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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 2, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> reporter: this is video showing darlene monticalvo in the light blue shirt at a job interview. she is meeting with the san francisco woman hoping to hire her to care for her children. the problem is, police say monticalvo is a fake nanny, who stole a real ones name and reputation. >> someone assumed her identity as a professional nanny. >> it's infuriating. >> reporter: i met with the real nanny, and emeryville woman who didn't want her name shown. last summer a woman claiming to look for a nanny wanted her information for a background check. she became suspicious because the woman never wanted to meet in person and gave different stories. >> i felt like it was a lie. i asked her to destroy my documents. then she got angry and called me names. i went to the emeryville police, then and there. >> reporter: last week, the
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victim got calls from families in san francisco, asking if she was the one they interviewed. >> i said no, i don't know what they are talking about. we figured we were being scammed and we both went to police. >> reporter: emeryville police say monticalvo is a con artist with a history of scams. she has priors for burglaries, drugs and theft. >> once in the home, she proceeds to take things of value. use credit, take checks, that sort of thing. >> reporter: the victim tells me she hopes the fake nanny is found soon. >> it is horrible and really sad that someone would stoop to such a level that she would need to take somebody else's information, in order to present herself as a nanny. >> reporter: this fake nanny has at least 22 prior felony convictions. she is wanted by oakland police for theft and for allegedly injuring a two-month- old boy last year. and emeryville, henry lee, ktvu
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of an in-home care facility is facing charges of child sexual abuse and possession of child pornography. investigators say 60-year-old keith markham was taken into custody this week after two alleged victims contacted police. markham operated the facility for disabled children and adults for the past 30 years. he is scheduled to be arraigned monday morning and sonoma county superior court. bart is stepping up efforts to fight fare evasion. they are undergoing what they call station hardening. they are raising the barriers from three feet to five feet tall, to make them harder to jump over. swing gates are now locked and can only be released by a fire alarm or station agents. and the gates themselves will eventually be more difficult to push through. >> we call them the leaves of the fair gates. the additional air pressure on those is being done throughout the system, but not all at once.
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>> later bart says it will add video surveillance. it should be money well spent. they say cheating costs between 15 and $25 million a year. new details now on a pedestrian accident in san francisco. supervisor valerie brown says she is deeply disturbed by the death yesterday. the supervisor wants the city to move faster to step up enforcement. the accident happened near ucsf's mount zion medical center. police have not confirmed the death, but say the person was hit by a truck and that the driver was cooperating with the investigation. according to supervisor brown, 12 people have been killed so far this year in what she calls vehicle violence. san francisco is considering surge pricing up four of its attractions. as christien kafton explains, the entrance fees could fluctuate depending on demand.
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>> reporter: some of san francisco's most popular attractions are a bargain. coit tower, conservatory of flowers, the japanese tea garden and temple gardens are all nine dollars apiece. now commissioners are looking at creating a flexible pricing plan for visitors. >> it benefits visitors. it gives them a sense of when is a good time to go and when is it time to avoid. >> reporter: details are being worked out, but they could charge an additional $4.50 during busy times and drop prices by $2.25 in slow times. extra money would go to allow low income residents to visit for free. >> this is similar to thinking about if you went to a movie and there is matinee pricing and off peak times and higher pricing later in the day. >> reporter: stephen works at the tea garden and says he likes the idea of low income residents getting to visit for free. he worries other times the gardens are too busy. >> during peak times, such as spring break or the weeks between christmas and new year's, there are times in the
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garden when it is so busy that i worry that experience that people come to the garden for, that peaceful garden experiences difficult to have. >> reporter: john from protect coit tower is worried the idea could backfire, creating confusion and longer lines. >> we will cause confusion, anger. a lot of people don't speak english you visit here from other countries and long lines will get longer and longer. >> reporter: as for tourists, visitors like emile are visiting from the netherlands and he says he doesn't want to see prices go higher. >> it is okay to pay something for it, but it should not raise that high. some people probably do not get out because it is probably too high cost. >> reporter: the idea for flexible pricing now goes to the full board. they are expected to vote in two weeks. after that it goes to the board of supervisors. they could vote by the end of this month or early june. if they approve, we could see flexible pricing go in place in september. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news.
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meantime, another tourist attraction is one step closer to charging a fee. today the state assembly approved a bill that would allow san francisco to charge drivers are told to go down the crooked section of lombard street. the bill requires drivers to make a reservation. and now goes to the state senate. hundreds of muni leaders held a rally today calling on city leaders to pick a new transit director commuted to resolving what they call front- line worker and writer concerns. it follows the announcement that ed ruskin will step down in august. union workers are also in contract negotiations right now. they gathered to urge muni to pick a replacement to understands their concerns, including staffing, safety training and faulty equipment. >> we see a lot of screws falling out of them. all kind of different things, you know.
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it is just that the quality should be held to allot higher standard. >> we want to ensure their workplaces are safe and as enjoyable as possible while they work. >> yesterday mayor london breed nominated the former head of the metropolitan transportation commission to serve on the mta board. breed is hoping he can provide expertise in the search for ruskin's replacement. happening now, hazmat crews responded to a home in san carlos this afternoon, where radioactive material was stored. the house is on cedar street. an official says the man who lived there earlier this today about containers on the property holding radioactive material. authorities say the material is contained and does not present a threat to the public. a specially trained crew plans to remove it tomorrow morning for disposal. in washington, democratic leaders are ratcheting up their accusations against attorney general william barr.
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he refused to testify today before the house committee. house speaker nancy pelosi is now accusing william barr of lying to congress. >> reporter: there is a growing list of democrats calling for attorney general bars resignation. president trump is still giving him his support. >> he lied to congress. if anyone else did that, it would be a crime. nobody is above the law. not the president of the united states and not the attorney general. >> reporter: democrats are on the offensive against attorney general william barr and the trump administration. speaker nancy pelosi accused the president of obstructing justice by not honoring subpoenas. judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler gave the doj a loose deadline of a couple of days to handover the full, unredacted mueller report. >> history will judge us for how we face this challenge and if he does not provide the committee with the information it demands, the respect it deserves, mister barr's moment
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of accountability will come soon enough. >> reporter: attorney general barr did not attend the meeting this morning. committee democrats voted to allow lawyers to question barr, which he opposed, so he canceled his appearance. but the chairman held a hearing anyway, leading to heated exchanges. >> it seems like a pretty pathetic moment for the chairman of that committee. >> attorney general barr has been very transparent and i believe it is time for our country to move forward. >> reporter: white house counsel emmet flood sent a letter to attorney general barr. in it, he writes the white house has not put a blanket waiver on executive privilege in the mueller report, meaning the president can still instruct advisors not to testify before congress. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. facebook announced it is permanently banning a number of so-called extremist leaders from its site. the van includes nation of islam leader louis farrakhan,
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infowars host alex jones and right-wing speaker milo yiannopoulos. facebook says these people and others have repeatedly violated its policies involving hate speech. the company has long been criticized by those who say it provides a free platform for people spreading messages of hate. coming up, a warning for students at cal berkeley after two armed robberies earlier today. plus, governor newsom scaling back the water tunnel project. what he is now proposing instead. and our weather today, lots of sunshine. warm temperatures, 70s and 80s. i will let you know if this pattern continues. you may have noticed a new addition to the san francisco skyline recently. we will tell you about the twisty high-rise going up near the bay bridge. taking a look over oakland, you can see in the southbound direction it is moving slow right now. ktvu news at 6:00 will be right
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strike uc berkeley students are being warned to stay alert after two groups of students were victims of armed robberies not far from the cal campus this morning. cristina rendon tells us the are robberies happened within about 90 minutes of each other. >> reporter: police it was 12:30 thursday morning when a car pulled up next to for students walking together on the 2700 block of channing way.
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three suspects armed with handguns got out of the car, demanding the groups backpacks and cell phones, before driving off. about an hour and a half later, a similar incident. police say three students walking on the 2900 block of dwight way were approached by a car. in this case, two men armed with handguns around the students, taking their bags and cell phones before driving away. >> i know my friends, i live with a group of girls and i think we all take precautions when walking at night. we try not to keep valuables on us as much as we can. >> reporter: these cases are under investigation, but they believe there are two separate groups of suspects responsible for each armed robbery. >> we see repeatedly the theft of personal electronic devices like cell phones, because criminals know where there are higher concentrations of people, like near the campus, that they potentially can get a good score. >> reporter: he says berkeley averages one robbery a day, with many crimes of opportunity happening in coffee shops in
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the overnight hours near campus. he advises students to take advantage of the university escort service or color rideshare if possible. >> i would rather lose my phone than have something worse happened, but i generally avoid walking at night. >> i hate to say it, i am a senior now. it is definitely scary. >> reporter: berkeley police say most street robberies happened friday and saturday night on this part of the campus. they have stepped up patrols and have officers working overtime. they are not releasing a description of the getaway cars, but they ask anyone with information to give them a call. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. new at 6:00, a twisty, new sky rises taking shape. we got a look at the building being built in the south market neighborhood. when completed, it will hold 392 luxury condominiums starting at 1.9 million dollars, with shopping on the
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ground level. here's a look at where that building is going up at spear street near folsom, right in the shadow of the bay bridge. it is expected to be completed later this year. a beautiful day in san francisco. patchy fog this morning. in the afternoon hours, lots of sunshine. temperatures were actually nice to be outside. no extreme heat. temperatures this afternoon ranging from the upper 50s. lots of 70s around the bay and still a few 80s on the map, out toward fairfield and antioch. here is the satellite. it has been pretty quiet. right up on the left portion of your screen, it has been in circulation, drifting in the pacific. it will finally be on the move as we head into the weekend. that will bring cooler temperatures. right now, mostly clear skies. we will check on the current numbers for the 6:00 hour. still some 70s. san francisco 61 san jose 72.
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here is a live camera looking out toward the bay bridge. that flag, moving around a little bit. there is a breeze with wind around 10 to 20 miles per hour. for friday, some areas of fog. right around the bay. beaches, not warming too much. lower 60s. the warmest location, inland, mainly in the 80s. here is what happens. that warm air compresses the marine layer, so fog forms. we could have reduced visibility coast side to start the day. 40s and 50s to start friday morning, but in the afternoon hours a nice recovery. 60s, 70s and lower 80s by about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. the weekend could be a little bit of a different story. we will have more on that forecast in a few minutes. the final snow survey of the season was conducted today at phillips station above lake ka-ho. they found 47 inches of snow. that is 188% of average for the
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beginning of may. cities and farms can expect an ample supply of water, but even so they say it is always important to conserve, because we all know at some point in the future we will have another drought. governor newsom is scaling back the $16 million water tunnel project. instead of building two tunnels, the governor wants to build one. former governor jerry brown had pushed for twin tunnels. the state has already spent more than $200 million on the project. the actor who played chewbacca in the star wars films has died. the family of peter mayhew say he died at his home in texas with his family by his side. mayhew started playing chewbacca in 1977 for the original star wars movie. he went on to portray the character in all three of the original movies, episode three
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and the prequel's. once again in the new trilogy. mayo had undergone spinal surgery last july. he was 74 and leaves behind a wife and three children. after the break, and interracial family told they are not welcome in their own neighborhood. we hear from the man who received a note in his mailbox. plus, the annual ranking of the best high schools in the nation is out and five bay area schools cracked the top 100. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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police in vacaville are searching for the person who wrote a racist letter, telling the family they are not welcome. the anonymous letter was found in the homeowners mailbox yesterday morning, six months after his family moved into a quiet neighborhood there. investigators say the later letter told him his family was not welcome and they should find another place to live. the homeowner says he made the disturbing discovery himself as he was heading to work. >> this was sticking out of my mailbox. >> very disturbing, very troubling. it is always best to err on the side of caution, allow us to look into the matter to find out the history.
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at this point, we don't know if there are any crimes or something we will look into. >> police say they have no idea who left the racist letter and they point out there are several other multiracial couples living in the same neighborhood in vacaville. police are investigating a threatening message found in a high school bathroom. the graffiti warned of a school shooting on may 9 at the california high school. the note was found yesterday in a boys bathroom. a student reported the threat to administrators and the school notified parents. some tell us they may keep their children home that day. police in san ramon promised to add extra officers to patrol the campus. a bill that would take some of the burden off struggling community college students is getting support at the state capital. under the proposal, the state would set up a special financial aid program for california community college students. those ld cover the cost of elib
6:24 pm
many financial aid programs focus on uc and cal state, while community college students are often left behind. >> because of their age, because of many factors, including that many of our students don't come to college right away, they are not eligible for a grant. so we want to create a specific program that fits their needs and helps them pay for the cost of community college. >> according to a budget analyst, this program could cost the state up to $1.4 billion per year. schools in northern california made the u.s. news & world report ranking of the best high schools in the country. the highest-ranking school in northern california was doctor tj owens early college academy in gilroy. it came in at number 42. the school was founded by the bill and melinda gates foundation. two spots behind his pacific collegiate charter in santa cruz. three more bay area high schools made the top 100. lowell in san francisco at n sa
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a high school made the list in the 96 spot. ktvu fox 2 news at 5:30 starts next with the last man standing. >> i want to do this, just to represent all those guys i was with. i am the only guy there who will represent them. >> a 96 rolled veteran, now the last survivor of his unit that stormed the beaches of normandy on d-day. gets ready to return for the first time since world war ii. plus, law enforcement officers compete for the title best in the west. the competition and the real- life application for skills being tested. and coming up later in sports, a star-studded night for the bay area sports hall of fame. we hear about the 49er being inducted and the crew on hand to honor him.
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now to our top stories. san francisco's rec and parks department is considering search pricing at four of their most popular attractions. entry to quite tower, the conservatory of flowers, the japanese tea garden and botanical gardens currently cost nine dollars. under the new proposal, the cost would go up on busy days and drop during slower times. emeryville police are looking for a woman posing as a nanny to scam families. police say 60-year-old darlene monticalvo used a stolen identity to interview for nanny jobs. once in the home, she proceeds to take things of value. police say monticalvo has a long list of priors from burglary, drugs and thef > poli at uc berkeley to be extra careful after two armed robberies near the cal campus this morning. in both cases, a car pulled up
6:30 pm
next to a group of students and demanded bacing, but say at this time they do not believe the two crimes were committed by the same group of people. one of the robberies happened on channing and the other happened on dwight way. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. this june we mark the 75th anniversary of d-day. a bay area man who survived the beaches of normandy is planning to return for the first time since the end of world war ii. >> he says he is the last surviving member of his unit and wants to represent those who fought there and died. rob roth tells us his trip was made possible in a way he never a expected. >> reporter: jake larson shows us his many war medals from his home in martinez. >> that's a bronze star. >> reporter: at 96 years old, he is the last man standing, the last survivor from his unit that stormed omaha beach on d- day. next month is the 75th anniversary and larson plans on returning to normandy for the
6:31 pm
first time since the end of world >> i want to do this, just to represent all those guys i was with. >> reporter: typically the military would fund such a trip, but larson's military records were destroyed in a fire in the 1970s. but two women he got to know it is favorite bagel shop heard about the money and decided to raise money for the trip through gofundme, something larson never heard of. >> they were saying fund me and i thought they were talking about fun. so i don't know how that would work out. >> reporter: the gofundme goal was $10,000. they raised 11,000. >> it is unbelievable how many wonderful people there are in the world. >> reporter: well d-day may seem like extra history told in black and white, for larson it is as current as today. larson says he helped type up the actual plans, then hand
6:32 pm
160,000 allied troops were asked to storm the beaches that german soldiers already commandeered. >> i had nightmares for 20 years. i shook for 70 years. i could not pick up a cup of coffee with my right hand. >> reporter: that is understandable. larson faced landmines, heavily armed soldiers shooting onto the beach, death everywhere. >> there was a soldier laying and i said buddy, have you got a match there? i have to have a cigarette. he didn't move. i looked again. there was no head under the helmet. >> reporter: when larson gets to normandy, he says he will bring the memories of all those who died there. >> those guys are closer than your own family. they are ken. >> reporter: larson has written a book about his experiences.
6:33 pm
when he gets back from france he says he will write the r. he does have a title, called the luckiest man in the world. in martinez, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. >> an incredible story. people in san francisco joined others around the world today to mark holocaust remembrance day. the noontime ceremony was held at city hall. people gathered to remember the estimated 6 million jewish people killed in germany and to honor those who survived. some children from the 1940s shared their firsthand knowledge of the horror. local representatives from the german and israeli governments were among those who attended today's ceremony. now to the south bay, where a special competition is underway to see which s.w.a.t. team is the best in the west. jesse gary shows us how this type of competition can lead to
6:34 pm
success during crucial life-and- death situations. >> reporter: in the south san jose hills above coyote valley, shooting, physical exercise, challenges and critiques of performance. for the 26th year, the santa clara county sheriff's office hosts the best in the west competition for law enforcement s.w.a.t. teams. >> it is a competition of different skill s.w.a.t. team members use. >> reporter: six obstacle courses are set up. 31 teams from california and oregon compete in tests that test fitness, weapons, tech and proficiency. she helped design the course and leads the emergency response team. >> we tried to create a real- life scenario for some of the s.w.a.t. teams, because a lot of time when you train you train in a sterile environment. when they come here we try to
6:35 pm
get their heart rate up. >> reporter: physical exertion comes prior to firing at a target. participants must fight through fatigue and loss of focus to succeed on the courses and in real life situations. >> they need to know how it feels to have to run three blocks, two blocks, to get to a location where i shooting is happening. >> reporter: they receive funding from the graford foundation, a new york state nonprofit looking to improve quality of life. jaclyn give me says helping s.w.a.t. officers improve response benefits everyone. >> they can improve their skills, which makes them better. i don't think our community realizes how hard they work to keep us protected. >> reporter: not everyone has glowing reviews for these types of competitions. in alameda county, officials there canceled the annual urban shield anti-terror training. there were demonstrations and pushback since santa clara
6:36 pm
county. somewhere in the special weapons and s.w.a.t. are leading to a growing militarization of local law enforcement. >> in hostage situations they have to be well trained and have the best equipment. >> the team gets to see what they need to work on and take that back to their agency. >> reporter: the competition concludes friday. top performers earn trophies, but organizers say the real prices sharpen skills for an active shooter or hostage situation that could confront law enforcement. in south san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, a 49er rookie credited with protecting a friend in harm's way. what he did when he saw someone slip something into the woman's drink. >> i just have that protective instinct. i will go out of my way to, you know, to help anybody. alright boys, time for bed.
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new at 6:00 tonight, a man is suing the palo alto police department, claiming officers arrested him without cause, searched his home without a warrant, attacked him and knocked his sexuality. the suit alleges that officers arrived at the home and accused him of driving with a suspended license. he denied it and that is when he says officers kicked down his door. alvarez says officers violently arrested him, causing him to bleed, and made fun of his sexuality. the city and police department say they can't comment on pending litigation. the san francisco fire
6:40 pm
chief is resigning on sunday after 30 years with the department. she made the announcement last night, throwing out the first pitch at the dodgers game. she started her career as one of the first female firefighters. joanne hayes-white was signed and by then mayor gavin newsom in 2004. she says she is proud to be leaving the department on her own terms. >> it is not a popularity contest. i had to make some tough calls, but they were the right ones. looking back, i don't have any regrets. as chief i would never expect anyone to do something i wasn't willing or capable of doing myself and i think that served me well. >> her wife says she is enjoying her last few days on the job. earlier this week she made a special entrance, you don't see that everyday, sliding down the fire pole during a ceremony at a ne a sunny and warm thursday
6:41 pm
across the area. a little bit of a change tomorrow, but bigger changes by the weekend. we have more in go to alex savi the newsroom, with a look at some of the stories we are looking at on the 7:00 news on ktvu plus. >> is shooting outside a tire shop last week. my prosecutors are not firing charges against them interested in that case. the plus concerns about another for roses fire season this year. we will talk to an expert about how wet weather is contributing to the problem. we have those stories and more coming up tonight, live at 7:00 on ktvu plus. >> thanks, alex. one of the 49ers new rookies is talking about his protective instincts. why one man is crediting dre greenlaw with saving his daughter from a dangerous situation. second we take alive look outside as we listen to mariah carey, who just received the
6:42 pm
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it is not often that a player drafted in the nfl is known more for what he did off the field than what he did on the field in college, but that is the case with dre greenlaw. >> he is a rookie out of arkansas just picked in the fifth round by the 49ers. we hear about his heroic act that is now getting national attention. >> i was just looking out for a friend. >> reporter: dre greenlaw, one
6:45 pm
of the newest members of the san francisco for the niners made his first appearance thursday. >> the san francisco 49ers select dre greenlaw. >> reporter: shortly after the rookie was drafted in the fifth round by the 49ers, and arkansas father went on twitter to share an untold story from five years earlier, when greenlaw was a freshman at the university of arkansas. jerry daily on twitter said someone slip something into his 18-year-old daughters drink at a party and when a man she didn't know tried to steer her out the front door, greenlaw said she's not going anywhere. the six foot tall 207 pound football player stepped in to help and recalls his friend just wasn't herself. >> she said she needed help and i saw how the dude was grabbing at her, trying to get on her a little bit. i felt like i needed to kind of step in. >> reporter: greenlaw says the girl called him the next day to thank him, but she didn't remember the incident and tell she called him again after her
6:46 pm
father's tweet went viral. on the phone, the arkansas father said he will always owe the player, asking everyone to root for greenlaw, calling him a kid with a heart. >> for a guy like him to be looking out for my daughter, it meant everything to us. obviously it has been on the back of my mind for going on five years now, that i have wanted to basically tell the world, hey, this guy did something wonderful. >> reporter: greenlaw was in the foster system growing up and was eventually adopted by his high school football coach. even his parents didn't know the story into last week. >> you know, i've got little sisters that i'm very protective over. i just have that protective instinct. so i go out of my way. i will go out of my way to help, you know, anybody. >> reporter: greenlaw says he wants to be known for his football playing. he will get the chance when the rookies take the field
6:47 pm
tomorrow. in the meantime, he hopes his story is an example for other students. maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. >> really nice what he did. >> i story. what an amazing man. he is five foot 11 and 237 pounds. if he hit me -- >> yeah, no match at that point. >> i'm just hurt. >> they start practice tomorrow, right? >> okay. >> it is touch and go when you are in the fifth round, but how great would that be. >> an outstanding guy. >> i can't believe football season is almost here. this year continues to zoom along. in the bay area we have been talking about the rainfall. today, lots of sunshine. a nice, spring day. a great day to be outside. take a look the highs this afternoon. lots of 60s, some 70s and a few spots in the 80s. livermore, 79. san jose 76 and santa rosa in the upper 70s. here is the satellite. not too much happening
6:48 pm
offshore, but one circulation on the bottom left corner of your screen has been drifting in the pacific for the past few days. it will finally make its move as we head into the weekend. that will impact our forecast as we had the sunday. right now, mostly clear skies, with patchy fog likely to reform the coastline, late tonight tenderly tomorrow. currently showing you some 70s. 74 and santa rosa. san francisco 60 in san jose lower 70, 72. a beautiful scene looking out toward the golden gate bridge, still in the clear. we had fog here this morning and i expect fog will redevelop overnight. in the sierra, great news. the snow survey today. you can see these numbers well above average. if you melt all that snow, you can see 31 inches of that snow content. 34 for the central sierra and the southern sierra, 27 inches.
6:49 pm
great news in terms of the snowpack. this system crawled us off earlier in the week and the next system is developing off shore. we start off the day with patchy fog. here we go with that area of low pressure for saturday and sunday, that will cool us off. tomorrow we start off the day with patchy fog, then partly to mostly sunny skies in the afternoon. more fog saturday and into sunday, some clouds and the possibility of a few sprinkles or maybe some drizzle. the best chance of showers could be sunday night and into monday morning. in the meantime, enjoy these numbers tomorrow. look at all the 80s. oakland, 70. san jose in the upper 70s and san francisco, 65 degrees. looking ahead, we cool off a little bit. still nice, just not as nice as today. more of a breeze out there, as well, especially sunday. >> it will be hard to be today. >> it was just perfect. ucsf students are paying
6:50 pm
homage to ariana grande to encourage students to attend the school. >> ♪ i see it, i want it, i got it ♪ >> that is pretty good. >> outstanding. >> the first year medical school students wrote, directed and produced the music video, putting a medical twist on the hit songs, thank you next and seven rings. they presented the video at accepted students weekend and the video has garnered thousands of views on social media. you can see why, pretty great. >> well done. it is a star-studded night for the bay area sports hall of fame. we will hear from the 49er being inducted in the crew on hand to honor him. and the head at 8:00 it is the 68th annual miss usa competition. 51 hopefuls, including miss california, a google employee from san francisco, compete for the crown. that is followed by the 10:00 and 11:00 news, right here on
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okay, mark, this time that we have to wait for the next game is killing me.
6:54 pm
it is what, four days? >> no, the sharks game is tonight. >> talking about the warriors. >> hoops. but it is a good thing. the warriors are a little banged up. >> they need time to recover. >> yeah, so tonight we will give you the finger report on stephen curry. i paused at the wrong time. >> you sure did. >> stephen curry, as you may know, dislocated his finger. it wasn't his pointer finger. >> stop while you are ahead. >> in that win over houston. they were practicing today. in fact, the guys all had a full practice, as a matter of fact. quit laughing, frank. >> i can't help it, that was funny. >> the ironman, dealing with a sprained ankle. full confidence that stephen curry will be ready come saturday. >> it's not fun, but i know he
6:55 pm
will get back. dislocated finger. it sucks, but you can pop it back in place and it's not the end of the world. not like he tore ligaments or anything, so he will tough it out. >> all right, there is a sharks game. 2-1 lead over the colorado avalanche. they have a chance to take control of the series tonight, which is tough. they already one once on the road. the avalanche of 18 consecutive games on their home ice, so a real accomplishment. the sharks have one game three and take a series lead. the sharks didn't get control of this gait was closer than the score might indicate. coach peter deboer would love to another one on the road. >> these are the crossroad type games where you can really take control of a series if you can come up and not take your fit
6:56 pm
off the gas. that's on us. >> we had an opportunity to go up 3-1 instead of letting them tie up. we know what is at stake. it is a huge game and we will be ready. >> they will be ready and at the same time everyone is ready and san francisco for the class of 2019 bay area sports hall of fame. it is a particularly star- studded cast. there are the five inductees. dave dravecky, vandemere of stamford, the great coach. that is jason kidd, the basketball great. brad gilbert, a great player and coach. and of course the great linebacker number 58, keena turner. eddie d is on hand. joe montana will be there to help present tonight, who will make sure it is a very special occasion. >> i have a lot of teammates and friends, to be alongside those guys is really, truly an
6:57 pm
honor. the advice i kept getting about tonight and along the way is just enjoy it. sometimes that is been hard for me to do, but i will enjoy tonight. >> that is one class act, keena turner. very happy for him and everything he does in the community. in the meantime, it is time for check this out. frank, you'll get a kick out of this. this is larry wheels, a 25-year- old power lifter. that is 245 pounds in each arm. he did it, we counted, 3 1/2 times. pretty excited. watch it again. not bad. 3 1/2 times, 245 on each side. that is the sporting life at this hour. thanks, be sure to tune in to the 7:00 on ktvu plus.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
is anyone else troubled by the spider-man theme song? why would it trouble you? it's, like, your third favorite cartoon theme song. it is, right behind ♪ do do-do do-do, inspector gadget... ♪ mutant ninja turtles ♪ ♪ heroes in a half-shell others: ♪ turtle power! however, the spider-man lyrics posit that "spider-man, spider-man does whatever a spider can." yeah, so? i can think of many things spider-man can't do
7:00 pm
that a spider can. one: crawl in your ear and die. two: legally leave guatemala without a passport. three: have sex with a spider. can we change the subject? spiders give me the jeebie-jeebies. it's "heebie-jeebies." i know, but that sounds anti-semitic. anyway, i was thinking we could have a little film festival tonight. the theme: movies that killed their franchises. oh. like jaws 4, indiana jones 4, daredevil 1. (chuckles) miss congeniality 2: armed and fabulous. i mean, you know a movie's bad when my homegirl sandy b. can't save it. penny's working tonight; i'm in. not me. i'm having dinner with bernadette and her parents. fun. we know how much you love that. it's torture. especially with her dad. we have nothing in common. you know what i like to do when i'm forced to speak


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