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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 1, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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written threat of a shooting found in a high school in san ramon. despite police say they are stepping up patrols in response to the graffiti, parents telling us they may keep their kids at home. live coverage from azenith smith, this is not the first time -- this is the first time someone has threatened that school. >> reporter: julie this is the third serious threat in the past year or so. this time the threat was inside a restroom in the world language building on campus. police tell me they will have extra patrols on may 9 and in the coming days. >> the town will be-- cal will be shot up ter threatening word found at a california high school in san ramon. >> it is frustrating, that these continue across all the schools. >> reporter: there was graffiti found written in the bathroom wall, on a bathroom wall, that made reference to shooting up
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the school on a specific date. >> reporter: a student shared this photo, he says is of the threat circulating on snapshot, it reads in black marker, cal will be shot up, 5-9, final warning. >> i think it's pretty scary. thinking that your school could be shot, shooting like that. >> reporter: many students found out about the threat written in the boys bathroom of the world language building from their parents. the school district as a student founded around 11:30 wednesday morning, and reported to a staff member, law enforcement was notified parents then emailed the district. there is nothing more important students, and the cal high staff and campus. we are grateful that once again, a student did ried as a always worried. >> reporter: this is not the first time, april 2018 a freshman was arrested for
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planning a school shooting at cal high on the anniversary of columbine. back in september, an anonymous threat was posted online. the fbi traced the postings ip address to europe. it is not like a real threat but they think they are being funny by trying to make people scared or something. that's not funny. i will be on heightened alert on 5-9. i'm not sure i will bring my kid to school on sunday. i will have to talk to my husband about it most likely not. despite we dig these things very seriously. we will be there at the school, as we always are. we may have some extra people there. >> so far, police they tell me have not found any other evidence to support the threat. two sentences go now where a homicide investigation is underway tonight after a man with fatally shot at 22nd and
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bartlett in the mission. officers responded to a shot spotter activation just after 4:00 this afternoon. they found a male victim on the ground suffering from gunshot wounds. he was taken to the hospital, where he died. no word yet on the victim's identity. bart writers face two major delays tonight during the evening rush hour. a person on the track at macarthur station in oakland caused a 20 minute delay for people heading to antioch and richmond. then, a problem with a door forced cruise to take an eastbound train out of service at the powell street station in san francisco. people there say they ended up waiting 40 minutes. protesters blocked traffic on san francisco's market street this evening. they wanted the city to ban private cars on market, saying fewer cars would make it safer for bikers and pedestrians. ktvu's jana katsuyama joins us live from market street without the city is responding. >> reporter: julie, the cities that are market street project manager says she agrees, they
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do want to ban private vehicles here on market street and if you use or left that would impact you. they say there are reasons i cannot quite do that yet, protesters say they want action immediately. >> reporter: during rush hour at market and montgomery street, protesters are walking holding big signs on talking the talk. >> we are here today to call on the city, design our cars on market. >> reporter: a coalition of pedestrian safety bicycle and public transit advocates wore bright yellow shirts. they say private vehicles should be banned for public safety. >> it seems like they stop at random places with no warning, is to pick up and drop off people. >> better market street project made up of multiple agencies have called for only allowing access for muni, taxes, delivery trucks and bicycles. the protesters say the city
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should act immediately, not wait for the project approval. >> the truth is they have already infamous to turn restrictions, coming eastbound from twin peaks toward downtown. so why were they able to do that but they are not able to make westbound turn restrictions? >> the better market street project manager christina leo says it isn't so easy. >> we cannot implement any of the improvements without getting environmental clearance. >> reporter: she says the proposal is receiving state and federal funding so it must clear to environmental reviews. if passed that would ban all private vehicles, including those for handicapped passengers, and rideshare vehicles from traveling on market street. brand that will not be allowed on market street, they would have to use passenger loading zones on the side streets. >> reporter: some residents say something must be done soon. >> it's nuts, it took us about 50 minutes just to get a few blocks. they have to be creative and try something. >> reporter:'s others are concerned about driving cars that drop off disabled passengers and rideshare users say they don't like the idea of being forced to use taxis. this budget has become a
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prevalent part of my day-to-day life. i am sure the tech industry would also agree that it is a huge advantage. and, i think we should continue to give the market competitive. >> reporter: i asked leo what comes next, she said the bill is expected to go before the city planning commission in the fall and federal approval by the end of the year. julie? >> janet in san francisco to think tonight, thank you. people around the world and in the bay area marched and rallied today to mark mayday or international workers day. union construction workers marched in downtown oakland calling on marilyn be shafted back new laws that would guarantee that publicly funded project, use union labor. at uc berkeley, university lecturers gathered for a rally at sprouts plaza, the called on usc to increase pay to a living wage. >> the median annual salary for a lecture is $19,000-$19,900.
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and i think it is shameful that you see them treated like fixable labor. >> standing in solidarity with longshore workers, protesting a proposed oakland a's stadium at howard terminal. >> opening statements wrapped up in the ghost ship warehouse trial as the defense attorney today offered details on a new theory about what started that fire. officially, the cause of the fire in oakland during a party in december 2016 remains undetermined. derek ellman and codefendant max harris are each charged with 36 counts of manslaughter. derek ellmy will show it was arson. >> one witness close by heard popping sounds, like last breaking. right before the fire. then he saw peopthat suggests
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molotov cocktails or at least bottles with gasoline were utilized. >> sarah described ellman as a family man who was trying to create a beautiful environment for art at the warehouse. witness testimony in the case begins on monday. >> there was more drama in washington dc today during a tense hearing between senators and u.s. attorney general william barr. democrats criticized barr's handling of the mueller report and accused him of trying to protect the president. fox news lauren blanchard tonight with the attorney general now saying he plans to skip a second hearing tomorrow. >> the attorney general was expected to face more questioning of the house on thursday. but, now he will not attend, he run it inappropriately. >> the heated senate hearing wednesday lasted more than five hours. >> may we have those notes? >> no. >> why not? >> why should you have them? >> reporter: america deserves
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better. >> you should resign. >> reporter: house judiciary democrats plan to have staff lawyers question attorney general bar in their hearing. the department of justice calling it inappropriate. plus, the doj sending this letter to the committee, saying it would not provide the full mueller report to lawmakers, because the committee has not articulated any legitimate legislative purpose. the request for all the special counsel's investigative files. the chairman of the house judiciary committee during other saying the attempt against the attorney general could co next. the president agreed bar should skip the house judiciary committee hearing while praising his testimony of the senate. >> they were to treat him differently, he did a fantastic job. >> reporter: democrats have a plan to give bar a day or two
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to change his mind. >> i'm certain that the attorney general there is the consequent as of his actions. we have subpoena power, he knows that. >> reporter: chairman adler says right now his first priority is to get the full unredacted mueller report. he also says robert mueller is expected to testify before his committee made month. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. >> the battle over recreational pot heats up in marin county where there are no retail stores despite legalization. >> coming up, the meeting about marijuana in one town tonight. serious allegations against some of the biggest names at facebook. coming up, the lawsuit that accuses mark zuckerberg and others of insider trading. and, temperatures definitely warmed up today maybe 10 degrees in some places. it will continue to slightly warm the next couple of days. i will be back with the specifics. be sure to listen to today's brand-new episode of our bay area peoples podcast. you see president janet napolitano discusses her priorities for higher education
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and why it is so difficult to get into college. the search for bay area people on your podcast player.
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11:00, pope francis is except for the nomination or resignation of san jose's catholic bishop patrick mcgraw. he led the diocese 23 years, he is 73 years old he will be succeeded by bishop oscar cantu. mcgraw has been an outspoken defender of immigrant rights but he angered many parishioners when they learned the diocese have bought a $2 million home for his retirement. the house has since been sold and mcgraw now plans to live at the church rectory. >> mark zuckerberg, cheryl samberg and other top executives at facebook are being accused of insider trading. the facebook investor filed a lawsuit today accusing them of selling stock ahead of last year's data breach controversy. the 193 page complaint also alleges that the company's board took actions that ultimately undermined the value of the things that, you
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know, we ecutives and leadership positions in companies is some transparency, and making timely disclosures about things that could affect the company's future. >> facebook is dismissing the accusations and emailed statement from a spokesperson said, quote, this lawsuit is without merit. the california food company that makes the plant-based meat substitute is ready to hit the ipo market. los angeles-based beyond meat is expected to raise over $184 million in a stock offering tomorrow. early investors include bill gates and tyson foods, beyond meat uses plant-based protein to re-create the taste and texture of meat. new tonight, voters in marin said yes to legal marijuana but there is not a single retail store selling recreational marijuana in the entire county. deborah tells us tonight
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community members in fairfax attended a town councilstart al sales. the first farmers market of the season, and fairfax is as funky as ever, always more counterculture than corporate. ask those born and raised here. >> one of the last towns in marin that has tried to stay its way. free and open spirited and open- minded. >> reporter: not so free- spirited on legal pot. more than a dozen meetings so far and still no local ordinance. >> why is it illegal here? you would think oh, fairfax. you know, janis joplin, everybody else, jerry. it >> reporter: the only reason that we are here is because we are grandfathered in. >> reporter: the town's only dispensary has been in this spot more than 20 years. well before new laws turned the weed world upside down. but, customers here must still have a medical card. >> people are shocked. they walk in and they found out we are medical only as a
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storefront, because that is all we are allowed to do. and they say where can i go? >> reporter: for a walk-up store, no others in marin. the closest are san francisco, berkeley, or north to sonoma county. >> it's ridiculous. we voted for it. i'm for it. bring it to my town. >> reporter: inching towards a permit process defining how and where commercial cannabis can be stored sold. critics wants none of it, >> it is telling citizens as a whole that it is accepted product that it is okay. >> reporter: fairfax is now poised to allow at least cannabis stores with conditions. this budget will provide relief of your pain. >> reporter: this pioneering dispensary hopes to be one of them, and fairfax would be the first marin jurisdiction with brick and mortar marijuana. in a county where three out of four voters said yes to legalization, delivery is the
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only option right now. >> there is a serious not in my backyard attitude. >> reporter: in fairfax, ktvu f0x2 news. students and supporters held a rally at san jose state today calling on santa clara county to speed up reviews and clearance of cannabis convictions. they say san francisco, san joaquin county, and la, worked quickly to expunge marijuana convictions dating as far back as 1975. the group wants to know how many cases are involved. the county says it has cleared hundreds of cases on request. next up is the cases where no one has come forward. >> we should get a comprehensive list from the department of justice by early this summer. once we have that have a political put readily go thro it. we want to do it expeditiously but accurately tapered we want to do it right the first time. >> officials expect to start
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work on the remaining cases the summer after they receive a list of convictions from the justice department. pg&e has proposed setting up a $105 million fund to help people who lost homes or properties in recent wildfires caused by pg&e equipment. cal fire determined at least 12 while wildfires in northern california in 2017 or caused by pg&e lines. agreement is also suspected of the deadly camp fire last november. the proposed fund would cause temporary assistance until claims can be settled. it would have to be approved by a federal bankruptcy court. pg&e fired filed for rx bankruptcy in january saying that every $13 billion in legal claims from fire victims of billions more in dental liabilities. a small earthquake in napa county tonight measured 3.3 and hit about an hour ago at 1017. the epicenter about 4 miles no repo of any disruption of
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all right then, we have temperatures that are ahead of where they were yesterday in the last couple of days actually by a degree or two certainly over yesterday's, actually by 10 degrees. 80 was the worst spot in fairfield, i suspect tomorrow we will see more 80s and upper 70s and valleys, the 80s are going to be 81 and right in that range from 79 they will all hover in the low 80s and mid-70s upper 70s because the air is compressing. high pressure has somewhat of a handhold on us for a couple of days. but then that all changes. the system right here shows up and it's weak but it's getting close to the catholic what happened earlier this week. he envisioned it spread out and deepened and call more stairs of the weekend will be cooler. that is the bottom line. the next couple of days a bit warmer but subtle. then on the weekend. five or six or 7 degrees cooler we see most the 60s and very low 70s.
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this is hair-raising stuff, it is just the subtle changes of the spring weather pattern, there's the fog coming in, fog out of the cast obviously, it will be around tomorrow morning as it has been the last few mornings it will burn off in some cases others it will hang on. chilly as it was this morning, low 40s in the cold spots, the story is tomorrow and friday a lot like today. a tad warmer, and then, this system here pointed to earlier up next to the coast, stretches out the marine layer, the fog pushes everything inland, and we get cooler on the weekend. you will see that in the five day forecast five or 8 degrees cooler on saturday and sunday. we will be on thursday and friday and saturday. re's a loo what you want to see there, temperatures do cool by sunday,
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the hotspots into the upper 60s, chance of a shower, d out on that. drizzle up against the coast for the weekend looks fine. >> all right, thank you. coming up tonight in sports, tempers flying high in denver, game two between the blazers and nuggets got heated. we'll have the highlights coming up next. first a man in the south bay has finally returned a library book 25 years late. robert returned midget motoring and karting. the librarian said he paid the maximum fine for an overdue book which is $10. you know when you're at ross and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day.
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11:24 pm a price that has you,s and like...d.hmmm. okay. that's yes for less. say yes to the latest spring trends at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. marcus here, giants and a's, nothing better than giant starters. despite it's the thing that's a little strange, we are a month into the season and both teams. despite experts of the giants to be there, not the a's. >> it's early. as yogi berra used to say, it's getting late early, there. giants and dodgers, that's the ticket tonight, giants didn't play anything like a last-place team. stephen bowed played on both sides of the bay back in the major leagues with the promotion, and baumgartner
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given his best performance of the year that is what buster posey said it was, he struck out it got out of a tough situation there three 114 pitches, that is the most he's thrown since his motorcycle accident. meanwhile, buster posey not happy with that strike call, neither is bruce, the umpire says enough of that. and you are out of here. bruce bodie getting his money's worth. the umpire getting a fill there. ninth inning, 1-1. buster posey reaches out, and safely, with the winning run, giants take two out of three with the dodgers. bring into fenway. there. on the road trip, clutch hit here.
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getting off to a 1-0 single lead, mitch moreland hit a home run, then later this sums up the a's road trip, andrew with the ball that might have been caught, that's a two-run single in the a's wind up on the short end again, 7-3. warriors fans think this thing is done with houston. if you like to look forward and anticipate who they might play in the western conference final, that guy could be there. nikolai, watch the past here. in between the legs of the defender. that is called a nutmeg pass in case you want to know. cj maccallum leading the blazers with 22 minutes, the amulet had only 14, scoring attack and a little extracurricular activity. eric is shoving cantor into his
11:27 pm
own man. little fight breaks out, nothing too bad but the bottom line is, he's all even in a low- scoring affair, one-one going to portland on friday night. a little time to check this out. let's go to the videotape. hungry dodger fan here lives for his fries and burger but he did come up with the fries at -- he did come out with the baseball. this time he lost the pizza, roughly $280. this is manny motyka signing an autograph for the braves mascot there. he's playing a trick on him, he pulls off the cover, he signed a $300 million check. most of his salary right >> that's kind of cool. >> all worth checking out, that is the sporting liner. >> thank you. thanks for joining us tonight. good night. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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