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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  May 1, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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in any fashion, against. >> wrongful death lawsuits. >> we miss him so much. not just family but friends. >> the family of a man killed when his tesla crashed on the peninsula filed suit against the maker claiming the car is unsafe. >> bay area honest honored. the rene nouned japanese american sculptor. we'll talk to her son and the google employee. >> from ktvu new this, this is the 4. >> hear more about the surprising new theory from the defense team that the deadly warehouse fire was arson. i'm alex savage. >> and i'm heather holmes. they're saying the fire was
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intentionally set. >> we were in the courtroom today where the opening statements concluded. >> reporter: the famed attorney added to the arson theory saying that someone hurled molotov cocktails inside the warehouse killing 36 people. officially the cause of the deadly ghost ship fire in oakland is undetermined. for the two men on trial they say it's arson. on wednesday one took it a step further. >> one witness heard popping sounds like glass breaking right before the fire and then you saw people run out the back door. that suggests that molotov cocktails or bottles with gasoline were utilized in the
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arson. >> reporter: in his opening statement to the jury he said the unidentified arsonist should be the one on trial, one count for each who died. they said they visited the warehouse before the fire and never brought up safety issues. he compared the ghost ship to the louvre. >> it was beautiful and awesome and they never said it was fire hazard. they never red tagged him or gave him an eviction notice. >> reporter: he says he wants to human nice him as not a cult leader as others portrayed him. he showed the picture to this jury of him and his wife and children. >> some describe my client as trying to create a beautiful environment for all and making it as safe as possible. >> reporter: so the defense
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clearly trying to paint his client in the best possible life. the attorney for max harris, the other man on trial, described his client as a servant ajanitor and a christ like figure. testimony begins monday. >> henry, this is a certainly surprising new theory. did he say if he was planning to bring witnesses forward to back up the claim that the fire was arson in. >> yeah, he says bring forward witnesses to those loud popping sounds and to some people running, leaving the fire, just before the fire began so a jury will hopefully hear directly from the witnesses. >> henry lee, live in the news room. a pedestrian was taken to the hospital this morning in critical condition after being hit by a truck in san francisco. this accident happened just
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before 9:00 a.m. this morning right near the ucsf medical center. officers say the driver of the truck did remain at the scene and that person is cooperating with the investigation. >> also in san francisco, the doors officially opened to a new fire house. the ribbon was cut on the station 5 in the city's district. christian was at the ceremony. christian, they're using this to push for a big bond package. >> reporter: that's right. we'll get into that in a moment but let's show you station house 5 now in service, ready to with stand a major earthquake. the mayor now looking to get voters to approve a new round of bonds to do the same thing for other stations around town. >> reporter: with a snip of the scissors fire station 5 is opened. the mayor saying it was used
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with bond money. >> protecting these facilities is so critical to making sure that when disaster strikes in our city that the people who are housed in these facilitiesen don't have to worry about saving themselves. >> reporter: the new station 5 replaces the old one and they have an upgraded generator to on operate for 72 hours following major quake and door that is won't jam. >> we have these roll up doors that would take an individual five to ten minutes to pull them up with a chain. the new doors here, they are a quick release mechanism and can open them in 30 seconds. >> reporter: now the mayor is pitching a new safety and emergency response bond. the mayor says the bond would allow the city to rebuild other fire stations in the city to
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the same standards. >> we need our public safety officials and facilities to be safe and not have their station fall in where they can't save one. >> reporter: san francisco's ten year plan has fiscal constraint meaning they can't take on a new debt. >> in simple terms, we've agreed not to increase the property tax. we'll pay off old debt. >> reporter: the mayor and the supervisor whose are trying to work on the new bond are aiming to try to get it on the march 2020 ballot and it'll then be up to the voters of san francisco. >> a bomb scare at anest bay high school today prompted them
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to evacuate. this happened 12:45 this afternoon at el cerrito high school. the west contra kosta county unified school district tweet thad the school was the online target of ta bomb threat. they moved in and did a sweep and nothing was found. today is mayday and there are several marches and rallies going on around the bay area celebrating worker's rights. the group is set to meet in san francisco, head down to civic center plaza. they'll be demanding higher wages and fighting to improve working conditions. sky fox is keeping an eye on this and it's set to begin any moment. >> now we go to the south bay and in san jose here is a live look at a mayday rally at mexican heritage plaza. organizers say they'll begin marching at 5:00. the event was organized by the mayday coalition.
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>> hundreds of construction workers in oakland marked mayday with a rally near jobs they were not hired for. they say out of town developers often hire out of town workers and it's hurting them. >> attorney general william barr defended his handling of the special counsel's russia report during testimony before the senate judiciary committee this morning. he was accused of leting the president off the hook. >> reporter: attorney general barr was prepared to give this opening statement but a washington post argument showing robert mueller's report. >> he started on the defense explaining the findings of to
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congress. they released this letter robert mueller wrote to barr credit sidesing the summary saying there is public confusion about the critical aspects of the investigation. >> i offered bob mueller the opportunity to review that letter before it went out and he declined. >> reporter: barr explained what he tried to accomplish with the summary. >> i'm not trying to capture everything, just state the verdict. >> reporter: democrats questioned barr on the he's trying to protect the president. >> i didn't common exonerate. >> reporter: they looked at whether the probe started with anti trump bias. >> he's never going to become president, right? no, no, he won't. we'll stop him. these are the people
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investigating the clinton email situation and start the counter intelligence investigation of the trump campaign. >> are attorney general barr is scheduled to testify before the house judiciary committee tomorrow. the committee voted to allow staff to ask questions but the attorney general opposes that and wants questions asked by congress. >> just within the past hour we have learn thad the attorney general says he will not testify before that house committee tomorrow. the house judiciary chairman said that he potentially could site bar with contempt of congress if he fails to appear. >> . still to come on the 4, we sit down with a renowned sculptor as she is remembered today. up next, tesla is hit with a wrongful death lawsuit. we'll speak with an expert on
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4:13 pm a price that has you,s and like...d.hmmm. okay. that's yes for less. say yes to the latest spring trends at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. . tesla is facing wrongful death lawsuit filed by the
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widow of 38-year-old walter huang. his electric car slammed into a barry never mountain view. the driver assist software is said to be to blame for failure to connect with the barrier. >> we miss him so much. not just family. friends miss him a lot. >> tesla is not commenting on the lawsuit today but accord to a preliminary report from the ntsb, investigators found that the vehicle, "did not protect the driver's hands on the steering wheel in the six seconds before the crash." for more on the lawsuit i'm joined by tim higgins. tim, how problematic is this lawsuit for tesla? >> well, it puts the company under a microscope yet again for the autopilot system which
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has raise add lot of questions in the last couple of years about whether people are paying enough attention to it. it is not self-driver, does not turn the car into a robot. the person behind the wheel is supposed to pay attention. many over rely on it. >> this lawsuit outline as number of problems. they're suing for product liability, failure to warn, breech of warranty, false advertising, it is a long list. >> yeah, one of the lawyers today was talking about how the system was flawed in the idea that the driver is supposed to maintain control of the vehicle, keep their hands at the wheel yet the system is steering and essentially driving and it's hard for the person to maintain the awareness that maybe they have to take over in a split second. that's been a common criticism about this system, that tesla, previously, has said many times
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that it's really the driver's responsibility to maintain awareness and they say it's safer to have it than not. >> the ntsb weighed in and that led to the future between elon musk and ntsb in which he criticized them over what was stated. >> yeah, it's been many back and forths between elon musk and the ntsb. they're trying to figure out the new driver technology. they looked at a previous crash involving somebody who died in florida and was very, very critical of the system there. the whole idea that the driver has to remain in control while at the same time becoming over
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confident in it. >> you mentioned this, i'm putting the spotlight on tesla, and it's coming as they're facing more competition. >> absolutely. most major auto makers are increasingly going to these kinds of systems. the idea of making the drudgery of driving easier whether it's in traffic jams or having some automatic emergency breaking, these sorts of things. the concerns by some experts is it becomes more mainstream and people will over rely on it and not keep the attention they need to. >> what do you make of volvo here? do you think they'll be able to give tesla a run for their sunnyside. >> we're seeing the new, kind of model 3 competitor coming out and they're getting lot of
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attention for this vehicle. one of the things about it is the user interface is trying to be more tech friendly. they're trying to google for help in that area. when you look at the whole package it's going to be priced competitively. it comes from a company that knows how to make the vehicles. we look at the model 3 by tesla and one of the things they've struggled with is the other cars out there. they're still growing and they're competing now. they'll be competing against established auto manufacturers who have the network. >> we'll see how much competition and if they're able to ward off the competition from vol involvement i appreciate it tim higgins. >> mark is here with a look at the beautiful conditions around the bay area. >> yeah abit of a bump in the numbers today with a few 70,
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some inching closer to 80 degrees. right now we have a bit of fog trying to regroup near portions of the golden gate bridge. we could be tracking more of that. the beach is not warming up much but away from the coastline we could have warmer days through tout week. here is the satellite. mostly clear skies along the coastline. as we move out here in the pacific you see a bit of circulation. this will be the main factor as we head into the weekend. it bridges in more cloud, cooler temperatures and possibility for sunday showers. right now we have clear to partly cloudy skies. we'll check in on some of the numbers. concord 78-degree, san jose 74, san francisco 61 degrees. departure from yesterday at this time, you can see it's 10
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degrees warmer in livermore, san jose 6 degrees warmer and 9 degrees warmer in santa rosa compared to this time yesterday. here is the live camera looking out above san francisco. we have mostly clear skies. overnight oh lows in the more thanking in the low to mid-40s. a bit of a chill in the air in the morning. 45 to 52 degrees. we could have patchy dense fog coast side and then into the afternoon hours clearing skies. the temperature range kind of expanding. low 60s for the coast, lots of 70s and the warmest locations around 80 degrees for the thursday afternoon forecast. the warming trends could notes tomorrow into friday. we'll talk about the shower chances in the five-day forecast coming up in a bit. coming up on the 4, venezuela braces for a new round of protest after the
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opposition pledges the largest protest in that country's history. we'll have details taft break. tune in for wednesday night drama, empire at 8:00, star at 9:00 and then stick around for the 10:00 and 11:00 news here on ktvu. tvu.
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. more protests today in vending, the day after guaido called for a government coo. the protests for largely peaceful today. now there is speculation by the u.s. official that is there were high ranking government officials involved in the uprising yesterday. >> kevin cork has more on the political instability. >> reporter: opposition supporters gathering a day after an attempted coo seemed to fizzle out.
4:25 pm
juan guaido and nicholas maduro both calling for supporters poteet hit the streets. the capital has remained largely peaceful. maduro is focusing on rounding up the leaders of the uprising and some claim there are high ranking officials of his government. >> there were a large number of people involved. several of them have now said no, no, no, not me. they're trying to cover their tracks. others have been arrested. >> reporter: government supporters reject the claim and say the uprising was carried out by a small number of troops who they say will soon face justice. >> traitors, military men saying they were tricked. they are traitors to our country. >> reporter: maduro and his supporters blaming the u.s. for his opposition and the white house is denying involvement
4:26 pm
but stands behind guaido. the administration says all options remain on the table. >> military action is possible if that's what's required that's what we'll do. >> reporter: national security adviser, john bolton, called a meeting of the national security council to consider the response. >> up next here on the 4, sales for ceo digging into his pocket making what is being called the largest ever private oh donation to homeless research. up next, we'll speak to the doctor heading up the effort to help those on the streets. >> then stick with us while we talk about homelessness and the role that mental illness plays. >> listen to today's newest episode of the bay area people
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podcast. we sat down with janet napolitano. search for bay area people on your podcast player. no one's journey begins with a trophy.
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sure, there are advantages and natural talents, but they won't teach patience or discipline. or get you back on the court after a heartbreaker. let this game be your spark. pursue your passions with relentless ferocity. because the only way to get that trophy, is to take it. tennis teaches kids to dream, compete, and succeed. sign up with net generation. . sales force ceo and his wife have made a $30 million donation to help research homelessness in the bay area. the gift goes toward a new research institute.
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the group's work will begin this july and the gift will fund the program for five years. our guest today is going to head up the new research institute. we're joined bimar go aprofessor at ucsf. i appreciate you coming in today. congratulations on this donation. >> thank you. >> how much of an impact can this kind of financial gift make when we're talking about the crisis of homelessness here in the bay area. >> i think this gift is transformational for what we've been trying to do. we've been trying to get through and understand what will get through and what will solve homelessness and make sure the people who make the decisions are doing it with the best evidence they have. we're thrilled that this is transformational. >> absolutely. what kind of question, what issues are you and your team going to be exploring? >> one of the things is we know for a lots of things what we
4:31 pm
need to do for homelessness. we know there are a lot of people homeless because they can't find affordable housing. we'll try figure out who needs housing and how do we get there. for the more complicated things, they've done well in permanent supportive housing. that is affordable housing that has voluntary service that is are available to people. one of the big questions is who needs permanent supportive housing, how long do they need it for and what do we do if ever the small group of people who doesn't drive in that environment? >> that seems to be a challenge. it's connecting people who live on the streets those services. then keeping them in the housing is something else. why is that so challenging? >> turns out 85% of the people in the permanent supportive
4:32 pm
housing stay there and do well i.'s an open question of what is the best way to manage the 15% who don't do well. it's in this time of limited resources that we have a good question of how do we identify the people who will most benefit. >> i understand that you and your team at the institute are going to compile sort of an archive of all of the research that's been done on the issue of homelessness so people can tap into that. way is that important? >> we know a lot but we maybe have not always done the best job of making sure that everyone who needs to know have access to it. we plan to transfer the data into more language that everyone can understand and to put it out there and it's available to those in the bay area and beyond. >> is the money being spent
4:33 pm
right now to address homelessness in the bay area being spent in the most effective way possible, do you think? >> that's one of the things we hope to look at and if not what can we recommend to do better? >> thank you so much. congratulations to you and best of luck in the future. >> when you talk about the issue of homelessness, mental health is a major component. heather is here with more of the work being done on that issue? >> thank you, alex. mental health is one of the aspects and another is veterans. we'll talk to dr. peter about that. doctor, thank you for being here. i want to start off with what's being done to help veterans suffering from mental illness. >> mental illness is a huge issue among all americans but
4:34 pm
veterans in particular. there is a number of services available at the va. people with acute mental issues can be seen in the emergency department but also helping them integrate into some of the other services. there is on call services at the va at all times and helping them access the services. >> reporter: you seeing that make a difference? >> we are. we're seeing being there to listen and helping to train the different healthcare providers in the issues and focusing on the illnesses and conditions is a huge help. >> reporter: we talking specifically about ptsd? >> it is a big issue among the veteran population. it certainly is an issue among all people but particularly veterans. by giving people extra training and understanding some of the warning signs has been a strong issue. in addition, we're seeing the
4:35 pm
largest network of physicians in san francisco and nationwide, we're seeing lot of discussion on this particular issue. >> that's good, opening up the conversation. there is a stigma associated with mental illness, right? >> there is and it's unfortunate that it has a stigma associated with it. the way to help with that is let people know it's okay to talk about it. it's a healthcare condition that needs to be addressed like blood pressure or diabetes. >> seems the conversation is more front and center than it used to be. >> people can be a little bit reluctant to bring it up but if you're there to listen and you let people know you're aware of their issue and that it's okay for them to talk about this and there is a level of trust with
4:36 pm
the healthcare provider, then we've seen a much better rate of people being able to open up. in my own personal experience, we had a person come in and just because of the well trained staff, people who are understanding of the issues, they were able to integrate him back into the mental health system at the va. >> this is may, first day of may. mental health awareness month. for those at home watching, what is your message as we talk about this difficult issue? >> my message to the community at large and family members in particular, let your loved ones and those people know they have a real issue and that you're there to listen and that you understand their problems and that there is no shame involved with having mental illness. it's something that needs to be dealt with front and center and
4:37 pm
that you care about them deeply. >> thank you, doctor. >> alex. >> we're following breaking news in oakland where we understand one person has died a as result of a shooting. you can see live pictures here from sky fox. police say the shooting happened just before 3:30 on 17th avenue next to san antonio park. there is crime scene tape that's been put up by the officers and a number of squad cars have responded to the scene. police say when they arrived the victim was suffering from several gunshot wounds and the person was pronounced dead at the scene. we're continuing to follow this developing story and gather more information. again, one person has been killed in a shooting that happened this afternoon in oakland. up next here on 4, have you ever wondered how google chooses the daily doodles? we'll talk with the man making
4:38 pm
the decisions and speak with the son of today's honoree, ruth osawa. and warm tore day across most of the bay area. get used to the warming trends. we'll have changes by the weekend and we could be dodging a few showers. a few showers. so with xfinity mobile
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. google is celebrating san francisco artist ruth osawa. they release add doodle of the famous sculptor looping basket. that is in honor of asian american pacific islands month. she founded the san francisco school of arts. she died in 2013 at the age of 87. we are now joined in studio by her son, paula near, and brian lacoste, manager of google
4:42 pm
doodle. why did google choose to honor her today? . first and foremost, she's an amazing artist and art educator. she contributed a lot to art education, especially for young people and particular hometown here in the san francisco bay area. >> she certainly is and someone who was very important to you paul, and still is. when you saw the dad today, the image of your mom working on her sculptures, what did it mean to you to see her honored in that way? >> that means i got a lot of phone calls. anybody that's ever known me secretary me an email or called me. it made me think about how she was so inspired by the experience of working with professional artist and collaborating with the artist and that drove her to be a
4:43 pm
fierce advocate for art education and bring the artist to work in public schools. she felt that experience that she had is something that all children should have. >> she was more than just an artist. she was an activist wasn't she? >> yes, very outspoken. sweet and kind but if you were on the wrong side of the argument, look out. >> was that ever you? . >> no. >> you knew better. her work obviously lives on and maybe a lot of people maybe don't know they're walking past her artwork. what would you like people to know? >> there is the fountain at union square next to the apple store and there is the origami fountain and internment memorial in san jose because
4:44 pm
her family was interred there after the attack on pearl harbor. >> what inspired her work? >> well, she met disney cartoonist in camp that taught her how to draw or helped her to develop her drawing. when she got out of camp and went to college she met amazing artist. they were good and very tough teachers. >> brian, let me ask you, when did you and your team at google make the decision that you wanted to honor ruth in this way and what was the work that went into createing the image that millions of people are seeing today? >> first and foremost, it's almost an impossible task to choose from all of the great ideas. we work in about a year advance
4:45 pm
so we chose ruth a year ago. really it's a mix. we're trying to find a variety of topic, diverse range of topics and something that will appeal to people here. the work that goes into it was done by an artist on our team and we spend probably about a month doing lot of research and background and talking to the family and talking to people that know her work and then another maybe two weeks to make the artwork. >> you talk about working a year ahead of time on some of these google doodles. that means you obviously have a lot of suggestions for people, places, whatever it is, things that should receive this honor. what is the selection process like and do you -- are you open to suggestions from the public and how do people do that? we're definitely open to suggestion from the public. it's google and there is an
4:46 pm
email. >> gmail? >> it's we're always looking for a variety, like i said before. we're looking for people from the art, scientists, innovate torrs and sometimes things that are just fun. we do something every year for halloween that is often a game. we're looking to give people a distraction in the middle of the day. >> sit fun for you guys to know that like today people are going to wake up and log on to google and be surprised and excited about what they see with that day's doodle? >> that's our hope. we never know. we never can predict what the reaction is going to be. we always hope it is a fun surprise and hope they learn something about somebody they didn't know before. >> paul, your mom was a teacher. what did you learn from her? >> work hard and also on the
4:47 pm
google doodle, there is a link and they did an amazing slide show of her work and some of her philosophy so it would be great if people could click on that and learn more about her. >> great idea. i appreciate you both coming in, paul, brian, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> haze out there heather with more sunshine inland but the patchy fog is trying to make a come back near the coast. more 80s over the next couple of days setting stage for this. friday should be the warmest day of the week. bigger changes as we head into sunday. here is the satellite showing you this. we can see a bit of a circulation out here and this will be the biggest factor as we head towards the weekend.
4:48 pm
right now we have mostly clear sky, a bit of haze over the portions of the bay area and patchy fog making come back. it is warmer today compared to yesterday. 70s towards concord, oakland 65, san francisco 60. it's may, may 2019, and you may be wondering what do you experience in may? we see santa rosa, san francisco, livermore and san jose and average temperature in the box and the average rainfall. it is not unheard of to have rain this month and we could be talking about showers as we head toward sunday. at least right now we have mostly clear skies patchy fog making a come back. into tomorrow we're partly sunny and 4:00 more sunshine. temperatures in the 60s in san francisco. this weather system, this cooled us off yesterday and
4:49 pm
it's kicking out to the east. the next one is going to impact the weekend. for thursday and friday we're expecting the clearing skies and a bump in the numbers, 70s. the warmer could be around 80 to 82 degrees. as we head toward the weekend a definite noticeable cool down by sunday. we painted in some green here to reflect shower chances in the bay area. not expecting lot but sunday evening and monday morning. tomorrow morning, 7:00, showing you can fog hanging out near the coastline and increasing sunshine throughout the afternoon. friday the same deal, high clouds. friday will be the warmest day inland. we could have a few spots around 82 degrees. saturday is a day of change. we thicken up the cloud cover, low clouds and fog, more expected saturday night into
4:50 pm
sunday. forecast highs for tomorrow, 80s out toward clear lake, fairfield 79. oakland 70s. south bay, san jose 77, gilroy lower 830, san francisco patchy fog in the morning, 66 degrees downtown. here is a look ahead, your five day. friday is the nice and then into the weekend cooling things off. sunday will be the coolest day of the weekend with some 60s and we could be dodging few scattered showers especially up in the north bay sunday and sunday night. most amounts could be under a tenth of an inch. we think we're in may, rain is done but no. we put the lightest storm clouds because we're not sure yet. just putting it out there. we're looking at some of
4:51 pm
the stories we're working oncoming up including facebook executive fighting new allegations, frank. >> accusations of insider trading against mark zuckerberg, sheryl sandberg and others all facing potential serious charges. what they're being accused of, coming up at 5:00. >> a big name artist bring ag- pro gram to the east bay. >> a showcase for a local artist kicked off today, six month, 300 performers around the city. tonight at 5:00, why a grammy award winning musician says opportunities like this is so important. up next here on the 4, to tip or not to tip. that is the question when you pick up food. the experts layout when you should give a little extra.
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4:53 pm
4:54 pm
. there is some debate about dipping and whether employees deserve a few bucks for take- out orders. >> dana spoke with consumers and experts and found out there may not be a concrete answer. >> dipping. for some it's hands-down, one of the most uncomfortable thing they're faced with. >> i feel like it's awkward but if i get personal service it's
4:55 pm
worth it. i'm an international student and i didn't understand dipping before i got here. >> reporter: we know it's customary to tip waiters after a sit-down meal. how do you deal with this screen, the one that pops up in a take-out spot. a small purchase like that adollar, something reasonable. if every customer give as dollar it's reasonable. no tips. >> why? >> i think it's ridiculous. it's a simple tran saskatchewan. >> reporter: matt brock shares his thoughts. >> it's how hard they're working. can of so do, not much of a tip. >> reporter: here in morningside height, the owner tells us there is no customary approach to dipping but throwing in a few cents is always appreciated. >> our slice is $37.25 so maybe rounds up to $3.50 or
4:56 pm
something. there is not a huge level of service. it's just a token of appreciation that adds up at the end of the day. >> this screen pops up when you pay with a credit card . if you want to avoid the situation pay with cash. if not, it's a game time decision based on how you feel in that moment. that slice of pizza is opinion $3.25.
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. >> ktvu fox news at 5:00 starts now. >> the defense laid out their case that the ghost ship warehouse fire was deliberately set. today one of the defense attorneys explained their theory about what caused the fire that killed 36 people. >> that suggests that molotov cocktails or at least bottles with gasoline were utilized in the arson. >> george mason everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. opening statements wrapped up today with the defense giving new details about a possibility that this was case of arson. >> henry lee was in the courtroom. >> reporter: the attorney added
5:00 pm
to that with the stunning theory that someone hurled molotov cocktails into the warehouse ultimately killing 36 people. >> the cause of the fire is undetermined. the attorneys for the two on trial say it's arson. on wednesday the attorney took it one stekl further. >> one witness close by heard popping sounds like glass breaking right before the fire and then he saw people run out the back door and that suggest that molotov cocktails or at least bottles with gasoline were utilized in the arson. >> reporter: in his opening statement to the jury he said the unidentified arsonist and not his claiborne should be facing 36 couldn'ts of homicide. the attorney says the oaklan


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