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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  May 7, 2019 9:00am-9:58am PDT

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ceremony shows after he made a comeback in his fifth masters last month. he will next play at the pga championship. police are looking for a new leader after the police chief leaves the job nine dead whales in the bay area just this year, this morning, scientists in san francisco try to determine the cause of this latest death. san francisco leaders gave this company a tax break years ago to encourage development, why supervisors are now considering ways to help deal with the homeless process. welcome, it is tuesday, may 7, the weather is a little cloudy. if you were feeling
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uninspired finding something to wear this morning, some of the biggest names in fashion have some ideas, that they got probably from the met gala in new york. this was from designer tom brown, it was so big, she needed about a dozen handlers to help her maneuver this about women's, this is a jumpsuit from gucci. >> take a look at katy perry, she was dressed as a chandelier , in an outfit, and it all lit up thanks to two battery packs hidden inside her 40 pound ensemble. she could not sit down, she had trouble walking, she made it up the stairs just fine with a little help from her friends.
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she is retiring the word lit. i think this delivered at the gala. >> i love all of that fantasy, a lot of us wouldn't consider. >> address a little conservative, do you think i should be a little more adventurous?>> sure. happening now, biologists are examining a dead whale that washed up on ocean beach this aft -- do biologists know why we are seeing more dead whales on our local beaches? >> reporter: good morning, biologists are very concerned that we are seeing morwhales on they say the last time they saw this many dead whales in the bay area in such a short timeframe was almost 20 years ago.
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i had the chance to speak with one of the head biologists out here this morning, he talked a little bit more about that, listen to this.>> they are born in mexico, they migrate to alaska, for the summertime, that is where they feed. then they migrated back. but, during the migration, they don't feed, so all of it is in the upper half of the arctic. so last summer, these whales were not getting enough food in the arctic. >> reporter: experts think these whales are not getting enough resources from their food source, many of them are coming to the bay area to look for it. they have noticed migrating whales with poor body quality, without knowing exactly how this whale died, the biologist told me that this whale also has poor body quality. it wasn't malnutrition, but out of the other eight whales found, they did suffer malnutrition, three were hit by ships. the biologist also said this is
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feet in length. some parents are also bringing their kids here before out the animal c >> this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and living right next to the ocean, we have to take advantage of it, to see it in person, after we have read so much about whales and migration and what they do. it is nice to come here in person and show them. it is just an amazing thing to be able to do. >> reporter: people first noticed the well yesterday morning around 6:30 am while walking on the beach, they immediately called the marine mammal center, we were right by murphy's windmill around lincoln way, that is where the whale was found. and again, biologists are very concerned, they say we are not supposed to be seen this many whales in the bay area at all, let alone washing up on the beach. after they determine the cause
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of death, they will start to think about the future, thabout other animals moving forward, what they need to do if there are environmental factors at play, so there is a lot of moving pieces happening right now. but we should find out at least the preliminary cause of death a little bit later on this afternoon. in san francisco, alyssa harrington, ktvu fox 2 news. this testimony continues today, yesterday the jury heard from the first witness in the case, she shared the last text message that she received from her daughter reading, i'm going to die now. >> she was lovely, she was a musician, she was an artist, she helped people, everybody loved her. >> defense attorneys did not cross-examine her, the second witness was the cosigner of the warehouse lease. he said he wanted to get out of the lease because of changes almena i wanted to make at the building that were not allowed. henry lee will be back in court
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today for the trial, you will find his reports on with upda vallejo shows the deadly shooting of a 32-year-old, ronell foster. the video shows the brief interaction between foster and officer ryan mcmann. one month later, foster's family filed a wrongful death lawsuit, the officer was also involved in another controversial deadly shooting this year. he was among six officers who shot and killed 20-year-old, willie mccoy last february. he was asleep in a drive- through and he had a loaded gun in his lap. libby schaaf will formerly present her budget to the city council, includes increased spending on several programs from affordable housing to fixing potholes.>> allie joins
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us now from oakland with more on this story. >> reporter: the issue of fixing potholes is a priority for residents, that is according to the mayor, in a servi survey on three local areas. in this proposed budget, it is a $3.2 billion for the next couple of years, here's a look at what it will include, about 21 million to sign a program addressing homelessness, including the creation of management of additional tuff shed communities in oakland. 30 million for affordable housing projects, 110 million will go to infrastructure spending and about 75 million of that would specifically go to repairing and repaving roads. some residents aren't waiting, they are taking matters into their own hands, we talked to a couple residents who want to remain anonymous. they call themselves pothole vigilantes, they have been fund raising money to pay for the materials to fix potholes
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themselves, they learned how to do it by watching youtube videos.>> it is the same material that oakland uses, but for some reason, we don't see it on the streets.>> it is miserable, it is only an amount of time before your tires below. >> under the mayor's budget proposal, the police department budget will remain flat compared to the previous years. will see an increase as the fire prevention bureau, that budget would nearly double, it would add about 11 new positions to inspect all commercial buildings and some resideproposal, about 75 million to support the open unified school district. under the mayor's proposal, the city apart that department that would suffer the most, the recreational department. later today, the mayor will formally present her budget to the city council. over the next
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month and a half, the council and the mayor will have to work out some of the details, the budget will have to be finalized by june 30 because july 1 is when the next fiscal year starts for the city. ktvu fox 2 news. thank you. today, the city council will also consider whether to reduce the legal requirement for ceilings and oklahoma homes -- oakland homes up to seven foot, from the standard, seven inches. is san jose nonprofit is giving free private security cameras to hundreds of people, the organization, save for santa is a -- san jose. more than 100 people attended a community meeting about this last night. the money came from a settlement on an unrelated issue. neighbors who accept a free camera have to sign up with the police departments online camera registry program.>> this
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will make it a lot easier for the police department, because as you know, they have spent hundreds of hours going door to door looking for camera footage. larson was found stabbed to death in her san jose home, and police say if it was not for surveillance cameras, it might have taken longer to catch the suspect. in north bay, police are hoping you can identify two people who used stolen credit cards to spend thousands of dollars. the cards were stolen from a couple on a hike sunday. the cards were used at target stores in petaluma and rohnert park. police say the credit cards were stolen from the victim's wallet which they left in the car. than $4000 at the stores, anybody who recognizes them is urged to call petaluma police. it started off as a cloudy day but it might be getting
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sunny, rosemary? >> yes, we have some good weather coming our way, we are still trying to get rid of the clouds though right now. temperatures will be getting ready warmer for the afternoon. how about that look from sfo where we are again, slow leasing just a bit of clearing, we will call for partly cloudy skies for the afternoon, partly sunny along the coast, temperat similar. we started out in the 50s, and we are still in the 50s. it has to do with all that cloud cover out there. upper 50s in oakland, 56 in livermore and san francisco now in the low to mid 50s as well. here is a look at the futurecast model, in the early afternoon, we are expected to break away to partly cloudy skies, with that, the temperatures will be coming up. the onshore breeze is going to be a bit cool. coming inside the bay, temperatures in the 70s.the nor
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santa rosa. if you are going to the coliseum this evening the time is 7:07 for that game, and the southwest breeze about 10 miles per hour or so. the temperature will continue to climb as we get into the days ahead, i will have a look at the extended forecast including your mother's day weekend coming up in just a bit. thank you. coming up, part police chief is stepping down after 2 years on the job, the accomplishments she is most proud of in the challenges that remain. the next trade talks with the u.s. will go on as scheduled. i'm at the white house and i have details for you coming up. [phone ringing]
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block, the maker of turbotax accused them of illegally hiding the code for the free filing program. they are required to use the service for free. they used a deceptive design with misleading advertising to trick lower income people into paying to file their taxes. the popularity is paying without crash is growing. city leaders want to ban cashless stores across the city. >> reporter: good morning, i don't know if you have done it before, but this amazon go store is one of the shops we are talking about going cashless, you can see it is like a small convenience store, there are a lot of goods inside, you can walk in and
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walk out without ever opening your wallet. the board of supervisors in san francisco said they will pick up legislation which will require stores like this to also take cash. the board of supervisors is set to vote on the measure today which is all but sure to pass. they are already in support of the idea. cashless businesses are popping up around town. some supervisors worry that those with cash were being excluded. specifically citing the city's homeless population which does not have access to banking. opponents also cite studies thing that people of color are less likely to have cards, they will still use cashless lanes but they will have to add on a cash option, something the stores will have to accommodate. if the city does implement this cashless only band, it'll join philadelphia and new jersey which has similar bands in place, it will not include ridesharing services and food trucks. they will also be exempt. the board executive said they
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will take this up later today. thank you for that. today amazon is opening one of these high-tech stores, but for the first time, this one will accept cash payments, it'll be located in new york city. they will help those that want to pay cash at the stores exit. the board of supervisor reportedly voted not to extend the tax break. supervisors approved the tax break back in 2011, and is set to a brick that is set to expire instead, supervisors are considering imposing additional taxes on tech companies planning to go public. china has confirmed they
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will go to washington about trade talks. kevin explained how lawmakers are divided and what this means for the economy. >> reporter: china's foreign ministry, converting tuesday that the country's vice premier is headed to washington as planned for the next round of trade talks. there has been fear that beijing would pull out after the president announced a new threat this weekend, but the chinese are downplaying any decisions, and say they are serious about making a deal. >> adding tariffs cannot resolve any problems, talks or a process of discussion, it is normal for both sides to have differences. >> the main sticking point
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seems to be china's push to establish itself as a leader in cutting-edge technology, using tactics, the white house says are illegal. some industry experts say while the president may continue his tough talk, he will be reluctant to pass more tariffs and raise prices on american consumers.>> there is a lot of rhetoric but there is not a lot of action, while trump talks one way, he needs a good economy, if you can't run on the good economy, he cannot win in 2020. >> the white house pushing back on criticism that the threats are causing an escalation of the trade war, they say the u.s. negotiating team is making progress. thanks to the presidents tough stand.>> we suspended the turf, then we left it there, that may not be forever, if the talks don't work out. we made great progress, structural issues and enforcement issues remain. >> the next round of talks scheduled to kick off right here in washington on thursday. ktvu fox 2 news . this morning, the labor
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department says there are more job openings but the pace of hiring remains slow. there are more than 346,000 new jobs in the month of march, in total, there were more than 7 1/2 million job openings in march. but less than 6 million people were hired, many of the vacancies are in construction and transportation. we know the identity of an american man that was among 41 people killed when a russian jetliner burst into flames during the emergency landing in moscow. 22-year-old, jeremy brooks was a recent college grad if it graduate. the pilot says the plane was hit by lightning so he turned around but during the lightning, the plane skidded down the tarmac when the tail and engulfed in flames before coming to a stop. now the treasury secretary has officially said the trump administration will not be turning over the president's tax returns, a legal battle is expected. they told richard neal that the request was a lack of
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legitimacy. mr. trump promised voteirs rele today, the department of justice will meet for one final round of negotiations before votes scheduled for tomorrow to hold william barr in contempt of congress. this is after he missed two deadlines to hand over an unredacted version of special counsel, robert mueller's russia report. mike pompeo says the united states is sending an aircraft carrier strike group to the middle east because of activity indicating a credible threat from iran. the strike group is being repositioned from the mediterranean to the persian gulf. it'll join two destroyers as well as an assault ship with more than 1000 marines on
9:22 am
board, secretary of state, mike pompeo says the bus has received intelligence indicating that iran could be planning an attack in u.s. forces in the middle east.the president has a wide range of options if this should take place. >> last month, the state department designated the revolutionary guard as a terrorist group, iran declared u.s. military forces in the middle east terrorists. talks are scheduled today between teresa mayo scheduled party and the opposition labor party, to sign off on the way forward in a long stalled brexit process. almost 3 years after british left the european union. she is seeking a deal with the labor party, with some now demanding her resignation. coming up, the non-facial recognition technology is becoming more common, that is
9:23 am
raising privacy concerns. how subsidies in the bay area are considering bans on this technology. plus, the golden state warriors coming back to oakland for game five of their playoff series against the rockets, this is really coming down to a three-game series. whoever wins two games first will move on.
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game seven, here we go again, the san jose sharks are coming back against the colorado avalanche. last night in denver, late in the third, mark tying the game at three apiece, then early in overtime, gabriel fires a shot past marty jones, this is seconds before this goes in, the sharks had the chance to win the game. colorado wins this one 4-3, game seven is tomorrow night.
9:26 am
the western conference semi failure series is heading back to oakland. ggng in this series. he was capped by a three from curry. james harden made it a three- point game with 11 seconds left, and the warriors had some good looks here, two chances to tie the game in the final seconds, they missed those shots. spec they are going to leave him wide open, here he comes. no, curry for the thai tie. >> they had some good shots, they were wide open for
9:27 am
is hard, the warriors were playing from behind pretty much the entire game, they made a close but they came up just a bit short.>> we dug ourselves too deep into a hole. >> if we could be just a little bit more patient in terms of how we create those shots and really make them work on the defense, if we just stay within our game and really search for good shots. >> both teams are playing extremely hard, but it comes down to whoever makes more shots. i think that is what they did tonight.>> he had 34 points, putting him over 4000 for his playoff career. he is just the 10th player in nba history tox 2 news sports. one person who did not have a good day more game klay was
9:28 am
thompson. >> he will come around. >> he's going to have to. coming up, bart police looking for a new leader as the chief is leading after 2 years on the job. all of this comes as the general manager announced her own retirement, the challenges that art is facing when it comes to safety. it could be hard to find an uber tomorrow, the message they are sending to company executives about their mission. . that's why we redesigned humira. we wanted to make the experience better for you. now there's less pain immediately following injection. we've reduced the size of the needle and removed the citrate buffers. and it has the same effectiveness you know and trust. humira citrate-free is here.
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bart police is looking for a . his departure comes as is trying to sort out new leadershipg a clos safety.>> from his first week on the job, heart police
9:31 am
>> i had somebody try to sell me a fake bart ticket, not knowing i was a police chief, i saw somebody else smoking crack on the steps, and i saw another individual who had just stolen a tire from a bicycle. that was in the span of 30 minutes. >> he is retiring after 2 years of leading the struggling department. >> what kind of legacy do you think you left?>> when i got to this department, it was, the morale was very low, the legacy is about what you see each and every day of the officers that are out there working the system. >> 2 investigates wanted to take a closer look at the problems he faced and how he addressed them. >> we have a citizen's review board, we have an office of independent police auditors.
9:32 am
>> under his leaderthe fair eva for the transit agency. >> are you going to completely get rid of the invasion? likely not. >> he has added barriers to keep out non-payers, he also launched a payment program where people are cited if they are in a paid area without proof of paying. one of the biggest moves he has made has been hiring more officers. he reduced the departments vacancies from about 4220. >> i had an early conversation with the general manager, and i moved forward with the university of north texas, and the university of north texas conducted a deployment study, which calls for hiring 19 officers each fiscal year for the next 5 years. >> moving forward, bart's board
9:33 am
of directors will have to fill those additional staffing requirements, which isn't guaranteed. >> the board of directors has shown an early commitment. >> a commitment that won't have the voice of one of its biggest backers, the general manager, she renounced her retirement one week after rojas. >> anytime that we have change in a large organization, folks become concerned because there is a level of uncertainty.>> he says he is confident in the command staff that is in place, and the progress that has been made.>> this has really been a pleasure for me to serve the communities in the bay area and to represent the fine women and men of the bart police department. today is the first full day on the job for san francisco's new fire chief. >> ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome jeanine nicholson.
9:34 am
>> she is a 25 year veteran of the department, the first openly gay chief and the city's second female fire chief. now, she says she is ready to get to work. >> we work in a one-of-a-kind city, of densely constructed wood buildings on hillsides. we fight fires in our own way and do a darn good job of it.>> she is a breast cancer survivor and she has since become an advocate to prevent cancer among firefighters. california is getting ready for what is expected to be a tough wildfire season. they met in sacramento county as part of wildfire preparedness week. the state is focused on improving forest management in clearing vegetation, they also want residents to repair an evacuation plan. >> part of this responsibility is not just a government
9:35 am
responsibility, it is an individual responsibility, it is important to learn about the threats in your area, what kind of a fire zone do you live in? >> in east bay hills, creating a firebreak is one of the many high-priority projects crews are handling statewide. tomorrow is going to mark six months since the deadly campfire broke out in butte county, tomorrow afternoon, frank sommerville will lead our coverage from paradise, that is tomorrow afternoon starting on the 4 right here on ktvu fox 2 news. just the short time we have been in the studio, the sunshine is beginning to poke out. your forecast was correct. >> thank you, yes, we are looking forward to a little bit more blue skies today and temperatures will be warmer as well. outside, a look from san francisco across the bay, where we are seeing the blue skies. we will show you a three hour
9:36 am
time lapse and you can see how they are finally starting to erode. we woke up with partly cloudy skies today, the system that brought us the scattered showers, the cooler conditions now well off into into areas of arizona and nevada. for us, we will continue with an onshore breeze, but it should be relatively light. we have a north wind at three and half moon bay at six miles per hour. temperatures will be in the 60s. widespread upper 50s around oakland, castro valley, fremont, down to san jose. 61 degrees for the inner east bay of print would. here is a look at the afternoon highs yesterday compared to today, 15 degrees warmer expected in santa rosa for the afternoon, 66 for downtown san francisco. 10 degrees warmer in concord this afternoon. there is a view of the numbers, 70 in berkeley, 76 cogo mid- 70s for areand mountain view. upper 60s santa cruz. for the
9:37 am
a's game this evening, a little cool, light breeze, 62 degrees at gametime and continuing to cool. so bring your jacket if you are going to the coliseum. which are slightly warmer on wednesday, the two warmest days look to be thursday and friday. then we cool down in time for mother's day weekend, low 70s and lind on saturday 60s around the bay, upper 50s at the coast. thank you. for more on today's top stories, let's check in with dave clark. east bay will hold a memorial concert, it'll be for a former student in the son of oakland city councilwoman, gibson, who was shot and killed in los angeles. he studied music at unc, he was robbed and killed back in march. tonight's concert begins at 7 pm. a murder suspect in the
9:38 am
central valley with bay area ties has been identified now, this 26-year-old, who was last known to live in east palo alto. a one million-dollar warrant was issued for his arrest, he was connected to the shooting death of ethan morris. if you have any information, call police. happening today, city council will vote on spending $2 million more on an affordable housing project downtown. the city already agreed to spend 5 1/2 million on the five- story complex near the bart station, that includes retail space, plus, 44 apartments above. tonight, the council will vote on spending 2 million more for 18 additional apartments. that is a brief look at some of the top stories we are working on. happening now, r kelly is back in court this morning in
9:39 am
chicago for a sex abuse case. it has been unclear what issues are going to be discussed, but one matter involves attorney, michael avenatti. the attorney filed a motion asking the judge to order that all messages between him and the prosecutors handling the kelly case be preserved as possible evidence. a bartender is expected to be charged today in connection to a deadly shooting spree. lindsay glass was arrested last week, almost 2 years after a man shot and killed eight people including his ex-wife before being killed by police. a man was at a bar earlier in texas, and authorities say glass filed a state law by serving him. his blood alcohol level was four times the state's legal limit. if they sell alcohol to a habitual intoxicated or insane person, she could get up to one
9:40 am
year in jail. florida's governor is allowing teachers to sign a bill to allow them to have guns in schools. teachers who volunteer would undergo more than 140 hours of training but it'll still be up to individual school districts to decide whether they want to allow teachers to carry guns. many administrators, teachers, students, even parents remain deeply divided on the issue. >> when seconds matter, minutes don't count, for those that agreed to be well trained, why not? >> people say, i would volunteer. it is not voluntary for the parents who have children in those schools, it is not voluntary for the students. >> 12 states currently have laws allowing teachers to carry guns. this morning, the governor of georgia has just approved one of the most restricted abortion laws in the nation.>>
9:41 am
i'm signing hb 481 this morning to assure that all georgians have the opportunity to live, grow, learn, and prosper in our great state. >> the republican governor signed a bill that bans abortion once a fetal heartbeat can be detected. that could be as early as six weeks before many women even know they are pregnant. today's signing came after weeks of protest and likely sets up a lengthy legal battle. voters in denver will decide if the city should be criminalized the use of a psychedelic substance and hallucinogenic mushrooms. the federal government still classifies the substance as a drug with no medical purpose, however medical researchers have found the substance can treat anxiety and depression in cancer patients. coming up, balancing what could be a valuable tool over
9:42 am
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there is a lot of red on the board, here is a look at the board, it is accelerating as investors are concerned about the trade talks between the u.s. and china, down some 400 points, 1.5%, the other index is about the same, not off to a good start today. a possible $5 billion fine against facebook amounts to a slap on the wrist. democratic and republican senators are calling on the ftc
9:45 am
to increase what is expected to be a $5 billion fine against facebook. they call that amount a bargain for a company that made $50 billion last quarter. facebook is currently negotiating with regulators on it's fine for privacy violation. it might be harder to get an uber tomorrow, several cities plan to turn off their apps at noon and leave them off until thursday morning, the work stoppage coincides with the stock, the company had a need to know if the future supports rideshare drivers. >>a pension, nobody has a retirement they do give you the clientele, they give you the work, they have the app, and they hook everyone up, we just right.>> santa clara university busi, but she
9:46 am
believes it'll make it more difficult for the drivers. they will offer some shares to some drivers. the man behind the woodstock 50 event is blaming the investment company for allegedly sabotaging the revival music festival scheduled for august. michael lang who was involved with woodstock in 1959 tells rolling stone magazine, the investment company blocked ticket sales last month, began interfering with the talent lineup, then announced it was canceling the concert. he also accused the company of taking $17 million from the festival bank account.tomatoes united states, the u.s. commerce department failed to reach an agreement with mexico on tomato imports.
9:47 am
the commerce secretary says the united states has withdrawn to protect tomato growers from ers say we should expect a 70% price jump on tomatoes at the grocery store in just the coming weeks. san francisco city leaders are moving forward with the proposal to ban the use of facial recognition software by police and other city agencies. oakland is considering a similar ordinance as well, although the city is still studying it.>> san francisco would be the first city in the country to enact such an ordinance.>> we are all for good policing but none of us want to live in a police state.>> that is the board supervisor, proposing what he calls the survthat would the use of facial recognition technology. >> san francisco would be the first city in the country to do so, although it is not the only bay area city considering it. they also touch on what private companies do with collect.>> both ordinances view data
9:48 am
sharing arrangements, and under both of our proposals for introducing the same language, the police would not be able to receive that data. >> supporters of facial recognition software technology say it'll help fight crime and identify criminals. opponents say, it comes at a price. >> the question isn't whether we have something to hide, the question is whether we have something to protect.>> they found it has difficulty detecting darker skin tones. >> the test where we scanned the faces against a mug shot database last year show that amazon facial recognition products has some serious flaws, that is misidentifying people as being arrested when they actually haven't been. >> the plan also comes for larger overstock, on surveillance tools. >> our buses are equipped with
9:49 am
readers, those would have to adhere to a use policy, how long is the information stored? who has access to it? >> today, the proposal was passed through a committee with a final vote expected on may 14, the proposal is cosponsored by other board advisors super members as well. in the newsroom, ktvu fox 2 news . church leaders have opened up the temple for open house tours, beginning saturday through june 1, the church tells the east bay times that more than 250,000 people have signed up to visit. non-mormons are usually and baptisms. ththe temples aren't secret, they are sacred.
9:50 am
i have never seen inside, maybe i will take a look. coming up, people around the world are excited for the newest member of the british royal family. how some bay area babies who share the same birthday received their own royal treatment. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪ ♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration,ectre more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present.
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thrivi at yosemite national park, after a 50 year absence, they found clusters of their eggs this spring, proof that the frogs are breeding since they were reintroduced 2 years ago, the species was made famous in a mark twain short story. it was later wiped out by non- native bullfrogs. just-in-time for caliph mother's day, a lot of people are moving back in with mom. 22% of millennials in the bay area are living with their mothers, that is the highest percentage since the turn of the century. millennials are generally between 23 and 37 years old, researchers blame the situation i was sitting in the chair, and the hygienist was saying, what are you doing for mother's day? when is mother's day? >> mother's day is coming up very quickly.
9:54 am
it turns out your mother might want to go out for a little brunch, trip advisors surveyed more than 7900 people, they found that moms are often left wanting a little bit more than they get on mother's day, about 70% of family members think they handle mom pretty good on that day, but only 46% agree with that. the top choice for dining, brunch. only 16% of the mothers said that second best is to cook your mother a nice homemade meal. people all over the world are waiting to know more about the newest member of the british royal family. we don't know the baby boys name, we haven't seen a single picture but so many are excited about prince harry and meghan markle's new baby. we have a look at the global reaction.>> britton is waking up to royal headlines tuesday morning, celebrating the birth of baby boys sussex, one day after visibly proud papa, prince harry beamed about his new son. >> this little thing is so joyful. >> he is not the only one
9:55 am
overjoyed by the news. people around the world sharing and prince harry and meghan markle's joy from australia where the couple announced their pregnancy in october. >> i think it is absolutely great, i really do. it is going to be great for the family. >> to the duchess's hometown of pasadena, california. >> i'm excited for them, i'm excited that it is a boy. >> even a prime minister of new zealand, a new mom herself, revealing gifts on behalf of her country. sticking to the request for charitable donations. >> it boxes, gifts for families who are on hard times when the baby arrives. >> prince harry telling the media, we will likely get a first glimpse on wednesday. fox news.
9:56 am
san francisco is getting in on the royal baby action, eight babies born yesterday at california pacific medical center will be going home with golden yarn crowns. a nurse made them to celebrate the royal birth, and handed them out to parents. it is a lovely reminder of a special day in history for several families. >> it is kind of exciting to have this connection, i think he will grow up enjoying learning that. >> probably a trip to london. >> there is a nurse out there that has been working very hard to make these crowns and i think it is something that we will keep forever.>> one of the mothers said, it was going to be a day she would never forget, no matter who else was born that day, obviously i remember mine, i will never forget that.>> although i struggled to remember my wedding anniversary. thank you for joining us, by
9:57 am
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