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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  May 8, 2019 9:00am-9:58am PDT

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person, they also offer craft beer crawl, and a cedimony is tg 11:00 this morning. uber and lyft drivers plan to take action against what they say is a decline in wages, however nationwide strike could affect people in the bay area, in just a few hours. and, san francisco prepares to host the pga championship, and determine it the tournament director joins us. and, jordan is leading the comfort of his studio to explore extreme activism in his new program. >> good morning, it is a great start to the day, wednesday, may 8, we just got our first glimpse at the royal baby
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sussex early today on mornings on 2, and here we find ourselves just a couple hours later with a name for the newest royal. buckingham palace just announced minutes ago, prince harry and megan's new baby boy is named, archie harrison windsor. earlier this morning, they introduced him to the world of windsor council castle. we have yet to hear the significance of the name archie or harrison but, they used the last name of many of the queens grandchildren and great- grandchildren. archie is typically not a prince, he will get that title unless the queen granted to him personally or harry's father, prince charles becomes king. i like it. >> it is archie. archie is a strong name. i think of archie manning, right? reat quarterback. archie griffin won two heisman trophies.
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so, good things coming to the young little boy. we are going to begin back east, we are following breaking news out of dc right now where president trump's has exercised executive privilege of releasing the unredacted report. william barr has already been transparent in releasing the report and made his decision on the advice of the attorney general. they subpoenaed the white house for the full report, the move comes as house democrats plan to host william barr in contempt of congress, we will have more for you later on in the newscast. from london to san francisco, drivers are on a one- day strike, even though their companies are worth tens of billions of dollars, drivers say they are being shortchanged. allie joins us from uber company headquarters couple days before uber is set
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to go public on friday, the estimated value, $91.5 billion. meanwhile, drivers with both companies say they are struggling financially. in san francisco, drivers are calling for a 12 hour strike, set to start at noon today, they are urging drivers to turn off their apps in protest. not just san francisco, but drivers in new york, la, and boston are also participating. they want more transparency from the company about how fares and tips are allocated to drivers, they are asking for these benefits like paid time off, healthcare, as well as the ability to organize without retaliation. most importantly, drivers say they want to be able to make a living wage driving for uber and lyft after they pay for their out-of-pocket expenses. >> i used to make $37 per hour, okay, and today, i make about $9.80 per hour. that is it is
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>> in response, according to uber, the drivers make an average of $20 per hour, the company said drivers are at the heart of our service, we cannot succeed without them. lyft provided a more specific statement, said hourly earnings have increased 70% over the last 2 years. on average, drivers earn more than $20 per hour, we are constantly working to improve how we can conserve our community. we don't know how many drivers will be taking part in this strike, it is set to officially start at noon today. and at noon here at the headquarters on market street, about 200 drivers are planning a protest. ktvu fox 2 news . thank you. muni says a breakdown in the
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subway could have been prevented. maintenance workers missed a defective part on the train that then pulled down 1000 feet of overhead wiring, that forced muni to shut down the subway on april 26 for 13 hours. a lot of people were late to work that morning, they ran bus shuttles for tens of thousands in the morning and evening that day. the mayor, london breed asked if he would resign after that. the director apologized for the breakdown. we are going to hear from the family of the man that was shot and killed by vallejo police. the family of ronell foster will hold a press conference about the video that was just released on monday. foster's family accuses vallejo police of editing the video confrontation when they described as an execution. police say that officer, ryan mcmahon stopped him from
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riding a bike erratically. there was a chase and a fight during which foster longed for a man's flashlight, causing the officer to fire his gun. a san francisco filmmaker is d killing a man in the directors glen park home. at the time of the incident, he was arrested but parker's the das office is not commenting on whether to file charges now. he is known for documentaries on the impact of gangs and cities. ryan o'keefe told a courtroom yesterday that he and the defendant greeted people at the warehouse the night of the fire, he never felt the warehouse was unsafe. he also said he did not see anyone light cocktails in the warehouse, addressing the defense theory that arson was to blame for the fire. >> not every witness is going
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to see every square foot of that warehouse at every moment. we have witnesses who will take the stand and verify what we are saying. >> a construction worker testified that he warned the ghost ship master tenant that the building was a death trap. griffin said he went to the firehouse around the corner to share his concerns and he said they told him that they were aware of it. this morning, when we spoke with san francisco, mayor, london breed, we asked her about what she thinks for the proposal calling for people to pay a toll and make reservations to drive down lombard street.>> i like the idea of having control over our streets, that is why we are having so much difficulty with rideshare companies and tour buses and all of those other things because they are governed by state law.>> the mayor says, they are still studying whether charging a fee is something that the city
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should do. she is waiting on a report analyzing the proposal before making a the punchline in san they are closing in due to a dispute over the lease. p the punchline in 1978, a long list of comedians have appeared there over the years, including robin williams, ellen degeneres, and dana carvey just to name a few.>> you know what is great about that spot? there is plenty of parking at night, it is too bad that they have to find another location. >> maybe they can work it out. we will see. today's weather has been cloudy so far. >> it is probably going to stay that way for a while, a lot of fog and low clouds, a killer pattern for may. really, just below average. we are in between lows, one to the southwest of la. it looks like a pacific northwest will get in on a warm-up, that is going to backtrack to the
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mountain regions. that'll be late thursday and into friday. 60s and 70s for most, a lot of locations will only be in the 70s but it does look a little bit warmer, not much. temperatures near average, slightly below, only one above in san jose. from yesterday's very cool readings, 60s and 70s, morgan hill, from 71 up to 76. but even concord, of all places, only 76, that is nice weather for this time of year for them. if you are heading to the game tonight, 7:07 the sunshine and clouds making an appearance. dress accordingly. 62 degrees at first pitch. most of us in the 50s, that is because of low clouds and the system keeping much of the intermountain region well below average on temperatures. even a little bit below average. the pattern is looking very
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below average for us. we will watch what happens in the sierra, the thunderstorms interrupting some of that drifting back from east to west, something we have to watch for towards central california, central sierra, but it'll be close for us. 60s to 70s for many here, and not much changing. if anything, a lot more cloud cover and temperatures staying on the cool side. it is going to be a big night for the warriors, playing game five of the nba playoffs right here at oracle arena. the a's are going to be playing just arise across the way. sarah is joining us from the coliseum complex. >> reporter:'s this area will be completely packed, full of people and just about 10 hours or so, the warriors tipoff tonight, first pitch, 7:07.
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heavy traffic is more than likely, so be prepared if you have plans on driving to either game. tonight is game five of the nba western conference semi finals between the warriors and the houston rockets. they are tied at 2. the level of competition is more like the nba finals so they will definitely be filling the arena to see the action. it could also be the last time the warriors play at oracle, hopefully this doesn't happen, but if they lose the next two games, tonight could be their last game in oakland before the team moves to san francisco. as for the a's, the team is coming off of an exciting night, mike fiers pitched a no- hitter yesterday. tonight is game two of the three-game series. i spoke with the warriors, if you have any plans on coming to either game, their best advice is to take public transportation and get here
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early. by about 7:00 tonight, this entire area will be filled with baseball and basketball fans. in oakland, ktvu fox 2 news . thank you e sharks are just to the western conference finals, they did lose game six on the road, monday night against the colorado avalanche. tonight is game seven, that is going to be at the shark tank. the winner will take on the st. louis blues. the puck drops at 6:00 tonight. coming up, 2 investigates has spent years following a company accused of stealing taxpayer money and jeopardizing patient safety, how the owner is now facing charges. it was the most destructive fire on record in california, six months later, how survivors of the campfire are facing a slow cleanup and rebuilding process. (son) nice save! (vo) that's using your frigidaire.
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checking in on the big
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board, it is slightly positive, the dow jones industrial and other indexes are only slightly negative, china will retaliate against the u.s. if washington follows through on a new policy. the u.s. is optimistic that a new trade policy can be worked out. today marks six months since the start of the deadly campfire that burned more than 153,000 acres, the town of paradise was hit the hardest. alyssa harrington is in the studio to explain how paradise is still trying to rebuild. >> reporter: the mayor just posted on facebook saying that day changed their lives forever. this is part of her statement. since that day, we have had to face challenges and heartbreak in ways we never thought possible, we have also made great strides as our community has come together to create a new vision for paradise. the town government posted some pictures welcoming back businesses that have been able
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to reopen, so they have been making some progress. but, paradise did have a population of nearly 27,000 people, most homes were lost in the fire, many businesses were burned to the ground. former residents are still struggling to find temporary or permanent housing. crews are in the process of removing the wreckage. the cleanup process in butte county has been long and tedious, more than $1 billion being spent to remove piles of toxic debris, they also compromised the drinking water. cancer-causing chemicals were found in the water, so those whose homes were saved now have to drink bottled water. more than 18,000 structures destroyed, smoke drifted all the way down to the bay area. we saw people walking around because of the poor air quality. according to a report in the san francisco chronicle, disaster teams have so far cleaned just 17% of burned
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properties in that town with the work expected to extend into next year. pg&e has said its equipment likely trigger the fire that scorched more than 150,000 acres. this week a federal judge ordered the board of directors to tour paradise and see the destruction firsthand. ktvu fox 2 news. by the way, we will have expanded coverage this afternoon, of the recovery efforts in butte county. frank sommerville will lead the coverage in paradise and the mayor will be among his guests, that begins this afternoon right here on ktvu fox 2 news . people are being warned to prepare for wildfire prevention power shutdown, which can last for days. pg&e turns off power when there is high wind or other extreme weather events as aution. according independent journal, the fire department said pg&e plans to be substantially more aggressive this fire season. meaning that those power cuts may be more frequent.
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pg&e has to visually inspect all the lines before they re- energize which means power outages could last for three or four days. the trump administration will issue regulations today requiring drugmakers to reveal prices of prescription medications in their television ads, the regulation would apply to medications costing more than $35 for a months supply. the details are expected to appear toward the end of the commercials when they disclose potential side effects of the drug, that changes the issue of rising drug prices. election season is expected to continue into next month, michael hancock has secured a majority of the vote. they also turned on a measure that would decriminalize the active ingredient in hallucinogenic mushrooms. early results show that 54% of voters voted against the measure. denver's vote put the first public referendum in the country on hallucinogenic
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mushrooms, a similar effort failed to make a california ballot last year. coming up, the comedy central host, jordan, is leaving the confines of his own studio. we will speak with him about his new program that sends us into the depths of activism across america. the pga championship is coming to san francisco, we are going to be talking with the director of this first ever major to be played at harding park. our three contestants are all at the big ikea table. who's going to be tonight's winning chef? contestant #1, impressive knife skills. but contestant #2 fights back by using fresh parsley. and, contestant #3 adds a touch of sweetness. sweetie, come eat outside. but it's too hot out there! perfect! make room for the judge! ♪ ♪ live together. lounge differently. ikea. ♪ ♪
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the pga championship is coming to san francisco for the first time, harding park, a public course on the city's westside will host the best golfers in the world next may.
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>> this video gives me the chills, i'm so excited about this, the pga championship has not been to california since 1995, and people are already registering for a chance to see the action up close. the director is joining me in studio. welcome, thank you for being here.>> thank you for having me. >> i grew up in san francisco, i played fleming, that is the little nine holes within harding park, then i moved to get even better, which i didn't. it is just amazing to see, there is a major tournament coming to harding park. >> i don't, i think it'll be the biggest event. i think it was the start of a new era in san francisco, we are coming back in 2028, the olympic club, and the ryder cup in 2022, we are here for a decade, so i think for us it start with our partners of the pga tour, and harding park. this will be our second public venue, so it is a big part of our move and what pga america
9:23 am
is all about. >> do you look into the rich history of the course to help you prepare for what 18 holes, people are going to see out there?>> yes, i will tell you what, i'm thinking of johnny miller and the 95 years that has been here, that goes to our chief championship officer who sets up the olympic golf and he does all of everything outside. >> people can start getting tickets?>> we are forewarned, people are going to be left out unfortunately because there are just so many golfers in the peninsula, so many great sports fans in the bay area, if you look at statistically, what we are offering which is this great one ticket, and the city continues to push that innovation for us.>> talk about that a little bit.>> that'll be a one ticket offered for the pga channel championship.
9:24 am
the venue is driving it, the weather is driving it, then moved to may, this will be our second championship in may. so everything related to the weather, and bringing in espn and other people, when you have 1000 electronic print media people, it is really a global event. >> going back to this new era, the ryder cup is going to be out here some of the u.s. open, the olympic club you mentioned, what is this compared to the old era and why is northern california becoming so attractive?>>partners with pnc america. we will be that silicon valley of golf, that is our desire, to be at the innovation part of the game and to be the coolest major out there. so why not come to the coolest,
9:25 am
most innovative city in the country. >> because of the location in san francisco, it is a tourist location by itself, do you expect this ticket to go extremely fast compared to other tournament you have worked on?>> yes, may is the highest participation month across the country, and it is the first time, so there is that novelty factor. we had over half 1 million people trying to get tickets, so for us, this is the start of that process. >> maybe people who are not golf fans, they should come out next month to harding park, why?>> it is going to be the event of the season, children are free regardless of just looking at the event just last week, seeing people in ja that is new for us, typically we are an august event. of that is e a sporting
9:26 am
very special.>> i remember 2005, was that the annex? tiger woods was out there with john daly, do you look back at that tournament?>> we don't. this is a major. it is different. it is the size, the magnitude of the buildup is quite large compared to that, and the crowd is bigger. we are up for sporting event of the year. so here, we move out to this mega bay area, so we are pretty excited. >> i remember when the open was at olympic, i volunteered to cart people back and forth from parking lots, it was a great way to be around the game without having to pay for a ticket. are there opportunities for people to volunteer?>> we would encourage people to attend the websitstered now as we speak.week.>> i volunteering, do they get
9:27 am
entrance? >> they do, they do their shifts for the week, then they can enjoy the championship for the rest of the week. >> all right, i'm very excited, you can already register for those tickets, again, for next year's pga championship. you've got a big job.>> appreciate it. >> anytime, come back. we continue to follow the latest development in washington, where president trump's has exercised executive privilege over the entire unredacted mueller report. the next step the house democrats may take. an east bay medical transportation company has been accused of stealing taxpayer money and putting patients at risk. we look into how the company's owner is facing charges for the first time. ♪
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now president trump's used executive privilege over the redacted robert mueller's report. just before lawmakers started this morning, the white house announced that the president would exercise executive privilege over the full report and under investigative records the committee has subpoenaed. in a statement, the white house said william barr has already been transparent in releasing the report and says the president made his decision on the advice of the attorney general. jerry nadler is threatening to hold former white house counsel in contempt if he does not testify before the committee this month. he has issued a subpoena to testify on may 21 and to provide the committee with documents in his possession.
9:31 am
ted by the white house says, executive privilege. >>has lost over $1 billion in the late 1980s and early 90s. he said his businesses lost $46 million in 9085 -- 1985. on twitter, the president said much of those losses were nonmonetary. u.s. secretary of state, mike pompeo is in london today, he met with theresa may to talk about how he believes ties between the u.s. and the uk will stay strong after brexit. he skipped a meeting yesterday with the chancellor. the secretary and his staff made a quick visit to iraq in the last minute. this morning, iran is setting a deadline for a new nuclear deal and threatens to start making enriched uranium
9:32 am
to even higher levels if that deadline isn't met. starting today, they will stop exporting excess uranium and heavy water from the nuclear program as required by the 2015 nuclear agreement that removed economic sanctions on iran. the president has said, he will get orders for iran to resume higher enrichmenthere is a new deal with the remaining partners in the agreement. the president withdrew the united states from the agreement one year ago and recently announced new sanctions against countries that buy oil from iran. let's check in with dave clark in the newsroom. after an overnight apartment building fire in santa rosa, damage is estimated at $100,000 and a woman is being treated for smoke inhalation. firefighters kept the flames from spreading beyond the unit, but for other apartments had water and smoke damage. the building was evacuated. the red cross is helping the tenant and the damaged units.
9:33 am
the fire was traced to an powe that had several devices plugged into it. again, damage is estimated at $100,000. now, we know why a gray whale washed up on ocean beach in san francisco. after a necropsy performed by the marine mammal center, the whale died after being hit by a ship. it suffered blunt force trauma, it had several fractures. it was the ninth whale to wash up on bay area shores in the past two months. the final phase starts today for the latest lawsuit against the maker of roundup weed killer. closing arguments began in the lawsuit filed by a livermore couple, alva and alberto who say monsanto's roundup caused both of them to develop non- hodgkin's lymphoma. they testified they thought it was safe for
9:34 am
them and for the wildlife. there are 11,000 similar cases against monsanto still pending. the company lost the two previous trials. that is a brief look at some of the top stories we are working on. thank you. today, the weather is cloudy although i heard you saying that we could see some sunshine this afternoon.>> there will be some inland, but when you get further out, it doesn't get very warm. a lot of temperatures have come up, but when you get this flow coming in, it just enhances the fog bank. we can't establish any pattern that supports the extent of fog . that is what we are seeing, we are in between systems. the one near the intermountain region and utah is going to a little bit.high pressure buil the pacific northwest, th
9:35 am
so i don't see much change in a few 60s, and more 50s. that cloud deck is slow to retreat. unseasonably cold down in phoenix. yesterday it was 80 degrees, that is 12 below average. and flagstaff was in the 30s this morning, not as much him about cool in southern california but really seasonable temperatures. seattle, portland, and much of oregon looking at above normal temperatures for the next few days. but, watch what happens, there is a lot going on for mid-may for us, possible showers late thursday into friday,n. they sneaked back in from the sacramento valley, so it could be in line again for another
9:36 am
round of thunderstorms. 60s and 70s on most the temperatures here. next week is looking cooler than normal, no heat for us anytime soon. thank you. we are learning more this morning about the two suspects in the shooting at the stem charter school in highlands ranch, just south of denver. the 18-year-old suspect is scheduled to appear in court this afternoon for a hearing, the district attorney said an attorney will be appointed for that suspect. it is not clear yet if charges against devon erickson will be officially filed. the two suspects were not apprehended together yesterday, the second suspect is a juvenile and is not expected to appear in court today. the sheriff says the younger suspect is a girl, they also say two guns were used in the shooting and both were recovered by officials. the student they hope to release the names
9:37 am
before tonight. we know the students who were shot are between the ages of 15 years old and 18 years old. two students are still hospitalized. there were no metal detectors at the school and a single security guard was on campus at the time of the shooting. no classes will be held at stem charter school for the rest of the week. they will be searching a number of areas on campus for evidence . they don't expect to release any more information about the shooting of the victims or the suspect until this afternoon. kamala harris is introducing legislation y to help ease the burden on public defenders, the bill is her latest push toward criminal justice reform, former prosecutor and 2020 presidential candidate says she wants to make this system more just. her legislation would create a $250 million grant program, it would establish workload limits, create annual data on workloads.
9:38 am
it would authorize $5 million for government organizations and nonprofits. 4 years ago, we first reported on an east bay medical transport company accused of billing the state for rides in unsafe vans. scooters say they were able to use undercover work. we will tell you what the da discovered after reports tipped them off. >> beat up vans with body damage, and spare tires,2 investigates has exposed these vans rolling around with expired or suspended insurance. the medical transportation company is owned by nathan, his
9:39 am
company was blacklisted by the state. billing $3.6 million for rides over 5 years with no proof of $1.7 million worth of claims.>> what about the patient you put their lives at risk? nothing at all, sir? >> the state department of healthcare services ushered ushered us the company was cut off but they kept getting public money, regulators unaware until we brought it to their attention. we stayed on the case and now the district attorney is pressing charges. >> insurance fraud, grand theft, money laundering. now, calling it to court, they are accused of overbilling by inflating mileage by at least
9:40 am
two dozen patients, one had a 16 mile round-trip, but med express charged for 90 miles time and time again. >> do you still have the vans on the road right now?>> no comment. >> you can't tell us if you still have the family business? >> they were charging taxpayers for four dead patients, claiming they give rides to two people that were actually locked up in jail. 2 investigates was with state investigators as they rated the home in 2015, they too he and his two sons were arrested, and a fraud investigation was launched. >> do you have anything you want to say about the charges against you?>> is their business still operating?>> rowand is charged with fraud, she helped manage finances for them.
9:41 am
>> will you pay the money back to taxpayers? >> the da says she lied to the state to obtain a workers comp policy, claiming to have one or two employees saving money, when really, there were more than 30 drivers. they were paid in cash or personal check. now, they will have to face a judge for the business that has been able to keep rolling for years. ktvu fox 2 news . if you have a tip, we want to hear from you, give us a call at the number on your screen or email us. coming up, office. how the governor is considering new policies to help families with newborns. plus, jordan klepper is leaving the confines of his new studio. he is going into the depths of
9:42 am
activism across america. while shopping at sears,
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a new documentary series on comedy central is explain the front lines of political activism across america. jordan klepper is a former correspondent for the daily show, he left to host his own program, now he is leaving the cozy studio to go out in the field and be people who are approaching political problems with some unusual solutions.>> we are trying to build it in a positive way. this is therapy.>> how about a book club? >> the premier of the series is tomorrow at 10:30 on comedy central and joining us now is jordan klepper all,
9:45 am
thank you for joining us, i have been watching you for a little bit. are you excited to get out into the field and be out there with the people? >> the people, yes, i got to meet the people for the first time, they are great and they are so kind, there are so many of them. it was good to do the opposition behind the desk, it is a great job that you feel disconnected, so the ability to go out there and see these stories close up, smell the stories, feel the stories, taste the stories, get arrested for the stories, that was definitely a privilege. >> what was the inspiration behind going out and doing this? i know that you are interested in this, you want to bring a fresh perspective to this kind of thing?>> yes, overall, the inspiration was to do a docu- seriescomedy central. looks likeon both sides of
9:46 am
the aisle, how are people fighting things, and making change possible. we wanted to be a part of it, we wanted to show something that you wouldn't normally see on tv.>> you say on both sides, that is pretty good because there are people that are obviously resisting the president, but also people resisting what they feel is progressive politics that is too far left for them. what have you learned from both sides, if i could ask you?>> in this series, we have spent some time with some open carry folks down in texas, and you have people that don't always align with politically. a universal thing and the theme we got in the world of activism, we might disagree about stuff but americans love to fight. if you go to any trump rally, you will see that. there is american spirit of resistance that both sides have. and i think once i got to go
9:47 am
out there and meet some of these folks, again, people show up. i do it a lot from my couch, and i think a lot of people do it as well, but when you go to places in america where people care and they want to make america a better place, they show up, they get out there and they fight for the america that they want to live in. i think that was inspiring to see.>> is it hard to be funny about some of these things that you are talking about?s, but you also want to entertain your viewers. is it hard to bring humor to the subjects at times? >> it definitely is. we are trying to balance something with this, i wanted to cover important issues and dealing with ptsd can be a dark issue. undocumented immigrants who can't go to college, it is not an issue that you see a lot of humor in. and we want to bring another level to it, we wanted to be there with the folks. we found a lot of humor poking
9:48 am
back at myself, somebody that does drop income who might care but doesn't have the tools to affect that change. it can also be pointed at somebody that wants to do good but doesn't have the tools to get there, and that is ripe for commentary.>> watching the video, you were doing some wrestling, is there anything you want your fans to take away from this? some sort of response you are looking for, you know, to your new series? >> i think with all of this, i hope our fans can see some connection with the people who are out there, and the good that a lot of the people might want to do. get out there, engage, you brought up the veterans episode, that was our first one, i thought i disconnected from people in the military. it is hard to connect with them
9:49 am
because you have made them this unachievable person with experience that you don't understand. don't just say thank you for your service, connect with them, spend time with them, ask them more about what they need. you can continue the conversation, conversations are something americans need more of and get beyond that first line, are you left or right? there is more going on there. >> you are so serious this morning, my goodness. usually you make me laugh. you look kind of like an anchorman. >> also, don't wear bikini briefs, that is one thing i learned. >> i will take that advice, thank you so much for joining us. he looked so serious, didn't he? he is a funny guy. coming up next, it can be hard for people to keep up with new slang that pops up, and one teacher took new measures to try to understand his students.
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limited availability. may not be in your area. more for your thing. that's our thing. call 1-800-call-att. a new report ranks california among the worst states in the country when it comes to working mothers. the personal-finance website, wallet hub, says california has the lowest median pay for women. california was near the bottom when it came to pridworking mothers. california ranked number seven when it came to allowing mothers more time to bond with their babies, and that is due to the parental leave policy.
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the governor is proposing extending paid family leave from 6 to 8 weeks. he made it official thursday morning when he rolled out his blueprint, the governor appeared with his wife and members of the legislative women's caucus to announce the plan. it'll be money well spent. >> if you want to reduce the cost of government, if you want to increase the trajectory in terms of opportunity of a young child's life, then you have to begin at the beginning. >> the governor says he wants to eliminate sales taxes on diapers and tampons. the former governor vetoed similar bills to do away with those taxes which are estimated to bring in about $55 million per year. the state can afford to make the change. barbie is celebrating her 60th birthday this year, and she is still trying out some new career options. sales were up 7%. sales of the increase were due
9:54 am
to different styles, body types, and careers. she is preparing to try out a new career as a robotics engineer and she will be appearing also in the upcoming toy story 4 movie. one high school teacher in massachusetts is going the extra mile to try to better understand his students. a sociology teacher, james callahan, started taking notes when his students were using phrases he didn't understand. he turned it into a dictionary of generation z slang.person wh good. >> i'm so out of touch. >> i was helping out with a little girl, and she said, "omg"
9:55 am
so she actually said what we text.>> i heard that is sick, meaning, not sick, but cool. >> think you for watching everybody, have a great rest of your morning.>> i hope you thought this show was sick.>> all right, we will see you back here at noon. each morning,
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