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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 1, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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>> now his family is blaming tesla for his death. >> reporter: it's been a year since the fiery crash on highway 101 that killed walter huang. for his widow, is pain is fresh. >> we miss him so much. not just family. friends miss him a lot. >> reporter: now she's filed a lawsuit saying tesla is responsible for his death. the document alleges tesla's auto pilot feature was defective. >> took him out of his lane of safety, pointed him at a concrete fixed barrier and accelerated 10 miles per hour in three seconds and drove him into the barrier. >> are the vehicle was traveling 70 miles per hour at the time of impact. a passerby pulled him from the tesla but it was too late. >> i think they knew there were problems and blithes with the car. >> reporter: a preliminary report from the ntsb says "the
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vehicle did not detect the driver's hands on the wheels in the six seconds before the crash." they say there may be a problem with that. >> i think will is a lot of confusion about the auto pilot which tesla encourages calling it automatic pilot. it is a really fancy cruise control. >> reporter: while tesla decline today comment on the lawsuit, they issued a statement last year. they say "owners have driven the same stretch of highway engaged roughly 85,000 times since 2015. it was on this stretch of highway that walter huang notice as problem in the weeks before his death. attorneys say he took the car to the dealership but they couldn't replicate the problem and he tried to show his wife. >> he wanted to show me. >> reporter: they say they want
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to present vent another tragedy like this one. >> tesla appears to be data testing its software on live drivers. >> reporter: the state of california is named in the lawsuit saying caltrans failed to replace a safety barrier after it was damaged in a prior crash in that spot. >> a pedestrian was taken to the hospital in san francisco with life threatening injuries after being hit by a truck near the ucsf medical center. the driver of the truck remained at the scene and is cooperating with the investigation. police have not released other information about the circumstances of the accident or the person involved. new at 6:00, a warning to thieves into cars stealing bikes or considering purse snatching, police are putting trackers on items and leaving them out in the open
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and criminals are taking the bait. this is an effort to crack down on the rising number of voc break-ins and other crimes around the city. >> reporter: shoppers often flock to downtown walnut creek 0 shopping around for what is not yours there is a good chance you'll get caught, cuffed and thrown in jail n.this video you see a man scoping out a bike parked outside of a store. little does he know it belongs to police and is being monitored by them. once he makes his move to steal it an officer is right on his tail to make the arrest. replace the tracker inside of a bait item, a purse, bag, bike. >> are police nab this had man for taking the bait from a parked car. this is one of about a dozen arrest police have made as part of the bait program. >> let just say the tracker is inside of a purse. as soon as the purse is moveed
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the tracker is notifying the dispatch center and we follow where the item is going. are police have the bait vehicles set out all over the city in residential area, parks and parking garages. >> my father was park inside the garage back here and he drive as convertible. they cut open the cloth top and stole a bunch of his stuff. >> reporter: in 2016 there were 767 auto burglaries in walnut creek. this year 335. police say they've seen a steady increase over the last couple of years and this is a proactive approach to curb it. >> i think it's a great way to deter crime. it creates the illusion that you don't know what car is what. >> today is may 1st, international worker's day and it was marked by rallies around the world and here in the bay
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area. andre singer is in oakland with a look at what workers want. >> reporter: frenk about 90 minutes ago a meeting here in downtown oakland wrapped up. the message was a familiar one, people over profits. >> reporter: this was first international demonstrations took place here today. construction workers rallies urging law changes that would guarantee publicly funded projects to the union workers. >> there is a lot of underground economy and workers are being exploited, not getting paid the proper wages and benefits because there is people monitoring, checking, making sure that you're paying the correct wages and benefits. it cuts out the cheating. >> reporter: in berkeley, on the steps of the cal
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administration building. i can't pay childcare with the wages i make here. >> reporter: one organization representing the lectures. krystal said her union is currently locked in contract negotiation asticking point of a living wage for the bay area. >> 19,000 dollars for a lector. i think it's really shame up that uc treats us like we're flexible labor. >> reporter: here at uc berkeley, a custodian, fears for her job. >> they should guarantee the community they serve and pay taxes. >> reporter: a drum beat at the plaza, teacher essentjust
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wrapping up negotiations. >> reporter: in sacramento, the governor shadowed somewhere he said blue collar workers are feeling insecure about day today jobs. >> 's nice to get out of a suit and tie to get your hands dirty. >> reporter: in san jose the rally was held at the mexican heritage plaza. >> reporter: on the other side of the bay there was another mayday rally, small never size. that one happened at the plaza and took place at the civic >> trial. henry lee was inside the
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courtroom and he says we learned more about the theory that the fire was deliberately set. >> reporter: officially the cause of the deadly ghost ship fire in oakland is undetermined. for the two on trial, they state's arson. >> there is no way you can guard against arson. >> reporter: the attorney, tony serra, said -- >> one witness close by heard popping sounds like glass breaking right before the fire and then he saw people run out the back door and that suggests that molotov cocktails or at least bottles with gasoline were utilized in the arson. >> reporter: in his opening statement to the jury, serra said the unidentified arsonist should be the one facing trial on 36 counts of voluntary manslaughter. the attorney said oakland police and firefighters visited
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the warehouse several times before the fire and never brought up safety issues. he compareed the ghost ship to the louvre. >> they thought it was beautiful and awesome and they never told him it was a fire hazard. they never red tagged him or never gave him an eviction notice. >> reporter: he says they want to -- he showed the jury this picture of him with his wife and children. >> my client is creating beautiful environment for art and making it as safe as possible. >> reporter: the defense clearly trying to paint their claibornes in the best possible light. a day early eharris eternal described his client as a
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servant a janitor, a christ like figure. >> police in oakland are on the scene of a deadly shooting that haened just before 3:30 on 17th avenue near san antonio park. you can see the crime scene tape around the area. also anumber of police cars and evidence markers in the street. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. >> up next tonight, attorney general william barr illed by senate democrats. new details just obtained from a bart police report about the shooting of tactics as well as lack of leadership and communication. it did warm up today.
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you're feeling it out there even around the bay and at the coast. temperatures continue to warm the next couple of days. how warm can it get and when will it cool off. >> . accusationings of insider trading against facebook's top executives and board members. how the company is responding. >> : you can see traffic is a little slow on 680. ktvu news at 6:00 will be back in two and a half minutes. yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less.
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. >> we did not go underneath it to see if they were accurate. >> since questioning today from kamala harris, says attorney general william barr testified about the report before the senate committee. lauren blanchard joins us live where his scheduled appearanceb >> reporter: that's right julie. attorney general william barr's senate hearing was expected to be tense but last night an article report thad robert mueller was frust freighted with the chacezation.
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democrats today calling for barr's resignation prompting him to get his story straight. attorney general barr started on defense explaining his march 24th summary of the findings to congress. the doj release thunderstorms letter mueller wrote to barr credit sidesing the summary saying "there is now public confusion about critical aspects of the results of our investigations." >> i offered bob mueller the opportunity to review that letter before it went out and he declined. >> reporter: barr explained what he tried to accomplish with the summary. >> i'm not trying to capture everything, just trying to state the verdict. >> reporter: they questioned if he was trying to protect the president. >> no, i didn't kpan rate. i said that we did not believe there was sufficient evidence to accomplish an obstruction. >> reporter: while republicans focus on the origins of the russia investigation and whether it began with anti-
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trump bias. senator graham referenced two employees text messages zzzzzz. >> we's never going to become president, right? no, no, he won't. we'll stop him. these are the people investigating the clinton email situation and start the counter intelligence investigation of the trump campaign. >> reporter: attorney general barr was scheduled to appear before the house judiciary committee tomorrow morning. we just learned he is not planning to testify. also tonight the department of justice sent a let tore jerry nadler saying they do not plan to hand over the full mueller report to lawmakers or the committee. >> would robert mueller be called to testify? >> reporter: yeah, actually jerry nadler says he's working with mueller's folks to get him to testify mid may.
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they're trying to hammer down the date. we're also hearing frommed that lehr that right now they're not saying they're going to subpoena william barr but it's not out of the question. they'll give him a day or two to change his minds. >> lauren blanchard, thank you. >> all right, turned out to be a nice day today, warmer than yesterday, by ten degrees. warm spot was fairfield at 80. i suspect tomorrow we'll see a few more upper 70s and low 80s like here. 74 in morgan hill. clear along the coast, still a little cool s.more of the same. the next couple of days are going to be repetitive. a little bit of fog in the mo t this. friday and we'll celo 80s. this guy shows up, pulls into the coast and creates a verse
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where the fog is thicker. when you get the lowings, that's counter clockwise. they release the fog and push it inland and we get a pattern that produces temperatures cooler than you expect. you can see the temperatures generally running warmer than yesterday by a few, by ten degrees in some places. i love that shot. angel islands, that's beautiful out there. kind of man made, right? i remember my dad telling me stories going out to the world's fair. >> my dad went to that too. i think the world's fair, that's the islands, they built it essentially for the world fair. >> yes, that's right. >> i think it was there for years. they go a lot. this was in the 40s, '30s. city
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week ahead. cooler toward the weekend. i'll get more specific next time i see you. >> new detail tonight on a story we told you about yesterday a.mother from oakland said she started a gofundme page to raise money for her 15- year-old son to join an elite basketball camp. he's an honor roll student and says the basketball keeps him away from trouble. the gofundme page has raised $4663. some of the people who donated left comments encouraging her and her son. one said i donated because your son seems like a wonderful young man who deserves to be rewarded for his good work ethic. another wrote this is the type of support we need to give
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young people in the community. he's worked hard and he needs to know that positive hard work is rewarded. i fully respect and appreciate his mom for doing this. >> chelsea clinton made a stop in the south bay today. clinton spoke on the students at one school. she talked about her book about animals on the en dangers species list and what people can do to help them survive. >> still ahead, new information about the college admission scandal. middle man, millionings of dollars to get a spot at stanford. >> also ahead anewly built fire
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. >> a couple of hillsborough pleaded guilty for taking part in the college bribery scheme. bruce and davina isackson paid 600,000 dollars to middle man, rick sing ser, to get their daughters into uclration suspend usc. that eyer set to be sentenced on july 31st. they could face up to 20 years in prison. >> the l.a. times is reporting that the family of a chinese student admitted to stanford in 2017 paid $6.5 million to get her into if school. the paper sites sources that they said the student was a competitive sailor. the family has not yet been charged. >> san francisco state university announceed today house speaker nancy pelosi will be the key note speaker after the commencement. she'll address the under grads
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and graduate students. the graduation ceremony for san francisco state is at oracle park tuesday may 28th. >> james cameron, best known for terminator, titanic and avatar slooking to open a vegan school here in the bay area. he along with his wife and wife's sister started add vegan school in calabassas. >> fox 2 news at 6:30 is next with allegations of insider trading with cebook executives. how facebook is responding. >> plus, free lunch me performances tl talent.
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the series that kicked off today sponsored by fantastic nagreto. see why one player recalled michael jordan saying "shut up and play.."
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now to our top stories and a new theory suggesting the ghost ship fire was deliberately set. the attorney say witnesses described what could be molotov cocktails being tossed inside the warehouse. the two defendants each face 36 counts of manslaughter. >> a family of a man killed in a car crash on highway 101 last year filed a wrongful death lawsuit against tesla. it says errors by the system caused the crash that killed 38- year-old walter huang. his model x slam into a barry
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o're at 07 miles per hour. >> walnut creek police say they've made six arrest using a bait method. you're watching fox 2 news at 6:30. mark zuckerberg and other executives at facebook are facing accusations of insider trading. >> they're saying they sacrificed the long-term positive texts by misusing data. this comes at the company is wrapping up their annual dropper's conference. >> i want you to remember the goal here. >> reporter: the final day of the conference in san jose partially over shadowed by news oh of a new lawsuit stemming from a data breach. >> it's true that we and i have learned a lot of really hard lessons over the last few years. >> reporter: in a
6:31 pm
courtroom, the investor against he alleges mark zuckerberg created inside trading by selling stock ahead of the data breach controversy. >> he's had some exposure because one of the things that, you know, we're looking for from our executives in leadership positions and companies is transparency and sort of making timely disclosures around things that affects the future. >> reporter: wednesday's suit follows perceived and real missteps by the giant. as recently as 2014 facebook faced fire for a manipulation experiment on a 500,000 unsuspecting users. last year's massive data breach led to the over site and
6:32 pm
looming prospect of a $5 billion fine. >> everybody who has stock in facebook, stock holds ever, user, regulators need to be concerned. >> reporter: a statement from the company says the lawsuit is without merit and the rank and file do not seem concerned. facebook continues to push ahead with changes they say will provide greater privacy for user, business partners and the public at large. jesse gary, ktvu fox tv news. >> the mayor of san francisco announced a $30 million
6:33 pm
donation to be called the bennie hoff -- it's to come up with housing solutions and study why people end up on the streets. >> steve hennum anyone jersey is nominated to the board of director for the transportation agency. need to be confirmed by the board of supervisors. mayor breed says bring decades of experience to the board. also in san francisco, city leaders hope the reopening of a new fire station will convince voters to support improvements at other stations. fire station 5 was rebuilt from the foundation up, ready to with stand a major quake. the mayor is pushing $628 million bond measure to bring
6:34 pm
the other houses up to seismic standards. >> we need our public safety officials and facilities where they're able to prepare and use the equipment they have and not necessarily, for example, have their station fall in on them where they can't save anyone. >> city leaders are hoping to place the bond measure on the march 2020 ballot. >> coming up, hear newest mattes on the cost of california's high speed rail. the update on the project released. >> . also ahead, newly obtained records sheds light on how the bart police handled the shooting of oscar grant be. you can listen to the bay podca we'll sear uc president janet napolitano talk about higher education and white's so difficult to get into college. search for bay area people on your podcast player.
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f. >> an internal investigation at bart is shedding light on the deadly shooting of oscar grant by a bart police officer on new year's day 2009. the report is more than 90 pages long and conclude that is the bart police tactics were seriously deficient through tout incident in oakland. the report site as lack of leadership and communication including the failure to interview the officer and other officers immediately following the shooting. the report was released under
6:38 pm
the state's new transparency law . if you'd like to see the report go to our website, >> a group of san jose state students called on santa clara county to speed up their review of cannabis convictions. >> it can bet teriaco lives of many people who are struggling in life to have a decent job. >> organizers want the county to follow in the footsteps of san francisco and l.a. counties which have cleared marijuana convictions as far back as 1975. the county says they've expunged hundreds of cases on request. they expect to start work on cases where the people have not come forward, this summer. >> we want to do it quickly but accurately. we don't want to miss anyone. >> reporter: the d.a's office says waiting to get the list of cases from the department of justice will allow them to hold
6:39 pm
the court hearings for each one. >> estimated cost of building california's rail system is going up. it will cost an extra $1.8 billion of track bringing it to $12.4 billion. the report says the 119-mile section from bakersfield to merced will be completed between 2026 and 2030. >> all right, we're checking in on the weather. it's warming up and then cooling down towards the end of the week. details when we's go news room with a look at the stories we're looking at for 7:00. >> frank, opening statements wrapped up in the ghost ship
6:40 pm
trial today and we learn learning more about the future of the warehouse. dna testing at the u.s./mexico border. the pilot program launching as soon as next week to crack down on human trafficking. those stories and more live at 7:00.. after the break, 45 years overdue. a man returns the book to the sunnyvale library. how much he paid in fine, coming up. >> let's take a look outside and listen to some bone thugs.
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. oakland is find agnew way to showcase musician and attract people to the downtown area. >> it's being called amp oakland and it made its debut today. grammy winning musician, fantastic nagreta helped to open it up. >> reporter: a free lunch hour concert surprised many today. at the very same time a few blocks away in latham square, this vocal group from the school of the arts was also performing. >> reporter: these mini concerts kicked off a free performing art series four places in oakland at the same time. it's called amp oakland and
6:44 pm
fantastic nagreto came to show support. >> eye test test test heartbeat of the city. >> reporter: he started out as street musician himself and says this is a great opportunity to connect with the public. >> i remember busting in the day and people threw stuff at me and then a hundred dollars tip in the same day. i think it's an amazing experience. >> reporter: like oakland's popular art murmur this, is designed to showcase local performing artist. more than 300 performer also showcase talents tuesday, wednesday, thursday from noon to 1:00 p.m. over the next six months will be at four public plaz throughout downtown oakland free of charge. >> we want to pull people out of the buildings and invite people to come to downtown oakland for lunch and enjoy the incredible talent. >> reporter: for the musicians they say it's a great gig and
6:45 pm
they hope it catches on. those walking by stayed. they had no idea this was going on. >> wow! fills the streets sound, beautiful voice. >> reporter: they have decided they're going to hold another one of these musical lunch hours against next year. >> that looked like a nice day outside. let go to bill now to find out more about our weather and just kind of holding steady, nice mild weather. >> no big changes. it was a winter, one to remember, big rain and big snow, this week is just sort of flat lining. temperatures today lasting roug off on the weekend. a little bit of fog trying to form along the coast. temperatures today ten degrees warmer along the coast on
6:46 pm
average. 72 in livermore, 80 in fairfield down to 75. that's the sea breeze making it happen. it's robust and that means temperature, when you see the temperatures inland cooling that quickly, it's robust. vacaville, clayton, livermore, places like that, maybe up in santa rosa, no, maybe more in the north bay. maybe winter, north and east. along the coast you're going to see 60s, low 60s, mostly to pasunny and then the 780s. some orange show up but very few. friday. patchy fog again in the morning. there should be a little bit like this morning. it'll be like low clouds than
6:47 pm
fog and then tomorrow afternoon. it looks like this in san jose, vacaville and everywhere. the plan is this low kind of tweakings out of here, the high sets up and sets us up thursday and friday for a bit warmer and then on saturday this system offshore comes back and does the same thing the system did earlier this week which was cool us off on monday and tuesday. same kind of deal. the weekend is going to be a bit cooler, back down into the low 70s. 81 in brentwood, 80 in pittsburgh, 72348 livermore. good air quality. we'll start getting those when we get the heat. we're not getting we're getting big deep inversions. when it's like this the air quality is usually good so it's mixing about. the five-day forecast, weekend,
6:48 pm
slight chance of a shower here. i'm not going at it. i wouldn't worry much about that until we get to friday night. be even then, i don't know. you see the temperatures warming up friday and down on sunday and monday. there is the forecast. see you back here in a little bit. well aman from the south bay has finally return add library book. it was 45 years overdue. they posted these photos showing robert returning the book. he wanted to build his own car but that never happened. he moved out of town taking the book with him. the library says he paid the maximum fine for an overdue book, $10. >> google is celebrating san francisco artist, ruth asawa.
6:49 pm
some of her famous sculptures include the san francisco fountain and the andrea fountain. the doodle is in on nor of asian american pacific islandser month.. warriors came away with the win last night. we'll have the thoughts from one warrior who said let's just play ball. >> tune in for wednesday night drama. it begins empire at 8:00, star at 9:00 p.m. and after that the 10:00 and 11:00 news all right here on ktvu. ktvu.
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now so bummed about the last 424 winning percentage. >> you can read your computer, congratulations! >> he's the saturdays man tonight. >> the a's, they stuck up on a
6:53 pm
lot of people. not doing it this year. >> it's becoming a thing and not a good thing if you're an oakland a or one of their fans. fenway park looking to break a five game losing streak, pal, and it wasn't going to happen although they get a nice clutch bat here and they took a quick 1-0 lead. khris davis had a couple of hits. mitch moreland, who has all of a sudden turned into babe moreland, ninth home run. he seems quite dispointed with himself. it went well. andrew with a dunker out into left center field. two runs score and they wind up
6:54 pm
on the short end. mean time, it was noticeably whiner less at the oracle for the warriors win which puts them two up on the rockies. congratulation, they took it well. every time they were whistling for a foul, very little arguing. one guy actually raised his hand like i did it, like in the old days. houston rocket, everybody thinks this is a done deal wu the warriors should be aware. andre iguodala, 16 points oh on a post season. keep him healthy and taking advice there the great eric jordan. >> i think it was after the game he said just shut up and
6:55 pm
play. they're doing the best they can and [ inaudible ]. you just have to play. anything they say, it's 100% correct and he's that guy. >> michael jordan said it, leave the rest alone, shut up and play. if he says it, it's all right. >> the sharks have regained control of the series with the avs and doing it up right on the road. everybody is going to talk about logan and his hat trick. take notice of gus nyquist. he's had two key assists last night. assisted the first ahead goal in the 3rd period. it's been a busy 48 period for gus. he was in san jose sunday, flew to michigan and back to denver. why was he in michigan? the burst of his first child,
6:56 pm
his daughter charlotte. >> got there a few hours before she came so just perfect timing and got to spend 24 hours her. that was awesome. >> first child, any advice from the guys in the room? >> no, not yet. i think i'll have to gear up for that. >> see, there you go, frank, inside sharks news. we've come to the point in the evening where we must check out the college baseball. university of missouri, when they win their players get behind the back of whoever is being interviewed on television and do a skit. here is an example. check this out. >> a lot of fight from you and the south carolina gamecock tonight. coach, you can take the next one. >> i'm watching the match behind you right now. >> it's their game of thrones
6:57 pm
here. they do this only when they win. that's kind of cute. you need to check this out too. this is a four year yelled, drake, from new york same. watch him. dad pitching, he's circleing the bases. dad is hustling and tags him out at the plate. he thinks no problem. dad, come on, let the kid score. drake is very competitive at an early age. he wants to win. >> look at this wild pitch. easy run for the red sox. no. watch the replay. the ball gets past josh, bounces right back to him and he tags out the runner. one of the few things that did go right for the a's. that is the sporting life all worth checking ut. >> look out for drake.
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