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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 2, 2019 10:00pm-10:58pm PDT

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the chp shuts down interstate 880 in hayward at the height of the evening commute after a car pulls up to officers and the people inside to the officers they had been shot at. >> the passenger's side of the vehicle was a white all the shots were fired in. they started at the rear of the vehicle and went through the front of the vehicle. >> the tires of the car went back to the driver pulled off the freeway. good evening. i am frank somerville. >> i am heather holmes. it happened at about 6 pm just before the 238 interchange. we got the developing news from paul chambers. is live at chp hayward with what he has learned about this incident. paul? >> reporter: chp says they have very little to go on because the victims in this case not give them a description of the
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suspect or the vehicle the suspect was driving. chp is helping people that were on the freeway at the time can help out. here is a look at the vehicle being dropped off in evidence. investigators say just after 6 pm in the height of rush-hour traffic, someone driving along 880 were found near hesperian boulevard opened fire on the white sheet. chp shutdown the lanes to search for evidence. they say the shooter sprayed the passenger side of the white jeep in a sweeping motion from the back to the front. the two people inside were not injured. they drove the jeep off the exit ramp. chp officers were working in a related case. that is when the victims pulled up behind the officers and >> the come disabled. as the vehicle became losing pressure in the tires, they were losing air and they pulled off at the exit.
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>> reporter: for the better part of an hour, the officers searched for evidence. once again, chp is helping that if you were driving along 880 northbound around 6 pm and if you heard or saw the shots being fired that to give chp in hayward a call. >> paul, anything about the suspect vehicle? were the vehicles victims able to describe the vehicle? >> reporter: that is what i started off by saying. they did not have a good description. they didn't see the shooter's vehicle or the description of the shooters. that is why chp is hoping that anyone that was on the freeway at that time can help them out. a san jose father of two has been convicted of randomly shooting at vehicles in san jose three years ago. a jury found 33-year-old michael james lewis guilty of 26 charges by the shooting that
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took place back in 2016. the shooting victims including a man who was hit in the arm after a bullet wind from his driver's-side door and a woman who was hit in the head by broken glass. were developing news. this time involving a hazmat scare. people living in a neighborhood in san carlos were closed to evacuate after radioactive material was found inside an unoccupied home. the house is located on cedar street between britain and royal avenue. we are there with more on the scare and also an indication of where the radioactive material may have come from. >> reporter: the neighbors tell me the home was in probate getting rethe market after the homeowner passed away, and crews were likely cleaning up the house when the discovery was made. a sheriff deputy is now outside the home making sure no one enters the property. yellow caution tape is stretched across a home. neighbors congregated at a nearby park to watch from a safe distance.
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>> something is wrong, but i didn't know what. >> i was so scared. >> all of them were clear except for this last one. they did get a hit on ideological meters within about one foot of the shed. >> reporter: the discovery causing surrounding streets to be shut down. what was that doi in the first place? >> reporter: authorities identify the material as cobalt.
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>> it was probably in the house for many years. >> reporter: the house belonged to an 82-year-old man who lived alone and died in january. this man lives next door and believe in favor started safely. >> he works at a place like that. he must know enough. i don't know if that is where it is from. but risks or anything involved. can't imagine that he had impacted his health in any way. >> reporter: officials from the california public department of health will be here tomorrow. they plan to be here tomorrow morning to confirm the material collected and properly dispose its. >> thank you. investigators in san jose are searching for the cause of a house fire that shut down a stretch of alum rock avenue for
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several hours this afternoon. the fire was first reported about 2 pm at a home in east san jose at alum rock and fleming avenue. crews managed to contain the flames to the garage. no one was hurt. police reopened the road just before 6 pm. now to vacaville where police are searching for the person who wrote a racist weather telling her family they are not welcome. >> i passed by my mailbox. this was sticking out of my mailbox. >> homeowner frank malicoat fourth that he found the anonymous typewritten letter in his mail box yesterday morning six after his family moved into the neighborhood. the letter says his interracial family is not welcome. and that they should find another place to live. >> it is very disturbing. very troubling. i think it is always best to err on the side of caution, allow us to look into the matter, to find out the history. at this point, we don't know if there is any crime. that is something we will look into.
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>> please cannot understand why this family was targeted. they point out there were several other multiracial couples living in the same vacaville neighborhood. tonight a woman accused in an elaborate nanny scam is under arrest. police confirmed that darlene monticalvo was arrested in kensington. a crime reporter tells us that investigators said she stole the identity of a real nanny. >> hello. kimani. >> reporter: this is video showing darlene monticalvo in the white research light blue shirt at a interview. the only problem is, police say the 60-year-old is a fake nanny who still a real one's name and reputation. a professional nanny. >> it is infuriating. >> reporter: i met up with the real nanny. a woman who did not want her
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name user her face down. last summer woman claiming to what a mini asked for identity information for a background check. >> i felt like it was a lie. i asked her to destroy my documents. she got very angry with me. she called me a bunch of names. i went right to the emeryville police right then and there. >> reporter: then last week, the victim got calls from families in san francisco, asking if she was wanted they had interview. >> i said no. i didn't know what they were even talking about. we kinda figured we were being scanned. we both went to the police. >> reporter: emeryville police say monticalvo's icon honest with a history of nanny scams. >> when she is in the home she proceeds to take things of value , use credit, take checks, that sort of thing. >> it is horrible. it is very sad that someone would soup to such a level that
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she would need to take somebody else's information in order to present herself as a mini. >> at least 22 prior felony convictions. that the securities exchange commission has opened an investigation into pg&e's accounting of losses for the california wildfires. they are reviewing details including the fire in butte county that destroyed the town of paradise and other communities last year. when pg&e thought for vacancy earlier this year, it cited billions of dollars in potential liability. the review is the latest in a series of federal and state investigations into pg&e's finances, operations, and safety culture. that governor gavin newsom is
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scaling back the $16 billion delta water tunnel project. into the building two tunnels, the governor wants to build just one. former governor jerry brown had pushed for twin tunnels to deliver water from the sacramento river to southern california. the state has already spent more than $200 million on the project. coming up, a man makes a generous offers to a homeless couple. a place to stay inside his own home. the story of compassion and generosity and why he's sharing it. sunny skies and warm temperatures today across most of the bay area. coming up, we will let you know if the nice weather pattern sticks around in your friday forecast. a call to expand the gray crime prevention program that is credited with sharply reducing gun violence. stick bending is critical to make models like these work. alright boys, time for bed.
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new at 10, i called to expand funding for a crime prevention program known as know when to cease fire. it is credited with helping reduce the number of shootings and homicides by half over the last six years. we are live at the state building in oakland to explain just what is at stake. >> reporter: state and local lawmakers met here with community leaders today to prepare for a budget battle in sacramento.
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they want a dramatic increase in the amount of state funding for violence prevention programs. the fatal shooting wednesday night in east oakland march the city's 27 homicide of 2019. and by let's that the leaders say they are trying to stop through programs such as cease fire that gets stick bending. at a meeting, lawmakers and community members talked about their work partnering with the lease on the cease-fire program. it is being credited for reducing oakland's violent crimes. in the six years since the grant largest program, they've seen a dramatic drop in homicides. >> it wasn't just fatalities. it was also overall shooting. we actually s be reduced. that is something that tells us that these programs are reducing the violence. >> reporter: at the meeting,
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the mayor of stockton says they have seen a 40% reduction in violent crimes since starting a similar program. the cease-fire goal is to identify people who are high risk for committing a violent crime. then build relationships and connecting to supportive services and mentors so they see other options. in oakland, funds are used to send individual intervention specialist to crime scenes. they also hire gang members of the community to do public outreach and education. >> i lost a friend to gun violence. >> reporter: this senior has ol seen the program's impact helping him and other youth turn lives around. >> i get paid to talk about problems in my community. nobody knows my community better than i do. >> reporter: there are concerns about continued funding. >> oakland is committed to cease fire. it works. we are not backing away. but if we did not get this
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critical state funding, we will not be able to expand its. it will make it more difficult for us to sustain the level of improvement that we have seen. >> reporter: this east bay is members say she is trying to increase the budget. >> currently california spends about $9 million on these programs statewide. you want to increase it to $39 million. >> reporter: the gifted center report says they realize they are facing competing requests a education for those state funds. heather? >> so many important issues. meantime, oakland police say they will continue their step up enforcement of deshows they plan to have patrols on the street and in the air. police say they will also get help from other local law
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enforcement agencies. a sideshow last month to 1000 people and saw gunfire, a truck, and the burning of the bus. facebook announced that they are permanently banning a number of so-called extremist leaders from their site. the ban includes nation of islam leader louis farrakhan, into wars host alex jones, and right-wing speaker milo yiannopoulos. facebook says these people and others have repeatedly violated their policy on hate speech. facebook has long been criticized for those who say facebook provides an open platform for those spreading a message of hate. energy stocks led the market floor. the dow fell 122 points. the nasdaq was down 12. the s&p closed 6 points lower. retreating from its all-time high earlier in the week. u.s. crude oil prices e to a su in supply. of the on me,
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company that beyond meat. they close at more than $65 per share. it trades on the nasdaq. analyst playing with the biggest ipo by a u.s. company in nearly 20 years. the finest snow survey of the season down the sierra snowpack at 188% of average. water officials took a survey today. they found 47 inches of snow is a california cities and farms can now expect an ample supply of water this summer. >> the snowpack this year is a little different than a couple of years ago in 2017 when we had this historic year precipitation. this year it is a lot colder. it will stay melted a little longer. we will see runoff well into the summer months. >> still, water officials say it is important to keep conserving water as another drop is inevitable in the future.
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lots of sunshine today for the final snow survey. it has been quite the winter with the sierra snowpack. take a look at the numbers. northern, central, southern. everybody well above 100%. if you melt all that snow, as you can see, there is no water equivalent from 27, 31, up to 34 inches. the rivers flow with a lot of force that snow melt happening. keep that in mind if you are heading to the mountains or rivers over the next month or two. at least over the next month or two. highs in the bay area lots of 70s and 80s even out toward fairfield antioch. san francisco, 65. pacific of one of the cooler parts with 55. tomorrow morning some patchy morning fog primarily coast side and maybe around the bay. temperatures still pretty warm in. low 80s around the bay. the coast are warming up too much. mainly in the lower 60s. we have been watching this guy
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developing in the specific. interesting. not moving arounding my the weekend. at least for right now, a bunch of high clouds paid is a visit. we could have patchy fog reform late tonight and early tomorrow morning. basically early tomorrow morning. , numbers, most areas right now in the 50s. it looks like we still have a few 60s toward conqueror and 11 more. san francisco in the clear right now. a few high clouds overhead. most areas in the 40s right around 50 degrees. a little bit of chill inround o temperatures, especially inland. a few low 80s. coming up we will talk more about the forecast head into the weekend. that the actor who played chewbacca in the the family of peter mayhew says
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he died at his home in texas with his family at his side. mayhew started playing shabbat go in 1977 for the original movie. he went on to portray chewbacca in all three of the original memphis, episode three of the prequels, and again in the new privileges. mayhew joked about how he got his role. he was working in a hospital at a time he met george lucas. he says all he had to do was audition with stand up. he has 7'2". mayhew was 74 years old. he leaves behind a wife and children. like a place to stay indefinitely for a homeless couple. >> these are human beings who unfortunately right now don't have homes. >> at 10:30 pm, man opened up his home in piedmont for two le plus a plan to increase entrance fees at popoff tourist attractions in san francisco. the surge pricing model under
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new information tonight about a pedestrian hit by a truck in san francisco. authorities now say the 77-year-
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old has died. she was hit yesterday near ucsf medical center. the driver was making a u-turn at the intersection and hit her as she was crossing the street. the driver remained at the scene and was not arrested. the pedestrian advocacy group walk san francisco is planning to hold a vigil for her tomorrow night at the intersection where she was hit and killed. san francisco rec and parks is considering introducing surge pricing at four there tourist attractions. we find the entrance fees that the sights would change depending upon demand. >> reporter: some of francisco's most popular attractions are a bargain. the top of coit tower, the td garden, are all just $9.00 apiece. >> it benefits the visitors. what is a good time to go?
10:25 pm
what is a good time to avoid? >> reporter: details are still being worked out but could charge an extra $4.50 during the busiest times of day and busy season then dropping prices by $2.25 at slower times. the extra money would go to allow lower income residents to visit for free. >> this is similar to thinking about if you went to a movie and there is matinee pricing during off-peak times and there is higher pressing later in the day. >> reporter: stephen works at the td garden it says he likes the idea of lower residence getting to visit for free. he says other times the gardens are simply too busy. >> during peak times such a spring break or the few weeks between christmas and new is, there are times in the garden when it is so busy that i worry that the experience people come to the garden for, the peaceful garden experience, is difficult to have. >> reporter: john from protect coit tower says it might backfire creating confusion and longer lines. >> we are going to cause
10:26 pm
confusion, anger. a lot of people who don't speak english visit here from other companies. >> reporter: as fortress, visitors like this man is from the nebulous. >> we have to pay something for it. it should not raise that high. some people probably do not get up because it is too high cost. report the idea for flexible pricing goes to the fuel recreation parks board. after that it goes to the board of supervisors. they could vote on it by the end of the month or by early june. if they approve, we could see flexible pricing going to place in september. the city is also one step closer to charging a fee to drlombard street. the bill also requires drivers to make a reservation. the street also attracts crowds
10:27 pm
creating gridlock. the legislation now goes to the state senate. the sharks are coming home to san jose with their playoff series hide tied. there enters the the energy and effort. we have all the action coming up later in sports. house democrats bringing a chicken to a hearing. i am lauren blanchard in washington with more on why democrats did when william barr was a no-show. that story coming up. a homeowner in an upscale neighborhood here in the east bay opens up his home for the homeless. here how it all happened. closed captioning brought to you mancini sleep role. where celebrating our 50th anniversary. coming to celebrate with us.
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checked the at 10, a story of generosity in the past? a homeowner who lives in piedmont has opened his home to a couple who lived on the street. he says he has a passion for helping the homeless. amberley is live in piedmont with reaction from neighbors. >> reporter: the homeowner has lived here for 23 years. he doesn't want the attention on himself. what he has done has attracted the attention of neighbors who piedmont is home to multimillion dollar homes.
10:31 pm
symbols of affluence. three months ago, this couple who have been homeless for almost 10 years moved into the inlet unit of this home invited by the owner terry mcgrath, a housing developer. >> he really has this deep passion to do something personal. >> reporter: campbell washington is a former oakland city councilmember who work with mcgrath on housing issues. >> he wants to challenge us and to have us all think deeply about what can we do to take action. >> reporter: mcgrath read an article in the san francisco chronicle about the homeless couple, 61-year-old greg dunstan and his partner marie mckenzie. they would keep in the doorway of the alameda county probation office in oakland and spent many sleepless nights coping with uncertainty. >> you met them. he decided he wanted to offer them a place to live. >> reporter: a few days after the couple moved in, piedmont police received the first of
10:32 pm
several calls from residents disturbed by their presence. >> simply somebody looking like they are not in the right place or not looking like they live in a certain community, that is not a crime. >> reporter: police had help from a graphic homeowner email police that he had new african- american houseguest in anticipation of complaints from neighbors. some reported that the couple was smoking marijuana in front of the home and across the street at the bus stop. the police chief says when officers responded, the couple was not smoking marijuana, which is illegal in public. the homeowner wanted to share the story. >> he was outraged. he really wanted to shine a light on this and really make people think and feel deeply about this issue and recognize that these are human beings. >> reporter: some neighbors welcome to the couple, leaving gift on the front steps. one man applauds the homeowner. >> that he did such a thing is incredible. i mean, i consider myself a nice, caring person.
10:33 pm
never thought of doing what he has done. >>'s family dealt with issues of poverty, and so for him, this is really getting in touch with his roots. >> reporter: i am told the couple is an open invitation to stay as long as they meet. so far, everything is going well between a couple and the homeowner. heather? >> thank you amber. a new survey from the real estate listing from julia finds many bay area teachers cannot afford to purchase a home in the cities where they work. perhaps the most eye-opening involves a san jose metro area where the median price of a home is now about $1.1 million. the study found teachers working in the san jose area cannot afford to purchase even 1% of the available homes. 1%. economists involved in the research ktvu. she says teachers are not alone. >> we saw how many listings on
10:34 pm
the market now on our site for different occupations could afford. we actually have some assumptions on yes, can you actually put down a 20% down payment? and even then, the numbers are very low. >> the same research found things were not much better for first responders in san francisco. the median home price in the san francisco metro area is about $800,000. first responders in the city can only afford about 17% of available homes. in washington, a congressional hearing on the mueller report went forward in the house judiciary committee without attorney general william barr. as for blanchard reports, house speaker nancy can mosey accused the attorney general of lying to congress amid calls for him have sign. repeatedly called for the ng the attorney general of being scared to answer questions about how we handled the investigation and why he doesn't want lawmakers to see
10:35 pm
the full version. s using an em and a chicken in the seat attorney general bill barr would have said that if he attended the hearing. the shortened hearing turning into a partisan fight. >> the very system of government of the united states, the system of limited power, the system is not having a president as a dictator is very much at stake. >> the question i have is not what bill barr is scared of it my question is one of the democrats scared of? >> reporter: house democrats sidebar is acting as a detector of president trump and accused him of lying. >> he lied to congress. if anybody else did that, it would be considered a crime. not the president of the united states. not the attorney general. >> reporter: the justice department calling speaker pelosi's accusation reckless, irresponsible, and false. republicans say democrats are trying to damage bill barr's
10:36 pm
reputation in an effort to hurt the present. >> democrats did not like the outcome of the last election. >> reporter: house democrats say they are considering holding her in contempt of congress. >> that is an extreme measure. my hope is that attorney general barr will demonstrate a higher degree of respect. >> reporter: what's next? house democrats say they will give william barr a couple days to change his mind before they decide if they want to hit him with a penalty. they are also working to have robert mueller testify. in the republican-controlled senate, it is unclear if mueller will also be asked to testify. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. still ahead, a 96-year-old bay area veteran with a new mission. he thought on the beaches of normandy during world war ii lf a sunny day today. temperatures in a few spots around 80 degrees. no big changes for tomorrow.
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the weekend can be a bit different story. up next, efforts to harden station. bart tries to crackdown on writers who do not pay. ♪ ♪
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at kohl's, the savings add up!... with 25% off select adidas for the family... plus - get kohl's cash! kohl's. bart passengers maybe noticing changes in some stations as they work to fight fair invasion. like we're in oakland is one of the most recent to undergo what
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are at calls station hardening. the barriers have been raised making them more difficult to jump over. the emergency gates are also now walking can only be released by a fire alarm or a station agent. the gates themselves will eventually be tougher to push through. >> we call them believes of the fear gates. the additional air pressure is being done throughout the system but not all at once. >> bart plans to add video surveillance at a later date. their seats cost the agency betweenmillion a year. ion work met today.announcement that the director is stepping down in august. the unions are currently in contract negotiations. the workers are urging muni to decay to pick a replacement who
10:41 pm
understands. >> sometimes the brakes don't work. we see a lot of screws falling out of them. all kinds of different things. it probably should be held to a higher standard. >> we want to make sure there work experience in the workplace is safe and as enjoyable as possible while they are at work. >> yesterday they nominated steve hammons are to serve on the board. that the city of san francisco is doing the trump administration ove federal regulation allowing healthcare professionals to opt out of providing medical treatments they oppose. city attorney dennis herrera signed a suit just hours after president trump signed a rule designed to protect healthcare
10:42 pm
workerthe policy exceeds the trump of ministrations authority and violates the constitutional separation of church and state. a new study says that breast-feeding can help the children keep from becoming overweight. they look at nearly 30,000 children across 16 companies in europe. they found that breast-feeding lower the risk of a child from becoming obese by over 25%. breast feeding may deter parents from using formula. he was a foot soldier during the allied invasion of normandy. now he is going back. >> i wa helping this 96- fulfill a drea
10:43 pm
also ahead of median are meteorologist. >> [ music ] ♪ the captain seemed to understand. ♪ ♪
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a bay area v is planning on returning to the beaches of normandy for the first time since the d-day invasion 75 years ago next month. >> he says he is the last
10:46 pm
surviving member of his unit. he wants to represent those who fought there and died. we hear how his trip turned from a dream into a reality. >> reporter: jake larson showed his war medals from his home in martinez. at ,96 old easy last man standing, >> the legion of honor. >> reporter: next month of the 75th anniversary. larson plans on returning to normandy for the first time since the end of world war ii. >> i want to do this i was with. >> reporter: typically the military would find such a trip. his military records were destroyed in a fire in the 1970s. the two women he got to know at his favorite bagel shop heard about the problem decided to raise the money through gofundme, something larson had
10:47 pm
never heard of. >> they were saying find me. i don't know how that will work out. >> reporter: the gofundme goal was $10,000. they raised $11,000. >> it is unbelievable how many wonderful people they are in the world. >> reporter: larson, d-day is still as current as it was. he actually helped write up the plans for 20 years. i shook for 70 years. i could not pick >> reporter: that is , dead everywhere. >> there was a soldier laying. i said buddy, have you got a
10:48 pm
match? i got to have a cigarette. he didn't move. i looked again. there was no head under the helmet. >> reporter: when lawson gets to normandy, he says he will bring the memories of all who died there. >> those guys are closer than your own family. >> reporter: larson has written a book about his experiences. when he gets back from france, he says he will write the final chapter. he does have the title. it is called the luckiest man in the world. in martinez, rod ross, ktvu fox 2 news. some pretty warm temperatures in the bay area. we have patchy fog coast side, but sunshine. take a look at some of the high some this
10:49 pm
afternoon. the cool spot pacifica 59. the warmest locations in low. lower 80s out toward antioch and concorde. using the temperature trend. we have been warming up each and every day. tomorrow probably one of the warmest days of the week and let's. you will notice a change with the readings cooling off for the weekend. patchy fog could reform overnight. high clouds drifting in from the pacific over the past few hours. we will check in on some of the current numbers for the 10 pm really cold. just showing you lots of 50s and a few spots in t60s out toward fairfield in livermore. outside right now beautiful. still mostly clear. partly cloudy skies were this evening. we could have patchy fog around the golden gate bridge and the bay. partly cloudy skies by
10:50 pm
lunchtime. mostly sunny conditions throughoutternoon. the temperatures in francisco in the 60s. this guy cool is off earlier in the week. it has been drifting offshore over the past few days. it will be approaching our coastline this weekend. tomorrow 60s and 70s. still if you low 80s. a few extra clouds especially as we head into saturday morning. once again sunday. by sunday there is a white chance of a few sprinkles. here is our forecast model. it is having a hard time trying toat what could be happening. this is through sunday. we are showing you a bunch of zeros. maybe a few sprinkles. by sunday night into monday, it seems to be walking in on that. we might bump up the chances of showers sunday night into monday. especially monday morning. tomorrow clearing skies. saturday some more low clouds and fog. on sunday, a master of sun and
10:51 pm
clouds. look at showers popping up out toward the sierra. highs tomorrow will be in the 70s to lower 80s. 82 in brentwood. san jose upper 70s. san francisco 65 degrees. tomorrow nice but it will be cooling off this weekend. it will not be bad, but not as warm as it will be tomorrow. >> looks good. thanks, mark. coming up next in sports, the sharks head home from denver with their playoff series now tied at 2-2. mark says the energy and effort was there tonight. the avalanche have the answers. on the 11 pm news, california lawmakers aim to keep president trump on the 2020 balance unless he releases his tax returns. i like chillaxin'.
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i am going to the sharks so miracle on ice for the san jose sharks tonight. the same 3-0 lead. you know what happened. maybe a little short on oxygen up in the mile high city. definitely a step slow. maybe a little tired.
10:55 pm
the series is a leaving. martin jones, can't criticize him. he was excellent in the net. the avalanche seem to be in attack mode. the best example of handiwork, jones right there. alex is denied. shortly after, one of the fastest and talented nathan mckinnon knocks in his own rebound. beautifully. 1-0. that was his 6th for the postseason. colin wilson will beat jones right here 2-0. the avalanche had an empty nature. this is nhl play of hockey. look at matt. sacrifice. i don't know about that. in the net for the avalanche. game five saturday. at the tank, the sharks try to retake command. meanwhile all is quite on the western front when it comes
10:56 pm
to nba basketball. sixers in toronto. there he is. remember him? allen iversen. this is playoff basketball. toronto, no answer. jimmy butler stolen and converts it. he had 22 points, 9 rebounds. big man on campus looking well. a little defense wouldn't hurt. get them dancing in philly. 116-95. bill lee is up in the 2 games to 1. the warriors are headed to texas. that could be a break for the dislocated left finger, his middle finger, steph curry. that is him at practice today before they took off. bandaged. he had a little chance to work
10:57 pm
it out. experiment a little bit. kd and company ready to embark on game 3 with a 2-0 lee. klay thompson the resident ironman dealing with his own sprained ankle. fully competent that staff will be ready. no problem. saturday night in houston. >> it is not that fun, but i know staff. he will get it back. i mean, a dislocated finger, it sucks, but yopop it right back in place. it is not the end of the world. it is not like he tore's. he will tough it out. >> that is nothing for klay thompson.much anything. a spectacular class of 2019 going into bay area sports hall of fame. tonight in san francisco. here is a look at dufief you are going in. dave lefty. tara vanderveer, coach of the
10:58 pm
stanford women's program. there is brad gilbert a great player in his own right. also coached under agassiz. the ever popular keena turner. not only a great player. joe montana and ronnie lott. jerry rice was there. keena turner loves to talk about that family tradition and atmosphere the 49ers created back in the 40s. >> we've got so much history, and so much of that history came after the tionship that ha built on after the field is more important and more special than those 11 years we spent together on the field. those were some pretty often moments. >> very happy for him. a class x. that is why the 49ers hired him after his playing career. he represents well. the giants and azoff today. that does not mean there was
10:59 pm
not spectacular activity. check this out. he is like a gazelle. he is one of the very best in the major leagues in centerfield. sensational check. not bad by former a's right fielder josh reddick. >> oh, well. >> going the other way in right field. jack reddick having a great year. that is a sporting line. it is 11 pm and type or more news. >> i have always liked keena turner. he reminds me of larger craig. they are both what you see is what you get. they are both just nice. >> yes. class acts. they were like that when they were at the pinnacle of their career. all good. coming up next at 11, >> our officers were working another incident with the vehicle pulled behind them. officers went to contact the vehicle and immediately noticed
11:00 pm
there were bulletholes in the side of the vehicle. >> an investigation of the night after so much of that a car during the busy evening commute on interstate 80. the highway patrol is looking for a shooter who opened fire in hayward tonight. i am heather holmes in for julie. >> i am frank somerville. likely no one was hurt. the chp needs help finding a suspect. officers shut down the northbound lanes of 880 for nearly an hour near the pg&e interchange in hayward so they could search for evidence. live coverage from paul chambers at chp can officers th what motivated the shooting? >> reporter: they have


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