drowned while he was boogie boarding on april 15 and his body has not been found. and a car was seen driving over the cliff and the driver of that vehicle has not been found either. funeral services will be held for a 60-year-old woman killed at an attack in northeastern san diego county. >> in my own interpretation lori took the bullet for all of us and die to protect all of us. >> reporter: people at the synagogue said she was known for her kindness. she was killed and three other people were injured when a gunman entered the synagogue on saturday and started shooting. when the gun jammed a man
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chased him away. >> i'm happy i did that. >> reporter: the 19-year-old was arrested. he may face a cream, faith hate crime charges. a man is accused of driving drunk and killing an elderly woman and her dog is a cross the street. police say 72-year-old woman was on her routine walk with her two dogs around 10:00 at night when she was hit. she and one of her dogs were pronounced dead at the scene. the other dog was taken to the animal hospital. allen's longtime partner saw it happened and collapsed before he was rushed to the hospital. neighbors want the city to install speed bumps on butterfield road where the collision occurred. >> people driveway to fasten
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this neighborhood. we have children that get dropped off at the corner from school. >> the driver of the school of 30-year-old man is in the marin county jail tries with felony dui and vehicular manslaughter. boswell tried to hide before he was arrested and bail was set at $500,000. according to the chronicle, the sheriff is closing the jail as a cost-cutting measure. inmates will be moved to another gel that can hold over 3000 people. the city of alejo was us to u.s. justice department to improve city and community relations. this comes after the shooting of a 24-year-old man killed by police after falling asleep in his car outside of a taco bell. this was the 16th deadly shooting by offers, officers.
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former vice president joe biden is hitting the campaign trail today. he chose pittsburgh, pennsylvania a blue-collar city free making itself is attack of. he will hold its first speech. biden is 76 years old and announces candidacy on thursday. he will hold a rally at the teamsters tempo before union members. joe biden is leading among the 2020 presidential candidates. if the vote were to be held today he would top the field with 13% support. bernie sanders comes in second and then mayor pete received 5%. kamala harris and elizabeth warren each received 4%
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support. attorney william barr will be in the hot seat as lawmakers from the house and senate will hold, now there's question as to whether he will testify. will attorney general william barr testify before congress this week as planned or back out? he warned democrats he might not appear before the house judiciary committee because of a change in format. the house judiciary chairman said staff including attorneys would be invited to question him and not just members of congress. >> i think it's a good move by democrats to get their lawyers in expert staff to question the attorney general you're likely to elicit more information from professionals. >> testimony become after he sent his summary of the mueller report.
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democrats accused him of mischaracterizing the findings on collusion and obstruction. the justice department seeing the attorney general agreed to appear before congress therefore members of congress should be during the questioning . >> the attorney general is a senior officer of the executive branch and has his rights too. if congress, the house, wants to insist on this, they may have to issue a subpoena. let's just get the show on the road. >> democrats may choose to issue a subpoena if he doesn't show what. ktvu fox2 news . struck we had some cloudy skies earlier this morning. i'm seeing more and more sunshine behind us. >> the fog is burning back after a pretty good push this morning. the dodgers are in town tonight at 6:45. mostly sunny to start but low clouds coming in during the game. south south winds at 20 miles
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per hour. it could be quite chilly. rio vista, wind gust up to 32. travis air force base, 38 miles per hour. brentwood west at 18 miles per hour. on shore brisas are in place even though the clouds are burning off. rain in the san joaquin valley and the central california coast. pretty impressive. this system will be dropping down. there has been snow in montana all the way to the great lakes. cold air will sweep through and give lake tahoe some snow tomorrow. low clouds and sunny. the usual suspects and temperatures suffer san jose will be below average and about the same tomorrow. tracy, brentwood and concorde,
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59. last week we had upper 60s. you can see that rain in bakersfield all the way to santa barbara. there will be unseasonably cool temperatures. 60s to 70s after tuesday and then a warm up. there are signs of another low coming in and this one looks to be taking aim at us for the upcoming weekend. stay tuned. >> thank you. coming up, the confirmed cases of measles in a single year have hit a 25 year high. controversy at an elementary school has officials vote to keep michael jackson's name on the building despite claims of sexual abuse.
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a memorial has grown for one of three people who police say were killed by the same man in three different cities all the one day. friends of the man are dropping off flowers and leaving notes near the table where he played chess. one of the people he faced off against was stephan jefferson. jefferson killed cal after he killed two other people one in oakland and one in san francisco. people who knew both men say they are stunned >> it's crazy. he was one of us. >> jefferson is accused of the three separate killings and facing charges related to a shootout with the sheriff deputy in douglas county, nevada. and officer was hit in the hand. he is being held in the state
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of nevada and investigators are looking for the motives. police are investigating a sexual assault at a fraternity house at uc berkeley. the house is at channing ray and college avenue. the victim is a uc berkeley studio in. officers haven't given us information about a possible suspect. a well-known greek restaurant is being repaired after a friday on saturday night. it happened at 9:00 saturday night and flames and smoke shot through the roof of the building. one firefighter suffered a foot injury. investigators say they think the fire started in the kitchen. concerns grow over a nation wide measles outbreak. seven schools in the bay area have more than 50% of students not vaccinated. the bay area schools with the lowest % of vaccinations and
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it's a small moran school in san rafael will, where only 22% of students have all of their vaccines. another school only has 21% of their vaccinations at 29%. lori loughlin and her husband will plead not guilty. they face charges of bribery and fraud. reportedly they did not realize the $500,000 they paid to a callers facilitator would be used to get their daughters into school under false pretenses. convicted they could get up to 20 years in prison. michael avenatti is due in court today to enter a plea in charges filed against him. he represented stormy daniels and is accused of stealing millions of dollars from clients, cheating on his taxes and lying to investigators.
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he plans to plead not guilty. he also faces charges in new york. michael jackson's name will stay on an elementary school in west hollywood. they voted to keep the name of the popstar. parents called for a change after watching the hbo documentary in which two men say michael jackson abused them as boys. but he was never convicted of wrongdoing and can't defend himself. don't be surprised if you see a lot of vintage cars on local roads. there's a 1000 mile tour of northern california based on the italian automaker. the cars were on display yesterday in san francisco and include porsches, and naturally, an aston martin and several offer a male's and
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they're all from the 1927 to 1957 timeframe. >> there are other cars you probably know that a very flashy. these look nice and sweet. >> these nice cars come from 17 states as well as japan. the thousand mile tour starts in san francisco and heads to the napa valley and the mendocino foothills. from their, mount shasta and the tour will in in fellsburg on thursday. the home crowd was loud and ready to roll and the warriors came out swinging taking a nine point lead after that first quarter. it was 53 at the half. kevin durrant had a great
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second half. the rockets say trayvine green fell hard but the referees disagreed. there were 14 three, free throws in the game. >> i called the game how it was supposed to be hauled and that's it. just call it how it's supposed to be called >> i'm not going without one. >> they wind and game two is tomorrow night at oracle arena. >> the sharks scored the first goal on a rebound early in. they quickly tied it up and will go ahead 2-1. officials stayed silent and the sharks never were able to catch up.
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they ended up on the short end. they are tied one game apiece, game three is in colorado tomorrow night. a former raiders is retiring after 19 seasons with the raiders. he was drafted with the 2000 trapped and spent his last season in seattle. he's oakland's all-time leading scorer and 10th on the list in the nfl. he shared the news yesterday on twitter and said jenna kautsky will turn into a driver by taking his street rules to school which is a little bit of school there. he made more money than any kicker. what would happen if an asteroid were to hit earth? we might get an answer to the question and details on what nasa is working on.
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the top agency says it's time for a change. we will tell you why.
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police in ohio are calling an eight-year-old boy for saving himself and his sister during an attempted kidnapping. they were in the backseat of this car and the car was being driven by the grandmother. when the grandmother got out a 24-year-old hopped in and drove away. we see the two little ones. the boy opened up the car door. the boy pulled her out of the car and he jumped out and they managed to escape. police saw and stopped the speeding driver and arrested him. kate fox after appear in court after a petition was filed for a special prosecutor to investigate how the case was
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handled. the first hearing is set for thursday. a national security system for collecting data on phone records may be on the way out. >> trump administration sources tell fox news the nsa has recommended trump suspend one of the most controversial spying programs in american history. it is called stellar wind. the program has allowed to let the nsa gather information on phone lines and use by intelligence operatives to track down terrorists and their networks. but now sources confirmed the nsa things stellar wind has become burdensome. this issue was part of a deliberative intelligence community process and president trump will ultimately make the final decision. congress will have a say as well.
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the law expires in december. stellar wind is a top-secret program created by the bush administration after 9/11. edward snowden leaked its existence. stellar winds provoked an outcry and it included civilians against the intel community. >> i want that information to be hard to get to. >> reporter: president obama continued the program. >> this is not an issue in which we have to choose between security and civil liberties. >> reporter: the aclu supports killing the program but doing so doesn't go far enough to protect americans. sources say that stellar winds isn't as useful today as it was
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five years ago. terrorists prefer to use encrypted apps and social media. >> as terrorists migrate away from traditional funder abilities like unsecure phone lines and cell phones, this program comes less and less important. >> reporter: sources say the bet is on president trump shutting stellar wind down. since the present believes he was a victim of government spying, he's got less appetite for stellar wind than his predecessors. fox news. struck government agencies are set to meet next week to prepare for armageddon. nasa and fema are investigating what would be the plan to stop an asteroid or comet from impacting art. they will be conducting drills at a conference for scientists from across the world will get together and discuss. a new effort in the fight
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against hunger in the bay area. how a local food bank is not responding. are real estate agents ready to negotiate? the home from full house is about to hit the market with important upgrades. i like chillaxin'.
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the united explorer card makes things easy. traveling lighter. taking a shortcut. woooo! taking a breather. rewarded! learn more at the daly city police department has arrested a 26- year-old man setting a fire at a who was office building. that fire was reported at 10:40 last night. casey long was arrested near the scene. it does not appear the building was specifically targeted. the damage was a cracked front window. president trump says -- the
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president spoke directly with the rabbi. >> reporter: the shots rang out during services on saturday morning. three wounded and one killed at the synagogue. a 19-year-old is the only suspect. he is facing multiple charges including hate crimes. president trump is bracing worshipers and first responders whose quick thinking save lives. tweeting this morning, i spoke at length yesterday to the rabbi where i extended my warmest condolences to him and all affected by the shooting in california. what a great guy. he had one finger blown off and all he wanted to do was help others. goldstein says see in the president spoke for 15 minutes sharing comfort and consolation. >> we spoke about the moment of violence and then he was just
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so comforting. >> police are calling, combing through his social media accounts. there is a manifesto. and nasa community comes to terms with what happened, many are seeing an example and upticks against around the world . >> there is just so much hate in the world that people don't understand who tuberous people are and what their values are. >> reporter: officials have found no connection between the suspect and extremist groups. ktvu fox2 news . for more on today's top stories let's check in with dave in the newsroom. controversial comments from stephen moore trump's nominee for the federal reserve board are being re-examined. he is a longtime conservative commentator and wrote articles
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about women commenting on their clothing and complaining about whether they can be referees and commentators in basketball. stephen moore says he regret some of this but they should stand on his economic record. if his nomination becomes too much of a liability, he would withdraw his nomination. boulton our police are looking for a man who shot at two barbecue cookouts. one person died at the scene and five of the surviving victims were between 28 and 58 years old. the police commissioner said the shooting appeared to be targeted and there could've been a second shooter. no arrests have been made. a major seattle road has been reopened after a construction crane fell down onto several cars until four
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people. two of the dead were in the crane and two people were killed inside of cars. the medical examiner is expected to give information about all four people killed. one of them was off los angeles county. and injured mother and her young child are now back home recuperating and then injured man is expected to be released from the hospital soon. >> and that's a brief look at some of the top stories we're working on. we live in one of the wealthiest areas of the country but thousands in our area go hungry every day. while officials are seeing an improving trend, there is a lot of work to do. >> reporter: that latest report on hunger is showing that san francisco and marine counties missed 35 million meals. that report tracking hunger and 2017. the food bank is saying that
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shows a tremendous need in san francisco and marin county. the number is trending down from 2013 and 2016 attributed to slow but steady growth in the amount of food being provided and an overall decline in the number of low income people living in that area. it is encouraged by the latest findings, but 35 million missed meals is too many. >> those are males of people can afford for themselves and that are not being provided. that is what we've got. 35 million meals. the food bank is announcing a construction project and the food bank has maxed out. they are adding 28,000 square feet to the building in san francisco and they are announcing major renovations to
9:35 am
the facility and marin county. they are relying on some star power. they are working with metallica and abandons encouraging fans to volunteer on may 22 at food bank's here in the bay area and across the country. there is no guarantee that if you come to the food bank in san francisco you will see a rock star but in years past, metallica's drummer has been on hand here in san francisco. we're live in san francisco, ktvu fox2 news . tourney to fox2 weather, is going to be a nice day. >> not bad. we are back in a cooler pattern. there could be a big change for the weekend. the dodgers and the giants tonight. that breeze will be in place.
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there is a roaring west wind. a westward in brentwood, this is all on shore. this is all the way out to the delta and the sacramento valley. low clouds are more persistent to the north. rather impressive. and upper low moved into southern california giving los angeles, las vegas, phoenix and the central coast a little bit of rain. it also brought in a bigger fog thing for us. cold temperatures in san jose. livermore, forecast below. low 60s and a lot of 50s. sunnyvale, 60. upper 50s for some. cool on the coast. 62 in santa cruz yesterday. some of that rain moving from bakersfield to santa barbara.
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las vegas and phoenix are looking at some and of april rain. tomorrow in the sierra nevada could get a dusting of snow. if you're going to the mountains, be advised that there could be lows in the teens or 20s and cold air will be coming in. today, 67 with the breeze. warmer by thursday and friday but another low is on the way which will be tracking more toward us. testimony could last up to three months. the defendants are each charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 36 people who perished in the fire. they are criminally responsible for this fire because warehouse guests and residents were in danger by a makeshift electrical system.
9:38 am
defense lawyers argue the owners and the oakland fire and police departments are guilty because they knew about the dangers and did not take action. our team will have in-depth reports about the fallout after the tragedy and it all begins tomorrow. san francisco's grace cathedral church will have a concert in solidarity with the notre dame cathedral. the san francisco opera and the organist inside notre dame when the fire started. investigators are looking into whether a short-circuit started that fire earlier this month. it destroyed much of the roof. tonight's concert is free but registration is required. strike mother 1000 architects are warning the french president not to rush to rebuild notre dame. they would rather he take time to ensure adequate measures are
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taken to preserve the iconic cathedral. last week the government presented a plan that would forgo protocols. some experts say that five years is impossible to achieve. san francisco small business commission is against the ban on e-cigarettes sales calling it a nanny state measure. the proposal would ban the sale of e-cigarettes until the fda evaluates the impact on public health and improves their marketing. the commission voted 6-1 against the band. the board of supervisors will vote in coming weeks. board members for the national rifle association will meet after their president said he will not serve a second term. there is a bitter fight between oliver north. north threatened to release damaging information
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about the nra. the nra wrapped up their meeting and this year it included a concealed carry fashion show. it combined the world of clothing, accessories, and guns. >> when i got into the military i couldn't find anything that was practical. >> concealed carry fashion includes purses with large pockets for guns. the san francisco house known as the home of the tanner family and full houses set to go on the market this week. the inside was never used for their show or its spinoff. the creator of the shows purchase a house two years ago and have given it seismic updates and renovated the interior. the home is expected to be on sale for $5.5 million.
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the home will be shown by appointment only. >> have you guys ever been there? >> i've been by it but i've never been inside. coming up, the pill in the patch and now what could be the necklace or the ear rings. we will show you the birth control bleeding in just a minute. (dad) this ice cream cake needs a freezer. (mom) freezer's full. (vo) only frigidaire's custom flex temp drawer can switch from fridge to freezer.
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flat. apple is responding to a report that is cracking down on monitoring control screen time. it removes several parental control apps because of security and privacy concerns. two app makers have claimed that their eliminating competition with their own program. apple says the absent eliminated gave third-party control in the most sensitive information including location, email accounts and history. the wall street journal reports the faa and boeing's biggest customer, southwest airlines were not told a feature had been turned off. that feature cigna when censures were receiving information about the nose of the plane. the aircraft maker could turn on that feature again.
9:45 am
boeing has not said why it turned off the alert system. marriott is going to expand the home rental business to take on air bnb. the move could lead to marriott becoming the first major hotel chain to create a us home rental platform and follows a pilot program in europe. hilton and hyatt hotels are also looking into the home rental business. the newest options on jaguars and land cruisers could be including crypto currency. drivers could earn crypto coins by allowing the car to automatically pass along information. its testing data about road conditions including potholes and congestion. coins could be redeemed for coffee, tolls, electric car charging. the not saying when this could be available. scientists are working on new forms of birth control that
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women could wear along with their normal jewelry. that could provide up to one week of contraception. they can attach from anything. the package have hormones absorbed into the skin. the patches are in the research phase. losing just a little sleep can make a big difference in your productivity. tech workers that slept just 16 minutes left have a poor sense of judgment and reduced productivity. the university of south florida study shows a little less sleep increases your stress level. sleep could only be one factor. the impact was more noticeable on weekdays and less obvious on weekends. avengers endgame made $1.2 billion around the world this weekend and shattered the previous record set by avengers
9:47 am
infinity war which made $640 million. endgame broke an opening record for domestic box office receipts. the movie made an estimated $350 million in north america this weekend. captain marvel jumped from fourth place to second place with $8 million in ticket sales and that is not to be before people washed up before going to avengers endgame. sigourney weaver surprised the new jersey high school cast of alien the play. at hadron widespread praise. weaver who played ellen ripley taped a youtube video calling it incredible. she surprised the cast by showing up at an encore presentation and telling the crowd it was the night she's been waiting for. >> that is pretty cool.
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it only took a few seconds on saturday for two cooling towers to come crashing to the ground in somerset, massachusetts. the power plant opened in 1963. the property owners will turn that area into a multi-use facility. a bounce house was picked up and carried by high winds. it happened near tulsa, oklahoma. there were three children inside. apparent was able to stop it after it was in the air. the bounce house may not have been anchored to the ground. >> don't let your kids get into
9:52 am
a bounce house on a windy day, ever. >> emergency responders were at the event and all rushed over to make sure everyone was okay. a family in walnut creek with a little boy with a brain termer says there overwhelmed with the support they're getting. deacon has gone through two surgeries and might need a third. his mother is a coach. a raffle and donation race thousands for the family. >> being able to turn our focus and our resources to somebody that house brought so much to our business as special. >> it is overwhelming the support that she's gotten from this family and this fight club. >> the cancer foundation plans to host another fundraiser this weekend. a sacramento area woman is
9:53 am
in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant. she was just told the adoption of her little boy was approved and then she was diagnosed with leukemia. doctors have started a search for a bone marrow match. >> when he came back, he said it was one of the most miserable searches he had ever done. there were zero matches. and so we are still awaiting the international database through korea. >> reporter: since estella is korean, a matching donor must also be korean or of asian descent. she says she is not giving up hope. >> we fought so hard for my son. there is no way i'm going to miss his life. >> reporter: a korean presbyterian church held an event to get people signed up for the bone marrow registry. it only takes a cheek swab to
9:54 am
tell if you're a potential match. for the first time ever a drone delivered a human organ for transplant. the university of maryland shared this video of a kidney being transplanted. the doctors say the system could provide a speedy and safe option compared to traditional methods. mark zuckerberg is sharing his new information. >> he took to instagram to show followers his invention. the sleep boxes on his wife's nightstand it emits a light that will let her know is that window of time where it's okay if the little girls wake up. the box does not show the time. so she wakes up in the middle
9:55 am
of the night and she will not to go back to sleep and don't worry about what time it is. so far the box is working better than expected. and i have to say, not looking at the time is crucial. if you look at the time, you gauge how much time you have left and you just lie awake and count down the minutes. >> do you look at the time when you wake up >> no. i don't need it. when the alarm goes off i get up and go to work. >> my house isn't that big. i don't think i need a wooden box. thank you for watching, everybody. we will see you back here at noon. have a good week. ek. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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