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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  May 1, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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ghost ship warehouse fire trial. what is expected to happen today. good morning. thank you for joining us wednesday morning, may 1st. i'm pam cook. >> and we're twins again today. >> wearing pink today. >> let's talk about your wednesday may 1st weather. steve paulson is in his office here. >> i am indeed. >> i didn't text steve. i'm sorry. >> you know i'm up. >> about the pink. >> awe. >> all right. i'll figure out what color we're wearing tomorrow. >> sounds good, but don't text me, i won't be here. >> a little fog. other than that beth in santa rosa says where did those lines come from? >> three stooges, 1944. that is an old vaudeville schizo now, you know. 37 in poe valley. 39 heels berg. the napa airport briefly
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touched 39 and then fog came in. they are up to 43 or 44. there is some over the bay. some in san francisco. hayward has a little bit, but still looks good. temperatures warmer for the next few days. a little slow process today. we'll bump it up a little bit, but the wind has tailed off. only west southwest. northeast and east wind at napa airport and for oakland airport, a big change from yesterday. very cold air has settled in, as well. some of that has impacted for a freeze warning northeast california and the lee side of the sierra. lows in the 20s for lake tahoe. 34 reno. getting close. about 32, 33.
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now 40. they are dancing around. 39, 44, back to 40 napa airport. 45 sunny v.a. le. napa airport minus 14 the biggest drop. we're looking for mostly sunny skies. a little warmer today. more on that in about ten minutes or so. 60s, 70s on your temperatures. 6:02. >> just the usual. some of these commutes have improved over a week to week basis. here is the richmond bridge. this commute has become just a little bit better beginning to ease in, maybe drivers are used to it, but not a huge backup to the bridge. you can see there is a backup, but not huge. 37 is slow getting over. still looking good from nevada.
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80 westbound from the bridge there 24 minutes. here the they to the bridge before you get on. no major problems on the bridges yet. i-80 in oakland and in the south bay, traffic is off to a nice start. 6:03. back to the desk. thank you sal. east bacon structure workers are starting to converge at two projects this morning. it is an active scene. people are calling for local workers on local projects. >> reporter: good morning. a large grupp of workers are picketing outside of this large construction project where they say developers hired nonunion workers and one of the big messages, they would like to see local workers who are in these unions be hired for the projects happening in oakland. with me now i have the
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secretary treasurer of the building trade. >> we're out here protesting out of town developers on jobs like this that do not have any commitment to either hire union workers on this job and to hire local residents that get them into pathways to apprenticeships. we want that development the to be good and respect the rights of working people and local residents. >> than you. here is jeff, you said you have been part of your union for 31 years. what is it's like for you and other workers when you see these big projects coming to town and you are not getting hiring? >> i know 31 years in the trade. my family has risen because of the union labor and we don't want developers to come into the city of oakland, not hire local residents and not be we required to have standards and
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take their money out of the city of oakland. we want residents the opportunity to join apprenticeship programs and if the city puts requirements on developers when they come into the city of oakland to pay standard wages and put kids through career pathways, five year apprenticeship programs. we're marking mayday, international workers day, what is the significance ner? >> america is built of union labor. i come from a union household. the sacrifices my parents did for me and the union movement is why all of us are receiving a 40 hour workweek, 8 hour workday. union labor is why we have these standards in america. we need to be given standard wages and if you don't, my members and all the members in out here can't afford to live here in oakland. >> thank you so much for
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joining us this morning. i want to show you, you can see the group is getting larger and larger by the minute. we're expecting hundreds of construction workers to picket at different sites. at the port they will go on strike. they are also standing in solidarity with immigrants and refugees and they want to see attacks on immigrants and refugees stopped. that is one over their big messages at the port today. there will be a rally in front of city hall later on this afternoon so a lot happening throughout the city of oakland today. this is just one of them. thank you alyssa. >> a mayday rallies are also happening overseas. there were brief scuffles this morning in paris as thousands gathered outside a train station. yellow vests have joined to show their common rejection of the economic policies.
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more than 7400 police officers are deployed across paris. 6:06. in a couple hours from now, the defense attorney for one of two suspects in the warehouse fire will address the jury. yesterday prosecutors went first and read the names and showed photos of the 36 people who died in that fire more than two years ago and told the jury the warehouse did not have fire alarms or x tinning wicker herbs and packed with materials that could easily burn. the lawyer for max harris said they never figured out how the fire started and he says he is introducing knew information about that. we have overwhelming evidence from multiple witnesses this was a arson fire. the pros cougs was saying there wasn't enough time, notice or exits for people to loafnd leave and that is what the arsonist intend the. >> he will give his opening
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statement this morning. ktvu's crime reporter henry lee will be in the courtroom todaynd a everyday of this trial. he will push out things on social media and on today will be the final day of the trial this week. it resumes again on monday. the police officer who detained a man is now back on the job. officer david mclaughlin returned to work, but we're told with limited duties. he was placed on leave after this cell phone video showed him tackling barrel. he was recording the officer from his own front porch. mcglove lynn is the same officer that 2 investigates showed pulling his weapon last summer which witnesses said was a minor argument. they have not said what his current duties entail but any
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investigation is under way. 6:08. now to the 2020 presidential race. a poll finds 70% of americans are open to elected a president who is an openly gay man. that same poll has him coming up 4th in the democratic primary race after joe biden, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. senator we will be talking live with jay inslee, the governor of washington state made climate change the main part of his campaign. he is right now on a four-day tour through california. >> new at 6:00, we're now learning that the cost of building california's high speed rail project may increase by $1.8 billion. according to the los angeles
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times, the added cost of building the 119-mile, made an estimate in preparation for a project update but the rail authority will relation tonight legislature today. they have a green light to move ahead. the board of supervisors says the parking facility will have triage centers with showers and services to help people get into permanent housing. supporters say that program will help get rvs off the street and provide a safe plis for people to sleep. each rv will be allowed to park in that lot for 90 days. the city says it will determine a location in the next three months. pg&e is cutting back on how long it will run it's the generators after complaints from neighbors and city officials. they were turned on monday to
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help with critical infrastructure work, but they include mere boy winery owners say the noise and smell were too much to handle. now they said the generators will run from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and won't run on the weekends. a vigil is plannd on the college campus after a deadly shooting. more on the suspected gunman and how he is connected to the university. 0 attendance numbers continue to drop around major league baseball. how many fans are going for the first month of the season? are we tnot yet.? at crystal geyser we put our mountain source on our bottle... that's cool. ...because we bottle at our mountain source.
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welcome back. a vigil planned at the university of north carolina after the deadly shooting in a classroom. two people died. four others hurt. three of the survivors are in critical condition. police were already on the campus for an end of school concert. they arrested the 22-year-old trystan terrell, a former student. other student es were surprised they got an alert about a gunman on their campus and moments later heard the gunfire. >> wild bangs, accum out and we saw everyone run out like they were nervous and scared looking behind them. >> reporter: he is charged. the finals were scheduled to begin tomorrow, but they have been postponed. >> today google workers are going to have a sit-in. the demonstration is being held
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six months to the day after last year's walk out when 20,000 google workers left to protest the handling of the sexual harassment allegations. now they say management has been giving them warnings if they do. the sit in starts at 11 ra m. >> a designated pickup area for ride-share passengers. airport officials are trying to reduce the traffic jams and backups at curbside loading areas so beginning it will be june, people using uber and lyft you have to walk to the short-term parking garage and meet your drivers at the upper level. that won't change the international terminal. the new rule does not affect drop offs. sf0 is opening a new long- term parking garage today, a six tory facility with 3600 parking spots. it is right next to the current
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long term garage. it will cost $18 a day. you can drive from the old garage into the new one. it includes charging stations for electric cars, it will eventually be connected to the airport's air train. 6:16 is the time. let's check in with sal for the commute. >> it is crowd under but we don't have any major problems. just some commutes getting longer by the moment here on 80 westbound for example, 26 minute drive is typical for this time of the morning. when you get here you add another 20, 25 waiting in line before you cross into san francisco. no major issues on i 880 or on the san mateo bridge. the peninsula traffic is looking good. today peninsula and south deck commutes off to a good start. still relatively early so if you want to get on the road
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soon, it should be to your advantage. 6:16. >> a little bit of patchy fog but some of the fog come bained with upper 30s for lows. there is not a lot of fog around. it won't last long but water temperatures, low 50s to mid- 50s. em temperatures change from 24 hours ago, you lose the breeze and temperatures take a plunge. napa airport minus 12. fairfield minus 9. down to 42 there. one observation in napa, also at 42. that is pretty impressive for may 1st to get that cool of a low. nice, early. chilly later for the dodgers and giants tonight.
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i don't think fog will be an issue, but it is better than maybe on monday. warmer for a few days. not a big jump but a little bit. mid-70s today. then pushing upper 70s to near 80 by friday. back down on the weekend. santa rosa two above average. oakland airport likewise. 72 normal to 75 today. a little bit of an east breeze at the airport. yesterday was 33 to 38 miles per hour. coming right down out of the northwest should help on the coast. water temperatures will come down a bit. look at the temperatures. bend, oregon, 28. minden 23. lovelock 23 degrees. 22. a freeze warning out until 9:00 northeast california. parts of the sierra and lee side of the sierra and nevada. incline village 24. truckee 23. reno still holding at 34
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degrees. 38 in are qaeda. 43 redding. 45 monterrey. now the napa airport bounces. now 42. 45 sunnyvale. livermore 46. sunshine and a little warmer for the next few days. the low spinning to the west so it will make it here by the weekend. just a little bit of fog, but other than that, we're looking for 70snd a for the weekend the system moves through. a possibility on sunday of some showers. again, i wouldn't can sell outdoor plans but there could be a little bit here to tip the old rain bucket here sunday and early on monday. 70s for some. 68 alameda. 75 san jose to 78 gill row. 60s on the coast. 60s in the city. low to mid 70s there.
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fog, a little bit, but warmer into friday. then the cooldown saturday and clouds on sunday. >> thank you, steve. 6:19. a new episode of our bay area people podcast. search for bay area people in podcasts. 50 protesters taken to the hospital after trooping fired into the crowd. up next, the grow ush rest there. the warriors. if he will miss any time. >> first, a former sunny vail man is finally returning the book he checked out from the library 45 years ago. he borrowed that bach called midget motoring and carting because he wanted to build lis own car.
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♪ ♪ they're the moderne stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. %fo %fo welcome back to mornings on two. wikileaks founder has been sentenced to 50 weeks in jail. he was found guilty this
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morning of skipping bail when he fled. he has been in british custody since last month when ecuu door revoked his political asylum. he has been living in the embassy for the last seven years to avoid extradition for a rape investigation. he also faces a separate court hearing tomorrow on an extradition request to face espionage charges in the u.s. he is calling for supporters to return to the streets today as the president their claims the troops defeated a coup attempt. his loyal lists fired rubber bullets and live rounds at demonstrators. a local hospital treated 50 patients. a human rights group says a 24- year-old protestor was shot and
6:25 am
killed. >> we're encouraging through social networks with videos the coup against the legitimate institutions that exist. >> this is your acting president. the legitimate commander of the armed forces. the regimes claim it has control is a farce. the trump administration is expressing support for the opposition and says all options are possible which may include u.s. military action. u.s. environmental protection agency says the product used does to the cause cancer. the e.p.a.'s announcement reaffirms the earlier findings of glyphosate which is in roundup. they face thousands of lawsuits that says it caused their cancer. in california one man was awarded 78 million dollars,
6:26 am
another $80 million. sleep aids, warnings. due to sleep complications even after taking low doses of the drugs. they have dozens of reports of people behaving in risky be have your to sleep walking and sleep driving. at least 20 of toes resulted in death. the extra warnings are needed so doctors and patients can be more aware of the risks and be more diligent about follow-ups. tap water in california may be far more harmful than previously thought. they found a mix of contaminants ranging from arsenic to radioactive elements. they con clouded the combination could contribute but to more than 15,000 cases of cancer over the course of a lifetime. currently most are evaluated one at a time instead of in combination. >> this is a new framework. what are the health impacts of
6:27 am
multiple contaminants that occur in drinking water and it is more representative of exposure you're seeing in real life. they found the greatest risk in small communities with populations less than 10,000 people. some bay area water districts say they are still reviewing the report but they assure customers their water es clean, safe and reliable. >> >> now you can check the potential water contaminants by visiting our website and clicking web links. plug in your zip code to find the local data. today william barr set to face members of congress. we have a look at the meeting today with key politicians happy who field they were misled by his report. a threatened seal died after being attacked by the seashore. what marine experts think
6:28 am
attacked the animal.
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this is mornings on two. >> thank you for joining us. middle of the week, first day of may. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. we have a man who works with us for many years who is saying hey steve didn't mention about the wedding. he has a wedding. >> kevin pen der is that it?
6:31 am
>> yes. >> it is next weekend not this weekend. >> he needs to know. >> kevin is a worry wart because he is my bud. it is cold. 42, one observation, napa. 37 pope valley. a lot of low 40s including windsor, pen grove, and that is very cool. 4 to 12 degrees colder than yesterday at this time. yesterday, we had the wind, we lost the breeze a little bit of patchy fog. a chilly air mass has settled in. nice, early chilly layer. that will still be there tonight for the dodgers and giants. these are the forecast highs and normal. san francisco oakland right where you should bow. a little above for san jose
6:32 am
after a few days being below. a little hint of an easterly breeze, not that strong the cold air has taken the plunge for us and into the sierra, nevada and west coast very cool, a lot of 20s around. a freeze warning out parts of the sierra, nevada as temperatures have dipped into the 20s. 41 lakeport. a lot of 40s here. we'll rebound rather quickly, because this time of year doesn't take long. cloudcover on the weekend. still 60s on the coast with patchy fog. by sunday, a lot of cloudcover and maybe some scattered showers in our forecast but that is sunday. >> today, 60s and 70s on the highs. routine traffic today, a little more routine than yesterday when we had all those issues but there is slow traffic and it is getting
6:33 am
slower. this is a look at the bay bridge. 25 minute delay with no major issues on the span. yesterday, we had a troubling day on the bridge as you remember. today it has been okay. 880 northbound, the same thing goes. if you lock at the maps, we look for red to see where all the red is. there is some in hayward driving south to union city but that is it. then the south bay commute is off to a nice start. thank you. just about 30 minutes from now, attorney general william barr is due to testify about the mueller reports. >> here is why a letter that special counsel robert mueller will probably be a focus today. >> reporter: the meeting comes a day after it was replead that robert mueller wasn't happy with the way the attorney general summarized his investigation. it was march 24th when william
6:34 am
barr gave a four-page summary of the mueller report. now barr awe summary says it did not include with operatives and there was not enough evidence to charge the president with obstruction of justice. now a couple days after his summary, robert mueller wrote him a letter to complain he mischaracterized his report and it didn't capture the complex, nature and substance of the report's conclusions. the letter from mueller to the attorney general and part became public last night, a spokesperson responded to the release of the letter saying they did talk on the phone about it. nothing in a torn general's letter was inaccurate or miss leading but robert mueller gave frustration over the contacts and media coverage of the obstruction analysis. he has been criticized at tiles
6:35 am
for being too differential to mr. trump and all that will likely be topics when he testifies and as yeah mentioned that is sched quad to happen at 7:00 our time. back to you. >> thank you. 6:35 is the time. san francisco medical examiners working to identify a body found floating in the body near peer 39. they pulled him from the water and they did not say if there were any signs of trauma but an autopsy is pending. they identified a body pulled from the ocean, 18-year- old was buggy boarding with friends when he was pulled under by the surf and went missing. his body was discovered sunday. he was a senior at hayward high school and talented football player. he had received a collar ship to the university of wyoming. they want to find the owner
6:36 am
of a dog that attacked and killed a protected seal. a visitor at the beach called the marine mammal center and said a dog attacked a young seal. by the time they got there, the seal was dead and the person and dog were gone. it probably had health problems. >> we have seven others on site all scannednd in similar condition with severe mall few tryings and they will be released back into the opinion shen. anyone caught watching a seitz sales in san jose could be put in jail. they approved an ordinance yesterday that also goes after sideshow spectators. offenders will face misdemeanor
6:37 am
charges. typically nobody would get that kind of sentence unless they had a lot of repeating conduct. cities from sacramento to san diego have already adopted similar spectator ordinances. he hopes it will take affect before summer. at least six people died in street racing crashes since then. 6:37. warriors won last night and now heading to houston. kevin durant had 29 points he had 21 points. he hit consecutive three- pointers late in the third quarter. with 20. oh! he has a flame thrower.
6:38 am
passing and ball movement. the rockets made it close, but look at him. the warriors won 115-109. they don't expect him to miss any time. steph was yelling in pain. he dislocated his middle finger on his left hand, non-shooting hand. the trainers popped it back in and taped it to his ring finger. he went into the series with the ankle injury and you should expect him to be in the starting lineup on saturday. a record night in the win over colorado. he scored the first goal of the game. his goal to give the shark a 2- 0 lead. they tied it up in the third and then took over the puck. final seconds of the game, he sent another into an empty
6:39 am
net for the first time in his career. he has a hat trick in the playoffs. the sharks lead 2-1. game four in colorado tomorrow night. now, the giants are experiencing one of the largest attendant drops in baseball. 12 of 30 teams drew fewer fans between march and april compared to the same time last year. giants attendance fell 17% from nearly 39,300 fans to 32,700. that is the third larger drop behind the blue jays and twins. they were not able to sell out any games against the yankees or los angeles dodgers. technically up from last season. 19, 700 compared to 19,400 last
6:40 am
year but it is misleading because it counts wo games in tokyo as home game the but if you take those out it is 3,000 less than last year. still ahead, a police department trying to help first responders who go through difficult situations. a new mental health app and helps many of them suffering from ptsd. some of the content they are working on including a show aimed at preschool lis. on the way to the bay bridge, you can see traffic is a little slow. coming around that corner to the toll plaza.
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welcome back. in dollars and sense, mark zuckerberg is promising to improve privacy and data security. he kicked off the annual conference for software developers yesterday in san jose. security concerns have long over shad towed the company. he was asked by congress. he said the digital town square will have smaller, more private secure forums. >> i get that a lot of people
6:44 am
are not sure we're serious about this. i know that we don't exactly have the strongest reputation on privacy right now. >> he went on to say he believes the future is private and that facebook is working to better secure user data and improve encryption. facebook also getting a new look. zuckerberg gave a sneak peek of the predesigned facebook app father developers conference. the new design is a white background and puts private groups in the center of the page. more than 400 million users are pat of the groups. he says the redesign is set up to make it easy to connect with other groups and it is to connect with individual friends. the app is now live for u.s. users. the desktop version is coming later this year. we get to talk about the
6:45 am
happest place on earth. two policies changes. smoking will no longer be a loued in any disney parks and shopping areas. it used to be allowed in designated areas. the new ban is for vaping as well. if you're caught smoking, they will ask you leave the park. the second policy, strollers. oversized strollers and wagons no longer allowed in the disney parks. new rules mean that vol lers have to be 31 inches wide or less. that means some of those double side jogging strollers won't fit in the guidelines. all wagons pushed or pulled are also banned at disney. >> >> finally, reg station opens for this. the new "star wars" galaxy edge inside disneyland starting at 10:00 tomorrow morning, registration will open know additional cost. they want to manage the record crowds expected for the park expansion. every guest who want the to go
6:46 am
into the park, you have to register. the more information posted on the disney land website tomorrow morning before the registration starts. regvation will be required until june 24th. >> today a pilot program that rewards uber drivers with college tuition is expanding to dozens of cities. if they earned status with the company to enroll in classes for free. drivers earn points. and in addition to free tuition online, other benefits of uber pro include 6.5% cash back on gas at certain stations and up to 25% off car maintenance. last night for the first time in hundreds of years, the museum in paris opened its cars for two overnight guests courtesy of airbnb. they were chosen to say there
6:47 am
by winning a worldwide contest where they had to answer the question, why would you be the perfect guest for mona lisa. they got a private tour before being in a pyramid built excuse sivly for them. >> our time is 6:47. remember the 12 boys and soccer coach trapped in thailand in the cave? netflix and the production company behind "crazy rich asians" won the rights to tell their story. sk global want the a culturally correct viewpoint and to make sure asian actors and crew members is what he called adequately represented. they haven't decided if it will be a feature film or mini- series. we have a list of the projects that netflix is considering in
6:48 am
its deal with the former president and first lady. guess who? barack obama and michelle obama. they want to inspire and educate people. bloom will show the barriers faced by women and people of color after world war ii. a movie telling the live story of former slave and states man, frederick douglas among the list and explains to kids where food comes from around the world called listen to your vegetables and eat your parents. >> what? >> they flipped that's around. >> anything they do and get involved in will be very well put together. they make such an impression. >> it is exciting. >> i look forward to seeing that. >> sal. hopefully traffic is not so bad today. >> today we're laughing a little better of a day especially at the bay bridge although it is crowded there.
6:49 am
nothing unusual yual. backed up a little longer than normal. 33 minutes from the bridge. then at the toll plaza we have a bigger delay but it is within the realm of normal for this time of the morning. 880 has not become so slow driving past the coliseum. things are beginning to get a little more crowdedden san jose getting up to cupertino and sunny vail. that is through downtown san jose. >> at 6:49 here is steve with the weather. >> a little patchy fog. rather cold for may 1s. a few 30s showing up. mainly to the north and also in the santa cruz mountains. temperatures are running 4 to 12 degrees colder than yesterday at this time. napa airport minus 12. oakland also minus 8. oakland airport. warmer for a few days. a cool pattern the last couple of days. temperatures go up a little bit, not a lot. they will top out on friday and cool down on saturday as the
6:50 am
low comes in. these are the forecast highs on the left and these are normal. a little above there. what breeze? yesterday it was roaring, not much one today. oakland airport has a little east wind. yesterday it was west-southwest or westerly. everything is coming out of the northwest and so is the cold air. 22 lovelock. ely 18. some has made it into northern california. freeze warning is out until 9:00 in the morning. also on the lee side of the sierra, reno, 34. i don't think they will get to 32. truckee 21. 24 incline. 27 south lake tahoe. 46 u qaeda. redding at 43. that is cold for may 1st. lakeport and napa airport at 41 degrees. 46 livermore airport.
6:51 am
sting at 43 there. pleasantton 45. a little chill in the morning air here, but a couple days of mostly sunny skies and warming temperatures. the low will make it probably late saturday, more likely sunday so the next few days except for fog, temperatures inland near 80 for a few on friday. by the weekend we get the low clouds and sunday a possibility of some shower activity, scattered showers on sunday. 60s, 70s to upper 70s. 78 there. >> oakland 70. brentwood at 78 degrees. a little warmer into friday. clouds roll in. scattered showers on sunday.
6:52 am
>> time is 6:51. he qualifies for the first presidential debate of the democratic national committee. we'll break down how the east bay congressman broke through to make that list. >> first here is gus here and see what is coming up. >> good morning. >> good morning. coming up at 7:00, a priceless piece of art lewded by matzies and acquired by a spanish museum 20 years ago will not be rushed to the survivors of the jewish woman who gave it up during the holocaust. what museum officials knew when they acquired the painting. >> we know toddlers can be unpredict table. yes, some go through a biting phase but one parent said what happened to her little girl at the child care center is way over the line. take a look at these images and you'll understand why the little girl's parents were so mad upon learning she had been bitten several times and why their solution is bringing
6:53 am
little comfort. we will be right back. this ice cream c s a freezer. (mom) freezer's full. (vo) only frigidaire's custom flex temp drawer can switch from fridge to freezer. (son) nice save! (vo) that's using your frigidaire. luckily, her dorm is about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. ashley's meeting all her in-laws, and she's about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham. jeff is flying to.... oh never mind. but hey, 10 minutes from a wyndham. he's having the best. day. ever! and he's about 10 minutes... 10 minutes
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from a hotel by wyndham. with over 6,000 hotels across the country, a great hotel by wyndham is closer than you think. book direct at
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welcome back, the suspect in the deadly synagogue shooting in san diego county last week and could get the death penalty if convicted. the judge ordered 19-year-old, john earnest , one woman was
6:56 am
killed, three others were hurt. prosecutors call it a hate crime, specifically targeting jewish people. a hillsboro couple is expected to enter lieutenant please in the college admissions scandal. they are accused of playing more than 6000 tires of -- $6000 of bribes to get their daughters into ucla. he deducted bribe payments on his taxes, he faces up to an additional 29 years in prison and a $150,000 fine. a dozen other parents including felicity huffman, they also accept a plea deals with the justice department.
6:57 am
people are cleaning up in the midwest after a swarm of tornado swept through the southern plains states, at least 16 tornadoes touched down in oklahoma, texas, arkansas, and missouri. damaging homes and other buildings and causing widespread power outages. the storms also triggered flash flood warnings in several states. a levee broke in davenport iowa , that sent water through the streets of the downtown area heavy rain caused the mississippi to rise leading to bad breach. the flooding left cars underwater, crews had to perform several river rescues. back at home, the street near san francisco's hall of justice has reopened, after yet another chunk of concrete fell from an elevated freeway. this time, the concrete fell from the part of the interstate 80 above the harriet alleyway. near harrison. several san francisco police, motorcycles were going up.
6:58 am
when they saw pieces of concrete in the road and realized, those pieces fell about 25 feet from the elevated part of interstate 80 over them. nobody was hurt, thankfully. the concrete was about the size of a basketball. they determined afterwards that it is still safe. >> what this really is, is a piece of concrete that got hit from the inside of above, and vibration just overtime loosened up a small piece of concrete and it fell down on the roadway, it is a once-in-a- lifetime occurrence.>> let's hope. they pointed out where it occurred on the side of that freeway above. it happened near a parking lot, no cars were damaged down below. caltrans told us they will keep an eye on the bridges and freeways for this kind of damage. they say, the bay area has a lot of older infrastructure to watch. former east bay congresswoman, ellen tauscher died at stanford medical center due to complications from pneumonia after a long battle with cancer. ellen tauscher was 67 years
6:59 am
old, she was one of the first women to hold a seat on the new york stock exchange when she was only 25 years old. then she served in congress for more than a decade before joining the state department under hillary clinton. during the obama administration. >> i will remember her as being fierce, she was fierce in a way she conducted herself in congress, she then went on to the administration and served there, and was right next to secretary of state, hillary clinton in terms of negotiating agreements around the world. >> bill and hillary clinton are among the many other political leaders sorry road, feeling sorry about the family members, they are still working on plans for her memorial, but those plans have not yet been announced. the suspect in last
7:00 am
weekend's deadly synagogue shooting in san diego county could get the death penalty if he is convicted. we will tell you the latest on that situation, also from washington, the attorney general talking about the mueller report, we will have the latest on that. i'm in oakland where hundreds of construction workers are wearing their hardhats and their vests but they are not working today, instead they're out here protesting. i will tell you why.>> from fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> it is may 1, wednesday.>> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about the weather, pete knows everything, he is right here.>> some places are calling for 30, believe it or not. we will take a look at some of those here. there it is. the valley,


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