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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  May 1, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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theory that someone hurled molotov cocktails into the warehouse ultimately killing 36 people. >> the cause of the fire is undetermined. the attorneys for the two on trial say it's arson. on wednesday the attorney took it one stekl further. >> one witness close by heard popping sounds like glass and then he saw back door and t that molotov cocktails or at least bottreporter: in his statement to the jury he said the unidentifihis claiborne sho facing 36 couldn'ts of homicide. the attorney says the oakland police and firefighters visited the warehouse before the fire and never brought up safety
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issues. serra compareed the ghost ship to the louvre. it was beautiful and awesome and they never told him that it was fire hazard. they never red tagged him or gave an eviction notice. >> reporter: he says he wants to human nice the man who is not the tyrant or cult leader as others portrayed him. they showed the jury this picture with him and his wife and children. >> some describe my client as one creating beautiful environment for art and making it as safe as possible. >> reporter: the clearly trying to p light. day earlier, harris' att described his client as a ser have not, janitor, christ like
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figure. >> both defense attorneys are throwing out this arson scenario. this has been going on for two years. not one time have we heard a suggestion that the fire was on purpose. where does this come from? >> clearly, now that the two men are on trial, they have to do everything they can to try to get their clients acquitted which means blame everyone else. some call it third party culpability. they're saying unknown, unidentified people caused the fire. >> the trial just started, your thoughts on the defendants? >> gone are the red jail jump suits. they're wearing suits and sitting friendly next to their
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attorneys, have not said much or reacted too much. al mena did show emotion when the family picture was showed. >> what can we expect tomorrow? will the first witness take the stand? >> the judge has jury duty so the first witness will be monday but we're not sure who it'll be. >> henry, thank you. the future of it was ghost ship warehouse remains unknown tonight. the building's owner obtained a demolition permit last year but it expired in february. >> candace joins us now to explain what happened. >> reporter: frank and julie, they say the building owner filled out her first permit application incorrectly and has not applied again yet. they say it is going to be a
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big and expensive undertaking. at the corner of east 14th and 31st avenue -- it's not a good feeling when you have to take your kids around the area. >> reporter: in a residential area one block from his home. >> it makes it seem like it's okay to leave it open the way it is. >> reporter: the burnt shell of the ghost ship still stands after the massive blaze killed 36 people. >> makes you feel like they don't care. it's just an eyesore. >> reporter: his anger is toward the city. they cannot do anything until the owner applies for a new permit. >> property, investment. you know. do something with it. >> reporter: demolition experts tells the us when they do the
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process won't be easy. before demolition, she and her two kid also have to work with a restoration company to contain hazardous materials. once described as a labyrinth of artwork, it is ten thousand square feet of chemicals and debris. they'll have to test for lead and asbestos. this can take weeks or months according to experts. that along with demolition can cost 2 to $4 million, even with the more than 3 million they may have gotten in insurance money in 2017, demolition consultants say they'll be shock fundamental the family has any left of the wards. >> it'll torn down. >> reporter: the this attorney represents some of the families in the civil cases. her clients want a say in what
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happens after the demolition. >> the families would like to see some kind of a memorial put at the location. it has not been decided what it might be but significantly they have agreed that there can be a memorial there. >> reporter: the familiness want something permanent, she say aplace not just for them to remember what happened. >> a memorial for oakland, the city, and to reminds all of those running the city, not to have this happen again. oakland city leaders and the family declined to speak on camera. when a demolition permit is approved it has to be posted for 30 days before action is taken. >> just a reminder, henry plans to be inside the courtroom for the entire trial. post updates on twitter and have the latest on >> now to breaking news in
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oakland where one person has died after a shooting iftikhar happened around 3:30 near san antonio park. fox was over the scene about 30 minutes ago. you can see the crime tape around the scene. the officers say when they arriveed the victim was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. he was pronounced dead at the scene. we'll bring you updates when we learn them. today is may dave, the day to celebrate worker's rights around the world. sky fox is over a march that is going on in oakland right now. the marchers are on 14th. they're just passing jackson street, presumably headed back toward downtown oakland and the plaza where they started. maybe they can back out a little bit and we can get a sense of how large this crowd is. needless to say, they're taking up the entire street there. traffic is blocked off and this comes during evening commute.
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now you get a sense and it looks like hundreds and hundreds of people involved in the rally. we have not heard of any problems or difficulties or any arrests or vandalism. nothing along those lines, just a march right now in honor of may day, worker's day, through downtown oakland. >> hundreds of construction workers in oakland rallied outside job sites where they were not hireed today like a high rise at 17th and webster that is still under construction. they say out of town developers hire out of town workers and it's hurting the local unions. >> it impacts me because at the end of the day we all have to realize that if we don't join this union and these people keep taking our jobs wear not going to have work. >> some of the workers hired watched from across the street, unwilling to cross the picket
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line. >> in parish dozens were injured after police fired tear gas to push the protesters who threw fire bombs, rocks and bottles at officers. some were traditional mayday marchers and others were yellow vest activists. police made 3808 arrests. a group of students at san jose state -- >> many are struggling to have a decent job because they were criminallized. that stigma is attached to them. organizers want the county to follow in the footsteps of san francisco, los angeles, which has expunged marijuana convictions dating back to 1975. they want to know how many cases are involve superdome.
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the county has cleared hundreds of cases on request. officials expect to start the process on the cases for those ve not yet come forward this, summer. >> we should get a list from the department of justice by early this summer. once we have the list we have a protocol put into place. we want to do it quickly but we want to do it accurately too. we don't want to miss anyone and we want to do it right the first time. >> they say getting list of convictions from the department of justice will allow them to avoid time consuming court hearings for each case. >> the family of a man killed in a car crash last year has filed a wrongful lawsuit against tesla. he crashed on highway 101 in mountain view. he was using the auto drive at the time.
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they say the autopilot feature wasn't working properly. >> are in the moments leading up to the crash they say it misread the lines on the roadway, failed to detect the median and accu separated instead of putting on the brakes. it's been a year since the fiery crash on highway 101 that killed walter huang. for his widow is pain is fresh. >> we miss him so much. not just family. friends miss him a lot. now she's filed a lawsuit saying tesla is responsible for his death. the document alleges tesla's autopilot feature was defective. it pointed him at a concrete barrier and accelerated almost 10 miles per hour in three seconds and drove him into the barrier zzzzzz. >> are the vehicle was traveling 70 miles per hour at the point of impact a.passerby
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pulled him from the car but it was too late. i think they knew there were problems and glitches with the auto pilot. >> reporter: a preliminary report from the ntsb said the vehicle did not detect the driver's hands on the wheel in the six seconds before the crash. >> i think there is a lot of confusion about auto pilot which tesla encourages just by calling it auto pilot. it is not an automatic pilot. it's a fancy cruise control. >> reporter: while tesla declined to comment on the today but they say owners have engaged on this highway roughly 85,000 time. it was on this same stretch that walter huang noticed a
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problem on this stretch a couple of weeks ago. >> help wanted to show me. are with this lawsuit they say they want to prevent another tragedy like this one. >> tesla appears to be data testing software on live drivers. >> reporter: the state of california is also named in the lawsuit saying caltrans failed to replace a safety barrier after a can prior crash in the same spot. attorney general barr testifies on capitol hill about his handling of the special counsel robert mueller's report. i'm lauren blanchard with details about the hearing coming up. >> also ahead, accusations of insider trading that goes to the top of facebook and include
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mark zuckerberg and cheryl sandberg. >> we'll take you inside a new state of the art fire station and what the mayor says has to happen to build more just like it. it warmed up a good ten degrees today. it's 72348 fairfield and concord. a warm-up on the way but how much? we'll see you back here. ed
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purge. >> a new fire station on the site of an old one. today the doors reed in san francisco's western edition. the remodeled building is being used to push a big bond on to next year's ballot. christian was at the ribbon
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cutting ceremony today. >> reporter: as you said, fire station 5 here in san francisco now in cervix rebuilt from the foundation up. the build single now ready to with stand a major earthquake and serve the city. now the mayor is looking for a new round of bonds to do the same for others around town. the scissors and the mayor, fire chief and city leaders officially opened fire station 5, the mayor saying it was built using bond money to make sure the emergency responders were in safe buildings themselves. >> protecting these facilities are so critical in making sure that when disaster strikes in our city that the people housed in these facilities don't have to worry about saving themselves. firefighters working here say the upgrades include a generator that will allow them to on operate for 72 hours
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after a major quake and new door that is won't jam. >> in the old facility we had roll-up door that is would take five to ten minutes to be able to pull them up with a chain. these new doors are a quick release mechanism and we can open them in 30 seconds. >> are the mayor is pushing $628.5 million bond that will allow the city to rebuild other fire stations in the city to the same standard. >> we need our public safety officials and facilities where they're able to prepare and use the equipment they have and not necessarily, for example, have their station fall in on them where they can't save anyone. >> reporter: the city's administrators saying san francisco's ten year plan has constraints meaning the city cannot take on additional debt to pay for the stations. >> in simple term, we've agreed
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not to increase the property tax rate from 2006. that means as we issue new debt we pay off old debt. >> reporter: the mayor and supervisors who support the new proposed $628.5 million bond will try to get that on the march 2020 ballot and then it'll be up to the voters. >> sales force ceo and his wife are donating $30 million to the homeless for a program at the institute. researchers plan to come up with more effective housing solutions and study why people end up on the streets in the first place. one doctor at ucsf calls this transformational. >> we've been trying to get through and understand what is
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true, what will solve homelessness, what should we levan tsikurishvil behind and make sure the people who are making the decisions everyday are doing it with the best evidence they have. the $30 million donation is expected to cover five years of research. checking in on the weather center, nice day going on. temperatures warmed up five to ten degrees taking us out of the 60s yesterday and put us back into the 70s today. it's warming up a bit and we'll warm up over the next couple of days. you can see this guy here and it's going to push against the coast this weekend cooling things off and making for milder weather. thursday, friday, nice days, upper 70s, low 80s by the time we get into thursday and friday. current temperature, 78 in
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concord and fairfield. you see the trend across all points on the map. clear out there now. the fog will come back tonight as it did last night. we're looking at a good air quality environment right now. this shot is not quite as tight as normal. you can barely see this. air quality is good. as we get into the summer the air quality is going to take more oh of a hit and it's going to be harder and harder to see the east bay. overnight low, it got chilly last night, upper 30s showing up in some of the inland bay valleys. tomorrow morning chilly, starts off cool, starts off with fog at the coast like today.
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the fog goes away. your forecast high, finally, yellows are 70s and the orange are popping in. after yesterday and the day before the temperatures were in the 60s and low 70s. friday is good and saturday and sunday it cools off. we'll get more specific coming up.. coming up, shock and grief on the campus of universe of north carolina at charlotte, a day after a gunman shot and killed to students. today we learned about one of the students who ran toward the gunfire to protect classmates. coming up, newly obtained documents of an internal bart investigation shedding light on the shooting of as car grab ten years ago. the failures they found. >> and catching burglars in the
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. university of north carolina is coming to grips today with the mass shooting on campus yesterday that left two people dead and several others injured. mary ann rafferty with more on the shooting and suspects gunman. >> the community at the university of north carolina at charlotte are stunned and
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searching for answers. >> there is an investigation and the investigation is thorough enough to fill in the questions and the fear, to fill in the blanks. let us take that time. >> reporter: say trystan terrell opened fire and killed two. one of the deceased, 21-year- old riley howell, reportedly chargeed the gunman giving students the chance to escape. >> but for his work the gunman may not have been disarmed. unfortunately, he gave his life in the process. >> krista dean precepting her senior research project when she heard the gunshots. >> i was mentally preparing myself for what it would feel
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like to get shot and just bracing myself for if it did happen. >> reporter: parents reunited with their kids in a nearby parking lot say it's just a remindser of the prevelence of the violence. >> you can't go to school, go to the grocery store or worship anymore. >> reporter: terrell is facing two counts of murder and four of attempted murder. he is due in court thursday afternoon. a change in plans for the u.s. attorney general. he was grilled today about the mueller report and was supposed to testify tomorrow but he said he's going to skip that hearing. >> plus, bringing the arts back winner kicked off a six month program today where hundreds of oakland artist will perform. >> police say this man smashed a glass into someone's face in a bar in walnut creek and they
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. attorney general william barr defended his handling of the special counsel robert mueller's report today. lauren blanchard tells us democrats accused him of making conflicting statements and leting the president off the hook on the obstruction of justice. >> reporter: attorney general barr was planning to give an opening statement but a washington article shows robert mueller's frustration with his explanation of the investigation prompted barr to set the story straight. >> mueller never told me the expression of the findings was inaccurate. >> are he starts on defense explaining summary of the findings to congress. doj released this letter that robert mueller wrote to barr saying there is now public confusion about critical aspects of the results of our
5:32 pm
investigation. >> the letter is a bit snit ti. >> reporter: barr explained what he tried to accomplish with the summary. >> i'm just trying to state the verdict. >> reporter: democrats pressed barr on the he was trying to protect the president. >> i didn't exonerate. i said we did not believe there was sufficient evidence to establish an obstruction. >> reporter: while republicans focus on the origins of the russia investigation and whether it began with anti- trump bias. >> can you state that the steel dossier was not part of this campaign? >> no, i can't state that with confidence. >> reporter: attorney general barr was scheduled to appear before the house judiciary committee on thursday but now we've learned he is not planning to testify. >> san francisco mayor nominated one to the community board of directors today.
5:33 pm
first he must be confirmed. if confirmed it will help the board in a search for a w director. the current director says tire expires in august. the mayor says he brings decades of experience in local and regional transportation which will help guide the search for a new director. >> a pedestrian was taken to the hospital this morning life threatening injuries after being hit by a truck. the accident happened just before 9:00 at sutter this morning near the ucsf medical center. officers say the driver remained at the scene is and cooperating with the investigation. >> police in walnut creek need the public's help in identifying a man who attacked someone at a bar last month. investigators say the against a customer's face at the in the a
5:34 pm
occurred around 11:40 on april 17th . if you have information call wulff nut creek police. >> there were more protests today in venezuela, a day after juan guaido called for a government coo. there were some clash with the police today. there is speculation by u.s. officials that there were high ranking government officials involved in the coo yesterday. >> reporter: supporters are gathering a day after an attempted coo seemed to fizzle out. guaido and maduro both calling for supporters to hit the streets. so far the capital has remained peaceful. maduro is said to be focusing on rounding up the leaders of the uprising with u.s.
5:35 pm
officials say some are high ranking officials of maduro's government. several of them involved have said no, no, no, not me, i'm loyal to maduro. others have been arrested. >> >> reporter: government supporters reject the claim and they say it was carried out by a small number of troops. >> traitors, they were tricked. they are traitors to our country. >> reporter: maduro and his supporters are blameing the u.s. for supporting the opposition. the white house is denying involvement but stays squarely behind guaido. secretary shanahan cancel add planned trip to europe to monitor the situation from washington. all options remain on the litar if that's what's required, that's what we'll do.
5:36 pm
we're trying to avoid violence. >> are john bolton called a meeting of the national security council to consider america's response. >> a warning some moviegoer, a woman who went to see avengers in southern california has come down with the measles. health officials are trying to warn moviegoers who went to that show. serious accusations that mark zuckerberg and others are facing tonight. facing tonight. you know when you're at ross
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that's yes for less. everything your pet needs at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. . >> the l.a. times report the family of a chinese student admitted to stanford in 2017 paid the consultant $6.5 million to get her into the university. the paper sites anonymous source that is singer told sanford the student was a competitive sailor. no members of the family have been charged and the report
5:40 pm
says it's unclear what, if any knowledge, they had of singer's actions. >> a couple from hillsborough pleaded guilty today. bruce and davina isackson pled guilty to getting their daughters into usc. they could face up to 20 years in prison. >> julian assange sentenced to 50 weaks in prison. he was sentenced to jumping bail when he took refuge years ago. he is now facing separate court hearing tomorrow. the u.s. is seeking his extradition on charge that is he conspire today download classified information from the pentagon's computer system. >> health officials in orange county says a woman in her 20s are their first case of measles
5:41 pm
this year. she was at the amc theatre in fullerton which she watched the show of avenger's end game on april 25th. she recently traveled overseas. she is now under voluntary isolation at home. >> there are signs today that the population of california is not growing as fast as in the past. new population estimates show that birth in the state fell by 18,000. california's population stands at 39.9 million and the state added nearly 187,000 people in 2018. the report comes as the state prepares for the 2020 census. texas comes in second just shy of 30 million. >> a soldier with terminal lung cancer is hoping to help fellow troops with medical mal track tis. he was diagnosed with
5:42 pm
pneumonia. turned out he was suffering from lung cancer. the cancer spread and is now stage 46789 his family wanted to sue for mal practice a.1950 supreme court defense prevents them from sueing the government. >> they are shield from negligent medical care given by the military providers. i'm convict department we'll move this bill. >> congresswoman jackie spear authored a bill that would give soldiers the right to sue like they could do if they were civilian or retired. >> >>: still to come, insider trader accusations. some of the largest names at facebook are facing serious charges. what mark zuckerberg and cheryl sand burg sands berg are being accused of zzzzzz. >> still to come, why a two
5:43 pm
time grammy award winner with out to show support. >> it's warmed up out there. 80-degrees in fairfield today. temperatures generally on a warm-up but how much and how long will it last?
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5:45 pm
. >> >> accusations of insider faceb the lawsuit came as the company was wrapping up that dropper's conference in the south bay.
5:46 pm
jesse gary that is story. i want to remember the goal here. >> reporter: the final day of the conference in san jos jpartially over shadowed by news oh of a new lawsuit stemming from a data breach. it's true that we and i have learn add lot of hard lessons over the last few years. >> reporter: in a delaware courtroom, the finder filed suit. he alleged mark zuckerberg committed insider trading and that the board took actions that under mined the value of the stock. >> it's had exposure because one of the things that, you know, we're looking for from our executives and companies is transparency and sort of making
5:47 pm
timely disclosures around things. >> wednesday's suits follows multiple and perceived steps by the giant. as recently as 2014 facebook has faced fire for a manipulation experiment on a 500,000 unsuspecting users and shared without consent. last year's massive data breach that led to oversight and the looming prospect of a $5 billion fine. >> everybody who has a stake in facebook needs to be concerned when they make a misstep whether they're a stockholder euser or regulator. facebook is not entitled to stay on top forever. >> reporter: facebook didn't address the new lawsuit and they say it is without merit. the rank and file didn't seem concerned.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: facebook continues to push ahead with changes that will provide greater privacy and security for the users and the public at large. jesse gary, ktvu fox news. >> stocks gave up today, dow down 162 point, naz back 45 and s&p down 33. jerome powell suggested the feds were not inclined to lower interest rates. >> a woman is getting her community together to help those who lost everything in last year's devastating camp fire. the mother of three work as night job and didn't know anything about construction before coming up with the plan but so far she's built eight tiny homes and given them away. alyssa mcmillan says she hopes
5:49 pm
they make a difference for those hit the hardest. >> people we really try to help are those that were renter, they didn't have red cross, no fema or red cross help. they were living in paradise mostly because the cost of ratcliffing was the cheapest and they don't have the money for a down payment to find a place and start over. >> reporter: she says the project would not have been possible without donations and dedicated volunteers and workers. she's been able to make the homes for as little as $5000 a piece with their help. we're looking at temperatures from today. 830 in fairfield, 78 in ant knock. 77 in santa rosa, 75 in san jose. warmer than yesterday by five and ten degrees. yesterday was 60s mostly. along the coast, it's typical. the fog and low clouds have
5:50 pm
been around in the morning and clearing out. the cooler weather returns -- the next couple of days we warm up a little and then this guy u marine layer and gives us a repeat performance of the fueling guy, kind of slow burn- of, on shore winds. tomorrow we'll be in the upper 70s and today, similar to this. friday is there with cooling for the weekend. current temperature, 78 in fairfield, 75 in livermore. as we look at the live picture, which is always nice to do in the bay area, it's getting bigger. isn't that crazy? look at that city 20 years ago and it was half the size in terms of density of buildings. that's the bay bridge.
5:51 pm
basically everything except for the ballpark. that's amazing. so as you look outside, temperatures tomorrow 60s, some 70s and, pardon me, 70s and some 80s. i think clayton could pick up an 80, morgan hill. we'll have patchy fog. it's there and it's gone and there and gone. good conditions for the sailors out on the bay for the oracle teams out there working out. the weather has been pretty good, consistent winds for them. they tey or westerly. thursday through friday lked about? there it is. forecast highs tomorrow. next couple of days are nice. tree pollens are trending down a little bit but i'm starting to pick up on the weeds and
5:52 pm
grasses a little bit. just think about that if you're being bothered with a different set of symptoms. if you're feeling something now it could be a grass and the weeds. >> two new policy changes have gone into effect at all disney theme parks in the united states. starting today no longer any smoking areas inside the parks or smoking areas. smoking used to be allowed in designated areas. the new ban applies to vaping as well. you want to be able to enjoy your day and when these thing, if you need to step outside for a smoke, it's not as easy as stepping outside of a restaurant. it's going to affect your day. >> there will be smoking areas in the hotels and disney spring, the shopping area in florida. the second change applies to strollers.
5:53 pm
oversized strollers wagons no longer allowed in the park. double strollers are jogging stroller also not fit. >> registration opens tomorrow for the galaxy edge inside disney land. starting at 10:00 in the morning registration opens for admission. there is no additional cost behinds a park ticket. disney wants to watch the crowds and more information will be posted on the website tomorrow morning before the registration begins. registration will be required until june 24th. >> a unique way to get your talents recognized. coming up next tonight, the free concert series that is will feature hundreds of local artists over the next six months. coming up, arresting car thieves. the efforts underway to catch
5:54 pm
the burglars. former first daughter, chelsea clinton in the bay area today and we'll tell you about a stop to hang out with elementary elementary students. you can listen to the bay area podcast, the bay area people. we sat down with janet napolitano to talk about education and the college admissions process. the podcast is available right now. search for bay area people on your podcast player. so i'm looking for someone to make my chicken bigger, tastier...the best. so what do you got? are you kidding me? i was literally born for this. ♪ thank you. ♪ make it super crispy. so? you had me at fried chicken pacifier. try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken.
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. oakland is finding a new way to showcase musicians and attract people to the downtown area. it's called amp oakland and it
5:57 pm
made its debut today. >> grammy winning musician was there to day to help celebrate. >> reporter: here in oakland's uptown district people passing by got a surprise, a free lunch hour concert by a blues player. at the very same time, a few blocks away in latham square, this group from school of the arts was also performing. these mini concerts kicked off a free performing art series oakland all at the same time. it's called amp oakland and fantastic nagreto came to show support. >> it's the heartbeat of the city. >> reporter: he started out as a street musician himself and says this is a great
5:58 pm
opportunity for local artists to connect with the public. >> i remember busting in the day and people threw stuff at me and i got a hundred dollar tip. >> oakland amp is designed to showcase local oakland artists. more than 300 will showcase talents and it will be at four public plazas throughout downtown oakland, all free of charge. we want to make sure the day time is active during lunch hours. we want to invite people to come to downtown oakland for lunch. >> reporter: the musicians say it's great and hope it catches on. >> reporter: those walking by stayed. they had no idea it was going on. >> beautiful voice, it's
5:59 pm
awesome. >> reporter: the fact that many say they've decided they'll hold another of these lunch hours next year. >> this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00. >> a family of a silicon family engineer is suing tesla after his model x plowed into a highway median while on auto pilot. >> tesla did know there was problems and blithes with the car and auto pilot and put it out there for people to become injured. >> the deadly crash happened on highway 101 in mountain view. good evening, i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. walter huang purchased the car as a birthday present for himself when he tournedos 38. he idealized elon musk and
6:00 pm
cherished the car. >> now his family is blaming tesla for his death. >> reporter: it's been a year since the fiery crash on highway 101 that killed walter huang. for his widow, is pain is fresh. >> we miss him so much. not just family. friends miss him a lot. >> reporter: now she's filed a lawsuit saying tesla is responsible for his death. the document alleges tesla's auto pilot feature was defective. >> took him out of his lane of safety, pointed him at a concrete fixed barrier and accelerated 10 miles per hour in three seconds and drove him into the barrier. >> are the vehicle was traveling 70 miles per hour at the time of impact. a passerby pulled him from the tesla but it was too late. >> i think they knew there were problems and blithes with the car. >> reporter: a preliminary report from the


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