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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  May 6, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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the week is starting with some drizzle. you said you -- i felt it, saw it. >> nothing major. >> no, just light. >> maybe enough to water the plants, clean out the air. >> the nice smell we get when it rains and then it will move on and we will be left with dry conditions for the afternoon. then the rest of the week mainly dry and temperatures will come up the as well. sf0 in the 50s. san francisco downtown reporting low 50s. into areas over santa rosa 51 for yeah there. relatively mild. oakland 56. a tad warming than yesterday at this time. >> i see an onshore breeze through fairfield, the delta. a bit breezy but for the rest of us not bad. then into the central and south
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bay, we're seeing light scattered drizzle and mist and light showers. here is highway 101 where you're likely to see some on the roadway. then toward the west a little around bodega bay. ward the beach, sanoma, napa valley, showers there. over the bay area it is light. some falling and not being picked up, but you can expect it at least for the morning hours. >> this stitch is pushing off to the east. for the rest of the day we will be dry, dry conditions for the afternoon. 63 san francisco today. 64 oakland. upper 60s to low 70s. a little breezy behind the system. temperatures will continue to build into the days ahead. i'll have the extended forecast in a little bit. at 4:31 let's check the highways. >> right now, we're looking at fairfield, getting in valeo and pretty good. not a lot of on
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eastbound 37 and approaching highway 121. could be some roadgood getting the mccar there maze. not taking very long. at the bridge toll plaza it is light. 4:32. back to the desk. >> dow is set to drop 500 points. that's after a surprise tweet from president donald trump promising to ratchet up sanctions on china. doug luzader reports from washington, d.c. it has affected markets around the world. >> reporter: the dow futures are in the tank this morning. look over any investors' shoulder in china this morning and the impact is real. a lot of downed arrows and that is spreading to wall street after yesterday's tweet from
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the president about tariffs on china. the 10% will go up to 25% on friday. $325billion of additional goods sent to us by china remain rate of 25%. >> the president is issuing a warning here. >> reporter: the economic advisor was explaink saying it is a warning that if up coming talks with china don't produce results then it will be lake this. >> they have to change their system. they are breaking the laws. we hope they will come around with this deal. >> reporter: president donald trump said talks were going well, but major issues remain including allegations of intellectual property theft. still that tweet is tough for some business leaders to digest. >> they are very real and specific negative outcomes that will impact u.s. industry and ware very concerned about this
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new announcement and potential erail the negotiations. >> the big question is will the talks take place given the new warnings from the white house. in washington, doug luzader fox news. >> >> 4:34. nancy pelosi says she worries if president donald trump should lose the 2020 election, he may refuse to give up power. they can win big. she said she does not support efforts to impeach president donald trump because she thinks it will fail. she doesn't want the party to drift too far to the left for fear of losing another presidential election. she said she wants to see a candidate who can focus on healthcare, paychecks and a cleaner government. >> gamblers are already betting on who they think may win the election. odds shark has ranked them right now president donald trump is their favorite to win for now because democrats are
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still a long way off from picking their candidate. joe biden right now is the current democratic favorite among the gamblers followed bay bernie sanders and pete. the president has chosen a set ran from the obama administration to lead. mark morgan is a former fbi agent and border patrol chief and he has visioned support for sending migrants crossing the border to sanctuary cities. it comes amid a broader shake up as the president seeks to im ple the stronger policies along the border. 4:35. president donald trump believes a nuclear deal with happen after north korea fired test missiles into the sea. over the weekend president donald trump tweeted that north korea leader kim "kwith him and does not want to break his
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promise to me." the missile r launch is a violation of u.n. security county res losses but didn't involve missiles with capacity to reach the united states. we have high confidence they were not intermid yacht range or intercontinental missiles. we still have every intention to negotiate a good resolution with them to get it. they met almost three months ago and negotiations fell apart after wo days. the government there has called for the trump administration to lift economic sanctions. the afghan government says taliban militants stormed a police station in northern afghanistan killing 13 officers. yesterday's raid set off a gun battle that weather on for six hours. the in tear your ministry says the attack began when a car bomb exploded at the
4:37 am pound. eight rushed in after the blast. they wore suicide vests and three debt toe faithed their vests while others were killed. they have a carrier strike group and bomb plers to the middle east. it is for troubling warnings from iran. he said the u.s. will retaliator with "unrelenting force to any attack." attentions are already high between washington and iran. that deployment has been ordered for a deterrent to what has been seen as preparations by iranian forces. they said the u.s. was expecting an imminent iranian attack. after an intensify in gaza, they released a ceasefire agreement. they conferred that this morning as it lifted restrictions onset splens living near the border.
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into israel and dozens of airstrikes into the gaza stripo gaza side both militant and civilians. and on the israeli side four civilians were killed. people were terrified and running and everyone was looking. it began friday after palestinian militants accused israel of not honoring a ceasefire deal in march. they opened fire on the israeli side of the border. the terms of the latest deal have not been announced but recent ceasefires have not lasted long. 41 people are now confirmed to have died when a russian passenger burst into flames
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on arn airport runway in moscow. it carrying 79 people when it was forced to make an emergency landing and went into flames on the runway. they were scrambling out, some will babies in their arms. >> we saw a ton of sirens. we did not have time to see more. >> six people were critically injured. investigators are looking into equipment failure, pilot error and perhaps bad weather as possible causes for that disaster. our time is 4:39. federal investigators are looking into why a chartered jet ended up in a river. that plane was carrying 143 military personnel when it slid into the st. john's river in jacksonville florida on friday. recovered the undamaged flight data recorder and it is being examined now in washington.
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federal investigators say quest the direction of the landing just before they landed at naval air station in jacksonville. a >> we don't know what they were thinking or why they made that choice and that will be one of the things that we look to find out. >> a full assessment of the damage won't be known until that plane is moved from the river. that can't be completed until 1200-gallons of fuel is removed. once it is moved to a s secure location they can get to the voice recorder. it has been under water since that plane ran into the river. and in north carolina hundreds gathered to remember a college student who was shot and killed while saving the lives of others. >> now, let's tell riley we love him. >> yesterday's memorial service, people signed i love you in honor of the 21-year-old who learned sign language the a a young age so he could talk to
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his uncle who was death. he was killed while tackling tu another student was also killed in the shooting and four others were injured but authorities say howell's actions prevented more people from being hurt. he ran ward the shooter and lives were saved. you can't push the boundaries of sacrificial love any farther than that. >> howell participated in the rotc. he was buried with full military honors. family will start a foundation in his name. >> the community morning the death of a police officer who a investigators say officer vehicle 25 miles north of charlotte and at some point the driver shot the 32-year-old officer. he was taken to the hospital where he died from his injuries. sheldon was a k-9 officer who
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had been with the department for six years. the 28-year-old suspect was out on bond following a recent dui arrest. investigators say he left the scene and was later tracked to a nearby apartment building and found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. our time is 4:42. an anti semetic message literally falling from the sky. we'll show you how officials are responds at sacramento state and a sold-out concert. and the number of measles cases still on the rise. what the centers for disease control and prevention is saying about some infected travelers. bay area bridges look good. >> this morning we're joined by a few scattered showers. we'll take a look at the current conditions and show you what you can expect for the afternoon and the rest of the week coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 4:45. muslims have 30 days of increasing prayers and fasting and no food or drink from dawn they celebrate the revelation of the quran to the prophet muhammad ali. >> 4:45. police are investigating when they were dropped by a drone
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during an event at sacramento state. flyers with squat city cas were dropped friday night and also dropped near the golden one center where thousands of fans were waiting to go inside for an ariana grande concert. one had a red x and phrases like the press is the enemy. here with the state hornet we were covering the festival which was a fundraiser. there were two separate drone drops and roughly 200 of these were dropped. some had the name tracy mapes. mapes is the sacramento man arrested in 2017 suspected of dropping anti media leaflets over a game. the president of the university called those suppliers vile and offensive. new security measures will take affect in san jose this summer startingall 1st. all bags must be clear and no
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larger than 12 by 6 by 12 inches. people will be able to check any noncompliance bag for a $5 fee. other security measures will remain the same. 4:47. health experts reporting 78 more cases of the measles in just the past week. the centers for disease control and prevention there are now 704 confirmed measles cases around the country compared to 372 in all of last year. doctors say many outbreaks of the measles are linked to travelers who came back from israel, ukraine and philippines. also the centers for disease control and prevention anti vaccination movements have been on the rise. they past said they were eliminated in the u.s. in the year 2000. in southern california it has reached 14 for new cases. 8 are among l.a.
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county residents. six among visitors to los angeles. time is now 4:48. the giants are going to play the cincinnati reds this morning. now when they played yesterday it was a rough start for the giants' pitcher. the reds hit back-to-back home runs on three pitches. the giants did storm back in the 6th inning and scored four runs. with the game tied at four, he crushed a two-run homer in the 9th and put the giants up for good and they won 6-4. this morning the game starts at 9:35. they will wrap up their series today. >> once the reds are done playing the giants they will head to oakland to play the a's tomorrow night. a's have the night off after finishing in pittsburgh against the pirates. it was tied at one when he made an amazing catch at the wall. wow is right. the game went into extra
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innings jumping to the 13th inning, he gave the a's the lead. they made that wo runs. bottom half of the inning, he crushes a three-run home run to give the pirates a walk-off win. they finished with just one win. >> he crushed that. >> yes. >> time is 4:49. sal, he was watching baseball, but he is also watching your commute and taking care of the folks. good morning. >> good morning dave, pam, we're off to a nice start. i'm uk going to talk about the tracy commute. we have some slow traffic here on 205 and 580. hay come together you'll see the traffic is going to be slow especially on 205 from at least 11th as we head out to the 580 interchange. other than that livermore, dublin, hayward looks good. i 880 traffic moving well. when yeah get to the bay
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bridge, you'll see the traffic mere father toll plaza is picking up. >> 4:50. here is rosemary. good morning. mostly cloudy. a little mist, drizzle, a few light showers to go along with that, as well. storm tracker 2. we have a system rolling through central southern california. the wraparound moisture coming our way. that is why you see it's coming east to west. we had a thunderstorm moving through the south bay earlier this morning. this is the four-hour time lapse. in here you'll see the lightning strikes. this moved on. at this through the morning hours. into sunrise and beyond, we continue too dry out. by the afternoon, partly sunny, partly cloudy condition.
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you'll find light rain there. some around santa rosa, stretching to the san ra fell, so noma valley. light showers there. into the central add south bay, not as widespread but there is missed and drizzle falling below the radar beam. generally light winds. a breeze in napa about 8. breezy through the delta and fairfield, a wind gust of 30 miles per hour the onshore breeze sticking with us today. morning showers followed by afternoon clearing and then for the second part of the afternoon continuing to clear out. temp navado. 54 caster valley. relatively mild out there this morning. temperatures expected to warm into the low 60s at the coast to low 70s inland. 72 ante yock for today. 71 expected san jose. here is your extended forecast. we dry out, we warm up getting
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into tuesday. then we are into the up per 70s to lower 80s. 70s around the bay. 60s at the coast. >> time is 4:52. an incredible story how the show must go on. up next, a university choir took the stage and performed just one day after they were involved in a fiery bus crash. what those courageous singers said how they were able to pull it altogether.
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(singing.) (singing.) ♪ >> listen to those beautiful voices. a talented a claimed university choir forms in san francisco just one day after the bus the student es were riding in was involved in a fiery crash. somehow they were able to get off the bus before it burst into flames and somehow they were able to put it behind them and deliver two very powerful performance ktvu's lee martinez talk about how they got back to it and how they received help in the bay area. >> ♪ force >> a collection of voices so
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beautiful the perform pans inside the third baptist church is healing. >> just listen to on the bus. yeah, no, we could have lost that. >> the world renown choir from oakwood university in huntsville, alabama. a bus carrying 18 choir members and wo staff members couldn't avoid colliding with an accident ahead on highway 101 near the san francisco airport. that crash was minor but sends later another vehicle slammed into the back of the bus sending students flying out of their seats. >> i just said you need to get off the bus. everyone off the bus now. >> moments after they got off the bus it caught fire burning all of their belongings. >> we came out of that. >> the choir manager becomes emotional thingking of how students in his care. today he walks with a cane
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still suffering from whiplash ♪ on sunday they said their voices as promised at third baptist. >> we peel encouraged because of all the love we received yesterday. we feel blessed to still be here. a little pain. my neck is very stiff right now, but we're hopeful. >> it is a mixture of gratitude of course and concern because it was a family that actually lost someone. he died in the crash. choir members say they sang for him. >> you could tell that words are meaning something a little different this weekend. >> they received meals and clothing donations from individuals and local businesses. they feel grateful not only to have their lives but to have this generosity but they say the man who lost his life was weighing heavily on their
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hearts and minds during the performances. time is 4:58. the trial resumes today for the ghost ship warehouse fire. coming up, the testimony that is expectnd and why lawyers for the defendants don't want the jury to hear it. also local firefighters in hot water over flyers. we'll show you what is at the heart of this controversy as one gripe is demanding action.
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he stopped briefly and retrieved something from that vehicle and then he took off and ran. a car crash leave as family injured. the search for the driver who took off after plowing right into them. plus, people are getting shot. go inside. >> several people recovering in the hospital after a shooting at a beach. we hear from witnesses. they described the scene and what may have started it. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. this is monday morning. >> yes, it is. >> mornings on 2. thank you for joining us may 6th, 2019. rosemary orozco is in for steve. she will tell you if you need an umbrella. >> probably not. a few light showers. a little bit more


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