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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 6, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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ordinance. >> this is a piece of legislation that would ban the use of facial recognition technology. >> reporter: san francisco would be the first city in the country to do so. although it isn't the only bay area city considering it. in oakland, similar ideas working with police through committees now also touches on what private companies do with the information they collect. >> both san francisco and oakland ordinances govern sharing arrangements and under both of our proposals which are using the same language that police would not be able to receive that data. >> reporter: supporters of facial recognition software technology say it will help fight crime and identify criminals. opponents say it comes at a price. >> the question isn't whether we have anything to hide. the question is whether we have something to protect. >> reporter: san francisco found the facial recognition software had difficulty detecting darker skin tones.
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>> the test where we scanned the faces of congress against a mugshot database showed that amazon's facial recognition product had some serious flaws. it misidentified people as being arrested when they actually hadn't been. >> reporter: it also calls for larger oversight of surveillance tools in all city departments. >> our muni buses are equipped with cameras. those would have to adhere to the policy. ere to the policy. >> the ordinance was cosponsored by four supervisors. they have a lot of support and confident it will pass. if it does, you can be sure cities across the country will be taking note. in east bay there, is outrage tonight over a lunar new year card distributed by fire s. asian-americans say that it's racist. community leaders are calling for an investigation.
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>> reporter: many east bay asian-americans say they're hurt by what they saw. it reminded some of racism that he endured decades ago. >> to see a postcard like this makes me sick again. >> reporter: she's talking about two lunar new year cards sent from fire station 22 in san lorenzo. it showed firefighters in hats and other images portraying asians in a derogatory light. >> the firefighters wearing asian ethnic clothing and bamboo hats to humiliate asians, while acting out racial stereotypes. and that is shocking to our community. >> reporter: members of the asian pacific island community are speaking out now. they want alameda county to investigate and are demanding the county fire department increase its sensitivity training and they say just 4% of the fire
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department is asian and pacific islander, even though they represent almost a third of the county. >> the racially offensive card from the alameda county fire station shows that the county has hard work in front of it. >> we're grateful for what she's firefighters do. but at the same time we need to call attention to something that probably should have been caught internally. >> reporter: ktvu first reached out to the fire department administration a week ago. all we received in response is a statement from the fire chief. one community leader says he did meet with the fire chief last would do whatever it takes to investigate. >> reporter: no word on if those responsible for the cards are still working or have been suspended.
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a very loving person. she loved everyone. >> the mother of one of the 36 ghost ship warehouse victims. she was the first witness on the stand today as testimony in that trial began. it was an emotional day in an oakland courtroom. ktvu crime reporter, henry lee was there, and says that mother testified about the final text message she received from her daughter who was trapped inside that burning warehouse. >> reporter: "i'm gonna die now". that was the last text message she got from her daughter before she died. >> se uldn't get out. >> reporter: sheave the first to take the stand in the trial of derick almena and max harris. each has been charged with 36
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counts of involuntary manslaughter, one count for each victim who died in the oakland fire. cidlik immediately began cry when asked if she recognized the woman in the photo. weeping she said "yes, my daughter." defense attorneys didn't ask her any questions. they tried unsuccessfully to mrok her from coming to the stand first. >> she was resolve. lovely. she was a musician. she was an artist. she helped people. >> they wanted her up there so that everyone absorbs her pain, her suffering. and it casts what's called an emotional shadow on the case right at the inception. >> reporter: the second witness was nicholas bouchard, seen here on the right when he testified at a preliminary hearing. bouchard co-signed a lease with almena. bouchard says he wanted to get out of the lease because of changes almena wanted with the building. but his attorneyd has an ax to grind.
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>> he harbors all kinds of malice against my client. and he was going to say anything he thought that would hurt him. >> reporter: the defense says their goal is to prove that the fire was a result of arson. that even if the warehouse was up to code, it still would have burned up. >> so we consider most of their evidence in that area as psychologically oriented, and a red herring. >> reporter: testimony begins tuesday. one of the witnesses, less than electrician which called the ghost ship a death trap, died sunday in his apartment in san pablo. his testimony will likely be read into the record. >> #4e7bry plans to be in court every day at the trial.
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officials say they're bracing for a tough wildfire season ahead. emergency officials headed to mcclelland air force base in sacramento today. they are working to improve forest management and clear vegetation. they are asking the public to chip in by preparing an evacuation plan, and preparing defensible spaces around their home. >> part of this responsibility is not just a government responsibility. it's an individual responsibility. it's important to learn about the threats in your area. what kind of a fire zone do you live in? >> work was set to begin last week to create a fire break in the east bay hills, stretching from berkeley and oakland into aryneda and lafayette. it's one of 35 high-priority projects identified across the state. pg&e says they're joining with two other energy companies on a statewide wildfire safety campaign. pg&e along with san diego gas and electricity and southern california edison launch a website and provide
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other materials on getting ready for wildfires. the campaign will encourage people to be ready for possible extended power outages in fire-prone areas and to sign up for outage alerts. an alarming report from the united nations warns that nature is in more trouble now than it ever has been, with 1 million species facing extinction. scientists say species of plants and animals, being lost at a rate tens of times faster than in the past. and people are at fault. researchers say ma development has led to the loss of habitat, climate ch pollution, and other threats. while the problem traces back to humanity, it's not too late to fix it. we're extremely lucky that we didn't lose an officer. >> after the break, new details about a deadly police shooting this weekend that also left a police sergeant seriously injured. >> for the first time in 15
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years, the san francisco fire department has a new chief item she says she is so proud of the department. >> we are looking into a bit of a warmup. a slow one but a warmup nonetheless. >> and two men in the east bay are creating smoother rides for drivers. >> taking a live look right now outside at the golden gate bridge. traffic is moving again. the chp just cleared an injury accident. it was really slowing up that commute. many people living with diabetes monitor their blood glucose every day. which means they have to stop. and stick their fingers. repeatedly. today, life-changing technology from abbott makes it possible to track glucose levels.
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without drawing a drop of blood, again and again. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest.
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san jose police chief, eddie garcia, described saturday's officer-involved shooting as a close call for one of his sergeants. >> extremely lucky that we didn't lose an officer. >> reporter: it happened saturday when investigators tracked a stolen vehicle to an apartment complex near story road. police spotted the suspect
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in the carport and tried to box him in. authorities say that's when the suspect tried to take off. >> the officer was knocked to the ground. the officer now underneath and to the side of his vehicle was pinned between a parked vehicle and the suspect's vehicle. >> reporter: the chief says the sergeant and two other officers all opened fire, killing the suspect. >> all i seen was a cop kinda sitting and standing in the chair of the ambulance. he was getting pumped on hichest. another body was on the floor already. >> reporter: in the moments before the shooting, the suspect was acting erratically. he jumped through the car's sun roof, running across rooftops of surrounding cars and talked to officers for 5.5 minutes. >> at one point, it looked like we were about five seconds away from him coming down off the car to what then transpired. it's just another example of how things unravel very quickly in our world. >> reporter: authorities describe the suspect as a known gang member with previous
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arrests for auto theft, assault and drugs among other things. >> the training in different scenarios will never be able to account for what is the desperation of a suspect, of a felon who then tries to escape by taking one of my officer's lives. >> reporter: the injured sergeant suffered several fractured bones and has already been released from the hospital of the all the officers involved have been placed on routine paid administrative leave. ann rubin, ktvu, fox 2 news. to oakland now where a competence trial is set to begin july 29th for the man accused of stabbing a young woman to death on the platform of a concord barlt station. cowell is charged with the death of 18-year-old, nia wilson, and wounding her young sister moments after he got off the train. the trial will determine whether he is competent to stand trial on murder and attempted murder
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charges. the alameda superior court judge turned over psychiatric records to the prosecution. authorities are on the scene of a deadly, head-on crash on highway 4 in brentwood. both directions of highway 4 are shut down between marsh creek road and balfour road. the accident happened at about 4:30 this afternoon. there is no estimated time when this roadway will reopen. drivers are being urged to find a different route around the area. >> today's temperatures, pretty mild. certainly compared to yesterday and the day before. and even last week. highs tomorrow will warm up from these numbers about 10 degrees. we're gonna find in these inland valleys, mid-70s, upper 70s. 76, 77. around the bay, it's gonna a little warmer too. upper 60s. then at the coast it, stays
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pretty cool because of fog. you can see the rotation, spinning a little bit, counterclockwise. it's just a weak low pressure system lingering here. it's pulling this at the higher elevations toward us too. that's where we got the shower last night. surface pushing the clouds this way. surface wind and the upper elevation winds are bringing the higher clouds, or the blowoff from the thunderstorms in lake tahoe toward us. and that said, we merge into just a band of cloudiness. cloudy most of the day. fairfield broke off for a little while today, for a time. milpitas, for a time. as you look rat oakland, the blue, look at oakland, the blue sky toward the bay. and the flag over here on the tribune building, blowing pretty significantly. a strong onshore surface wind, blowing the clouds our way. what's it mean? it means tomorrow, not quite as cool.
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more sunshine as these clouds clear the area, and temperatures generally 5 to 8 degrees warmer in the inland valley. san francisco's new fire chief was sworn in today at city hall. jeanine nickel son becomes the first openly lgbt person to hold this position and the second woman to serve as fire chief. nicholson is a 25-year veteran of the department. >> we have the second-most dense city population in the country. second only to new york. that brings its own challenges. we have the most diverse department in the country. we are extremely proud of that. >> nicholson survived second-degree burns she sed fighting an arson, she suffered fighting an arson fire in 2009. she is a breast cancer survivor and has become an advocate for efforts to prevent cancer among firefighters. today marks the last day on
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the job for bart police chief carlos rojas. he is retiring after leading the department for the past two years. >> reporter: we sat down with the chief to take a closer look at the issues he faced and the challenges that still remain. rojas told us he's added more police officers in the past two years, cutting vacancies by half. he says excessive force complaints are down. rojas beefed up foot patrols and surveillance, helped create bart's proof of payment program to avoid fare evasion. but bart crime has been on the rise, fare evasion and other issues need more work. and bart has to deal with more leadership change as the general manager announced her retirement.
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>> are you worried that there's too much change going on? >> any time we have change in a large organization, folks become concerned because there is a level of uncertainty. but i'm very confident in the three deputy chiefs that we currently have in place. >> bart's deputy chief, ed alvarez, will fill in for now as a search for a new chief gets underway. the names of ten law enforcement officers were added to the peace officers memorial today in sacramento. >> the names include corporal ramill singh who was shot and killed the day after christmas in stanislaus county. she left behind an infant son and wife. and the first officer who tried to stop the gunman who killed 11 people inside a bar and grill in
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thousand oaks last november. friends and family of the fallen were joined by thousands of law enforcement officers from all around the state. governor newsom and attorney general basera were among those who spoke at the ceremony. >> they are heroes. truly it is those who enforce our laws that make us the home of the brave. >> all ten officers were memorialized with a bronze plaque. they joined the more than 1,500 california law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. still ahead here, keeping streets safe for pedestrians and bikeriders. the crackdown underway in a bay area city. how the effort, known as vision zero, is doing five years down the road. >> the warriors getting ready for game 4 against the rockets this evening. coming up, a
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preview from scott reese at the toyota center in houston.
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the president also recognized woods for his
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charitable work. woods has been a longstanding business associate of the president. the warriors are back in action tonight, hooking to take game 4 from the rockets in hufb. scott reese is in texas at the toyota center with a preview. >> reporter: guy, we're getting close to tip-off here in houston. and every series has multiple twists and turns. we're in for a big one tonight, one way or the other. the warriors win, go up 3-1 and take a hold on the series. or the rockets send this back to the bay area tied at two. and the best of seven is a best of three. steph curry of out here earlier doing his usually pregame warmup routine. he did still have the taped fingers on his left hand. hard to know whether that's affecting him physically, or maybe mentally. but the fact remains steph is a major story line in this seer, shooting just 35% from the field. that is not the only important story line for the warriors. tops on the
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list, more energy, better rebounding. >> definitely have to cut down the rebounding margin. that part of the game. i think we'll exceed that tonight and learn from our mistakes. >> the biggest adjustment is always an emotional one. the fight, the competitive spirit. that's the first adjustment. and then we tweak things from there. >> reporter: obviously kevin durant, always critical to the warriors' success. he's put up a string of 40-pl playoffs. went for 46 for the loss in game 3. kd has been on the bench for a total of 12 minutes in the three games so far. news at 6:30 is up next with two people who call themselves pothole vigilantes. >> just fill the pothole up, brush the debris up, fill it up with the asphalt material x. then just tamper it down.
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>> we'll hear from the two men who are filling in potholes on their own, keeping their names a secret. and how city officials are responding. >> the man accused of throwing rocks and damaging 20 cars now under arrest. how investigators were able to track him down.
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the jury in the ghost ship warehouse trial heard from the first witness in the case. she received the last text message from her daughter read "i'm gonna die now." legislation underway in san francisco to ban facial recognition software. the supervisor has introduced legislation that would ban that technology because he says it could compromise privacy. if passed, san francisco would be the first city in the country to
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enact such a law. asian-americans are demanding that alameda county conduct a full investigation of a fire station in san lorenzo that distributed lunar new year cards that some say contain racist stereotypes. community members. the county fire department to increase its sensitivity training. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. two men are taking matters into their own hands. they call themselves the pothole vigilantes. >> one just moved back to oakland and couldn't believe the number of potholes around the city. >> done. >> reporter: so-called pothole vigilantes. >> we can fill up a pothole probably in about ten minutes. >> reporter: two anonymous men, filling potholes in the dark. >> all you gotta do is fill the
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pothole up, brush the debris out, fill it up with the asphalt material, and then just tamper it down. >> we try to do it after 9:00 pm, one the traffic dies down. and we put our hazard lights on, make sure it's safe. >> reporter: the operation started two weeks ago, mostly around lake merit, after they got fed up with the city's inability to fix the problem. they're taking donations through venmo and gofundme. >> for some reason we don't see it on the street. >> we're trying to pool some money to help out. it's miserable. it's only an all of time before your tires blow. >> reporter: the city of oakland says they don't condone or recommend that residents do this work themselves because it raises safety issues. but people are frustrated. >> every time it rains, usually, they get worse. and then it takes forever for someone to come if they ever do come.
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i've never seen a crew come and fix them. >> reporter: a spokesman for the department of public works says the oakland city council is set to vote tuesday on a new plan to invest $100 million paving streets over the next three years. >> they have a three-year plan. but it only takes five, ten minutes for us to fill a pothole so much i don't see why it should take that long. >> i think they're my saviors right now. they saved us. we don't want the accidents on this road. and i appreciate that. >> reporter: it cost anywhere from $50 to $100 to fill a pothole depending on its size. and the vigilantes plan to fill more potholes this second. their goal on gofundme is $60,000 because they want to create a pothole reporting app. police in san francisco stepped up traffic enforcement today. it's part of an ongoing effort to make things safer for
6:33 pm
bike riders and pedestrians. officers were out in force looking at their campaign to bring the number of pedestrian and bike rider deaths down to zero by 2024. >> we're at about 12 fatalities so far this year. and we feel that one death is too many when you're trying to travel from point a to point b. >> the city say on the using the data about where and how these deadly collisions happen and will be use the data gathered over the last five years to dry to reduce the number of pedestrian deaths from the next five years. to santa cruz county where a suspected drunk driver was arrested shortly after crashing into a deputy's patrol vehicle. it happened early this morning in watsonville. the driver was heading in the wrong direction on airport boulevard when he crashed into the deputy's suv the driver is facing dui
6:34 pm
charges. the deputy is expected to be okay. the 28-year-old man suspected of throwing robs at cars on a south bay freeway is facing charges with of assault with a deadly weapon and felony vandalize. eye withins reported a man throwing rocks. the suspect hit at least 15 to 20 cars. deputies arrived on the scene to find damaged cared pulled over to the side of the road. witnesses told them the suspect ran off into a field nearby. deputies managed to find valdiz with the help of several other agencies and specially-trained search teams. >> we are one of the only agencies that has deputies who are specifically trained in tracking. and federal for us yesterday, we had several deputies who were working their normal patrol shift parks troll duty that were trained in that, which helped us tremendously in locating the suspect. santa clara county has
6:35 pm
released a new program to get unwanted guns out of circulation. people can drop off unwanted weapons at the sheriff's office, no questions asked. county leaders say the goal is to take guns out of the hand was criminals, prevent accidental shootings, and reduce suicides. this program is different from gun buy-backs because no money is given in exchange for the gun. >> if you want to get rid of a firearm on your own, you don't have to wait to and drive to the next firearm give-back. i mean, buy-back. and it's $100 or $200. that they give for firearms. >> sheriff smith says the benefit of the new program is that people can drop off unwanted guns 24 hours a day, seven days a week. putting pressure on iran in response to threat was a possible attack. the military move revealed late today b trump administration. >> if you rely on ride-share companies, the strike being
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the u.s. secretary of state, mike pompeo, say the trump administration is sending a military message to iran. he says the plan is to, quote, "get iran to behave like a normal nation." the white house decided to send an aircraft carrier battle group to the midwest, following reports that iran could be considering an attack on u.s. forces or allies in the region.
6:39 pm
the justice department says it had hoped to meet with housee their request for robert mueller's full russia report. the committee is now set to vote on wednesday whether to hold the attorney general in contempt of congress. democrats are also in talks with robert mueller to testify before congress as soon as next week. steve mneutralin says the administration will not turn over president trump's tax returns to house democrats. democrats are expected to either subpoena the irs or file a lawsuit. the president refused to release his tax returns candidate, saying they are under audit. over the weekend, the president threatened to raise
6:40 pm
tariffs on $200 billion worth of chinese goods from 10% to 25%. late today, the u.s. trade representative said they will go forward with this and accused china of breaking unspecified promises. the tariffs will affect a wide range of goods from vacuum cleaners to burglar alarms. >> he wants to put pressure on china. but he makes sure that he reacts, the trade deal completely. completely. >> talks with the chinese trade delegation are still expected to continue. the president's threat sent shares tumer. at one point, it was down as much as 471 points. the nasdaq ended up 30 points lower. and the s&p was off 13. drivers are uber planning to strike on wednesday in several u.s. cities ahead of uber's ipo
6:41 pm
later this week. drivers in san francisco, new york, chicago and los angeles are hoping to bring attention to working conditions and pay structure. they want to cap the company's commission on rides saying 80% to 85% of ride proceeds should go to the driver. in san francisco, drivers plan to turn off their app and go on strike from noon to midnight on wednesday. a little bit of sun just came out at san francisco airport behind me here. it's been cloudy most of the day. temperatures down but they warm this week. >> heather holmes now in the newsroom with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the 7:00 news on ktvu plus. >> stopping what's known as the "school to prison pipeline"wantt help keep young people out of prison. and you can see the mistake in this scene. right here. the very modern-day item that accidentally made its way into a scene from last night's game of thrones episode.
6:42 pm
those story and a lot more coming up live at 7:00. >> first, after the break, for the 9th time this year, another dead whale washed ashore i bay area. >> and a live look outside on this cloudy day. y day. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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marine biologists say they hope to learn what caused the death of a gray whale that washed up in ocean buy at san
6:45 pm
francisco. the gray whale washed ashore this morning between the beach chalet and the lincoln way. the center is planning a necropsy tomorrow. a number of people who heard about the whale came out to take a look at the animal up-close. >> i find it fascinating mostly. it's sad in a way. but i don't know what happened to this whale. i'm not sure if it's natural or unnatural. i'm just intrigued and checking it out. >> the discovery makes nine known whale deaths in the bay area so far this year. the marine mammal center four whales died from ship strikes. warming oceans may be making it more difficult for gray whales to find enough to eat. >> always so sad to see something like that wash up on a beach. let's get a check of the weather now. a chilly day around the bay area. definitely not beach weather. >> definitely not, yeah.
6:46 pm
i always say we didn't see a lot of whales 20, 30 years ago up here. i think part of the reason for seeing dead whales is there's a lot more whales. it's double, it's triple. so there's good news, bad news there. there's ship strikes because there's a lot more whales. you see them, but not as densely as you see them now. so, as you go outside today, you look at these numbers. how calm and cool it was in our neighborhood. these are the highs from today. highs tomorrow come up a good 7 to 10 degrees inland. high clouds coming from the mountains where there are thunderstorms. low clouds coming from the coast. and two different wind directions, one from the surface, one aloft, and that's where we are right now. high clouds and low clouds. temperatures that are pretty darn cool. cloudy all day in the north bay.
6:47 pm
it broke off in some places, on and off. but not enough to get the temperatures off the ground. you can see shadows, a little bit of filtered sunshine, san bruno mountain up in the background there. highs will generally be inland, 10 degrees warmer. around the coast, they'll be generally about the same. and then around the bay, 6, degrees warmer. the microclimate is gonna work out. mid-60s around the bay, into the hills, the livermore valley. the condition tracosta va contra costa valley, livermore valley. ood upper 70s. warmer but not what you would expect. tomorrow morning, a lot of fog, a lot of clouds, burns off tomorrow afternoon. then you see that shift again. the next, wednesday morning, more fog, not as much, or low clouds.
6:48 pm
and thursday, more thursday. clearing wednesday. thursday, friday, the high starting to did back. that's the high coming back. and that'll set us up both those days. thursday and friday. the warmest days of the week. temperatures in the low 80s. not hot. just low 80s. and tomorrow, the forecast highs, 76 in morgan hill, 76 in gilroy. and the five-day forecast with thursday and friday being the warmest days. you can pop sunday in there too. it cools off for saturday and sunday. looks like the weekend is gonna be kinda mild like it was this weekend. thank you, the newest royal baby was born today. for harry and his wife, meghan, they are the proud new parents to a baby boy. prince harry promised to show the new baby to the world once the couple has celebrated privately.
6:49 pm
>> it was amazing. absolutely incredible. i'm so incredibly proud of my wife. and every father and parent would ever say, your baby is absolutely amazing. but i'm just over the moon. >> this is the queen's eighth great grandchild. so far the royal couple has not announced a name for their new baby boy. the giants and the reds game delayed this afternoon when a swarm of bees decided to stop by. mark will show us how they finally got rid of those bees and will tell us who ended up winning the game. coming up next in sports. >> here's a live at the prime time lineup. alright, you excited? yeah!
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>> a huge sports night. warriors and sharks already played today. trouble indeed. >> trouble with pretty much everything. the thing i've been
6:53 pm
saying about the giants, everybody pretty much knows they're not going to the world series this year. pablo sandoval pitching, a record amount of batters h pitches in one inning. and to top it off, a problem with bees back in cincinnati. and there it is. they had an 18-minute delay in cincinnati before they finally got going. do not swat the bees. that'll make them angry. 5-run first for the red off drew prom ranz. pomeranz. suarez to get it rolling in the 2nd, 5-1id, just up from the minor leagues, nick stencil, having a sensational weekend. the giants have two on, two out for pablo sandoval. that's a three-run tater right
6:54 pm
there, frank. 7-4, all of a sudden. the giants would wind up on the short end. before they got any comeback ideas like friday and sunday. josi iglesias with a two-run shot off the wall there. 9-4 at the time. the final is 12-4. 15 home runs. those are the beekeepers, by the way, rewarded with some gifts from the reds manager right there. they just happened to be at the game. four-game series. giants gave up 27 runs. a little history along the way. bizarre. the 6th inning, four reds battereds beaned. tied a major league set in 1893. here's pablo. he does a little history-making. steals a base. that's one. home run earlier. a little later, he took the mound and pitched. >> what? >> he's the first guy to steal a
6:55 pm
base, hit a home run and pitch since kirsty masterson in 1905. just another day at the office for sandoval. it will not be, potentially, another day at the office for the sharks. they have a chance to wrap up their series in colorado with the avs. commanding a 3-2 lead in uc. the crowd reacts to joe pavelski making an appearance saturday night at the tank. were you there? >> i was. i was. >> very emotional. still won't play. and a big story for the sharks. the goalkeeping of jones. >> martin jones. >> martin jones has stopped 125 of 135 shots. that's a great percentage. he's the key. but logan couture has been kind of a scoring machine in the postseason. said they gotta help him out offensively too. >> we gotta score more goals obviously. but he's playing really well, making a lot of
6:56 pm
big-time saves. and he's got some good looks, chances in the slot where we need to put it in the back of the net. he's been really, really good. meantime, a little nba basketball, warriors on their way against the houston rockets. early going there. milwaukee taking a commanding lead over boston. on the parquet floor, no less. pretty much had his way. did almost everything he wanted to on the court tonight. 39 points. 16 rebounds. milwaukee goes up three games to one in the series. played back in wisconsin on wednesday night. 113-101 is the final. meanwhile over the weekend, in case you missed it, how about this? the boston red sox have a mariachi played in their clubhouse prior, as they did on cinco de mayo yesterday.
6:57 pm
>> they've never lost when a mariachi band played. we don't know how many times the band has actually played in their clubhouse. but they are the world champs. they do whatever they want. you gotta see this shot yesterday. the nuggets, jamal murray, trick shot. behind the backboard. >> oh, my gosh. >> not only goes in, swishes in. one of the first points of the game. that's like a shot you play out in your driveway. in case you missed it, saturday, kevin pilarof the giants, he's known for this, they call him superman. >> no way. wow. >> spiderman, you name it. there you go. beautiful. >> incredible. >> that is the sporting life at this hour. huge stuff tonight. >> thank you.inues on ktvu plus. i like chillaxin'.
6:58 pm
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interesting. do you recall this conversation? "leonard, want to go halfsies on a steamer?" "no, sheldon, we don't need a steamer." looks like that rumpled chicken's come home to roost. hi. here are the make-up sponges you asked for. oh, thanks, i thought i had more. damn, you've got more makeup than i do. you've got better makeup than i do. yeah, i'm borrowing this. hey, hey, hey, hey. this is my comic-con makeup. i love you, but there are some things a man doesn't share with his girlfriend. that's a wise policy. i once borrowed my sister's makeup for a costume contest. got a terrible case of pinkeye. yeah, but luckily, i was going as a zombie. i won second place. i feel like you guys just went to comic-con. that was san diego comic-con. this is bakersfield comic-con. is that better? well, it's a lot smaller. it's more about the comic books. the way these conventions used to be before they went all hollywood.


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