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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 30, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a chunk of concrete fell from an elevated freeway. >> the piece of concrete over time vibrated loose and fell down. >> police say that concrete fell about 6:00 tonight. no one was hurt. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. authorities determined there is no structural damage but it is raising questions about safety. the spot where the concrete came loose is along the elevated stretch of interstate 80 near the hall of justice. >> reporter: the concrete fell about 25 feet from where i'm standing. caltrans about an hour ago left the scene after inspecting the elevated freeway and deemed it was safe.
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earlier this evening, several motorcycle officers from san francisco police were driving when they spotted the concrete in the middle of the roadway. they realized the pieces the size of a basketball came from interstate 80 above, falling roughly 25 feet. caltrans was notified and determined there was nothing structurally wrong with the freeway. a car likely hit a piece of the cement sidewall a while ago, and over time, a crack had formed. >> what this really is is a piece of concrete that got hit from the inside up above. >> reporter: police showed us where the damage occurred on the side of the freeway. and you can see it. it happened near a parking lot where some cars are parked. but there's no damage.
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police tell me it's fairly common. something similar actually happened six months ago. caltrans had a bucket truck out here about an hour ago. they made sure there was no more loose concrete. police tell me there's nothing really that can be done to prevent something like this from happening. we've reached out to caltrans and are hoping to hear more from them coming up at 11:00. >> thank you. a massive infrastructure project was the focus of a meeting today at the white house. president trump and democratic leaders agreed to put aside their political differences and work together on a $2 trillion project. house speaker, nancy pelosi, and senate minority leader, chuck shumer, spoke to repairs before emerging from what they called a very productive meeting with the president. >> all of us want to quiet something done on infrastructure in a big and bold way. and there was good will in this meeting. and that was different than some of the other meetings that we have had.
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>> the democrats say they'll return to the white house in three weeks to figure out how to fund the infrastructure project. news on the shooting on the university of north carolina, charlotte. the suspect has been identified as andrew terrell. officers rushed to a campus building and quickly disarmed the suspect. two people were killed. three others were taken to the hospital in critical condition as the campus was put on lockdown. >> and a girl who had been grazed on the side of the face, a boy who had been shot through the side of his arm. >> the suspect reportedly dropped out of the university last semester. some of the victims were students. ctims were students. to oakland where opening statements began today in
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ghostship warehouse trial. two men are charged with involuntary manslaughter for their roles in the deadly fire nearly 2.5 years ago. >> reporter: 36 name, pictures and counts of involuntary manslaughter. that's how the prosecution opened his case to the jury, showing photos one by one of all of the relatives of the warehouse fire. >> we want to find out the truth. >> reporter: the truth is that they leased the warehouse and transformed it into a residential death trap, according to lawyers. there were no smoke alarms and no smoke detectors. some of the windows had bars on them. there was no notice of smoke or flame, no
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time to escape the smoke, no adequate exit, no notices, no time, no exits. the d.a. showed text messages who reached out to loved ones before they died. "i'm going to die. i love you. fire." an attorney says he has no information about the cause of the fire, which authorities have said is undetermined. >> we have overwhelming evidence that this was an arson fire. and the prosecution is saying there juan enough time, exits or notice for people to live. and that's exactly what the arsonist intended. >> reporter: family members of the victims say nothing will bring their loved ones back but they want some kind of justice. >> it's finally started. and hopeful he we can get to a conclusion. with a verdict that perhaps is gonna be something we can all live with
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and accept. >> reporter: next up the attorney onned with. there is no session on friday. and the jury herself has jury duty on thursday. >> henry will be in the courtroom every day of the trial, pushing out updates on social media and will be here on ktvu and k, it san jose police are looking for the two men seen walking in this surveillance video. they are suspects in the shooting death of a transient named mark jones. the suspects are described as white or latino with medium to heavy builds. anyone with information is asked to contact police. a gouf account for the 13-year-old girl badly injured when a group of periods was run down last week has climbed to
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more than $330,000. she was walking home from the library with her brother and father when they were hit in a crosswalk. sunnyvale police are calling it a deliberate act. the seventh grader is on life support with severe brain injuries. the money will go to her family to help with medical bills. isaiah peoples was charged with attempted murder. authorities want to fine the owner of a dog that acted and killed a protected seal near the north shore. >> reporter: fortunately, there isn't something we hear about very often. and this was a threatened species. so every single seal is needed. north beach is a pristine stretch. but a visitor was horrified here a week ago. >> it is sad when we hear about these stories.
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it's so disappointing. >> reporter: veterinarian, cara field, was here at the marine mammal center came in. a dog teak on a young animal like this. a guadalupe fur seal. >> it had penetrated into the chest and through the skin into the actual chest and caused a lot of bleeding out into the chest. >> reporter: a beach visitor saw what happened and reported it. by the team the team arrived, the seal was dead. the dog and owner, gone. >> oh, no. i hundred heard that. >> reporter: beach-walkers hearing about the killing say most visitors obey the signs where dogs are prohibited or must be on leash. >> she would never go for anything. she would be behind me. >> reporter: but a stranded seal, not a surprise. another was spotted here today. >> we've been watching all day kinda going, okay, if the water gets it, it would wake up and start moving. but it doesn't go
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in the water. >> reporter: >> when they come out onto the beach that often, it implies there's ray health problem. >> reporter: the seal was young and thin. they live most of their lives in open water. to be on a beach shows distress. we had some others surviving onsite. >> reporter: they will be released to help this species, almost hunted into extinction. the pups mauled to death might have had a chance too had rescuers gotten to her before an off-leash dog. >> if anybody saw something, we would encourage them to come forward. o come forward. >> reporter: it's person to give these animals space and distance, and call in if you see one on a beach. fines and jail are possible for harming protected species.
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but in this case, the dog might also become sick from biting the seal. >> thank you. the marine mammal center is careing for a sea lion found today along highway 101 in south san francisco. the highway patrol says the sea lion was spotted near south airport boulevard this morning. several people got out of their cars to help corral the sea lion and keep it away from traffic until officers arrived. once the chp was on-scene, the sea lion willingly jumped right into the back of the patrol car. chaos in the stree venezuela. the protests amid a power struggle for control of the country. >> new rules for ride-share pickups at sfo. >> a mild one out there again today. temperatures in the 60s.
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it's gonna warm up a bit.
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san francisco international airports setting a designated pickup area for ride-share passengers. the airport wants to ease congestion backups that
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could side loading areas. the airport is setting up the pickup area for ride-share users. they hope it will keep people moving through the airport more efficiently. >> every day, there's about 70,000 cars that traverse our roadways. and about 35% of that activity is uber and lyft. so it's a very large chunk of our overall picture. >> they won't affect the international terminal. and it won't affect drop-offs either. the airport hopes to have the new domestic pickup area ready to go on june 3rd. an international hotspot in. venezuela, protestors clashed with the national guard today after opposition leader, juan guaido, called on his supporters to take to the streets. s fired
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tier gas and rubber bullets. the trump administration today repeated their support for opposition leader, guaido. >> we are with you. and america will stand with you in this hemisphere of freedom until your democracy is restored. >> guaido is calling for more protests against the maduro government tomorrow in an effort to topple the regime and bring about new elections. history was made in japan today. the nation welcomed a new emperor to the throne in what some say is an unprecedented occasion for celebration. >> the change in the world's oldest monarchy. >> really an incredible moment for japan. it i 2:00 pm in japan. and the emperor became the 26th emperor after the
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abdication of his father. the now former emperor reigned for 30 years. his time came to an end tuesday night after a moving speech. the emperor said he thanked the japanese people from the bottom of his heart. >> reporter: it is the first time in the history of the world's oldest unbroken hereditary monarchy that an emperor has abdicated the throne due to poor health. >> he had to change the law to allow him to abdicate. >> reporter: larry greenwood, a former diplomat in tokyo, is now president of the japan society in san francisco. he remembers meeting the monarch who married a commoner for love. >> from the beginning this was an umperor who was humble and
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served the people, and the people loved him for that. >> reporter: crowds gathered tuesday outside the imperial palace in tokyo. many offices were closed. >> in japan, instead of having an emperor passing, now we have this celebratory feeling among japanese because this wonderful emperor is stepping down and the new emperor is stepping up. >> reporter: the former emperor will be remembered for his compassion for japan's people. >> a lot of difficult things. a tsunami, an earthquake. and every time that happens, the former emperor would stay close to the people who were affected. >> reporter: and this momentous transition in japanese history also comes with a new name. dewa. >> beautiful harmony. and it's implied when people bring their
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heart and minds, they will nourish. >> reporter: a japanese diplomat before she marry. >> she was a quite able diplomat at the time. >> reporter: the new monarch, flun in english, well-travelled, and seen by some as a symbol of modernity. >> i have worked with the empress. the communication will be much easier. >> reporter: on wednesday morning, replicas of the imperial treasures, a sword and a gem, were given to the new emperor in a traditional ceremony. a new dawn for the land of the rising sun. >> the emperor is 59 years old. he has not been afraid to criticize japan's conservatives for pressuring his wife to give birth to a daughter instead male heir.
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>> it really is an interesting story. highway is he received by the people of japan? >> he's seen as somebody who, one, has been very supportive of his wife. and somebody obviously well-educated. and very modern. so i think that this could bode well for future foreign relations for the country. >> checking in on those temperatures from today. not bad. warm compared to last week at this time. the 60s with a few low 70s. 68 in livermore. that was it. and 62 degrees in san mateo. the weather system is kind of passing close to the area. when you weaken the high, you stretch identity the marine layer. so we're seeing even along the coast, we've seen the fog clear out today because of the lifting of the inversion. the fog will reform again
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tonight, as you know. and it'll be back early tomorrow morning. we'll have a repeat. except this time, i think the fog will stick at the coast a little more readily. and the inland temperatures are gonna warm up. the high pressure is gonna take a little bit better hold. and that puts temperatures tomorrow in the mid-70s, even in the upper 70s in some spots. so a little bit warmer tomorrow. not a big heat wave though. when i come back, we'll talk about what you can expect for the rest of the week and the weekend. san francisco's supervisors paid tribute today to the city's outgoing fire chief. as the board meeting, supervisors took their tame to thank hayes-white for her 15 years to the district as chief. >> 5/5 would have been the mayor's birthday. he was a great mayor.
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and if anyone deserved a rich, rewarding retirement, it was him. >> after she spoke, the board presented her with a plaque. san francisco is the largest urban fire department in the world headed by a female chief. still ahead tonight, a longtime bay area congresswoman loses her battle with cancer. >> and new concerns over the quality of drinking water in california. why an environmental group warns current testing procedures may not tell the whole story. story.
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ten people were taken to the hospital in san jose this morning after one bus rear-ended another. first responders were called out at 6:40 this morning to the intersection of the alameda and west julian streets. 13 people were hurt. the ten who were hospitalized all had nonlife-threatening injuries. the cause of the crash is under investigation. drugs and alcohol are not believed to have been involved. a motorcycle rider is dead after a crash on the bay bridge this morning while being chased by police. it happened about 7:30 in the westbound lanes as
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the biker approached the san francisco end of the bridge. traffic was jammed up for several hours as a result. the chase started when an officer tried to stop the motorcycle rider for a bus lane violation at the toll plaza. the required refused to stop and took off through commute traffic on the bridge. it ended when the man crashed near the fremont street exit. several lanes were shut down. the name of the motorcycle rider has not been released. family members say she passed away monday at stanford medical center. kousher's career took her from wall street to congress and then to the state department where she negotiated nuclear arms treaties for the obama administration. >> i was calling it a speed bump. >> reporter: remembered brilliant, prilled public servant. she was one of the
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first women to hold a seat on the new york stock exchange, and after 12 years in congress, worked as the undersecretary of state for president obama. monday she died at stanford hospital after a battle with pneumonia since january. >> you have a tumor in your esophagus. >> reporter: it marks the last battle for the residents. she spoke about her fight against stage 3 cancer. at the same time negotiating a nuclear arms treaty with russia. >> i understand what i have to do. i just have to outlive my cancer. >> reporter: after eight rounds chemo, she did outhiv her cancer but continued to have health complications. >> i will remember her as being fierce. she was fierce in the
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way she conducted herself in congress. she then went on to be the administration and served there. and was right next to secretary of state, hillary clinton, in terms of negotiating nonproliferation agreements around the world. >> reporter: hillary clinton tweeted a joint statement saying "ellen woke up every day determined to make a difference". current congressman, eric swalwell, interned with her in the summer of 2001. a and says it's what inspired him to go into politics. >> i didn't always know what party she was affiliated with because she was always working with republicans. >> reporter: her proudest accomplishment was her daughter, catherine. she was 67 years old. family members of the former congresswoman say they
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are working with memorial plans but have yet to announce them. >>y know that the future is private. >> mark zucker mark signals a turning point for his company. how he hopes to move past prostate's pitt falls. >> and bird returned its rental scooters to san francisco. so with xfinity mobile i can customize each line for each family member? yup. and since it comes with your internet, you can switch wireless carriers, and save hundreds of dollars a year. are you pullin' my leg? nope. you sure you're not pullin' my leg? i think it's your dog.
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the warriors are celebrating a hard-earn victory tonight after taking a commanding lead in their playoff series with the houston rockets. >> the game ended just a couple minutes ago. amber, this time, both teams seemed a little better-behaved. not so much complaining about the referee. >> reporter: that's right. the officiating did not appear to be an issue. you can hear the music in the background, and some fans
10:31 pm
are lingering to celebrate x. they certainly got what they came for. a win. the electricity of the playoffs felt by fans at oracle arena. >> with the playoffs, every game is so critical. >> reporter: there's a sense of nostalgia. the last warriors past season in oakland. >> you might as well come if you can and take advantage of it. >> reporter: fans talked about what they describe a officiating in game 1. >> because they're in the spotlight or they have that platform, they should probably watch what they say and do. >> reporter: the rockets james harden complained about bad calls got little sympathy from warriors fans when he suffered
10:32 pm
an eye injury. >> call the doctor. >> reporter: an 14-year-old who plays basketball tells me how he handles unfair calls against him. >> personally, i would just set it down. it's part of you, that anger that you have, and put it into my game to make it even better. >> reporter: the warriors' focus is on playing basketball. >> we've gotta be solid and poised. >> reporter: fans say bad calls can go both ways. they're here to see the warriors make it to the finals. >> we got it now. >> reporter: game 3 will be played on the road in houston on saturday. fans tell me they're eager to see the warriors eliminate the houston rock thes. on trading, on wall street today, just enough to set a new
10:33 pm
record on the s&p 500, rising 2 points for its third record close in as many sessions. shares in google's parent company fell 7.5% today, dragging down the nasdaq. you the company is in fight competition for digital ads with facebook and amazon. apple shares rose about 5% after-hours sxiet a drop in revenue for the quarter. suggestions from tim cook that they will decline in revenue may be at an end. the company still posted a profit of $11.6 billion. facebook developers gathered in san jose today for the
10:34 pm
company's annual conference. mark zuckerberg's message about privacy and security was clearly aimed at a much larger audience. >> that's why i believe that the future is private. this is the next chapter for our service. >> reporter: less than two minutes into opening remarks, mark zuckerberg tackled the proverbial elephant in the room. in the coming months, facebook will transition to smaller, more private and secure forums. >> i guess that a lot of people aren't sure we're serious about this. i know we don't have the strongest representation on arrives right now. >> reporter: concerns have shadowed the company dating back to 2014. dozens of headaches for the social networking site were brought to light.
10:35 pm
user information plucked by apps and shared without consent. and last year's data breech that led to a grilling for zuckerberg. >> people are gravitating toward more private services. whether it's snapchat or others that facebook is competing with. so they need to build privacy into their products to make people feel more comfortable. >> reporter: tuesday, attendees of the annual developer conference echoed privacy and security are top-of-mind ideas. >> reporter: over 30 minutes, zuckerberg laid out a six-point platform to calm nerves and increase privacy and security. private interaction. encryption. secure data storage. all to be incorporated in all of facebook's platforms i face of lawsuits and governmental
10:36 pm
fines. >> they're changing because the world is changing. >> this is a long-term project, making all these changes, but the first steps are being taken. it remains to be seen how successful the company will be, and how patient users and government regulators will be. new concerns about the quality of california drinking water. why one environmental group says current testing procedures need to change. >> and tracking the slight warmup. coming your way in the five-day forecast. >> and up next, the bay area police officer under fire and under investigation is now back on the job. on the job.
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officer david mclaughlin has returned to work but with limited duties. he was placed on leave in february after cellphone video showed him tackling adrian berel on berel's front porch. he is the same officer shown drawing his weapon during a minor argument. vallejo police have not said if they
10:40 pm
took disciplinary action or what his current duties entail. an internal affairs investigation is also underway. the suspect in last weekend's deadly synagogue shooting in san diego county made his first court appearance today remember the judge ordered john earnest held without bail. prosecutors charged him with murder and attempted murder in connection with saturday's assault at the chabad of poway synagogue. one woman was killed. three other people were injured. prosecutors are calling it a hate crime specifically targeting jews. if convicted, he could face the death pen the antidefamation league released its report today on anti-semitic acts. violent acts against the jewish community doubled last year. the report includes the 11 people killed during last year's shooting at a synagogue in pittsburgh, pennsylvania.
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the san francisco medical examiner is working to identify a body found floating in the water near pier 39. they received the call just after 10:00 this morning. they dispatched a police boat. the crew pulled the male body from the water. investigators have not said whether there were any object signs of trauma to the body. the medical examiner says an autopsy is pending. authorities in san mateo county have identified a body pulled from the ocean over the weekend. he was boogie boarding with friends nearly two weeks ago when he was pulled under by the surf and went missing. his body was discovered on sunday in half moon bay near the ritz carlton hotel. he was a senior at hayward high school and a talented football player who had already received a scholarship to the university of wyoming. tomorrow is may district attorney, and there are a number of may day rallies planned in
10:42 pm
the bay area. people gather here to celebrate workers. the international longshore workers union and the oakland education association is planning a rally tomorrow morning at howard terminal. another ral seset for civic center plaza in san francisco. and in san jose, a ral seplanned for tomorrow afternoon at mexican heritage plaza. huge win tonight for the sharks. big win for the warriors as well. mark will be up a bit later to talk about all of that. >> cancer-causing chemicals in california water. have environmentalists say the risk is greater than previously thought. >> and dale martin takes us through the full forecast. forecast.
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10:46 pm
found a mix of pollutants in california drinking water could cause an estimated 16,500 additional cases of cancer over the course of a lifetime. moist water contaminants are typically assessed and regulated one at a time. >> this is a new framework where we're looking at what are the effects of multiple contaminants in drinking water. and this is more representative of exposure that we're seeing in real life. >> reporter: everyoners use water data from 20 to 2015 and look at the top-occurring carsin gens and other contaminants in water across the state. >> the systems that had the highest cancer risk were systems that mostly served smaller communities. some of the highest communities associated with the
10:47 pm
highest risk served populations under 10,000 people. >> reporter: water districts like the san francisco public utilities commission say they're still reviewing the reports but they assure customers their water is clean, safe, and reliable. >> our water meets and surpasses all state and federal standards. our water is safe. the study itself paints a broad brush approach. so we're reviewing the methodology. >> reporter: they say their 2.7 million customers receive high-quality tap water every day. part of a statement reads "to ensure quality, we test our water more than 100,000 times annually." >> while the majority of systems in california do get a passing grade according to the federal legal standard, there may still be health risk below those levels.
10:48 pm
>> if you want to look up your neighborhood, head to our website, k, it and click on web links. bird scooters may soon be returning to san francisco after the company discovered a loophole in city rules. the the scooters were banned last year after the santa monica company failed to be chosen for the city's pilot program for electric scootereds. san francisco's, scooters. san francisco's current program only places restrictions on shared scooters. but they can't be shared with another person so they maintain they're exempt from the rule. >> temperatures are gradually warming. but you notice the graph here doesn't show the spike up here on friday. way up in the hot range. it shows it down here just above the mild range. so by friday, we're gonna
10:49 pm
see a couple low 80s. but that's about it. it's not gonna be that warm or that hot, if you will. compared to what we did, these are the highs today. highs gonna come up from a couple degrees. then this gradual warmth through wednesday, thursday, and friday at the top of the graph. and then we get a weather system that sits offshore here, that parks itself along the coast and do the same thing over again for the weekend, in terms of keeping things mild and cool. not wet, not horribly ungreat. it's just gonna be cooler than you might expect after last week's adventure into the heat. clouds and low fog forming at the coast right now. current temperatures, there you go. kind of chilly. down to the upper 40s tonight. and outside we go. san francisco, overnight lows with patchy fog. so overnight lows from upper 40s and mid-40s in the north bay. that's chilly. concord at 49, and fremont at
10:50 pm
49. the isotherm maps shows you the yellows, greens representing 60s. there you go. not bad. it's a little warmer than today. but you don't see any oranges. sacramento and granite bay, roseville, all these guys are getting the benefit, if you will, or the effects of the heat. the sea breeze and that deep, deep marine layer. which has cooled us off the last couple of days. we are now, starting tomorrow through friday, into a slight warming trend. just slight. as we get into the weekend, that system i pointed out comes into the coast. kind of cools s off. here's the forecast highs. the upper 70s in the valley. last week, we were in the low and mid-90s in the five-day focast. so the weekend is gonna cool off. it's not a wash. the weather looks pretty good. we'll see you back here at 11:00.
10:51 pm
>> both the warriors and the sharks involved in last-second finishes in their playoff games. >> then on the 11:00 news, a crackdown on side shows focused on the spectators. s.
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10:54 pm
sports night in the bay area. sharks, warriors both win tonight. >> sharks. the important teams did win. >> they did. >> the regular season doesn't matter right now. they like to do things up big in texas. houston has a big-time hole to dig out of. let's just say nice job with all the restraint by the players, the referees. we get to talk about basketball. and unfortunately, we do have to talk about injuries. two superstars hurt early. curry, middle finger dislocated. he had to leave. warrior fans holding their breath. they tape it up, and he came back into the game. shortly after, he hit a three from the corner. draymond green inadvertently hits james harden in the eye. a lacerated left eyelid is what they're calling
10:55 pm
it. and our cameras caught durant and green saying hope you're all right. he did return. wire to wire, the warriors look great. iggy with 18 points. and the warriors led start to finish. harden driving here. quick out to the buck et. the warriors, green, curry, and klay thompson with the slam dunk. kd starts to heat it up in the third quarter. two quick threes to get him rolling. they led by as many as 15. houston is stubborn, however. 7 :21 left. the warriors embark on a 9-0 run. great passing again. curry, green, klay. he is healthy and unselfish. old fashioned style warrior basketball leading up to
10:56 pm
a 1:15, 1:09 final victory. they're up two in the series. game 3 in houston. in houston. >> reporter: things got a little closer for the warriors in the end than they would have liked but they set the tone for this game early. golden state scored 9 rockets turnovered in the first quarter. >> the intensity was great. i was really pleased with our first quarter. the rockets did a good job hanging in there, especially when james got hurt and missed some time. i thank you is how the feeling is gonna go. we can play well, but it's gonna be really hard to play from houston given the number of talented offensive players they have. they made 17 threes. of a win against a great team that shot the ball really well from the three-point line. >> reporter: the warriors take care of business at home as the
10:57 pm
series shifts to houston on saturday. the best thing you can say about this game, nobody is talking about the refs. >> draymond green had some cogent comments after the game about the referees. to the naked eye, the sharks just look better than the colorado av's. but to go out there and prove it on the ice, that was a tougher chore to retake command on the road in colorado. the av's, talk about relentless, up 1-0 in the first period. the nice individual effort, unassisted there. his third of the playoffs. and the sharks take a 2-0 colorado dug in. third period, 2-1 sharks. a blast from the past. matt nieto gets a dunk in front to tie it. 55 seconds later, the
10:58 pm
sharks regain the lead. logan couture, his second of the night. and they lead it 3-2 with 7:10 left in the third. it was an empty-netter. no big deal, but that is a very difficult empty-netter for couture to complete his hat-trick. it's not often, giants, dodgers get together. knocked into the backpages of the sports section. he's a grave gentleman. it was chilly at oracle ton tie-dye, shirtless. i take the hat too. and the game itself, not too good for the giants. david freese early. taking drew pomeranz deep at the three-run homer. they looked at. it it clearly was on the green stuff
10:59 pm
out there. 3 -1 l.a. they blow it open with a 6-run 6th. they run away it. 10-3 final. giants not looking good tonight. they raise their fans. serious. it was freezing in boston. that little girl toughed it out. and she would see her red sox win. mookie betts, last year's mvp, starting to get on track. that's his sixth of the year. robby grossman with one of those three in the 9th inning. and there you go. only three hits. losing 5-1. cc sabathia tonight struck out his 3 thousandth career batter. and that's 17 on the all-time list. congratulations to cc. that is the sporting live at this hour. time for more news. .
11:00 pm
the city of san jose has had enough milk the council voted to start


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