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well, good morning. welcome back. middle of the weak. it is wednesday and also the first day of may. >> i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. i know it has been windy. this is that season right now, but you're mentioning about don't change your weekend plans. we're starting to get into a big wedding season, so outdoors we could have -- never any pressure with weather. >> so write to steve. >> no pressure. >> there is rain this saturday? >> i have had people six month the in advance say my daughter is getting married, can you tell me, patchy low clouds, otherwise fair. that is usually the answer. today will be okay. very little fog. our system yesterday wiped it out. now a couple patches but warmer for most today and the next couple of days look okay.
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temperatures on the way up. nothing like 90s or anything like that but low 80s and it cools right back down. >> yesterday it was roaring. today it is west-southwest or northeast. oakland airport a little puff there. sierra, nevada cold temperatures. the system is long gone, but look at the plunge of colder air. a freeze warning including northeast california, quincy in there. 43 in lakeport. there are some cool readings. 48 fremont. 45 half moon bay. 43 stanford. a little coolness there. lack on the coast. even mid-40s for mon tara beach. system coming out of the mountain region a severe weather maker but that is their issue. ours will be here probably sunday, possibility of scattered showers but next couple of days look pretty good. 60s and 70s on the temperatures. sal is here and he will
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talk about signs commute or something smells >> the supercommute. you're right steve. the salano county to be more precise. let's talk about 80 westbound. fairfield, looks good right now. lacking better on the ven knee sha bridge to concord. very nice commute. richmond bridge, looks good in the san ra tell. this is a good drive for you and there is a light they. right now into san francisco it looks good on that span. at 4:32 back to the desk. some new rules in san jose which is making it a crime to watch a side show within that city's limits. while the ordinance inthe past targeted street racers, this new law is going after spectators. >> reporter: speeding cars. blocked traffic. large crowds serving as human
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guardrails. the city has had enough. they are going to punish people who watch and witness these dangerous sideshows. >> i'm very supportive of it because it takes away the moattiveyvation for those who want to get leck less with their vehicles. these things will subside and hopefully no one will get killed anymore. >> reporter: these two men arrested after their truck slammed into a yellow cab in san jose. the female passenger inside the taxi was ejected and died. >> we lost six people because of street racing in the city. >> reporter: this is another tool for police to target the people who per pitch wait, exploit in the legal activity. it reads, block them streets. they don't tow cars in sj.
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now spectators could be hit with misdemeanor charges punishable. the mayor said that kind of punishment is for the worst offenders. >> typically nobody would get that sentence unlis they were engaging in a lot of repeat conduct so it is about the threat and trying to detour the activity. they have already adopted similar spectator ordinances. this as other police departments across the bay area continue to crack down to prevent more out of control scenes like this one in oakland. >> the city council passed it unanimously. police chief said he hopes it goes into effect before the summer. well this morning, attorney general william barr is said to answer lawmakers questions for the this time since relationing robert mueller's russia report.
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his appearance comes after new revelations that mueller experienced frustration to barr about his summary of the report. barr's testimony will begin and we'll have live coverage here, too. congressional democrats plan to return to the white house in three weeks to continue bipartisan work to repair the nation's infrastructure. they met with president donald trump and will collaborate on a $2 trillion project. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer spoke to reporters after emerging from a very productive meeting with the president. all of us want to get something done on infrastructure in a big and bold way. there was goodwill in this meeting and that was different than some of the other meetings we have had. the plan involves rebuilding roads and bridges, providing clean water and extending broadband coverage, however, they have not agreed
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on how to pay for it. 4:35. the two-day policy meeting will wrap up today. financial analysts don't expect the federal reserve board to lower interest rates even though president donald trump has repeatedly asked them to do it. he has criticized the fed for raising interest rates last year. yesterday in a series of tweets the president said the central bank should lower its benchmark rate by 1 percentage point saying that would give the country an economic boost. they will release interest rates at 11:00 this morning. he is calling for supporters to return to the streets today. the president their claims his troops defeated a cue attempt. his loyal lists fired rubber bullets and live rounds at demonstrators yesterday. they treated 50 patients and a
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human rights group said a 24- year-old protestor was shot and killed. >> we're encouraging through social networks with video the cue data against the government i presides over. >> this is your acting president. the legitimate commander of the armed forces. the regimes claim they have control and it is a farce. >> the trump administration is expressing support for the opposition and says all options are possible which could include u.s. military action. 4:37. health check. they have to start coming up with programs that specifically deals with obesity as a risk factor for cancer because they expect over weight being the cause of cancer in the next 20 years. they have found connections between obesity and 1 three different kinds of cancer.
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doctors still don't understand what's that connection is. they say getting more exercise seems to be more important than losing weight to decrease that risk. tap water in california may be a lot more dangerous than we first thought. a new study is out examining california's drinking water and found a mix of contaminants from the arsenic to radioactive elements like radium. that could contribute because to more than 15,000 cases of cancer of the course of a lifetime. right now most water contaminants are regulated one at a time instead of a commotion. i nstead of a combination. now the study found that water systems with the highest risks were in small communities
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with populations less than 10,000. some lake the san francisco public utilities commission and east bay mud say they are still checking out that report but they are assuring customers their water is clean, safe and reliable. you can check the water contaminants by going to, click on web links and then plug in your zip code to find the local information. >> the medical examiner is working to identify a body found. the police officers pulled the male body from the water yesterday morning. they did not say if there was any signs of trauma. the medical examiner says an autopsy is pending. investigators in san mateo county identified a body pulled from the ocean over the weekend. he was boogie boarding. he was pulled under by the
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surf. he was a senior at heyward high school and a talented football player who already received a scholarship to play for the university of wyoming. our time is 4:40. still ahead, fox is renewing empire but the actor jussie smollett may not be part of that package. >> how producers of empire plan to move ahead while dealing with it. >> >> how today's transitioning to a new head of state in japan is unlike any other in the country's past. >> good morning. right now we have traffic off to a nice start on a wednesday. coming out to the mccar there mains coming around the corner. usually coming around the corner some fog, but it got wiped out, most of it. it will be sunny and warmer and weim so we'll show you're those temperatures coming up. (dad) this ice cream cake needs a freezer.
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welcome back. speaking of empire, return for six seasons on fox but the future of co-star jussie smollett is in doubt. he was not fired, but there are ne plans for his character to return for season six. producers negotiated an extension t be able to use him if desired. he was charged with multiple felony counts after they said he staged a hate crime attack in january. prosecutors later dropped the charges but the city asked him
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for 130,000. he denies the allegation. time is 4:43. japan has the new emperor to the thrown and some say it is an unprecedented occasion for celebration. the emperor became the 126th emperor. take it in. it is the first time in history a former emperor abdicated the thrown because of bad health. the former emperor reigned for 30 years. his area came to an end last night after this remarkable ceremony and emotional speech. larry green wood, the president of the japan also side said he remembers meeting him the first post war monarch who married a commoner for love and represented a new type of figurehead. >> from the beginning he was humble and served the people and the people loved him for
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that. in japan, they have a year of warning when an emperor passes, now, there is a feeling among japanese because they get to celebrate this wonderful man stepping down and the new emperor stepping up. >> he will reign with his wife, a graduate of harvard who was a japanese career diplomat before they got married. the newman narcs are fluent in english, well traveled. many see them as a symbol of modern life. a teenager battling a critical illness now has his own cookbook thanks to the make- a-wish foundation. the 16-year-old launched it last night titled justin's hardy recipes. after undergoing a heart transplant last year, he wished to write a heart healthy cook back for those who face medical challenges like he did. he worked for months with the chef to make his dream come
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true. >> i'm so much more appreciated than i was before by a heart transplant. after my heart transplant, i view life with a lot more differently, more appreciation. justin took pictures and signed copies of his cookbook at the ronald mcdonald house and those in attendance got to watch a cooking segment by victoria. >> a a viet near the hall of justice reopened this morning after another chunk of concrete fell from an elevated freeway. this time the concrete fell from part of i-80 above the harriet alleyway near 6th and harrison. several police, motorcycle officers were riding up harriet when they saw pieces of concrete in the road and they realized it fell about 25 feet from the elevated secttion of i- 80 above them. thankfully no one was hurt. all of that concrete combined is about the size of a
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basketball. caltrans was call in. they determined the overpass is still safe. what this really is, is a piece of concrete that got hit from above and vibration over time loosens it up and it fell in the roadway, it is a once in a lifetime occurrence. >> oh, boy. the crews pointed out to us where this happened on the side of the freeway over them. it happened near a parking lot. no cars were damaged. caltrans told ktvu they are constantly monitoring bridges and freeways for this kind of damage. you can see a close-up there. officials say the bay area has a lot of older infrastructure that they have to watch, but again thankfully no one was hurt this time. we had concrete that fell from the richmond san ra fell bridge a couple times. it is time for an in depth report with caltran. too much concrete falling on to our roads. it is a little scary.
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>> definitely a lot of it. we don't have any of that now. it is good. a nice, quiet start. let's go out to the approach here. we see some slowing on 205 and 580. it didn't take long. if you have been watching, we started here and there was no slow traffic. it just took 45 minutes and now slow traffic on 205 and 580 which is typical as they go up the hill and start coming back down. everything is good into the valley and no major problems here on i 880 in oakland. if you're getting up now, you should have a good drive to downtown and early for this backup here at the bay bridge and some of those cash lanes. not a terribly long delay but there is a little bit of a delay here already at the toll plaza. people getting up and adam early at 4:48. let's bring steve in. >> never saw that five, ten
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years ago. >> there were tumbleweeds. >> i remember that. >> if you're heading out, now on monday, yes, monday was code. tonight looks good. sunny. i don't expect any fog or anything. always a little bit of a northwest breeze but no big deal. next couple of days look warmer. upper 70s to low 80s. then cooling down saturday and for the weekend. that wind yesterday which was screaming out to the delta, gusting up to 33, 38 miles per hour. just a puff at 5. oakland airport a little northeast. things have really calmed down in the wind department, colder air. 23 lovelock. elko 25. they have a freeze warning. northeast california. most of nevada until 9:00 a.m. this morning and there are some
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cold temperatures. truckee is already 23. south lake tahoe 28. homewood, 32. reno 36. 40s for monterrey, sacramento, redding and are qaeda. there is a little coolness here. napa airport at 45. nevada 45. santa rosa 43. gilroy says come beat me if you can, i'm 42. body der creak at 41. we have a little low on the way. when will that be here? it will start to make a move probably saturday, but more likely on sunday so weekend clouds, possibility for the next couple of days, clearing skies. but then boy saturday, we'll see the fog coming back and a system coming incurred give us scattered showers on sunday into early morning. not a lot, but there might be enough here if you have outdoor
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plans, just keep an eye on things towards sunday. i don't think it could wash anything out, but it could develop a little bit. it will by close. 60s, 70sn't 0 temperatures today. we'll continue that into thursday, friday. then it starts to cool down. scattered showers on sunday. just a reminder to download the ktvu weather app. it is really good. it has interactive radar, hourly updates and the seven- day forecast. you can upload your weather and video. it is free to download for your smartphone or tablet. time is 4:51. we're remembering the life of a long time congresswoman from the east bay. after the break how ellen tou sure is being honored after her death yesterday and the impact she had on the bay area. (dad) this ice cream cake needs a freezer.
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(vo) only frigidaire's custom flex temp drawer can switch from fridge to freezer. (son) nice save! (vo) that's using your frigidaire. %fo %fo welcome back. we're remembering the life of congresswoman ellen tauscher who died at the age of 67. as ktvu's maureen naylor reports, her career took her from wall vote to congress and then to the state department where she negotiated nuclear arms treatise for the obama administration. by then i was calling it a speed bump. >> reporter: ellen tauscher is
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being remembered as a brilliant principalled public servant and glass ceiling breaker and one of the first women to hold the seat on the stock exchange and worked as the under secretary of state for president obama. she died and after a battle with pneumonia since january. >> he said, you have a very, very big tumor in your esophagus. >> it marks the last health battle for her. two years ago she spoked about her successful fight against stage three es soffe goal cancer and negotiating a nuclear arms treaty with russia. a.i. just have to out live my cancer. she did but continued to have health complications. her family said public service was her calling and there was
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no job she loved more for seven terms in congress. i remember she was fierce in the way she conducted herself in congress, she then went on to the administration and served there and was right next to secretary of the state hillary clinton in terms of negotiating non-row liveration agreements around the world. >> hillary clinton tweeted a state with bill saying ellen woke up everyday determined to make a difference and make a difference, she did. she was fearless, brilliant and big harted. congressman eric squall well interned with her in 2001 and said it is what inspired him to go into politics. >> i worked for a democratic member of congress but i didn't know what party she was affiliated with because she was always hanging out add working with republicans. while she accomplished a lot professionally, her family
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said her proudest was her daughter catherine. ellen tauscher was 67 years old. >> family members say they are working on memorial plans but have yet to announce them. maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. north carolina's governor calls for action. i know this violence has to stop. >> we'll tell you about a vigil planned for the day after a gunman opened fire on the campus of unc, charlotte. also a bay area police officer who had been the focus of several controversies is now back on the job. what we're finding out about his reinstatement and about continuing investigations.
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i'm in oakland where today hundreds of workers plan to rally to mark mayday. i'll tell you what is on schedule and where they are planning to have a rally later on this afternoon. attorney general william barr headed to capitol hill today. i'm doug luzader in washington we'll have more of what will be explosive testimony coming up. >> this is the worst day in the history of unc charlotte. for the latest on a deadly shooting at a north carolina university on the last day of
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school. what we're now finding out about the gunman. this is mornings on wo. good morning. thank you for joining us here. it is wednesday, may 13th, 2015. i'm pam cook. >> you look stunning in pink. >> i just realized we're both wearing pink. i said on wednesdays we wear pink. if you have seen mean girls steve. >> didn't they just have an anniversary? >> i don't know. >> they did. >> we just saw the musical in new york and it was hilarious and the scene changes the way they do it, it was fabulous. >> you could have texted me to tell me you were wearing pink. >> low clouds was wiped out yesterday. if you're heading to the dodgers and giants tonight, it is good. always take a jacket for layers.


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