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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 4, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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back in the shark tank tonight for game five. the san jose sharks in the colorado avalanche are tied in the series and we are live with all the excitement. a tour bus with the university choir on board burst into flames following a deadly multivehicle crash. what we are learning about the victims. good saturday evening. we begin with developing news, that's where police are investigating a deadly officer involved shooting that happened just before 1:00 this afternoon. the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene and an officer was reportedly injured during the incident. the officer was
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struck and dragged several feet when the suspect hit him and what was believed to have been a stolen vehicle. investigators spent much of the day investigating the scene and remained tightlipped about what happened. we will bring in the very latest details tonight at 10:00. thousands of hockey fans are headed to the shark tank tonight to see the san jose sharks take on the colorado avalanche. scott reiss is inside the event center. >> reporter: you do not need a phd in hockey to understand a game five when they are tied if they win tonight they have an excellent chance of taking the series and moving on to the playoffs but if they falter it will be a very tough act to come back. really it's anybody series
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right now that's up for grabs and the good news is if you look at the way the series has gone the teams have alternated wins and losses. the sharks when games 1 and 3 and the most recent game is the one that sticks in the mind. the hope is that home ice will rejuvenate the sharks and get them back to playing the way they expect to play. >> i think that it's going to be all about what we do in here and the way that we know that we have to play the game to be successful. the way that we've been playing all year. plan different teams and i think it's more about that. i don't think we did a good enough job handling the part we ne play porter: one quick lineup, tonight but i hear rumblings
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that he has been skating and looks good and he might be closer than some people think to coming back. the captain has not been with the sharks since grisson looking head injury since game seven with the golden knights. the winner tonight goes up 3-2 and the energy should be through the roof. tonight. let's hope the fans can help them bring in another win. new security measures are set to go into effect in san jose come this summer. starting july 1 all backs brought to the venue must be clear and no larger than 12" x 6" high 12 inches. all other security measures remain the same including metal detectors and bag searches. one person killed and three others injured in a fiery multivehicle crash on highway
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101 in south san francisco over night. the crash involved a charter bus filled with members of acquire from alabama. >> a chartered bus full of 19 people burst into planes into flames and a car rear-ended it. the driver of the car died in everybody on board the bus was able to get out before burst into a fireball. firefighters had to call in a second alarm. >> out here we don't have active water supplies so we set up what we call a water shuttle where we have a primary pumping engine for the fire and multiple other fire resources to shuttle water back and forth. to keep the constant flow of water. >> the bus was with peninsula tours and the initial crash blocked lanes of traffic. five cars total were seen crumpled in the northbound lanes.
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>> the officers arrived block in the went into lane. initial investigation, we are still trying to figure out if it's all one giant traffic collision or if it's a multiple traffic collision that occurred in the same location. >> three people taken to the hospital to be treated with injuries and hours later only one lane was open as investigators took measurements and clear debris. by 9:00 a.m. they open all the lanes. struck the name of the person killed has not been released but id as an adult male between 40 and 50 years old. investigators in the south bay are looking into a fatal crash that left an elderly man dead. just after 6:00 a.m. the man lost control and drove into the building. nobody else was injured.
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a building inspector was called to the scene to check the safety of the building. a large tree fell at an outer charity event today and injured two women. a group that helped house the homeless event was underway when a large tree came crashing down. one woman was taken away in an ambulance and another woman had minor injuries. flames from a house fire spread and sparked a grass fire in the south bay. the fire broke out about 7:00 this morning. an elderly man who was inside the home and managed to get out safely. fire crews battled the fire in the attic. the flames spread to vegetation in the back of the home. fire officials say favorable weather helped with quick containment but under drier and hotter conditions it could have spread much faster. homicide detectivoting.
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a 30-year-old man was shot last night just after 10:00 near 23rd avenue and east 12th street. a news group report the victim had just left a party and was with a group of people when he was shot and nobody else was hurt. a $10,000 reward is being offered in the case. prescott elementary school celebrating 150 years of educating kids. as part of the festivities students created birthday cards on painted tiles to be put on display at the school. it was rebuilt after the earthquake. despite the struggles over the years it remains an anchor in the community. turning out to florida where the national transportation safety board is launching an investigation into
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an airplane that slid off the runway into a river. there were no serious injuries. it happened as the jet was landing at the naval air station jacksonville. the outcome could have been far worse. >> at least one passenger calls it a miracle on a florida river on friday night. a chartered boeing 737 flow it flying through a thunderstorm skits off the end of the airport runway plunging into the st. johns river as it tried to land at the naval air station in jacksonville. aircraft sitting in the mud in the shallow part of t not subme all 143 people on board survived. >> the aircraft was completely in the water in the sense that it was not on land. >> firefighters rescued the passengers and crew from the wing of the aircraft. military officials were among the passengers.
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some sustained minor in vivid injuries. >> 21 people are all listed in good condition. >> the military station is located on the west side of the st. johns river. is in the northeastern part of florida. the national transportation safety board is set to look into what caused the plan to go down tweeting, the ntsb is sending a team to investigate flight 293, a boeing 737 800 which departed the runway and came to rest in the st. johns river. no work ported fatalities. >> in a statement boeing says it's aware of the incident and is still gathering more information. coming nap, tracing the measles epidemic and the new push to combat anti-vaccination messages and orthodox jewish communities.
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what about the nba hall of famer jason kidd to in east bay recreational center today. in weather cooler across portions of the bay area, by this time tomorrow some showers could be approaching. more on the forecast coming up. are we tnot yet.? at crystal geyser we put our mountain source on our bottle... that's cool. ...because we bottle at our mountain source. crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source.
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when you can't get to the mountain... that's cool. ...we bring the mountain to you. let's go hike over there. i'm out. i'm out. me too. guys! crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source. north korea today conducted another weapons test launching projectiles off the coast. moving to escalate that pressure on president trump to return to the table. >> north korea fired several short range missiles off the east coast getting after 9:00 a.m. local time.gornment, the missil originated from the coastal
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town east of pyongyang. the japanese government confirmed they flew 72 to 200 km before landing in the sea. president trump weighed in this morning via twitter riding, anything in this interesting world is possible but i believe that kim jong-un realizes the great economic potential north korea and will do nothing to interfere or end it. he also knows i'm with him and does not want to break his promise to me. the deal will happen. the test, his denuclearization talks with the united states remain stalled this after president trump summit with kim jong-un in february fell apart. over the past year president trump has often touted no missile test and no nuclear test as proof that the north korea strategy is working. it's unclear now whether the white house will take a tougher
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stance after this latest round of tests. the south korea military wasted no time issuing a statement emphasizing they are tightly synced with the u.s. counterparts. the military has been closely watched and has maintained a full-fledged posture in close coordination with the u.s. in close coordination with the u.s. this is north korea pop a second test this year with elastic cruise missile test that came a couple weeks ago on april 18. the last known ballistic missile test was on november 28 was on november 28, 2017. yesterday during the 1.5 hour call with russian president putin president trump got a readout of his meeting with kim jong-un that happened on april 25 and putin reportedly told trent that north korea had fulfilled its obligations and stress the united stat sanctions on the hermit kingdom. public health officials
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have traced the recent measles epidemic to a handful of orthodox jewish neighborhoods pushing an anti-vaccination message. now people within the communities are trying to combat the anti-vaccine message as health officials try to stem the outbreak. >> the biggest challenge we face is misinformation and myths. >> the cdc is blaming the anti- vaccination sentiment for the largest measles out break to hit since 2000. there are 704 cases across 22 states. >> it's important that parents realize that the vaccine is safe in effect live. >> the hardest hit are orthodox jewish communities where anti- vaccination propaganda is spreading. poster showing a needle attached to a gun worn vaccines are dangerous. a booklet filled with discredited misinformation that vaccines cause autism or vaccines contain aborted fetuses
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and the group makes robo calls and holds teleconferences instilling fear. the right to refuse medical treatment is denied in the name of public health precisely the logic used by the >> it's frustrating because the information is misguiding people and the concern with this group is that they are effect a population where a lot of what is decided by moms is by word-of-mouth. >> and orthodox jewish vaccination tax force has published its own booklet and some orthodox leaders fear the outbreak could fuel anti- semitism back. >> there are anti-back service and every community in every way of life. >> a bill would ban religious exemptions for vaccinations and rabbis say the jewish faith does not prohibit vaccines.
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>> >> jason kidd was in oakland today celebrating the newly remodeled willie keys recreation center joined by the mayor and council member. the center has recently been renovated with upgrades including new paint, flooring as well as new furnishings. the project is close to his heart because growing up in the bay area he spent a lot of time at the centers similar to this one. >> i got to talking to friends here in oakland and they said this is a project that needed to be looked at so i told them i was all in. >> players chose to invest in the center because of its impact on the community throughout the years. today is free comic but day at stores across the country.
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folks were taking part in the annual event, the store is one of thousands of u.s. participating and for them the day is about more than free comics. >> we team up with sacred tattoo oakland and do a big food drive for the food bank and if you bring us $40 worth of food with the receipt we will give you a ton of free comments comics may will give your free comic book tattoo. >> free comic but day began in 2002 created right here in the bay area by the owner of the concord flying comic store and has spread to over 50 countries around the world. today, may 4 is not just free comic book day but took star wars fans it's may the fourth be with you. there was a celebration including pancakes with the jedi and a scavenger hunt with jet i drink training and there was also a costume contest. struck we are just celebrating
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may the fourth be with you. it's a great celebration and this is our fourth year and we welcome everyone of all likes from the whole galaxy. >> may 4 day celebration has become a yearly family tradition. let's bring in meteorologist mark tamayo , just another gorgeous day today. let's keep the rain from coming back. >> we like the rain too but today has been nice although a little bit cooler. tomorrow we could be tracking a few showers. by tomorrow night we have showers approaching the bay. let's take a look at some of the highest, the cool spots were chilly, upper 50s but inland a completely different story. some 70s toward concorde in livermore, oakland 66 degrees,
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santa rosa 69. we did cool off a bit but still in the comfortable range. you can see what's happening out here in the pacific where we do have the weather system offshore. the circulation is approaching the central california coastline and that will be the main player for tomorrow. right now low clouds and fog and the low clouds will gradually push back into the bay as we head into the overnight. current numbers 60s out toward concorde, san francisco a chilly 55 degrees. we check in on some of the current wind speeds in right now fairfield southwesterly at 20 miles an hour, a bit of a breeze, nothing extremely strong but still the winds 10 to 20 miles an hour affect everybody, san jose 17 in livermore, 17 miles an hour.
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here's a live camera looking out toward san francisco bay and you can see the cable giving us an idea that we have some wind with the breeze out there. that is the golden gate bridge with the low clouds and fog trying to cover that up and we still have some fog to talk about for tonight. overnight lows 40s and 50s with mostly cloudy skies. a sun and clouds mix into the afternoon and we are expecting partly sunny skies with temperatures in the 60s. all because of this guy, we talked about the cool down for today and then into tomorrow we could be talking about sunday showers especially by sunday evening. most of your sunday could be okay, tomorrow morning the clouds was maybe some drizzle then we have some breaks in the clouds but look at the evening hours the showers rotate into the bay area and the chance g back ast into monday morning
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by midafternoon. lots of 60s out there with coastal spots only upper 50s to right around 60 temperatures in the south bay mode only mainly in the 60s. you will notice that the shower cloud, the rain cloud into sunday night and into monday, partly cloudy skies by tuesday and just when you thought it was all over a better chance of showers on thursday. most of the weekend should be okay. they call the kentucky derby the most exciting 2 minutes in sports but today for the first time in 145 running the horse who finished first did not win the race. sports is up next.
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joe fonzi join me miss with sports and a lot of people are talking about the kentucky derby and account how controversial was. >> it's never happened before the american tradition that is the kentucky derby was run for the 145th time and what
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happened today was the first in the long history. a very sloppy track but it did not dampen the spirit of the fans that included baker mayfield and bill belichick maximum security was the favorite but the mud bath began as 19 horses broke from the gate and began the battle for position at the head of the stretch it was the favorite in the lead. >> maximum security keeps meddling on. maximum security went the kentucky derby. >> for short time they thought they were winners but then came the review and it was ruled that maximum security interfered with war of will running second and for 20 minutes everyone was kept in suspense and then came the decision that maximum security was disqualified that game gave
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the win to the 65-1 longshot. the two dollar payout was the second highest in history. a knife that will include the warriors against the rockets, giants and a's both in action the sharks post colorado avalanche in game five. they are tied it two each. the sharks were not happy with their lack of offense of punch in thursday's game with the 3-0 shut out. the avalanche had five cashing in once and the sharks were 0-2. it's the little things that decide tonights game. >> everything is so tight this time of year where you get one goal and it almost seems like it may be that your behind the eight ball. i think for both teams they are playing well.
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>> it's one of those times where we say only in the bay area. the warriors are in a playoff game, warriors are in a playoff game the giants and a's are in action and the lpga tour is in the area and the earthquakes are at home. and many mini camp just open for the 49ers and the raiders. >> there will be a lot to talk about tonight at 10:00. pick your sport and have a good line good night and we will see tonight at 10:00.
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