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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  May 2, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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>> yes, it is. cloudy, postto right? this as we have rosemary orozco here fe this morning. good morning. >> yes. he is right. partly cloudy skies along the coastline. seeing fog out there. as well as portions of the north bay. partly cloudy as pam mentioned for the afternoon, as well. temperatures@this hour mid 40s over areas like santa rosa. low 50s in san francisco. upper 40s in livermore and san jose. visibility looking pretty good in most areas and temperatures you can see within a few degrees of where we started yesterday morning. a near repeat for many. across the state we are dry. the visibility over of napa
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fluctuating a little bit this morning. the darker shades of gray over north bay ine with fog, as well. for the afternoon temperatures coming up slightly. 66 in san francisco, 70 for oakland. upper 70s to near 80 for the warmer locations. a tad area for the bay area friday and cooling it down for the weekend. details coming up in just a bit. at 4:31 let's check the highways with sal. good morning. good morning to you. we have a solano county commute. westbound 80 is looking good from fairfield to vallejo and continue into pinole. no big delays yet on the richmond bridge approach, if you ever wondered if you can go without any delays, right now is the time. is okay. when you get to the bay bridge a couple of lanes there have a small delay. 4:31. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. well, wikileaks founder julian assange is expected in a london courtroom today in a video appearance about the request by the united states
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that he be extradited here to the u.s. assange is facing u.s. charges that he conspired to hack a pentagon computer and also accused of publishing thousands of classified u.s. military documents. he was arrested last month after ecuador revoked his political asylum and kicked him out of their embassy in london. attorney general william barr is refusing to appear before the house judiciary committee this morning, following his appearance before a senate committee yesterday. staff lawyers were planned to question the attorney general and the committee chairman says he is now considering holding barr in contempt of congress for failing to show. >> the committee has the right to determine its own procedures. the attorney general has the to try to cts the nerve try to dictate our procedures which is simply part of the
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administration's complete stonewalling of congress. >> democrats are pushing for robert mueller to testify before the committee and want that to happen 15. ho4:33. israel observing holocaust remembrance day today. it came to a standstill this morning as sirens went off in memory of the victims. ctims. [ sirens sounding ] [ sirens sounding ] benjamin netanyahu was joined by r, gigabyte lin on the streets of jerusalem with the two minute observance as israelis got out of their vehicles and bowed their heads in remembrance of the 2 million nazis killed in world war ii. ii.
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the pushback, the persecution, the eternal witchhunt by the armed forces. >> guaids called for a military up rising to remove president maduro failed for the most part, leaving the socialist president still in control of the country >> mike pompeo said maduro has a plane ready to go to cuba to flee and the russians took him off the plane and forbade him from leaving the country. mr. pompeo, please, you are not serious. >> guaids has the support of the u.s. and 50 other countries. the white house administration officials say they are monitoring the situation closely. >> he is out there doing rallies, actually very brave in a true sense, but i have been watching him and the moves and, you know, there is a lot
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at store for him. >> the trump administrati not ruled out taking military action in venezuela if necessary. national security advisor john bolton told the council yesterday to consider the u.s. response. the white house is asking congress for an extra $4.5 billion in emergency money for border security. according to the associated press the white house wants $3.3 billion for humanitarian aid to increase shelter capacity for unaccompanied migrant children and families and want another $1.1 billion for operational support. the department of homeland security says it is running out of money because of the increase in the number of migrants arriving at the border. the homeland security says it will start voluntary dna testing of migrants coming into the u.s. from mexico on people that claim to be family members. the pilot program could start
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the dna test will use a cheek swab from the adult and child. there have been reports that migrants are using children not theirs as way to get into the u.s. a couple from hillsboro will be sentenced at the end of juul after pleading guilty for -- july after pleading guilty for taking part in the college bribery scheme. the could believe admitted to paying $600,000 to rick singer to get their daughters into ucla and usc. bruce isaacson also pleaded guilty to conspiracy to launder money and conspiracy to defraud the irs. and the family of a chinese student admitted to stanford in 2017 paid $6.5 million to get her into the school. rick singer is again implicated in that case by telling stanford the student was a competitive sailor. after months of debate fairfax is getting closer to
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allowing two shops to sell recreational marijuana. even though morin voters overwhelmingly approved the recreational marijuana sales, it is said it is only allowed to sell medical marijuana sales. >> they are shocked. they walk in and find out we are medical only at a storefront, because that is all we are allowed to do and they say so where can i go? >> there are options in morin county. they can have the marijuana delivered or go to the store. but the nearest brick and mortar store is in san francisco, berkeley or sonoma county. critics of cannabis worry the dispensaries will increase drug abuse, especially among younger people. a project to ban private cars on san francisco's market street is expected to go to the city planning commission this fall. that is not soon enough for a
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group of people demanding the city take action immediately. they say the road has become too dangerous. the group protested at market and montgomery streets last night during the height of rush hour. they wanted to block cars turning westbound on to market. >> it seems like they stop at random places with no warning just to pick up and drop off people. >> a plan to ban private car on market is receiving state and federal funding. the controversial proposal faces opposition from people that use ride shares. all private cars including uber and lyft would be barred from traveling on market. they would have to use passenger loading zones on side streets. the time is 4:38. governor gavin newsom is creating a new commission to study what he called the future of work. he made the announcement yesterday as he was watching custodians and grounds keepers at american river college. this new commission will look at how technology is effecting
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california's workforce and develop a strategy to teach workers new skills and improve job quality. the governor announcement came as workers were holding marches and rallies around the bay area and country to mark international workers day. union construction workers were marching in downtown oakland and called on the mayor to support new laws that would guarantee that publicly funded projects use union labor. in oakland teachers gathered at a rally and stood in solidarity protesting a promossed oakland a's stadium at howard terminal. some of the best bay area athletes will be honored. the 2019 bay area hall-of- famers will be honored in san francisco.
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175 athletes and sports icons are part of the bay area's sports hall of fame founded in 1979. the time is 4:40. speaking of sports, the giants have the night off, but last night they played. madison baumgardner was pitching against the l.a. dodgers and had some timely outs. eight state routes, left the game and tied the run. the game looked like it was headed for extra innings when buster posey came up to bat in the 9th inning. two outs and two ons for buster. buster. the walkoff and the giants won
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2-1. the giants now go to cincinnati where they will play a dodger's fan at the game may have stolen the spotlight if it wasn't for that walkout. look at this. in the 2nd inning he lost his fries >> oh, no. >> i am not kidding. the whole thing, pam. he did get the ball. see. so it with us worth it. then an inning later, say good- bye to that pizza. >> oh, geez! [ laughing ] >> and another foul ball and lost the pizza. bounced off his hands, went into the crowd. it was a nice start -- >> but ouch! >> he replaced the fries with a pizza and you lose that, too. >> he is lucky he all right. 4:41 is the time right now. midwestern cities along the mississippi are ahead, how sta effected are dealing with the floodwaters and which areas are under a new flood advisory this
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morning. >> plus, chelsea clinton making a stop in the bay area. her message to elementary school kids when we come back. we are off to a nice start on the roads. this is i-880 in oakland. traffic is moving well in both directions. i am tracking a warming trend for your bay area thursday and a cooldown for the weekend. details coming up.
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. take a look at this. downtown davenport, iowa, completely under water after a levee break. water crews had to rescue a man clinging to tatree. the chicago area may be next. the flash flood watch is in effect through today because of heavy rain in the forecast. the time is 4:46. former first daughter chelsea clinton will be in chicago
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today signing copies of her new book for kids about protected endangered species. her visit comes after a stop right here in the bay area. here is chelsea clinton speaking to students yesterday at los alamedas elementary school in san jose after her book called don't let them disappear, 12 endangered species across the globe, about animals on the endangered help them survive. california's population is slowing down. estimates released yesterday showed california has 39.9 million people as of january 1, 187,000 more than in 2018. the growth rate though, was a drop from .78% in 2017.
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experts are citing fewer births and a drop in immigration. well, last year's wildfires appear to have little effect on the state's population. initial estimates show most people that lost homes seem to move to cities close by but in butte county the population jumped 20% our time is 4:47. pg&e wants a $105 million fund to help people that lost homes and property in recent wildfires caused by pg&e equipment. the proposed fund would provide temporary help until claims can be settled. at least 12 wildfires in northern california were caused by pg&e lines in 2017. pg&e equipment is also suspected in the deadly camp fire well, predicting heav risks in california, oregon and washington state this
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season. the national agency fire center says a bigger than typical crop of grasses and five fuels up and down california will increase the wildfire danger as they get dry over the summer. well, a bill that would require drivers to reserve a spot and pay a toll to drive down the crooked part of lombard street in san francisco could come to a vote in sacramento today. the city could be responsible for deciding how much to charge drivers and how to implement the plan. the plan would require drivers to make a reservation and pay a fee to drive down that part of lombard to regulate traffic congestion. starting today, muni will run shuttle buss in san francisco between the turntable at powell and the mason northern cars on the mason and powell car lines will be out of service during the reaction project.
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the service for shuttle will run ten days or until all the work is complete. let's get you moving here at 4:49. sal, can you take care of the folk this is morning. >> i will try. >> i know he always does. >> thank you, pam. you are my witness. we have a look at the altamonte pass and 580. slow traffic here right before the path. not technically on the hill but right before you get on the hill. you can see the slow traffic. you go up and down the hill and it looks good in livermore. finally as you come down the hill and get out to main part of livermore, no problems to pleasanton and hayward. also 880. a decent opportunity to get on the road. no major issues driving out to the cash lanes. filling in for steve today is my friend rose mar you. >> thank you, sal. nice weather today. temperatures will warm slightly
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today through tomorrow then things start to change this time for the weekend. here is a view of stormtracker 2. partly cloudy skies right now. picking up on patchy fog along the coastline. here is a view of future-cast. thursday and friday looks good, slightly warmer. then saturday things change up a bit. the possibility of moisture entering late saturday. we will see a dry forecast for most of saturday, if not the entire day. on sunday we could get more interesting. a few scattered showers and maybe even thunderstorms on sunday, but the coolest day is expected to be on sunday, as well. we will continue to follow that between now and then.
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here is a view of what is happening outside right now. temperatures similar to yesterday. mid 40s to start your day in santa rosa. 46 in navarro. along the peninsula sfo is 51. the inner east bay is upper 40s. livermore and san jose, good morning, and 52. the afternoon highs, nice, 77 for sonoma today. upper 60s by the water. at the east bay shore upper 60s to low 70s for oakland and san leandro. inland upper 70s in livermore, 81 in brentwood. south bay 77. cupertino 77, as well and along the peninsula 75. for woodside 66 and the same for downtown san francisco. here is the view of the extended forecast. temperatures again peaking on friday before we see a cooldown in time for the weekend. saturday looks to be the warmer day of the two with additional cloud cover, the possibility d
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temperatures in the upper 60s for our inland cities, low 60s along the bay and coast. dave? >> thank you, rosemary. still ahead, remember this man whose boat was destroyed by oakland police? et getting a big surprise from one of our ktvu viewers. i visualize travel rewards.
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2. it is 4:54. happening today millions of americans around the country will gather for the national day of prayer. later today president trump will sign the national day of prayer proclamation. it happens every year on the first thursday of may. the national day of prayer was created in 1952 by congress, signed into law by president harry truman. every president since then has signed the proclamation >> under my administration we are getting to a level where we will be breaking records with respect to the judiciary, which mean as lot to the people in this room because you treated very poorly [ applause ] over time you will see what happens. by the way you are seeing it more and more. you are seeing people prouder and prouder. it is happening >> president trump called for an end to violence and terrorism against people of all faiths. well, for the first time in almost 20 years there will be a new by shop leading the catholic church in san jose.
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pope francis accepted the resignation of 73-year-old patrick mcgraw retiring and who will be replaced by a new bishop. he has been a defender of immigrant rights but angered many parishioners when he learned the diocese bought him a $2.3 million home for his retirement. the house has since been sold and he plans to live in a church rectory. we have an update this morning on a story we told you about last week about a man whose boat was destroyed during an oakland police sweep in the oakland estuary. timothy kramer received a 29- foot sailboat from a ktvu viewer that saw our story. it has no motor or sails but kramer is happy about it and grateful for the generous gift. he plans to buy an outboard motor and go back to his slip in baa knee that. he had been living in his car
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since a backhoe demolished his boat illegally anchored in a cove in the oakland estuary. we are learning more about the shooting on the north carolina college campus and the victims killed. >> having no place to run and hide, he did the last. >> coming up, how one of the victims gave his life to stop the shooter parks, structures, residential places seeing an increase in crime. >> a place where people are catching unexpected thiefs in the act, coming up. (dad) this ice cream cake needs a freezer. (mom) freezer's full. (vo) only frigidaire's custom flex temp drawer can switch from
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. good morning and thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2, thursday morning, may 2. i am pam cook. >> and good morning, i am dave clark. pam, did you know that steve paulson is off today. >> i did. >> did you know rosemary is here today? >> i did. >> pam cook knows everything, dave. you know that. >> she knows everything? [ laughing ] good morning, rosemary. >> good morning and happy thursday to all of you. we are off to a partly cloudy start, a little cool start, but temperatures will rebound. today is expected to be warmer than here is a view at sfo where we are starting off in the low 50s. san francisco 53. santa rosa, a chill in the air for you this morning at 43. oakland is 50. 46 in livermore and 50 in san jose. very similar to yesterday, at least for


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