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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 8, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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new details in a deadly school shooting near denver. why a father of a student he wants to know who his son was. >> president donald trump asserts executive privilege as members of congress look to hold the attorney general in attempt. >> uber and lyft divers around the country are taking a stand. why many are turning off their ride-share app and how long the strike will last. this is ktvu fox 2 news at noon. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> emergency officials are saying to avoid 23rd and judah in the city's sunset district because of a gas leak. >> san francisco fire crews say a third party construction crew hit a gas line a round 10:00 this morning. now pg&e is on the scene helping to cap the leak. these pictures taken minutes
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ago from sky fox up above. a shelter in place order is still in affect. and fire crews were going door to door to evacuate residents in the immediate area of the gas leak. an investigation into what led to the gas leak is under way. we'll keep an eye on this and bring you more as soon as we get it. happening now, ride-share drivers in san pran have officially begun a 12 hour strike. they are calling on their fellow drivers to shut off their apps today to protest their working conditions and declining wages. this is a live picture of those gathering for that. this is at head quarters with the protest about to get under way. >> reporter: it looks like they are about to get under way. we can get through the crowd. there is a lot of media and cameras here, but you can see a few dozen drivers with their signs outlining their complaints and demands. they called this two days
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before it was set to go public. they are here in san francisco. you can see that uber has cord donned off the front entrance of their corporate headquarters. so the company's estimated value once it goes public, 91 1/2 billion dollars. a short time ago we talked to a lyft driver and one of the organizers of the protest, he has worked there for the past 2 1/2 years and made 13,000 trips and he said drivers like him are fed up. we really don't have no idea what you're going to make in any given day on any given ride. >> steve says they want more transparency from uber and lyft about how fairs and tips are allocated for drivers and they are asking for benefits, paid time off and healthcare and to unionize without retaliation. drivers want to make a living wage driving for ride-share companies after paying for all
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their out-of-pocket expenses, operating their own cars. up until 2017, drivers were paid a percentage of the fair and then just as uber and lyft started to raise them on the passengers, they cut the drivers out of it. and instead, drivers were paid at a metered rate of justice stance and time and that rate has been frozen. >> in response uber says they make an average of $20 an hour. the company said the drivers are at the heart of our service and we can't succeed with out them. lyft said hourly earnings have increased 7% over the last two years. they supplement existing jobs. on average lyft drivers earn over $20 an hour. >> that is not right. it is $10 an hour if you're lucky and some days i don't make that. >> we asked limb about the
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impact on the strike about these companies. >> it is not even going to put a scratch in their pockets but that is not what i'm here for. i'm here to get the word out and show drivers people are feeling what we're feeling and we can get together and make a difference. >> reporter: you can hear a lot of hon ks of support as people drive by. there are some of the drivers behind us. the crowd is getting bigger as we get out here. this was supposed to start at noon today. we don't know how many drivers are participating but i was looking at my uber app and just a half dozen cars available in this specific area. the market and south bend. way don't know how many drivers are going to get involved with this one-day strike but it is supposed to last until midnight tonight. there are drivers in other city as cross the country, atlanta, l.a., new york, philadelphia, san diego, taking similar
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actions today, as well. live in san francisco. we're learning more about the two suspects and the victim in the deadly school shooting in colorado. this happened yesterday afternoon at the s.t.e.m. school highlands ranch south of denver. one student was killed and eight others hurt. the 18-year-old suspect devon erickson is going to appear in court within the hour. an attorney will be appointed to erickson. and the second suspect is a juvenile and not expected to appear in court today. investigators say two guns were used and both were recovered. the governor of colorado and law enforcement officials spoke about the shooting this morning. you know, the past 24 hours have been very difficult for douglas county, for colorado, and we learned that the student's life was taken too soon by this vicious act of violence. >> we are still actively working the crime scene with our partners from the fbi. we anticipate that is probably
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going to take at least two more days. >> reporter: officials still have not released any information about a possible motive. the sheriff did say the student who was killed was a senior, just three days away from graduating. the 18-year-old kendrick castillo was a lero after lunging at one of the shooters. two others are still in serious condition in the hospital. there are no metal detectors at the school and a private security guard was there. no classes will be held at s.t.e.m. school highlands ranch for the rest of the week. we will have the latest information on this story on our website for you. head to for expands coverage. >> now to oakland where testimony is under way at the ghost ship warehouse fire trial. this morning the jury heard from an alameda county fire inspector, a former fire marshal. lease holders of properties have to make sure living spaces
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have fire alarms and sprinklers. yesterday, a witness testified he never felt the warehouse was unsafe or a fire hazard. he did not see anyone light molotov cocktails in the warehouse. it killed 36 people. not every witness is going to see every square foot of that warehouse at every moment. we have witnesses who will take the stand and verify what we're saying. a construction worker also testified that he warned that the building was a "death trap." he went to share his concerns and the people at the station told e him they were aware of it. president donald trump asserts executive privilege over the mueller report. they take aim at the attorney general to hold him in contempt. here is the story. no person, not the attorney general, not the president can
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be a above the law. >> reporter: the >> reporter: the house judiciary committee saying whether he should be held in contempt of congress. it comes after barr didn't turn over the full mueller report and refused to testify in front of the committee. it announced the president has asserted executive privilege over the entirety of the subpoenas materials locking the relation of the full report. >> it represents as clear escalation in the trump's administration of confines of duties. >> he rees laked a redacted version of the report to the public but he has not released the full text because it has grand jury material. >> democrats have no plans, no purpose and no agenda beyond attacking this administration. >> democrats have been pushing to see president donald trump's tax returns some of which they
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can see now. the paper released ten years of the '80s and '90s showing $1 billion in business losses. president donald trump defending himself on twitter writing "yeah always want to show losses for tax purposes and they did and renegotiated with banks. it was sport." he refused to provide president donald trump's tax returns earlier this week setting up the possibility of another subpoena for the administration. in washington, lauren blanchard, ktvu fox 2 news. today marks six months since the start of the campfire that scorched more than 153,000 acres and killed at least 85 people. the town of paradise was hit the hardest and most of it was destroyed. the campfire was the most destructive wildfire in
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california's history and the those expensive. now half a year later, they are slowly starting to rebuild. >> reporter: the mayor of paradise wrote about the day it changed their lives forever and how the town is rebuilding after the campfire. part reads, since that day, we have had to face challenges and heartbreak in ways we never thought possible. we have also made great strides as our community has come together with a new vision for paradise. the town government welcomed back businesses that haven been able to reopen. the fire raced through on november 8, 2018 wiping out much of the town and spreading to neighboring towns. in the end, 85 people were killed. cleanup crews are still in the process of removing the wreckage, making sure lots are entirely cleared of any toxic debris. cancer causing chemicals were found in the water so they have
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to drink bottled water now. disaster teams have cleaned 17% of burned properties. with this work expected to extend into next year. pg&e says the equipment likely triggered the fire. they want them to see the destruction firsthand. many of the survivors of the fire are still struggling to find short and long term housing. the principal of the high school recently resigned from his job, because he could not find a place for his family to live. ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu will have expanded coverage this afternoon of the recovery efforts there. frank somerville will lead our coverage live from paradise and the mayor will be among the guests on the 4:00 right here on fox 2 news.
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prince harry and meghan markle's baby boy is archie harrison mount batten windsor. they introduced him to the world. we haven't heard the significance of the names but mount batten windsor is the last name used by many of the queen's grandchildren and great grandchildren. at 12:30 more on the baby craze. >> no more cash less stores. the deadline for retailers in the city who only take cards or digital payments. and a look outside. checking out san francisco bay this afternoon. still lingering clouds, but most areas a little warmer compared to yesterday. we're still talking about the shower chance in your thursday forecast and we'll have that after the break. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
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the fire that killed a family of six in new york city has been traced to their kitchen. flames broke out in harlem about 1:30 this morning. after firefighters extinguished the flames they found the people unconscious. they were a 45-year-old mother, 33-year-old male relative, two girls and two boys 3 to 11. heavy fire from the apartment. as aggressive as the members could be, they were not able to
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reach those occupants and they are deceased. preliminary indications showed the fire started by accident. excluding the september 11 attacks, this was the deadly owes since 1997 when 87 people were killed in a fire at a social club. firefighters say it's may take days to put out the fire burning at a dairy 35 miles east of los angeles. the flames can be seen several miles away and smoke has shut down nearby streets. this started near a barn and quickly moved into tall stacks of hay bails. no injuries reported and the cows are not in any danger. the cause of the fire not yet known. a woman is being treated for smoke inhalation after a fire. firefighters were able to contain the flames to that 6th floor unit but four other apartments have water and smoke damage. the entire building was evacuated ant the red cross is
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helping. it was traced to a power strip with several devices plugged in. estimate damage is $100,000. the sunshine starting to pop across many pockets of the area. we're starting to see the clouds beginning to lift across a good portion of the bay area. not everyone enjoying the sunshine just yet. one of the spots here looking ward the golden gate bridge and still patchy fog in this area, but it will take time into this afternoon. satellite showing you this. you can't see the upper level wind pattern in california so as we check out the satellite this wednesday afternoon, you can see this with a bit of a warmup across most bay area neighborhoods. we're showing you the wind pattern here. it is a big trough setting up here and well defined trough will be impacting our forecast, not for today, but mainly as we head toward your thursday night and friday morning.
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but right now, you can't see where we have the clouds in place at the coastline and cloudcover. they are reporting mostly cloudy skies. we still have lingering clouds for santa rosa, windsor. current numbers, you can see the numbers reflected with the cloudcover. san francisco, a touch warmer and the warmest locations in the mid- to upper 60s from san jose to concord to fairfield. overnight lows once, again, early tomorrow morning in the low- to mid-50s with a mother round of some cloudcover, but here is the big picture here in the pacific. this would bring us warming temperatures, but this would bring us cooler temperatures so we're dealing with both patterns for today. partly cloudy skies, 60s and 70s. a few spots could be flirting with 80 degrees. then as we take this into this thursday, it wants to go back
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out to the pacific heading to southern california. this will be close enough to bring wrap-around showers rotating around the low pressure system thursday even and into friday morning the best chance in the south bay. here is the forecast model. starting out with gray and then cloudy skies into the afternoon hours. what is developing to our east, showers and thunderstorms toward the sierra. this is thursday 3:00 p.m. some of this can be a close enough to the bay area. that is why we bring the chance thursday night and into friday morning. this is friday and you'll know tus a few showers approaching monterey bay and places like san jose, morgan hill, and gilroy. we have that slight chance in the south bay on friday. temperatures this afternoon, you can see lots of 70s eventually out toward con card and antioch and brentwood. santa rosa with the clouds could reach a high close to 70. half moon bay around 60
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degrees. here is a look ahead at your five-day forecast. a sun-cloud mix for today. evening chance for a shower thursday. the weekend looks good. it will be bumped up especially by mother's day. wo investigates following an east bay transport company jeopardizing patients' safety and the charges the owner is now facing. >> you can catch the people podcast. she met the senior at the gym where she trains as a u.s. marine. it is available right now. just search for bay area people wherever yeah get your podcast.
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stocks have been swinging as they wait for trade talks to start this week. we see the dow is up by one half of 1%. the s&p 500 and nasdaq not up as much. the major focus is tomorrow's trade talks between the united states and china. they had hit record highs because they were going to sign a new trade deal, but that doesn't seem likely as trump will raise tariffs on things this friday. >> reporter: four years ago, an east bay transport company accused of billing for rides
12:24 pm
and now they are being charged with nine felonies. they were able to charge med express for insurance fraud, grand theft and money laundering because of years of undercover work by ktvu. 2 investgating what they discovered that tipped them off. >> reporter: beat up vans with body damage, broken mirrors, missing headlights and spare tires. for two years they exposed the vans rolling around without insurance, expired or suspended registrations and in one case no license plate. >> the medical transportation company is own by nathan ra ba. he has long dodged our questions. >> i can see you standing there. can you just talk to us? >> reporter: his company was "the blacklisted" by the state after we exposed them ripping off taxpayers and ripping them
12:25 pm
off. no proof of $1.7 million worth of claims. >> what about the patients, they put their lives at risk? >> nothing at all sir? >> reporter: the state department of healthcare services said they were cut off but they kept getting public money. regulators were unaware until we brought it to their attention. >> 2 investgating stayed on the case and now the district attorney is charging then. >> now, called into court, him and his wife, son and rowan jas ser, accused of over billing by inflating mileage for at least wo dozen patients. one rider lad a 16-mile round- trip but they charged for 90 miles time and time again. >> do you still have the vans on the road right now? >> no comment. >> reporter: you can't tell us if you're still had the family business. >> no comment. >> the district attorney found
12:26 pm
more charging taxpayers for four dead patients and they gave rise to two people who were locked up in jail. >> will you play the taxpayers back? >> god bless you. >> they raids their home in 2015. they took illegal firearms, business records and electronic evidence. he and his two sons were arrested and a fraud investigation was launched. >> miss, do you have anything you want to say about the charges against you? >> she is not going to make a comment. >> is her business still operating? >> she is charged with fraud and a caused of money laundering. prosecutors say she helped manage finances for them. >> will you pay the money back to taxpayers? >> the d.a. says he lied to the state to obtain a workers' compensation policy claiming to have one or two employees to save money but there were more than 30 drivers and never got a w2 at tax time
12:27 pm
and they were paid in cash or check. now they will have to face a judge for the business that has been age to keep rolling for years. if you have a tip, we want to hear from you. call us at the number on the screen or e-mail us at ktvu 2 investgating@fox >> the heart broken family speaks out. a man was shot and killed by police and what they say today after the body camera video of the shooting was released. >> how much more time he is trying to give new parents for the precious baby bonding time. no one's journey begins with a trophy.
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sure, there are advantages and natural talents, but they won't teach patience or discipline.
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here is a look at some of the top stories we're following on this wednesday afternoonn't police now say an 18-year-old male and juvenile female are in custody with the school shooting in colorado. this happened yesterday afternoon at the s.t.e.m. school highlands ranch just south of denver. one student was killed, eight others hurt. the student who died has been identified as kendrick castillo a graduating senior. he was shot while helping to stop one of the shooters. the male suspect is expected to make his first court appearance
12:31 pm
this afternoon. a motive is not yet known. today marks six months since the deadly wildfire. dozens were killed and thousands of structures burned, most homes and many families have not been able to return, work crews are making extraordinary progress in removing fire debris. crews of three to five workers are clearing many properties a day. the house judiciary committee is still meeting now after president donald trump elected to use executive privilege over the unredacts report. they are going to see if they should hold william barr in contempt of congress. just before lawmakers started meeting this morning, president donald trump would exercise executive privilege. in a statement, the white house said attorney general william barr has already been
12:32 pm
transparent it will be releasing the report. he said the president made a decision on the advice of the attorney general. here at home uber and lyft drivers are on strike and they demand higher wages. a look from up above thanks to sky fox, uber drivers are demonstrating outside the company's headquarters. we see a large group there. shares of uber will start trading this friday. uber's ipo follows lyft public offering back in march. it will be valued at $90 billion but drivers say they are not getting their fair share. also happening today, teachers in oakland oppose charter schools scheduled to protest outside. teachers say the publicly funded privately managed
12:33 pm
schools drain money and the protest starts at 5:00 outside the marriott city centre hotel in downtown oakland. >> we're hearing from relatives. the family had more about the body camera video. they accuse the police of editing the video in what they describe as an execution. one of the family's lawyers says it is proof he was not a threat to the officer who shot him. the shots to the back prove that he was never at threat to anyone. the whole situation was created by officer mcmahan and he ended it with deadly force. it is outrageous and were going to break to bring them to justice. >> he stopped foster for riding
12:34 pm
a bike without a head lamp. police have launched an internal investigation after some video was seen on social media. mia thomas was pulled over sunday night for having a suspended car registration. she and her three passengers refused to leave the vehicle. then another car pulled up carrying mia's mother and step sister inside and they tried to push past the officers. that is when one officers throws the step sister cherish thomas to the ground. >> you slammed her to the ground on her face. he is three times bigger than her. that was unnecessary. did i get a little bit aggressive? yes, i did. >> the mother said she went into "mother mode to protect her daughter." but they said they obstructed
12:35 pm
the investigation. >> they are looking for the second driver. witnesses say a car was racing sunday night when the driver of the trans am lost control and slammed into a tree. the passenger was killed. he graduated from san jose state and served as a youth cadet with the santa clara county sheriff's department and was testing to become a police officer in nevada. >> i walked down to the store and seen the cars racing by that way and then when i was coming back from the store, they were racing this way. then i went home and i was in the backyard and heard them and then brakes and then the crash. >> many left candles and flowers at the scene. they decided to cut down a large pine tree. the driver of the trans am is in the hospital. when he is released he will be facing charges including felony
12:36 pm
dui. >> a new law will have all stores supporting cash. they discriminate against low income people who may not have credit cards. they require brick add mortar stars to accept different payments including cash. >> we don't want to go so far in the wrong direction that we excludes people from being able to shop in their own neighborhoods. it is a basic issue of access and equity. >> some don't want to have cash. it can invite crime. they will start accepting cash. amazon go stores began at cashless stores. >> they are voting on new guidelines including controversial guidance for sex education. they offer teachers a framework for talking to kindergarteners about gender identity and safe sex. they do not require schools to
12:37 pm
have any particular subject. they held rally the to protest the changes at the board meeting in sacramento. >> we stand today against the approval of this rotten disgusting framework and to the california boards of education, we all say, not on our watch. not on our watch. >> the proposal being considered also offers educators on health topics including nutrition, alcohol and tobacco use. today we spoke with san francisco mayor. we asked what she thinks about a proposal for people to make a reservation and pay a toll before they can drive down the crooked part of lombard street. >> i like the idea of giving us here control over our streets. i mean, that is why we're having so much difficulty with ride-share companies and tour buss and all of those things because they are governs by state law. >> the mayor says they are still studying whether charges a fee to drive there is
12:38 pm
something the city should do. she is waiting on a report analyzing the proposal before making a decision. >> california is a morning the worst states when it comes to working mothers. wallethub says california has the lowest median pay for women. california was near the bottom when it comes to providing jobs and day-care for working moms but it is 7th when it allows more time for moms to bond with their babies. he is expanding it from six to eight weeks. he will roll out his budget blueprint. he appeared with his waiver and others to announce the plan. he said it will be money well spent. if you want to reduce the cost to government, if you want to increase the trajectory in terms of opportunity of a young child's life, then you have to begin at the beginning. >> the governor also wants to
12:39 pm
eliminate sales tax on diapers and tampons. former governor brown also did want that and he said the state can afford to make that change. prince harry and meghan markle announced their baby on instagram. here is all the excitement. >> reporter: the new royal baby has a name. archie harrison mountbatten- windsor. the duke and dutch collision of sussex announced it on instagram wednesday with a photo of queen elizabeth meeting the baby alongside prince philip and meghan's mother dorian ragland. >> it is night to see the new addition to the royal family. a beautiful baby boy. >> reporter: tourists celebrating the news. >> this brings mibach to when we had our baby. i know they are going to be great parents. >> reporter: the announcement of the name indicated they
12:40 pm
appear to before going any royal title to their son, however when prince charles becomes king, the baby will oughtly become prince archie, although they could choose not to choose that title. >> he is lovely. >> it was worth the wait. >> they were taking bets until the name was made public but archie was 100-1 shot. the name is a modern update how they were announced for generations. >> they have not rewritten history. they have not done anything different. they have simply reverted back to the way royal births were announced preprincess day anna. >> as for the baby's middle name of harrison, that literally means son of harry. ktvu fox 2 news. the weather is creating major problems in texas. next, where heavy rains have
12:41 pm
left flooding and sinkholes near houston. in our weather we have lingering clouds over san francisco this afternoon. a little warmer today, but we're still talking about the shower chance in the five-day forecast. we'll have more on that coming up after the break. here you go little guy. a cockroach can survive submerged underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah, wow. not getting in today. not on my watch. pests never stop trying to get in. we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home.
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% the sounds of jazz filled the theater last night to honor the 21-year-old victor, a drummer and promising young jazz musician who was shot and killed on march 10th near the university of southern california campus during a robbery attempt. his mother said this concert helped filled avoid that has come from the loss of her son. >> we really, really miss him, so it is hard. it is very, very hard. >> i was in bed for three years and couldn't move. it is deeper still.
12:45 pm
>> they killed the music he had yet to create and i think that is what hurt. i don't want any other mother to have to suffer what we're suffering. this is the most horrific pain. >> victor was due to graduate this friday. his parents will attend the commencement ceremony to receive his degree. >> thunderstorms triggered flooding, water rescues and outages near houston texas. this is just about 30 miles northeast of houston. the rain has stopped but they are predicting more rain tomorrow. storms could bring hail, gusty winds and a chance of a tornado. flooding caused a major sinkhole blocking off one neighborhood. police in austin, texas rescued three women and a dog by a car. they used rope to make a safety line here to the car. one of the women and her dog fell out and one was able to regain control to pull her through. the officers were eventually able to coax the dog over to
12:46 pm
them and it was able to make it through shallower water to safety. >> a woman is back on ler feet after surviving a shark attack in hawaii. she was off the big island when she was bit en by what she thinks was a tiger shark. it tipped her kayak over and knocked her into the water. >> i mean it was like a truck hit my kayak. i started yelling, shark, it's a shark. and then it bit my leg right away. >> she goes into the water and i immediately got down on my knees and i started paddling. adrenalin took over, instincts took over. it was frightening but you just start reacting to the situation and do what you can to take care of it. when i saw that i realized we were in a serious situation. >> they will go back when she
12:47 pm
is recovernd and probably do some kayaking. >> did you ever have an encounter? >> no, but you never know what is by you under meat the water. you thinkk about it when you're in the ocean amongst other things as well in terms of the tides, the wind and the swells. a lot to think about. on land today here is our live camera looking out toward san jose. one area with lots of sunshine this afternoon. a bit of some haze but san jose will be nice in the 70s this afternoon. you heard about the stories in texas text. you can see the systems producing cloudcover and the systems around dallas approaching the houston area in the next few hours. for us we still have low clouds near the coastline and right now we have clear skies in san jose but still stubborn overcast in san francisco. santa rosa cloudy skies and
12:48 pm
only 57 degrees. oakland 56. here it is 69. san jose in the mid-60s. now here is what is interesting. we're skipping ahead to tomorrow. you can see our sky cast del taking away into the evening hours on thursday. look what happens. we have clouds and showers moving in from the east. this will be close enough to the bay area, and by thursday night into friday morning, we bring the possibility of a scattered shower. the beth chance focused in the south bay, not so much up in the north bay. all because of this area of low very sure to our east. it wants to back up a bit for tomorrow, head back out to the west. that will impact our pattern somewhat tomorrow. today no major changes. keeping it cool for the coast. inland more sunshine but here is the eventual track of that into thursday and by thursday evening we bring in the slight chance of a shower here in the bay area. it looks like a better bet to the our east and to the south. here we are tomorrow morning, 8:00 for your thursday starting
12:49 pm
out with some gray. look at the showers and possibly some thunderstorm development out to the east by about the 3:00 hour in the afternoon. whenever we have showers this close, even though this model is not painting in the rainfall, there could be some thursday night and friday. friday would be favoring san jose, morgan hill and gilroy especially closer monterey bay. later on today lots of 60s, 70s. warmest locations upper 70s maybe flirting with 80 degrees. these numbers in most cases okay compared to yesterday. patchy fog for the coast and portions of san francisco. here is a look at your five-day forecast. we bring in that evening chance thursday into friday. the weekend looking great. we're going to gradually warm up with partly cloudy skies and mid-70s inland by mother's day. >> thank you. >> a big night for bay area sports in oakland with the
12:50 pm
warriors and a's having games at the same time. >> it will be an exciting but busy night in oakland. tip-off is 7:30. first pitch for a's game 7:07. between basketball and baseball, a lot of traffic is more than likely so be repaired if you're driving to either game. a spokesperson for the warrior said this parking lot is expected to fill up quickly so fans are encouraged to take public transportation and get here early. >> fans will swarm or rack el arena for the semi-finals between the wars yours and houston rockets. the siris is tied at wo and it is more like the nba finals. it could also be the last time the warriors play there. hopefully this doesn't happen, but if the warriors lose the next two games, tonight could
12:51 pm
be their last game in oakland. hay will likely have them coming off on exciting night. mike fiers pitched a no-hitter and it could bring more fans to the ballpark for game wo. again if you can avoid it, it is encouraged to take public transportation and of course get here early. san jose shark are one way away from the win. they lost game six against the avalanche monday night. tonight, it is game 7 and in san jose. the blues beat the dallas stars last night to secure their spot. tonight's game starts at 6:00. there will be no triple crown winner this year that is after the announcement of the kentucky derby winner country house will not rub in the preakness later this month. country house developed a cough
12:52 pm
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%fo %fo one last look at the markets here before that closing bell. you can see the dow jones industrial average down early on in the trading hours, but then came into some positive territory, up 37 points. not a lot of movement for the nasdaq and s&p 500. >> they will shut down because of a dispute over the club's lease. he opened it back in 1978.
12:55 pm
a long list of a-list comedians were there including robin williams and more. >> happening today, they will hold public hearings on bus route changes. routes affected are in ma rin wood as well as navado and taking affect in december. they are meant to provide faster and more frequent service. it will be 6:30. and the newest way to tour san francisco officially launched today. lucky tuck tuck uses electric rick shaws to bring people around cities on guided tours and there are 20 neighborhoods in 2 1/2 hours. the electric vehicles can zip across the city faster than walking and even places the tour buss can't get to. they start at $85 a person. >> today does mark since months since the deadliest wildfire. >> beginning today at 4:00, we will be live in the town of
12:56 pm
paradise, destroyed in the campfire and we'll have updates still ongoing to this day and how residents and businesses are beginning to rebuild. that is today on the 4. >> researchers may be able to use artificial intelligence to see signs of depression in children. >> it quickly finds them. they were asked to tell a story which it judged. it worked with 80% accuracy to show which picked up on low pitched speaking and it is social symptoms of anxiety and depression. >> don't forget flowers and candy. hour about a mother's day away? >> craft has a special gift for mother's day. the food processing giant will cover babysitting costs up to $100 on sunday. you can submit a request and click on web links and turning
12:57 pm
in a receipt online. >> my mom would say i just don't want you to fight for one day. >> we never achieved it. the campfire as we're live in paradise at 4:00.
12:58 pm
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approvedp with an oz waffle and ok. stedman graham reveals lessons on leadership and life with oprah. >> i get to be around one of the most extraordinary women all the time. >> plus, the dish crew is serving up a perfect pairing of sweet and salty. >> bacon cinnamon rolls. >> oh my god. >> coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: are you already for season 10? >> yeah! >> i love you, dr. oz.


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