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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  May 7, 2019 6:00am-6:58am PDT

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56 for areas over san jose and livermore is 54. here is a look at stormtracker 2. there is a view of all the cloud cover along the coast. it will pull back and by the afternoon we are looking at partly cloudy skies for the coast, mostly sunny elsewhere and temperatures up by several degrees over yesterday. fairfield on shore breeze at 16. concord at 7. oakland at 8. the on shore breeze will keep temperatures at the coast fairly cool. low to mid 60s for most. for the rest of us a lot of 70s going around for the afternoon today. hecond part of the morning, but by afternoon partly cloudy at the coast and mostly clear for the rest of us. there is a look as we get into the second part of the afternoon and early evening hours. here is a comparison from yesterday to today. santa rosa is going up by about 15 degrees or so. san francisco, you will notice the difference and of 6. 76 the afternoon high in concord. 66 yesterday.
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10 degrees of warming coming your way. 57 in san jose. areas over the north bay, 70 degrees in san rafael and the inner east bay 77 in antioch. nice and mild and even warm for some there. temperatures will continue to climb the next few days. i will have an extended look at the forecast into the weekend coming up. but for now let's check traffic with sal. we have traffic at the bay bridge that will be a little bit slow approach from the macarthur maze, but 80 westbound itself doesn't look too bad from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. when you get to the bay bridge it is backed up here for about a 25 to 30 minute delay. no problems on i-880. a problem on the peninsula. southbound 101 north of marsh road an accident is blocking the two left lanes. we don't have a big back up yet. just a little one. it will probably grow. you may want to stick with 280 instead. at 6:02, back to the desk. happening today marine
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biologists will be examining the latest dead whale that washed up on the beach in the bay area. nine dead whales have been found on beaches in the past two months. elissa harrington has more from ocean beach where a gray whale was found yesterday morning. >>you can see gray whale where the water breaks along ocean beach by the murphy windmill on lincoln bay. this is the ninth dead whale discovered in the bay area in two months. the creature was found on ocean beach yesterday morning. its length, weight and age is not yet known but experts with the marine mammal center say depending on the titheds they expect to perform a necropsy. half of the whales found dead died from malnutrition. three were hit by ships. scientists are looking into long term solutions to prevent
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future deaths. spectators flocked to the beach yesterday to see the whale up close. >> i am here to investigate. i use my art to look at more closely. >> the majesty, the awesomeness of nature. i mean, you look at how amazing it is and it kind of reminds you of your place >> reporter: the coast guard did get another call yesterday about a dead whale in the rodeo area near the refinery pier. at this time it is unclear if that is a new dead whale which would bring the number to ten or the body of a whale spotted in the same area back in april. live at ocean beach, elissa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. . >> thank you. the time is 6:03. also happening today oakland mayor lippy schaaff will present her budget plan to the oakland city council. allie rasmus is at city hall right now.
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the plan includes more money for affo to fixing potholes. good morning, allie. >> reporter: yes. mayor libby schaaff says that residents surveyed wanted the city to focus on three major priorities, addressing homelessness, creating affordable housing, and fixing and repairing streets and sidewalks. the budget includes increased spending on those items. $3.2 billion is the budget for the next two years and here is a look at some of the things it includes. $21 million to fund programs for hokelessness. $30 million for affordable housing projects with $18 million of that specifically going to the construction of 460 units in the brooklyn basin development. and $110 million in infrastructure spending, the bulk of that would go to street repaving projects and pothole repair. fixing potholes has become enough of an issue for some
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oakland residents, some have taken to repairing the truckabling roads around the city themselves. >> it is quite easy, you just fill the pothole up, brush the debris out, fill it up and tap it down. >> we put our hazard lights on, try to do it after 9:00 p.m. when the traffic is light and make sure it is safe >> reporter: one of the departments that will see a boost is the fire prevention bureau. that department's budget would nearly double. the mayor wants to add 11 new positions so inspectors can check commercial buildings, residential properties and manage vegetation, particularly in the hills to prevent wildfires. there are $75 million in the budget to support the oakland
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unified school district. under this proposal the city's park and reaction budget would suffer the most. their budget would remain frozen with eight positions in the department that would go unfilled. over the next month-and-a-half the details of this proposed budget will have to be hammered out with the city council and a final budget will be due for the city by june 306789 live in oakland, allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news >> all right, allie. today the oakland city council will also consider whether to reduce the legal requirement for ceilings in oakland homes from 7 feet. the hope ceiling height more homeowners would be basement units for rent, increasing the housing supply in oakland. witness testimony continues today in the trial of the ghost ship warehouse fire. the jury heard from the first witness in the case yesterday. carol cidlic shared the last text message she received from
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her daughter, nicole siegrist that said quote i am going to die now. >> she was lovely, a musician, an artist. she helped people. everybody loved her >> reporter: defense attorneys did not ask her any questions. the second witness was nicholas bouchard that co-signed the lease and said he wanted to get out of the lease because almena made changes to the building that weren't allowed. you will find all our reports here on ktvu, on and updates are also on twitter. police in petaluma are hoping you can help identify suspects that spent thousands of dollars using stolen credit cards. a hike on sunday. len from a the cards were used at target stores in petaluma and roanoke park. some of the images of the
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suspects captured on surveillance video at two of the target stores. take a look. the police say the stolen credit cards were stolen from victims' wallets left inside their cars. the suspects spent $4,000 at the stores using the stolen cards. if you recognize them, contact petaluma police. new body camera released by vallejo police shows the deadly police shooting of 32-year-old renell foster >> the video shows a brief and officer ryan mcmann who had chased foster behind a building. you can see a struggle, then officer mcmann shoots foster as he gets up. one month later foster's family filed a wrongful death lawsuit. officer mcmann was also involved in another controversy deadly shooting this year, among six officers that shot and killed willy mccoy last
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february. mccoy was asleep in his car in the drive-thru of a taco bell and had a loaded gun in his lap. in san francisco some people are speaking out against a resolution that would name china town's new central subway section after the late rose pack. she died three years ago, a well known advocate for china town. the protestors urged the board of supervisors not to pass the resolution. she aid rose pack was a polarizing figure >> rose pack put together all kinds of political deals which were not in the best interest of san francisco, but further, she wanted to further her own interest as well as those of her affiliates. >> the supervisor there is leading the push to name the subway station after rose pack. the station is due to be called the china town station. san francisco has a new fire chief this morning
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>> ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome jeanine nicholson. son. >> she was sworn in at city hall yesterday. she is a 25 year veteran of the department and the city's second female fire chief, proceeding joanne hayes-white. >> we work in a one-of-a-kind city. we fight fires in our own way and do a darn good job of it, san francisco! [cheering & applause] >> she is also a breast cancer survivor and has since become an advocate for efforts to prevent cancer among firefighters. the time is 6:10. still ahead, lowering the voting age to 16? we will tell you the bay area county that is voting today on making that change, and the opposition it is expected to face from state leaders. and getting ready for wildfire season. what the state is doing to address high risk areas before we have another big fire
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and in the east bay, highway 24 westbound looks pretty good on the way to the tunnel. if you are driving let you know more about this come back. and a mostly cloudy start to the day. more sunshine in the forecast for the afternoon details comin
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the state is focused on forest management. >> part of the responsibility is not just a government responsibility but an individual responsibility. it is important to learn about the threats in your area. with what kind of a fire zone do you live in? >> in the east bay hills creating fire break is one of the many high priority projects that cal fire crews will handle state-wide. tomorrow marks six months since the camp fire broke out in butte county. tomorrow afternoon frank somerville will laud our coverage from paradise. that is tomorrow afternoon starting with the 4 right here on ktvu fox 2 news. also today the concord city council will vote on spending more money on a downtown affordable housing project. the city has agreed to spend $5.5 million on a five story
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complex near the bart station. the plans include retailer space on the ground level with 44 apartments above. but there have been concerns that that was not enough housing. tonight the council will vote on spending another $2 million which will pay for an additional 18 apartments. our time is 6:15. the san jose sharks are coming back to san jose. they are playing a decisive game 7 against the colorado avalanche. they had a chance to close out the series last night late in the 3rd. but the game tied at three a piece. and early why overtime a shot was fired that got past martin jones and colorado won. 4-3. game 7 is tomorrow night at the sap center. and the western conference semifinal series between the warriors and rockets is heading back to oakland, now tied at two game as piece. steph curry had a better game last night after struggling
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uston was up by but the warriors scored the next 7 points. a 3 from curry to make it a 2 point game with 19 seconds. then james harden made it a three point game with 11 seconds. the warriors had two chances to tie the game in the final seconds >> we will leave him wide open. no? it is back to durant, and curry -- no! rebound! >> no. >> rockets held on to win 112- 108. game 5 is tomorrow night back at oracle. we have ktvu's scott reiss live in houston with reaction from the warriors. >> reporter: it is hard to win here. the warriors playing from behind pretty much the entire game, made it close but came
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up just a bit short. t. >> reporter: kevin durant had another strong game, 34 points putting him over 4,000 for his play-off career, just the tenth player in nba history to reach that milestone. in houston, scott reiss, ktvu fox 2 news >> somehow without telling each other, sal, we are wearing warriors colors. maybe we are trying to send good energy their way. >> that is good. at this point we will take anything we can, pam. >> yes. good morning, everyone. let's take a look at what we
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have. we will start with the bay bridge. it will be crowded as it normally is. there is nothing unusual about it. westbound the traffic is going to be okay. if you are using the carpool lane it is a little better. otherwise it will be about a 25 to 30 minute wait. this is at i-880. the traffic here is doing okay. i want to talk about the peninsula. southbound 101 near redwood city and marsh there is a crash there blocking lanes but it hasn't caused a big back up which is pretty good. southbound 280 is a pretty good alternate route heading to the south bay. no the a lot of slow traffic in the south bay right now. rosemary? good morning to you, sal. we will warm it up as we get into the bay area afternoon. right now outside our doors very similar to yesterday when it comes to the cloud cover and the temperatures. what we don't have is all that scattered shower activity we had on monday. it has moved to the east.
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arizona and the southern edge of nevada the showers are going right there. even a thunderstorm popping up over the sierra a little earlier this morning. if you are going to the sierra, scattered showers in the forecast for the afternoon today. it looks south of lake tahoe, so you should be a-okay if you are heading to the north end, orb even laked looks really good for the most part. here is a view of what is happening at home. a bit of an on shore breeze at the surface. that will keep temperatures along the coastline in the 60s today but the rest of us are warming to low 70s to mid to upper 70s for our inland cities. areas like antioch and brentwood will get close to 80 degrees. 77 for brentwood today. 76 for santa rosa. 70 berkeley, 70 san rafael, y beautiful. for the coliseum this evening if you are seeing the as play,
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the game time is 7:07. back in the low 60s with a southwest breeze the time of the game. even though it will be mild bring along the jacket. temperatures will be falling off in the evening hours. here is a look at the extended forecast. slightly warmer tomorrow. thursday and friday look to be the warmest days. we thought the warming trend would carry us through the weekend but the models have shifted a bit. thursday and friday we will be cooling it back a bit, upper 50s to low 60s at the coast. 60s around the bay and low to mid 70s for the inland communities. pam? >> thank you, rosemary. banning facial recognition technology. the two bay area cities considering the ban and the potential impact it would have. plus, new information about one of the victim on the deadly russia plane crash. what we know about the american that died on board. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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22-year-old jeremy brooks was a recent college graduate from san jose, new mexico, when he died in the russia plane crash. the pilot said the plane was hit by lightning so he turned around but during the landing the plane skidded down the tarmac with its tail engulfed in planes before coming to a stop. a private executive jet flying from las vegas crashed killing the three crew members and ten passengers on board. it left las vegas but never arrived. an air search located the wreckage yesterday in a remote mountainous area. the cause of the crash is top t
6:25 am
forecaster will go to washington, d.c. week as scheduled despite president on economists say china's willingness to continue the trade talks is an indication that the chinese government wants to end the trade dispute. >> the president, i think is issuing a warning here. >> the president's tariffs have been extremely useful in negotiating. we believe china needs the deal more than we do. >> it is a dangerous game. it doesn't mean it is a game that shouldn't be engaged in but it is a dangerous game. >> the chinese delegation will be on washington on thursday and friday for the 11th round of the trade talks. the new round of tariffs announced by president trump are scheduled to kick in at midnight on thursday. secretary of state mike pompeo says the u.s. is sending an aircraft carrier strike group to the middle east
6:26 am
because they say is activity indicating a credible threat from iran. it is being repositioned from the mediterranean to the persian gulf. it will have two tryers and an amphibious ship with more than 1,000 marines on board. the u.s. received intelligence indicating iran could be planning an attack on the u.s. forces in the middle east. >> we are taking actions both from a security perspective and to make president has a wide range of options should something actually take place. we continue to celebrate the birth of the newest royal baby. how one hospital in san francisco is marking the occasion. cashless stores are popping up around san francisco. now they are saying they want
6:27 am
to make sure everyone feels welcome whether they have access to a credit card or not. we will tell you what they are doing coming up. living joyfully. the united explorer card getting more for getting away. traveling lighter. getting settled. rewarded. learn more at
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and that is the opening bell ringing this morning. the pulitzer prize organization announcing. they announced the journalist winning that in april. right now we are keeping an eye
6:30 am
tariffs and negotiations ongoing with china right now. looks like another lower opening this morning. eye on t looks like it will open, the dow will open at about 200 points. >> do you think it will stay low? >> i mean, yesterday it came back quite a bit, so we will see what happens. >> all right. good morning, thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2, tuesday may 7. i am dave clark. >> and good morning, i am pam cook. i don't have a crystal ball but maybe rosemary does. she has more information at hand -- in terms of the weather. >> yes. numbers of a different kind. our temperatures are going up. our temperatures are similar to yesterday morning minus all the drizzle and light scattered shower activity. we will have a litt visibility is good. at last check that dense fog to
6:31 am
worry about. 52 52 in san francisco. a live look here from sfo where we have the low cloud deck in place. we have delays due to the weather. upper 50s in oakland, 54 in livermore and san jose. here is a view of the satellite from up above. the low clouds along the coastline just inside the bay. widespread from the north way all the way to the east and south bay. this will take a few hours to pull away and we will be left with mostly sunny skies by afternoon away from the coast. fairfield is reporting an on shore breeze at 17 miles per hour. concord is 7. oakland at 8. a little breeze out there. the on shore breeze will stick with us and temperatures ace long the coastline will remain in e w clouds are expected to make a return into the evening
6:32 am
hours. temperatures from yesterday into today, notice the big warm-up coming our way. 10 degrees warmer in concord this afternoon. and 75 for san jose. a detailed look at the afternoon highs for today when i come back. we will talk about how long this warming trend will last. 6:32 and let's check traffic with sal this morning. good morning. we are looking at the approach to the bridge. ever since they put the plates on the bridge it looks slow. traffic is backed up all the way to harbor. this has not changed. traffic continues to be very slow. the east shore freeway is moderate gets to the bay bridge toll plaza, getting into san francisco is moderate. out of san francisco there were delays because of debris near the beginning of the bridge
6:33 am
eastbound. also looking at 880 in oakland. this looks pretty good. no problems there. the peninsula traffic has been okay. we had an accident on southbound 101 at marsh. i am surprised it didn't cause anymore slow traffic. the silicon valley commute is getting a little slower now heading up to the valley. paying for things without cash. the popularity of that is growing but in san francisco some leaders don't like cashless stores. ktvu's cristianitos is in san francisco to tell us what supers will be doing later today. today.
6:34 am
>> reporter: supervisors worry those that pay with only cash are being excluded to cashless payments. studies say people of color are less likely to have access to banking and cited privacy concerns for those that don't want to leave a digital trail of where they have been and what theyin place but the ban the supervisor is going later o today. we will have more on this a little later on this morning. christien kafton, ktvu fox 2
6:35 am
news. >> thank you well, now city leaders are looking to ban the use of facial recognition technology. san francisco's supervisors board proposed the bill. the supporters of facial recognition technology say it helps fight crime and identify criminals but opponents say it comes at a price, saying many people of color are often misidentified because of their darker skin >> the test where we scan the faces of congress against a mug shot database last year showed that amazon facial recognition products have serious flaws and it misidentified people as being arrested when they actually had not been >> the proposal passed through a committee yesterday. a final vote will be held on may 14. san francisco would be the first city in the country to ban the technology if it goes through. oakland is also considering a similar ban. our time is 6:36. happening today a debate about lowering the voting age to 16.
6:36 am
the monterey board of supervisors is saying the lower voting age would only apply to local ballot measures and school board elections. a report from county election officials found the county cannot allow people under the age of 18 to vote in any other elections unless the state officially reduces that voting age. a 28-year-old man suspected of throwing rocks at passing cars in the gilroy area is facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon and felony vandalism. sheriff deputies arrested jeremy valdez after witnesses say they saw a man throwing rocks from the side of highway 152 near gilroy on sunday. when deputies got there they found a line of damaged cars pulled over on the side of the road. witnesses told them the suspect ran away to a nearby field >> upon e arrival the deputies they saw approximately 15 or 20 vehicles pulled over on the side of the road, some of which had damage, shattered windows and with the
6:37 am
help of some witnesses they pointed out the direction the suspect had fled. >> deputies tracked down valdez and made an arrest. one person suffered minor injuries after being hit by a rock. today in the east bay there will be an increased focus on safety for motorcycles starting at 7:00 this morning the chp in contra costa county will be out in full force making sure the roads are safe for everyone. motorcycle-involved crashes in california continue to be a major concern. in 2017 in the contra costa area alone there were 114 motorcycle crashes, two of which were fatal. governor gavin newsom and other state leaders are expected to pay tribute today to chp officers killed in the line of duty. the ceremony is taking place later this morning at the chp memorial in sacramento. the names of ten law enforcement officers and other agencies were added to the california's peace officer's
6:38 am
memorial in sacramento. one officer left behind a baby son and wife. sergeant ron helis was also honored who tried to stop a gunman that killed 11 people inside a bar in 11 oaks last november. >> they are fearless. truly, it is those that enforce our laws that make us the home of the brave >> all ten officers bronze plaque. they join the more than 1,500 california law enforcement officers who have died in the line of duty. the time is 6:39. a federal judge blocked a plan for caltrans to widen part of highway 101 in humboldt the sta easier for large trucks to get through a one mile section in the richardson grove state park area south of garberville that includes ancient redwood trees more than 300 feet tall.
6:39 am
this is the third time caltrans has tried to win approval for the road project saying the work would cause no significant impact, however the judge says the state still has no plan to protect the trees and hasn't given any thought to the extra noise from bigger trucks. if you missed it the giants played in cincinnati yesterday after an unusual game delay. it wasn't rain. it was bees. the game was delayed for almost 20 minutes after a swarm appeared over the field -- >> what? >> yes. just as the game was about to begin. fans with are cleared from their seats behind home so workers could clear the swarm. swarm. many people living with diabetes
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my lord? hey good knight. where are you going? ♪ ♪ climbing up on solsbury hill ♪ grab your things, salutations. coffee that is a cup above is always worth the quest. nespresso. tis all i desire. did thou bring enough for the whole kingdom? george: nespresso, what else? breed putting a special focus on the city's tenderloin e mayor went to the town hall meeting yesterday and heard comments from the department heads to help them respond to the topics. she says she knows some of the
6:44 am
biggest problems facing the naked are homelessness, cleaning up human waste and drug activity. >> we can't allow the rapid drug sales to continue the way they have. i mean, even when i was growing up you could go down to the tenderloin to sell drugs. that should not be normal. >> the mayor says she is focused on the tenderloin because she wants people living in that neighborhood to know they have a voice in city hall. she plans to hold forums in other neighborhoods in the next few months. now we are hearing from government officials and community members in san lorenzo after a complaint about two lunar new year postcards sent out by an alameda fire crew. many people are upset about the cards that came from fire station 22 in san lorenzo. they ents in a negative way and within the a better image of their community. >> the cards paint the
6:45 am
firefighters wearing asian ethnic clothing and our signature hats to humiliate asians and act out racial stereotypes, shocking to our community. >> the racially offensive card from the alameda county fire station shows the county has hard work in front of it >> the fire chief released ... ement, saying... there is no word yet about the people responsible for the card are suspended or still working. the cost of tomatoes could almost double by the end of the month. starting today a 17% tariff will be added to all tomatoes imported to the united states. the u.s. commerce department failed to reach a agreement with mexico on imports. the u.s. is said to be with drawing to protect american tomato growers from unfair trade practices. researchers with the university of arizona say you can expect to pay town 70% more for
6:46 am
tomatoes at the grocery store in coming weeks. two u.s. senators say a possible $5 billion fine against facebook is not harsh enough. democratic senator blumenthal and republican senator holly are calling on the increase of the $5 billion fine against facebook, calling it a bargain for a company that made $15 billion last quarter. facebook is negotiating with regulators on its fine for privacy violations. well, in uber drivers in several u.s. cities and other countries plan to turn their apps off at noon and leave them off until thursday morning coinciding with a public offering. the company in a new investor need to know the company's future literally rides in the seats of the drivers. >> using the independent contractor term to not pay people what is a livable wage,
6:47 am
honestly. nobody has a pension or retirement. it will be a big problem >> they give you the work. they have the app. they hook everyone up. we just drive >> the santa clara university business professor says the thinks the ipo will uber's actually make the problem for individual drivers more difficult. uber says it will offer some shares to some drivers. our time is 6:47. this is for pam cook. in new york the met gala's pink carpet delivered on its reputation. they have some of one of the co- hosts, set the tone with this. her red carpet entrance four different costumes. she started with a hot pink dress. and eventually stripped down to sheer back and sparkling stones. many other stars tried to
6:48 am
outdo each other. nicki minaj posed in head to toe pink. and billy porter in the style of an ancient golden egyptian came in on a platform carried by six men. >> okay! >> okay! eight babies born at the california pacific medical center? san francisco will be going home with a special souvenir. all of themthe same day as the royal baby born in english'ing england to meghan and prince harry. one of the nurses that crochets hats for the hospital made golden crowns for the occasion and the new parents say it is a lovely reminder of a special day in history for new families. >> it is exciting to have that connection. i think he will grow up enjoying learning about that. >> probably a trip to london. >> the volunteers worked hard to make the crowns. it is something i think they will create forever in a day
6:49 am
that no mom would ever forget. their baby is the most important, right? no matter which other baby was born that day but maybe they need to be given a trip to london. >> look at those cheeks, pam! >> i know! >> so cute! the time is 6:49. sal will get you the latest on what is happening on the roads. how does it look out there, sal? >> it looks all right. i am looking around to make sure things are still okay here and they are. let me see if i can get my maps in the proper position. westbound 80, if you are driving on the east shore freeway is getting busier from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. it is taking about 34 minutes now. so, that time is beginning to change as we get through the heart of the commute. the bay bridge is backed up for a normal delay getting across the bay. there have been no major issues on interstate 880 in oakland, both directions here. you can see traffic is moving well. it looks like the 880 camera may have died. we will go to something else
6:50 am
here. this is a look at the commute on northbound 101 in san jose. it is getting a little slower on 101, 280 and 85. this is the time when things start to pick up a little to the west valley. at 6:50, filling in for steve is rosemary. >> a mostly cloudy start, sal, but by afternoon we are looking at partly cloudy and mostly clear sky, warmer temperatures. as the warming trend gets under way eventually the inland communities into the low 80s. i will show you that in the extended forecast. here is stormtracker 2. the system that provided us with the cooldown yesterday, the cloudier skies really into sout california, a thunderstorm reported in san jose sunday night to early monday morning is there now to the east of us. south of tahoe a slight chance of scattered showers.
6:51 am
for us we are dry. a little drizzle a possibility and a lot of cloud cover in place. through the second part of the morning and early afternoon the clouds will clear back. partly cloudy skies expected for today. a warmer day for today. we will have the on shore breeze. that is going to continue with 60s for us along the coastline. inside the bay upper 60s to low 70s. for our inland cities upper 70s for the warmer locations. temperatures a lot like yesterday with all the cloud cover in place. 57 in oakland, 53 in downtown san francisco, 54 in napa, 54 in livermore and san jose is 56. the afternoon highs are pleasant for many. in san rafae as well as novato. 66 downtown. a little cooler at the coast, partly cloudy, 62 pacifica with the westerly breeze there for the afternoon. 70 in oakland, 77 antioch. south bay mid 70s expected for you over san jose, los gatos and warmer in morgan hill.
6:52 am
a nice smile, 67 for santa cruz. as are back and playing at the coliseum. 70 degrees the afternoon highs for oakland but low 60s for game time. into the evening we will cool it back once again. bring along the jacket. here is a look at the extended forecast. a tad warmer on wednesday. nice and warm thursday and friday. low 80s inland, low 70s around the bay. on shore breeze and 60s at the coast. into mother's day we will fall off a bit. low to mid 70s for our inland cities for the weekend. 60s around the bay and 60s at a the ghost ship warehouse trial continues today. we will look at what is next after a very emotional day of testimony yesterday. first, though, let's check in with gasia to see what is coming up in the next hour of mornings on 2. good morning. when i join you in minutes,
6:53 am
taking diy to a whole new level. we talk with two people in oakland filling potholes on their own because they say the city is falling short. what the city has to say about their mission. and the mayor's plan being unveiled today that could help pave smoother roads for everyone. and if you are one for fine dining or just love food, three san francisco restaurants in one neighborhood that just won the coveted james beard award. we will be right back. (dad) this ice cream cake needs a freezer.
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the governor of georgia expected to sign one of the most restricted abortion bill in america, it'll make it illegal to have an abortion once a heartbeat is detected. critics are arguing, many women don't even know they are pregnant at six weeks. the current state law allows abortions up until the 20th week of a pregnancy, this new law will take effect at the beginning of next year. voters in denver will decide if the city should be criminalized for the use of a psychedelic substance in magic mushrooms, the government still classifies it as a drug with no medical purpose. however, medical researchers say it can treat anxiety and depression in cancer patients.
6:57 am
million animal and plant at rates that are unprecedented in human history's and the species could be wiped out. >> if we want to leave our world for our children and grandchildren that has not been destroyed by human activities, we need to act now. >> it is up to countries to reduce water consumption by greener ways to make electricity and eliminate food waste. critics say, that report is over-the-top and even exaggerated. president trump's moved to award tiger woods with the presidential medal of freedom is being criticized because they have business connections. tiger woods received the nation's highest civilian honor yesterday in the white house
6:58 am
rose garden, this comes after personal and professional struggles by tiger, and befored fifth masters golf tournament last month. >> i've battled, i've tried to hang in there and i've tried to come back and play the great game of golf again, and the amazing masters experience that i had a few weeks ago, certainly, it is the highlight of what i've accomplished so far in my life. >> by the way, tiger woods is designing a golf course in dubai for the trump organization and the trump national drought in miami has named after tiger woods. the baker berry tunnel is one of the main routes of the
6:59 am
highlands, it'll be clear this morning so workers can clear out the debris and trash from the tunnel, it'll reopen at 4 pm and tomorrow, it'll close again at the same time. i'm at ocean beach where people have been stopping by all morning to the city, to see this well that was washed ashore. i will have the details of what we know at this point.>> it is only amount of time for your tires blowout. >> potholes on the city streets, we have the mayor's new budget plan, and we will break down how much money she wants to spend fixing that. ktvu fox 2 news , this is mornings on 2.>> the weather is different this tuesday.>> good morning, i'm dave clark, let's find out more about the weather, here is rosemary. >> one of the notable changes
7:00 am
this morning, we don't have the shower activity in the drizzle, the big difference is going to be the temperatures, we will warm anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees, here is a look at san francisco and sfo, in the low 50s at this time, and a little bit of fog you can see on the screen, that'll cause delays, at least for some arriving flights there. santa rosa, 52, 56 in oakland right now, 54 over areas of livermore. temperatures have not really moved much this morning, and it has to do with this cloud cover here, we haven't gone any cooler and we haven't warmed up just yet.


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