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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 7, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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>> another community traumatized. >> this time two students are under arrest, police say both of them launched attacks in different parts of the school. 1800 students attend the stem school at highlands ranch, it's neighbors littleton colorado where the columbine shooting took place 20 years ago last month. police say two students at that school carried out the attack, one is an adult and the other a juvenile. the sheriff says the gunmen walked on campus and went deep into the school and opened fire in two separate locations. law enforcement says officers got to the school within minutes, engage the suspects and then took him into custody. they put the school on lockdown and evacuated all the students. a father whose son is among those shot describes what he
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says happened in the classroom.>> he saw a gun pull i believe a pistol i'm not sure out of the guitar case and start to a terrible event, this is something nobody wants to have happen in their community. we are going to investigate that and get to the bottom of it to figure out how and what has occurred. >> some of the injured are said to be in critical condition tonight, the person who died was an 18-year-old male student, his name has still not been released. the fbi and department of homeland security are all on scene inveof the oto because they don't want to jeopardize the investigation. according to local media his only run in with the law involved a citation for careless driving. the other suspect is a juvenile whose name has not been released. stay with us for continuing
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coverage, we will be following the latest details as they emerge. new tonight a special concert to honor a 21-year-old promising musician. mcelhaney was shot and killed two months ago. we are in east bay without his friends and mentors helped honor him tonight. >> reporter: as you said he was killed almost 2 months ago but tonight his family and friends tell me he lives on through the impact he has made on others. the sounds of jazz filled the theater tuesday night.former student, victor mcelhaney and drummer shot and killed almost 2 months ago. his mother in oakland city councilwoman and other family members attended.>> we really
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miss him. it is hard. it's very very hard.>> reporter: mcelhaney says this concert helps to fill the void that come from the loss of her son. she describes him as a joy to his family and those who knew him including former bandmates and professors where he attended classes for two years before transferring. on march 10 the 21-year-old was killedr usc during a not move. it is deeper still.>> reporter: this music his mentor says helps the story of victor, a talented young musician who lost his life to senseless gun violence. >> he left a legacy on the stage as a young man who was
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giving back. >> reporter: giving back by helping other young musicians. his former drum instructor played in the seats that would have been victors had he been here. >> i'm just trying to honor his energy. >> reporter: victor was scheduled to graduate friday, his parents plan to attend the ceremony to receive his diploma. >> i don't want any other mother to suffer what they are suffering. this is the most horrific pain.>> reporter: victor is killing on saturday to help solve this case she has not been back at work as oakland city council members she plans to return to city hall may 17. a fire tonight at a
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homeless encampment sent up a plume of black smoke. the flames broke out just before eight at the camp on east 12th street on 16th avenue. the fire spread to a tree before it was put out, no reports of any injuries. the oakland a's game was to load tonight for more than one and a half hours because of a malfunction with the stadium lights. here is a live look where right now those lights are back on. the game with the cincinnati reds was supposed to start just before seven but it didn't begin until it: 45. the announcers provided updates for fans on television. >> highlighting malfunction in the left field right tower was guys have been working on. the lights are still off as you can see. >> the issue is finally resolved and the first pitch came after a delay of 98
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minutes. the city of san jose collected nearly 5000 tons of litter last year. in fact the demand for cleanup services is so high the city does not have enough staff or resources to keep up. we are in san jose where we talked with the mayor about what's being done.>> reporter: the mayor knows many quality-of- life issues don't get enough resources, an annual survey found less than 20% of san jose residents surveyed are satisfied with how clean the city is. old mattresses, cat furniture and a stove illegally dumped in san jose. right in front of me know dumping sign and that is nothing compared to the mounds of trash found driving around downtown. last year crews cleaned up 15,000 illegal dump sites, throughout the city double from
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the year before. >> you would not do that to your own house it irritates me when people do it so casually somewhere else because it's not in front of their house.>> reporter: jeff security cameras captured people time and time again dumping trash in front of his home.>> i have seen cars where they have mattresses on the roof and are driving around looking for an appropriate place to dump it.>> reporter: annual report aims to tackle illegal dumping and revealed staggering numbers. last year crews collected 4900 tons of debris, 4300 mattresses, 1300 gallons of paint and 950 gallons of human waste. service requests to clean up the trash have tripled. >> it's great the community is so engaged in interacting and reporting but at the same time i think it has caught us off guthe environmental services department says a team of six people is just not enough.
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>> reporter: the mayor and city council plan to allocate $3.5 million in the next budget cycle for more staff and equipment. more money will also go toward a pilot program where homeless people helping of the trash. the city issued 23 citations for illegal dumping last year and while that might not seem like a lot it's actually triple from the amount of the previous year, the first offense defined is $2500, $5000 for the second offense. authorities in the north they are looking for two thieves who made a $5000 hall u they got their hands on debit cards and moved fast. they were also caught on video. >> reporter: police wants to
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these faces, a couple who strolled out of targets in the afternoon with thousands of dollars in merchandise. purchased with debit and credit cards belonging to a sonoma couple out on a hike. by phone the victim shared how he and his wife were sharing a beautiful few hours of birdwatching, unaware they were financing a $5000 shopping spree. >> we had no idea until we were home or just about home. >> reporter: email alerts from their banks about suspicious activity, but by then the thieves have swept through the departments at two target stores 15 minutes apart and purchased high-end electronics plus gift cards that can be spent anywhere. all in half an hour and well before the victims a glovebox out even switched credit cards and cash around so everything looked undisturbed.>> i'm defig keep
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pocket, five grand in 30 minutes you say? that's nuts.>> it looks like there were bills and cards still in the wallet. >> reporter: investigators have a hunch that you are local and someone will recognize them. >> it is a good credit card it has not been reported canceled. they don't check for id. they go in there and by high- value items or other gift cards which are not traceable.>> reporter: even before this people left their trunk and valuables at home or carry them along.>> i'm overly cautious because i came from san francisco.>> reporter: other visitors admit in their haste they take chances. >> you're not expecting it you think you can just leave your stuff in the car and be fine. >> reporter: he's going to heed the warnings he has hurt so
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many times. >> next time i wallet stays in my pocket when i leave the car. cash or credit, the reasoning behind any rule in san francisco that ensures break and mortar stores must accept cash. a huge fire burning right now in southern california, these are life pictures. we will tell you what is fueling this fire that can be seen for miles around. we have a warm-up down and then a cooldown, with some chances of sprinkles in the five day forecast. ♪ [ crying ] ♪ you protect them at home. we help protect them online.
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the u.s. coast guard provided video of the dramatic rescue, 65 miles off the coast of san francisco. it shows a coast guard helicopter crew hoisting a man to safety after he was injured during a fall on board an oil tanker this morning.
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the man was taken to stanford medical center where he was treated for a neck injury, he's listed in stable condition tonight. were following developing news from southern california, firefighters are battling a huge fire at a dairy farm in san bernardino county. it was first reported shortly after the clock tonight at a farm near the chino airport. authorities say huge bales of hay are helping to fuel the flames, the fire can be seen for miles around, fortunately so far there are no reports of any injuries. firefighters from across the county are now working to get the fire under control. the second day of testimony in the people at the door of the warehouse the night of that deadly fire. he testified he never thought the warehouse was unsafe or a fire haza anyone like light molotov cocktails undermining the defense series that arson is to blame for the fire that claims
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36 lives.>> not every witness is going to see every square foot of that warehouse at every moment. we have witnesses that will take the stand and verify what were saying.>> a construction worker also took the stand today, he testified that he warned the master tenant that the building was a quote deathtrap. he says he went to the fire station around the corner to share his concerns and they told him they were aware of it. one of the bay area is best known comedy clubs is closing their doors. bill graham opens the punchline in 1978. many famous comedians have appeared there over the years. the punchline says they will be closing in august because of a dispute over the clubs lease. the owners are going to find a new location to entertain bay area comedy fans.
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the governor is expanding paid family from 6 to 8 weeks. he appeared with his wife and members of the legislative women's caucus to announce that plan. he will make it official when he rolls out his budget blueprint.>> you want to reduce the cost of government, if you want to increase the trajectory in terms of opportunity of a young child's life, then you have to begin at the beginning. >> the former governor vetoed those bills saying those taxes bring in about $55 million per year. stores in san francisco will soon be required to accept cash for merchandise. the board of supervisors approved a new law today to ban so-called cashless stores.
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>> reporter: the sign on the door is clear, no cash. a similar sign on the counter of bluestone lane, a coffee and sandwich place on market street but many people say they don't like this trend.>> stores should definitely accept cash. it has monetary value.>> reporter: this man says it's tough especially when he chooses to go out without his card.>> is just messes me up. you get bills later and then it goes up. i don't like it. >> reporter: the san francisco board of supervisors passed an ordinance requiring brick and mortar stores and restaurants to accept cash. cashless businesses discriminate against low income people who might not have a credit card. >> we don't want to go so far down that we start excluding people from being able to shop in their own neighborhoods. it's a basic issue of access
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and equity.>> reporter: some say not having cash is safer because cash can invite crime.>> most businesses have cash and find ways to deal with the security concern.>> reporter: suite greens will begin accepting cash later this year saying that we went cashless to enable safer restaurants, faster service and more sustainable business practices in line with our mission we are enabling the belief that everyone deserves access to real food. it began as catalyst amounts of money. credit cards will still be able to use them under the new ordinance but cash in san francisco is here to stay.>> cash is cash so it is money. it seems kind of silly that you would not be able to spend it at a store.>> reporter: new jersey and philadelphia pass similar laws and now new york is taking a look at it.
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checking in on temperatures, warmer than yesterday. santa rosa was 70, antioch of about five degrees, more like eight or nine so we did see mid- sixties and upper 60s, today it's a different deal. tomorrow different as well with temperatures increasing three or four degrees, not a heatwave but warmer. the coast say school putting temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. spring weather but not like you would expect it to be. we have a lot going on in the pacific and over the continent we are seeing lots of pressure patterns moving things around, the jetstream is not settled down. that means were going to see continued unsettled weather, it will take us to a chance of a sprinkle on thursday night. not enough to change your plans but something to think about. outside you see the salesforce tower lit up and this big guy
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is bouncing around, this low will go back this way, when it does, it's going to spend some clouds in our direction from the east, usually we see clouds coming from the west. this time the low as it comes through rotates this way so it's going to bring this, not often especially this time of year but you are seeing clouds, and with best chance of sprinkle thursday. not enough to shoot down plans if you might have 80 in brentwood, those are tomorrow's highs and more cities here to look at. good air quality, e not great a slight chance of showers thursday night into friday morning, it is there because it
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i love what the announcer said, he said mike fires was lights out tonight. that was a good one. a 98 minute delay because of a power outage and then mike fires completely steals the show. there it is, the whole bank went out and since electricians and. here is spires, he had some help defensively. you have to see pro far in the first run with a double and later the home run, that's just a sensational grab not an easy play for the right-field line from second base but watch this. this is almost getting to be routine. in the sixth inning, he has
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done that so many times this year. a home run with a sensational play. he knows the no-hitter is in fact going to the ninth. the final out, it comes down on strikes. fires on 131 pitches, the second no-hitter of his career. the 300s in major league history. he struck out six and the a's a big pick me up . here he is driving in both runs, the is quite a different story. pitching was far from the story up in colorado it was absolutely freezing. it was like denver broncos foot all weather. but stay dressed appropriately. williamson gets three homeruns in t last night, gets
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back here and has a three-run shot in his first game back with giants thing that was not nearly all the offense, a two- run shot in the states, giants pile on a five-run ninth and lined up but that gentleman sums up the feelings of all colorado fans sitting through this thing. if you are a positive thinker, portland and denver in colorado tonight. look at that. 25 points, 19 rebounds, such a soft touch from the big guy. he's doing it all, he likes to throw some elbows and he does not apitecwhen he gets it back. there is some physicality going on with leonard. bottom line 124-98, denver up 3- 2 in the series toronto also up
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3-to and the series. and we have come to that point where we must check the out here that's a nice catch by simmons a gold glove winner with the anaheim angels. down the right-field line adam jones, a beautiful play right there up against the fence. not as easy as he made it look. and then tonight chris davis giving video games to all of his teammates. the meyer brothers and then the real guys show up. that's as real as it gets. congratulations to mike fires. that was lights out. alright boys, time for bed.
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