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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 2, 2019 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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they are both just nice. >> yes. class acts. they were like that when they were at the pinnacle of their career. all good. coming up next at 11, >> our officers were working another incident with the vehicle pulled behind them. officers went to contact the vehicle and immediately noticed there were bulletholes in the side of the vehicle. >> an investigation of the night after so much of that a car during the busy evening commute on interstate 80. the highway patrol is looking for a shooter who opened fire in hayward tonight. i am heather holmes in for julie. >> i am frank somerville. likely no one was hurt. the chp needs help finding a suspect. officers shut down the northbound lanes of 880 for nearly an hour near the pg&e interchange in hayward so they could search for evidence. live coverage from paul chambers at chp can officers th what motivated the shooting? >> reporter: they have a lot of
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questions. they do not have a lot to go on. chp, as you did say, they are still investigating at this hour. they say the victims in this case were not able to give them identity of the suspect or the vehicle the suspect was driving. here is a look at the vehicle being dropped off in evidence. investigators say just after 6 pm in the height of rush-hour traffic, someone driving along 880 northbound opened fire on the white jeep. chp shutdown the northbound lanes on the freeway to search for evidence. they say they sprayed the not injured. by luck, as they drove the jeep off the exit ramp, chp officers were working on an unrelated case. they pulled up behind the officers and told them they were shot at. >> the bullet caused the vehicle to become disabled. as a vehicle began losing
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pressure in the tigers, became disabled, they were moving to the shoulder, and they took the pg&e . we believe the shooters continued on 880 more found. >> for the better part of an hour, officers search for evidence. officers are hoping if you're driving around 880 near 6 pm and you heard or saw the gunfire that you would give them a call. they do not have a motive in the case. they are looking for any help they can get from the public. >> it is really incredible when you think about something like that happening right there at 880, 238. a very crowded area. it is amazing that no one was hurt.very true. especially that time of the day for that, the evening when people are going home. lots of cs tell us. ou would think most people th
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they had no clue until the gunfire hit their car. >> tall timbers outside chp headquarters in hayward. paul, thank you. police say a woman accused of posing as a nanny in an elaborate scheme is under arrest. darlene monticalvo was taken into custody. emeryville police say the 60- year-old still the identity of a real nanny and met with families. they say once she was in their homes, she would proceed to take items of value. we spoke with the real nanny whose identity was stolen. she did not want her patient. >> it is horrible. it is very sad that someone would stoop to such a level that she would need to take somebody else's present herself and theft. a has been scare along the peninsula after authorities discovered radioactive material inside an unoccupied home in san carlos.
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people living nearby were forced to evacuate ball authorities make sure the material was contained. we are on the scene tonight with how crews discovered the hazardous material. >> reporter: the homeowners family notified authorities after the discovery was made. the home is getting cleaned out, ready to go on sale after the homeowner passed away. now sheriff deputies outside the home making sure no one enters. yellow caution tape is stretched across the san carlos home from the hazmat response is neighbors congregated at a nearby park to watch from a safe distance. >> something is wrong, but i don't know why. >> reporter: >> wa >> itradiation. i don't know if it is going to week. report this womanand evacuated after family members of the homeowner notified the city radioactive material inside the property located on cedar streets. authorities immediately enter
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the home. the hazardous material was detected inside a wooden shed in the backyard. >> there's 455 sheds. all of them are clear except the last one. they got a hit on radiological meters within about a foot upset. >> reporter: the discovery prompting nearby streets to close down. authorities identify the material as radium 286 and cobalt 57. they determined it was contained to the shed. the radiation no longer a risk. >> the material was probably in the house for many years. >> reporter: neighbors say the home long to 82-year-old ronald sigrid who lived alone and passed away in january. he worked for stanford jason lived next door and police the neighbor started safely. >> if he works in a place like
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that, he must know enough. i don't know that that is where it is from, but risks involved. i can't imagine it had impacted his help in any way. >> reporter: sheriff deputy pleads to be her overnight until officials from the california department of public health plan to arrive around 10 am to properly dispose of the material. frank? >> thank you. new details about a pedestrian that was hit by truck in san francisco. authorities say 77-year-old galina alterman has died. the driver was making a u-turn and hit her as she was crossing the street. the was not arresta group walk synthesis was planning to are warning uc morrow night.
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berkeley students to stay alert after two groups of students were the victims of separate robberies near the cal campus earlier today. the first robbery happened on channing way. police say three armed suspects got out of a car and dropped four students of their backpacks and cell phones before driving off. 90 minutes later, three students were targeted in a similar crime on the right way. police say they believe the two separate groups of suspects are responsible. >> we see repeatedly the theft of personal electronic devices because where near the campus, they could potentially can get a good score. vague descriptions of the suspects. the number of shootings in homicides in oakland has been cut in half over years according to police crime statistics. city leaders accrediting a
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program called kld cease- fire. they are now pushing the state to expand funding for the program. >> reporter: the fatal shooting wednesday night in east oakland mark the 27, side of 2019. and violence that city leaders say they are trying to stop through programs such a cease- fire to get state funding. at a meeting thursday organized by the gifford law center to prevent consider, lawmakers and community members talked about their work partnering with police on the cease-fire program . in the six years since a grant launch the has had ties the went down, which sometimes can be attributed to better healthcare. it was overall shootings. that is something that >> reporter: identify people who are high risk for committing a violent crime and build relationships
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and connecting with services a mentor so they see other options. in oakland, funds are used to send interventionalists interventionist specialists. youth life hires gang members of the community to do public outreach. >> i lost a friend to gun violence by another friend. >> reporter: isaiah, a senior in high schools, says he has grown up with violence. he has seen the program's positive impact helping him another youth turns life around. >> i get paid to talk about problems in my community. nobody knows my community more better than i do. >> reporter: there are concerns about funding. >> if we do not get this critical state funding, we will not be able to expanded. it will make it more difficult for us to sustain the level of improvement that we have seen. >> reporter: currently california spends about $9 million a year on these
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programs statewide. we want to increase at two $39 million. >> reporter: the gifford center reports that less than 1% of oakland population was responsible for the majority of those violent crimes. that is why they say the cease- fire program is so important. new at 11, the state senate approves legislation today that would require presidential candidates on the ballot in california to release five years worth of tax returns. the bill is a response to president trump's removal to disclose his income taxes. if the measure passes, the president would not be allowed to appear on the california ballot unless here in leases taxes. the bill now heads to the state assembly. former governor jerry brown vetoed a similar bill in 2017 saying he was concerned it would be unconstitutional. i consider myself a nice, caring person. i never thought of doing what he did.
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>> in east bay mansi the couple in the to take section. how is helping a man and a woman who have been homeless for nearly a decade. a 49ers rookie is being praised for his actions off the football field. always has his protective instinct helped a friend when he saw someone slip something into her drink. in the weather, temperatures have been warming up nicely. the system will cool us off this weekend. maybe we can see showers in the forecast. will have that forecast coming up. alright boys, time for bed.
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new tonight, the story of a man in piedmont opening his own home to a homeless company. some neighbors called police at first. others are plotting his generosity. >> reporter: piedmont is home to multimillion dollar homes, symbols of affluence. three months ago, this couple who have been homeless for almost 10 years moved into the in law unit of this home, invited by the owner terry mcgrath, housing developer.
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>> he really have this deep passion to do something personal. >> reporter: amy campbell washington is a former oakland city council member who worked with the graph on housing issues. mcgrath asked her to speak on his behalf. >> you really want to challenge us to have us all think deeply about what can we do to take action. >> reporter: mcgrath read an article in the severance's clinical about the homeless couple. they would keep in the doorway of the alameda county. a few days after tin, piedmont police received the first of several calls from residents disturbed by their presence. >> simply, somebody looking like they are not in the right place or not looking like they live in a certain community, that is not a crime. >> reporter: the homeowner email police that he had do african-american houseguests in
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anticipation of complaint from neighbors. some reported that the couple was smoking marijuana in front of the home. the police chief says when officers responded, the couple was not smoking marijuana. that is illegal in public. the homeowner wanted to share the story. >> he was outraged. he really wanted to shine a light. >> reporter: some neighbors welcome to the couple, leaving gifts on the front steps. >> i consider myself a nice, caring person. i never thought of doing what he is in. >>'s family deal with issues of poverty, and so for him, this is really getting in touch with those routes. >> reporter: i'm told that the couple has an open invitation to stay as long as they need, and that things have gone well so far. in piedmont, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. one of the newest members of the san francisco 49ers getting a lot of attention for something he did off the football field. shortly after 21-year-old rookie was drafted by the niners, his
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father in arkansas went on twitter to show an untold story for five years are your when he was a freshman at the university of arkansas. jerry daly said someone slip something into his daughter's drink at a fraternity party. when a man she didn't know try to steer her out the front door, greenlaw says she is not going anywhere. >> i had to kind of grab her. i felt like i needed to kind of step in. >> arkansas father says he will always be grateful and asked everyone to report greenlaw calling the 49er rookie a kid with a good heart. in weather very nice day. a lot of 70s and even a few 80s. advertising this warm up. take a look at some of the highs
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this afternoon. here is the satellite showing you this. the circulation out here. we are watching this guy as we head toward the weekend, especially by sunday. we are going to cool off those numbers as the system approaches our coastline. right now we have high clouds paying us a visit. partly cloudy skies. her numbers not extremely cold. mainly 50s, right around 60 degrees. still out toward concorde, 60. here is the live camera looking toward san francisco. as i mentioned, scattered high clouds moving in. still a fairly nice thursday evening. as far as friday morning, most areas starting off the day in the 40s up to 50 degrees. in the afternoon hours, you can see patchy fog. a nice recovery. we are expecting them 60s, 70s, and once again similar 80s while inland. fairly warm and one for your
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friday forecast. this is the system we are watching by the weekend. tomorrow still not much change. we could have patchy fog redevelop coast side first thing tomorrow morning. we will cool things off saturday and sunday. we will bring in a few clouds. you could see what the forecast model is trying to do. we will take this through sunday. still a bunch of zeros here. mainly sunday night into monday we could be tracking a few scattered showers. still a chance. something to be watching out for. temperatures for tomorrow, not a big change from highs today. 60s, 70s. warmest locations approaching that lo things off into saturday. a chance of a a few sprinkles on sunday. will have to keep an eye on sunday night into monday. what is interesting, it is may. you think springtime. the sierra with this pattern could actually pick up snow up above 1000 feet. winter, spring, it all continues in the mountains. maybe a dusting in the higher
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terrain. perfect hockey player weather. >> let's plan on that. >> you know he has. the first we can debate is fast approaching. a full slate of festivals, parades, economies here in the bay area. here is your weekend watch. >> reporter: heading into the weekend at the bay area dance we continues with hundreds of free events throughout the weekend. in the south bay, all a cart our specialist this weekend. you will find hundreds of west costs artists. on the peninsula, celebrate at the 97th annual children's parade in downtown palo alto. the parade starts at 10 am on university avenue and will into heritage park. in the east bay, enjoy an evening of family fun.
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21st annual for demaio festival on friday. this year's party will feature mary got a movie and traditional arts and crafts for kids. up over to oakland for the second annual single demaio festival at jack london square. over 40 vendors. low rider car show.'s activities. the 2019 san francisco single demaio festival will fill the mission district on saturday. the annual block party will have live music, performances, and more. enjoy a free kids corner will at the palace of fine arts featuring carnival games, crafts, live music, trees. in the north bay, head to the water for the 45th annual fisherman's festival at west hyde park. complete with crafts, boots, live music, food, entertainment. in sports, giants our way. a's on the road.
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warriors and sharks continue their playoff run. that is your weekend watch. speaking of sharks, they had all from denver with their playoff series tied at two games apiece. mark says the energy and the effort was there. unfortunately, the avalanche had all the answers. but first, honoring nipsey hussle has been a built in oakland. it is on the wall on the north side of lake mary. and oakland artists said they wanted to honor the l.a. rapper in oakland because he inspire people to get back to their communities. you are watching the 11 pm news on ktvu fox 2. >> that is a nice mural. you know when you're at ross and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross.
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11:24 pm a price that has you,s and like...d.hmmm. okay. that's yes for less. say yes to the latest spring trends at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. i think this is a first. i actually get to introduce mark and bring up the fact that the sharks are playing tonight. >> usually, you lose 3-0. you think they are flat. you can't really say that about the sharks tonight. they had a lot of energy. to me they just look like a step slow. maybe the atmosphere in the mile high city come up with them a little bit. 2-2 series. you cannot blame it on martin jones. he could not stop this guy. nathan mckinnon, one of the
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fastest talented players in the nhl. that is like lightning reflexes. 1-0. his 6th in the postseason. colin wilson will beat. they had an empty net. eric carlson shot. sacrificed body, spirit, and mind right there to stop the shot. their goalie philip was excellent. 32 save in a shut out. the series is even 2-2. at the tank, saturday night, the sharks try to retake command. the warriors have taken off in houston. steph curry practiced fully today. the dislocated finger on his left hand is especially apparently okay. back east, the loan game tonight, philly showing off
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their hall of famer allen iversen, former mvp. he will likely see toronto. no answer for this. 23 run in the fourth. 22 points, nine rebounds. ai approves of the action. look at this guy. a freight train run. nobody wants to get near him. philly goes up over toronto. theycity of brotherly love with a 2-1 lead. it was a particularly excellent class for the bay area sports hall of fame tonight. infected in san francisco, here is a look at the five inductees. dave dravecky, kara vanderveer, jason kidd, brad gilbert, and
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keena turner. the former 49er linebacker. in one hand. eddie d. joe montana, ronnie lott. check this out. this is a sensational catch. both the giants and a's were off. that is a fantastic grab. byron buxton. always making the highlights. just graceful. like a gazelle. josh reddick. gold glove, right fielder. doing his thing. the astros, that is a sensational catch. that is the sporting line for tonight backlet's hope the shar rebound. we will be there front and center on saturday. thank you for watching ktvu fox 2. >> the power of 2 comes from you.
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