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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 30, 2019 11:00pm-11:28pm PDT

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the city of san jose has had enough milk the council voted to start punishing them
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doing these sideshows spoke >> it takes away the motivation for those who want to get reckless with their vehicles. if you take away the motivation this will subside and hopefully no one will be killed anymore. >> these two men accused of street racing were arrested last october when their truck slammed into yellow cab passeng ejected and died. >> in the last four years we have lost six young people. >> it is said to be another tool for police to target the people who potentially perpetuate, exploit and participate in the illegal activities. look at this recent post on social media reading they don't hold spectators cars. >> they use this to post the needconsequences. spectators could misdemeanor charges punishable by $1000 fines or up to six months in county jail. they say the worst
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offenders. >> no one gets a cut of it issu deterring the activity. >> cities like los angeles, san diego and sacramento have already adopted similar spectator ordinances. other police departments across the bay area are continuing to crackdown on sideshow activity in an effort to prevent more out-of-control scenes like this one in oakland. the city of council pass the ordinance unanimously. they hope it goes into effect before december. and so a chunk of concrete f from an elevated freeway and several disco this evening. -- in san francisco this evening. there here with
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>> there is no additional loose concrete falling in earlier this evening, several motorcycle officers were driving up harriet alleyway when they spotted the concrete in the middle of the roadway. they realized the pieces came from interstate 80 above falling roughly 25 feet and caltrans was notified. they determined that there was nothing structurally wrong with the freeway. san francisco police tell me a cart likely hit and the vibration of her time loosened up a small piece of concrete and it fell into the roadway. is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. >> our cruise got out there
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right away and inspected the area. making sure that everything was okay and cleared the area as well. >> the concrete fell near parking lot and no cars were damaged. no one was hurt. they say it is fairly common that something similar when this happened six months ago. i just spoke with caltrans and they said they are constantly monitoring the bridges and the freeways. but they do it meant it is an easy infrastructure keeping a close eye on the freeway devel officials in north carolina have released suspect who they say shot and killed two people on a college campus. is identified as tristan andrew terrel they say he used a pistol to open fire in a classroom at the university of north carolina charlotte.
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two people were killed in the incident and three other people are now in critical condition. the suspect reportedly dropped of the university last semester. we do not have any word yet on a motive. this was the last day of classes at the campus of more than 26,000 students. tears in a courtroom today as opening statements began in the ghost ship warehouse fire case. prosecutors said all of the names of the 36 people that died in december 2016. the defendants are each facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. prosecutors to the warehouse e alarms and was packed with combustible materials. an attorney for the group says they have ne overwhelming witnesses evidence about the cause of the fire. the prosecution is saying there was not enough time, notice or
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exits for people to leave and that is exactly what the arsonists intended. >> tony sarah represents derek almeida and will be giving his opening statement tomorrow. stay with us for continuing coverage our crime reporter henry lee will be in court every day during the trial. authorities in the north they are searching for the owner of a dog that attacked and killed a protected seal on the seashore. we are now live in the headlands and marine county with his details. >> julie this happened last week and still there were no clue of the dog and owner responsible. the seal is a threatened north beach is a stretch. >> it is very sad.
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when we hear about the stories is disappointing. >> care fields was at the marine mammal center monday a call coming -- came in. a dog attack on the young animal like this. >> they penetrated into the chest and it actually penetrated the skin and into the actual chest and lung causing a lot of bleeding out into the chest. >> each visitor saw what happened and reported it but by the time the rescue team arrived the seal was dead. >> oh i had not heard that. that sad. >> beach walkers hearing about this say that most visitors obey the signs were dogs are it leashes. >> she would be behind me. not a surprise. another was spotted here today. >> we've been watching all day. if the water gets it it would wake up and start moving.
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but it doesn't go in the water. >> when they hauled out onto the beach often they have a health problem. >> the guadalupe a first you'll like others was young and then. they live most of their lives in open water. to be on the beach shows major distress. >> we had some that ended in similar conditions with severe malnutrition and they're all thriving on care. >> released to help rebuild the species here. the pack mauled to death may have had a chance too had rescuers gotten to her before an off leash encourage you to come forward so we cabeseal was sickly but a necropsy a few days later said she died of multiple bite wounds. jail and fines are possible for harming protected species.
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ktvo foxnews. seven cisco's board of supervisors has given the green light to a plan that will provide overnight parking for those living in rvs. they say the parking facility will have triage centers and showers along with services to help them get into permanent housing. supporters say the program will get rvs off the streets and provide a safe place for people to sleep. they will only be allowed to stay at the park for 90 days. the city says they will decide on a location in the next three months. mark zuckerberg is promising to improve your -- user as well as data security. he kicked off his companies annual conference for software developers in san jose today.lo shadowed his company. last year he was questioned by congress and after a massive data theft, he announced today that the digital town square will soon transition to smaller
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and more private secure forums. >> i get that a lot of people are not sure that we are serious. i mean i know that we don't exactly have the strongest reputation of privacy right now. >> zuckerberg went on to say that he believes the future is private and that facebook is working to better secure user data and improve encryption. allentown sure died monday at stanford medical center due to complications from pneumonia following a long battle with cancer. she was 67 years old and one of the first women to hold a seat on the new york stock exchange when she was only 25 years old. she then served in congress for more than a decade before joining the state department as -- with hillary complete -- clinton during >> she was fierc the way she conducted herself
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and congress. then she went on to the administration and served their. right next to secretary with terms of negotiating here around the world. >> bill and hillary clinton are among the many other political leaders who are expressing their sorrow over the death. family members of the former congresswoman are now working on plans for memorial. an honor wants to ensure that he can play with the team. r your strands. we take you to those festivities coming up. a fog forming on the coast it will be a mild day tomorrow with a bit of a warm-up coming.
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a big win for the oracles tonight. amber lee is at oracle stadium tonight to talk to fans after that game wrapped up. i imagine that they were very excited? >> absolutely. there was a big celebration here after the game. the warriors are now up to my comics here in the series and the fans are savoring this victory. fans were treated to the traditional post-victory fireworks and display here. fans tell me they're ready for game three and more. >> it was an excellent game a little sloppy toward the end but we were able to maintain a put's all just a bunch o energy. >> i was not expecting that win.
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i was shocked. >> best fan base in the world. go warriors. the warriors play game three on the road in houston on saturday. they hope to eliminate a rather they have hopes that they will on the may houston on tuesday taking the finals here. frank and julie? >> somehow i think the warriors are going to events. and oakl turning to the internet and strangers to help keep her 15- year-old son on the senior repo that the team is showing that playing on the team is more than just basketball. >> is not his only passion which is clearly evidence in this unrolled ticket from fremont high school.
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the 15-year-old has a gpa of 3.2. all while playing basketball with the school's team. with summer on the horizon he wants to use this to find skills on the basketball court so his mother can sell them up for the basketball team. >> why do you want to play them so badly? >> it's one of my favorite -- favorite places to play with the soldiers in los angeles. with a single mother of three would have to pay $1500 or money she does not have to continue to participate. >> we live in one of the highest states ever. >> she launched a go funny page to keep her son busy during the summer and on the streets. the same one there when she
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lost brothers a gun violence three weeks ago. the last time missouri used go find me was to raise money for her funeral expenses of her brother saying she has second thoughts about using it for this. >> it doesn't matter what they say. just to make sure he didn't want to play. >> party reached $500 to give the most open soldiers team. >> when asked about those who have already donated it became emotional. were looking at the high
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temperatures from today and it is not that warm compared to what we saw last week. 63 in oakland and your daytime high was 73 in fairfield. down a good 20 degrees from where we were last week at this time. this week was not the case and a full pressure center is off the south and the north and also to the west. they will have an impact on marine layer. so we are going to warm up the little for the next few days. thene coast and that brings us back to the deep marine layer. a lot of fog and cloud cover s. over the next few days we will warm-up for a few degrees. is going to be just a very subtle warm-up. you could see 80s by the time we get to friday. but that one is a ways off.
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your overnight lows will be chilly at 46 in santa rosa and there it is. with the temperature starting off like this is just a bit. but warmer than today. >> you learned a lot along the coastal environments that you are going to see the upper 60s and mid 60s and then you get into the mid-70s and upper 70s and you continue to go north and east and we get more for w wednesday, thursday and friday then the system we talked about early on drops those temperatures down again as we head toward the weekend. there is a five day forecast. >> thank you bill.
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looking good. a teenager now has his own cookbook thanks to the make-a- wish foundation. justin wang as his new cookbook. are the hardy recipes after undergoing a heart transplant last year he wanted to write a heart healthy cookbook to help families facing medical problems. they are here to make their dream come true. >>heart transplant, a lot when different. there ishis new cookbook. they also got to watch a cooking demonstration by chef victoria. >> he is looking really good.
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way to go. what an accomplishment. still to come, the sharks in the warriors were in action tonight. coming up in sports the thrilling last-second finishes in both of their playoff games. mark will have that coming up next. the failed gp practice runs on bay at the international yachting competition coming to san francisco this weekend. 50 to 60 miles per hour here and can watch the race from shore for free. this is 11:00 news on ktvu. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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against avalanche. warriors up to my comics here and i don't see the rockets coming back. >> we will see. they're going down to texas. one of the big talking points would be the restraint here shown by the players. as far as the game itself you can get a feeling that the warriors did not play the let -- best. stuff curry had deleted it turns out he dislocated the middle finger on his left hand. and played pretty well out
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here. and then after he made the three point james harding goes down and it turns out hit a lacerated left eyelid. he too would return given the kind words here from kds. they went wire-to-wire and got a nice passing shot here. of tot with you at all with who had 18 points. and in casey, that is three to start the third with one the warriors >> but the warriors do go on dacia-0 run. where's wesco resulted in a green slamdunk. you are supposed to stay 50 points and 109 the final. and here they are, talking about the restraint and the lack of talk about the rest.
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>> the endurance here before the game of basketball., check they talked about officiating? or beating your man? nobody talked anything about schemes the last few days. i think both teams with like to ock them out here. will set. the aggies were in were hungry go. the break away unassisted is the third in the playoffs. but a former shark tied it at 2 comic 2. 65 minutes later it is logan with his second goal as a shark takes the lead for good. you hear about the internet or who is always found ec but look at the food she has? completing a hat trick for him
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was only 29.5 seconds left the sharks get it for my comic 2 being the series to a comic 1. sever cisco giants are taking a backseat even though they're playing they did not turn out well. cold night in san francisco. the long ball with drew pomeranz taking it back. and here's a three run homer going off to a lopsided win. the game lost their fifth consecutive special, we will see you later here. ow you're tired,
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but just think how good you're gonna feel tomorrow when you wake up and we have all-new shelf paper. i wish i didn't get what you were talking about, but i do. i just do. (cell phone rings) hey, who could be calling at this hour? (ring) oh. it's sal. mnh-mnh. (beep) no. not answering that. whatever earth-shattering drama she's going through can wait. (pounds on door) until she gets here. (pounding) oh, god. i hope we have vodka.
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we don't, mitchell. (pounding continues) sal was our best girlfriend from back in our party days, but over the years, we've kind of gone in different directions. we chose forward. uh, something's wrong with that door. okay, whatever. i have the most amazing news, and i'm super excited, but i won't be if you don't want me to be. ready? i'm getting married! oh, my gosh! congratulations! oh, wow! (high-pitched voice) i know! who's the guy? oh, the love of my life. oh, so you finally bagged your boss? oh! yes, but it's not him. and i don't work there anymore. mm. his name is tony. okay. i met him three months ago. mm-hmm. he's the greatest guy ever.


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