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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 7, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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a school shooting in colorado leaves one students dead and eight more wounded. police say two suspects are now under arrest. they are also students at the same school. >> this is a terrible event, this is something that nobody wants to have happen in their community. we are going to investigate that and get to the bottom of it and figure out how and what has occurred.>> yet another school shooting this time a stem school near denver just eight miles from columbine. >> one student said he was in class today when one of the shooters pulled a gun out of a guitar case and just began firing. the school is located in highlands ranch which is close to littleton colorado where the columbine shooting took place 20 years ago last month. we have details on the frightening moments when the shots rang out.>> reporter: a
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deadly school shooting as two students opened fire inside a suburban denver charter school the gunmen wounding more than half a dozen people, one of those an 18-year-old male who died from his injuries. according to the douglas county sheriff shortly after 2 pm two males, one adult and one miner walked into the stem school highlands ranch just 7.5 miles from columbine high school and started firing into two classrooms.>> we didn't expect something like this and we did not hear any sort of threats.>> reporter: within minutes fire trucks and ambulances arrived at the school, attended more than 1800 students ranging from kindergarten through 12th grade. >> i have to believe that the quick response of the officers that got inside the school help save lives. >> reporter: authorities taking two suspects into custody after a struggle. hours after the shooting several officers serving a search warrant at the home of one of the suspected gunman.>>
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we did not have the money radar. >> reporter: this man's son was shot three times, the boy telling his parents what he witnessed.>> a guy pulled i believe a pistol out of a guitar case and started to shoot into students. >> reporter: in response the white house releasing a statement saying in part quote tragically this community and those surrounded know all too well these horrible acts of violence. law enforcement right now is trying to determine a motive for the shooting. >> one of the suspects was identified as devon erickson. they're not releasing his picture because they don't want to jeopardize the investigation. according to local media his only run-in with the law involves a citation for careless driving. the other suspect is a juvenile whose name has not been released we will have an update with more information coming up
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on the 11:00 news. the lights are back up at the open coliseum because of a malfunction with the outfield lights. it's not your typical delay but fans quickly learned no light cements no action. the announcement came 15 minutes before the schedule first pitch between the a's and threads. the game was scheduled but delayed while crews work to finish 100 lights. the announcers provided up dates for the fans watching on television.>> we are still in a delay, a lighting malfunction in the light tower which guys have been working on. the lights are still off as you can see and that is the problem child right there. >> the issue was finally resolved and the game started at 8:45 after a delay of 98 minutes. new video of a fire
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in oakland, it started just before eight tonight at east 12th street. the fire as you see sent up a large plume of smoke and spread to a tree before it was put out. no word yet on what caused the fire and no reports of is investigating a deadly freeway crash in san leandro, it happened at 2:30 this afternoon near the dutton offramp. emergency crews responded after two cars collided, one person was pronounced dead at the scene. in the report shows the city of san jose collected nearly 5000 tons of litter last year. the demand for cleanup services is so high the city has not enough staff or resources to keep up. we are live in san jose where we spoke with the mayor about what is being done.>> reporter: the mayor is not surprised by the findings, he says while progress has been made more work needs to be done, in fact
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an annual survey among residents found less than 20% are satisfied with the cities cleanliness.>> old mattresses, furniture and stoves among the items stumped. right in front of a no dumping sign. that's nothing compared to the mounds of trash found driving around downtown. last year crews cleaned up 15,000 illegal dump sites throughout the city. double from the year before.>> you would not do that to your own house so it irritates me when people do it so casually somewhere else because it's not in front of their house.>> reporter: security cameras capture people time and time again dumping trash in front of his home.>> i have seen cars where they have mattokg for an place to dump it.>> reporter: a tuesday's city council meeting has a report that aims to
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tackle light, trash and illegal dumping revealing staggering numbers. last year crews collected 4900 tons of debris, 4300 mattresses, 1300 gallons of paint and 950 gallons of human waste. service requests to clean up all the trash have tripled.>> it's great that the community is going to aged in attracting and reporting but at the same time it has caught us off guard and we are scrambling to catch up. >> reporter: the city environmental services department says a team of six people is not enough.>> where victims of our own success. we are adding staff to the rapid response team.>> illion i cycle, for more staff and more equipment. more money will also go toward a where homeless people help clean up the trash.>> our staff is smaller and we have the most friendly staff and city hall in the
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country. emergency medical service and police service are the ones that get the resources, many of these quality-of-life issues have simply not gotten the resources.>> reporter: $2500 for the first offense, $5000 for the second offense, last year the city issued 23 citations, that's tripled from the year before. a federal judge will order pg and e board members to tour the town of paradise. once the new board to see the gravity of what happened. 85 people were killed in the camp fire last november. the judge wants urs are part of sentence for violating probation in the pipeline safety case.
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tomorrow marks six months as the camp fire broke out. see the recovery firsthand. live coverage begins here on president donald trump. authorities in the north they are looking for two thieves who made a $5000 call in about half an hour. they got their hands on debit cards and moved fast. but they were also caught on video. police say this is a timely reminder for everyone.>> reporter: timely because we all like to be outdoors in the weather and this happened in the parking lot alongside open space. one persons nature walk is another's opportunity. to these faces, a couple who strolled out of target sunday afternoon with thousands of dollars in couple on a hike. by phone the victim shares how
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he and his wife were enjoying a beautiful few hours of birdwatching. unaware they were financing a $5000 shopping spree.>> we had no idea until we were home or just about home. >> reporter: email alerts from their banks about suspicious activity, but by then they had swept through the tech departments at two target stores 15 minutes apart and purchased high-end electronics, and gift cards that can be spent anywhere. all in half an hour and well before the dems knew because their wallets were still really left him. in a glove box and purse out of view. the thieves even switched credit cards and cash around so everything looked undisturbed.>> i'm going to definitely keep all this in in that's nuts.>> it looks like there were bills still in the
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wallet. he had a plan they were experienced. >> reporter: investigators have a hunch that you are local and someone will recognize them. >> it's a good credit card it has not been reported canceled, they don't check for idea. they go in there and try to buy high-value items or other gift cards which are not visible.>> reporter: before this some people used precautions like leaving it in the trunk, or living in them at home. >> i'm overly cautious.>> reporter: other visitors admit in the haste they take chances. >> you're not expecting it. you think you can just leave your stuff in your car and be fine.>> reporter: the victims bank is .>> next time i go to one of these parks my wallet stays in my pocket when i leave the car. that would be my advice.>> reporter: another look now at the suspects, this was sunday afternoon at the park target
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store and interestingly the victims car was undisturbed there was no obvious break in but that means they either popped it open or left it unlocked. talking to the victim he is pretty certain he locked his door. in the north bay tonight, thank you. >> one of the best comedy clubs is closing its doors. bill graham opened the punchline in san francisco in 1978. lots of famous comedians have appeared there over the years including robin williams, ellen degeneres, chris rock, the punchline says it will be closing in august due to a dispute over the clubs lease. the owners are vowing to find a new location to entertain comedy fans. child tax credits and expanded parental leave, the so- called parents agenda that the governor is pushing along with
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his warmer still tomorrow. a cool down towards the weekend.
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a special counsel to honor a 21-year-old promising jazz musician. he was the son of an oakland city councilwoman shot and killed two months ago. we are at cal state east bay tonight with how his friends and mentors helped on them tonight. >> reporter: his family attended a special tribute, those who knew him described him as being talented and intellectual, generous with his kind and helping others. the sounds of jazz filled the theater tuesday night, concerts to honor a former student.
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victor a drummer shot and killed almost 2 months ago. his mother an oakland city councilwoman and other family members attended.>> we really miss him. it is hard it's very very hard.>> reporter: he says it helps to fill a void. she describes him as a joy to his family and those who knew him including former bandmates where he attended classes for two years before transferring to usc.>> we are just going to take a break. >> reporter: on march 10 the 21- year-old was killed near usc during a robbery attempt.>> i was in bed for three days and could not move. they killed the music he has yet to create and i think
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that's what hurts. >> reporter: this music his mentor says tells the story of victor, a talented young musician who lost his life to some of the senseless gun violence.>> he left a legacy on the stage as a young man who was giving back. >> reporter: giving back by helping other young musicians. his former drum instructor played in the seats that would have been victors.>> i'm just trying to honor his energy.>> reporter: victor was scheduled to graduate from usc fridplan t ceremony to receive his diploma.>> i don't want any other mother to have to suffer what we are suffering. this is the most terrific pain.>> reporter: victors killing is unsolved, on
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saturday mcelhaney plans to hold a events to try to help solve this case. she has not been back to work as a councilmember since his death, she plans to return to city hall may 17. a threat from the trump administration to raise tariffs on more goods from china sparked a selloff on wall street, the dow fell 473 points a drop of almost 2%. nasdaq lost 159 and the s&p 48 points. traders were hoping a china deal was imminent.>> wall street was sending the message to the presidents that we don't like this and this market is not taking it very well. that's very important to the presidents because it's clear that his reelection campaign is going to be based on a good economy. and the economy is good but when these things come up there devastating to the market and consumer confidence and the
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investors.>> talks are set to resume thursday with key negotiators making the trip. it was a tech lover stream in mountain view today, thousands came out to the google developers conference to get a look at tablets that can fold down to the size of a phone and a new device that controls a homes environment and security. what researchers are working on including a speech recognition system to understand people who have speech impairment. >> i think it's cool how they are trying to bring in groups that have previously been underrepresented by technology.>> google also says there artifiof updates this year including one that lets it book rental cars and movie tickets for you. it did warm up it we had more sunshine today than yesterday,
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temperatures were 70, tomorrow temperatures warm up a few more degrees. wednesday you get back up into the mid-70s. a nice day tomorrow. these were the highs from today and you can see if you were around yesterday you remember those mid 60s, today mid-70s. tomorrow upper 70s and we might see a little 80. far along the coast but you can still see the door outline of that fog is lingering there. you start off with a lot of clouds especially right around the coast. it burns off quick the back to the beaches and temperatures 60 area, little bit more uphill upper 70s so a warm-up that continues as we moved on the road but then a chance for some sprinkles back in the forecast.
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we learned today that a gray whale that washed up on ocean beach monday died from a ship strike. the marine mammal center performed a necropsy today. they say the whale died from blunt force trauma and several factors. this is the ninth well to wash up on bay area shores in the past two months, some died from ship strikes and others from starvation. scientists say this was a 41 foot adult female and had a thinner than typical layer of lover. they say many adult females have low body reserved by this time in their northbound migration and are more susceptible to ship strikes and entanglements. and east bay medical transportation company accused of bilking taxpayers. now the owner is facing charges for the first time. the governor unveiled his parents agenda today that could involve tax breaks for people who buy difeminine products. we w up.
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complete internet reliability. advanced voice solutions. wifi to keep everyone connected. video monitoring. that's huge. did you guys know we did all this stuff? no. i'm not even done yet. wow. business tv. cloud apps and support. comcast business goes beyond at&t. start with internet and voice for just $59.90 a month. it's everything a small business owner needs. comcast business. beyond fast. a new report ranks california among the worst states in the nation when it comes to working mothers.
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the personal-finance website found california ranked as the worst state in the country or median women salary and california was near the bottom when it comes to providing jobs and day care for working mothers. however california ranked seventh when it comes to allowing moms more time to bond with their babies, that's due mostly to the parental leave policy. the governor says california should eliminate sales tax on diapers and feminine hygiene products. his announcement is part of a package of measures he is calling his parents agenda. >> reporter: we are at st. vincent women's cesas of diaper coun to families which they say are struggling to pay bills and might not be able to afford the $35 per box. they say even small savings can really add up.>> this is the
10:25 pm
closet.>> reporter: the executive director says diapers are in high demand. she says it is a simple but expensive necessity for many families struggling to make ends meet>> it positive for people and we take it for granted.>> reporter: the governor doubled down on what he is calling his parents agenda. he and his wife spoke out in support of lawmakers proposed bills to eliminate sales tax on diapers. children and babies are going with dirty diapers, reusing diapers and parents are feeling the stress of that. this is a societal issue.>> reporter: in california where every parent will have the support they need to build the best possible future for their children. the governor also said he supports ending sales tax on feminine hygiene products with
10:26 pm
some lawmakers saying it's a medical necessity. >> it's not the most comfortable issue perhaps is my irish heritage but it's important so pay attention.>> reporter: the predecessor had not supported similar legislation because of the loss of revenue with an estimated $35 million in taxes on diapers and another $20 million from feminine products.>> there are so many taxes in california, a little bit of a break from small things at home with help a lot.>> reporter: for the women's center it could mean helping more people, but some say why it while they like the end of the state needs to divert funds for housing and education.>> i think oakland has bigg
10:27 pm
>> reporter: in addition the governor is also proposing extending the paid family leave from six weeks to eight weeks and he is expected to rollout his revised budget on thursday morning. a small fire that exploded into an inferno and killed 36 people. the testimony today and the ghost ship warehouse trial and the two different views about whether the warehouse was safe. a big night for the giants and the players just called to the majors. we spent the last four years cracking the case on a dangerous medical transportation company. the fallout ends here at the courthouse. now the owners are being taken for a ride accused of stealing from taxpayers and putting patients at risk. what they told us in court.
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four years after we first reported on eight east bay medical transport company that was allegedly bilking the state for rinds, uninsured and unsafe vans. the owners are finally being charged with nine felonies.
10:31 pm
prosecutors say they went and busted medexpress for grand theft and money-laundering, if it was not for years of undercover work by our two investigators . >> what the da discovered after being tipped off by our report.>> reporter: beaten up bands with body damage, broken mirrors, missing headlights and spare tires. for four years we exposed medexpress, the vans rolling around without insurance, inspired suspended registrations and in one case no license plate. the medical transportation company is owned by nathan questions and cameras. >> i can see you standing there come talk to us? >> reporter: his company was blacklisted by the state after we exposed them ripping off taxpayers, billing medi-cal $3.6 million for rinds over five years with no proof of $1.7 million worth of claims.>> reporter: what about the
10:32 pm
patients who put their lives at risk. nothing at all?>> reporter: the state department of healthcare service assured us the company was cut off but medexpress kept operating and getting public money, regulators unaware until we brought it to their attention. we stayed on the case and now the district attorney is pressing charges. insurance fraud, grand theft, worker's compensation fraud, money laundering. now called into court. along with his wife and son accused of overbilling by inflating mileage for at least two dozen patients. one writer had a 16 mile round- trip but medexpress charged for 90 miles time and time again. >> do you still have the vans on the road right now? >> no, >> reporter: the district attorney found more, charging taxpayers for for dead patients and claiming they have rights
10:33 pm
to two people who were actually locked up in jail.>> will you pay the taxpayers back?>> god bless you have a great day.>> reporter: we were there when they rated the home in 2015, they took a little firearms, business records and electronic evidence. nathan rabah and his two sons were arrested and a phone investigation was launched .>> do you have anything you want to say about the charges against you? is your business still operating? >> reporter: also charged with fraud and accuse of money laundering. prosecutors say she manage finances for them.>> will you pay the money back to taxpayers?>> reporter: the da also says he lied to the state claiming to have one or two employees to save money when really there were more than 30 drivers. many never got a w-2 at tax time and were paid in cash or personal check.
10:34 pm
now they will have to face a judge for the business that has been able to keep rolling for years. if you have a tip we wants to hear from you, give us a call at 510-874-0222. federal immigration officials arrested a suspected drunk driver accused of plowing into a northern california trailer home and killing three members of a family. agents today arrested this man who owboy. one day later a judge released him from jail on bail. he says he was in the country illegall deadly fire. two men who were very familiar with the warehouse took the witness stand today.>> reporter: on the second day of testimony in the ghost ship
10:35 pm
stand saying he and defendant max harris greeted people at the door for a music events the night of the fire. he testified it was small, i thought it was a toaster fire but within five seconds it exploded into an inferno. it looks like an explosion that's how fast it happens. the prosecutor hoping to debunk the theory that arson was to blame, asking if he had seen anyone suspicious that night letting molotov cocktails in the warehouse. he said no. >> not every witness is going to see every square foot of that warehouse. we have witnesses who will take the stand and verify what were saying.>> reporter: ryan thought the warehouse was unsafe or a fire hazard. max harris attorney says that his testimony scored another key point for the defense. another man advertised the party tonight.>> most testified that john repko through the party. the prosecution put out this theory that it was max party, but it was not.>> reporter:
10:36 pm
also understand was rodney griffin, he testified that he visited the warehouse and warned the master tenant that the building was a death trap. he said in response he laughed and joked that he should give the warehouse that nickname. a construction worker also testified that before the fire he went to a nearby fire station to report his concerns. they told him they were aware of the situation and seems to brush it off. he told the jury quote i did i could. a glimpse at 10 years of presidents trumps taxes, what they reveal about his finances and businesses long before he was elected to the white house. it's slowly warming up we will get you to wednesday and let you know what you can expect, plus the weekend is around the corner. a police officer slams a woman to the ground, the use of force investigation is now underway.
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police have launched an internal investigation into a use of force incident involving an officer. mia thompson was pulled over for a suspended registration, police said she and her three passengers refused to leave the car. then another car pulled up at
10:40 pm
the scene with me as mother and stepsister inside. police say those two women repeatedly tried to push past the officers, that's when one officer says they slammed the stepsister to the ground.>> he slammed my daughter to the ground which is hard as concrete on her face. he's three times bigger than her. that was unnecessary. did i get a little bit aggressive? yes i did. >> she said she went into mother mode to protect her daughter but police said she and her mother obstructed the investigation. the u.s. secretary of state made an unannounced visit today to baghdad, he told iraqi leaders he thinks that their neighbors in iran are positioning missiles that could be used against american forces in the region. his surprise visits came on the eve of the first anniversary of presidents trumps withdrawal
10:41 pm
from the landmark nuclear agreement with iran. tension between the two countries has gone up dramatically during the past year. the new york times reports that it has obtained transcripts from 10 years of presidents trumps tax returns from 1985 to 1994. times concludes that he did not declare losses of more than $1 billion during that due from businesses including casinos hotels and retail spacesof thos losses. an attorney for the president called the report quotes demonstrably false but did not detail specific mistakes. the white house counsel don mccann refused to turn over documents under a subpoena from the house judiciary committee, the current weiss how white house counsel said he does not have the rights to the materials since the white house controls and. lawyers have not ruled out
10:42 pm
invoking executive privilege. the judiciary committee also wants him to testify later this month but the president might try to block his appearance.>> the fact that the executive branch wants to keep from the public the truth of what happened in those elections, we are about getting the truth to the american people but also making sure that this does not happen again. >> it has been two weeks since attorney general william barr made the report public. this investigation went on for two years. it is finally over.>> reporter: the same committee is set to vote tomorrow on whether to hold attorney general william barr and contempt for refusing to turn over the version of the report. the republican governor banned abortions in georgia once a fetal heartbeat is detected which can be as early as six weeks before many
10:43 pm
women even know they are pregnant. georgia now has one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country. the governor approved the bill quotes to ensure that all georgians have the opportunity to live, grow, learn and prosper in our great state. the signing falls weeks of protests, the aclu of georgia maintains the new law is unconstitutional and they plan to challenge it in court. he had aspirations of being a law enforcement officer, coming up the young man killed in a south bay street racing crash, the driver police wants to talk to and why neighbors say the street has turned into a raceway. cloudy skies around the bay, we will have the forecast in a moment. each morning, people wake. and smile, when they see the sun. not that one.
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police in san jose are looking for a second driver involved in a deadly street racing crash on cinco de mayo. the crash happened sunday night on santa teresa boulevard. we spoke with neighbors who say cars and motorcycles frequently speed on that stretch of road.>> reporter: the coroner identified the victim in the sunday crash as david
10:47 pm
mandujano, the san jose man was a graduate of san jose state, a former youth cadet with the santa clara sheriff department who sources say was testing to become a police officer in nevada. tuesday his initials were carved into the tree where he died and what police say was a dui street racing crash.>> my neighbor is retired highway patrol so she told me they put the blanket over the guy that he is dead.>> reporter: david mandujano was a passenger in a pontiac racing with another car shortly before 10 on sunday night on santa teresa boulevard in south san jose. when the driver lost control and slammed into a tree. >> i walked out and saw cars raising this way and that way and i heard them coming back this way and then i heard rakes and a crash.>> reporter: tuesday flowers, candles and car parts remained. city crews inspected two trees that were hit, they decided the
10:48 pm
tree had to come down out of concern it could fall. >> the racing is so bad, it's well-known for the racing. >> reporter: police are investigating if the drivers are related. officers have not spoken with the second driver who witnesses say was in a black chevy camaro.>> i saw the motorcycle rolling up to this window.>> reporter: the family who can see the memorial from the doorstep said this marks the latest in a number of crashes along is notorious stretch of roads.>> you see motorcycles popping wheelies and racing everyday.>> reporter: they feel sorry for the family and have this message for the survivors.>> stop racing, your life matters.>> reporter: family members say the man driving the car was his cousin and best friend. he remains in the hospital and faces a felony dui charge.
10:49 pm
we have lots of mid-70s, a good 5 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday so we did warm up we had sunshine today as well. temperatures along the coach in the upper 50s and low 60s. look for highs tomorrow back in the upper 70s with a couple low 80s possible as well. we are doing a nice pattern, gradual warm-up but by friday and saturday temperatures drop off again so it is very active. look down to the south this is active, this is active there is a lot going on for this late in the season. we have pressure systems all around us hacking away, typical high-pressure for this time of year. that's the reason we are going to be sort of mild. there is default along the
10:50 pm
coast it will push inland again as you would expect. current temperatures there is that shot you can see what is going on you can see the clouds and lights reflecting off the base of the clouds, typically the fog is right down on the city those low clouds tend to be a bit higher. this big highs should be stationed in their but this low as we go into thursday night is going to pinch back a bit and when it pinches back this way we start getting that wraparound moisture coming off of the west sierra nevada and potential sprinkles. don't change your plans on thursday night or into friday morning but that is this the 80 most part. tomorrow we might see brentwood at 80, fresno about 83. 76 in pleasanton, 75 in san
10:51 pm
jose and the five workouts, lots of cloud cover this is late in the afternoon it should not impact the commutes and this is the same thing, remember how the weekend was? it's going to be kind of like that. there's a five day forecast, we will see you back here at 11. a big debut for a gianth is king, the new ordinance requirg stores to accept cash.
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10:54 pm
the a's are still in progress and we have a no- hitter going on. obably just ji if the no-hitter gets broken up you know who blame.>> if you are superstitious and ra baseball fan then blame frank.>> take a look at the delay here. 98 minutes. the electricians could not get it done. one of the players dressed up like in life is in electrician and in the second inning he
10:55 pm
jerks one down the right field look at stephen all the way from first, he is safe looks like the ball beat him but look at the catcher. missed the tag and it's 1-0. the big news from this game though my expires is throwing a no-hitter so the a's lead in the eighth-inning , hope to have that defensive stuff for you tonight by 11:00. san francisco giants usually not a rocky mountain high when they go to colorado, they just don't get it done against the rockies but tonight a completely different story. it was like 40 degrees there. denver broncos games have been warmer and welcome back to the majors. a screamer that leaves them at four rbis, three homeruns last night in the minor-league, they brought him up and the inning
10:56 pm
rose along. the sixth of the year, that is a two run shot and the giants lead at 6-1. tyler austin into the wide-open spaces and left- center field. his first major league triple and scored two runs, fortune-4 and by the way we are keeping that guy away. >> meantime i don't think warriors fans are looking at this series quite closely. they have their own business to take care of but portland going at it in denver tonight. 25 points 19 rebounds very
10:57 pm
physical and irritates the other team. the blazers get into it, throwing elbows and a little push and shove, looks like a baseball fight. denver goes up, and toronto also leads philadelphia three games back east. the golden state warriors this series with houston not only to games only one point in differential between them and a the team lands back in the bay area this afternoon they have their work cut out for them because to the naked eye you can watch these games and maybe say are the rockets hungrier than the warriors out of those teams and seems to be going houston's way. they want it, there are more alert. and talking about these close games these intangibles making
10:58 pm
huge games. >> they are doing whatever it takes and not like they're doing anything dirty but they're doing whatever it takes and we are just kind of rolling in. we have to just change our mindset then we will be just fine.>> candid comments. we will see you tomorrow night at oracle. check this out this is the very popular gender reveal. young fans in cleveland wants to know if they have a boy or a girl. i think we all know now. check this out, the empire says pick up your bats you don't get to walk so the next pitch, that's better than a walk. he will walk it around the
10:59 pm
bases. waits until they make their decision, a great play. watch this on the backhand. the orioles don't have a lot to cheer about but davis, behind the back flips and that's the sporting life at this hour. time for more news and we will have that of date for you at 11. this is a terrible event, something that nobody wants to have happen in their community.>> a school shooting in colorado, one student is dead and eight others are wounded. >> another community traumatized. >> this time two students are under arrest, police say both of them launched attacks in different parts of the school.
11:00 pm
1800 students attend the stem school at highlands ranch, it's neighbors littleton colorado where the columbine shooting took place 20 years ago last month. police say two students at that school carried out the attack, one is an adult and the other a juvenile. the sheriff says the gunmen walked on campus and went deep into the school and opened fire in two separate locations. law enforcement says officers got to the school within minutes, engage the suspects and then took him into custody. they put the school on lockdown and evacuated all the students. a father whose son is among those shot describes what he says happe


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