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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  May 1, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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released last night in honor of asian american pacific islander, they founded the san francisco school of arts which was named after her, she died at the age of 37. we will show you why some people are taking exception to labor practices and at local construction sites. attorney general, william barr testifying about the mueller report, how he is spawning to questions from senator feinstein. some popular sleep aids are coming with new warnings, what prompted the fda to take action now. good morning, welcome, it is wednesday, may 1. we had a cold start to the day but the sun has come out and the highs are going to reach into the 70s in some parts.
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>> let's talk about social media because users are expressing some displeasure at facebook's decision to launch a new dating service called secret crush coming out later this year. it lets users anonymously pick people from their list of friends who they are romantically interested in. a friend selected another friend who has secretly liked them, the pair will become a match. critics point out, a lot could go wrong and it wasn't consistent with mark zuckerberg's comment about privacy.>> honestly, having a facebook dating app is just going to get married, older people in trouble. that is funny. someone else said, it is how forensic files episodes will start for the next generation, that is a tv show, by the way about murder. and richard sure this photo from the simpsons, twitters collective reaction to facebook's secret crush feature. see the cartoon?>> when it comes to privacy, is the company crossing the line? you hear one thing from mark zuckerberg, then they do this. >> here is a key as a married
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person, don't ever secretly like someone. if they like you, it'll be a match. >> what about single people? are they using this? >> what about in person? what about the old-fashioned way? >> like at a bar? here is a cocktail, here is my number, give me a call. happening now, a number of rallies taking place all over the world and in the bay area. we will share with you here, in paris earlier today, as thousands gathered outside of a train station. they joined the march to show their common rejection of the french presidents economic policies. more than 7400 police officers are deployed across paris. and, there is a rally in oakland for union workers. construction workers are calling on the city government for support. >> reporter: they really wanted
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to get the attention of the mayor and the rest of the city government, you can see that that rally is just wrapping up. a few people are still behind some of them in hard hats and neon vests. they are not working today, they are spending the day drawing attention to what they say is an inequality of the hiring process for construction jobs in the city. we just saw the group march here, there were hundreds of construction workers that started the morning picketing outside of high-rise projects they say they were not hired to build. they say, out-of-town developers often hire out-of- town workers who are not part of the local union. they support a project labor agreement. something they want the city government to adopt and enforce. >> it is very important, there is a lot of underground economy where there are workers getting exploited, not getting paid the proper wages of benefits. people are monitoring, checking, making sure that they
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are paying the correct wages and benefits, it cuts out the cheating. >> we should be offering good careers on these jobs, especially for open residence. there is a construction boom going on right now and it is a great opportunity to take residence like cities like oakland from disadvantaged communities and get them working so they can stay in the city. >> roughly 100 workers took part in a protest at a construction site on 13th and jackson. the group also shared a letter that they wrote to the mayor, it asks her to step up her local construction workers. may 1, which is called may day is international workers day, it is to celebrate the working class and bring awareness to unions and to all sorts of issues like affordable housing and safe working conditions. the workers you saw today in oakland are among millions throughout the world taking part in may day events.
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ktvu fox 2 news. google workers are having a fit into protest retaliation against the organizer of the company. it is being held six months to visit the day of a walker. management has been warning them of consequences if they do not leave outside projects that they're working on, or if they take part in the protest. happening now, the judiciary committee taking a quick break in its questioning of william barr. we have been monitoring the hearing from the newsroom. >> reporter: attorney general, william barr began testifying before the committee 7:00 this morning, he has been answering questions about the mueller
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investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election and answering questions specifically about his summary of that investigation and report. it was on march 24 that william barr released a four page summary about the mueller investigation, several weeks before the full report was made public he took some criticism for that, he was accused by democratic leaders of trying to shape the public's perception about the report before it was available for them to read. that is what a lot of the topic of questioning has been about in this hearing so far. the senate committee hearing comes a day after it was revealed that special counsel, robert mueller was not happy with the way the attorney general characterized his investigation. in fact, mueller wrote a letter to william barr to express his frustration back in march. in that letter, he accused the attorney general of creating public confusion that threatened to undermine the purpose of the special counsel. his summary was that the president did not collude with operatives to influence the election, and there was not enough evidence to charge the president with obstruction of justice. mueller said that characterization was oversimplified and lacked
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context. william barr said his motivation in releasing that summary was to provide a broad verdict on conclusions of the report. here is what he said.>> announcing after an extended trial with the verdict of the trial, it is pending release of the full transcript, that is what we were trying to do, notify the people as to the bottom line conclusion. we were not trying to summarize the 410 page report. >> the questioning has been predictably partisan, which republicans are more sympathetic, democratics are more combative. they are taking a quick break for lunch but they will resume this afternoon and the questioning will continue tomorrow as well. william barr is scheduled to testify before the house judiciary committee tomorrow and the chairman of that
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committee says he wants robert mueller to testify before congress as well. ktvu fox 2 news. the vallejo police officer who detained a man for recording a traffic stop with a stolen camera is now back on the job. officer, david mclaughlin has returned to work but with limited duties. he was placed on leave in february after cell phone video showed him tackling adrian burrell on the man's front porch, he is the same officer that was shown drawing his weapon in a busy shopping center during a minor argument. an internal affairs investigation is also underway. the san francisco police department is reporting a decline in the number of cases in which officers use force come the chronicle says there has been a 30% drop in cases of use of force among officers compared to 3 years ago. the last officer involved shooting in san francisco was nearly a year ago.
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the police chief, bill scott says new policies have made it easier for officers to de- escalate tense situations. the chief tells the paper, there is more work to be done, the permit has implemented fewer than a quarter of the reform the justice recommended in an audit in 2016. one supervisor is pushing to increase the city's ability to seize guns from people considered a threat to themselves or others. the supervisor has asked the city's attorney's office to come up with a process for using california's gun violence restraining order. that state law enacted in 2014 allows immediate family members, current roommates and law enforcement officers to petition a court to take away a person's guns for up to a year. it is the first day of may, and i want to ask you if the weather is where we should be for a may day. >> that is a good question, we have been below, but now we are going a little bit above. we have some patchy fog out there, a little bit made it out
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to the bay. it is nice now, chilly later. if you are in the south, it is not bad. but if you are on the bleachers, take the jacket, just in case. still a breeze, but not what we had yesterday, it was just screaming about 35, 40 miles per hour, still west, southwest, rio vista, down to port chicago, fairfield, but generally 10 miles per hour or less. upper 50s for some, we had some 30s for lowe's this morning, there were plenty. in the santa cruz mountains and a lot up north. at napa airport one time, checking in at 39. a little bit of a cold out for the weekend. we have been below the last couple of days, santa rosa up to above average this time of year. and san jose, 75 yesterday, the normal is 72.
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a lot of cold air got funneled in yesterday, and the sierra had a little bit of snow. now the cold temperatures have settled in, but we are beginning to see a rebound. we are looking for a mostly sunny day, there could be a few high clouds the next few days. that low will arrive sometime this weekend but it is still three or four days away. 60s and the temperatures, and some 70s. we will top out on friday, and cloudy we don't change any plans for sunday but keep an eye on the sky. thank you. coming up, if you are leaving san francisco later today, you might run into a detour, the protest today on one of the busiest streets in the city. and a holocaust story for the social media generation, the instagram account that is serving controversy while trying to educate younger viewers. word on the street, they have top-tier gas.
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police are on the scene of a crash that involves a car and a bicyclist, the cyclist is seriously injured, this is on cedar street and ninth street. as you can see, there is tape up, they are investigating. we will keep monitoring the situation and update it as it develops. today, a protest by a group of pedestrians and bicyclists will disrupt traffic along market street, they want to ban all private cars from going down market. they will be wearing yellow shirts and will be at the crosswalk of market and montgomery to prevent cars from making that right turn westbound onto market. safety advocates say half 1
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million people walk on market street each day, more than any other street in san francisco. this morning, salesforce ceo is donating $30 million to ucsf for a new research institute on homelessness. the ucsf center for vulnerable populations, ucsf said it is the largest donation to fund homelessness research, the fund will help the center operate for 5 years and it is set to begin in the summer. a plan to provide overnight parking for people living in rvs in san francisco has the green light to move forward. the board of supervisors said the parking facility will let triage centers help people get into permanent housing. it'll help get rvs off the street and be a safe ways for people who need one. each will be able to park in the lot for 90 days, the city says they will decide on a location in the next three months. out of venezuela, demos traders are taking to the streets for a second straight day, the opposition leader is trying to wrestle control from embattled president, nicolas maduro. organizers are planning the largest march today.
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>> the situation and venezuela is fluid, on tuesday, the opposition leader, juan guaido left socialist president, nicolas maduro still in control of the country. but he says yesterday was only the first step and is asking his supporters to hit the streets today for what he calls the biggest protest in history. claiming, he still has significant support among the armed forces.>> maduro does not have the support nor the respect of the armed forces, much less of the people because he does not protect the government.>> they are claiming it involved a few soldiers, they are trying to track down and punish opposition supporters and he is also claiming that the u.s. supported the coup attempt. mocking the secretary of state, mike pompeo for suggesting he was ready to go into exile. >> he said, maduro had a plane ready to go to cuba and the
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russians took him off the plane. mr. mike pompeo pleaded. >> the white house is denying any involvement in the uprising but administration officials say they are still standing behind juan guaido and monitoring the situation closely. >> the overwhelming number of military service members and venezuela support juan guaido, it is just a matter of time before they come over to the opposition. >> the only high-ranking fracture was in the regime when they said it is time to rebuild the country. he is now out, a new chief is in, and maduro is still in power. in miami, ktvu fox 2 news. the intelligent committee is gathering information without warrants. there was a 20% rise in the number of targeted searches, more than 9600 searches were done on the contents of
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american calls, text messages and emails and other communications were conducted by the nsa just last year, that number does not include searches by the fbi or the dea. the u.s. environmental protection agency says the chemical used in many popular weed killers including roundup does not cause cancer, it is contradicting recent court decisions. the announcement reaffirms its earlier findings about the safety of glyphosate, the key ingredient in roundup. the company faces thousands of lawsuits from people who say it caused their cancer. in two separate trials in california, one man was awarded $78 million, and another $80 million. the fda is issuing new and more serious warnings for prescription sleep aids like ambien, lunesta, and the warning is due to sleep complications before taking even a low dose of the drug. the fda has dozens of reports of patients engaging in risky
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behavior, ranging from sleepwalking to sleep driving. the agency reports that at least 20% of those cases have resulted in death. officials say the extra warnings are needed so doctors and patients can be more aware of the risks and be more diligent about follow-ups. james cameron is known for films such as titanic and avatar him up at the chronicle is reporting that the film director along with his wife and wife's sister are considering opening a vegan grade school in san francisco or berkeley. the first school will serve vegan lunches from its solar powered kitchen, has a school garden, and the building does not contain any plastics. instagram is bringing the story of a 13-year-old holocaust survivor to life for social media, the story is put together using excerpts from her diary, and it was with the help of actors and reconstructed photographs. they want to educate a new generation while remembering
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the 6 million jewish people killed during the war. the story begins streaming today. coming up, bart police on the lookout for criminal activity, but who is watching them? the departments independent police honorary is talking to us about what the agency is doing and what other police agencies should consider. if you are going to disneyland this summer, you should know about new rules that started today, plus how to get in line for disney's newest ride. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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8-month. seresto, seresto, seresto. on friday, the independent honors for the bart and berkeley police officers will post an important meeting. joining me to talk about it is bart's independent police, russell bloom. i don't think a lot of people know what an independent police auditor exactly is. can you tell us what that is? >> yethe way that our agency
9:23 am
works is, i am the independent police auditor and i have certain levels of oversight and authority to review the work of the bart police department. our oversight system, completely civilian run is a two prong system, it consists of my agency and also 11 members of volunteers, that is the bart police civilian review board. >> this came about after the grant happened 2 years ago, this was put into place partly because of that. can you explain that? >> yes, oscar grant was killed on new year's day in 2009, the board of directors reached out to the national revision of black law enforcement executives and ask them to do a review of the existing police system. that report came back, including a recommendation that there would be some form of civilian oversight, independent
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civilian oversight. so the board of directors at that time created a system of civilian oversight, again, including two prongs, my agency and also the civilian review board, both of which are intended to be independent of the internal bart structure and the police department. >> what is surprising to me is that not every police agency has this, some cities basically, if something goes wrong, if someone complains about a police officer acting inappropriately, who is going to investigate the actual police officer, its own agency? so, having civilian oversight, do you think that is important? >> i absolutely think it is important, i think that it creates an additional layer of trust among the community that, if there are concerns about the way police officers in the community are conducting themselves, or even if there is a specific incident of concern, to have a sense that it is being reviewed externally is very important. and, in most cases, cities don't tend to implement or
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establish civilian oversight until after there is some sort of tragic accident or incident, and i think that it is important to see that many jurisdictions and municipalities nationally are starting out with forward thinking and trying to implement some form of external review prior to some tragic incident occurring. >> in the last 10 years, we have had a lot of alleged incidents of police misconduct that have been in the news that you see with the video cameras that document all of this. do you think that because of that, police agencies might be more open to having someone like you or an agency like yours implemented before something like that happens? >> i think so. i think that a lot of police departments in the elected officials that control those departments have an understanding that reform ever has entered into our
9:26 am
consciousness, and one of the things that police departments and chiefs naturally are looking to do is to implement concepts of 21st century policing. one of the recommendations of the former president, obama's task force included having some sort of external review system and independent oversight. again, moving forward, many chiefs are looking ahead and trying to get that in place in advance of something going wrong. >> all right, this friday, you are going to make your pitch to some of the cities, good luck with that. >> if i may, our event is may 3, starting at 8:30 in the morning, 300 lakeside drive right here in oakland. it is open to all people, no one is turned away for lack of funds and if i may also add, we have a networking reception at the lake chalet restaurant at 1520 lakeside drive with some great music. >> all right, russell bloom,
9:27 am
bart independent police agency, thank you for joining us. coming up, new developments, local efforts to stop dangerous sideshows coming out. and the warriors are feeling good, with a lead against the rockets. [ pleasant orchestral music ]
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[ commentatora 1-iron from the 17th tee. [ club thwacking ] it's coming right at the flag stick. [ crowd cheering ] what a shot! [ pleasant orchestral music ]
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jack nicklaus has now won his third united states open. happening now, today is international workers day, also known as may day, planning is happening around the bay area as employees demand better conditions for the working class and bring awareness to unions. in oakland, construction crews are wrapping up a rally at city hall, they are picketing near downtown earlier this money. they want to draw attention to the hiring process for some of
9:30 am
the large construction projects in town. they are calling on the city to guarantee the publicly funded projects will be billed by local union workers. william barr is testifying on capitol hill, facing questions for the first time since his release of the special counsel report into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. we are in washington with this story.>> william barr has defended his handling of the special counsel's report before the senate judiciary committee. lindsey graham focused on the origin of the investigation, democrats accused william barr of spinning the findings in favor of president trump. >> the publicly released report will allow every american to understand the results of the special counsel's work. >> the testimony comes as the justice department released this letter from robert mueller to william barr. mueller said, his march 24 summary of the special counsel's full report created public confusion on critical aspects of the investigations results. mueller wrote, his summary did not fully capture the context of the nature and substance of
9:31 am
this office's work and conclusions. >> it is a striking letter. it conveys his disappointment. >> my concern is whether mr. mueller has changed his mind with respect to his conclusions. >> the justice department responded saying, the special counsel emphasized that nothing in the attorney general's letter was inaccurate or misleading. william barr is scheduled to appear before the house judiciary committee tomorrow at the justice department said, he will not testify if the committee uses voyeurs to question the attorney general, instead of members of congress. in washington, ktvu fox 2 news. let's check in with dave clark in the newsroom. a bay area couple pleaded guilty to ping at least $600,000 in bribes in order to get their daughters into college. bruce isaacson entered there please in boston, they admitted
9:32 am
to conspiring with college admissions facilitator, rick singer to get their two daughters into ucla and usc. they will cooperate with a federal investigation. a dozen other parents including actress, felicity huffman also accepted plea agreements with the justice department. a vigil will be held tonight at the university of north carolina in charlotte for the victims of yesterday's deadly campus shooting where two people were killed, four others were hurt, on the very last day of class before final exams. three of the survivors are in critical condition. 22-year-old, trystan terrell , a former student was arrested, he is facing two charges of homicide and four counts of attempted homicide. wikileaks founder, julian assange was sentenced today to almost a year in british jail, he was convicted of skipping
9:33 am
bail 7 years ago when he fled to the ecuadorian embassy. since last month, he has been in british custody, that is when ecuador revoked his political asylum. he had been living in that embassy to avoid being extradited to sweden to face a rape investigation. he is also facing a separate court hearing tomorrow. he will face charges of spying. that is a brief look at some of the top stories we are working on. east bay congressman, eric swalwell has become eligible for the 12 scheduled democratic debate with the first one set for june 26 and 27th in miami. up to 21 democratic candidates have not yet met the requirement of 1% in the polls, or having at least 65,000 donors. he is grateful to have a place
9:34 am
on the stage to discuss his central issues of gun violence and affordable healthcare. tomorrow, democratic presidential candidate, jay inslee joins us. he is on a four day tour through california. the weather seems to be getting warmer as the week progresses, steve? >> a little bit, at least until the weekend, and then some changes. the inland locations will bump up a little bit. we were very windy yesterday, not so much the case today. a little bit of fog but if you are going to the game tonight, it gets chilly later, the temperatures will drop very quick. there is a breeze but nothing compared to yesterday. almost 40 miles per hour. but a southwest breeze for most. warming up a little bit, 30s for the low temperatures this morning, from the north into the santa cruz mountains. now, 50s and 60s, concord, 60. rio vista, 60.
9:35 am
the normal temperatures on the right, today's forecasted highs on the left. a little bit above for some of the areas. two systems, one came by late yesterday, into northeast california, and also the sierra nevada, it'll be a little bit nicer today. another system for the weekend. each day we are bumping it up a little bit. we will get some upper 70s to near 80, that cold air spilled in here for us as well. rather chilly along the sierra crest. this system will arrive on sunday, and until then, enjoy the temperatures and the nice weather, it'll warm up a little bit here. there will be a lot of clouds coming in, and maybe some scattered showers on sunday into monday but not today or thursday or friday. 60s and 70s, alameda, 68 degrees. 75 san jose, saratoga, 77.
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74 in palo alto. and the coast is the same, a little bit of fog but the inland temperatures will bump up on friday. we will climb up, but maybe a few showers but don't cancel any plans. investigators are trying to find the owner of a dog who killed a protected seal. a visitor at the beach called the mammal center to report the dog attack on a young guadalupe seal. the marine mammal center says, since the seal was on the beach, it probably had some sort of health problem.>> we have seals on site that are stranded in similar conditions with severe malnutrition and all of them are thriving in care.>> they will be released back into the ocean to help rebuild their species. san jose is making it a
9:37 am
crime to watch a sideshow within its city limits. while past ordinances targeted this, this new law goes after spectators. >> blocking traffic and large crowds often serving as human guardrails, the city of san jose has had enough of it. tuesday, the council voted to start punishing people who watch these witnesses sideshows. >> if you take away the motivation, these things will subside and hopefully nobody will get killed anymore. >> these men accused of street racing were arrested last october when their truck slammed into a yellow cab in san jose. the 49-year-old female passenger inside the taxi was ejected and died. >> in just the last 4 years, we have lost six young people as a result of street racing in the
9:38 am
city.>> it is another tool for police to prevent sideshows. check out this recent post on social media. it reads, block them streets, they don't toe spectators cars. it is used to highlight the needs of more consequences, now spectators could be hit with misdemeanor charges punishable by a $1000 fine or six months in the county jail. the mayor says, that kind of punishment is for the worst defenders.>> typically nobody would get that sense unless they have been engaging in a lot of repeat conduct and it is really about the threat in trying to deter activity. >> cities like los angeles, san diego, ontario and sacramento have already adopted similar ordinances. other police departments continue to crackdown on sideshow activity, in an effort to prevent more out-of-control scenes like this one in oakland. the san jose city council
9:39 am
passed the ordinance unanimously, the police chief says he hopes it'll go into effect before the summer. the warriors are heading to houston with a lead in the western conference semi finals. >> that is right, it feels good, kevin durant put up 29 points against the rockets at oracle arena. on the offensive side, 24 assists for golden state last night, seth curry put up 21 despite dislocating a finger on his shooting hand. they also hit consecutive three- pointers late in the third. the rockets made it a close game , but the warriors would pull away and get that victory. the warriors don't expect steph curry to miss any time on saturday, he was seen yelling
9:40 am
in pain after he dislocated his middle finger on his left hand. the trainers just popped it back in and taped it to his ring finger. unbelievable. the nation is relieved that game two is more about the players and less about the referees, they complained about getting, not getting enough file calls. this is a teachable moment. >> if you lose, you lose, and you try again. >> because they are in the spotlight, or they have that platform, they should probably watch what they say and watch what they do.>> personally, they should try to use that anger into the game and do better. >> that was his fourth technical of the postseason but, this morning, espn is reporting they resented the technical file. how about the san jose
9:41 am
sharks? >> the first goal was scored late in the first. followed by another one just minutes later. the avalanche, a mile high, fought back in the third, but then a mistake. they take advantage of the colorado turnover and put in another goal than in the final seconds of the game, another one into the empty net. that gives him his first career hat trick in the playoffs. the sharks now lead the series two games to one, when game four is in colorado tomorrow night. joe did not travel to colorado with the team, he is still recovering, no one is saying when he might rejoin the team. coming up next, the 49ers will soon help its competition sell tickets, we will tell you about the partnership between the 49ers and the pro wrestling
9:42 am
team. the host of miss usa is going to tell us how this show will be super this year. termites, feasting on homes 24/7.
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we're on the move. roger.
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hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. the down drones industrial is down slightly, nasdaq and snp turned slightly negative, the nasdaq is still up as stocks are enjoying a good day, thanks in part to apple. the finer niners 49ers will celebrate a new week.>> the rejuvenated football league chose elevate to run football
9:45 am
sales. after just one season, wwe e owner is relaunching next year, if future steams from a different cities including los angeles, seattle, and new york. a pilot program that rewards uber drivers with free college tuition, it allows drivers who have earned old platinum or diamond status to enroll in classes at arizona state university online for free. other benefits of uber pro include cash back on gas at certain stations and 25% off car maintenance costs. this is a feature that lets car owners have their packages delivered right to their cars, you might be an amazon prime's scrubber and own a model 2017 or later, that has passed connect, or you could own a
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lincoln, and those over $1300 are not eligible. a teenager battling a critical illness now has his own cookbook. he launched his new cookbook just last night titled, justin's party recipes. after undergoing a heart transplant, he wished to write a heart healthy cookbook to help families that these medical challenges like he did. justin worked for months with east bay chef, victoria, to make his dream come true.>> because, i am so much more appreciative now than i was before my heart transplant. after my heart transplant, i view life a lot more differently. more appreciation.
9:47 am
>> justin took pictures and signed copies of his cookbook at the ronald mcdonald house in palo alto, those who attended could also watch a cooking demonstration. 51 contestants will compete tomorrow night in the miss usa competition, this year's pageant includes a google employee from san francisco who is this years ms. california. she caught up with the show's host to say, the viewers will see something new this year.>> the 2019 miss usa competition is almost upon us, and they are back and excited to host the show for a second time, as the winner of the 1998 miss teenage usa pageant, vanessa says, she is proud to be involved with the organization.>> the organization has done a great job supporting, empowering, and inspiring young women, and they have continued to support me and inspire me. to be able to do that for another generation is super special.>> honoring
9:48 am
ms. congeniality in 1998, vanessa offers this piece of advice to new contestants. >> see yourself and believe in yourself, there's only one girl who is going to be promised miss usa 2018, but if you did it your way and you answered with your heart and you believe everything, every choice that you made, then you won't have any regrets. >> this year, the committee will be comprised of an all- female panel. the organization says the new format allows the committee to understand what each contestant wants to pursue both personally and professionally. the competition will also include performances by nick and the singer, t-pain. >> it is exciting to see someone's dreams come true on stage. >> nick and vanessa will take the microphone as the contestants take the stage thursday, only on fox. fox news. coming up, protesters say sometimes the banana is just a banana, the pushback on why those who are upset over a museum in poland, involving bananas was too sexually
9:49 am
suggestive. be sure to listen to today's new episode of the bay area people podcast. we are talking about education and the college admissions protest, it is available right now, just search for bay area people on your podcast player.
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have you heard of the new for the 510 and 341 area codes? no, what is it?
9:51 am
starting june 22, 2019, if you have a 510 or 341 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have a 510 number and i'm calling a 510 number? you'll still need to dial 1 (one) plus the area code plus the phone number& so when in doubt, dial it out! protesters in poland upset over a decision to resume remove museum artwork, saying it is
9:52 am
too erotic. the images are photos of a woman eating a banana, the protesters accused the museum of censoring. they plan to return to the white house in three weeks to continue bipartisan work to improve the nation's infrastructure. they agreed to put aside political differences to collaborate on a $2 trillion project, it includes providing clean water and extending broadband coverage. however, they still have not agreed on how to pay for it. street near san francisco's hall of justice is open this morning after a chunk of concrete fell from the elevated freeway, this time it fell from part of interstate 80 above harriet alleyway. several san francisco police officers were driving when they saw pieces of concrete in the road, they realized the concrete fell roughly 25 feet from the elevated section of i-80 above them. nobody was hurt but all the concrete combined was about the size of a basketball. the cruise determined the overpass is still safe.>> what
9:53 am
this really is is a piece of concrete that got hit from the inside up above, and the vibration just overtime loosened up a small piece of concrete and fell down into the roadway, it is sort of a once- in-a-lifetime occurrence. >> that is right near the police parking lot, no cars below were damaged. it is constantly monitoring bridges and freeways for this type of damage but, the officials say the bay area has a lot of infrastructure to keep track of. today, oakland art music performance is announced today by celebrating a bay area entertainer who is going to be performing. two time grammy award winner will sing on broadway and downtown oakland. it'll be an continuing effort to support local artists. performances will be free, they
9:54 am
will take place between noon and 1 pm every tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. major policy changes today at disney's park. smoking is no longer allowed within any u.s. disney park or shopping area. this new ban applies to vaping as well, anybody caught smoking or vaping will be asked to leave the park. the second policy change applies to strollers. oversized strollers and wagons will no longer be allowed in the park. the strollers must now be 31 inches wide or less. that meets some of those double strollers or droning strollers will not fit. finally, registration opens tomorrow for the new star wars galaxy edge inside disney. starting tomorrow morning, registration will open into the new section of the park, there is no additional cost but,
9:55 am
disney wants to manage the crowds expected for the park expansion. each guest wanting to go into the park will need to register. more information will be posted on the website tomorrow morning before registration begins. registration will be required until june 24. are you going to give that a go? >> in a couple of years, when the crowds died down. talking about those strollers, the day we got rid of those strollers. >> i like the thing where they strap the baby to your chest, i could wear that all day. >> the stroller really changed your life. >> thank you for watching everybody have a good morning. we will see you back here at noon. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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