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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  April 30, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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criminally responsible for the fire. each of them faces 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. good evening. i'm julie haener . >> i'm frank somerville. officially, the cause of the ghost ship fire is undetermined but it has been widely considered to be accidental. however, today, the defense attorney introduced a whole new theory on who is to blame. ktvu's henry lee was in court today and is here now with more. henry? >> reporter: a defense attorney says he has evidence the fire was arson and that whoever started the fire should be on trial and not their clients. the d.a. was up for us. the prosecutor says the go ship master tenant derick almena and max harris are responsible for the tragedy that took 36 lives. 36 names, 36 pictures, 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. that's how prosecutor casey bates started his opening presentation to the jury, showing photos one by one of all the victims that died in the coast ship warehouse fire. relatives of the victims packed the courtroom, eager for answers.
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>> we have been living on rumors and we want to find out the true. >> reporter: the truth, the d.a. told the jury of 9 women and 3 men, is that derick almena at least the warehouse and illegally turned it into a residential death trap while max harris corrected collected the rent. when the fire broke out, those in cyber dunes because there were no fired extinguishers, smoke alarms or smoke detectors. some of the windows had bars on them. the d.a. told the jury there was noted no notice of smoke or flame, no time to escape, no adequate exits, no notice, no time, no exits. the d.a. showed text messages from victims who reached out to loved ones before they die. one victim wrote, "i'm going to die." another road, i love you." outside court, an attorney says he has new information about the cause of the fire . >> we have overwhelming him evidence that this was an arson fire and the prosecution is saying there wasn't enough time , notice, or exits for people to leave and that is exactly
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what the arsonist intended. >> reporter: family members of the victims say nothing will bring their loved ones back but they say they want some kind of justice. >> the reality is finally setting in that it has started and hopefully we can get to a conclusion or the verdict that perhaps is something we can all live with and accept. >> reporter: next step, tomorrow we will hear from derick almena's attorney who will address the jury on his opening remarks and after that court will be dark until monday because there is no session on friday and the judge herself has jury duty on thursday. >> henry, what was it like in the courtroom? was it full? >> absolutely packed. both the victims, relatives, those surviving. i did see derick almena and his wife and a bunch of media. >> it is odd to me that the judge in this incredibly high profile case, that we have been
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waiting for for a long time for two years, over two years, would be on jury duty on thursday. >> that just goes to show trina thompson does believe that civic duty is a high calling. she has repeatedly thanked the jurors for their service and she might find it hypocritical if she did not serve herself . >> it seems like she would have a good excuse to get out of that one. >> absolutely. thanks, henry. stay with ktvu and henry will be in the court for the entire trial and we will constantly be updating you on new developments. oakland police are looking for man accused of attacking an off-duty alameda sheriffs county sheriffs deputy with a knife. it happened at the eastmont town center this morning near foothills boulevard. the deputy was going to work at the social services office when he encountered a man blocking the entrance. that deputy asked him to move and instead, police say, the man/the deputies hand with the
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knife and ran off. the deputy suffered minor injuries. 10 people were taken to the hospital in san jose after a vta bus rear-ended another bus. first responders were called at about 6:40 am to the intersection of the alameda and west juuling street. police say about 13 people were injured, 10 were taken to the hospital and police say the cause of the crash is under investigation. however, they do not think that drugs or alcohol were involved. you would 6:00, cracking down on sideshows by going after spectators. in san jose, people caught watching sideshows can now face jail time. the city council is considering an ordinance at a meeting of the way right now that prohibits spectators for from attending illegal street races. alyana gomez joins us live from san jose. it is your understanding the vote will likely be unanimous? >> reporter: good evening to you, julie. that's what i'm hearing from city leaders tonight. they are excepting expecting a unanimous decision. although this item has not been taken up yet, the meeting inside is going on longer than expected but we did speak with city leaders prior to the
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meeting who tell me and highlighted the sheer number of deaths that have occurred as reason enough for this ordinance to go through. speeding cars, blocked traffic and large crowds often serving as human guardrails. the city of san jose has had enough of it. tuesday, the council voted to start punishing people who watch and witness these dangerous sideshows. >> i'm very supportive of it because it takes away the motivation for those people who want to get reckless with their vehicles. i think if you take away the motivation, these things will subside and hopefully, nobody will get killed anymore. >> reporter: these two men accused of street racing were arrested last october when their truck slammed into a yellow cab in san jose. the 49-year-old female passenger inside the taxi was ejected and died. >> just the last 4 years, we have lost 6 and people as a result of street racing in the city. >> reporter: the ordinance is said to be another tool for police to prevent sideshows by targeting the people who potentially protect perpetuate and participate in this illegal
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activity. check out this social media. it reads, "block them streets. they don't toe cars in sj." it highlights the need for more consequences. now spectators to be hit with misdemeanor charges punishable by a $1000 fine or 6 months in county jail. the mayor says that kind of punishment is for the worst offenders . >> typically nobody would get the kind of sentence unless they have been engaging in repeat conduct so it is about the threat and trying to just her the activity. >> reporter: cities like los angeles, san diego, ontario and sacramento have already adopted similar spectator ordinances. this as other police departments across the bay area continue to crackdown on sideshow activity in an effort to prevent more out-of-control scenes like this one in oakland.
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in the last 20 or 30 minutes or so, i saw the san jose police chief heading into the council meeting and i asked him about this particular ordinance. of course, the punishment that we have been talking about here. he says if anybody wants to go to an illegal sideshow in this city, they should expect to be cited or arrested. he said we are talking about human life here and that is not something to play with vicki says if it is approved tonight, he hopes it will go into effect before the summer. reporting live in san jose, alanna gomez, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> thank you. in san francisco, city officials approved the plan to provide an overnight parking for people who live in their rvs. the board of supervisors said the parking facility will have so-called triage centers with showers and services to help people get into permanent housing. no location has been chosen yet but supervisors say the parking lots will serve two purposes. getting rvs off of city c3's and also providing a safe place for rv owners . >> everybody we know is going to be different but we have a
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place for them to come and safely park and get the services they need plus assessment and have that where the city can shine a light to figure out what is our next step. >> the program limits how long someone can stay to 90 days. homeless advocates say there are more than 300 rvs on the streets of san francisco. san francisco international airport is working on a new way to ease congestion and traffic backups on the loading areas outside terminals. the airport is preparing a new pickup location for rideshare uses. starting in june, people using uber and lyft will need to cross to the short-term parking garage and go to the top level. the airport is setting up a designated area there for rideshare passages but officials hope the change will keep people moving through the airport more efficiently. >> every day there is about 70,000 cars that traverse our roadways and about 35% of that activity is uber and lyft so it is a large chunk of our overall picture. >> the move will not affect drop off. you can still get
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dropped off curbside and it also will not affect the international terminal. rideshare pickups there will still take place at the centre island. the airport is aiming to have the new domestic pickup area ready to go on june 3. we learned today that former east bay congresswoman, ellen tauscher has died. she was 67 years old. tauscher was a trailblazer for women in the world of finance. she then served in congress for more than 10 years before joining the obama administration. tributes are pouring in tonight from friends and colleagues all across the country. ktvu's maureen naylor tells us about the legacy that ellen tauscher leaves behind. >> reporter: >> by then, i was calling it a speed bump. >> reporter: former east bay congresswoman, ellen tauscher is being remembered as the brilliant principled public servant and glass ceiling breaker. she was one of the first to hold a seat on the new york stock exchange and after 12 years in congress, work is the under secretary of state for president obama. monday, tauscher died at
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stanford hospital, her family says, after a battle with pneumonia. >> they said, you have a very, very big tumor in your esophagus. >> reporter: it marks the last health battle for the alamo resident. two years ago, the former representative spoke about her successful fight against stage iii esophageal cancer while at the same time negotiating a nuclear arms treaty with russia. >> i understand what i have to do here. i just have to outlive my cancer. >> reporter: after 8 rounds of chemo, tauscher did a liver cancer but continued to have publications. in a statement, her family said, "public service was a calling and there was no job she loved more than representing the people of contra costa, alameda and solano counties for seven terms in congress." but i will remember as being fierce. she was fierce in the way she conducted herself in congress, she then went on to the administration and served there and was right next to secretary of state, hillary clinton in terms of negotiating nonprofit elation agreements around the world.
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>> hillary clinton tweeted a joint statement with former president bill clinton saying, "ellen woke up every day determined to make a difference and make a difference she did. she was fearless, brilliant and bighearted." >> reporter: current east bay congressman and presidential hopeful eric swalwell interned with her in the summer of 2001 and said it is what inspired him to go into politics. >> i work for a democratic member of congress in ellen tauscher but i did not always know what party she was affiliated with because she was someone hanging out and working with republicans. >> reporter: while she encompassed a lot professionally, her family says tauscher's proudest a competent was her daughter, catherine. ellen tauscher was 67 years old. family members of the former congresswoman say they are working on memorial plans but have yet to announce them. in the senate as a studio, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. up next tonight, an environmental group raises concerns about chemicals in california drinking water. it
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says individual contaminants may be within acceptable ranges but what about the combined effect? also mark zuckerberg takes center stage at facebook's f8 developers conference. later in the newscast, why he says the future is private. pretty cool out there today. one of the cooler days we have seen in a while. temperatures trending on the mild side but there will be a warm-up. i will show you that in the five-day forecast. at 6:30 pm, an honor roll student in the east bay now looking to play with an elite basketball team but despite making the cut, there is a chance he won't be able to join the roster. a live look now at 880 and oakland there oracle arena where the workers are getting ready to play the houston rockets for game 2 of the second round of the nba playoffs. ktvu news at 6:00 will be back in 2.5 minutes.
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a new study is raising questions about the various contaminants found in california tapwater. and how those small amounts of chemicals and carcinogens are linked to cancer cases. >> as ktvu's cristina rendon reports, researchers want government regulators to look beyond individual contaminants to determine if a combined effect poses a danger . >> reporter: should you be concerned about the tapwater from your sink? a new study published tuesday from the environmental working group sound found a mixing of chemicals and drinking water could cause an estimate of
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15,500 additional cases of cancer over the course of a lifetime. the author of the study, in san francisco, says most water contaminants are typically assessed and regulated one at a time . >> this is a new framework where we are looking at what are the health impacts of multiple contaminants that occur in drinking water. this is more representative of exposure that you are seeing in real life. >> reporter: she says researchers use water data from 2010 to 2015 and looked at the top occurring carcinogens and other contaminants in water systems across the state. the contaminants include chemicals such as chromium, arsenic and disinfectant byproducts. >> the systems had the highest cancer risk were systems that mostly served smaller communities. some of the highest cancer risk, some of the highest communities associated with the highest risks served populations under 10,000
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people. >> reporter: some bay area water districts like the san francisco public utilities commission say they are still reviewing the report but assure customers their water is clean, safe and reliable. >> the water meets and surpasses all state and federal standards. ecm i water is safe. the study itself paints kind of a broad brush approach so we are reviewing the methodology. >> reporter: tsfp you see says their 2.7 million customers receive high-quality tapwater every day, too. part of a statement is, "to ensure quality, we test all water more than 100,000 times annually throughout the system to ensure we consistently meet or exceed safe and state and federal standards for health and regulatory requirements." they hope to serve a dialogue about looking at contaminants as groups . >> while the majority of systems in california to get a passing grade according to the
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federal legal standards, but there may still be health risks below those levels. >> reporter: cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. looking at the temperatures from today, certainly cooler by last then last week by 20 degrees, 25 in other cases, 69 in santa rosa, one of the cool spots was oakland at 63, 73 in fairfield where i would expect it to be upper 70s, low 80s so temperatures cooler than you might expect especially in land like livermore. the wind and fog continuing to push onshore and you can see it here with the wind streaks put in. the fog cleared out again, it has cleared in the sunset district of san francisco and at the golden gate bridge but the fog will come back again tonight, as you would expect. with that said, tomorrow will be a day very similar to the day we had today. it is going to be fog at the coast, temperatures generally in the 60s and low 70s so not a very warm day but certainly, you know, kind of a below
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average day in many cases for temperatures. 69 in fairfield, 64 in livermore. there is a live shot of the city. fog will be back tonight. when the fog gets back in, temperatures will cool off quickly tonight. again, tomorrow, wednesday, just like today, with a general warming trend coming our way. will show you that we see you next. we are following developing news out of north carolina. officials say two people are dead in a shooting at the university of north carolina at charlotte. campus police say they received a report of several students being shot on campus at 4:40 pm local time. they say officers quickly subdued the suspect who was armed with a pistol. there are no other suspects outstanding. 3 people are now in critical condition. we don't have any word yet on a motive. a lockdown on the campus has been lifted. this was the last day of classes at the campus of more than 26 26,000 students. two investigates that has
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learned that the vallejo police officer who detained a man for a traffic stop is back on the job. officer david mclaughlin has returned to work with limited duties. he was placed on leave in february after this cell phone video showed him tackling adrian burrell on burrell's own front porch. the same officer that 2 investigates show drawing his gun in a busy shopping center last summer after a minor argument. vallejo police have not said if they took any disciplinary action or about the officers current duties and an internal in fares affairs investigation is still underway. a new push to protect tenants from of action. will tell you the new bill up in sacramento and why landlords say would unfairly tyler hands. you may recognize that young man shooting from long distance down at the warriors far end of the court. >> reporter: that is stephon curry getting ready for tonight's game 2 of the nba western conference semifinal series between the warriors and
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houston rockets. we have a live report coming up. wake up with mornings on 2 and give yourselves the powers to know before you go . >> a deadly accident but the braid bay bridge to a standstill. >> the motorcycles chase that ended up here on the bridge. we do not recommend driving from oakland to separate cisco. >> be sure to watch every morning on ktvu fox 2. many people living with diabetes monitor their blood glucose every day. which means they have to stop. and stick their fingers. repeatedly. today, life-changing technology from abbott makes it possible to track glucose levels. without drawing a drop of blood, again and again. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life.
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oracle arena is prepped and ready for game 2 of the golden state warriors playoff series with the houston rockets. tip off is still an hour away. after a contentious first game, it was highlighted by complaints about fouls and flops. >> ktvu's joe fonzi is courtside right now as players are getting warmed up. joe? >> reporter: no shortage of storylines in this game. we are going to get off right away because there are no people bigger than the two people out on the court right now for their respective teams. there is james harden who just came out, getting warmed up for the rockets. at the far end of the court, steph curry is getting warmed up for the warriors. that is one of the storylines, james harden complaining about the fouls that were not called in game 1. another storyline is chris paul getting find for the contact he made with an official but would really what is it all about is it should come down to the players making the place. as far as the warriors are
6:25 pm
concerned, what they know they have to do is cut down on turnovers. they had 20 turnovers in that win on sunday against the rockets and they also only made 7.3 shots. these are teams that played very different style of play. the rockets almost disdain two point shots. they want threes, they don't shoot as many threes but the warriors know that they have to play better when it comes to taking care of the basketball. >> that is where we've got to clean up, 20 turnovers, a lot of them on's forced and when you are playing with the team, you cannot live with that. you can't get away with that too often. >> there is going to be time where it is just again, the way we played but keeping them around that 10 number, the fact that we played when we did with 20 turnovers, speaks a lot about how much better we can play and hopefully take control of things. >> reporter: and you watched star power kevin durant has just come out and you heard the fact that you could not see
6:26 pm
steph curry anymore, he is back in the tunnel but made his long distance tunnel shot. that was the cheer so that is always a good omen for the warriors when that happens. you want more star power james harden right here, warming up for the houston rockets. let's have one more storyline into the game, guys, and that is the fact that scott foster is one of the officials tonight and he is the guy that the rockets have a history with. the last time the rockets saw him in february, james harden fouled out of the game and was fined for comments he made so no shortage of storylines and this should be a good one as the warriors and rockets get ready for game 2 here. back to guys in the studio . >> i'm just wondering, you've been following basketball for a long time. what are your thoughts about all the whining about the calls? i kind of thing, yeah,
6:27 pm
sometimes they go for and sometimes against but doesn't seem to you like there is a lot of whining about the referees? >> reporter: i'm waiting for a guy in the nba to say yes, actually did make a foul. i don't think anybody commits a foul anymore. yes, it has become a posturing thing. there is no question about it. there is kind of a school of thought that says, the rockets may be trying to get in the officials heads tonight and say, we saw some calls go against us, we want and we are going to be watching closely to see if they go for us tonight but all in all, i think the players and coaches would all say, you want the game to be decided by players making plays, not by the officials call. >> it all gets underway soon. joe fonzi live at oracle arena. joe, thank you. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 pm is next with an honor student streams of joining an elite basketball team. >> i've been playing since i was 5 years old. >> see why he may not be able to play if he does not get a lot of help and the appeal from his mother. today was the first day of the annual facebook developers conference. mark marcus epps zuckerberg
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kicked it off by addressing security concerns. no one's journey begins with a trophy.
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not to our top stories,
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opening statements began today in the ghost ship warehouse fire place with an alameda county prosecutor showing jurors pictures and reading the names of all 36 people who died that day. derick almena and max harris are facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the fire that broke out in december 2016. >> former east bay congresswoman has died due to complications from pneumonia following a long battle with cancer. she was 67 years old. tauscher was one of the first women to hold a seat on the new york stock exchange. she served in congress for more than decade before joining the state department under hillary clinton during the obama administration. and it is to say in san jose, people caught watching sideshows could face jail time. city councils are voting on an
6:32 pm
ordinance right now that would prohibit spectators it is legal sideshows. the offense would be classified as a misdemeanor and repeat offenders could see fines and jail time. >> you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 pm. tonight we made a mother who says she has put away her pride to help her son . the 15-year- old is an honor roll student at fremont high school in oakland. >> unfortunately, no finances are threatening to come between the teenager and his next goal so his mom is hoping the kindness of strangers will help out. new at 6:30 pm, tran wants andre senior here with the story. frank and julie, the single mother is raising 3 kids in a rough part of oakland working a full-time job. she lost her own brother in east oakland and says she wants to do whatever she can to protect her own children. >> i've been playing since i was about 5 years old . >> it is not key funds only passion which is clear in this honor roll certificate. >> >> reporter: what is your
6:33 pm
favorite subject? >> algebra . >> why? >> it is easy. >> reporter: he has a gpa of 3.2 while playing basketball with the schools team. with summer on the horizon, the ninth grader wants to use the time to hone his skills on the basketball court so his mom can sign him up for the basketball team . >> >> reporter: why do you want to sit and play for them? >> they are my favorite players. >> reporter: he has already played some games. this video is of him in action a couple of weeks ago with the soldiers in los angeles but the single mother of three would have to pay $1500 for her son to continue to participate, money she does not have. >> is really difficult. we live in one of the highest states, ever, california. i pay for rent, of course, like everyone else. i have to pay for food out of my pocket. >> reporter: she launched a gofundme page desperate to keep her son busy during the summer and off the streets of east oakland. the same streets in which she lost her brother the gun violence 3 years ago . >> i thought it would be great
6:34 pm
to keep him occupied during the summer, using his time doing something positive. >> reporter: the last time she used gofundme was to raise money for her brother's funeral expenses and she said she had second thoughts for using it for this. >> i thought, it doesn't matter what they say. i know where my heart is with this and it is just to take care of him and make sure he is able to play. >> put back her campaign has already raised $500 needed to keep her son on the soldiers team . >> it is just a blessing to be able to do what i do and make my mom proud. >> reporter: when asked about those who have already donated, missouri became emotional. >> it just, it just warms my heart that people care, just to see him doing something positive and want to support him, it just makes me feel so good. thank you. >> a spokesman representative for the oakland soldiers best about team said they tried to offer payment assistance to families who really needed. if you would like to help this
6:35 pm
son and his mom reasonable, head to and look in the web links section . >> so touching, hearing the mom talk about how grateful she is for people caring and hats off to him. >> absolutely, he is doing a great job in school and on the court . >> and algebra is his favorite. >> who always says that? >> he says it's easy. there are a number of made a relish plan in the bay area for tomorrow, may 1. every year, people here and around the world gather for marches and rallies to celebrate workers. in oakland, a rally in organized by the longshore union workers and education unit is planned for 10 am at howard terminal pickens of cisco, a made a rally is set for 5:00 at civic center plaza and in san jose, a rally is planned for 3:00 at mexican heritage plaza. a bill designed to protect california renters from addiction has moved one step closer to becoming law at the state capital. the assembly judiciary committee approved the proposal
6:36 pm
by assemblyman rahm rob bonta of alameda. the bill would place new restrictions on landlords seeking to evict tenants, something known as a just cause eviction. landlords would be required to cite a specific reason like missed rent payments or illegal activity before they could issue an eviction notice. opponents say the proposed law would make it more difficult for property owners to evict problem tenants. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is promising to improve users privacy and information security. zuckerberg kicked off his company's annual conference for software developers in san jose. security concerns have shattered the company since its creation. last year, zuckerberg was questioned by congress after a massive data theft. today, he announced plans to transform facebook's digital townsquare to smaller, more private secure forums. >> i get that a lot of people are not sure that we are serious about this. i know that we don't exactly have the strongest reputation on privacy right now. >> zuckerberg went on to say he believes the future is privacy
6:37 pm
and the facebook is working to better secure user data and improve encryption. coming up, an international yacht race called sale gp here in the bay area. these boats can go up to 50 to 60 miles per hour. we will show you the practice drowned held today and when the racing gets underway. first after the break, the latest on the uprising in venezuela as the opposition leader and supporters rally to take power.
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forces clashed with
6:40 pm
venezuelan national guard troops as opposition leader, juan guaido called for his supporters to take to the streets. on twitter, he said the final phase to oust president nicolas maduro has begun. maduro has remained out of sight but tweeted the military is still loyal to his regime. the trump administration repeated its support for juan guaido and called for a peaceful transition of power. >> we are with you and america will stand with you in this hemisphere of freedom until your democracy is restored. >> guaido is calling for further protest against the maduro president tomorrow. >> reporter: the need to double a the need to fix america's roads and bridges created a rare moment of bipartisanship in washington, dc today.
6:41 pm
president trump and top democratic leaders agreed to work together on an ambitious $2 trillion project to revitalize the nation's infrastructure. speaker pelosi and chuck schumer spoke to reporters outside of the white house after emerging from what they called a very productive meeting with the president. >> all of us want to get something done on infrastructure. in a big and bold way. there was goodwill in this meeting and that was different than some of the other meetings that we have had. >> the democrats say they plan to return to the white house in three weeks to determine how to find the infrastructure project. the goal is to quickly fix america's growing number of potholes, failing bridges, and aging mass transit systems. all right, we are looking at temperatures out there that are generally running behind where you would expect for this time of year but there is a slight warm-up coming. i will have the details. let's go to ktvu's alex savidge in the newsroom with a look at some of the stories
6:42 pm
we're looking at for the 7:00 news on ktvu plus. san francisco fire chief, joanne his white is talking about her upcoming retirement at today's board of supervisors meeting. how she is paying tribute to her friend, the late mayor edley. an eye-opening new psa about children and active shooter drills. a discussion coming up tonight on whether or not they help or hurt our kids. we will have those stories and more coming up tonight live at 7:00 on ktvu plus. the first after the break, it was not a crash or a stalled car but a sea lion on the highway that slowed traffic this morning. we will have details on the unusual rescue coming up. taking a live look out as we look to some of the temptations, we have a story related to this song coming up. >> ♪ please don't leave me call , girl, don't you go." ♪ so with xfinity mobile
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thank you for watching ktvu fox 2. >> where the power of 2 comes from you . a chp officer was called on to help rescue a sea lion today spotted along highway 101 in south sent this go. drivers alerted the chp about a 30 a.m. this morning 8:30 am this morning. several people got out of their cars to corral the sea lion and keep it out of traffic until officers arrived. once the chp was on scene, the sea lion just jumped right into the backseat of the patrol car. the marine mammal center was also called out to help with the rescue. >> so cute. a new international sailing race has come to san francisco. half a dozen catamarans from different countries have been practicing on the bay this week to get ready for this weekend's races. ktvu's rob roth went out on the water today to get a closer look. >> reporter: out here on windy, choppy, san francisco bay, these teams of sailors record
6:46 pm
representing 6 different countries are getting ready for this weekend's big races. it is not america's cup but a race that tech ellis and his startup call sail gp. >> today was on the edge. >> reporter: kirby is the skipper of the u.s. team. he raced in two of america's cup's before this . >> this is the fastest boats in the world and the cup are not even as fast as these. >> reporter: these practice runs were tuneups for saturday and sunday. the boats are all at 50 catamarans. unlike america's cup yachts, each boat has the exact same design and technology. skill will make the difference in the races. the chinese team, for instance, almost capsize. >> you will see the boats all flying wingless. that is very new technology.
6:47 pm
the sailors out here are literally on the forefront of technology. >> reporter: san francisco is the second leg of the race. the first was sydney, australia. after san francisco, it is on to new york, the uk and finally, france. ellis is hoping to turn this to an annual race. >> the goal is to around the globe, bring more awareness and this fantastic spectacle we've got. >> reporter: the race runs from alcatraz to the golden great golden gate bridge. you can watch it for free from the censuses go for line shoreline. beautiful in the bay and they are so graceful to watch. >> i'm hoping i may get to ride with them on friday while there are practicing. they said to me, you can e the be in the chase boat or ride in one of the big boats. and i'm like, i'll do the big bow. >> that's what i would say. >> i want to be on the boat . >> let's check on the weather conditions. will that be good for sailing?
6:48 pm
it will. a southwest wind, -- >> catamarans . >> 40 to 60 miles per hour. >> yes, and they don't need much wind to get going. the winds will not be classic northwesterly winds but they will be 10 to 15 mile-per-hour winds and the conditions will be good. if you have not seen them, it is worth going. just a what if kristi field and check it out. when you see them, it is like a spaceship. it really makes no sense as something that is not powered by a motor of any kind is going that fast with just wind power. with that said, the winds are blowing with gusts up to 20 to 25. fog has maintained itself along the coast. that fog will come back tonight. tomorrow ends up being a lot like today. it is not a surprise. a little warmer tomorrow maybe with temperatures as high pressure builds in getting a little bit up there forecast highs tomorrow, yellows are 70s , here they come. more than yesterday. more than yesterday's model, more 70s tomorrow so that means upper 70s, mid-70s in the warmest spots like brentwood,
6:49 pm
morgan hill in word. as we going to this pattern, we have wednesday through thursday to friday, temperatures gradually warming. it is subtle. when i say gradual, from 73 to 74. we get to the weekend, this guy shows up. close to us, breaks down the high come of the fog those whoops and when that happens, we cool down. it happens all summer. i will show you a low and you go, the depth of the marine layer, when i say 2000 feet deep, that is a cool down. when i say 800 feet deep or 1000 feet deep, not necessarily a cool down inland but a cooldown coast side. you know that. forecast for tomorrow, 74 in san jose, 78 in gilroy. and then the find a here is the 5 day forecast. are you going out there tomorrow? >> i hope so . >> you might not be able to take pictures going 50 miles an hour . >> i will find a way.
6:50 pm
the tony award nominations are out and a musical that appeared at the berkeley theater is up for 12 nominations including best musical. "ain't too proud" the life and times of the temptations. three of the shows actors were nominated for rose they first played in berkeley. so name another song by the temp tatian's and julie, the answer is? >> you know what? i don't know . >> come on, now. >> how is that? >> psychedelic shack? wish it would rain? >> well, changing the subject, the warriors around the court meet looking to make it two in a row. what the players had to say prior to the game coming up next in sports. tuneup tonight for the great pasta race on mastership junior at 8:00. which team will cross the finish line and move on? that is followed by mental samurai and 9:00 followed by the 10:00 and 11:00 news right here on fox 2.
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it is a night full of playoffs. >> chuck is starting at seven. >> the warriors start at 7:40 pm
6:54 pm
. let's talk about the warriors first . >> we will get to the sharks and keep you in your seat. i thought it was saying something unique last night when i was saying how sick i am of seeing all of these nba players wine and all the talk about the officiating. one of my favorite talk shows, tom silver today said, if you call and say the word officiating, you are going to get a dial tone, immediate hang up. that is pretty much the deal. a lot of fans have had it. let's play basketball. we should have been talking about kevin durant, great effort that he put forth in game 1 when the warriors took that one-0 lead in the series a we could be talking about how the warriors need to cut down on their turnovers. they had 20 in the first half. then staff dealing with in two weeks, we could be talking about that but here is one last take from the players on what has been going on so far in this series. >> referees are not the determinants of games just like players are so more so than just the talk of calls and officiating, this should be about how great all of these players are for how they
6:55 pm
uniquely bring something different to the table. >> the game is always going to be emotional. if i'm not emotional around, i'm not me. i've deftly got to be better. >> -- >> yeah, show me somebody who likes to lose and i'll show you a loser. >> reporter: you can be emotional but you can maintain your cool. that's what i'm saying. >> just keep it together and quit the whining. frank, meanwhile, just feel free to scheinman. to chime in. the sharks will be in game 3 of a series that finds either 1 a piece at that the sharks had a little bit of a letdown that they took a one-0 lead and the half scored tb, a bouncer into the net. after that, the most part, the sharks played from behind the rest of the way. it did not seem like the intensity or the emotion was there and they wind up on the
6:56 pm
short end of a 4-threescore onto colorado and the assessment from some of the sharks on what they have to do to take control of the series again. >> we have to be more physical, make it harder on their top guy, give them less time and space but mainly, focus on our game, make sure we bring our best game to the table tonight. >> we have some quality but i think we have to add that element to our game and continue to play the way we have been in games 1 and 2 we should be able to put a few more pucks by the goalie. >> it doesn't matter, the sport, never a smooth ride, never a day without drama, today, the 49ers though it in after about a week. after the draft talk today that the honeymoon might be over between shanahan and lynch. mac miller of the bleacher report reports today according to some of his sources the two are not in "step" with regards to the future of the business. shannon and wants to concentrate on schemes but does not totally trust john lynch's
6:57 pm
ability to judge players and get out and do scouting. he has no scouting background. today, shanahan texted one of the 49er beat writers and called the report total bs. he did not use those initials. meanwhile, things getting real serious with regards to the ace. a chilly night at fenway. look at that kid. watch the game on tv. still eating pod home. mookie betts, last year's mvp in the american league off to a slow short start but warming up now. the shorter part of the green monster, that is the sixth already, he goes to mitch moreland, deep parts of the ballpark out there over the garage door, he has a two run homer and this shows you how it is going for the a's right now. usually reliable ramon liriano in center, seems nonchalant a little bit and it led to a run. the a's wind up by losing their fifth consecutive game 5-on the final. that is sports tonight. is going to be busy tonight.
6:58 pm
>> sharks and warriors and giants. tonight. good night.
6:59 pm
what are you drawing over there? a hypothetical containment field for a frisbee-sized wormhole that could serve as a portal to a parallel universe. oh, you silly doodlebug. you know, a lot of scientists believe that making contact with other life-forms would probably not end well for us. it's a frisbee-sized wormhole, leonard. you can block it with a frisbee. calm down.
7:00 pm
do you expect me to build this? i expect you to wipe the pudding off your chin. gentlemen. have you guys ever noticed that sheldon always disappears every day at 2:45? really? he probably just goes to the bathroom. actually, no, he goes to the bathroom at 8:00 a.m. with optional follow-ups at 1:45 and 7:10 on high-fiber fridays. it's sad that you know that. oh, that's just the tip of the sadness iceberg. i'm looking at his public calendar. 2:45 to 3:05, nothing. yesterday, 2:45 to 3:05, nothing. last week, nothing. last month, nothing. he never has anything booked during that time. 20 minutes a day, completely unaccounted for. we should figure out where he goes. ooh, this is exciting. like one of my classic murder mystery dinner parties. right, the case of who murdered three saturday nights of my life?


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