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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  May 2, 2019 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2. i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. >> we have rosemary orozco in for steve this morning. how are we looking out there? >> well, we are seeing similar temperatures today as yesterday. northeast winds in oakland, calm in concord and napa. partly cloudy skies over the bay area along the coastline. a little fog. it could be patchy and dense along highway 1. that is where we have a darker shade of gray,
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although it looks better than where it was in the last half hour. in santa rosa visibility reported at a little more than a mile. you will find patchy fog to start the day. along the coastline we are seeing it, as well. afternoon highs coming up from yesterday. low 60s in pacifica, 66 in san francisco, low 70s for the east bay shore, upper 70s to low 80s for warmer spots and continuing to climb into friday before we cool it down for the weekend and a possibility of a few scattered showers in the extended forecast coming up in just a bit. sal? rosemary, good morning to you. we are off to a nice start when it comes to the macarthur maze. getting to the maze from the carquinez bridge is taking about 20 minutes, maybe a little more than but not too much more than that, average speeds 53 miles per hour according to the computer. you can see there is a back up at the toll plaza getting
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pretty thick here after the metering lights came on a little less than an hour ago. this is a look at i-880 in oakland. ry nicely. when you look at the san jose a that traffic is looking good. 6:02. back to the desk. police in san ramon investigating the latest threat against a california high school in san ramon after a student found a warning written on a bathroom wall about a proposed or planned attack on may 9. ktvu's elissa harrington is joining us live at california high school now. what are police saying so far, elizabeth? >> reporter: good morning. police say they are taking this threat very seriously. they will have extra patrols on campus throughout the next couple of days and on may 9. at this point they don't have a suspect. a student shared this picture with ktvu that was circulating on snapchap that shows that threat. the writing was found in a boy's bathroom in the world
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language building yesterday. it says in black marker, cal will inal warning. a student reported this to administrators who notified the school and police and parents. police found no additional evidence to support the threat but some parents are concerned and wonder if they should keep their kids home. >> i am not sure i am sending my kid to school that day. we will see. i have to talk to my husband about it. most likely not. >> it is pretty scary. to think your school could be shot, have a shooting like that. >> i worry as a parent. always worried, right? that is why i am always praying for the safety for everyone, not only for my kids but everyone. >> it is not like a real threat but they think they are being funny trying to make people scared or something but that is not funny. funny. >> reporter: and email sent out from the district says in
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part.. . part.. . and now more on the ghost ship warehouse fire, the attorneys of derick almena and max harris blaming it on
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arson. >> one witness nearby heard popping sounds, and then he saw people running out the door, suggesting molotov cocktails or at least bottles with gasoline were utilized in the arson >> defense attorney tony serra described his client derrick al men in a as a family man tried to create a beautiful environment for art at the warehouse. at the months before the fire police and fire visited the warehouse and never brought up safety issues. in the meantime the lawyer representing the families of 13 fire victims want to say they want a say in deciding what
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happens after the warehouse is torn down. >> the families would like to see some kind of a memorial at the location. it hasn't been decided what that might be. but significantly the inc.s have agreed there can be a memorial there. >> because of the debris and chemicals inside the warehouse, tearing down the building is very complicated. it could take weeks or months. the price tag would between $2 million and $4 million. make sure you stay with us here on ktvu fox 2 for extensive coverage of the ghost ship warehouse fire trial. ktvu crime reporter henry lee will be in the courtroom throughout the trial, providing updates on ktvu, and our social media outlets. oakland police are searching for whoever shot and killed a man near the san antonio park. it happened just before 3:30 yesterday afternoon on 17th avenue in east oakland. sky fox and
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police say the unidentified victim was shot several times and died at the scene. so far investigators have not mentioned a motive in the shooting. a reward of up to $10,000 is being offered in the case san francisco police are also investigating a homicide. police were notified by the shot spotter system after 4:00 yesterday afternoon. they found a man suffering from gunshot wounds at 22nd and bartlett streets in the mission district. he was taken to the hospital where he died. there are no suspects at this time. 6:07. new information coming in about the deadly shooting of oscar grant by bart police in oakland more than ten years ago. the result of an internal investigation came out this week under california's new law enforcement transparency law. independent attorneys who were hired by bart found that bart police officer anthony barone pulled oscar grant off the train accusing him of fighting with another passenger.
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the report concluded barone created a chaotic situation and set the stage for fellow bart officer who said he mistakenly fired his gun instead of his taser which killed oscar grant. investigators say he lied about the incident he is a one later fired and he has not so far made a public in comment. you can see the entire report on the front page of the website. san francisco voters could be asked to decide if the city should spend millions of dollars to strengthen critical municipal buildings before the next big earthquake. mayor london breed will introduce the $628 million emergency response measure to the board of supervisors next week. they would pay for seismic retro fitting, police station and other public safety infrastructure improvements. if approved it would be placed on the march 2020 ballot.
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some in san jose speaking out against a plan to build new affordable housing for people that used to be homeless. it calls for a four or five story building to be built on north fort street where an old supermarket used to be. homeless advocates like it because it is near public transportation and organizations that help low income people but the news reports current neighbors are worried about things like crime and drug use. there is no timeline for the project. the san francisco police department will remember and on officers that died in the line of duty. chief william scott and family of the fallen officers will speak at the meeting. 96 have given their lives and the most recent loss for the department was 2006. still ahead, the 2020 presidential campaign is well under way. how democratic presidential candidate jay inslee feels
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about being the underdoing during the primary season. he will join us live in the studio in the next half hour. and the 49ers draft pick dre greenlaw has not been with the team in a week but he is making national headlines. we will tell you why. and at the richmond bridge there is slow traffic piling on before you make it onto the span. and mostly sunny inland and partly cloudy, a little patchy fog along the bay and coast. there is a gorgeous view for you there. temperatures will climb as you get into your bay area thursday. how long this trend will last coming up in just a bit. da's lg to college. luckily, her dorm is about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham.
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richard coming
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. a couple from hillsboro will be sentenced at the end of july. >> after pleading guilty for taking part in the college admissions bribery scheme. they are the first to plead guilty in front of a federal judge and admitted to paying $600,000 to rick singer to get their daughters into ucla and usc. he also pleaded guilty to conspiracy to launder money and defraud the irs. and the l.a. timein 2017 paid $6ain, rick singer i allegedly telling stanford the student was a competitive sailor. the heroism of a player drafted by the 49ers will likely be discussed today when the 49ers rookies meet the news
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media. dre greenlaw was drafted last saturday in the 5th round. a man went on twitter for saving greenlaw for saving his daughter from being sexual assaulted. they were both freshman attending a party when someone slipped something into her drink. he tried to escort her out of the party but greenlaw stopped him. he was never publicized in the case because of fear of at a draft. well, now the sharks have won five of the previous six games in the western conference semifinals, now leading fils 2 with in the last game with
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denver. sharks fans can join sj sharky and other san jose fans for a pre-watch party. bring your own chairs, strollers and bags with you but no outside food or drinks will be allowed. there is free parking and the gates will open at 6:00 tonight. the game starts an hour later. if you haven't seen this you have to watch this video. the san francisco giants beat the dodgers last not but some of the highlights were actually up in the stands. look at this. the 2nd inning, the dodger's fan loses his fries trying to go for the foul ball. he got the ball thinking it is but one inning later say good- bye to the bag, loses the hand into the crowd. he may have hurt his back with that move. >> yes.
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and the fries, they were hot. you have to eat them when they are hot. >> that is funny! >> that never happens when sal is there. >> the lady in the white pants catches the pizza then drops it. first of all, you are wearing white pants before may 31. >> hey, that is okay in california but not at a baseball game. >> you hate to see it. >> i am wearing white tomorrow just for that, sal! [ laughing ] good morning, everyone. let's take a look at the commute. i mean, i never wear white pants before may 31. i am sticking to those rules! this is a look at the richmond bridge toll plaza. you can see it is backed up and the back up will not go away until the plates go away. i spoke to caltrans and they say they still have to have them out there because it is unsafe until otherwise so until they completely repair the bridge it will be there for a while so you will have the back ups. this is the commute on highway 4 westbound and 680 southbound
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at contra costa county. slow traffic there. and 80 westbound the carquinez bridge to the maze backed up all the way to the macarthur maze. interstate 880 in oakland is doing well in front of oracle arena there with traffic moving well in both directions. at 6:18, here is the fashionable rosemary orozco. >> thank you so much, sal. i appreciate that. i feel the same way about you, very fashionable all the time. outside our door at this hour is a gorgeous start to the day. a little fog just inside the bay. what a gorgeous hue on the sky there as we say hello to thursday. we have a warming trend coming our way. a modest one but it is there. it will haas last a couple of days and then in time ibility o showers eventually. but here is what is happening right now. partly cloudy skies to partly sunny along the coastline and north bay where we have a little patchy fog, even perhaps dense fog along highway
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1. we are seeing some earlier this morning. santa rosa, last check visibility about a mile, mile- and-a-half at the airport. so, a little bit of patchy fog out there. this is the system that will cool us down in time for the weekend. it will make a slow migration our way over the next 48 hours or so. by sunday it will bring on that possibility of a little wet weather, perhaps, and afternoon thunderstorms. we will see how this all goes between now and then. we will fine tune it for you going into the weekend. for thursday and friday we will call for partly cloudy skies and temperatures up. cooling off on saturday. notice the brunt of this moisture still wellby sunday it cover. and a possibility of maybe a few sprinkles. af partly cloudy skies a beautiful one. upper 60s in sausalito, upper 70s in santa rosa. 77 the afternoon high in
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sonoma. upper 60s in berkeley and alameda. 80 in antioch. south bay, for the afternoon, 77 in san jose, upper 70s in saratoga. nice day in redwood city, 75 the afternoon high. 66 in san francisco, partly sunny, cool in pacifica, half moon bay. low 60s expected for you. here is a view of the extended forecast. temperatures bump up slightly, especially for inland cities on friday only to cool it down on saturday. sunday looks to be the coolest day. low 60s at the coast. low to mid 60s around the bay, upper 60s inland, maybe even a few sprinkles. mondayures slightly warmer. focusing on the weekend, cooler weather in the forecast. pam? >> thank you, rosemary. 62:01 the time right now. pay more to visilook at the pro would mean higher admission
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fees at sites in the city. pick up the phone and call me if there is an issue. >> william barr refuses to testify in front of the house of representatives. and what is next in the robert mueller testimony. ♪ [ crying ] ♪ you protect them at home. we help protect them online. this is be simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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. democrats are pushing for robert mueller to testify before the committee. wikileaks founder julian assange is expected to make a video appearance in here in the states for conspiring to hack a pentagon computer and accused of publishing thousands of classified u.s. military documents. ecuador revoked his political asylum and kicked him out of
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the embassy in london. now people in the revolution can file lawsuits against companies doing business on their properties, meaning lawsuits in the u.s. against those in france, spain and others. the white house changed its policy on property seizure last month. israel is marking its holocaust remembrance day today. the country came to a standstill this morning as sirens sounded in memory of the victims. [ sirens sounding ] ounding ] prime minister benjamin netanyahu was joined by the president roeven rivlin, honor
6:26 am
ing the 6 million jews killed in nazi germany in world war ii. ii. a difficult day is probably coming because of the pushback, the persecution, the internal witch hunt by the armed forces. >> this by guaids. hit call for a military up rising to remove president maduro failed for the most part leaving the socialist president still in control of the country. maduro mocked secretary of state mike pompeo for suggesting he was ready to go into a plane ready to go to cuba to flee and the russians took him off the plane and forwade him from leaving the country. mr. pomps, please, you are not serious. a possible health concern at a crowded movie theater.
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up next, the warning going out in southern california after someone with measles went to watch the new avengers movie.
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well, welcome back to mornings on 2 here in our 6:30 half hour. i am pam cook. >> and orozco in for steve. how are we looking, rosemary? >> well, we are seeing 40s and 50s to start the day, similar to yesterday. san jose upper 40s to start your morning. as we get into the afternoon temperatures are expected to warm slightly over yesterday. the warming trend will continue into friday.
6:31 am
fairfield is reporting an on shore breeze at 9. variable winds, typical for this pattern that will be with us the next couple of days. stormtracker 2 showing the entire state is dry at this moment. but when it comes to visibility the fog is moving around out there. santa rosa is reporting visibility at less than a mile. napa down to half a mile. they started a few miles, then back up and then back down. along the coastline highway 1 seeing patchy fog, along the north bay coast, as well. this is with us the next couple of hours. into the afternoon breaking away to partly cloudy skies around the bay. partly sunny on the coast. low 60s in pacifica, 66 in san francisco and 70s around the bay and upper 70s to near 80 for warmer locations. continuing to warm into friday before we cool it down for the weekend, even introducing the possibility of showers. i have details on this in the extended forecast. the time is 6:32. now to the highways with sal. good morning. >> good morning, rosemary. we have traffic that is
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getting a little bit longer, or maybe i should say -- rephrase that -- getting more crowded on 80 westbound to the macarthur maze. it is going to take 29 minutes to get there from the carquinez bridge to this spot. then you add another 20 minutes here waiting to get on the bridge which is typical, but at the very least today what we have is typical traffic for the most part. we have had some crasjs and i will tell you about those in a minute but most of those have been routine traffic. 880 northbound traffic will be okay wi no sues. as you drive on the peninsula, northbound 101 just north of san antonio there is a new crash here. it is causing a little back up. it hasn't caused a huge back up yet. as we look at the silicon valley commute, most of it is okay with slowing appearing on highway 101. this is a look at downtown san jose with northbound 280 looking good. 6:33. back to the desk.
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>> thank you, sal. it is one of san francisco's iconic tourist attractions but in the future people may have to pay a fee to drive down crooked street. now more to allie rasmus. >> reporter: the county of san francisco has to make as many as 2 million people every year comed to the not only the zigz street a noveltiers but the view as you can see this morning the spectacular. by 7:00 we see the tourists flocking to lombard drive down this winding street, asdrivers may have to pay a toll or fee and make an online reservation ahead of time to drive down
6:34 am
this road. a bill is up for vote here in sacramento today. the measure, if it becomes law, will give transportation officials in san francisco the permission or authority to charge people to drive down this street. without the state approval you can't charge a fee to drive down a public road. the cost of the fee would be set by local authorities but city leaders have said in the past they are considering $5 to $10 on weekends to drive down the road. the bill was introduced by san francisco officials. it would be good way to alleviate the tourist congestion that happens in the area, they say. others say they believe it is inherently unfair to charge people to drive down a public road, but the vote before the full assembly is scheduled to ha at 9:00 this morning. we have reached out to the governor's office to find out
6:35 am
if he supports the idea and whether he would sign that bill into law if it passes the assembly. in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you, allie. the san francisco reaction and bark department is -- recreation and park department is considering flexible pricing for three attractions the japa tea gardens, the botanical gardens and conservatory. currently admission fees residents. a little cheaper for san francisco residents. under the surge pricing plan the fees could decrease by 25% and increase by 50% based on the conditions new this morning an investigation in oakland into the crash on i-580 in both directions. it happened last night before 11:00 on the eastbound side of
6:36 am
580 at lakeshore avenue. a car was going westbound when it blew a tire. the driver hit the brakes but the car slammed into the center divide and ended up on the eastbound side of 580. reportedly there were at least one or two people in the car that may have been ejected but at least one was seriously hurt. the entire freeway reopened just after midnight and after months of debate fairfax is long at least two sh selling recreational marijuana. although morin county voters overwhelming approved legalizing marijuana sales the only dispensary in town is allowed to sell medical only marijuana. >> we are only medical. they say where can i go? >> pot smokers in morin county
6:37 am
don't have a lot options. you can have it delivered or go to the brick and mortar stores, which are not close. berkeley and sonoma county are the places with the physical stores. despite scrutiny from san francisco city officials over its vaping products the company juul is negotiating to buy a downtown san francisco office tower. according to the cran cal juul is close to a deal to buy a 29 story high-rise at 123 mission street. the building they are looking at has room for 1,000 juul employees. in cincinnati a judge is hearing arguments about how opioid prescription drugs
6:38 am
borrow administered. they are urging the circuit court of appeals to overturn a lower judge's denial for access of information. a judge in cleveland who is overseeing more than 1,500 lawsuits against companies that make and distribute opioids rule the information cannot be made public because it would reveal trade secrets. the time is 6:38. in today's health check a warning in orange county. a woman with measles went to a crowded movie theater. health officials say the possible exposure happened saturday. a woman in her 20s went to a movie theater in fullerton to see the new avengers movie. she went overseas and is under voluntary isolation and quarantine at home. a cruise ship belonging to the church of scientology is being quarantined because of the measles outbreak. the ship called the free winds was ordered to stay at a port in st. lucia in eastern caribbean. the government found out someone on board, believed to
6:39 am
be a crew member, has the measles. there are about 300 passengers and crew members on the cruise ship. doctors say the patient can easily infect other people on board through coughing and sneezing. so far the church of scientology has not responded or made comments. the population of california is not growing as fast as it has in the past. births in the state fell by 18,000 in the latest study last year. immigration also slowed. the growth rate was less than 1% in 2018, the slowest growth rate on record in state history. the chief researchers say young families are moving to california as it is a state with aging populations and limited growth. crustaceans filled with cocaine. details on how drugs and other illegal pesticides were found in fresh water shrimp and we will tell you where. and first we will talk with
6:40 am
presidential candidate jay inslee in the studio this morning. coming up next, the big focus of his campaign for president. and as you hit the roads right now you should be in pretty decent shape heading to the tunnel. it is getting more crowded on the way over to oakland. and a modest warm-up continues for your bay area thursday. we will check this on current conditions, show you what you can expect today and into the weekend coming up. (dad) this ice cream cake needs a freezer.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. our time is 6:43. washington state governor jay inslee is bringing his presidential campaign to the bay area today. it is part of a four-day swing through california. he entered the race two months ago. since then he has been traveling across the country showing his ideas and explaining them for the country. governor jay inslee joining us li governor, first of all, thank you. it is good to meet you. >> i appreciate it. a beautiful morning to be here. >> it is here and a great morning to hear your ideas. but first, i have to ask you, there was breaking news this morning, a new candidate for president jumped into the race. colorado senator mike bennett. what is your meet reaction to
6:44 am
hearing that? >> listen, i welcome everybody to the race. so far there are 19 potential vice presidents with talent. that is how i look at it. but i believe i am uniquely equipped by vision and experience, having been the only governor that really has had success in defeating climate change and building a clean energy economy, and i have been at this over a decade- and-a-half, having co-authored a book and worked with jerry brown in the climate area, i believe i will be unparalleled both because of the urgency of this matter. seminole spring, california and washington understand the urgency of the matter. i have been meeting with high- tech entrepreneurs in the valley yesterday building
6:45 am
electric cars and software and batteries that can actually defeat climate change. my vision will remain the same no matter who is in it. i have an unparalleled bank of experience, i believe, to get this job done. >> a lot of people like you. does that mean something to you? what does that mean to you that people like you and like the idea of talking about climate change? >> well, i think people will respond more to our national crisis that we have, more than anybody's personality, frankly. we need to understand the depth of this. look, it is not just california but the floods in the midwest. it is towns that i visited that have been destroyed by unprecedented floods. it is miami now being flooded because of sea water rise. look, this is not just a single issue, but all the issues. it is an economy where we have had a billion dollars of loss and utilities going bankrupt because of the fires. >> yes. >> it is a health issue. i met a couple in new hampshire whose daughter missed two
6:46 am
in college because she got lyme disease because ticks are spreading north because of changes in temperature. it is a national security issue that our pentagon and intelligence forces recognize is a national security threat because droughts worldwide are driving mass migrations. we already have climate refugees today from guatemala in our southern border. this is not a single issue. it is all the issues and i think we need a -- this is a can-do country and i think we unprecedented on on the stronge code efficiencys in the united states, 100% electricity grids to guarantee my criticizes they can have 100% clean energy. i have a record in compliments,
6:47 am
less need for speeches and more need for action when it comes to climate change. >> everyone is talking about the possibility of impeaching president trump. who should democrats and anyone do on that issue? >> first off, we shows insist on protecting momcy and that starts with calling for the resignation of the attorney general right now. we need an attorney general who will protect developcy, -- deknockcy, not a -- democracy. we have a very vigorous investigation by congress. i don't think impeachment should be removed as an alternative at the conclusion of that investigation. we should have a rational, thorough, comprehensive investigation of the dangers that this president has posed. now, i am very confident in our ability to stand up to donald trump because my state has sued him 21 times and won 21 times. so, we are 21-0 -- almost as
6:48 am
good as the warrior's record -- against donald trump. so we know how to defeat him but we need congress to be aggressive in this reward. >> if you were up against donald trump, we know he is a knuckle fighter.a one-on-one debate. >> he likes to have nicknames for people but the only thing he will call me is mr. president and i feel. >> reporter: very good about that. i have had a confrontation with him at the white house and one of only people to stand up to him face-to-face. i went to him a yearing what his answer to school shootings was to give first grade teachers blocks. i looked at him eye to eye in a forceful confrontation and said you need to stop tweeting so much and listen to educators. he crossed his arms and got
6:49 am
this little pout that my 3-year- olds used to have. they have gotten over it by now but he never has. i look forward to being on the stage with him. >> the democrats will be holding debates over who will be there. do you think you will qualify to be there and if you don't qualify, will you alified to help make sure we get 65,000 donors. this is important because we want to make sure climate the democratic primary. my candidacy is requiring it to be a central focus. so, if folks want to it be on the debate stage, they can go online right now and send in anything from a dollar on up to get the 65,000 people to be on the stage. we cannot allow climate change to be an ignored issue yet again. it only got four minutes of debate in the last three
6:50 am
presidential election cycles. my candidacy offers a vision of confronting what is a threat to the united states. and if it is not job one it won't get done. i am the only capital saying it should be and has to be job one for the united states. i am confident of our ability to get this done because we are getting this done in the state of washington. we are signing bills tuesday to actually advance the cause so i am excited about it. >> we will be watching. we know you now, the democratic nomination for president. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> we will talk again. >> thank you. let's go to sal castaneda with traffic. >> dave, thank you. we are looking at a commute in contra costa county slow on highway 4 which shouldn't surprise you and also on 680. 680 is slow from 242. highway 4 is slowed way back to pittsburg. kind of a tough morning there.
6:51 am
on 80 to west contra costa county 33 minutes to the bay bridge where it is backed up into san francisco. it has been okay in oakland and the silicon valley commute really hasn't been that bad, but northbound 101 at san antonio right there getting into mountain view and palo alto has been an issue here. 6:51. let's go to rosemary with weather. thank you, sal and good morning to you. outside our doors at this hour, out tahoe? any time of the year tahoe is a beautiful one. that is exactly what we have right now. mostly sunny skies and even some snow still there on top those mountains. here at home we have fog to start the day. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy along the coastline. patchy, dense fog out there, as well. today and tomorrow the warmer days. as we get into the weekend we will cool things back. a system will move across california bringing us clouds,
6:52 am
cooler air and the possibility of a few scattered showers. here is a look at stormtracker 2 and there is a look at the system there still well offshore that in the next 48 hours will migrate in by saturday. santa rosa is 39 right now. 52 in concord, 46 in fremont. closer to the water 50 at sfo and 46 at half moon bay. low 50s reported in downtown san frafternoon upper 60s in sausalito to upper 70s over in a vat toe and 76 in petaluma. in the east r 60s to low 70s. 70s the afternoon high in oakland, upper 70 in danville and 80 in antioch. upper 70s san jose, saratoga, you will go to 79. along the peninsula for the afternoon 75 woodside, 66 in san francisco, low 60s daly city, pacifica and half moon bay.
6:53 am
slightly warmer tomorrow, cooling down on saturday. sunday looks to be the coolest day, even the possibility of a few scattered showers. dave? >> rosemary, thank you. you could soon be seeing cannabis-infused cookies on store shelves. we will tell you which family- friendly snack giant is jumping on the band wagon. but first to gasia mikaelian with what is coming up next on mornings on 2. two things that people don't think go together are apparently the perfect match. why marijuana and accessorize are the perfect pairing for many and the benefits reported by those that do both. and the new york times best selling author right here in our own backyard, the creator of smile. we will author's childhood he drawing e though it with us devastating when it happened. we will be right back. g to college. luckily, her dorm is about 10 minutes from a hotel by wyndham.
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electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present.
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6:57, the autopilot future , is defective, that is filed by a family of a man who died in march of last year. a preliminary report says, the car did not detect the drivers hands on the steering wheel in the six seconds before the crash.
6:57 am
the man's family argues, tesla's autopilot software is to blame.>> it took him out of his lane of safety, pointed him at a fixed concrete barrier, and accelerated almost 10 miles per hour in three seconds and drove him into the barrier. >> tesla did know that there were problems and glitches with the car, with the autopilot.>> tesla declined yesterday but it did issue a statement last year saying, owners have driven the same stretch of highway with autopilot engaged, about 85,000 times since 2015. mark zuckerberg, charles sandberg and other top facebook executives have been accused of insider training and blaming them for facebook's recent privacy scandals that have affected its stock value. a 193 page shareholder complaint was filed yesterday in delaware claiming the executives sacrificed the company's reputation and long- term prospects by mishandling
6:58 am
the personal data of tens of millions of viewers and lying about it. facebook has dismissed those accusations, the company spokesperson says, the lawsuit is without merit. social media is buzzing this morning, about the performance of paula abdul at the billboard music awards. th her medley last night in vegas, some of the d mariah carey, but the night belonged to drake , he won 12 awards, including top artist, male artist and rap album. drake has won more billboard music awards than any musician in history. >> i want to say thank you to my mom for all the times you drove me to pno when i didn't want to take piano. all the times you drove me to
6:59 am
basketball and hockey, that clearly didn't work out. >> perhaps the biggest headline happened after the show, joe jonas of the jonas brothers and the game of thronesá, sophie turner reportedly got married at a vegas chapel. high school in san how the s and what parents and students think. 10 years later, new information has just been released into the deadly shooting of oscar grant, what any report claims a second officer did that escalated the situation.>> from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> welcome, it is may 2. >> good morning, i'm dave clark, steve is off today, but
7:00 am
you brought rosemary. >> yes, good morning to you, i have a nice tale to tell, we are going to warm up for your afternoon today, tomorrow, and if you like it cooler, i have some great news for the weekend, giving you a view of san francisco, in the low 50s, including downtown san francisc partly cloudy, mostly clear,


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