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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 2, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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. good morning and thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2, thursday morning, may 2. i am pam cook. >> and good morning, i am dave clark. pam, did you know that steve paulson is off today. >> i did. >> did you know rosemary is here today? >> i did. >> pam cook knows everything, dave. you know that. >> she knows everything? [ laughing ] good morning, rosemary. >> good morning and happy thursday to all of you. we are off to a partly cloudy start, a little cool start, but temperatures will rebound. today is expected to be warmer than yesterday. here is a view at sfo where we are starting off in the low 50s. san francisco 53. santa rosa, a chill in the air for you this morning at 43. oakland is 50. 46 in livermore and 50 in san
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jose. very similar to yesterday, at least for most. fairfield, you are warming at about 6 degrees. half moon bay at 4. everybody else is near status quo. we will remain with partly cloudy skies today along the coastline. partly sunny to partly cloudy. a little fog out there this morning. seeing visibility issues along highway 1. if you have the stretch there we are looking at the darker shade of gray. in and out along highway 1 there. napa looking good at this point. started out with visibility less than two miles in the last hour. it is actually dissipated since then. here is a view of the afternoon highs today. low 60s in pacifica. 66 in san francisco, low to mid 70s around the bay. 72347 the south bay of san jose and warmer locations today going to 80 degrees in areas like concord, antioch, a beautiful day in napa and santa rosa, upper 70s for you. temperatures will come up slightly to end the business week followed by a cooldown for
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the weekend. it is 5:01. let's check the highways this morning with sal. rosemary, we do see the traffic busy now approaching the altamonte pass. didn't take very long for it to get this way. we have slow traffic on 205 and 580. it gets better once you make it over the pass. then from livermore to oakland essentially it looks good on 580, 238, 880, all the way up to the coliseum and beyond that to the bay bridge. at the bay bridge right now there is a small delay at the toll plaza once you make it onto the span it looks good. at 5:02, back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. happening today the former student suspected of killing two people at the university of north carolina in charlotte is scheduled to make his first court appearance. investigators say 22-year-old trystan terrell did not target anyone specifically but did choose the building where the attack happened. last night a vigil was held to remember the victims and show support for friends and family. police say one of the students that died in the attack tackled
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the gunman and that gave other students time to get out of the classroom. riley howell is being remembered as a hero. >> are you going to run, run and hide as a shield or take the fight to the assailant. having no place to run and hide, he did the last. >> all four of the students that shot and survived are expected to recover. one of them, 23-year-old emily houpt and her doctor, say she should be out of the hospital in time for her to walk in her commencement ceremony scheduled for late next week. here at home police in san ramon are investigating threatening graffiti found in the bathroom at a high school. ktvu's elissa harrington is joining us live at california high school to tell us about this and how school officials are responding. good morning, elissa. >> reporter: good morning, dave. the school will be stepping up security. officials have interviewed students and say they have found no additionalee evidence
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to support this threat. a student shared this picture circulated on snapchap that allegedly shows what was found on the bathroom wall. it is graffiti that warns of a school shooting. it says the school will be shot up on may 9, income tax thursday. the threat was found in the boy's bathroom in the world language building at california high school in san ramon. a student reported it to administrators yesterday. the school then notified police and parents. >> there was graffiti on the bathroom wall that made reference to shooting up the school on a specific date >> i am worried not only for my kids but for everyone. >> reporter: an email from the district says in part there is next more important to us than
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the safety of your students and the cal high staff and campus. we are grateful that once again a student did the right thing. so, school is in session today but there will be additional police officers on campus throughout the coming days, including may 9. live in san ramon. elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you, elissa. the time is 5:05. florida governor gavin newsom is expected -- ron desantis is expected to sign a bill to let more teachers carry guns in schools after the shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school where 17 people were killed last year. right now only florida teachers who have another role like a sport's coach are allowed to carry guns on school campus. this will allow any teacher that passes 144 hours of training, a psychiatric exam and drug screening to be able to have a gun. supporters say the program is completely voluntary and does not require any teacher to have a gun. well, new this morning,
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an investigation in oakland into an injury crash that shut down i-580 in both directions. now, the first emergency call came in just before 11:00 last night about a car crash on the eastbound side of 580 at lakeshore avenue. the car was heading westbound when it blew a tire. the driver tried to brake but the car hit the center divide and ended up on the eastbound side of the freeway. we received report there is were at least one or two people in the car, that they may have been thrown from the car. at least one suffered injuries injuries. all lanes of 580 were closed except for one westbound lane but the entire freeway was reopened just after midnight. oakland police are searching for whoever shot and killed a man near san antonio park. it happened yesterday afternoon just before 3:30 on 17th avenue in east oakland. sky fox was there flying over the scene. police say the unidentified victim was shot several times and dyed right there at the
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scene. so far investigators don't know of a motive. a reward of up to $10,000 is being offered to solve this case san francisco police also investigating a homicide. police were notified by the shot spotter system after 4:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon and found a man who had been shot on the ground at 22nd and bartlid streets in the mission. he was taken to the hospital where he died. no suspects at this point. in walnut creek police are using gps trackers in their fight against car break-ins and other types of theft. . they hope to catch a thief in the act or shortly after. officers say they have made about a dozen arrests since starting the program. >> hypothetically the tracker is inside a purse. as soon as the purse is moved the tracker notifies our dispatch center and we are able to monitor it remotely and follow where the item is going
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>> police say bait vehicles are set all over the city in residential areas, parks and parking garages. the time is 5:08. washington state governor and democratic presidential candidate jay inslee is campaigning here in california this week and his first stop today will be right here with us in the ktvu studios. governor inslee will be our guest at 6:40 this morning before he make as stop in san francisco later today. he has made climate change the central issue in his presidential campaign. we will ask him about his plans for clean energy, plus we will ask him about his position at democrats in congress are debating the possible impeachment of president trump. u.s. attorney general william barr is refusing to show up today for a second day of hearings on the mueller report. ktvu's doug luzader joins us now live from washington, d.c. with more on what could happen because of this. good morning, doug.
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>> reporter: good morning. house democrats and the attorney general could not reach an agreement to make this happen today so house democrats have to decide what comes next. a day after william barr took center stage at a senate hearing on capitol hill, he will defy house democrats today who wanted their own crack and they are none too please. >> the next step is seeking an intense citation against the attorney general. >> reporter: barr is balking because they want staff attorneys to join in on the questions, something the justice department says is inappropriate and this is a standoff. >> he is terrified of having to face a skilled attorney. >> reporter: barr sparred with democrats yesterday in a five hour senate hearing where he defended his decision to not pursue obstruction charges against the president. he shrugged off a letter that special counsel mueller report to him expressing concern about a four page summary about the russia report barr initially provided to congress and the public. >> i said, barr, what is with
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the letter? you know, why don't you just pick up the phone and call me if there is an issue. >> this letter is an coordinatary act, a career prosecutor rebuking the attorney general of the united states. >> it was very clear he was not suggesting we had misrepresented his report. >> reporter: the three democrats on the committee are presidential candidates and two want barr to resign. >> this attorney general lacks all credibility and has, i think, compromised the american public's ability to believe that he is a per se i don't remember of justice >> reporter: all of this may be setting the staining for robert mueller himself to testify here on capitol hill. back to you. >> doug luzader live in washington. still ahead, san francisco's fire chief made her
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a cruise ship, free winds, owned by the church of scientology is under quarantine because of measles. someone on board the ship, said to be a crew member, has the measles. doctors say the patients can easily infect other people on board through coughing and sneezing. so far the church of scientology is not responding to questions. happening today in santa cruz, a man charged with killing a little girl in santa cruz is due in court. lawyers for the 19-year-old adrian gonzalez say he should be tried in juvenile court. he was only 15 when he was
5:15 am
arrested on suspicion of luring 8-year-old maddie middleton into his apartment and killing her. investigators say he then put her body in a dumpster at the apartment building. witness testimony in the ghost ship warehouse trial beginning on monday. since fire investigators never officially determined why the warehouse went up in flames part of the the defense standard is to clear derick almena and max harris by blaming the fire on unknown arsonists. >> one witness close by heard popping sounds like glass breaking right before the fire and then he saw people run out the back door and that suggests that molotov cocktails, or at least bottles with gasoline, were utilized in the arson. >> defense attorney tony serra
5:16 am
described his client, derek almena, as a family man trying to create and beautiful environment for art at the warehouse nfl the months before the fire police and firefighters visited the warehouse and never brought you have safety issues. >> and what is left of the ghost ship warehouse is still not known. the building is near east 14th street and 41st avenue. the building's owner incorrectly filled out her first permit application and the wear ohio can't been torn down until she sends in the proper application. a lawyer representing 13 of the victims say they want to have a say on what happens after the warehouse is torn down. >> the families would like so see some sort of memorial. it can't be said specifically
5:17 am
what it might be but the ing's believe there can be a memorial there. >> tearing down the building is complicated. experts say it could take weeks to months and would cost between $2 million and $4 million. stay right here with us at ktvu fox 2 news for extensive coverage of the ghost ship warehouse trial. our crime reporter henry lee will be in the courtroom throughout the trial and provide updates on ktvu, and our social media outlets. san francisco fire chief joann hayes white is retiring this sunday after nearly 30 years with the city's fire department. she made her final official appearance as chief throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at last night's giant's game against the dodgers. a pretty good throw. she started her career as one of the city's first female firefighters. she was sworn in as chief in 2004 and faced challenges but says she is proud she is leaving the department on her own terms and better than when she found it.
5:18 am
>> it is not a popularity contest. i had to make some tough calls and they were the right ones. looking back i don't have any regrets. as chief i would never expect someone to do anything i wasn't willing to do myself or capable of doing myself and i think that served me really well. >> white is enjoying her last few days on the job. she can still slide down the pole there. she made a special entrance during the ceremony in honor of a newly built fire station. road repair work is scheduled to start on a transition between two highways in solano county. caltrans is building a roundabout to make it easier for drivers on highway 12 and highway 113. most of the work will take police station between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. birds landing road in the construction area will be closed until the construction is over. caltrans says that will probably be a couple of weeks
5:19 am
from now. it is 5:18. we want to check in with sal and look at traffic this morning. i was impressed that joann hayes white threw -- have you ever tried to throw a ball from the pitching mound to home plate? i don't know if i could make it. >> you were impressed with her sliding down the pole from the third floor. >> yes! that, too. a little scary. >> they are both impressive. >> there you go >> good morning, everyone. let's take a look at the commute from gilroy to san jose. they call it is gilroy super commute and who am i to change its name. looks good from gilroy to morgan hill. no slowing yet on this commute. perhaps today will be a little easier than normal because we don't have that slowing getting into the valley. it looks good here on 280. the traffic is moving along nicely. i-880 is also looking good in front of oracle arena.
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at the bay bridge we have a little slowing already. the metering lights should be going on very soon if they are not on already. at 5:20 filling in for steve is rosemary. good morning to you. starting out with partly cloudy skies and patchy fog. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. very similar to yesterday is how we are starting out. into the afternoon temperatures are expected to climb slightly, especially for the inland locations as the warming trend continues. here is a view of stormtracker 2. no rain to be found, at least not today. there could be a possibility of rain on sunday, believe it or not. more on that in the extended forecast. but here is what is happening right now. clouds and fog along the coastline, inside the bay and north bay, as well. a little patchy dense fog a possibility along highway 1 right over the north bay coast this morning if this is your commute. something to be aware of. off the coastline a cutoff low is expected to migrate toward the coast in. time for the weekend.
5:21 am
it will cool us down, increase our cloud cover and bring the possibility of a few sprinkles on sunday. 46 degrees right now in navarro under partly cloudy skies. 43 in napa. a chilly start in livermore at 46. around the bay upper 40s to low 50s. 48 along the coastline at half moon bay. as we get into the extended forecast we will roll past thursday and friday. no problems, all good. into saturday, though, things change up. a cooler day on saturday but dry into sunday when this system is expected to move across the state of california. you can see over the sierra, likely to pick up scattered showers and for us a slight possibility. we will continue to fine tune it as we get closer. it are not be a widespread event but the possibility of wet weather and afternoon thunderstorms. for today partly cloudy skies expected and afternoon highs mid 70s in san rafael, by the water 68 in sassily toe. 69 in alameda, and berkeley.
5:22 am
for the south bay 77 in san jose, 72347 cupertino. along the peninsula 75 in woodside and the city of san francisco 66. >> thank you, rosemary. an emotional announcement from the family of man killed in a fiery tesla crash. why they believe the suv software was effective. plus, serious allegations against the bigger names in facebook. those that are accused of insider trading, coming up.
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a california meatless food company set to debut today. shares for the los angeles- based beyond meats are expected to be about $25 in its ipo. bill gates and tyson foods are among the first to invest in the ipo. well, according to a police report from the national transportation safety board in the tesla lawsuit finding the vehicle did not detect the driver's hands on the steering wheel in the six seconds before
5:26 am
the crash. his family argues tesla's driver assist autopilot software is to blame. >> it took him out of the lane of the safety, pointed him at a fixed concrete barrier and then accelerated almost 10 miles per hour in three seconds and drove him into the barrier. >> our belief is that tesla did know there were problems and glitches with the car, with the autopilot. >> tesla declined to comment yesterday but issued a statement last year saying owners have driven the same stretch of highway with autopilot engaged roughly 85,000 times since 2015. mark zuckerberg, sheryl sandberg and other top facebook executives have been hit with a lawsuit accusing them of insider trading and blaming them for the company's recent privacy scandals that effected the stock value. a 193 page shareholder complaint was filed yesterday in delaware and claims the executives sacrificed the company's reputation and long
5:27 am
term prospects by mishandling the personal data of tens of millions of users and then lying about it. facebook is dismissing the accusations. a company spokesperson says the lawsuit is without merit. in the u.k. people are getting a chance to step into the "wizarding world of harry potter". the home is renting for $400 a night. the cottage is tucked away on a farm in north yorkshire, has room for six people and features a luxurious bathroom. the cottage opens today which happens to be international harry potter day all right. right now 5:27. julian assange just wrapped up another court appearance in london. coming up, what the judge said about the u.s. extradition case against the founder of wikileaks.
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guys! crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source. well, good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2, thursday morning, may 2. i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook. i just learned -- i didn't realize it was international harry potter day. >> everybody knows that, pam. thank you for telling me! [ laughing ] thank you. >> i didn't know that either. >> i didn't either. just teasing. >> i didn't know either, pam. no problem. >> fabulous movies and books. >> i agree. yes. good morning to you. happy thursday, happy harry
5:31 am
potter day, in case you didn't know. santa rosa is chillier now than before. we may cool off a bit more as we head toward sunrise. 42 degrees in santa rosa. 50s in san francisco and oakland. livermore 46. san jose is 50. a little fog along the coastline. along the north bay, as well. visibility fairly good for most. here is a view of our stormtracker 2. check this on the very latest as we move in closer. you can see here we have patchy dense fog out there. santa rosa dropping to a quarter mile visibility at the airport. napa started off with fog this morning. looking good. it will continue to move around over the next few hours. be aware we have patchy fog along the coastline and the north bay valley locations. for the afternoon partly cloudy, slightly warmer and 66 in san francisco. 70 in oakland.
5:32 am
80 degrees in concord and 80 degrees expected for morgan hill. temperatures continuing to climb for the bay area friday and then we will cool it down for the weekend. details on this coming up in just a little bit. at 5:32, let's check on any traffic trouble with sal. good morning. >> rosemary, i see 80s there. my goodness. >> you like that? >> yes. >> i agree! traffic troubles to answer your question? not that many things going on in the trouble department but we are getting slowdowns. the solano county commute 137 and slowing out of vallejo. on the way to sonoma and morin county it looks good. over to 101 looks good, as well. no major issue os the richmond bridge getting there. on 80 it is taking about 20 minutes to drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. at the bay bridge toll plaza it is already filled in. the metering lights are on. you are already seeing at least a 15 minute wait before you make it to the span. no problems on the span itself into san francisco. at 5:32, back to the desk.
5:33 am
>> thank you, sal. guess what, new this morning another democrat has thrown his hat into the ring for the 2020 presidential nomination. colorado senator michael bennett made the announcement in a national television interview this morning. the three term senator is a former head of the denver school district that has carved out a professional at a policy- oriented lawmaker. the man accused of the deadly shooting at the university of north carolina in charlotte is due in court today for the first time. 22-year-old trystan terrell did not reportedly target a specific person, but he intentionally hit that school building where the attack occurred earlier this week. a school shooting threat at cal high school is prompting heightened security from san ramon police. one student found graffiti on the wall of a boy's bathroom
5:34 am
calling for a shooting on may 9. this is the third time in a year that cal high has received an anonymous threat. and the defense in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial is suggesting someone or some group intentionally started that fire by throwing in molotov cocktails. since fire investigators never officially determined why the warehouse caught fire, part of the defense strategy is to clear the defendants derick almena and max harris by blaming the fire on unknown arsonists. the witness testimony begins monday. the time is 5:34. new this morning wikileaks founder julian assange has just appeared in tacourtroom in london for a video appearance. it is mories u.s. extradition hearing. the hearing lasted just a couple of minutes but assange told the judge he did not want to surrender himself to be prosecutor here in the united states and his journalism won
5:35 am
many awards. he is pacing u.s. charges that he conspired to hack a pentagon computer and accused of pub accomplishing thousands of classified u.s. court documents. his next court appearance is may 30. the committee has a right to determine its own procedures. the administration has the nerve to dictate our procedures and the specific part of the administration's complete stonewalling of congress >> democrats are pushing for robert mueller to testify before the committee and say they want that to happen on may 15.
5:36 am
our time is 5:35. israel is observing holocaust remembrance day today. israel came to a standstill this morning as sirens went off in memory of the victims. ctims. [ sirens sounding ] [ sirens sounding ] israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu was joined by the president rubin rib lynn at a ceremony in jerusalem. cars and buses stops on streets and highways as people got out of their vehicles and bowed their heads and many is a lewded, as well, honoring the 6 million jews killed by nazis in world war ii.
5:37 am
he is out there doing rallies and very brave in a true sense, but i have been watching him and watching the moves and, you know, there is a lot at store for him. >> the trump administration has not ruled out taking military action in venezuela if
5:38 am
necessarily. national security advisor john bolton called a meeting of the national security council yesterday to consider had u.s. response. the time is 5:38. the white house asking congress for an extra $4.5 billion in emergency money for border security. the associated press says the white house wants $3.3 billion for humanitarian aid to increase shelter capacity for unaccompanied migrant children and families and also want another $1.1 billion for operational support. the department of homeland security says it is running out of money because of the increase in the number of migrants arriving at the border. now, homeland security says it will begin voluntary dna testing of migrants who come to the u.s. from mexico claiming to be family members. the pilot program could start as early as next week. the rapid dna test will use a cheek swab from the adult and child. there have been reports migrants are using children who are not theirs as a way to
5:39 am
get into the u.s. . a couple from hillsboro will be sentenced at the end of july after pleading guilty for taking part in a college admissions bribery scheme. the first to stand before a federal judge and plead guilty admitted to paying $600,000 to rick singer to get their daughter into ucla and usc. isaacson also pleaded guilty to conspiracy to launder money and defraud the irs. the l.a. times is reporting the family of a chinese student admitted to stanford in 2017 paid $6.5 million to get her into the school. rick singer is, again, implicated in that case by telling sanford that the student was a competitive sailor. the time is 5:39. after months of debate, two cannabis shops are getting closer to being allowed to sell recreational marijuana. the morin county voter
5:40 am
overwhelming approved of legalizing recreational marijuana sales but the only dispensary in fairfax is only allowed to sell medical marijuana. at the town meeting they talked about recreational marijuana sales. >> people are shocked. she walk in and find out we are medical only as a storefront because that is all we are allowed to do. they say well so where can i go? >> pot smokers in morin county can have cannabis delivered or buy it at a store, but the nearest brick and mortar store? san francisco, berkeley or sonoma county. critics of cannabis worry the dispensaries will increase drug abuse, especially among young people. a project to ban private cars on san francisco's market street is expected to go to the city planning commission this fall. that is not soon enough for a group of people demanding people take action immediately and say it is becoming too
5:41 am
dangerous. they protested during the height of rush hour, wanting to block cars turning westbound on to market. >> people stop at random places with no warning just to pick up and drop off people. >> a plan to ban private cars on market street is receiving state and federal funding so it has to clear two environmental reviews but the controversial proposal faces opposition for people that use ride shares. uber and lyft and all other ride share vehicles will be blocked and would have to use side streets and loading zones. still ahead, how states effected by flooding are dealing with it and the areas under a new flood advisory this morning. plus, chelsea clinton made a stop in the bay area. her message to a class of elementary school children when we return. urn. alright boys, time for bed.
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. well, pg&e wants a $105
5:47 am
million fund to help people that lost homes or property in recent wildfires caused by pg&e equipment. this proposed fund would provide temporary help in many claims can be settled. cal fire determined at least 12 wildfires in northern california were caused by pg&e lines in 2017. pg&e equipment is also suspected in the deadly camp fire last november. well, wildfire officials are predicting a major wildfire risk for california, oregon and washington state this season. the national interagency fire center says a larger than typical crop of grasses and fine fuels across california will increase the wildfire danger a toll and reservation system to drive down san francisco's crooked street could come a step closer to reality today. the full state assembly is scheduled to vote on a bill today. ktvu's allie rasmus is live along lombard street to talk about what it means.
5:48 am
allie? >> reporter: the bill would allow transportation officials to create a fee and reservation system for anyone that wants to drive down the crooked part of lombard street where we are this morning. you can see not too much activity here right now, but that all changes once the sun comes ups and the cable cars start coming down the street, unloading dozens of tourists a time with their cameras here. when the bill was introduced there was no strong opposition anticipated. if the measure becomes law it will give the san francisco transportation officials the authority to create a toll. the fee would be up to transportation officials to decide but we heard it could be anywhere between $2 to $5 to drive down this short stretch of road. city transportation officials say this stretch of street gets as many as 2 million visitors a
5:49 am
year by foot and vehicle. some people that live around here are split by the idea of paying to make feel go down this part of the road. some like it and think it will alleviate the traffic and congestion issues and others think it is unfair to charge people to drive down a public street but the full assembly will vote on the matter at 9:00 this morning. allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. the time is 5:49. let's go to sal watching the commute. everybody behaving on the roads for you? >> they are. as a matter of fact, we have slow traffic which is typical. let's go out and take a look at what we have now. you will see that 580 and 205 we have the tracy triangle with a lot of slow traffic. by the time you make it to the altamonte pass it looks good driving through but you will be seeing the slow traffic coming in. livermore to dublin looks okay. slowing in hayward southbound
5:50 am
on 880 northbound and southbound in front of the coliseum. at the bay bridge the metering lights have been on for about half an hour and traffic is backed up for at least a 15 minute delay before you make it to the span. it is 5:50. let's bring in rosemary. >> that is a pretty start to the day there, sal. we have partly cloudy and mostly clear skies for our inland cities at this hour. along the coastline and over portions of the north bay, patchy fog reported there. my goodness, what an amazing shot for you. a little patchy fog against the coastline, seeing visibility issues over some of our north bay valley location, as well. last check santa rosa had visibility at a quarter mile. the fog is patchy and dense along highway 1, along the coastline for the north bay seeing some there, as well. a little fog over the north bay, along the coast and just inside the bay. partly cloudy to mostly clear for the south bay. temperatures will come up this afternoon slightly. we have a warming trend that
5:51 am
continues, started yesterday and continues through today and friday and then things start to change this time for the weekend. it has to do with the system well off the coastline, eventually crossing over california right about saturday/sunday timeframe. here is a look at future-cast for you. thursday and friday a minor warm-up. especially the inland communities. along the coastline relatively mild. saturday night in view here. you can see a little moisture popping up there over california. still off shore, the brunt of the moisture. by sunday it moves across california. notice the scattered showers in the forecast for areas over the sierra on sunday. for us cooler weather, cloudier weather, the possibility of a few sprinkle, as well as afternoon thunderstorms. we are still well out. it will change between now and then. we will continue to watch it and fine tune it getting closer to weekend. outside right now temperature- wise 42 degrees in santa rosa, 45 in navarro. for the inner east bay a cool
5:52 am
one in livermore and 46. fremont and redwood city 50 degrees. for oakland low 50s reported in downtown san francisco although we don't have a reading there. of 6 the afternoon high for san francisco today. 70 in oakland, 77 in napa and 77 the afternoon high in san jose. concord and antioch, you are expected go to 80 this afternoon. here is a view of the extended forecast, slightly warmer tomorrow until we cool it down on saturday. low 80s on friday, inland cities mid 70s and cooler on sunday, low to mid 60s at the coast and along the bay and upper 60s inland. still ahead, a man whose boat was demolished by oakland police get as big surprise from a ktvu viewer. you know when you're at ross
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at ross. yes for less. . welcome back to mornings on 2. a police chase in laguna county ends in a standoff. the suspect was wanted on a no- bail warrant. he would not pull over and led police on a low speed chase. after a long stanoff a s.w.a.t. team convinced him to surrender. the suspect has a long criminal history including fraud and
5:56 am
assault with a deadly weapon. and a 72-year-old pilot survives a crash, the only person on board a plane, a replica of a model built in the 1930s for spying missions. the fay is investigating the cause -- the faa is investigating the cause of the crash. and we have an update on the story we told you about last week about a man whose boat in oakland was destroyed in a police sweep in the oakland estuary. timothy kramer received a 29- foot sailboat from a ktvu viewer that saw the story online. the boat has no motor or sails but kramer is just happy for the generous gift and plans to buy an outboard motor and go
5:57 am
back to his slip in benicia. the boat was illegally anchored in the cove along the oakland estuary. the time is 5:57. new information about the deadly shooting of oscar grant in oakland. up next, a breakdown of the new report criticizing the bart police department's handling of the deadly officer-involved shootings ten years ago. plus, democratic presidential candidate jay inslee will be in our ktvu studios this morning. we will ask how he feels about some of the democrats who want the impeachment of president trump. (dad) this ice cream cake needs a freezer.
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good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2. i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. >> we have rosemary orozco in for steve this morning. how are we looking out there? >> well, we are seeing similar temperatures today as yesterday. northeast winds in oakland, calm in concord and napa. partly cloudy skies over the bay area along the coastline.


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