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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  May 9, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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good morning and thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2, thursday may 9. i am pam cook. >> and good morning. i am dave clark. let's talk about thursday weather. you may see droplets on the windshield. you did. >> i need new windshield wipers. i am like these aren't working very well. >> mr. drizzle. >> up early. >> there is a lot of it coming in. a big fog bank, cloudy and overcast. there have been gusts almost 40 miles per hour out of travis. the system to watch is in the inner mountain region and the four corners, making a backtrack in the next 18 to 24 hours. not much if you are heading to vegas, but the four corners is
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seeing the vity and it is forming a low, really roaring for some. 50s on the temps. will they fill in? maybe, maybe not. low 50s. 52 seems rather popular. temperatures probably fighting with the overcast. a little bit of development will take place and no sign of high pressure building in and warming us up. 50s, 60s and low to mid 70s at best, 4:01. he is here. >> steve, will it where you are. your castle, not so late. >> i enjoy having my own personal weatherman. westbound 580 to 205, you can see traffic is moving along
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nicely. not a big commute. this is the first day we have not had a lot of slow traffic to start out with. i will take it. north livermore to pleasanton looking good and the east bay is off to a nice start. at 4:02, back to the desk. happening today extra security will be on the campus of california high school in san ramon when students and staff arrive first-degree class after three anonymous threats in the past week warning about a shooting on campus today. the latest graffiti message was found yesterday in the boy's bathroom saying quote tomorrow the library will be shot up first, then courtyard, then myself. with threat also included a racial sure against african- americans. we talked to the principal of the school that said that is not the real culture of cal
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high. >> it seems like a cowardly act of premeditated actions, writing things in locations where most people won't see or take time for people to see. it doesn't really add up. >> several parents we talked to say they will leave it up to their children to decide if they want to go to school today and school officials will work with teachers so students that stay home today are not penalized. in other news this morning the golden state warriors are one win away from going to the western conference finals. inals. thompson on a roll, a big start for the warriors. the warriors held a big lead early but the rockets stormed back and in the 4th both teams held leads. clay thompson was a big game hero, several baskets at the end of the game and the
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warriors won 104-99. game six is tomorrow night in houston. houston. this is what everybody is talking about. kevin durant, he strained his right calf and he will have an mri before the game in houston. he was limping and has not come back since after the game. there is no word yet on whether kevin will may in game 6. .
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>> and now to the san jose sharks. after good getting back on the ice. >> the sharks will host st. louis in game one of the western conference final saturday night.
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that is the same match-up from three years ago when the sharks made their only appearance in the stanley cup finals. >> it was awesome, another game 7. i could not believe it. >> there is something magical happening this year and that is what i think is different. >> we all hope the magic can continue. this saturday night at the shark tank. in other news today governor gavin newsom will release s revised state budget. back in january he proposed a $209 billion increase this the the governor wants more spending on ending homelessness and more for education including universal preschool. the budget will be unveiled at 10:30 at the state capitol. and there will be a rally on the steps of san francisco city hall in support of a city- wide ipo tax. the board of supervisors will pitch their support for a 1.12%
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payroll tax for those corporations that have stock based compensation. san francisco voters will decide in november whether or not to tax stock-based businesses. the meeting starts at 11:00 at san francisco city hall. and one day after a strike by uber drivers the san francisco cabbies will hold a rally and demonstration against how the company is organized. that starts at 1:00 this afternoon. uber and lyft drivers held their own rally citing long hours and low pay. they are demanding job security and higher pay, saying they have seen their earnings decline can't survive anymore. >> uber and lyft say the driver's average earnings are $20 an hour.
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uber will set its ipo price today. trading is scheduled to begin tomorrow. a new study reveals ride- hailing vehicles like uber and lyft accounts for the majority of san francisco traffic jams. researchers at the university of kentucky analyzed millions of trips in the city between 2010 and 2016 and found that ride shares account for more than half of the 62% increase in weekday traffic. uber and lyft disputed the findings saying the study did not take into account population and job growth. kamala harris making an appearance in a san francisco today. she will be the featured speaker at the 75th anniversary celebration of the san francisco sun reporter newspaper, an african-american weekly publication. the 75th anniversary gala is being held at the hyatt regency at 10:00 tonight.
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and democratic candidate pete buttigieg will be at the regency ballroom on vanness avenue from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. in the even the time is 4:09. no the pope saying a new law, published today, that provides lower protection for anyone making a report and requires all diocese around the world to have a system in place to receive the claims confidential. it is a ground-breaking new effort to hold the catholic leadership accountable for not protecting their flock.
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and yesterday a vigil was held at the colorado ranch in denver where a high school senior kendrick castillo was killed. the 18-year-old that died is being called a hero for charging at one of the two shooters that opened fire inside his classroom. he was shot to death giving classmates a chance to escape. the second shooter was captured by an armed security guard and the other student that helped subdue the first shooter is called cas tia a hero. >> i got to see two heros, two regular high school kids, without any hesitation and i was more than lucky to join them in do thing that action. i want to make something very, very clear. kendrick castillo died a legend.
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he died a trooper. >> the two suspects appeared in court yesterday. the 16-year-old suspect may not be charged as an adult and will need a judge's review. the two appeared in court yesterday. coming up, the mayor of paradise tells us how her town is rebuilding a year after the butte fires. butte fires. good morning. we are off to a nice start here if you are driving any time soon. this is a look at the san mateyo bridge. it looks pretty good heading out to the high-rise and the pennsylvania. a big fog bank already in place. drizzle out there. it will be a little cooler after a slight warm-up yesterday. we will show you the temps
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it has been six months since the deadly camp fire broke out in paradise. the fire killed 85 people and burned more than 153,000-acres. 14,000 homes were destroyed. despite the tragic numbers the mayor of paradise told ktvu's frank somerville she is optimistic about the future of the community. >> i don't focus on what is gone, but on what is still here. there is a lot still here. 150 businesses have reopened. most of the people whose houses are still standing, 1,400 of them have moved back into their hosome really important things still here. a police station, two fire stations, a library, the post office, the dmv office, our town hall, our high school. things that are building blocks for bringing the community back and that is what i see.
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as pam was saying, for six months many families of butte county have struggled to rebuild their lives after the camp fire. now here the more on fema helping them move forward. >> reporter: in the serene setting in the state park in oroville, this woman has found temporary housing in this mobile home community, finally. >> i have moved 14 times since the fire. finally i have a place where i can stay. >> reporter: she escaped the camp fire with just g in one of fema. people can live here rent free, work with a case manager and figure out their next move.
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curtis says she would like to buy a mobile home and eventually return to paradise. >> i don't know. it is about the building code. i am walking on eggs about that. >> reporter: the mobile home community can cover 300 households but finding shelter for all the camp fire victims remain as challenge. >> placing individuals in housing that is safe and secure, meeting their fundamental needs right after the bat is always a challenge and continues to be a challenge to this day. >> reporter: fema says 90% of the fire victims have places to stay. >> it was the other 10% uninsured, renters, that lost everything along with every kind of documentation they could have that has made it a challenge for those individuals. 30 miles north in paradise some have gotten permits and
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when we got the call, you kning toyou the permit, we felt like it is time to move on. >> paradise will be fine. i am not worried about it at all. hopefully it will be a little better. >> if it doesn't work well i will move to the ozarks where my sister moved to after the fire. >> reporter: the camp fire still keeping the futures of many lives turned upside down. happening today, preparing for wildfires in morin county. safety experts want to emphasize a wildfire can happen any time of year. they are becoming more common and much bigger. that means people that live near green belts and wild lands need to be more aware of the danger and what they can do fro
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spending. defendable space. >> right. >> they always talk about that. we saw a little drizzle on the roads. sal, what are you seeing on the roads right now? >> it is so light it is not really appearing on the roads. i felt it myself walking into the building but i didn't notice it on the roads. this morning's commute may be effected, but we are not seeing any major slowdowns from the gilroy commute from gilroy to san jose driving into morgan hill. looks pretty good. it takes more precipitation for the commute to be effected by these things. i can tell by doing this for so long, right now it looks like everything is normal looking driving through. there have been no major issues at the macarthur maze and here at the bay bridge toll plaza it is light. at 4:20, let's bring mr. steve paulson back in. >> mr. sal castaneda, thank you, sir. for some there was windshield wiper time on the drizzle.
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for others maybe not too bad but i think some will encounter that as another little cooldown after yesterday, a slight warm up, a little area of low pressure there around las vegas. some of the moisture may sneak back in later tonight to tomorrow. probably we are a little further north. around las vegas, this time of year you think oh, my gosh, it will be hot. that is not the case. the same can be said for phoenix. they were only 88. the normal is 92 there. is turbo charged delta wind from 32 to 39 miles per hour out of travis is screaming wind. livermore has a due west wind at 12 miles per hour, west of hayward, as well. 50s on the temps here. i doubt these will change because every reporting station on the hourlies shows cloudy, santa rosa, concord, livermore and san jose included. pinole is in there, as well.
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30 in flagstaff. rain in and around las vegas. southern nevada and arizona more than the deserts of southern california. the temperatures are quite seasonal. 32 in truckee. ukiah is 55. you can see the system sweeping through. again, it is more of a low cloud deck for us but it looks like a cooldown and most of this happening to the south and east of us. fog, drizzle and clouds. by this evening we will mention a few hints from a couple of the high resolution models painting a few showers late tonight. the seven-day forecast favors san joaquin valley, fresno, bakersfield, l.a., santa barbara and in the central sierra there are big time boomers up there. there will be cool weather again next week. we are not really -- there is no sign of big warm-up. that is for sure. 50s to 70s on the temps. yesterday a little warmer.
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today a little cooler >> thank you, steve. 4: the time right now. new regulations for sex education have been approved. up next the curriculum california teachers will be able to add to the classroom. they made number of statements about actions they threatened to do in order to get the world to jump. >> the united states reacting to the iran's nuclear threats if there is no new deal, coming up.
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today is bike to area citie london breed will be among many city leaders cycling day in a hundred thousand bike riders are expected in the nine bay area counties today and more than 400 energizing stations out there. you can make a pit stop, maybe get a snack and something to drink. the san jose mayor will be getting back on his bike today for the first time since remember he was hurt in a bike accident on new year's day. he was hit by an suv. he suffered some broken bones but he feels fortunate to be walking after that crash. the mayor will speak at bike to work ceremonies before he hops back on his bike and heads to city hall. ktvu's frank mallicoat will
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also be there. the u.s. district court in san francisco will hear arguments in a lawsuit over the plan to sell serially protected wild horses without restrictions on slander. the forest service rounded up 1,000 wild horses from northeastern california last fall. they intended to sell some of the animals without restriction on slaughter for as little as $1 each. the concern is they will be sold to slaughterhouses in canada and new mexico police in davis say someone is targeting women at downtown bars by slipping drugs into their drinks. investigators say three uc davis students were drugged over the past few weeks. two at g street wonder bar, the other at bistro 33. all ended up at the hospital after blacking out. police plan to increase foot patrols at downtown bars and
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reminding the public if you see something, say something. new state regulations give school teachers the ability to expand sex education curriculums. the state board of education improved revisions to the sex he had guidance to public schools and now it allows talking about gender identity with young children, safe sex and lgbtq relationships with teenagers. the board also removed several books from its suggest list. some parents complained they were too explicit for young children. 4:27 is the time. a petaluma couple is robbed of thousands of dollars worth of art. coming up, the warning they have more anyone storing valuables in storage facilities. president trump and democrats in congress are fighting on one front after an washington. the latest developments coming up. (dad) this ice cream cake needs a freezer.
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good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2. i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. >> steve, any changing for the weekend? >> well, maybe for you. mother's day. >> well, thank you! >> hey, no big warm up. that is for sure. we had another one yesterday and we go right back down today. a little system in las vegas is bringing rain there with temperatures on the cooler side. they are below average for much of th


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